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Beach party: invitations and decor


Such a theme party is even affordable for owners of a small one-room apartment. What can we say about the possibility of its holding in a large spacious apartment or country house! On a small square the party will be more united and friendly, and on a large one - more massive.

Hawaiian party can be held for any reason. It can be a birthday, wedding, corporate party or New Year. In any case, the organizers will benefit from this.

It would be great if the house has a pool. Then the entertainment program will add to the cocktails in the pool, swimming and water games.

Party invitations can be voiced orally to all guests, call them or send invitations on social networks. You can be original and make nice postcards. And they will be made, like the entire Hawaiian party, with their own hands! Coconut adorned with colored ribbons and a note indicating the time and date of the evening are quite suitable for an invitation. An excellent option for the invitation card can be a flower cut out of paper and decorated with sparkles with the text written on it. In general, everything will depend on the fantasy of the organizer.

Preparation and design of the premises

So, the room is chosen, the holiday time is approaching. It's time to take care of decorating the venue! For this simple, but important business you will need:

  1. Multicolored flags and lanterns.
  2. Artificial and fresh flowers.
  3. Pictures and photos with images of islands and beaches.
  4. Seashells and sea stones.
  5. Wicker mats (if any).
  6. Large plants resembling palm trees.

The most important thing - do not be afraid to overdo it with the brightness of the design. The more colorful the room will look, the more successful the atmosphere will be able to create. Large "palm trees" can be placed along the walls, but so that they do not interfere with the conduct of competitions and dancing. The walls themselves will be beautifully decorated with flags and lanterns. Flowers can be collected in garlands and they hang the furniture and other interior details, such as mirrors or windows. Seashells and pebbles will give the room a sea spirit, and photos with seascapes will help to create the right mood.

Beforehand, it is better to remove fragile items and excess household appliances from the room. It is best to leave only the stereo or tape recorder, so that the cheering guests do not accidentally stumble upon anything of value.

What dress guests? Party dress code

Finally, the organizer decided how and how the room will be decorated, where his Hawaiian party will be held. Costumes must also be specified in advance, the selected type of attire will need to be specified in the invitation.

If the party is held by the pool, guests will need to take care of their swimwear. You will only need to slightly decorate them.

You can ask guests to prepare outfits as close as possible to traditional Hawaiian robes. For girls, a grass skirt will become such an outfit (instead of grass you can use green patches of cloth), a bra made from coconut halves and bright hairpins with flowers. Guys can dress in the famous Hawaiian shorts with a wide cut and colorful shirts. Do not forget to take pictures in costumes! When friends ask about how this Hawaiian party was, the photos will be the best proof of a good time.

As an additional decoration, the organizer can make holiday Hawaiian wreaths - lei (or ask guests about it). They are hung around the neck of the incoming guests. All the action is accompanied by a kiss on the cheek and the traditional Hawaiian greeting "Aloha!".

Music. Rhythms of the islands

What is a Hawaiian party without music? Of course, for such a holiday, club music or pop music, which is familiar to many people, is completely unsuitable. The organizer will need to acquire a selection of songs and instrumental tracks corresponding to the theme of the evening. Music for a Hawaiian party is characterized by the presence of a large number of drums and several ethnic Hawaiian instruments (for example, a ukulele guitar). Suitable music can be found if you walk through music stores looking for a CD with recordings.

Children's Hawaiian party

The child has a birthday. Why not organize a real Hawaiian party for him and his friends? Of course, the Hawaiian party for children will be slightly different from the adult. First, the lack of alcohol. Juices, fruit drinks, sparkling water, milk and non-alcoholic cocktails can be served at the festive children's table.

Costumes for children should not be as outspoken as adults. There will be quite enough bright shorts and skirts, multi-colored T-shirts or tops. But parents can not skimp on jewelry: a variety of bracelets, beads and rings would be very appropriate. It will be great if the children think of their costumes for the holiday themselves. This will positively affect their creative thinking.

To hold such a party can not be a simple presenter, but an actor disguised as the famous cartoon character Sponge Bob or his friend Patrick Naval Star (by the way, a lover of Hawaiian shorts and shirts).


