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Postcards to February 23 with their own hands


On this day, all mothers, daughters, grandmothers and indeed the entire female half of the population congratulates the male half on this celebration. It’s so established that the symbols of this holiday are state flags, military equipment and other vehicles, as well as stars on shoulder straps.

Therefore, all the drawings or pictures are directly related to this. I propose to make the first version of paper - this is a tie, using the origami technique.

And I also liked the idea with a dollar bill, or you can take our rubles and roll it up, like this, it looks pretty cool, and as they say, a little stash is at hand.

For the youngest craftsmen of the second younger group of kindergarten, you can do the work of clay.

Now we will make a postcard on which the car will be shown. You can do such a charming and amusing creation with children of an older and preparatory group, or use them in elementary school.

Stages of work:

1. Prepare everything you need for work, it is paper, glue, scissors and pictures with typewriters.

2. Cut out the necessary details to make the plot.

3. Then, so that the machine seemed to be a bulky cut, while folding the sheet of paper in half.

4. That is such an interesting and cute plot.

5. You can decorate the outside as you like, using various decorations and decors.

6. You can do as an application, or simply draw with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

Cool design in the technique of scrapbooking

I give you a few ideas that impressed me, you can take them as the basis of your work, and create your own plot. See how bright you can make a star.

Milo is very talented, even the flower is not superfluous at all.

Wow, you message or a little surprise).

In general, it looks wonderful and not primitive.

So, create for the joy of all!

And surprise, generally act.

And I offer you a step-by-step instruction that you can take for your creative work in the style of scrapbooking, from here:

Original greeting card ideas for schoolchildren for February 23 with templates

I want to make and decorate a postcard as something special, I know that many people are interested in the options for bulk products, because they look great and amazing. Moreover, if there is a step-by-step instruction, then you and your children can make such a miracle at school.

Or you can create this creation at home, and then your son or daughter will give it to your dad.

Stages of work:

1. First of all you will need to find a double-sided cardboard, preferably blue or blue, this will be the background of the sea. Then fold the blue sheet in half and glue the base to it in the form of a ship.

2. Accordingly, in order to glue the base from the ship, you need to first make it. To do this, find the image of the ship or ask me for a template, I will send it to you for free by mail. So print on A4 paper and cut along the contours with a stationery knife the desired image.

3. Further, as desired, you can cut the gulls and leaves for decoration. Do not forget about the congratulatory poems.

4. Glue gently to the blue-based white.

5. So it should be about you.

6. It looks fantastic and beautiful.

You can make a simple application of colored paper and geometric shapes, for this draw patterns, and on them already glue the composition.

You can go the other simple way, print this sample, and then paint it or perform an application.

I liked another kind of postcard, I am happy to show it to you.

We will need:

  • colored paper or cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue

Stages of work:

1. Draw the patterns, how about you should make it, I showed you in this picture, nothing difficult, even a beginner can handle it. But what color to make for each piece, decide for yourself, this is a creative work that can be done in a labor class.

2. For the base is best to take colored cardboard or double-sided or solid. Bend the sheet in half and cut a circle on one part.

3. Now it is necessary to issue a product. Find a suitable text or write your own.

4. Stick the greeting inside the postcard.

5. For example, take these lines.

6. And the front side will look like this. It’s like a ship sailing through the waves.

I also saw yesterday such a cute boy, I suggest you build it too.

To create such a delight, cut the blanks with scissors.

Glue all your plans on the background you need. The flag can be made of satin ribbons and matches, or use a wand stick for cotton disks instead of a wand.

Do you want a masterpiece at all, take a look here, a stylish and very cool idea for any age of children.

We make cards with children in kindergarten from paper for father and grandfather

An excellent option would be a fairly simple postcard with a picture of a bear cub in military uniform. You need to make such a background on a piece of paper using a printer.

Cut the stencils on the sample.

Then paste them onto the background.

And on the reverse side, write or print a greeting.

Well, I also found such a simple idea for absolutely young talents.

We will need:

  • multi-colored cardboard with embossed
  • colored paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ruler

Stages of work:

1. Print asterisks on A4 paper, or make stencils, and then draw them on colored paper and cut.

2. Fold the embossed cardboard sheet in half. Cut two strips of colored paper and overlap them. And also decorate with a star.

3. Such a very beautiful and cute result, write wishes on the other side.

Unusual gift in the style of quilling Tank

It will be really cool if you make a postcard and, in addition to everything, present a small souvenir in the form of a tank.

