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What are eye patches for?


Any woman seeks to look beautiful and well-groomed, an important role in this is played by clear skin under the eyes and a clear look. To achieve this goal, experts recommend using eye patches. They give almost instant results. A few years ago, girls could only dream of such an effective way.

Selection of patches

Constantly updated range of skin care products, of course, can not but rejoice the beautiful half of humanity. Eye patches appeared on shop windows not so long ago, but have already won the love of women. The name of the product comes from the English word patch, which means "automatic update." Such an interpretation came to taste of cosmetologists, and they decided this as an association with instant skin renewal. So there were "stickers" for the area around the eyes. After using the patches, the skin becomes healthy and well-groomed, bags, swelling and other signs of fatigue disappear.

After using the tool, the result appears almost instantly. As for the cost, there is nothing to worry about, it is quite democratic, and everyone will be able to pick up the product in the right price category. Given the availability and effectiveness of patches, it becomes immediately clear why women are so fond of this product.

The skin around the eyes is very thin, so in the process of growing up, changes are reflected in it earlier. To hide them, patches are used for the skin around the eyes.

Before proceeding to the topic of application, it is necessary to tell what kind of product it is. "Stickers" under the eyes are small soft arched pads. Read how to use patches below. Products can be made from hydrogel. This is a jelly-like mass, containing a huge amount of useful substances. Other types of patches are made of nonwoven material. They also contain many vitamins and minerals, various plant extracts, essential oils, antioxidants and other substances important for health.

What is the benefit of this product? Its main properties are:

  1. Nutrition vitamins. Products that contain natural plant extracts, retinol and placenta, nourish the skin. It becomes more elastic, healthy and well-groomed.
  2. Moisturizing. The product is used to soak the pads for the eyes, is a complex of vitamins A, B and D. They take care of the skin and saturate it with moisture.
  3. Smoothing Mask patches with hyaluronic acid and collagen help in the fight against the first wrinkles. In addition, in stores you can find products with the action of Botox. They help in the fight against several problems caused by aging of the skin - smoothing of shallow wrinkles and getting rid of age pigmentation. Thought how often to use patches with a smoothing effect? These remedies are effective only with constant use, about once a week.
  4. Drainage. To cope with the problem of puffiness by applying hydrolysis patches. The effect is achieved due to the fact that they are very tight to the skin, respectively, the components are better absorbed.
  5. Recovery and rejuvenation. The products aimed at rejuvenation and renewal of the skin contain collagen, enzyme and algae extracts. Such a composition independently launches the recovery process. The skin becomes supple and elastic.

Contraindications to the use of patches

There are situations when using this tool is prohibited:

  1. Allergy. Before applying patches on the skin around the eyes, it is necessary to carefully study the composition and check the effect by applying the composition on the wrist. The effect may occur within 2-3 days, an allergic reaction does not always appear instantly.
  2. Persistent or temporary eye problems. Contact with the components of the product on the mucous membrane can adversely affect the condition of unhealthy eyes.
  3. Conjunctivitis. The composition of the "stickers" for the eyes will aggravate the state of developing or developed conjunctivitis. Experts advise not to use the product until full recovery.
  4. Damage to the skin. It can be a rash, cuts, scratches, inflammations and so on. Patches can be applied only after their complete healing.
  5. Kuperoz. This is a disease that causes so-called spider veins to appear on the face. They are formed due to circulatory disorders in the body. The use of patches in this situation is unacceptable. Due to the presence in the mask of substances that accelerate blood circulation, blood vessels may become more noticeable.

Varieties of patches

The range of products for skin care around the eyes is quite wide, so many with such a variety are simply lost. In order to make the right choice, you need to understand the types of patches and understand exactly what effect you want to achieve. Next, we analyze the most popular types of products, differing in composition, principle of operation and price. You will also learn how to use patches.

  1. Gel and hydrolic. The composition of the hydrolysis patches in texture is very similar to jelly, which dissolves when in contact with the skin. Hydrolytic products usually contain hyaluronic acid. It has an additional effect - moisturizing, and also allows for a short time to forget about the “crow's feet” and the wrinkled mesh. But to disguise the bags under the eyes of such patches, unfortunately, will not work. See below for how to use hydrogel patches.
  2. Fabric products with collagen. The main advantage of this type of product is the high content of collagen. Since its structure practically does not differ from natural collagen, it penetrates even into the deepest layers of the skin. The effect is stunning - fine wrinkles are smoothed, elasticity returns. But do not hope for a long-term result, it does not last long.
  3. Silicone patches. The composition of this product is one of the types of silicone, most often methyltrimethicone. At contact with skin on it the thinnest film is formed. It is she who creates the visual smoothing effect. The main focus of silicone patches is rejuvenation. They are used for tightening the skin, as well as a protective agent for eyelash extension or permanent coloration. Externally, they are droplet pads, so these non-slip silicone products are convenient to use for protection. The patch reliably protects the skin under the lower cilia in the process of staining, building or applying makeup. Especially attractive is the fact that silicone products are different in shape from others, they ideally repeat the bend of the lower eyelid and the wall of the nose.
  4. Products for the skin around the eyes with gold. Manufacturers of products of this kind assure that they contain real gold ions. This component helps to speed up the metabolism and regeneration of skin cells, as well as improve blood circulation. In conjunction with other components that make up the "golden" patches, a cooling, moisturizing and soothing effect is achieved. As a result, the skin becomes more taut, elastic, puffiness and bruises under the eyes instantly disappear. The peculiarity of this product lies in a longer exposure time on the skin - about 40-50 minutes. Other varieties of patches enough to apply for 15-20 minutes. In addition, the "golden" masks belong to the premium segment, respectively, the cost of them is quite high. But if you wish, you can find more affordable products.
  5. With snail mucus extract. In the skin of the snail contains elastin and collagen, similar in performance to human. This fact interested scientists, and they decided to use it in cosmetology. As a result of the experiments, it became clear that snail mucus really works as a moisturizer, especially when it comes to age skin. Snail secret patches improve the condition of the skin around the eyes, this is due to good moisturizing and regeneration of skin cells. With regular use, the number of wrinkles is reduced by 28%, and their depth - by 16%.

