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Proper weight loss after childbirth


During pregnancy, each woman gains weight, few manage to control a set of extra pounds. Of course, with the birth of a child, a young mother is waiting for her to return to her former form and be able to lose weight quickly after giving birth. But in practice, everything is not so simple, especially if a woman is breastfeeding a baby.

There are many ways to lose weight. Especially popular are varied diets. But after the birth of the child, the young mother has the main task - to take care of his health.

Therefore, to combine motherhood and weight loss is difficult, given the relevance of breastfeeding. It is thanks to him that the young mother continues to be one with the newborn.

The total weight gain during pregnancy is made up of the weight of the child, the weight of the placenta, uterus and amniotic fluid - in total, this figure varies within 10 kg. Everything else - the extra weight gained by the expectant mother. Losing weight after childbirth is not an easy task, but it is doable.

What happens to a woman's body after giving birth?

The birth is over, the long-awaited baby in her arms, and the young mother starts thinking about how to lose weight quickly after giving birth from time to time. Normally, every woman during pregnancy should gain no more than 12 kg.

It is from them that she gets rid of herself physiologically in the process of having a baby and in the first weeks after giving birth. This is the ideal.

In fact, for most women, the numbers go off the scale for 20 kg. Because of this increase, weight loss after childbirth becomes a difficult process, especially if you approach it incorrectly.

Why the expectant mother can not lose weight much after childbirth? There are several reasons:

  1. According to the popular belief, she begins to “eat for two”, trying to give as much breast milk to her baby. In this case, most women cease to control their diet and relax, frivolously writing off everything on the needs of a growing baby.
  2. After giving birth to a young mother, new cares appear, caring for a newborn is hard work, and if there is no one to help her in this, fatigue accumulates. The woman tries to spend more time at home in order to have time to redo everything. As a result, it moves less, less often in the open air, so the energy that it receives with food is not fully consumed. Thus, a young mother can not only not regain her lost form after giving birth, but also gains new pounds.
  3. The question “How to lose weight after giving birth at home?” Worries many young mothers with unhealthy heredity. Genetics is responsible for the type of figure, and if the family has blood relatives, there is a predisposition to completeness, then this aspect may also affect the figure of the young mother. The tendency to gain weight is almost always manifested during pregnancy and lactation.

According to statistics, about 20% of young women, among whom half have not reached the age of 30, suffer from overweight and problems associated with fullness.

Why after giving birth some women lose weight and stay slim, despite the birth of a child, while others are forced to struggle with excess weight for a long time?

The secret is simple - the body must expend as many calories as it receives, and this balance is directly dependent on many factors.

If a woman burns all the calories that she consumed during the day, then the problem of how to lose weight after childbirth during breastfeeding, most likely, it will not arise.

But if you consume more than process, then the excess energy deliberately turns into fat folds. Adjust the balance of burning calories can and should be, and if the tendency to gain extra pounds remains, it should be done as soon as possible.

If a woman has gained more than 12 kg during pregnancy, and this excess weight remains with her for more than 6 months after the birth of the child, there is a risk of long-term obesity. The problem is growing like a snowball, and it may soon develop into pathologies of the endocrine system, which you will not be able to cope with yourself.

What to do?

You must have patience. Weight loss after childbirth can not be rapid. Pregnancy and childbirth have become a serious psychological and physical stress, so you should not aggravate the situation.

Normally, after birth, weight reduction should be as natural as possible, up to 200-400 grams per week. If the process of losing weight is faster, most likely, the body is depleted by an unbalanced diet, stress and hormonal disorders. By the way, the latter stabilizes only 2 years after the birth of the child.

How to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother? Weight loss should be comprehensive, with the mandatory inclusion of physical exercises, walks in the fresh air, normalization of the daily routine and healthy eating. Adhering to all these rules, we must not forget about the organism itself.

If, against the background of weight loss, headaches, weakness, irritability, chilliness and dizziness appear - most likely, the process of weight loss is accompanied by hard innovations, especially with regard to nutrition.

You can not make such mistakes: diets for weight loss after childbirth should be reasonable.

Physical exercise

Not every young mother has enough time and opportunity to visit a sports complex or swimming pool, but you can spend time with yourself and your figure without leaving your home. Exercise should not be too intense, especially if the challenge is to lose weight after childbirth, performed by caesarean section.

Active exercises can be started only 8 weeks after the birth of the child. In the case of operative labor, this issue is solved individually with a doctor.