Whoever is familiar with this technique will easily create any plot.

And who else is not familiar, so I found you a video from which you learn how to do it:

You can retreat from the topic and make of numbers, but in the same style.

Master class on how to make a shirt with a jacket

The easiest option can be a souvenir in the technique of origami, using colored double-sided paper or white A4 sheet.

It turned out a small shirt with a tie.

In addition to all the times this postcard you will need to come up with a poem or greeting and read it with expression.

Or you can still go in another way to first make a tie from a blue or blue sheet, and decorate it with all sorts of stickers, paillettes, rhinestones, etc.

And then paste and get the easiest option gift.

And if you want to make something more serious, then use this instruction.

It is necessary, as shown in the figure, to make a product layout.

Then use the ruler to collapse along these lines. Of course, draw the lines with a pencil, not with a felt-tip pen, a felt-tip pen is shown here so that you can see it better.

This is the image of a jacket.

It remains to make a collar, make it according to the scheme.

Then cut and roll.

Finish the work by sticking the necessary touches for completeness; this is a satin ribbon or paper tie and a poem.

You can also make a postcard with a little secret.

Take a piece of paper and make such marks as shown.

Plus there will be a vest.

The result may be you have the most important thing to try to do this work with great love, and then that it may be more pleasant to give a gift to your grandfather or dad on a long-awaited day.

If you can be original, you can attach a bill or something even more impressive.

You can even stick a calendar.

We create a voluminous postcard with the children for the holiday of the Defenders of the Fatherland

Such products are usually in great demand because they look spectacular and beautiful.

See how great designed ordinary photo frame. Make the first boat or ship.

The scheme of such crafts presented here.

You can use another option, like this, you have to paste the necessary images onto a sheet of paper.

And then paint with paints or felt-tip pens. Blanks can be downloaded and printed.

By this principle, you can do another job.

Next, using cotton pads, you can put calla.

Every boy or guy does not dream of a good set of tools, right? So let's give him a dream.

For the next job you will need 2 pieces of paper. different colors, pencil, glue stick and stationery knife, because it will be applied vytynok style.

It will be very stylish and tasteful.

You need to print a pattern on the printer, request it from me. And then combine the white base and blue images.

From necked corrugated paper or cardboard, carefully cut the stars, 3-4 pieces and paste them on the base.

That's all dear friends and subscribers. If you were interested, share this post on social networks or leave your review to this post. Good luck to all! And our defenders of good health, success in everything! Bye everyone!

Postcards on February 23 with their own hands. Original ideas to school and for children in kindergarten

Initially, February 23 was still considered a holiday for those men who are associated with the military sphere. Now, it is a holiday of all representatives of a male, therefore it is necessary to congratulate all: grandfathers, dads, brothers. And, most importantly, in this congratulation to invest a piece of your soul, so I want to come up with something original and solemn.

Of course, more often such cards are made by children, mothers only look after the progress of work. But you can turn it into a masterpiece, if you use different techniques and call on the entire reserve of its accuracy. By the way, there is an article about ideas that you can give your man for this holiday.

I want to inspire you with different ideas so that you put off your business and start working on it.

Cards for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland for children 3-4 years old in kindergarten

In our kindergarten, the children are not given homework yet, they are trying to do the thematic congratulations themselves, but sometimes the child asks for a weekend, to make an application or a postcard. Then you also have to look for ideas that are not difficult to repeat, but also show the child how aesthetically pleasing the result looks.

Of course, most often the children remember that they need to make a postcard when they go to bed, and they need to pass it tomorrow. So let's look at a few light ideas that in their implementation will take no more than half an hour of your time together.

For example, to create a greeting with a voluminous Russian flag. I know that at this age, the kids still can not exactly cut along the lines, so you have to prepare blanks in advance.

Use scissors with jagged edges.

The cardboard is folded in half, the substrate is glued to the front side.

A black stripe is glued diagonally, which will serve as the basis for the flag.

Separately, three strips of one size (about 4 cm) of the colors of the Russian flag are cut: white, blue, red.

These strips are glued only with the tips, creating a small arch.

If the child is difficult to explain how to make such a flag, then use the simplified version.

Take the red paper and toothpicks.

Cut a small strip of paper, measuring 3 * 1 cm and roll it in half.

Make two notches at the edge that did not fold and stick this flag to the toothpick.

It is very easy to repeat the next idea.

It will take two strips of cardboard of the same width, but of different lengths. A digit is cut from one edge. Next, we glue both halves at the beginning.

