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Ground turnip jam


In our country, tea drinking has become a real tradition - at any time of the day and year, at home and at work, in the company of friends or alone with yourself. It is especially pleasant to brew hot aromatic tea and enjoy drinking it while sitting in a warm place when there is frost and wind outside the window. In winter, an ideal addition to this warming drink is jam. Even if you are not a fan of sweets, it is unlikely to refuse a portion of vitamin berry or fruit jam. In this case, the ideal option would be thorn jam - a small wild plum of dark blue color. It tastes sweet and sour, with a pleasant tartness and slightly "astringent." Unsweetened too like it. It is prepared no more difficult than from other berries and fruits. Choose one of the above recipes and proceed to the preparation of their "winter pleasure".

What ingredients does thorns contain? The recipe is extremely simple. It will take the fruits themselves (kilogram). At this amount, take 1.5 kilograms of sugar and 3 cups of water. Prepare the berries: sort, wash, dry. Then cook sugar syrup from the above components. When he boils, throw berries, bring to a boil again and set aside.

The jam should cool down, then hold the second brew - put the pan on a low fire and wait for it to boil. Remove the foam, remove from the stove. The third cooking - the final. We bring turnip jams to readiness and, if we are going to close it with plastic covers, cool it. In another case, immediately spill on the banks and twist tin lids. Delicious winter harvesting is ready and waiting in the wings.

The turn itself has a very rich taste and does not require the addition of other components to create flavor. However, this does not prevent to combine it with other berries and fruits. So, to a good taste is obtained from thorns and dogwoods. The last berry has a beautiful bright red color and oblong shape with one or two long bones inside. Cornel also has a sweet taste with sourness and astringency, which makes it an excellent pair of thorns. To make a small jar of jam, you will need 200 grams of that and another berry and 400 grams of sugar. Put the washed and dried berries in a saucepan, add sugar, pour in a small amount of water (so that the sugar is well dissolved) and set on slow fire. Cook until cooked, stirring occasionally. Then we catch the berries (skimmer, for example) and transfer them to the jar. Syrup is boiled down to thickness, and then we pour fruit on it. Cool and close the lids. Is done.

Now you know how to make blackthorn jam or in combination with dogwood. In both recipes there is nothing difficult. But for the winter you will have a delicious but also healthy delicacy. After all, these berries are rich in vitamins, organic acids, pectin, aromatic and tannins. They are especially useful for problems with metabolism and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But even if there is no need to treat any ailments, thorns are simply very tasty, fragrant and ideal as an addition to hot tea with lemon, especially in winter.

Tips for making turnip jams

The turn is a very specific berry, because it is very hard right away, but it is worth pouring it with sugar for a day, and this characteristic disappears. And if to overdo such a delicacy on fire, then it will turn into a mush at all. Therefore, we will consider in detail which berries should be selected for procurement, how much time is allowed to boil the thorns, and what to keep the harvesting.

How to choose and prepare the berries

  • There are early and late varieties of thorns. Some berries are sown by the end of autumn, before the first frosts, and others at the beginning of this time it is time to pick. In order to determine maturity correctly, you need to try several fruits: if they have supple pink flesh and dark blue skin, then they are ready to cook.
  • Too soft berries are not always good. The turn is better prepared if it is hard, not overripe.
  • If the size of the berries is too small, then you can add to the jam dough, cherry plum or ordinary plums.
  • If for making jam, you need to detach the skins, then the berries should pour a little boiling water. After that, the rind will easily lag behind the pulp.
  • Most varieties of thorns have berries that do not allow the bones to be easily separated. For this reason, many jam recipes are prepared with whole fruits.
  • If you want to make jam from the thorns without stones, then it is more convenient to boil the berries a little, and then separate the insides and skins from them through a sieve.

What dishes will be needed

  • Enamel pots and bowls are well suited for making thorns. The main thing in such containers is the absence of chips and cracks, so that there is no possibility to oxidize the metal.
  • For mixing the jam, it is worth preparing a scoop or a large spoon (both iron and wooden variants are possible).
  • Glass jars with twists or lids.
  • Bar key or device for tightly closing containers.
  • Colander or strainer (if it is necessary to filter the jam and separate the jam from the bones).
  • A bucket or a large bowl.

How much to make jam to keep the berries whole

The turn quickly softens, therefore too high temperatures adversely affect its integrity. If there is a desire to cook the jam so that the berries are intact, you must first let them stand in the sugar until the rind becomes wrinkled. And then on the smallest fire, stirring constantly, it is worth cooking the dessert itself. The cooking time of jam can vary from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

How to cook tasty thorn jam with bones for the winter

Each housewife has their own recipes for winter preparations, which can be added unusual ingredients for taste. To make the thorny jam unusual, a clove, cinnamon, citrus peel (oranges, lemons, limes), different types of sugar and even vanilla are put to it. Such additives depend only on the preferences of the hostess. Consider proven recipes for thorny jam with pits for the winter.