So, for the next set of exercises you will need a sports mat. Since many exercises are performed lying down, the load on the body will be optimal.

  1. Exercise first. Lying on your back, legs apart and bend at the knees. Then you need to start bending them so that your knees are in contact with each other. Repeat 5 times.
  2. Exercise the second. Take a deep breath and try to strain the abdominal muscles as much as possible, and then begin to slowly release air from the lungs. To exhale through the mouth, until the air in the lungs is over, then you need to try to breathe out some more oxygen with the help of the abdominal muscles. After doing the exercise, you need to relax for 30 seconds and repeat it again. This exercise is included in the complex of respiratory gymnastics, with the help of which you can quickly acquire a slim figure.
  3. Exercise the third. In the prone position to raise the head and chest inhale, without making any effort with his hands. Hands should lie relaxed along the body. During exhalation you need to rest. This exercise is allowed for women who already can go to the stomach.
  4. Exercise Four. After 2 weeks after delivery, you can perform the following exercise: lying on your back, while lifting the legs so that they are perpendicular to the body. In this position, they should be fixed for a few seconds, after which they can be lowered and a little rest. Repeat 5 times, gradually increasing the load.
  5. Exercise Fifth. In a standing position, to describe with your hands large circles in order to bring the muscle tone of the forearms and hands in order and prevent skin sagging against the background of weight loss.

Performing all this simple set of exercises after childbirth, you can return the body to its former shape and strengthen your health. Read more: sport after childbirth →

In order to get rid of extra pounds with food, you need to provide the body with a lack of calories. In practice, this recommendation looks like this: eat a balanced diet and move more.

After childbirth, especially if a woman is breastfeeding, you cannot drastically change your usual diet and stick to strict dietary restrictions. But you also do not need to relax, justifying yourself with your position.

The main thing is to adhere to the following rules: Do not eat fatty, fried, harmful and do not drink alcoholic beverages that not only whet your appetite, but also harm the baby during lactation. And you should continue to breastfeed: along with breast milk, the body will gradually leave the body fat accumulated by the woman during pregnancy. Now they will benefit - in the growth and development of the baby.

If a woman does not breastfeed, the problem of weight loss is solved more difficult.

First of all, you will need to reasonably limit yourself in nutrition, avoiding unnecessary fat and carbohydrates, otherwise the extra weight will not go anywhere. And, secondly, the diet should be combined with moderate exercise, if after birth more than 6 weeks have passed.

What can you eat nursing mom? More vegetable-based salads with low-fat dressings in the form of low-calorie yogurt, sour cream, lemon juice and olive oil. The basis of the diet should be fish, lean meats, stews of vegetables, kefir, yogurt and cereals.

With care you can eat fruits, nuts, fresh juices, carefully watching the reaction of the child. More on nutrition feeding mothers →

What methods of losing weight are undesirable and why?

To lose weight after giving birth and to maintain your health and well-being, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. You should not lose weight in a short time. Weight loss of more than 0.5 kg per week is dangerous due to pathological changes in the endocrine system, as well as external defects - the formation of stretch marks, sagging of the skin, etc.
  2. No need to start losing weight from the first days after discharge from the hospital. The body needs a little time to cope with stress, to establish lactation, besides, many physical exercises are allowed by doctors starting from the 7th week of a child's life due to the risk for the perineal muscles, etc.
  3. Any restrictions and adjustments in the diet should be gradual. Both exercise and normalization of nutrition should be gradual, especially if breastfeeding is established.
  4. You can not lose weight only by reducing the caloric intake of food, without any physical exertion. And vice versa. In the first situation, poor nutrition is difficult to tolerate without exercise. In the second situation, training can be meaningless altogether, since the body weight will continue to increase against the background of an unbalanced diet, despite the physical load.
  5. No fasting! Of course, if you do not eat anything and drink only water, the extra weight will go away. But the body will survive such stress that after the normalization of nutrition, it will feverishly return all that was lost with a reserve.
  6. When breastfeeding can not follow a diet with the exception of one type of food, for example, by removing from the diet carbohydrates. The child needs all the trace elements.
  7. During lactation, it is forbidden to test any products for weight loss - tablets, patches, drugs with a laxative effect and much more, even if they are listed as dietary supplements. All this is dangerous for the baby. Yes, and a non-nursing woman, this dubious product after childbirth will not benefit, only possible health problems, such as allergies, diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

If a young mother in the postpartum period has weight that carries a direct danger to her health, the attending physician should deal with weight loss issues. Usually it concerns those women who gained more than 30 kg during pregnancy.