I also liked one idea. By execution it turns out very adult and strict design. But it is also done quickly.

Fold the cardboard - the basis.

We take a smaller paper and cut a star in the middle and a cutout for the inscription.

Before you glue the two sides, in the place where the slot write the text.

You can mark this place with a pencil.

How to make voluminous cards do-it-yourself school

Bulky congratulations always look more original than usual flat ones. But the time to create them takes more. They have more details, so these options are more suitable for schoolchildren.

For example, the idea of ​​a ship and an anchor looks very nice.

To do this, you can print the template, cut the ship, the waves and the anchor according to internal schemes.

Transfer the drawing to colored paper and carefully repeat the inside lines of the drawing with a stationery knife.

Then you need to bend the cardboard color and place the fold up.

Paste on the front side of the cardboard paper with cut ship. Cardboard can be taken contrast.

Inside stick a white sheet of paper on which you can write a greeting.

Interesting options with volumetric images of balloons and ships.

For example, a ship is made on this card using origami technique. And on the basis of it the whole composition is created.

Here is a detailed diagram of the sequence in which the sheet should be folded.

Or such an interesting option with a 3D ship.

And I also want to show the sweet version of the volume congratulations.

I think that our defenders will definitely appreciate this!

Beautiful greetings from paper for dad on February 23

Dad also wants to congratulate very unusual. For example, to give a postcard that requires very hard work.

To create it you need to take a sheet of cardboard, bend it in half.

Then from the wrong side to divide half in half the line.

Then draw 3 squares, measuring 2.5 * 2.5 cm. Inside which you can draw thematic items: anchor, steering wheel, balloon, plane, ship, clock or star. You can draw it yourself, but I will give her a template.

Then carefully cut along the contour with a sharp blade or clerical knife.

Inside you paste the congratulatory message printed on a white sheet.

You can make a postcard in the form of a shirt with a tie.

They are different, for example, such with a painted tie.

You will see a template of such a card just below in the corresponding section.

Create yourself an orange, bright card.

For this we need a double-sided cardboard and one sheet of colored paper.

Sheet rolled in half. From the front of the bend, we make a cut at a distance of 3 cm from the edge.

From the back of the sheet completely cut off the line width of 3 cm. So we have a shirt collar above the card.

Now we also retreat 3 cm from the sides and make horizontal cuts, 3 cm long. Bend their horses inward.

It was the turn of the tie.

We need a square of double-sided colored paper, measuring 15 * 15 cm.
We fold it diagonally.

Then we twist the ends to the resulting fold.

Next, fold the top down.

Turning the tip up.

Now turn the end inward, as in the photo.

We bend the edges towards us and push them inside with our fingers.

Now reduce the width of the free edge of the tie, tucking the sides.

The resulting item sticking on the card.

Contrast colors look very nice: black and white.

Also, to achieve greater similarity, take as a basis a sheet of velvet paper.

Handmade greeting cards using scrapbooking

Very rich and unusual are greetings created in the scrapbooking technique.

When using many different parts of different textures. Here everything will do: wallpaper, twine, buttons, wood. Of course, it is better to choose a color scheme that is well combined with different colors.

You can even sew on the sewing machine, some elements of the decoration.

I also like the wooden postcards option. But due to the fact that not everyone can cut out of it and does not have a special milling machine, then let's take this design as a basis. A tree is replaced by a dense cardboard, which is sold in stores for needlework and creativity.

Or such a cool idea.

Because this card looks very noble and expensive.

Schemes and templates for cards on February 23

I have prepared several templates with congratulatory inscriptions. Which you can print and use in your work.

Template to create a star for this congratulations.

Take a sheet of paper, stick on it two strips for St. George ribbon.

Then cut out the star according to the pattern.

Tuck its edges with your finger and ruler. Then, using the same ruler, bend each ray of the star in half.

You need to start in a line from top to bottom. As in the photo. So get 5 lines from each end.

Now with our fingers we make these lines more visible and begin to glue the star to the blank with St. George ribbons.

It remains to cut only one star and find the right place in the overall picture.

Now I want to show the variants of the inscriptions.

Such a pattern can be printed on colored paper.

Another idea of ​​congratulations.

A set of fonts.

Also scheme for cutting out a plane.

Template for unusual cards. Figures in the squares need to cut out.

The scheme is a small postcard.

Template for postcard - jacket.

Take note of ready-made solutions.

Original applications for Defender of the Fatherland Day

Now applications with congratulations in the technique of origami are very popular.

Here is the outline for creating a shirt congratulation.