How to use patches for the face and how often

In order for the product around the eyes to benefit, it is necessary to adhere to some rules of use and consistency:

  1. Before you apply the product, you must thoroughly clean the face from makeup and other means and wait until the skin is completely dry. It should be completely clean and dry.
  2. Not sure how to use the patch? With clean hands, separate the two elements from the package and attach them under the eyes. Between the lower edge of the eyelashes and the top of the patch should be at least 2 mm. In addition, it is important that the skin under it was not going to folds, otherwise the wrinkles will not disappear, but become more visible.
  3. To achieve a specific goal, attach the product to the problem area. For example, if the task is to mask the black circles under the eyes, then attach it as close as possible to the inner corner of the eye. And when you need to smooth out wrinkles, move the patch to the outer corner.
  4. Some girls do not know how to use the patch correctly and what to do after sticking it. In the process of keeping the product under the eyes (15-30 minutes), you can do any business, there is no need to lie. If the masks are too saturated with the caring composition and move out, then you need to tilt your head for a few minutes and wait. During this time, they will dry out slightly, interact with air and harden on the skin.
  5. Unstick them in the direction from the bridge of the nose to the temples. It is not necessary to wash or wipe the treated area of ​​skin, the remnants of the product are rubbed into the skin with light patting movements.
  6. After all these manipulations, you can apply a cream to care for the skin around the eyelids.

You have purchased patches under the eyes, but you don’t know how to use them correctly? In order for them to act more effectively, you should do eye exercises and a light massage around this zone half an hour before applying. After these actions, the skin will become more prepared to interact with useful components.

Thought how to use collagen patches? Any eye patches are recommended to be applied not once, but in courses of 20-30 procedures for 2 months. This approach will provide maximum efficiency and heal the skin.

If we talk about how many years you can use patches, then first of all it should be clarified that these are just masks, therefore there are no age restrictions. Select the product according to your needs. For example, at the age of 20 it is still too early to use products with a facelift and collagen, but hydration will not interfere with anyone.

Asian patches

Most women begin to get acquainted with this product for eyes with Korean patches. This is due to their immense popularity. It was in Asian countries that this product first appeared, so they have a huge variety of all kinds of masks. Korean patches often contain vegetable oils and extracts, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other useful components. Products from Korea are in great demand on the world market, since their cost is much lower than American and European products. But this does not mean that in all the diversity of Asian patches it is impossible to find luxury products. It all depends on the willingness and financial abilities.

But on the care of the area around the eyes of the Koreans did not stop, and released patches for the lips. Manufacturers assure that when the sponges are peeling and drying, and the favorite balm of balsam fails, then adhesive tapes can no longer be done. A lip product, or, as they call them, a patch or patch, is a lip-like hydro-mask, saturated with vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. Many will have a question, how to use lip patches? The process is no different from applying the product under the eyes - a mask is pasted on dry and clean lips and aged for 15-20 minutes. After this time, the remnants of the funds must be rubbed into the skin.

Products from Europe

European manufacturers did not lag behind their Asian colleagues and also launched their own line of cosmetics for skin care around the eyes. Products from Europe are of high quality and cost. These are usually luxury hydrogel-based products, for example, hydrogel patches with gold and black pearls and other similar products. In their composition, as well as in Asian products, there are various vitamins, minerals, oils and other components. The main distinguishing feature of European brands is the focus on getting rid of wrinkles and restoring skin.

Brand Rating

Of the huge number of patches for the eyes, presented on the shelves of stores, the most popular are:

  1. Japan Gals, Japonica. With constant use, you can forever say goodbye to traces of fatigue from the urban lifestyle, or rather, forget about the dark traces under the eyes. "Stickers" perfectly cope with fine and mimic wrinkles, nourish and moisturize the skin around the eyes. Collagen is present in the product. It contributes to the launch of cell regeneration.
  2. Gold Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Spot Patch. The substance contains the smallest particles of gold. This component helps to maintain the water balance in the normal state and makes the skin more elastic. The result is noticeable after several applications. Ask how to use the eye patch for Gold? It's very simple - stick them under the eyes at a distance of 2 mm from the lower eyelid, and in 30-40 minutes you will appreciate the amazing result in the mirror. The second most important component of the tool is adenosine, it is the best fighter with age-related skin changes.
  3. Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye-Spot, Petitfee. The main advantage of the patches of this manufacturer is instant hydration. The skin becomes smooth and smooth.
  4. F Hydrogel Golden Caviar Eye Patch, Orthia. The tool has a beneficial effect on the skin, making it elastic. Masks for the skin around the eyes. Golden Caviar is recommended to be used to combat age-related changes, manifested in the form of puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and other true signs of an active lifestyle.
  5. Patches for skin around the eyes instant action LE LIFT from Chanel. Products help to remove traces of fatigue and the consequences of polluted ecology from the face. For maximum effect, it is better to stick them before bedtime for 15-20 minutes, and in the morning you can admire the result in the form of a rested, fresh face. It is best to combine micromasks from the Chanel brand with other products from this line.
  6. Patches with instant effect Prodigy Powercell Eye Patch, Helena Rubinstein. Quite expensive, but incredibly effective in combating many of the problems around the skin around the eyes. This is an effective solution for eliminating traces of fatigue, bags and circles under the eyes. With continued use, there is a tightening effect and the elimination of the first signs of aging.