Many women after giving birth complain that they can not lose those extra pounds, despite all the efforts.

The main thing is to be patient and not to rely on quick results, so as not to be disappointed once again. It is important to treat yourself and your body with love and tranquility, to look for solutions that will help optimize both exercise and nutrition.

You do not need to set very strict prohibitions, because they can cause the opposite result.

Author: Olga Rogozhkina, doctor,
specifically for Mama66.ru

Causes of overweight after childbirth

Remain slim after the birth of the baby fails a little lucky. Others are forced to be content with forms that are far from ideal. And to understand how and when to lose weight, it is necessary to find out the main reasons for the excess body weight:

  • Hormonal disorders. During pregnancy, the woman's body works differently. So, in increased quantities, certain hormones are produced, under the influence of which the metabolism slows down, and everything that comes from food goes into the reserve. And immediately after birth, the body can not be reconstructed in the same way. And that is why in the first 5-7 months to get rid of extra pounds for most young mothers is not so easy. But then everything returns to normal. Serious hormonal disorders are rare, so some girls and women needlessly explain their overweight problems with hormones. And yet, if such problems really exist, then only a doctor can help.
  • Binge eating. Another common mistake of many mummies is eating food for two. In an effort to increase milk production, it is worth paying attention to the quality of nutrition and the amount of fluid consumed. But overeat is not worth it, because in milk, in any case, get everything you need. And all the excess will go straight to the stomach, buttocks and thighs.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. If before pregnancy and childbirth, many girls and women worked and studied, then after the birth of the child they “settle down” at home and try to move less. And this is another mistake moms and the cause of overweight.

When to start?

Many new mothers are interested in when exactly to start to act and get rid of the "burden". Do not wait! If you immediately accustom yourself to a certain way of life, the results will not keep you waiting. For example, you need to eat right after the birth of a child (for him, by the way, this will also be useful).

But with physical exertion will have to wait, because the body has not had time to recover from childbirth. And if you have a cesarean section, you will have to wait longer. To avoid undesirable effects and to find out when you can start exercising, consult your doctor.

How to eat?

Proper nutrition is the first step towards harmony. Basic principles and rules:

  • Remember that lactation requires entry into the body of a nursing mother with all the necessary nutrients that will be supplied to the baby with milk. So strict diets and severe food restrictions are definitely not for you! And yet some of the diets are available. So, it can be a popular and well-known diet "Minus 60", reviews of which allow to be convinced of its effectiveness. Allowed and Dyukana diet. But in the preparation of the menu by all means exclude products that are contraindicated in breastfeeding (legumes, grapes, fatty, pickled, salty, spicy, and so on).
  • Eat fractional. Eat small meals (about 200 grams), but at least 5-6 times a day. Firstly, it will help to normalize digestion and slightly relieve the digestive system, and secondly, you definitely will not feel hunger.
  • Be sure to have breakfast! Breakfast should be nutritious. The best option is a plate of porridge with fruit or a sandwich with butter and cheese.
  • Do not eat after 18:00 - it's great and useful, but not for nursing mothers. First, few mothers have the opportunity to fall asleep at 21: 00-22: 00 o'clock in the evening and wake up at 6: 00-7: 00 o'clock in the morning (and the rule "do not eat after 18:00" is designed for just such a regime). Secondly, many mothers often get up at night and breastfeed their babies. And this also requires energy. But in any case, do not gorge on the night! Choose vegetables, fruits and dairy products.
  • The daily rate of calories of a nursing mother should be at least 2000-2700 calories! Remember that the order of 500-800 calories goes to the production of breast milk.
  • Here are the products that will be useful: lean meat and fish, low-fat milk and dairy products, vegetables, berries and fruits, cereals.
  • Ideal cooking methods are boiling, stewing, baking or steaming.
  • Forget about sauces and hot spices. Add greens and some not sharp spices to dishes.
  • Drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid a day!

Move more!

Effective weight loss is impossible without movement, so do not sit in one place! Some tips for young moms who dream of the perfect figure:

  • Put on your baby, take a carrier-kangaroo or stroller and go for a walk. But do not rush to the nearest shop, and take a walk to the park. Go briskly to burn as many calories as possible. The child will be able to sleep in the fresh air or get a lot of new impressions, and you will get a slim figure.
  • Do household duties vigorously. Firstly, you will get rid of extra calories, and secondly, you will finish everything faster.
  • Forget about elevators. Конечно, с коляской лучше отправиться в лифт, но если вы выбираете переноску, то бодро шагайте пешком по лестницам.