And here is another very nice idea of ​​the application in the form of hands.

We will need two sheets of cardboard.

We outline our left handle and cut it.

Next, use a different color and cut a strip of cardboard 5 cm long.

И сворачиваем ее пополам, потом еще пополам, чтобы получилась небольшая гармошка. Кончики подворачиваем, потому что мы их будем приклеивать к ладошкам.

Теперь нужно украсить лицевую сторону аппликации.

Приклеиваем край гармошки к одной ладони, другой край — к другой ладони.

The application is quite simple, but it will be very interesting for kids to do this.

There are a lot of variants of original cards for men, the main thing is to choose the one that best suits the character of your men.

For example, our dad perceives this holiday especially in the colors of camouflage and vest; therefore, we choose the appropriate color background for the cards.

If you do not want to focus on the military past of the holiday, you can create such interesting options with the stylized features of a man: a hat, a monocle, a mustache or a cane.

I want to know your opinion, for the whole collection of ideas. Save the article in the bookmarks to repeat your favorite illustration with the children.

The best ideas postcards to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

Now we will present 8 original ideas for postcards with our own hands, which can be made quickly from improvised materials: colored paper, fabric, beads, so it will be interesting, and, as usual, we leave you cool ideas for your unique postcard.

Postcard "Military Equipment"

For the product will need:

  • thick colored paper
  • ruler,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • yellow foil
  • pencil.

Manufacturing process:

Take a white thick sheet of paper and bend it correctly. At first - twice. Get a "little book." Then each half also needs to be folded in half, only in different directions. There will be something resembling an accordion. After that, you need to cut off three strips of paper: red, green and blue. On one side we glue the red and blue stripes in such a way that the combination of colors of the Russian flag is obtained.

Green, you need to stick on the other side. It is on it that the figures will be placed. After that, on colored paper you need to draw military equipment. That is, a tank, a plane, a ship, etc. and cut. Images should not be large, because they will need to be placed in the resulting blank. And, most importantly, each drawing should have a “leg”. This part needs to be spread with glue and fixed on the green field of the postcard.

After that, the gold foil need to cut a two, three and a few stars of different sizes. Place this brilliant decor on your own.

Manufacturing process:

From a thick cardboard you need to cut a rectangle of the desired size. This is a blank for a future postcard. Then glue multicolored sticks around the perimeter of the product. They must be placed in such a way that the product looks bright. That is, alternating at will. It turns out "frame".

Next, from colored paper you need to make an ordinary airplane and stick it in the center of the blank. With pencils at the top we draw clouds, and below congratulations on February 23.

Postcard "Military shirt"

To create you will need:

Manufacturing process:

To begin, take a sheet of paper and bend it in half. The sides need to be bent inwards so that there are four folds. We make sleeves from the upper edges. To do this, they need to bend the example of the wings of the airplane. After that, the sheet must be turned over to the other side and bend the bottom edge. Turn over again and bend the upper corners towards the center of the workpiece. It turned out the collar of our "shirt".

After that, you need to bend the bottom edge of the postcard and shove it under the "collar". Additionally, you can make a tie, bow tie, pocket or buttons. Paint paints "shirt" in military style. On the reverse side, attach a piece of the largest product and write a beautiful greeting. It can be decorated with yellow foil stars.

Postcard "Sea"

We will need:

  • thick paper of different colors
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • pencil.

Manufacturing process:

Draw waves and clouds on blue paper and cut them out. From the white-sails of the ship. From brown - the basis for it. From the yellow - the sun. Next, we take the light blue cardboard and glue all the blanks to it, placing them in the right places. It turned out a postcard with an application on the marine theme.

On the reverse side, write the original greeting and decorate it with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Manufacturing method:

On red paper you need to draw a star with additional stripes - allowances. On the contour cut the workpiece. Allowances to bend and fix inside the star. Mark the lines of the rays. For them you need to bend the product well. The star will be voluminous.

After that, from a cardboard according to the size of a bulk star, we cut out a similar blank. Glue a red star to it. Bulk card is ready. You can decorate with sequins along the contour, and on the reverse side to place a good greeting.

Postcard uniform

And the first one will be made in the form of a military uniform.

From the materials we need the most simple:

  • paper (green, yellow, red, black and white)
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • ruler
  • pencil

Cut a sheet of A4 paper into 4 equal parts. Take one of them and make 2 small cuts on top. Bend them in such a way as to get a shirt collar. Cut a small tie out of black paper and glue it under the collar of a shirt.