Eye patches are sold in completely different types and forms, they help to cope with many problems of the skin around the eyes. Each girl can choose a product for themselves based on their own preferences and capabilities. Means similar in their actions may be presented in different price categories, and this plays a significant role in the selection.

What are they capable of?

Eye patches come in a variety of types and contents, each coping with a specific task and area. And nevertheless it is necessary to descend from heaven to earth: miracles happen only in fairy tales, and therefore no one says that some stripes (albeit special ones) can change your appearance beyond recognition.

Even salon procedures and all kinds of suspenders are not always able to cope with serious age-related changes and traces of chronic fatigue, which is to say about small pieces of fabric. On the other hand, with small swelling, fine wrinkles and circles, they can really cope with it, and the effect can be achieved much faster than using a mask or cream.

The main thing is to choose the right patches, because they are all impregnated with various cosmetic compositions with a rather high concentration of active substances (due to which rapid care is achieved). How to choose effective patches to care for the area around the eyes?

Naturally, based on their own needs: there are anti-aging patches, anti-bacterial, moisturizing and so on. All patches are divided into two main groups: tissue and hydrogel. The latter can boast a perfect grip on the skin, which increases the chances of nutrients to penetrate the target. In addition, they differ in the most comfortable operation. What does it mean?

Например, тканевые пластыри по мере своего высыхания имеют неприятную особенность – сползать и съезжать, из-за чего с ними приходиться находиться только в горизонтальном положении. С гидрогелевыми можно хоть ногти красить, хоть автомобилем управлять – они точно останутся на месте.

How to choose?

В состав таких полосок входит довольно внушительный перечень активных компонентов: масла, экстракты различных трав и растений, витамины, пептиды и коллаген, которые просто необходимы для повышения упругости и снятия раздражения, эффекта усталости. All of them can vary depending on the purpose of the means, which one to choose for yourself?

  • Smoothing. Typically, these patches include hyaluronic acid, collagen, colloidal gold and oils. Due to the action of active substances, they work on the principle of Botox: slightly “inhibit” facial expressions, relieve the skin from unnecessary irregularities and folds.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing. Ideal for sensitive, thin and irritated skin. Well restore natural color, return matte surface and make the skin more dense. The composition usually observed extracts of various plants, essential oils, pearl powder or a more expensive option - using the placenta.
  • Anti-aging They focus all the methods of epidermis restoration known to modern science: algae extracts, peptides, collagen, caviar, ginseng and coenzyme extracts. Thanks to this “nuclear” filling, all processes are reversed: the result of rejuvenation “on the face”.

Going to the store, it is difficult to choose exactly what you really need - too many choices. What patches can be called the best? The products of the following brands proved to be excellent: Shiseido, Helena Rubinstein, Payot, Elemis and others. Also recently, Korean cosmetics manufacturers, for example, Gold Racoony, have enjoyed considerable popularity.

How to use?

Regardless of which brand you prefer, and which type of patch you choose, the principle of use remains the same for everyone. Before the skin around the eyes need to be cleaned and, preferably, make a light massage.

Next, the patch must be removed from the packaging and place the product on the area under the lower eyelid (you can put patches on the upper eyelid) and leave them for 10-15 minutes. If these are hydrogel patches, then at this time you can safely go about your business, if you have tissue patches, then it is better to just lie down with them.

After use, the strips will only have to be thrown out - in 10-15 minutes they completely give up the entire set of valuable substances to your skin. Keep this mask longer - it makes no sense, except for drainage species that are used to remove puffiness, they need to be kept for about 30 minutes.

What are eye patches

The alternative name for this product is “plasters.” It is a small piece of fabric that can be completely flat or more like pads because of its size. The word "patch" was taken from the English language, where it means "patch". According to the cosmetic companies, the patches they released work in a similar way - they eliminate blemishes on the skin in the form of dark circles, edemas, etc. They can be both disposable and reusable, which is determined by the composition and material.

What are we for

Initially, this product was used only as a care for delicate thin skin, but after the woman themselves found him an additional task. Lining is convenient to use for eye makeup when you need protection from shedding of shadows, pigments, etc. However, the main purpose is to restore the skin and delay its aging. Professionals point out several reasons why we need such cosmetics:

  • For moistening. Option for sensitive skin, thin, dry. Suitable for daily care.
  • For smoothing. Act as a cosmetologist's injections, but the effect is short-term. The price for them is high, because The composition contains expensive ingredients: colloidal gold, hyaluronic acid, etc.
  • From edema (with draining effect).
  • For skin nourishment and recovery.

From bags under the eyes

The pads that have the effect of lymphatic drainage differ from the others by increased waiting time: they are imposed for half an hour or even almost an hour (depending on the manufacturer). They are suitable for any skin type, mostly silicone. It is possible to use the lining of the eyelid edemas with the aim of recovery after a long stay in the sun without glasses, dehydration. The composition mainly contains hyaluronic acid, a complex of peptides. There are also plasters with collagen.