Кормите грудью!

Этот совет может показаться странным, но грудное вскармливание полезно не только для малыша, но и для фигуры мамы. На выработку молока в среднем уходит порядка 400-500 калорий в сутки, что сравнимо с часовой пробежкой. Впечатляет? Тогда кормите по требованию и не жалейте молока. Your baby will be healthy, contented and calm, and you will be slim.

Physical exercise

Immediately it is worth noting that breastfeeding involves some limitations in sports. You will have to give up intensive loads, as they can reduce the production of milk and change its taste. So no strength training, jumping and running.

But light gymnastics is permissible and very useful. You can choose almost any simple exercises, taking into account your goals and problem areas. But since not all mothers can devote themselves even half an hour and are forced to keep the baby in their hands almost constantly, we offer you exercises that you can do with your baby:

  1. Lie on your back, bend your knees, put the baby on your lower legs and hold it with your hands. While inhaling, move your legs as far as possible, and as you exhale, bring them to your chest while lifting the body. Perform at least 15-20 repetitions.
  2. Stand up straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, take the baby in your arms, and place a chair or a low stool behind it. Now squat, bending your knees, touching the stool with your buttocks and leaving your back straight, and then return to the starting position. All you need to do 20 squats.
  3. Take the baby in your arms and take a wide step forward with your right foot, then sit down so that the knee of your left foot touches the floor and the right thigh is perpendicular to the floor. For each leg, do 10 repetitions.
  4. Lay the baby on the floor (on a soft blanket, of course), and above him stand on all fours, leaning on the floor with your knees and palms. Now, while inhaling, bend your back and lift your head, and as you exhale, bend your back up and lower your head. Repeat 20 times.

Lose weight after childbirth correctly!

Immediately after giving birth, young mothers dream of returning as quickly as possible to their original size. But it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Caring for a child does not leave time to charge, nor to the pool, nor to go to the gym. Therefore, most women not only do not lose weight after childbirth, but on the contrary, during the first year of a baby’s life, they continue to gain excess weight.

For young mothers, this problem is one of the most pressing. On the playground, the "weight" theme rises almost daily. It turned out that every mommy has her own secrets. If you combine all their recommendations together, you can select six fairly original, uncomplicated and proven in many ways ways to lose weight after giving birth.

Children's day regimen

Wrong day regimen is the most common mistake of young mothers. As long as the baby is awake, they are completely absorbed in it and almost forget about themselves. And as soon as the peanut falls asleep - rush to the refrigerator and try to eat for the future. In fact, it is very harmful. Refusing to lunch, we expose the body to stress and force it to make reserves, in the form of body fat. With improper nutrition, we not only gain extra pounds, but also suffer from constant fatigue. It is much more useful to eat often with a baby, at least 4-5 times a day, but in small portions. Even with the most restless child, you can always find ten minutes to have a light snack. And, most importantly, try never to eat up after the child, even if the porridge is very tasty and sorry to throw it away.

Masha, 33, daughters, 1.4 years
During pregnancy, I recovered by 16 kilograms. After the birth, the weight, of course, decreased slightly, but I was all kind of soft and fluffy. I tried several times to take care of myself, but there was always no free time. The whole day I didn’t leave a single step from my daughter. And when she fell asleep, I ran to the kitchen and emptied the refrigerator. Naturally, in this mode it is simply impossible to think about diet and proper nutrition. On the contrary, I tried to eat as much as possible, for the future. And when my daughter was six months old, I took homework (I'm an accountant). Now during her sleep, I tried not to do other things, but to sit at the computer. Therefore, I have become with my daughter. It turned out that it is very convenient. By the way, thanks to regular food intake, I became much less tired and now I weigh only 1.5 kilograms more than before birth.


Nutritionists say that women who feed the child themselves return to their old form much faster. This is due to the fact that breastfeeding contributes to a more rapid reduction of the uterus and its return to the prenatal state. Although many women while breastfeeding on the contrary gaining excess weight. This is due to the fact that they absorb huge amounts of dairy products, and they also choose that they are fatter, believing that they will improve breast milk in this way. In fact, you do not need to eat twice as much food, following the well-known expression “I eat for two.” However, food should be twice as healthy and richer in vitamins. After all, the baby needs not extra calories, but specific elements and vitamins.

