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Chocolate eggs - a great dessert for your home


Modern designers come up with a lot of unusual and surprisingly beautiful concepts for decorating Easter eggs. Interestingly, most of them make Easter eggs from chocolate. Easter eggs for chocolate offer famous chocolate boutiques and famous chocolatiers, and famous houses produce Easter chocolate and a variety of gift eggs. So, Roberto Cavalli made three varieties of chocolate eggs. Patterns of chocolate of different colors resemble the coloring of exotic animals - zebras, giraffe and turtle. Luxury offers Easter treats have Swarovski, Tesco, Marks & Spencer. Beautifully decorated Easter eggs from Belgian chocolate offers to buy and the most famous department store in London - univorma Harrods.

At Easter, all, as always, will prepare traditional painted eggs, pysanki, Krashenki, well, or, in extreme cases, eggs decorated with thermolabels. But, if you want to surprise guests or your home with something spectacular and unusual, then prepare for them chocolate eggs with a filling or make an unusual and tasty Easter dessert!

If in order to make chocolate eggs as close as possible to real eggs, you will need forms for pouring chocolate shell, then you can make chocolate shell for making dessert using ordinary balloons. Of course, the “Chocolate Eggs” dessert will take a lot of your time and require patience from you, but after you take out the “Chocolate Eggs” dessert you prepared for the guests, especially children, at the table, you will realize that it’s time to cook. You have not spent in vain!

Dessert"Chocolate Eggs"with cream mousse

300g of chocolate (couverture)
10g gelatin
1 can (800g) of canned peaches
400g cream (30% fat)
1 pack of vanilla sugar
Optional: 5-6 inflatable balls

Melt the chocolate bars in a water bath, reduce the heat, put the dishes with the chocolate on top and let them gradually melt. Chocolate should be liquid, but not very hot.

In the meantime, inflate the balls, they should be about 10-12 cm in diameter. Tie tightly. And carefully dip 2/3 of the melted chocolate. On the saucers, where you will place your future chocolate eggs, make a chocolate blot. On it, set the ball in chocolate, repeat this operation with the other balls. Put in a cold place. The chocolate should completely harden.

When the chocolate is stronger, take the scissors and carefully cut the balls to release air from them. Carefully remove the chocolate shell balls. Egg shell is ready!

We start the "squirrel" and "yolk". With the "yellow" is simple - it is peach halves. For the "protein" we use the peaches remaining in the jar and half the juice from the jar. Spray peaches, pre-soak gelatin in a small amount of water, and then drain the water, dissolve in a heated juice. Mix with mashed potatoes and refrigerate; mashed potatoes should begin to gel. Shake cream with vanilla sugar until cool foam and put in mashed potatoes. Fill the shell with the resulting mass, in the middle place half a peach. Before serving keep in the fridge.

Dessert"Chocolate Eggs"with curd mousse

Cottage cheese for making this dessert should be dense, not watery. For one balloon (for one serving of dessert), you will need: 100 g of dark chocolate, half a peach and one balloon. If desired, the mousse can be served in another dish, and a half of the peach can be replaced by apricot jam, lemon Kurd, orange juice or peach nectar with gelatin.

For the preparation of cottage cheese mousse (on one ball) you need to take:
100 g of cottage cheese or cream cheese,
3 tsp. Sahara,
1 tbsp. sour cream
1 banana,
vanilla on the tip of a knife.

Cottage cheese or cream cheese), sugar, vanilla and banana well beat up until smooth with a blender. Add sour cream and continue to beat for another 5 minutes. Cool the mousse in the fridge and melt 100 g of chocolate in a water bath. Then cool to a warm state (about 38 degrees). The chocolate at this temperature will not harden, but it will wake up tight, so it will fall on the ball quite evenly and will not spread much ..

In the meantime, inflate the balloon, tie it tightly and gently dip it into warm chocolate. On a saucer, make a chocolate blot, put a ball in it and let the chocolate harden at room temperature. Then, put the saucer with the ball in the fridge and leave it until the chocolate is completely cured.

Remove the ball from the refrigerator, gently pierce it with a needle and carefully remove it from the chocolate shell. Fill the chocolate harvesting with cheese mousse, and in the center of the "chocolate egg" put half a peach. Before serving, keep ready dessert in the fridge !.

Kinder surprise do it yourself

You can make this delicacy of various sizes, from different types of chocolate, with or without decor. Here it all depends solely on your imagination. Of course, the preparation of chocolate eggs will require a lot of time and effort, but believe me, the result will please you.

How to make this sweet? First you need a form. It can consist of two parts and be made of plastic. But such a device is suitable if you need to make a few sweets, otherwise the cooking time will be very long.