This product mainly has a hydrogel base (marked “hydrogel”), is not divided by skin type, can be produced with hyaluronic acid, algae, plankton extract, etc. The upper eyelid pads are designed to smooth the skin in less than half an hour, actively moisturize, revitalize, return the rested look to the look. Due to the powerful cooling hydrogel patches on the eyes quickly eliminate swelling. Make-up can be applied immediately after removing the skincare product.

From dark circles under the eyes

To this end, caffeine is adjacent to the number of active ingredients, which will contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. However, cosmetologists clarify that the pads from bruises under the eyes are considered the least effective of all, because this problem has mainly internal prerequisites. Heredity, features of the morphology of the face, endocrine disruption, etc. With them, however, cosmetics, even expensive, can not cope.

Eye patches - effect

Consumers who leave extremely negative reviews often place unnecessary expectations on a given product. No cosmetics are able to smooth out all the perennial wrinkles from swelling, obtained after several liters of water for the night, or instantly smooth out all the long-term wrinkles. The effect of this remedy is not so pronounced, but it is there, and it is mainly compared with what can be obtained from a good mask, i.e. higher than the use of the cream. The only problem is a short-term result.

Express care allows you to achieve in a quarter of an hour:

  • improve skin elasticity and hydration,
  • returning a healthy color to the face
  • eliminate minor edema
  • lightening circles under the eyes.


This product has an interesting structure: it is often necessary to first hold it in water, and then stick it on the lower / upper eyelid. After a few minutes, the gel pads dissolve, like melted jelly, so there is nothing to remove after a specified time has passed. The remains of the composition are simply driven in to where the mask was located, which leads to the visual filling of wrinkles and the overall smoothness of the skin (especially dehydrated). The visual effect is amazing, for which such patches are loved by makeup artists and ordinary women who need to urgently “reanimate” the eyelid area.

Mostly Korean masks that look like halves of cotton pads have such a basis. They can be used to get rid of edema, and to eliminate bruises, if the composition contributes to this. The basis mainly consists of collagen, but more interesting varieties are also possible: with a snail (more precisely, an extract of its mucus), with osmanthus and other herbs. Fabric patches - the product is almost universal, compared with gel, and more budget.

The material of the “cushion” itself is predominantly fabric or hydrogel — there are no more options. The main flour of choice is a woman experiencing, studying the composition of the product by content. It determines how the product will work: will it help in the fight against wrinkles, will it relieve from circles under the eyes, will it relieve irritation on sensitive skin. The concentration of active substances present in the lining, compared with powerful serums with anti-aging effect.

The main components included in this tool:

  • oils and panthenol - to start regenerative processes,
  • peptides - to improve skin tone,
  • antioxidants - anti-wrinkle,
  • herbal extracts - for sensitive skin,
  • colloidal gold, pearl powder, etc. - for anti-aging effect.


Gel pads have a good anti-aging effect due to the large amount of hyaluronic acid, which fills wrinkles for a short time. Experts advise not to glue them on swelling and bags, because the problem will only get worse. Hyaluronic acid plasters work well on dry skin, and in composition they differ in an enviable variety. There may be herbal extracts that lighten vitamins and even components similar to botox. Keep the lining under the eyes for at least half an hour, they can be used as a component of day care.

As expected, only women with a good income can buy such a product, since The price of gold eye pads matches their name. Feature of the product - long exposure time (45-50 minutes). Mainly focused on smoothing wrinkles, with the correct concentration of active substances (including colloidal gold) work in the same way as Botox injections. Focused on maintaining the natural level of collagen in the cells. With regular use, they can slow down the aging process, relieve small (!) Wrinkles.


Leaders of this niche, because they began the whole story of "magic pads" that are ready to solve all the problems of the skin around the eyes. Korean collagen patches, and then European ones, promise to moisturize dry skin, smooth wrinkles, and remove swelling, and eliminate dark circles. The universal wonder product, judging by the reviews, works fine, the “before and after” photos amaze the consumer. However, experts call this the “Cinderella effect”, because after a few hours, everything returns to its original form. Collagen pads - a product for an important event for half a day, no more.

How to use eye patches

The principle of working with this product depends on its composition and the task set by the manufacturer and / or consumer. Keep in mind that each type of product has its own characteristics of use: for example, some Korean gel pads are immersed in warm water for half a minute before applying. An important nuance - even with the aim of permanent skin care, the use of patches is carried out up to 2 times a week, the course is one month. The classic purpose of this product is when you urgently need to regain beauty and a healthy look.

In general, the use of eye liners is as follows:

  1. Take off makeup. Use the foam to remove any residue from the skin. If the procedure is morning, perform a standard washing.
  2. Take a pad from a jar and gently attach it to the lower eyelid so that it completely repeats the line of the ciliary row. Repeat for dr. Eyes.
  3. After the time specified in the instructions (about 20 minutes), remove the patches, tightening in the direction of the temples. Dispose if disposable.
  4. It is not necessary to wash, but you can drive in residues with your fingertips into the skin. During the procedure in the evening you can additionally apply the cream.

What to choose

Experts advise to make an acquisition only after a thorough study of the differences between the main categories of this product and the definition of the purposes for which you plan to buy eye patches. In addition to the difference in results, certain age restrictions are possible (young skin does not need an anti-age effect) and application features. Below are the main criteria by which you can choose the product correctly.