1. Expansion and Freedom

Lack of closed space. There are no walls, and therefore no restrictions. There is only water and land - black and white, dry and wet - two absolute opposites, which will not tolerate half tones and omissions. On the beach, you can be sincere, yourself. Here the social statuses of the guests are not important. Here etiquette is outlawed and there is no majesty's dress code. The feeling of freedom, the waves - drunk, gives wings and makes you smile. Therefore, inviting guests to the beach on the occasion of the holiday, get ready to receive in return a lot of positive, easy flirting and crazy drive. And, of course - thousands of smiling photos as confirmation of a 100% successful party to the album!

2. Minimum decor

Pond, lilies, greens, sand and shells on it - already the scenery for your holiday. You can add to the natural amazing landscape a couple of bouquets of bright flowers, make several artistic compositions with improvised means available on the beach, and take care of the cozy arrangement of guests. Everything! On the beach there is no need to surprise guests with additional decorative delights, here and so the whole atmosphere speaks for itself.

3. Outdoor games

Beach party - a panacea for office workers. After all, it is full of a variety of sports games, races and competitions, both on land and in water. So if you really want to get a good relaxation of the nervous system and bring your muscles to a healthy tone, it’s simply forbidden to you to ignore an invitation to such a holiday!

4. Incredible menu

An abundance of fruits and vegetables, freshly cooked grilled meat and fish, incredible colors, explosive cocktails - all this treat for a beach party! Plus, there are no restrictions and prohibitions regarding table etiquette. Why not a holiday for body and soul?

5. Pleasant ease of the second day

No headache this time. After all, everyone knows that alcohol, which is consumed in nature, is processed by the body twice as fast and disappears without a trace. And this means that even after a few alcoholic cocktails (bottles of beer, glasses of whiskey and even glasses of your favorite Russian vodka) in the morning you will wake up like after a good vitamin fresh in bed - vigorous, light-headed and dreamy, charging positive thoughts.

Two - clean and bright house, without a trace of stormy stay in it guests. Everyone is surely aware of the sad disappointment of the second day after a good party: the house is upside down, piles of garbage and dirty dishes. Full Armageddon! Well, what's so positive? After the beach party, nothing like a tsunami threatens your home! After meals, disposable dishes will carefully go to the garbage cans, and the decorations will easily fit in a couple of cardboard boxes and take them away. Well, in the morning - whim, bliss and absolute freedom from the absence of additional post-holiday troubles!

Well, three. After all, someone, nevertheless, will object to us that additional cleaning after the holiday can be avoided by ordering a party at a restaurant, etc. Indeed, but! Here the price becomes the cornerstone. After all, almost all the beaches of our country are state property, and therefore everyone who wants to have a rest on them has the right to relax for free! And in this ratio, any, even the most inexpensive and unusual, restaurant loses to the beach!

Somehow like this. I hope my arguments convinced you to join the ranks of those who want to try the delights of the beach party for themselves? If you are ready to act, proceed to the preparation of the event. And for starters, of course, take care of the guests!


The easiest, but also the most banal, way is to inform everyone by phone about a beach party. All the details and subtleties can be discussed quickly and simply, but is it so interesting?

The most painstaking and time-consuming way is to make an individual invitation for each person, which can be handed in person or sent by mail.

I wonder if it will be made in the form of some kind of sea symbol, for example, a shell or a starfish. It is not necessary to draw by hand, it will be enough to print the template from the Internet and sign it with your own hand for each of the guests.

Such invitations are original, so you can even keep them as a keepsake about a fun party.

And the last, most progressive way, to take advantage of social networks, where by creating a special page it will be possible to conduct a variety of polls, discussions, and also, of course, to notify each and every one about the time and place of the beach party. By the way about the place.

Where to spend?

The next thing is to choose a place where the whole action will take place. The ideal option is a wild beach by the sea, where you can hide from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and not disturb the people around you.

A good option is also the banks of rivers and lakes, in general, those places where there is water. Before you assign the exact place, it is better to go there beforehand to make sure that the planned event is clean and possible.

After all, I don’t really want to spend half a day before the party in the garbage collection and empty bottles that could have been left by irresponsible citizens before you.

Usually on the day before the party a group of enthusiastic organizers gathers who are taken for the upgrading of the area. Now we are talking about decor and handy attributes that are very useful for a successful beach party.