Simple and quick recipe for jam "Five minutes"

This dish is quickly prepared, but it retains a maximum of vitamins and nutrients. “Five minutes” jam can be stored for up to 1 year, and in some cases even longer. In the recipe, it is important to adhere to the cooking time and temperature, which should be maintained during cooking. Consider how to make such a dessert step by step.

  • Sloes are small, forest - 2-2.5 kg.
  • Distilled or spring water - 0.5 - 0.7 l.
  • White sugar, sand - about 2.5-3 kg.

How to cook thorns with stones for the winter quickly?

  1. Wash thoroughly the sloe under running water. If there are pieces of frozen juice on the fruit, it should be removed.
  2. We fold the berries into a colander or a sieve so that water can drip from them.
  3. Evenly spread in a large bowl a row of thorns, we fall asleep with sugar. Next, put another row of berries, then a sweet layer. Here it is important to equally use sugar so that it comes into contact with each berry.
  4. Add water, put on a small fire. After the jam boils, the berries will be ready after 5 minutes of boiling.
  5. Spread the jam in sterilized jars, roll up the lids. After the billet has cooled, it is allowed to be stored in a cold cellar, basement or other place for up to 5 years.

Appetizing jam from black plum in a slow cooker

Turn, plum and cherry plum are prepared very quickly at high temperatures. Sometimes several minutes of boiling are enough for readiness, therefore during the process of passing this process, it is important to be around so that the jam “does not run away”. But in order not to stand a lot of time at the stove, mankind invented multicookers. This wonderful device helps the hostess quickly and easily prepare any dishes. Consider a recipe for cooking thorn jam in a slow cooker.

  • Ripe plums, thorns or plum - 3 kg (the combination is allowed in equal shares).
  • White sugar, loose - 2-3 kg (depending on the acid of the berries).
  • Water - as needed.
  • Apples, pears - 200-300 grams each, for taste.

Preservation of thorns for the winter, a recipe in a slow cooker:

  1. Carefully sort through all the fruits, even a little tarnished berries should be thrown away.
  2. Rinse them under running water, squeeze in a colander.
  3. Apples, pears, peel and core, cut into pieces of 2-3 cm in diameter.
  4. Fold all ingredients in layers, sprinkling them with sugar.
  5. Cover the container with a large sheet of paper or a cape and leave it for 5-10 hours.
  6. When a sufficient amount of syrup appears at the bottom of the bowl, put the container in the slow cooker. Set the mode of "Quenching" to the minimum amount of time (20-30 minutes).
  7. During cooking, it is necessary to prepare the containers. Banks should be sterilized. To do this, boil a little clean water in a container with a narrow neck, put the container there, wait 5-7 minutes until the glass is poured over with hot steam. When the jar is hot, remove it, put it on a clean plate and cover with a lid.
  8. After the slow cooker indicates that the jam is ready, open it and place the dessert in prepared containers in a scoop. Roll up tightly or twist the cans with tin lids.
  9. Put all the cooked containers upside down on the floor, wrap them in a wool blanket, and after cooling, send them to a cellar or other cool place. Enjoy your meal!

How to make blackthorn jam with apples

Many famous chefs recommend adding apples to a variety of dishes. These fruits add some sourness, which is very good effect on the overall taste. Thorns with apples jam will be beneficial in winter, because it contains a large amount of vitamin C necessary for the organism. Turning when boiling gives an astringent effect, therefore the jam will look like jelly. Consider step by step how to cook such a dish.

  • Apples sweet honeycombs - 1 kg.
  • Plums, dwarfs or thorns - 1 kg.
  • Water - up to 0.5 liters.
  • Sugar - 1-1.5 kg.

The procedure for preparing the perfect jam of thorns and apples for the winter:

  1. Wash all the fruits under running water, leave them for a while on calico to drain.
  2. Put all the fruits in a large saucepan, add water there and boil for 5-7 minutes until all the fruit is limp.
  3. Wipe the apples and thorns through a sieve or colander, separating the flesh from the bones and skins.
  4. Add sugar to the fruit gruel, boil the jam for 3-5 minutes.
  5. After that, the dessert should be spread out in cans, tightly covered with lids, put away in a dark, cold place.
  6. Cornberry jam with apples lasts a very long time under the right conditions. Allowed to use it in any form, as well as possible to use for the preparation of confectionery.

Homemade dairy jam with orange

Orange is increasingly added to different dishes, even the true Russian. This ingredient gives the dishes spice (when adding peel) or sweets (if put flesh). Thoroughbread jam itself is very original, because these fruits are slightly tart, and when cooked they give an unusual flavor. And if you add an orange to it, then it will be difficult for guests to make out what they were so deliciously treated to. Let's sort out the step by step recipe for such a dessert.

  • Mature ripe - 1.5 kg.
  • Oranges - 1 kg.
  • Plums - 0.5 kg.
  • White beet sugar - 0.5-1 kg.
  • Water - at will.