Yana 25 years old, daughter 2 years
I breastfed my daughter for almost 10 months. During pregnancy, I gained 14 kilograms and thought that now I can hardly return to the original form. I did not observe any special diet, and there was simply no time for sports. I let it go. Naturally tried to eat the most useful and varied food. Eating the same way as before the birth, I gave some of my calories along with breast milk to my daughter. My grandmother even said that "baby out of me all the juice sucked." Now I am absolutely happy with my figure, I weigh 3 kilograms less than before birth, and I look ten times better.

Proper nutrition

Do not try right after birth to go on a diet. First, it is absolutely useless now. And secondly, during breastfeeding you need good nutrition. Just follow your diet. Food should be not only tasty, but also the most useful and varied. It is no secret that giving birth is a huge stress for the whole body. And during critical periods, the body suffers a strong shortage of three main elements - proteins, iron and calcium. They must be present daily in your diet. The most rich in calcium - dairy products, cheese and fish. And proteins are necessary - both vegetable (nuts, soybeans, legumes), and animals (meat, fish, poultry, cheese).

In addition, a sufficiently large amount of iron the body loses with heavy postpartum hemorrhage. By the way, with iron deficiency is almost impossible to lose weight, as it contributes to the development of a special enzyme that affects the burning of fat. Therefore, every day it is necessary to eat foods rich in iron (seafood, lean meat, liver, eggs, legumes, nuts and wholemeal bread).

Marina is 27 years old, daughters are 3 years old
I really love to eat. During pregnancy, I decided not to deny myself anything and gained 18 kilograms. Deep down, I really wanted to lose weight. But she understood that it was almost impossible and did not even make any effort. When my daughter was four months old, my husband and I decided to get married. I really wanted to wear a beautiful white suit for the wedding. And I was determined to lose weight. At first, I reduced the amount of food consumed by exactly two times. And then all the "harmful" products tried to replace the less high-calorie and more useful. By the way, some of them are much tastier. For the year I lost 11 kilograms and at the wedding looked just great. And now I weigh exactly as much as before birth. But I'm not going to go back to the old diet.


Many mothers are lazy and limited to walks on the balcony. By the way, this is one of the most common causes of children's colds. Take walks with a stroller not as a duty, but as an extra opportunity to do your figure. Everyone knows the walking race. The average speed of a person is 4-5 kilometers per hour. It is advisable to walk with the baby twice a day for 2-3 hours. And in one hour of intensive walking about as many calories are burned as in three hours of training on simulators. So calculate how much benefit you can get, walking with a stroller. True, for this you need to walk at a fast pace, in comfortable shoes and with a straight back.

Oksana 21 years old, son 2 years
I treat women full-bodied. Before pregnancy, I constantly monitored my weight, sat on low-calorie diets and regularly visited the gym. As for evil - during pregnancy, I always wanted buns, cakes and chocolate. Naturally, I could not afford to deny this weakness. For nine months I gained 26 kilograms and was desperate. It was impossible to immediately go on a diet, as I was breastfeeding. And the gym just did not have time. Therefore, I decided to usefully carry out daily walks. During the year, every day, almost in any weather, I went for a walk for 3 hours. I set myself the norm - 10 kilometers a day. But after three months she doubled it. By the way, you get much less tired during fast walking than trying to kill time from unreasonable staggering with a carriage. Now I weigh only 4 kilograms more than before birth. Unfortunately, the son quickly grew, and it became much more interesting to him to sit in the sandbox than to ride in a carriage.

Charging for two

The main reason for overweight is the lack of necessary physical activity or, as experts say, physical inactivity. Even consuming a minimum of fat and eating only vegetables and fruits, in the absence of movement - a person becomes stout. The fact is that during the muscle work fat is consumed. And while lying on the couch, each candy is deposited on the sides. Of course, a small child does not contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. But, doing with baby and doing homework, try to give the load to all muscle groups.

In addition, a good gymnastics for mom is carrying the child in a kangaroo. Such an exercise contributes to a good posture, as well as strengthening the dorsal and abdominal muscles. Periodically changing the position of the baby (front or back), you will provide the load on different muscle groups. In addition, the baby is constantly gaining weight and, therefore, the load for you does not increase dramatically, but gradually. When my child was six months old, I, thus, without any diets, dropped just as many kilograms as he gained during this time.