Among the brands that produce lining for the area around the eyes, Korean brands are leading: Skinfood, White Cospharm, Skinlite, Tony Moly, Misoli, Shary. This does not surprise either cosmetologists or consumers. However, the following 2 manufacturers are recognized as the best here:

  • Secret Key, most of the patches of which has particles of gold and gives an excellent cosmetic effect rested radiant look.
  • Petitfee, which also offers mainly hydrogel patches with gold, but there are options with the addition of collagen, with black pearls, with snail mucus, etc.

Manufacturers produce linings, enclosed in jars, or sealed bags (used mainly for tissue). Volume can be measured in pcs. or ml. In Tony Moly and Skinlite, you can find only packages, from 2 to 12 pcs. Other manufacturers have a maximum volume of 180 ml, which is 60 pcs. The Secret Key has 90 pcs. round middle can also be used as a patch, but on the eyebrow fold.

Application area

Plasters can be applied only on the zone of the lower eyelid, if you need to remove dark circles, cosmetically fill fine wrinkles. If the active substances have a clear anti-aging effect, the manufacturer indicates the ability to stick the product on the upper eyelid, without provoking excessive puffiness. Easy to choose:

  • Only under the eyes apply most of the patches: Shary, White Cospharm, etc.
  • For eyelids, you can use masks and pads Tony Moli, Sekret Key.

Application time

This parameter is responsible for how the patch will be used: for express recovery or permanent care. It depends on the composition of the mask and the specialists are divided into:

  • Universal. It can be used according to any scheme. They are offered only Secret Key and Extraplast.
  • Day. A quick recovery option offered by Beautydrugs, Tony Moly.
  • Night. Mainly focused on prolonged hydration of the skin. For these tools, contact Skinlite, Missha.

About the principle of operation of patches have already been described in detail, so it is worth mentioning the division into classifications only briefly, with the designation of the leaders of each category. Not mentioned Secret Key and Petitfee, because multifunctional, win on each parameter. The recommendations of the experts are as follows:

  • Directly on the brightening of dark circles calculated Bernand Cassiere.
  • Puffiness is well removed Tony Moly, White Cospharm.
  • Collagen Koelf helps to nourish the skin.
  • In addition to those already listed, Shary will work well to increase tone.
  • You can get rid of wrinkles with White Cospharm, Thalgo.
  • Good moisturizing the skin will give not only all named, but Berrisom.

Eye Patches - Top Rated

Most of the products listed below cannot be bought offline: you will have to go to online stores. Large networks (Letual, Riv Gauche, etc.) can also offer patch masks, but only European and Japanese (Shiseido) manufacturers, which are not included in this rating of eye patches. The alternative can be seen in network brands (Faberlik, Avon, etc.), but their effectiveness is questionable.

The best products, according to consumer estimates:

  • Gold Key Racoony from Secret Key or "raccoon", as it is called by consumers, ranks first. Manufacturer - Korea. Pads are semicircular, gel, golden brown, give the skin excellent moisturizing due to hyaluronic acid. The effect of leveling dark circles is, but cosmetic, thanks to the shining particles. Can be used as a night skin care around the eyes. Price - from 1250 to 1600 p.
  • Secret Key 24 Gold Premium is similar in characteristics to a “raccoon”, but has a more pronounced lightening effect, is not recommended for night use. The main disadvantage of all brand products is not in large cosmetic networks, you can only order it in the online store. Price ranges from 900-1150 p.
  • Petitfee Gold & Snail with snail extract and gold have a positive effect on blood microcirculation, visually rejuvenate the skin. Hydrogel base helps to fill wrinkles, smoothing skin. Cost - from 1400 to 2000 p.
  • Koelf Bulgarian Rose - have a predominantly moisturizing effect, nourish well. The basis of hydrogel, thawing, among the active ingredients - rose water, which increases skin tone. Price - 1500-1800 p.
  • Tony Moly Panda’s Dream eliminate dark circles, swelling, and effect wrinkles due to hyaluronic acid. They look like black tissue large circles, capture the lower eyelid and brow area. The disadvantage is a weak effect. Price - 90-150 p. for 1 pair.

Looking fresh for mothers on maternity leave is utopia, so I’m looking for options for skin care around the eyes. So I got to the patches. First, there were offline-bought Liberiderm and Skinlight under the eyes, which did not act at all. Then she decided to buy the famous raccoon in an online pharmacy - love happened! Cools, brightens dark circles, smoothes!

For systematic care, I use Skin Iceland masks under my eyes, but if global urgent restoration is needed, I go for Petitfee gold egf or black pearl. They better cope with severe dryness, smoothing, like an injection. The effect lasts for about 12-14 hours, after evening washing completely disappears. I will also highlight SesDerma, but they are expensive.

Went through the darkness of patches - from kopek with aliexpress and Korean La miso, Milatte, Tony Moly to luxury - Shiseido, Payot. The last ones were liked most of all: they are cloth, perfectly level the skin surface, brighten dark circles, reduce “bags”. The disadvantage is that the price is too high for 10 sachets, i.e. 15 ml product.

Use of patches

All components instantly penetrate, absorb and affect the skin around the eyes.

Patches are applied:

  1. With edema: remove moisture, restore and strengthen blood vessels, nourish and smooth the skin.
  2. From wrinkles. Wrinkles are not always old age. Perhaps not enough moisture in the cells of the dermis. Coping with task 2 types of patches:
  • With hyaluronic acid. They contain powerful stimulants - antioxidants, peptides and plant extracts. There is a series for older women with substances containing Botox. Thanks to these properties, the skin gets rid of pigmentation, and wrinkles are smoothed. Use them once a week.
  • With gold. The peculiarity of this type of patches is a long holding time - up to 50 minutes. The masks are composed of metal ions, vitamins and glycerin. Minus - the high cost.
  1. От синяков под глазами помогут пластыри содержащие пантенол, кофеин, эфирные масла. При использовании средства охладите маску – в таком состоянии она положительно влияет на сосуды.