Cut a rectangle out of green paper (the height is equal to the height of the shirt from the base to the shoulders, and the width is 2 times the width of the shirt). Bend the paper, forming the lapels of the uniform, and slightly bend the upper corners. Then cut the shoulder straps and 3 round buttons out of yellow paper. It remains to “put on” a ready-made uniform on the shirt and solemnly hand the card to the pope on February 23!

A similar, but more “adult” version of such a postcard is suggested by Alexander Parkhomenko:

Postcard cuff

And one more simple postcard option for dad. Why not make it in the original form of a shirt cuff? All you need to do is cut a rectangle out of paper and round off the 2 upper corners. Then very carefully with a stationery knife you need to make 2 small slits for the buttons. It remains to fold the cuff in half and glue on the very edge, and then paste 2 buttons!

You can decorate the cuffs as you wish, add a congratulatory inscription, stick asterisks, etc., but this must be done BEFORE you glue it to the side!

Star shaped card

The next card is also easy to make, but quite interesting. To make it, print on a regular A4 sheet of paper this blank (you can draw it yourself):

Well, and then cut and bend along the intended line:

Cut a star out of beautiful colored paper and stick it to the outside of the postcard.

To cut the exact same star as on the template, print immediately
2 blanks: one will go to the card, and from the other you will cut out a star, and then circle it on beautiful colored paper.

The inscription "February 23" can also be done without using a printer: write it completely by hand or cut tsiferki from paper, and write a month.

Postcard from ... matches

Matches for children are not a toy, but nevertheless, under the supervision of the mother, it is possible to make a very original basis for the future postcard from matches. Dense cardboard gradually grease with white glue and put matches on it in a checkerboard pattern. You can decorate a postcard with fragments cut from a purchased postcard or draw it yourself, and then cut and paste.

Volume card

Children will be able to make and volume postcards by February 23. It is only necessary to understand the principle by which they are made.

Blank paper is cut blank for future postcards. Then it is bent in half and in the very center with a stationery knife 2 small cuts are made. The result should be a cut out piece of paper right in the center of the postcard.

Now you can cut out more blank paper from colored paper - it will serve as the front part of the postcard. And then on this front part should stick the workpiece with a slot. At the same time, the slot is NOT ADHESIZED, but bent inwards into the postcard like a step.

You can make 3 steps, as shown in the photo,
then the central picture will be better kept.

The basis of the postcard is ready, it remains to find a suitable “military” picture, print it out, cut it out and paste it to the steps. And do not forget to sign a postcard before handing!

Postcard with a ship

If the father served in the navy, then the child can make for him a postcard or even a whole picture with a paper boat. To do this, you need a thick cardboard, as the basis of the whole composition, colored pencils, glue (Moment-gel will do) and a sheet of paper for the manufacture of a ship.

Then everything is simple: colored pencils are stuck on a cardboard or frame for a photo along the entire perimeter. Paper ship rolls up and glued right in the center of the composition. The pencils draw the sea and the sun, and the gift to dad is ready!

MEGA-simple stylish card

In conclusion, I want to show you another idea for a simple postcard, which nevertheless looks very stylish and festive. To make it, you will have to call a mom for help, but the children will be able to cut the basis for the postcard and 3 stars from beautiful decorative paper. Then mom will only sew stars on a paper basis. How do you like the idea of ​​a greeting card from February 23? 🙂

We hope that the proposed ideas will appeal to you and you will definitely use them to make cards for all the defenders in your family)

What should be the card?

Since February 23 is the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the card should make it clear that it is intended for the defender, a real man with a capital letter. That is why purely male attributes are welcome, as well as military items. They can be depicted on a postcard or made in the form of applications.

Another requirement for any postcards is originality. Surely a man will be pleased to receive a bright and creative card. In addition, it is important to put the soul into the manufacture of such a souvenir, because the gift itself is not so much pleasant as the donor’s attention and the thoughts of the recipient that the surprise is presented from the heart.

Now that you know all the requirements for postcards, you can choose one of the options. Below are some interesting ideas.

So, how to make postcards by February 23?

Option One

Make a postcard in the form of a men's shirt with a tie. You will need:

  • thick colored A4 paper,
  • bright thin ribbon
  • scissors.