Recipe for homemade jams with oranges:

  1. We wash the berries for their subsequent preparation and dry with paper towels.
  2. Shreds, plums are separated from the stone, cutting the fruit in half.
  3. We clean the oranges from the rind, separate the flesh into one container, and rub the zest of 2-3 fruits on a fine grater in another dish. Bones and skins from slices throw.
  4. All fruits are gradually sprinkled with sugar, spreading them in layers. Orange zest we put one ball in the middle of the rest.
  5. We leave to insist on jam for 1 full day at an air temperature of 20-24 degrees.
  6. Next, put the container of fruit on a small fire and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. We try the future jam and, if necessary, add more sugar.
  7. When the dessert boiled for 5-10 minutes, it needs to be expanded in containers and corked with lids. Enjoy your meal!

How to cook jam plums of thorns and cherry plum

Ternka is often used to make prunes, but thorny jam also turns out very tasty. It is not recommended to separate the rind from the fruit, when cooking it becomes very tasty, and the children love to catch it from a common dessert. If by the late autumn time the cherry plum is also preserved, then it should also be added to the jam, adding other, unusual notes to the taste.

  • Ternuk ripe (plums) - 1 kg.
  • Yellow or red cherry plum - 1 kg.
  • Pear - 500 g
  • Hazelnuts - 500 g
  • Sugar - according to taste preferences, about 1 kg.

Step-by-step recipe for jam from thorns and cherry plums with hazelnuts for the winter:

  1. Wash all the prepared fruits, looking through them once more and separating the spoiled berries.
  2. From the thorns and cherry plum we take out the bones.
  3. Pears are peeled from the peel and the inner core, cut into small pieces, like half a plum.
  4. Hazelnuts are cleaned, washed under running water, dried.
  5. Fruits in a saucepan fall asleep with sugar and after 2-3 hours, when they put the first juice in, put it on fire.
  6. In the first minutes of boiling jam, add nuts to it and in 10-15 minutes the dish is ready.
  7. We put a delicious dessert in sterilized jars, covered with tin lids. In winter, we get out of the fridge and enjoy it!

Video recipe: cooking thorny jam at home

If the chef has questions on the preparation of thorny jam, it is necessary to understand all the details before starting the process. For this, it is worth analyzing the tips and reviews of experienced chefs and uncovering their secrets. We offer to view a video recipe for cooking thorny jams at home, which shows a step-by-step process for making dessert:

Which turn is right?

To make the jam thick and sweet, you only need to choose a ripe turn, and even a little overripe, as it is softer, sweeter and does not knit so much. In any case, it is worth to select only good berries: no rotting areas, no stains and no holes (worms penetrate the pulp through them, and they will definitely be superfluous in jam).

Method one

This recipe is very simple. For cooking you will need:

  • 1 kg of turn,
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1.5 cups of water.

  1. The turn should be washed and dried. If desired, remove the bones.
  2. Next, prepare the syrup. To do this, dissolve the sugar in water, bring the mixture to a boil and boil a little until thick.
  3. Fill the turnip with syrup and leave for 24 hours to soak the fruits and let your juice run.
  4. Put the container on the fire and boil the jam until thick. It will take about an hour.

Second way

You can cook a delicious thorn jam, similar to jam.

List of required ingredients:

  1. Wash the turn, dry it, fill it with half of the available water and cook for two to three minutes. Then move it to a strainer and wipe to form a thick mash.
  2. On the bones, the flesh will remain, therefore fill them with the remaining water, boil for a couple of minutes and wipe again (and then you can use them for cooking compote).
  3. Now add sugar to the ready-made blackthorn mash, put the mass on the fire and cook for about 20 minutes, then roll it over the jars. Such jam will turn out homogeneous and very tasty!

Third way

If you decide to use this recipe, you will need:

Description of the cooking process:

  1. Rinse and dry the berries, cover them with warm water and cook until they are soft enough.
  2. Fold the fruit in a colander, strain the broth, you will use it in the future.
  3. When the berries dry out and cool down, remove the bones from them, and then return them to the pan with the broth, add sugar to the same place.
  4. Cook for about 15 or 20 minutes.

To save the maximum of useful substances, try to make jam according to this recipe. You will need:

  • 1 kg of turn,
  • 500 ml of water
  • 1.3 kg of sugar.

  1. First, heat the water and fill the turn with it for an hour (you must first wash it well).
  2. Remove from the softened berries bones, add sugar to them and leave for two hours to let the juice.
  3. Next, put the pot on the fire and boil the jam so that the turn becomes very soft.

What is useful thorny jam? It contains vitamins C, E and group B, coumarins, tannins, catechins, alcohols, flavonoids, essential oils, fructose, steroids, pectin, organic acids, and so on. Turn helps to normalize metabolic processes, improve digestion and clean the intestines, get rid of constipation, eliminate edema.