Alina is 22 years old, son is 11 months
During pregnancy, I gained only 9 pounds. Everyone said that after giving birth, I will quickly find the same form. But, unfortunately, this did not happen. I practically did not lose weight. There was the impression that the stomach just sprawled on the sides and thighs. Several times I tried to start doing exercises, but there was always no free time. When my son began to learn to crawl, I watched with envy at his muscular legs and ass. And then I decided to try to repeat all the movements behind him. Probably from the outside it looked very funny. Together we lay down on the floor and crawled one after another for 2-3 hours a day. I tried to copy all the movements of the son. For three months now we have been crawling every day. First, the son just loved it. And secondly, my cellulite has practically disappeared, and my legs and hips have become surprisingly resilient, without excess fat. Now I think it's time to start pumping the press.

Psychological attitude

Also, do not forget about the psychological factor. In the postnatal period, a woman may experience depression, mood swings, tearfulness and self-pity. At such moments, it seems that just something sweet can lift your spirits. Very many women resort to food when they face unsolvable psychological problems.

It just seems like it will get easier. In fact, only after you finish chewing, you will already regret your deed. With the help of chocolate stress can not be defeated. Or at least try replacing chocolates with pears or apples and you will see that not only mood, but also well-being will significantly improve.

Irina 20 years old, son of 8 months
After giving birth, I practically returned to my former form in a few weeks. And then suddenly began to recover. For the first two months I had a terrible depression. I could not love my child, he was a complete stranger to me, and I considered myself a bad mother. It also seemed to me that my husband lost all interest in me and did not believe in any of his words. I just did not know what to do. And she constantly stuck her grief with ice cream and candy. My mother-in-law saved me. When I came to my senses, it was more like Carlson than a woman. Now I am slowly but surely trying to lose weight. And when I have a bad mood, and I want to eat something delicious, I buy fresh fruit instead of ice cream and sweets. And tasty, and useful, and the figure does not reflect how.

Why is it difficult to lose weight after giving birth

Hormonal background

Overweight after childbirth is closely related to changes in the hormonal background. During pregnancy, the body did not have time to cope with an excess of hormones, and now their production begins to decline. Due to estrogen, the metabolic rate decreases, progesterone and cortisol make you nervous and seize up with tasty and high-calorie foods, testosterone and somatotropin contribute to the development of abdominal obesity.

Experts say that hormones return to normal within 2 years after delivery. Therefore, anyone who wants to lose weight quickly, must leave their dreams. And the second point is that hormones need to be constantly monitored so that there is no imbalance that can make you forget about a slim figure forever. Therefore, every year you need to be examined by an endocrinologist and pass the appropriate tests. Based on them, he will give advice on how to quickly normalize the situation with hormones, and with the figure.

Here, many may have a question, but how can stars lose weight, who after 3 months after giving birth, publish photos in bathing suits with a flat tummy. Here you need to take into account a large number of factors: heredity, the absence of excess weight before pregnancy, hormonal preparations, intense training. Looking good is one of the conditions for a successful career, so they go to great lengths to return perfect forms. Plus they have a whole team of nutritionists and fitness trainers.


On the one hand, nursing mother to lose weight is much easier than those who refuse to breastfeed. First, it is scientifically proven that it allows you to lose about 600 kcal per day. Secondly, she has to sit on a special diet so that nothing harmful is injected into the milk, and this also contributes to weight loss.

However, there is one danger here: overeating. Some believe in the myth that the more you eat, the more milk will be produced. This is not so: its amount depends on the individuality of the organism and all the same hormones. Therefore, you can not eat more than usual. It is necessary to keep the daily calorie intake, and otherwise weight gain is inevitable.

Physical activity

Caring for a baby is quite a serious exercise for a young mother. Feeding, walking, washing, lulling and many other small things are added to the usual household duties. All day you have to be on your feet. This should lead to energy consumption and weight loss, but no such luck.

Many mothers try to sit and sleep at every opportunity. We swing the crib sitting, the baby fell asleep on a walk - we rest on a bench. Prepares a double boiler, washes the machine, the husband runs around the shops. And it turns out that, against the background of general fatigue, movement as such is practically absent.

What can be done: do not forget to move more, and after a month (about as much time is needed for a complete reduction of the uterus) to start playing sports. It is not necessary to sign up in the gym - doing the usual exercises at home will help bring the figure back to normal.


Breastfeeding moms should follow a special diet. But those who refused to lactation, also need to bring food in order: remove harmful foods and reduce daily calories.

Problems most often occur with snacks. Many women do not notice how they add 500-600 kcal to their diet: they try cooked food (both for the family and the baby), eat up for the child (it’s a pity to throw it away), do not control the amount of food eaten during the holidays. All this significantly interferes with weight loss.