  1. Put a piece of paper in front of you, turning it face down. Now bend to the middle of the vertical edges of the sheet, and then expand them.
  2. Fold the two upper corners inward along the fold line that formed after the first step.
  3. Now fold these same corners in half.
  4. Then bend the top of the paper down the fold line. On the sides there should be triangles that will play the role of shirtless sleeves.
  5. Now flip the design to the other side so that the sleeves are on the bottom. Bend the top down. The width of the curved part should be equal to the width of the ribbon.
  6. Now turn the paper over to the other side, placing a ribbon under the curved part. Bend the upper corners to the middle to get a kind of collar. Tie the ribbon with any tie knot. For credibility, you can cut the edges of the ribbon in the form of triangles.
  7. Now bend the lower part of the design upward so that its edges are located under the collar with a tie.
  8. Done! Such a cute postcard will be an ideal gift for colleagues.

Option Two

Original and bright look card in the form of a tuxedo, designed for a true gentleman. Here is what you need to make it:

  • White paper,
  • black paper
  • 2-3 simple buttons of small size
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • pencil.

  1. Take a white sheet of paper and fold it in half. The blank for the postcard is ready.
  2. Cut a rectangle out of black paper, the dimensions of which will be equal to the size of half a white sheet, that is, one side of the postcard.
  3. Now to one of the parts of the blank (to the one that will be the front), glue the black paper.
  4. Cut a triangle out of white paper. Its base should be less than the width of the postcard. The top of the triangle should reach approximately 2/3 of the postcard.
  5. Glue the white triangle to the front of the card so that its base is at the top and coincides with the edge of the card.
  6. Now cut a small butterfly out of black paper (it should fit in the upper part of the glued triangle).
  7. Glue the butterfly to the top of the white triangle.
  8. Now under the butterfly glue a couple of buttons.
  9. Inside the postcard, you can draw something (for example, a cylinder and a cane) or glue the appliqué.

Such a postcard may well make a girl for her classmates.

Option Three

The next card will be an ideal gift for male military men or at least those who served in the army. For manufacturing will require:

  • two-sided colored paper of yellow, green, black, white and red colors,
  • PVA glue,
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • ruler.

  1. Cut a sheet of white A4 paper into two equal parts. Take one of them and on the sides of its upper part, departing about 5-7 centimeters from the top, make two notches 5 centimeters long. Bend the edges to the middle, but not straight, but slightly obliquely. As a result, you should get a shirt collar.
  2. Now cut the tie out of black paper (its edge should not reach the edge of the postcard) and glue it under the collar.
  3. Take a sheet of green A4 paper and lay it on a flat surface horizontally.
  4. Place the card in the middle of the green sheet face up and glue it.
  5. Now fold the edges of the green paper to the middle so that the folds coincide with the edges of the main part.
  6. Bend the upper corners of the cuffs of the uniform.
  7. Cut the shoulder straps out of yellow paper. The length of each of them will be equal to the distance from the edge of the postcard to the bend of the corner of the lapel of the uniform, and the width will be approximately 2 centimeters.
  8. Glue the shoulder straps to the coat hanger.
  9. Cut out a few stars from the red paper (an even number) and stick them to the shoulder straps.
  10. Now cut out small buttons from yellow paper and glue them to the edges of one of the folds of the uniform.

Fourth option

Children can make the most simple postcards with the application in the form of a ship. Here's what you need:

  • cardboard sheet for the base of the postcard,
  • colored paper of brown, blue, blue, red and yellow colors,
  • White paper,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

  1. First prepare the base. To do this, simply fold a sheet of cardboard in half.
  2. Place the base so that the part of the postcard that will be opened is facing you. We will glue all the decorative parts to it.
  3. From a blue paper cut a rectangle, the sides of which will be equal to the width of the postcard and 2/3 of its length. Glue the detail to the top of the postcard, combining the edges. The sky is ready.
  4. From yellow paper cut a small circle that will be the sun. Glue it to blue paper. If desired, you can cut out and strip-rays, gluing them to the edges of the sun.
  5. Cut a rectangle out of blue paper. Its length will be equal to the width of the postcard, and the width will be a third of the length. Trim the upper edge of the cut triangle so that it is a wave. Now you can paste this part to the bottom of the postcard (the edges should be the same). It turned out the sea, on which the ship will sail.
  6. Now you can begin to manufacture the ship.
  7. Cut an obtuse-angled triangle with a base of brown paper, 2-4 centimeters smaller than the width of the postcard. Fold this triangle in half, then unfold it. Glue this detail to the blue paper so that the fold extends beyond the plane of the postcard. That is, in fact, you need to glue only small parts of the sides of the triangle, the base and the fold line will not be glued.
  8. Now from the same brown paper, cut the mast of the future ship, which will be a rectangle 1-1.5 centimeters wide and about one third the length of the postcard. Glue the mast to the base of the boat so that its bottom edge is hidden behind the board, that is, behind the base of the triangle.
  9. Now go to the sails. From white paper, cut 2 small rectangles of different sizes (they should not differ too much). Now take the larger of them, place it horizontally, grease the bottom edge (about 0.5 cm) with glue and glue it to the mast so that it is located in the middle. Now grease the upper edge (also about 0.5 cm) and glue it, slightly bending the rectangle in width. You have a bulky volumetric sail. Slightly higher, also glue a smaller sail.
  10. From red paper cut a small rectangle that will be the flag of the ship. You can draw or write something on it, and applications are welcome.
  11. Glue the flag to the top of the mast.
  12. Postcard is ready!