It has a diaphoretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. In general, this is just a storehouse of nutrients! Но стоит помнить, что некоторая их часть при термической обработке разрушается.

  • Чтобы сделать вкус более мягким, а плоды – сочными, можно на полчаса или час замочить тёрн в прохладной воде.
  • So that all fruits are well soaked with syrup and softened during the cooking process, pre-pierce them with a fork or toothpick in several places.
  • Bones can be both removed and left. But seedless jams usually turn out more delicious, because separated fruits are better soaked with syrup and become sweet and more tender.
  • To make the jam thicker and more saturated, boil it longer, then the excess liquid will evaporate and the syrup will thicken.
  • It is easiest to remove the bones from the heat-treated berries, so pre-blanch them or boil them for two or three minutes to make the flesh separate better.
  • Remember that the less you brew the turn, the more useful properties it holds.
  • To get tasty and sweet jam, you can increase the amount of sugar. In any case, you should not feel sorry for him, because the turn is pretty sour.

Now you know that the turn can get tasty and healthy jam. Moreover, you can cook it at home!

Thorn jam

The turn grows on many garden plots, as it does not belong to capricious trees. In addition, it bears fruit well even in natural conditions, without human care.

For this reason, the thorns are fairly accessible, and in the high-harvest year there are so many of them that it is difficult to keep from making thorns for the winter. There are a lot of recipes for it, some prefer to make thorn jam with stones, others without, and others rub the fruit to get a thick jam.

All these recipes do not belong to complex ones, however, in order to make the jam tasty and fragrant, some subtleties should be taken into account.

Cooking details

There are many varieties of thorns. The fruits of hybrid varieties are quite large in size, they are relatively soft and sweet. Some prepare them the same way as plums.

The fruits of wild thorns, on the contrary, are hard and tart. The jam of them will turn out good only if you know how to cook it correctly.

Observe the recommendations of the more important than sour and harder the fruits of thorns, of which it is planned to make jam.

  • Immature thorns are not good for making jam. It is necessary to wait until it becomes bluish-black, with the pulp of rich dark pink color, moderately soft to the touch. This is what a ripe turn looks like.
  • Before preparing the turnips, it is necessary not only to wash and dry them well, but also to subject them to heat treatment. It is necessary that the skin and the flesh become softer. This will allow the fruit to soak better with syrup, as well as facilitate the process of separating the pulp from the seed, if there should be jam without them. Heat treatment involves boiling the turn on a slow fire for a few minutes. You can put it in boiling water, after placing it in a colander, and hold it in it for several minutes - the result will be the same.
  • In order for the fruits to be better soaked with syrup, each of them should be pierced with a wooden toothpick in 2-3 places.
  • The cooking process must be long. To reduce the cooking time of the turn on the stove can only be one way - to insist turn in the syrup for several hours. The longer the fruits are in syrup, the less they will have to be cooked later.

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Lay out the finished jam on sterilized, and not just washed cans. Hermetically closed cans are stored in a cool room, which can be an unheated pantry. The cooler the room, the longer the jam will stand. If it is kept at room temperature, it should be eaten within 9 months, and when stored in a cold cellar, the thorn jam will quietly stand for 2 years.

Thick Thorn Jam

  • Sort, wash the turn, fill it with a glass of water and put it on fire.
  • After the water boils, boil the turn for 5 minutes, cool and wipe through a sieve with a spoon or wooden pulverizer.
  • Do not discard the husks, as there will probably still be a lot of pulp on the bones. It is better to fill them with a glass of water and cook again for 5 minutes. Again, wipe through a sieve.
  • Pureed thorn pulp sugar.
  • Put a bowl of jam on a low heat and cook until the jam is thick. It usually takes an hour and a half.
  • Pour the jam into jars and roll them with metal lids. When cool, remove for the winter.

After cooling, the jam will thicken even more and will resemble a jam, which will be very convenient to spread on toasts, to be used as a filling for cooking cakes and other pastries.

Cooking in a multicooker with fruit

Features The housekeeper's helper - the multicooker - helps in the case of jam. In the slow cooker, it does not burn, does not run away and is well languished, which is very important for the harsh thorns. An interesting option with the addition of apples and pears. You can take one of these fruits. It combines well with such a set of ingredients cinnamon, shading the taste and aroma of fruits.

  • dives - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1.5 kg,
  • a large apple is one
  • large pear - one
  • water is a glass
  • Cinnamon - a pinch.

  1. Fruits and berries to wash.
  2. Stir out the boil for five minutes in a slow cooker or saucepan with added water.
  3. Pull out the bones.
  4. Apple and pear peeled, cut into cubes or sticks.
  5. Fold all the ingredients in a multicooker bowl, pour out sugar, add water, mix.
  6. Let stand for a couple of hours.
  7. Pour the cinnamon, turn on the "Quenching" mode for half an hour.
  8. Expand in sterilized jars, close or roll up.