Когда их нужно использовать

Применение экспресс-ухода возможно в любое время: после трудного дня или бессонной ночи. Пока собираетесь на работу — завтракаете и одеваетесь, маска за 20 минут подарит коже вокруг глаз свежий и отдохнувший вид.

You can use patches one-time or repeatedly - 2-3 times a week for a month. The effect of the masks will be cumulative and will smooth out fine wrinkles.

Contraindications patches

Any cosmetic carefully select and look at the composition. Since patches contain active substances, allergies may occur. Pre-test your wrist. If no allergic reaction followed - apply to the eyes after two days, as the reaction may be delayed.

Restrictions on use:

  • conjunctivitis,
  • skin lesions - cuts or abrasions,
  • kuperoz. Vessels may become more visible.

Types of patches

The range of patches is varied. Consider the popular types of masks.

  • Hydrogel They contain more than 90% water and hyaluronic acid. Jelly-like structure provides a snug fit patches to the eyelid. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the cells, filling wrinkles with substances. Often they need to be dissolved in water, and then applied to the eyelid. After a while, the patches become thinner and dissolve.
  • Fabric The base is a fabric that contains a gel or cream with a high concentration of vitamins and oils. Reminds a wet napkin. Unlike hydrogel patches, they are not able to fit snugly to the dermis, and the effect is slightly worse. Low cost allows you to use this type of patches more often.
  • Collagen. Manufacturers focus on this type of masks. They are able to perform several functions at once - moisturize, relieve swelling and smooth wrinkles. Minus - short-term result. After a few hours, the mask stops.

Petitfee, Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

For example, the product with gold and pearls Petitfee, Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch is popular with fans of this type of masks. Black patches with gold dressing have a convenient drop-shaped form.

Positive feedback on this brand is that these hydrogel patches fit snugly to the skin, do not cause discomfort, and as a result you will feel the effect. They moisturize, eliminate swelling, smooth fine wrinkles, whiten and improve the appearance - as stated by the manufacturers.

Hydro-gel eye patch gold by Natalia Vlasova

These are Russian-made patches. Appeared on the market among the first, and immediately won the trust of customers. Masks have an instant and cumulative effect. The composition allows to achieve a result in the form of a smoothing effect.

Patches remove puffiness, get rid of red and dark circles. Collagen and aloe juice are special ingredients that make small wounds heal and the skin is instantly moisturized.

How to apply patches correctly - instruction

  1. Cleanse the skin. Before use, it must be dry.
  2. Slightly hold the mask in your hands, detach the protective layer and apply to the desired area. Wet a little cloth.
  3. When using patches from dark circles, place them closer to the inner eyelid. When smoothing - closer to the temples. The main rule - the skin should not be collected under the mask.
  4. Read the instructions - the patches are different from each other, so the time of wear is different. Often the mask should be kept for 15-30 minutes. The duration of tissue patches - 40-60 minutes.
  5. Remove patches in the right direction - from the nose to the temples, so as not to damage the delicate skin of the eyelids.
  6. Do not wash your face after using masks. Spread the excess product over the face like a regular cream.
  7. Get down to makeup.

How often to use patches

Patches can be used daily, and can be 1-3 times a week for several months. You can complete the course - 20-30 procedures in 3 months. It all depends on how much you want to change the look. For an instant effect, express masks are suitable, for an accumulative one, it should be applied longer.

Which patches to choose is up to you. Prices and range are varied. You will notice the results after the first application, so there’s no point in arguing about the effectiveness of express masks.

What are patches and their variations for?

The periorbital area is the most delicate area. It is most susceptible, in comparison with other areas of the face, to the impact of negative factors of the external and internal environment of the human body and the most rapid premature aging. The thickness of the skin in this area is only almost 0.5 mm - much less than in other areas. In addition, here it is practically devoid of elastin and collagen fibers, subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands.

It is around the eyes that the first wrinkles appear, and when overworked, neuropsychic overloads, lack of sleep, diseases of internal organs, etc. - dark circles, bruises, edemas and bags. In this regard, the skin around the eyes requires daily proper and delicate care, which consists in moisturizing and special nutrition, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

To achieve these goals in a short time allows patches for the skin around the eyes. Through their use, you can quickly eliminate traces of fatigue for a certain time, and therefore this cosmetic device is sometimes called "emergency cosmetic help." In addition, they serve as a good basis for applying makeup on the face, since the skin becomes moisturized, smooth and elastic, and is somewhat tightened. This makes it possible to apply makeup cosmetics evenly and effectively.

The composition of the active ingredients is very diverse. However, almost all patches contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamins, bleaching components, amino acids, antioxidants, peptides, extracts of various plants, collagen, panthenol, vegetable oils, etc.

Also produced patches under the eyes with gold, which, according to manufacturers, contain ions of gold. They provide additional cooling, moisturizing, relaxing and soothing effects, and it is also believed that they more effectively remove the "blue" and swelling under the eyes, improve facial contours and have a rejuvenating effect.