For those who are going to please loved ones with a large number of dessert, suitable silicone molds. Another significant plus is a wide selection. Internal containers can be both smooth and have all sorts of drawings and ornaments.

Before using the form, you need to thoroughly wash, dry and smear with a small amount of oil so that the ready delicacy is easy to remove.

Basic recipe

The basis of chocolate eggs is, of course, chocolate. It is advisable to take quality tiles (72% cocoa), so you can be sure that the base will hold the shape. On average, you will need from 5 to 10 tiles.

You will also need a cooking thermometer and a brush.

To start melt chocolate in a water bath. By doing this, watch out for its temperature. When the thermometer shows 45 degrees - it's time to take it off the fire. After this, the mass container should be left to cool to 35 degrees.

Without delaying, so that the mass is not frozen, pour a little in each mold and distribute evenly with a brush. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes. If you want the shell to be more reliable and not to crumble, then repeat the process again.

When the base hardens, you can connect the halves.

To diversify the dessert, make eggs with a surprise, putting inside small toys for children, money, candy or little leaves with pleasant predictions.

What to fill?

If you have time and desire to make sweets even more interesting, then we suggest you to prepare for them a delicious filling:

  • Dairy. Pour a small amount of gelatin (up to 10 g) with milk (80 ml) and heat to dissolve the gelatin, but do not let it boil. When the mass has cooled, add fatty cream whipped with powdered sugar (1/2 tbsp of cream and 1/3 tbsp of powder).

Put in the cold for 30 minutes, then fill the filling halves of eggs, and send in the refrigerator for another 40 minutes.

  • Berry mousse. For him fit fresh or frozen berries - strawberries, raspberries, currants. Make a puree of them by adding a heavy cream and sugar. Do not be lazy to whip the cream until dense, so that the filling does not spread as a result.
  • Cheesecake. Delicate, creamy taste will surely please guests. The recipe for such a filling is very simple. Cream cheese (200 g) mixed with powdered sugar and vanilla. Add a little lemon juice and whisk thoroughly with a mixer until an air mass is formed.

Separately, whisk 150 ml of heavy cream to the same consistency and add to the cheese filling. Put the resulting souffle into halves of eggs.

Cooked at home, with love and soul, chocolate eggs will definitely be a serious competition to the store product. In addition, you will always be sure that their composition is safe for children. Surprise guests with an exquisite dessert with a unique taste.


  • ---- for marshmallow ----
  • 2st. Sahara
  • 1 + 1 / 4st. water
  • 10g gelatin
  • 1/2 juice of lemon
  • 1/4 tsp soda
  • ---- for fudge ----
  • 2st. Sahara
  • 6st.l. cocoa powder
  • 3 / 4st. of milk
  • 100g sl.masla
  • 150g dark chocolate

Step-by-step recipe

Marshmallow: soak gelatin in 1 / 2st of water, let it swell. Pour sugar with the remaining water and cook in the microwave (for 600-700W) for 5 minutes, then stir until sugar is completely dissolved and cook for another 7 minutes - until the test for a soft ball. In this hot brew quickly add gelatin. We heat it for 10 seconds with 300-400W (at this time, pour sugar into a bowl, in which we will beat) and filter into our hot sugar brew. Beat for 10-15 minutes. Along the way, add lemon juice, then soda. It is possible without them. With them faster. Beat until the mass starts to be wound on a whisk. We spread the mass in the baaalshy package and cut off his small corner. We set aside zephyrins into clean plastic and empty =) egg packaging (see additional photo). One package is indispensable, but at Easter no one, as a rule, suffers a shortage with this container. We give to dry (from 4 to 24 hours, excuse me. The weather in all apartments is different =))

A note about marshmallows: it is important for us to make it ourselves because the form is needed so that it would fit nicely in the egg.

Fudge: all ingredients, except chocolate, gently mix in the microwave, first for 5 minutes., Then stir to dissolve the sugar and for about 7 minutes. (before the test on the soft ball). Break the chocolate, add it to the hot mass, cool the brew for 30 minutes. Beat 10-15 minutes until it becomes dull and clumped.

Note about the fudge: The mixture will try to escape during cooking, so take the bowl higher. The mass in the end should get plastic. If it is liquid (well, how liquid, absolutely no liquid at all, rather not thick enough), then heat up and add more chocolate. If too much "solid" mass out, you can add oil.

Assembly and drying. Wrap the marshmallows in fudge. Shustrenko so work. Until the mass has lost plasticity. Give dry. At the initial stage of drying, you can correct the form, then the fudge "stains" and there are not very good matte marks on it. We decorate with icing, marzipan or something else. You can cocoa roll or melted chocolate to smear.