Make beautiful cards with your own hands and give them to your relatives and friends, they will definitely be happy!

DIY handicrafts for February 23. Origami shirt

A beautiful gift with his own hands to a man is an origami shirt. It can be used as a souvenir and as a postcard, having written any wish on it. Also a shirt can be decorated self-made star

Video Lesson (under it the scheme in pictures)

To make a paper shirt you will need rectangular sheet of paper any color.

You can also choose shirt size. При выборе размера нужно учитывать несколько деталей: соотношение длинны и ширины прямоугольника 2:1, стороны рубашки после ее сборки будут в 2 раза меньше сторон прямоугольника.

* Можете для начала попробовать сложить рубашку-оригами, используя обычный лист. Тем самым вы узнаете, где и как можно избежать ошибок, при изготовлении непосредственного подарка.

1. Сначала нужно сложить прямоугольник пополам, но вдоль а не поперек. Далее нужно развернуть и загнуть края бумаги к середине (см. картинку).

2. Next you need to do this sleeves. Turn your sheet face up. Now you need to bend the upper corners to the center of the fold line (see picture). Now unbend the corners again.

3. Prepare your sheet face down again. Bend the corners again to the fold lines you just made. This time it is not necessary to unbend these small corners.

4. Now bend the upper part of the sheet with the bent corners in that part of the paper where the edge of the sheet intersects with the fold lines of the corners.

5. The next thing you need to do is to fold the two edges to the middle of your paper shirt and make the sleeves (see picture), while holding the edges with the finger of one hand.

6. You made the sleeves, and now it's time to go to the collar. You may have already guessed that the collar should be started from the other end of the folded rectangle. To do this, fold the bottom edge of the sheet so that the collar is about 2 times shorter than the sleeve.

7. Turn the folded sheet over and make the corners of the collar.

8. Finally fold the resulting sheet so as to align the edge with the sleeves and the collar. Straighten the corners of the collar and secure them with glue.

You made the base of the shirt. Go to the decoration. Add buttons. You can also add a corner handkerchief, bow tie or tie.

The scheme how to make a tie from paper for your shirt:

Using the origami shirt as a base, you can easily decorate your postcard. You can make a big shirt and use it separately as a gift.

You can also make several small shirts of different colors and attach them to one card.

On any occasion, the most important gift is a reminder that a beloved man is important to you. For this, a gift made by your own hands is what you need.

If you know how to knit, here is one idea for you - a knitted butterfly.

DIY frame card for February 23

And if you are not prone to knitting, you can make just such a colorful frame-postcard, which not only looks original, but also makes it very simple. In principle, anyone can make such a frame.

- wooden frame for photos of size 10x15

* It is better to choose white. And if you have a dark frame, you can repaint it in light using white acrylic paint and a sponge.

* It can be replaced with a strong adhesive with strong fixation.

- colored paper (in the form of a square), for the manufacture of a ship or airplane.

1. Prepare a light frame, and pick up colored pencils of the desired size.

* To paint the frame in white acrylic paint, dip the sponge in the paint and gently apply evenly on the frame. Next, leave the frame to dry.

* Pencils must be selected so that they look beautiful on the frame.

2. Glue the pencils to the frame using an adhesive heat gun.

3. Draw a postcard and make a boat that you want to stick to the card, and that one in turn to stick to the frame.

Cool congratulations on February 23

Men also like sweets, and therefore you can cook and decorate beautifully chocolates.

- multicolored thick cotton threads

- two chocolates in a wrapper

- side cutters for cutting skep

1. To make a sail, you need to cut out an isosceles triangle with sides equal to 10 cm and a base of 12 cm.

2. Fold the triangle in half and in its fold insert a piece of skewer. Make the end of the skewer protrude just 1 cm above the sail.