Features Thorns with orange and / or lemon can be prepared as jam. So the ingredients are better "exchange" between tastes and flavors. The delicacy is distinguished by its special freshness and pleasant texture.

  • turn - 1 kg
  • sugar - 1.5 kg,
  • water - one glass,
  • orange - two pieces,
  • lemon - one
  • vanilla - pinch (optional).

  1. Berries pick from the garbage, rinse, pour a glass of water in a saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil, simmer for five minutes.
  3. Remove from heat, cool slightly.
  4. Rub through a colander.
  5. Orange and lemon, removing the bones, mince.
  6. Combine fruit and berry puree, add sugar.
  7. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
  8. Pour the vanilla.
  9. Pour on banks, roll up, clean in a cool place.

Citrus give a bitter bitterness. To get rid of it, it is necessary to cut off the fruit thinly from the zest, peel and throw away the white parts between the closure partitions. Grind the rind and pulp using a meat grinder or blender.

Features Five-minute jams are valued for the fact that they contain more useful substances: the raw material is exposed to heat for a short time. The advantage of such a recipe is saving time, electricity or gas.

“Five-Minute” jam from the turn will be liked by those who taste a bit harsh, the pulp retains its structure, and is not boiled down to a state of jam or mashed potatoes. For tasting it is better to make a small portion.

  • thorns - 500 g,
  • sugar - 500 g,
  • water - 100 ml.

  1. Pure dried berries put in a colander, immersed in boiling water for a minute.
  2. Cool, remove the bones, cutting the fruit in half.
  3. Fold the halves into the cooking container, cover with sugar, pour in water.
  4. Let stand for half an hour, then put on a low fire.
  5. After boiling, boil for five minutes.
  6. Remove from heat, allow to cool.
  7. Boil five minutes again.
  8. Cool, spread on banks, close and store in the refrigerator.

Wild Plum Nut Treat

Features This delicacy can not be called a billet for the winter, but a complete dessert. Thorny jam gets nutty pleasant taste, which is emphasized by a pair of spoons of brandy. The dish can be served with cookies, bread, simply spreading on kremenkam. However, nothing prevents to make it in reserve and store in the refrigerator.

  • blackthorn - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • water - one glass,
  • walnuts - half a cup,
  • Cognac - tablespoon (optional).

  1. Prepare wild plums in the usual way: remove cuttings and debris, rinse.
  2. Boil for five minutes with a glass of water.
  3. Cool, remove bones.
  4. Fold in the cooking pot, cover with sugar, let stand for an hour or more.
  5. Stir, put on the fire and cook for half an hour.
  6. Prepare the walnuts: hold the kernels in a hot frying pan or in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring. Cool, lightly rub, to leave behind the film. Cut large or chop.
  7. Five minutes before being ready to add nuts to the berries.
  8. At the end, pour brandy, stir, remove from heat.
  9. Pour into clean cans, close, after cooling down, put in the refrigerator.

Chocolate Dumplings

Features Blackberry jam chocolate is an original dish, not too complicated to prepare. The addition of cocoa and butter makes it taste spicy, and the flavor - chocolate.

At the same time, the process of creating a delicacy is not very different from the usual cooking of jam or jam, and very few additional ingredients are used.

If desired, you can vary the amount of cocoa and sugar to get a sweeter or bitter-chocolate taste.

  • blackthorn - 1 kg,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • cocoa powder - three tablespoons,
  • water - half a glass,
  • butter - 100 g

  1. Ternosliv to prepare, as on jam. Enumerated and washed berries sweat with a small amount of water for five minutes.
  2. Wipe the mass through a colander or a large sieve.
  3. Pour sugar, mix, let stand for at least an hour.
  4. Boil on low heat for half an hour.
  5. Add butter (no need to melt beforehand).
  6. Pour the cocoa.
  7. Stir, let simmer for about five minutes.
  8. Pour into sterilized jars, close, turn and allow to cool.
  9. Store in a cool place.

There are many recipes for thorn jam. The main thing when cooking is to take into account the characteristics of the berries, namely: the rigidity of the pulp and skin, tart taste.

Thanks to preliminary preparation and proper preparation, these defects will not be noticeable in the end. At the same time, you can choose any recipe for thorns from the variety available.

All of them do not require large investments of forces or funds, and the taste is excellent.

Classic thorny seedless jam

  • turn (seedless) - 1.7 kg.
  • purified water - 90 ml.
  • granulated sugar - 1.8 kg.
  1. You will have to devote a lot of time to extract the seeds from the fruit. First rinse them, wipe them with a towel, proceed to the manipulation.
  2. Prepared berries should be sent to the pan, alternate with sugar.

    Leave the tank in the room for several hours. After that, pour in water, mix the components, set on the stove. Boil the treat in 2 stages. Constantly stir the composition. As soon as the mass boils, languish for a quarter of an hour. Let cool, repeat the manipulation. Re-cook the treat for half an hour. Spread on dry banks, roll up.