Decor and mood

In order for a beach party to succeed, you need to set the right tone and mood. This is achieved through a clockwork atmosphere, which is directly dependent on the surrounding things.

Decorative fishing nets, deck chairs, beach umbrellas and a sea of ​​flowers are perfect for a beach party. You can use artificial or natural flowers, the shades of which should remind of summer and the sea.

In a convenient place, a bar is being constructed that can be decorated with reeds or reeds, which will give the structure a hut-like appearance. Drinks will be served there, or it is possible to place juices and alcohol in this place, so that guests invent cocktails on their own.

There must be places for rest, if it is not chaise-longues, then large beach towels and blankets are perfect, so that there is, where to sit, after active competitions. Do not forget about the tables, which will accommodate snacks and treats for guests.

By the way, musical accompaniment is a good helper in creating a special atmosphere.

Music for the beach party should be lively and mischievous, which will stimulate an active pastime, fun and good mood. In this case, Latin American motifs, or popular hits of this season, are perfect. You can invite a musician who himself will make you a musical program of the evening.

Dress code at the party

Hardly any of your guests will guess to dress up in an official costume or evening dress, but in the invitation it is better to indicate that a certain dress code will be observed at the party.

Beach party outfits are simple and comfortable. For women, a favorite bathing suit will suit, in which you can easily show off your figure, the image can be complemented by a pareo or a light skirt. Shoes should be as comfortable as possible - shale or sandals on a flat sole. Men can get by with bright shorts and shirts that resemble Hawaiian shirts.

By the way, it is better to leave various styling and bright make-up for other celebrations, and loose hair and light makeup, preferably waterproof, are suitable for a beach party, after all, what a beach party without bathing and water.

Do not forget that beach parties are usually delayed overnight, so it’s best to take care of warm clothes that you can change into at night, such as jeans and sweatshirts.

What to cook?

The beach party menu should be adjusted and tailored to your personal taste preferences, so that each guest has something to enjoy.

But it is better if the table will be decorated with products that are associated with the summer and the sea, that is, it can include fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, various greens, pay special attention to mineral water and juices.

By the way, what beach party without a fire? Prepare foods that can be fried right on the spot, it will be great fun, which will also be able to quench your appetite. You can fry vegetables, fish, and even bread; meat lovers can also be found, so it’s better to discuss these issues with guests in advance.

And, of course, do not forget about contests and entertainment, so that the party on the beach was active and fun. For games are perfect - volleyball, badminton or just a ball game.

An important component of any party is dancing, in order to stir up guests you can come up with contests like “the best dancer of the evening” or “the best sexy dance”. When everyone is tired, card games by the fire, singing with a guitar and funny stories can come up.

Have fun with all your heart and enjoy the magnificent summer.

1. Branded prints on beach accessories

Last year, the Hermès brand organized the “Les Jeux d’Hermès” beach party, the decorations for which were dimensional installations in the form of jewelry. The entrance to the party was decorated with balloons with prints from the latest collection of Hermes silk shawls.

5. Volleyball with models

The fifth annual beach volleyball tournament among models once again passed this hot February in Miami. The competition was attended by teams from representatives of the main modeling agencies. The event was sponsored by Wildfox Couture, which provided a form specially developed for the event.

7. Ice throne

The iHeartRadio pool party, which was held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel last year, brought together more than 2,500 people. One of the interesting decorative elements of the event was the ice throne with a hashtag from Visit Florida and frozen sunglasses.

9. Solar protection for guests

At a beach party as part of the Cosmopolitan Safe Sun advertising campaign in Miami Beach in 2009, the magazine created a station for guests where guest models in beach swimming trunks helped them apply sunscreen.

1. Location of the holiday

The first thing you need to competently think about the place where this action will take place. Naturally, the name of the event itself provides for the presence of water and the beach, therefore it is better to hold such celebrations on the banks of the reservoirs. Ideally, a wild beach on the seashore, in this secluded place you can easily escape from everyday problems, city fuss and noisy fun without disturbing anyone.