Peach Dreams

Marshmallow is one of not only delicious, but also healthy sweets. We usually buy marshmallows in the store, although there is nothing easier than cooking it at home. For this we need a delicious high-quality protein. Pasteurized egg white Grovo - exactly what you need. Due to its special heat treatment, it does not contain any harmful bacteria. But the taste and healthy qualities, he retained in full. In addition, the protein is already separated from the yolk, and you do not have to spend precious time on it. So, pour 1 tbsp. l gelatin 50 ml of water and leave to soak. Flavor the pulp of 6 peaches, pour 200 g of sugar and cook on low heat until thick. Mix with a mixer 200 ml of Grovo protein into strong air peaks and add to peach puree along with swollen gelatin. Again, whip the protein mass, fill the silicone molds moistened with water and leave to freeze at room temperature. Such a delicacy can be afforded even by those who protect the figure.

Vanilla tenderness

Grovo Pasteurized Egg Yolk is another unique product that is ideal for gourmet desserts without baking. There is not an ounce of artificial additives, and even more dangerous microorganisms. So you can safely cook from it treats, even for small children. We offer to make vanilla panakota. Soak 1 tbsp. l gelatin 6 tbsp. l warm water. While it swells, we heat in a skillet a mixture of 400 ml of heavy cream and 150 g of sugar. Gently mix in 50 ml of Grovo egg yolk and full-blown gelatin, smoothly bring the mixture to a boil over low heat and immediately remove from heat. Cool the egg-cream mass and beat with a mixer until smooth airy consistency. We put it in creamer with slices of bananas and put in the refrigerator for 3 hours. Decorate the frozen panakota with fresh berries, mint and powdered sugar - the children will come to indescribable delight.

Sublime pleasure

Italian tiramisu specialty dessert sweets adore with all my heart. But few people think that in pastry shops it is made from raw eggs, and therefore there is always the risk of infection with salmonella. With Grovo pasteurized egg products, this will never happen. To begin, we will boil 300 ml of strong black coffee with the addition of 2 tbsp. l Amaretto liqueur. Beat 120 ml of egg protein Grovo and 4 tbsp. l powdered sugar in thick lush foam. Here it is extremely important that not a drop of yolks or water get into the whites. That is why the use of Grovo protein is particularly convenient - it is already separated from the yolk and does not contain impurities. Separately, whip in a light mass of 80 ml of egg yolk Grovo and 2 tbsp. l powdered sugar. Continuing to beat, enter 250 g of mascarpone cheese and whipped proteins. Next, soak 200 g Savoyardi biscuits in coffee, place half in a deep glass form and close with a lush cream. Repeat the layers again and sprinkle generously with cocoa. Leave the dessert for the night in the fridge, and by the morning it will acquire the same unique taste.

Rainbow under the snow

Grovo pasteurized melange is the perfect base for the refined semifreddo ice cream. Melange has been heat treated in a special mode, so it is free of pathogenic bacteria and is completely safe for health. We rub through a sieve of 100 g of thawed raspberries. Combine 200 ml of Grovo melange with 70 g of sugar and beat with a mixer until a dense smooth consistency is obtained. Separately, beat 350 ml of heavy cream until they turn into thick airy cream. In a few receptions, we introduce it into the egg mass. Add mashed raspberries. Cover the plastic container with food film, fill with a creamy mass and leave in the freezer for 5 hours. Before serving, cut the semifreddo in portions and supplement with fresh berries or chocolate topping.

Lemon Inspiration

For home baking, the convenient Grovo egg is also indispensable. With it, you can easily cook any desserts, spending significantly less time and effort. Check out the egg in action offer a recipe for lemon pudding. Pound in a bowl 100 g of softened butter, grated lemon zest, 100 g of regular sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla sugar. Separately, whisk 120 ml of pasteurized melange to a fluffy consistency and, stirring constantly, combine it with sugar oil. Add 70 g of flour with 1 tsp. baking powder, 250 ml of milk, juice of half a lemon and gently knead smooth dough. We fill them with ceramic forms, place them in a deep refractory form and pour hot water over it so that it covers them to a third. We send the form to an oven preheated to 200 ° C for half an hour. Serve ready-made puddings, decorated with berries and lemon circles.

Desserts are a tasty and very pleasant addition to the daily menu. With the convenient Grovo eggs, your culinary piggy bank is sure to be replenished with new exquisite recipes, and your favorite family delicacies will become even more tasty. Surprise your relatives with original treats and give them sweet moments of happiness as often as possible.