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    Turnip Jam with Apples

    • fresh turn - 1 kg.
    • red apples - 0.9 kg.
    • sugar - 1.5 kg.
    • drinking water - 0.5 l.
    1. Thoroughly rinse the raw material for jam, dry with any cloth. If the apples are hard peel, you need to get rid of it. Also cut the middle of the fruit. Chop the fruit in random pieces.

    2. Fold the apples and turn into a thick-walled pot, pour in the required amount of water given in the recipe. Send the food container to the stove, turn on the medium heat.
    3. Wait for the composition to boil, boil the components for about 8 minutes. During the allotted time products should be completely softened.
    4. Drain the liquid, wipe the contents of the container through a fine mesh sieve.

      Get rid of the pits. The mush can be re-skipped through a blender.

    5. Transfer the prepared mixture to a clean pan, stir in the granulated sugar. Place the container on the hob, wait for boiling. Boil treat for about 6 minutes.
    6. Try not to stop stirring the products throughout the course of the manipulation. Place the thorn treat in dry jars, cork tightly.

      Keep the usual way.

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    Thorny jam with oranges

    • oranges - 1 kg.
    • sugar - 2 kg.
    • ripe turn - 1.5 kg.
    • plums - 450 gr.
    • water - if necessary
    1. Prepare products, having carried out all necessary manipulations. Dry the fruit. Rid berries from pits. Cut off the zest from the oranges, rub on a grater.

      Remove the white layer from citrus, throw out the bones. Remove the tape from the lobules. Divide the oranges into small pieces. Send the prepared products to a refractory container, alternate layers with sugar. It is desirable to cook the jam in an enamel container. The last layer should be from sugar.

    2. Orange peel should be placed in a single layer approximately in the middle of the pan. Leave the composition at room temperature for 22 hours. Wait for the infusion and abundant selection of juice. Then mix the ingredients.
    3. Put the pot on a slow fire.

      Constantly stir the mass, wait for the appearance of bubbles. Further, the composition should be boiled down to thickening. Try a treat to taste, if necessary, add sugar. Perform a standard glass jar sterilization procedure. Pick up a convenient closure cap. Pour the hot jam into the prepared container.

      Roll up the product for the winter on the classic technology. Keep in a dark place.

    Creamy turnip jam

    • cocoa - 300 gr.
    • turn - 3 kg.
    • butter - 220 gr.
    • sugar - 1.7 kg
    1. Wash the turn, carefully reassemble, if necessary, discard rotten and damaged fruit.

      Send the berries to the pot, pour in the water so that it completely covers the product. Boil the berries for a while before softening. After that, pour the hot broth, fold the turn into a fine sieve. Grind the product, discard the stones.

      Combine the finished gruel and sugar in a clean refractory container. Stir the ingredients thoroughly. Re-boil the composition. Get a mixture of thick consistency. Pour cocoa, add butter. Boil treat for about 12 minutes.

      At the same time it is necessary not to stop mixing the ingredients. Roll up for the winter.

    Thorny jam in a slow cooker

    • the turn is ripe - 3 kg.
    • granulated sugar - 2.9 kg.
    • filtered water - in fact
    • ripe pears (hard) - 320 gr.
    1. Collect the berries, wash under the tap, put on a towel. Wait for the excess moisture to dry. Pear strip skin and core, chop into thin slices.

    2. Lay out the prepared products in layers. Alternate ingredients with sugar. Cover the container with a thick towel, leave the composition overnight to infuse.
    3. After the time, check the mix, mix. If necessary, you can pour a small amount of clean water. Put on the multicooker mode & Cook &. Wait half an hour.

    4. Boil delicacy with the lid open, constantly stir the components with a wooden spatula, remove the foam. Sterilize caps and jars.
    5. Pour the jam into glass containers, roll up. Turn the container upside down, warm up. Wait a day, then turn the thorn jam into a room with a low temperature.

      how to make sea buckthorn jam

      Thorny jam with cherry plum

      • cherry plum yellow - 1 kg.
      • juicy pears - 450 gr.
      • turn - 1.1 kg.
      • hazelnuts - 470 gr.
      • granulated sugar - 1.2 kg.
      1. Sort the fruits and berries, wash and leave to dry on a towel. Remove bones from small fruits.

        Prepare the pears in the same way, chop into cubes, get rid of the middle. Rinse the nuts in a fine sieve, allow to dry. Send the berries and fruit in a suitable saucepan, add sugar, mix thoroughly. Leave the food to infuse for 3 hours. Wait for the selection of juice and dissolving sugar.

      2. After a few hours, put the pan with food on the stove, proceed to the cooking process. As soon as the composition begins to boil, reduce the heat to minimum power. Stir the ingredients, cook for a few more minutes.
      3. After that, in the sweet mass you need to fill the nuts and mix. Boil the treat for about 15-20 minutes.