State of the nervous system

70% of women are experiencing postpartum depression. Its reasons are a separate topic for conversation. Now we are concerned only with the consequences: it contributes even more to hormonal failure, makes us seize problems, negates the motivation to lose weight. Trying to lose weight while you are under stress is useless. Therefore, you need to pull yourself together or ask for help from a psychotherapist or psychologist.

Multiple genera

Losing weight after the second birth becomes more difficult. The body already knows hormonal jumps, and it does not seek to return to a normal state as soon as possible. In addition, with age, metabolism slows down and kilograms go reluctantly. Experts advise within 2 years after the birth of a child to return to their original weight and maintain it in a stable state until the next conception. В таком случае похудеть даже после третьих родов будет реально без существенных проблем.

Полезные рекомендации

Чтобы похудение было быстрым и не навредило здоровью ни молодой мамы, ни малыша, нельзя игнорировать советы врачей. Решили сесть на диету, начали заниматься фитнесом, купили бандаж, хотите попробовать биодобавку — любые действия должны быть согласованы со специалистами: гинекологом, педиатром, эндокринологом, диетологом. Это единственная возможность похудеть без вреда для здоровья.

Here are general tips to follow:

  1. Do not give up breastfeeding.
  2. Avoid stress, learn to enjoy life.
  3. Seriously do auto-training, motivation (this will help our article).
  4. Eat right.
  5. Wear a bandage.
  6. Drink multivitamins designed for postpartum recovery of the body.
  7. Choose a set of exercises.
  8. Use additional tools: wraps, breathing techniques, massage, cosmetic creams from stretch marks and cellulite, and even plastic.

And, of course, regularly undergo medical examinations and timely treat any identified diseases.

How much can you lose weight after giving birth? After about a year, although this is determined by the individual characteristics and the measures taken. Return to the original weight before pregnancy must be within 2 years.

Attention! Losing weight after cesarean section is much more difficult than after vaginal delivery. You can return to the sport not earlier than in 3 months.

It is not necessary to invent and search for something. There is a well-defined diet for a nursing mother that takes into account everything: daily caloric intake, portion sizes, a set of products that do not harm the quality of breast milk.

Basic principles

  1. In the diet should be present fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the right proportions.
  2. You can not eat fried, as well as all the spicy, spicy and pickled.
  3. Power should be fractional.
  4. Overeating is excluded: to control, keep a food diary and calculate the daily calories.
  5. Despite the fact that with a child it is difficult to adhere to a clear daily routine, try to eat at the same time.
  6. It is necessary to drink about 1.5 liters of water per day, but not more, since the risk of edema formation increases after delivery.

Feeding Allowed Products

  • weak green tea (with sugar and milk), herbal teas (you need to see which herbs are allowed during lactation),
  • cereals: barley, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, millet - while it is better to cook them on water,
  • boiled chicken breast without skin,
  • olive oil (high quality, cold pressed) for salads,
  • butter for the morning sandwich,
  • whole grain breads,
  • light soups (recipes),
  • apples

  • greenery,
  • boiled or baked potatoes
  • low-fat dairy products,
  • pasta (no more than 2 times a week and better from durum wheat),
  • vegetables (seasonal, not exotic, only boiled),
  • fish (give preference to saltwater),
  • oatmeal cookies, donuts, crackers,
  • dried fruits (no more than 2 times a week, dates and raisins are banned),
  • cheese (hard varieties),
  • bread (rye or wholemeal only),
  • eggs (no more than 1 per day).

Until the end of lactation:

  • soup, soup, cabbage soup, vegetable cream soups,
  • homemade jam
  • beef, rabbit, turkey,
  • compote of dried fruits and berries, fresh juices, fruit drinks,
  • almonds and walnuts,
  • sour cream,
  • fruit without peel and seeds,
  • berries

Prohibited foods

  • Legumes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, citrus fruits, red berries,
  • broths,
  • sunflower seeds, raisins, dates,
  • sausage, bacon, ham, fatty meat, semi-finished products, meat by-products,
  • off-season and exotic vegetables and fruits,
  • radish, cabbage, radish,
  • baking, baking, sweet,
  • whole milk, cheeses: cheese, Adygei, suluguni, smoked,
  • fast food, snacks,
  • mayonnaise, horseradish, mustard, soy sauce, ketchup, spices, spices,
  • black tea, coffee, energy, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, milkshakes, packaged sweet juices.