The composition of the active substances used in the manufacture of express masks, and their concentration depends not only on the manufacturer and purpose of the product. Depending on the expected effect, this product is positioned as a mask:

  • nutritious and healthy,
  • moisturizing,
  • smoothing
  • decongestants, or draining,
  • restoring
  • whitening

Products from bags and swelling under the eyes

Possess, mainly, lymphatic drainage effect. As main components they can contain:

  • horse chestnut extract to enhance the tone of the walls of small venous and lymphatic vessels,
  • leaf extract of the Ginkgo Biloba plant, which has a pronounced anti-edema and antioxidant effect,
  • hexapeptide -8, which has a mild muscle effect on facial muscles,
  • complex of natural oils and vitamins that positively affect the vessel wall and contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes and microcirculation.

In addition, the use of patches is recommended after a long stay in the sun without goggles and in conditions of low air humidity, skin dehydration, etc., since most of them contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, etc. in moderate concentrations.

Means impose on the skin for a long time - for 30-60 minutes (different manufacturers recommend different times).

Types of masks

Depending on the nature of the basis, the following types of cosmetic products are distinguished:

Collagen patches under the eyes

The basis of which is water-soluble collagen. Although they are characterized by manufacturers as a means of helping against all problems within 15 minutes and for a long period, in practice their main effect is the effects of lifting and smoothing fine wrinkles. In addition, the results of the action are stored only for a few hours.

More pronounced and lasting positive results are observed with regular use of the product, especially based on the technology of combining collagen with coenzyme Q10. They contribute to the delivery to the skin of the periorbital area of ​​nutrients and oxygen, as well as the optimization of the natural regeneration of the dermis.

Cloth Masks

The basis of fabric masks is mainly cotton fabric, impregnated with active cosmetic and medicinal substances, gel, cream with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals or active serums, and resembling a damp napkin. It is not very tight to the skin surface, and therefore does not have the effect of tightening, and other types of effects persist for a very short time. At the same time, the cost of fabric masks is less, which allows them to be used much more often.

Hydrogel patches for eyes

They contain very large doses of hyaluronic acid. It retains water and helps to soften and smooth the skin, temporary filling of small wrinkles in the eyelid area. Directly the hydrogel base (due to the jelly-like structure) provides a tight fit of the mask and exerts mechanical pressure on the dermal layer, which stimulates the growth of keratinocytes and provokes fibroblasts to accelerate the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin proteins.

Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid in the basis of the masks and the binding of a significant amount of water, the gel patches under the eyes are characterized by a pronounced lifting effect and are not designed to eliminate edema, but to reduce the severity of wrinkles mainly in the corners of the eyes and in the lower eyelid area.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, various plant extracts, peptides and nanoparticles with anti-aging properties are added to the masks, antioxidants, nicotinic and ascorbic acids, which promote skin lightening, strengthen the capillary walls and improve microcirculation, support the natural renewal of collagen fibers in tissues and slow down the development of premature processes in them. aging. They can be used not only for the skin of the orbital region, but also for other areas of the face and neck.

Silicone patches

At the heart of their contain one of the types of silicone, for example, methyltrimethicone, which after application to the skin surface forms a film. As a result, a smoothing effect is visually created. In addition, reusable patches in the form of silicone "pads" are available. They are designed to protect the skin around the eyes from staining during eyelash staining procedures and are non-slip silicone self-adhesive pads, ideal for isolating the skin under the lower eyelashes during staining, makeup and lamination. They are made in such a way that they correspond to the region of the lower eyelid and the wall of the nose, they can have any shape and contours.

Top Patch Rating for Eyes

Evaluation of the effectiveness of most cosmetic products is primarily subjective. Nevertheless, a list is periodically published on the Internet (the credibility of which is unconvincing) of the first 3, 5, etc. The best cosmetic products of one kind or another.

With regard to the patches, the leading cosmetics is Korean cosmetics “Skinfood”, “Skinlite”, “White Cospharm”, “Tony Moly”, “Shary”, “Misoli”. But “Secret Key” is recognized as the best manufacturing companies, the overwhelming part of which is gold ion containing products, and Petitfree, which also offers mostly masks with gold, but also produces collagen-based products with snail mucus. , black pearls, etc.

Patches for the skin around the eyes of some manufacturers:
1. Shary
2. Skinlite
3. Misoli
4. Petitfree
5. Secret Key

How to apply patches correctly

Masks are very convenient to use. They can be used not only for the area under the eyes, but also for the eyebrow area, as well as for the area of ​​the nasolabial folds. Apply them to clean and always dry skin. You can pre-light massage. You can not apply patches in the presence of damage or irritation, use with caution is necessary for increased skin sensitivity and a tendency to allergic reactions. In case of a feeling of discomfort, the mask should be removed immediately.

Before applying tissue patches in order to better fix their surface should be slightly moistened. Before using the gel masks, it is recommended to warm the product slightly in the palms, then remove the protective layer and apply it on the required area. It is necessary to glue the express masks very carefully with the adhesive side and in such a way that their upper edge is 2 mm below the ciliary edge of the lower eyelid.

In order to reduce the severity of edema and dark circles under the eyes, a cosmetic patch is glued closer to their inner corner, from wrinkles - you should try to close the last patch as much as possible. But it is necessary to glue in such a way that the skin under it in no case was not going to fold.

Hydrogel products are distributed in the direction from the nose to the temporal areas to obtain an equalizing effect. After use, they are removed in the same direction. It is not necessary to wash off the remains of gel. Finger pads, through a light patting massage, “hammer” them into the skin.

How much to keep express masks on the skin after applying?