        Pour the thorns delicacy on sterile containers. Block up nylon. Put the glass jars in a dark place.

      Cinnamon Turnip Jam

      • the turn is ripe - 2 kg.
      • cocoa - 280 gr.
      • vanilla sugar - 15 gr.
      • cinnamon powder - 12 g.
      • sugar - 600 gr.
      1. Wash the berries, dry in the usual way. Divide the fruit, remove the bones. Send the berries in the bowl of a food processor. Grind the product to a homogeneous slurry.

      2. Transfer the thorns to the enameled pot, add regular sugar, and mix. Send the product to the stove. Boil the composition after boiling for half an hour.
      3. After the expiration date, add the missing components to the berry thick. Stir the ingredients well. The stove must be turned on for minimum power.

      4. Boil down the thorns treat 1 hour. Follow the process, remove the foam if necessary, systematically mix the products. Spread hot jam in jars, cork with threaded caps.

      Surprise your relatives with an interesting turn-based treat. Add the amount of sugar and additional ingredients to taste.

      Do not be afraid to conduct experiments. Keep the treat in a dry place with a low temperature.

      how to cook black chokeberry jam

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      Recipes for turnip jams for the winter with and without stones

      One of the most delicious blanks is blackthorn jam for the winter; there are so many recipes for making this delicacy that it is easy to choose the most suitable one. Features of the delicacy - the mass of useful properties and versatility (you can use the preservation for the preparation of desserts, pastries, just eat with bread).

      How to choose the turn for jam

      For preservation, it is recommended to use only fully ripened fruits - blue-black, with pink flesh. If you do not wait for ripening, even preliminary preparation will not be able to cope with the hardness - berries will not be boiled out in jam.

      Regardless of what kind of turn is used for procurement, it is necessary to carry out blanching. The process of immersion in boiling water will easily get rid of the skin and remove the bone. If too hard varieties are chosen, additionally chop each fruit with a sharp wooden stick.

      Jam plum jam with stones

      If there is no time to get rid of the fruit from the seed, you can simply do - to prepare the workpiece, not engaging in this process. Preservation is used for desserts, and you can just have a treat with a roll.

      1. Rinse and dried fruits (1.3 kg) inject with a fork.
      2. Prepare a syrup (boil 200 ml of water with 1 kg of sugar).
      3. Cover the sweet boiling liquid turn.
      4. Boil 25 minutes, packaged, corked.

      Important! It is necessary to remove the foam from the surface when cooking - later it will be quite difficult to do this.

      Blackberry Thorns Jam

      Remove bones from the fruit will turn out only after blanching in the continuation of 1-3 minutes. After this process, you can proceed to the preparation of conservation:

      1. After removing the seeds, pour fruits with sugar (1 kg of prepared halves of thorns, 1 kg of sugar).
      2. Add 180 ml of water - it will prevent the mass from burning.
      3. Send on the stove, boil, trying to prevent bubbling, half an hour.
      4. Prepack into prepared container, cork.

      Keep in the cold, preservation is not spoiled for a long time.

      Apple and dwarf jam

      Apples and thorns make fragrant thick jam, which is perfect for appetizing baking.

      1. To flatten the impaled fruits (1.4 kg), remove the stones.
      2. Peel apples, cut into slices (enough 500 g of fruit).
      3. Mix berries with apple slices, cover with sugar (1.3 kg).
      4. Boil, stirring often, for 20 minutes.
      5. Pour into cans, capping to produce tin lids.

      Cool the preservation down with a lid, preferably covered with a blanket.

      Jam storage

      As well as all preparations for the winter, it is better to send thorny jam after preparation and full cooling to cold. If there is no basement or cellar, you can use the refrigerator for storage.

      Preservation of thorns is stored for a long time, but during this time it is recommended to check the condition of the workpiece. If there is mold on top and some of it, uncap the container, remove the spoiled jam, boil the rest of the mass and immediately use it to make desserts.

      Thorny jam is a preservation that even a novice hostess can handle. There are no particular difficulties in recipes, and if you use a slow cooker, you hardly have to spend time - the smart machine will prepare a fragrant delicacy, you just have to send it to the banks and enjoy the tart unique taste in winter.

      6 secrets of delicious preparations

      Pure jam or with additives, traditional with berries and syrup or jam, with bones or without - no matter what option is chosen, it is necessary to take into account the six secrets of cooking delicacy.