If the sea does not add up, then a good option would be the shore of a lake or river, the main thing is access to the water. But before inviting guests, you need to go to the intended place of celebration and personally verify its suitability to accept a large number of people, rental conditions, cleanliness and other important factors. Orientation at the place of the celebration is important, as it will be unpleasant to have fun on the beach, where empty bottles, cigarette butts, packs of chips are scattered ...

If there are no reservoirs nearby, but there is a great desire to hold a beach party, then you can rent a house with a pool, in particular, this is true if you expect a large number of guests.

The right decision, the day before the event, get together a group of organizers-enthusiasts and go to the chosen place of celebration. And there to do the need for cleaning and ennobling of the territory under the party, as well as to organize the decor of improvised means and arrange thematic attributes of the holiday.

При большом желании организовать пляжную вечеринку можно и у себя дома зимой. Несколько обогревателей создадут поистине летний микроклимат в помещении, и гости будут чувствовать себя комфортно в купальниках и шортах.

3. Декор (оформление) вечеринки

Для проведения зажигательной и запоминающейся beach party нужно создать веселое настроение. Это достигается путем формирования заводной атмосферы, что прямо зависит от оформления. As a decor for such a holiday, decorative nets for fishing, chaise lounges, beach umbrellas, lifebuoys, inflatable mattresses and diving masks are ideal.

Walls can be decorated with posters of the marine theme, it will not be superfluous to place in the room, on the beach or near the pool many bright colors, decorative trees and more greenery. All plants can be both live and artificial.

In the most appropriate place you need to organize a semblance of a bar, which can be decorated with reeds or reeds, such a semblance of a hut. It is here that the bartender will serve delicious cocktails, juices and alcohol to party guests.

As at any party, the beach party should also include a relax zone. This is a place where every guest can relax and escape from the noisy celebration. To equip the relaxation area you need sun loungers, towels, bedspreads, places with snacks and refreshments for guests.

Special fun company of friends add tantamresk in a marine style, where everyone can feel like a pirate or a mermaid with Poseidon.

4. Dress code beach party

It is unlikely that one of the guests will try on a tuxedo and evening dress. But in order to avoid embarrassment, it is necessary to specify the dress code.

Beach party clothes are very easy to make and comfortable. Girls can wear their favorite swimsuit, which ideally emphasizes taut forms. It can be complemented with a pareo or beach skirt, if desired. Shoes are best to wear as practical and as comfortable as possible, for example, shale or barefoot sandals.

Men are perfect shorts in a cage or with floral prints, shirts, Hawaii or bright T-shirts, especially bold can come in swimming trunks.

Beautiful styling and make-up will not be in harmony with the outfits at the beach party, they will better fit into the preparation for other holidays. The perfect solution for girls would be loose hair or slightly picked up from the side with a hairpin with a bright flower, natural light makeup, preferably water resistant, because not a single party on the beach is complete without contact with water.

Since parties tend to drag on, it is better to take warm clothes with you, such as jeans and a warm sweatshirt.

The accessories are better to use in moderation, and they should be harmoniously combined with the image on the holiday. Straw hats or canvas hats, sunglasses, fluorescent bracelets, etc. will look great.

The organizers of the party should consider the fact that some guests will ignore the dress code or forget about it, therefore it is better to take care of beads made of paper flowers that will be put on the neck of each guest of the party. This will give an opportunity to immerse in the atmosphere of celebration and fun from the threshold.

More tips on organizing can be found here.

5. Musical accompaniment

It is possible to achieve the creation of an appropriate holiday atmosphere with the help of a properly selected background music. Music on the beach party must be rhythmic and energetic to stimulate a dynamic pastime and super mood. This may be Latin American songs, hits of the summer season, the soundtracks of all the favorite films about student parties. The music should remind every guest about the most unforgettable moments of the summer. As an option, download tracks from the world "capital" of discos - Ibiza!

6. Treats and drinks

The party menu on the beach is made taking into account all the wishes and individual taste of the guests of the holiday. Of course, the best would be to look at the table with the presence of dishes that are associated with the sea and summer, that is, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits, various greens, sweets, a wide range of juices, fresh juices and mineral water. The presence of alcoholic beverages is discussed in advance with the guests of the holiday, so as not to miss the right ingredients for making cocktails, or just to serve the drink in its pure form at will.