Most masks are applied for 10-30 minutes, less often - for 40-45 minutes, but fabric-based products can be applied for 1 hour, and sometimes for the whole night. However, if such a duration is not specified in the instructions, it does not make sense to keep the mask for such a long time, since the active substances in most cases are consumed within the first hour.

How often can patches be used?

To obtain a quick and more or less lasting effect, it is desirable to use express masks at least 2 times a week.

How many times can I use eye masks?

Most manufacturers produce disposable masks. Disposable products are not recommended to be used again, since no active substances remain in them after a single use.

Where to store patches?

Tissue and gel disposable masks are stored at room temperature. Reusable hydrogel or silicone products after use should be lightly rinsed with water and stored in a refrigerator in a separate bag or container.

Homemade recipes

Mask patches can be prepared independently at home in accordance with various recipes. Some of them:

Mask nourishing and reducing the expression of fine wrinkles

Peel fresh cucumber and chop it on a fine grater, then squeeze the juice, add brown sugar (1/2 teaspoon) and vitamin “E” (1 teaspoon) to it. All this is mixed up to a homogeneous mass, in which wetted a cotton disc cut into 2 parts along the arcuate line, slightly squeeze and place on the required area for 15-20 minutes. In case of premature drying of the mask it can be moistened additionally. The remaining mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for 5 days.

Mask to reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes using a mixture of dried and crushed herbs

Parsley leaves (1 tablespoon), camomile, mint leaves or lemon balm and green tea (1 teaspoon each). Mix the mixture with boiling water (250 ml) and infuse for 20-30 minutes, strain, cool and store in the refrigerator. In the morning, cut the cotton pads (as in the first recipe), moisten in the prepared infusion and place under the eyes for 15 minutes.

Gel mask

For its preparation, you need 5 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice, 2 teaspoons of colanchoe juice, about 3/4 of a sheet of gelatin (1.3 g) or agar-agar powder (1/4 teaspoon). It is necessary to mix the components, add gelatin or agar-agar to them and heat on a water bath with stirring, not boiling (about 3-5 minutes), so that the gelatin becomes liquid. After that, remove from heat and cool, while stirring. Apply the gel mask chilled on the desired area for 15-20 minutes. Before and after its application, a light lymphatic massage can be given.

Eye patches are not a panacea for eliminating any or even certain defects in the corresponding area of ​​the face for a long period. However, they are quite an effective means of fast skin care, especially with constant use.

How do they work

As a rule, patches are impregnated with a cosmetic composition with a high concentration of active substances, which is often not inferior in intensity to powerful anti-aging or moisturizing serums. Among the active components there is an enviable variety. Oils, vitamins and panthenol are used to restore and strengthen the skin, antioxidants are used to combat wrinkles, peptides are used to increase skin elasticity, and chamomile, aloe and plantain extracts are used to soothe and relieve irritation.

The patches themselves are most often made from non-woven cloth or hydrogel (gel-like mass, which already contains an incredible amount of useful substances, from the placenta to plant extracts).

What are the patches

As a rule, eye masks are classified according to their purpose and are:

moisturizing: Quickly saturate tissues with moisture and a complex of vitamins. Они идеально подходят для тонкой кожи и зрительно сглаживают сеточку морщин.

разглаживающими: затормаживают передачу нервных импульсов и немного блокируют мимику, действуя наподобие ботокса. В составе может быть коллаген, коллоидное золото, гиалуроновая кислота.

питающими: это более дорогие пластыри с плацентой, экстрактами растений, жемчужной пудрой и ретинолом, которые направлены на комплексное оздоровление кожи.

восстанавливающими и омолаживающими: запускают механизмы естественного омоложения кожи и поддерживают оптимальный баланс всех составляющих. The formula contains all the achievements of modern science: peptides, coenzyme, collagen, extracts of caviar, algae and ginseng.

draining: used to remove or reduce swelling under the eyes. They should be kept on the face longer than others (ideally 20-30 minutes).

Helena rubinstein

The skin around the eyes is very thin, so age-related changes on it appear in the first place. A good alternative to injections for this zone will be patches for the skin around the eyes of Powercell Eye Urgency from Helena Rubinstein. The natural plant components and antioxidants included in their composition will take care of the delicate skin of the eyelids, restoring tone and reducing wrinkles.

Going on vacation, do not forget to bring a set of patches for the eyes of Pure Retinol from Shiseido based on pure retinol. They instantly smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, soften the skin and give it shine, which is so necessary after a long flight.

To get a quick lifting effect, you can use the Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Mask eye contour patches. Stick them under the eyes and continue to do household chores or gathering on a date. After 20 minutes the patches can be removed - the face will look rested, and the skin under the eyes more moist.

Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye gel lobes, which intensively moisturize the sensitive area around the eyes, smoothing the skin and eliminating edema, will help get rid of wrinkles and obvious signs of fatigue.

Express-care to strengthen the skin and eliminate signs of eye fatigue from Payot from Payot can be another wand. A set of 10 pairs of stickers can be used as a course, and from time to time, in emergency situations - before an important meeting or a date. After removing them on the skin there is no feeling of stickiness, so you can immediately begin applying makeup.

An instant action against signs of fatigue has a gel mask for the eye area Progressif Anti-Rides from Carita. After 10 minutes after application, swelling and dark circles are noticeably reduced, and the skin is smoothed, saturated with moisture, and the look becomes more attractive.

Patches under the eyes of Purederm in a disposable packaging is convenient to take with you on trips. The effect will be noticeable immediately: the circles under the eyes disappear, swelling decreases, and the complexion becomes more even.

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