3. Now you need to glue the structure using PVA glue.

4. Glue double-sided tape over the entire length of the chocolate.

5. On the other side of the tape, remove the protective film and glue the mast to the sail as shown in the picture.

* Press the mast between two chocolates.

* You can decorate the mast using color paper flags!

Congratulations to the boys on February 23. Photo frame "Order"

With this gift you can reward your hero for all his services. Such an order, made by hand, is suitable not only for an adult man, but also for a little boy. And most importantly, he will be pleased.

- cork stand for hot

- satin ribbon (color blue, width 4cm)

- cardboard (thick paper)

- metal ring (2pcs)

- acrylic paint (gold color)

- eyelet 0.4cm, 1pc (you can do without it)

1. Using PVA glue, prime the cork support for the hot one and paint it using gold acrylic paint.

2. Cut out an eight-pointed star of cardboard or thick paper so that the cork holder fits as shown in the picture.

3. The star now needs to be covered with two layers of acrylic paint.

4. Use a glue gun to connect the stand and the star. In this case, the recess in the stand should be on the outside.

5. Prepare plexiglass and cut a circle out of it, the diameter of which should be 0.1 cm larger than the diameter of the stand. Thereby you will ensure good fixation of the Plexiglas in the frame for the photo.

6. Using the universal piercer, make a hole in one of the star's rays.

7. Insert the grommet, which also needs to be fixed, using the same piercer, but with a special nozzle for mounting the grommets. Insert a metal ring into the hole.

8. Prepare a satin ribbon, thread it into the ring and make a bow.

9. Now you need to glue the second metal ring on the back side. It will be needed for fasteners.

10. The time has come to decorate the rays with triangular elements made from colored paper.

A gift for February 23 with your own hands. Keychain - epaulet.

In this master class you can learn how to make a military attribute with your own hands and give it to a man. Namely, you will learn how to make a trinket of felt, with embroidery as an ornament.

- burgundy felt (thickness 0.1cm)

- green felt (thickness 0.5cm)

- floss threads (different colors)

- grommets 0.4cm (quantity 2 pieces)

- a ring with a chain (as part of a keychain)

1. Find a picture of a soldier. Use copy paper to transfer the pattern to felt.

2. Slowly pull the felt on the hoop. Use the technique of "simple double-sided surface" try to embroider a picture on felt. Next you need to remove the hoop and cut the image, while you need to leave the allowances of 1.5 cm.

3. Prepare a green felt and dig out 2 pieces of it in the form of a small shoulder strap (both should be the same size). Now you need to make holes on both parts. To do this, install the nozzle on the piercer, and punch.

Use the special nozzle to fix the grommets. You can also try to process this hole manually - just wind the edges with threads of a suitable tone.

4. With the help of a secret seam tediously sew the felt with embroidery to one of the blanks made of green felt.

5. As for the other blank, so here you need to make a slot in the form of a window.

6. For now, fold all the details, and sew by hand, using the seam "over the edge".

7. Top detail to decorate. To do this, sew it with threads of red.

8. In the hole, stick a chain with a ring.

Tools and materials Time: 1 hour • Difficulty: 4/10

For a list of materials required for each postcard, see the instructions for production.

Do you want to surprise your loved one and show what a needlewoman you are? Then this is your chance! Make postcards by February 23 with your own hands!

Postcard with a star

We will need:

  • Postcard Template (Download)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White and color paper
  • Paint or pencil (optional)

How to do:

1) Download and print (or draw) postcard template

2) Cut a star out of colored paper and paste it into a card

* 3) If there is no color printer, draw “February 23” and an asterisk with pencils or paints

Star Card

Quilling postcard

How to do:

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper and horizontally cut in half
  • On the right side of the sheet, draw a pencil "23"
  • We wind about 30 pieces and glue to the card
  • Making an asterisk, also sticking (see the article: How to make an asterisk)
  • On the left side of the postcard we write congratulations

Greeting card with a big and small star

How to do:

1) Download and print the postcard layout on gray paper

2) Making a big star

3) paste in the card

4) Sticking stripes and a small star

Light postcard-envelope with a tie

In order to create a simple postcard with ties, we need:

How to make a light card with a tie:

1) Save the image above, print in the necessary scale

2) We apply the scheme to the back of colored paper, we outline

3) Cut the ties

4) We glue the envelope

5) Trim the tip

6) Make a cut in the middle

7) bend the edges

8) Glue the tie

Done! In the middle you can put a congratulatory note.