Among the dishes there can be presented shrimps on the grill, Greek salad, fruit rolls, grilled vegetables, cakes, pudding, cocktails “PinaColada”, “Sex on the beach” and others.

By the way, what beach party without a fire? If the celebration takes place not in a private house or apartment, then the presence of a fire will definitely delight all the invited people, because besides the aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the flames, you can cook fish, meat, vegetables and even toasts on fire.

7. Entertainment

Drawing up a menu is, of course, important, but you should not forget that the main condition for holding a fun and incendiary party lies in the proper organization of entertainment.

The most simple activities at the beach party will be badminton, volleyball or any other ball game. You can also organize different games and contests, consider some of them.

"Queen of the beach"
All the girls of the party take part in the competition, it passes in two stages. On the first, the girls show their talents: they sing, dance, tell funny stories, on the second they perform defiles in bathing suits. The participant who received the most applause and support from the male half receives a crown and an incentive prize.

"The best dancing couple of the evening"
All couples of the party can fight for the title of the best dancing couple. The music is turned on, and each couple must demonstrate harmony, choreography and at the same time humor in dances to jazz, lambada, boogie-woogie, hip-hop and swing. The best pair is determined by the amount of applause.

Between two sticks dug in, a rope is stretched or a bar is put, at a minimum distance from the ground. Participants must show all their abilities in flexibility in order to pass under it without hitting the bar and dropping it. The optimal distance between the bar and the ground is chosen individually for each participant, who passes under the lowest tensioned bar triumphs.

This game is suitable for a party on the beach. The organizers make a map in advance with clues where the treasure is located. As a landmark, stones, trees, bushes, chaise lounges, etc. are used. Maps are printed out on a printer and issued to each participant or team. The most erudite treasure hunters receive the contents of a treasure chest. For example, it can be chocolate coins with sweets.

Beach Ping Pong
The beach is the place where you can enjoy plenty of the continuation of childhood without damaging your reputation. Here you can run barefoot, play Kwach, splash water and build a castle. For beach ping-pong, you will need buckets, paddles and three small balls for each acting character. All participants stand in line, the bucket is placed through the meter - one and a half from the first player. They all have a spatula and three balls in their hands. You need a shovel to hit the ball in the bucket. For each given three attempts. The one who gets the ball into the bucket more than once will win.

"Horse Racing on the Beach"
Cheerful and incendiary competition is best carried out on the beach or in a private courtyard. It will take several couples, ideally eight people. With a lack of girls, bosom friends can become a couple, so even more fun. One participant, let's call him, for example, a horse, sits on his back the other participant - the rider. The essence of the game - together as fast as possible, the distance from the start to the finish line. It is important that in the course of the race the horse in no case lose the rider. Those who come to the finish line first receive incentive prizes.

"Emotional tale"
This game assumes the presence of fantasy and a sense of humor in each of the actors. Participants must be at least six people, and the game itself provides two different scenarios for its implementation.
Option 1
Five players draw emoticons on the sand with different emotions. For example, smile, laughter, tears, fear, surprise, and so on. The sixth participant acts as a director, he must, using painted faces, in the correct sequence to make a fun and interesting story. The author of the funniest story gets a prize!
Option 2
The presenter turns away from the players while they draw emoticons, and turns back when the faces are already drawn. His task is to guess which friends drew a particular emotion, or to find a similarity between the author and his smiley. The one who guessed a greater number of artists, he won.

"Living Sculpture"
For this competition you will need at least 3 teams. The bottom line is that one participant buries himself in the sand so that only his head is visible, while others make a sculpture with him. In addition to the head, hands or legs may be visible. For the manufacture of sculpture is given 15-20 minutes, the one who makes the most ridiculous and unusual sculpture will win.
When the guests get tired, you can move away from active contests and play card games, sing a guitar near the fire and tell each other funny stories.

8. Promotional prizes

All people, even adults and held love when their work is encouraged. Since contests and games at the beach party are fun, the incentive prizes should be appropriate. For victories in contests, you can give your friends trophies in the form of necklaces made of shells and stones, trinkets with an anchor, sailor hats, beach slippers or inflatable circles.

Have fun in the pleasant company of good friends and enjoy the “sunny summer”, even celebrating your birthday in winter!