      1. Ripeness Hard and tart on its own, in an immature form, the turn is definitely not suitable for jam. You need to wait until the fruit is fully ripe. And it is better to pick berries after light frosts. Under the influence of low temperatures tannins are destroyed, the amount of organic acids decreases. Dumplings become softer, more pleasant to the taste.
      2. Preliminary processing . Like any berries, the thorns must be cleaned of garbage and washed before cooking. And also - to make their skin and pulp softer. This requires exposure to high temperature. The easiest way is to put the berries in a colander, put into boiling water for five minutes.
      3. Punctures. In order for the sweet syrup to soak the fruit better, it is necessary to chop each in two or three places with a toothpick or other suitable object.
      4. The right temperature. Solid ternoslivy very quickly turn into gruel when boiling vigorously. Therefore, if you want to keep the berries whole, cook them on low heat. And if you need jam, you can increase the heat, give the billet a good boil.
      5. Bones. You can boil the thorns at home with or without stones. When removing, do not try to pull them out of the raw fruit. It is better to boil for about three minutes with the dredger or to flush it out by putting it in boiling water in a colander. And only then divide the berries in half, removing too much.
      6. Storage Spilled hot and rolled up tightly, jam can be stored in a cool place for up to two years. At room temperature, the billets are kept no more than a year. You can do without sterilization, simply spreading the contents of the banks, but then the product needs to be cooled. And it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three to six months, depending on the amount of sugar in the recipe.

      Recipe with pits and cherry leaves

      Features Prepare blackthorn jam with bones faster and easier than without them. According to the reviews, it acquires a slightly spicy, astringent taste. To emphasize these shades, you can make a blank with cherry leaves. If you cook without water, you get a thicker mass. And with the addition of water, it will be watery, suitable for preparing fruit drink.

      • turn - 1 kg
      • sugar - 1 kg
      • water - half a cup (or completely without it),
      • cherry leaves - a handful.

      1. To sort fruits, wash out, dry.
      2. Prick each berry with a toothpick or suitable object.
      3. Put in a container for cooking layers, pouring each sugar.
      4. Pour water, preferably warm.
      5. Leave for two or three hours.
      6. Turn on the fire, bring to a boil.
      7. Boil blackthorn jam with stones for two sets, each for five minutes.
      8. Between receptions remove from heat, cool completely.
      9. Pour the washed and dried cherry leaves before the second cooking.
      10. Allow to cool, spread on banks.

      Citrus Thorn Jam

      Features Thorns with orange and / or lemon can be prepared as jam. So the ingredients are better "exchange" between tastes and flavors. The delicacy is distinguished by its special freshness and pleasant texture.

      • turn - 1 kg
      • sugar - 1.5 kg,
      • water - one glass,
      • orange - two pieces,
      • lemon - one
      • vanilla - pinch (optional).

      1. Berries pick from the garbage, rinse, pour a glass of water in a saucepan.
      2. Bring to a boil, simmer for five minutes.
      3. Remove from heat, cool slightly.
      4. Rub through a colander.
      5. Orange and lemon, removing the bones, mince.
      6. Combine fruit and berry puree, add sugar.
      7. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes.
      8. Pour the vanilla.
      9. Pour on banks, roll up, clean in a cool place.

      Useful "Five minute"

      Features Five-minute jams are valued for the fact that they contain more useful substances: the raw material is exposed to heat for a short time. The advantage of such a recipe is saving time, electricity or gas. “Five-Minute” jam from the turn will be liked by those who taste a bit harsh, the pulp retains its structure, and is not boiled down to a state of jam or mashed potatoes. For tasting it is better to make a small portion.

      • thorns - 500 g,
      • sugar - 500 g,
      • water - 100 ml.

      1. Pure dried berries put in a colander, immersed in boiling water for a minute.
      2. Cool, remove the bones, cutting the fruit in half.
      3. Fold the halves into the cooking container, cover with sugar, pour in water.
      4. Let stand for half an hour, then put on a low fire.
      5. After boiling boil for five minutes.
      6. Remove from heat, allow to cool.
      7. Boil five minutes again.
      8. Cool, spread on banks, close and store in the refrigerator.

      The composition and beneficial properties of turnip jam

      Turnip jam contains a large amount of vitamin E (tocopherol) and C (ascorbic acid), carotene. Sugars, tannins, malic acid, steroids, fatty oils, alcohols are present in it.

      Such a diverse chemical composition allows the turn (the jam from it) to have the following beneficial effects:

      • eliminates signs of gastrointestinal upset (ulcerative colitis, dysentery, etc.),
      • helps to improve metabolism
      • has an antiseptic effect,
      • has a diuretic effect
      • promotes increased appetite
      • eliminates edema, etc.

      But you should not use turn jam for people with liver and thyroid diseases, as well as people with diabetes.

      Recommendations for cooking turnip jams at home

      Harvesting the turnip is a rarity for our housewives, so its tart-sweet taste is not familiar to many. Jam from these berries is prepared with the addition of sugar and sometimes water. The proportions of the ingredients are varied, but the most common ratio is one to one.

      Pre-soaked berries in water, then washed and extracted from the bones. Some prefer to cook jam with bones.

      Then the fruits are filled with sugar and infused until they let the juice (calorizator). Next, the berries in the syrup should be brought to a boil and removed from the heat. The boiling time should be shortened as much as possible in order to preserve maximum nutrients