Such a diet ensures the quality of breast milk, and also contributes to weight loss, since all high-calorie and harmful foods are on the forbidden list.

Classic charging

Time - 15 minutes Run daily in a ventilated room half an hour before breakfast.

  1. Walking on the spot at a quiet pace.
  2. Rotations and tilts head.
  3. Hand scissors.
  4. Swing and rotate hands.
  5. Lifting dumbbells (in any position, weight of dumbbells no more than 1 kg).
  6. The slopes and rotation of the body.
  7. Mill.
  8. Bicycle.
  9. Scissors for the legs.
  10. Exercise on the press. No more than 10 times and at a quiet pace. After a cesarean, it can only be included in the complexes after 3 months.
  11. Lifting the legs from the supine position.
  12. Classic plank (start from 5 seconds and increase the time every day).
  13. Relaxation in the lotus position.


The time is 30 minutes. Perform 3 times a week in a ventilated room 2 hours after lunch or dinner. All exercises are repeated 20 times. The main thing is technology, not speed.

Running on a treadmill. If there is no home trainer, go outside. You need to walk for 10 minutes at a moderate pace, gradually increasing speed, and then moving on to a run. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the pelvis and thighs, improves blood circulation, serves as an excellent workout for training.

Schemes, training programs, useful tips - all this can be found in a separate article.

Lie back on the floor. Stretch your arms along the body. Bend the legs at the knees, rest your feet on the floor. Get full of light air. Slowly exhale, simultaneously raise the hips and pelvis up. Fixed for 10 seconds. Return to the original position. Exercise normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic region, pumps the buttocks and abdominal muscles.

  • Exercise with the burden

Sit on a chair without a back (or fitball). Feet shoulder width apart. Take a dumbbell with both hands. Raise it above yourself. Slowly start by the head. If the exercise is performed correctly, the hands should be tightly pressed against the ears. Fixed for 10 seconds. Raise the dumbbell over you again and slowly return to the starting position. At first, the weight of the dumbbell should not exceed 1 kg.

In any complex you need to include exercises for tightening a sagging abdomen: after giving birth, this is one of the most problematic parts of the body. Lie back on the floor. Hands folded into the lock behind the head. Raise your shoulders. It is necessary to alternately reduce the right elbow with the left knee and vice versa. In the first 2-3 months the number of repetitions should not exceed 10, even if you feel that you are capable of more. This can tone the uterus and tighten its recovery. After 3 months it is allowed to gradually increase the number of repetitions. After cesarean section, this exercise is prohibited for 3 months.

Remove the stomach after childbirth can be in other ways.

Feet shoulder width apart. The back is straightened. Hands can be held arbitrarily: at the waist, stretched forward, in the lock behind the head. Slowly sit down to your knees bent at an angle of 90 ° C. Just rise slowly. Good study of the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Abdominal press also works.

Get up on all fours. The look is directed forward, during the exercise the head is not lowered. Perform alternately swinging each leg up. Exercise helps to lose weight in the legs, buttocks and waist. It improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, accelerates the recovery of the uterus.

About how effective these exercises for weight loss, as well as about the various techniques of its implementation, you can read the link.

Spread your legs shoulder width apart. Lower your arms with dumbbells down. While inhaling, slowly raise them to your shoulders, bending your elbows. At the same time you need to feel the tension of the abdominal muscles. Fixed for 10 seconds. On the exhale, lower the arms and relax the abs. Exercise helps to remove the stomach.

Great hitch for a workout, but will have to go out again, since at home you are unlikely to be able to freely jump. Start with 100 jumps, and then, getting in shape, gradually increase this amount.

Fitball exercise

Fitball is a good alternative to gymnastics. The time is 30 minutes. Perform 5 times a week in a ventilated room 1.5 hours after a meal. For each exercise - 20 repetitions.

  1. Twisting. Sit on the fitball, lock your hands in the lock behind the head. Legs bend at the knees. Climb up, twisting the body.
  2. Twisting with weighting. Sitting on the fitball, raise the dumbbells to the shoulders with arms bent at the elbows or up - straightened.
  3. Rolling. Sit on the fitball, roll smoothly so that the ball was under the back. Initial position. Exercise can be complicated by burdening, holding dumbbells.
  4. Jumping on fitball. Performed arbitrarily.
  5. Half-bridge. Lie back on the floor. Extend straightened arms along the body. Feet put on fitball. Bend in the back, lifting the torso up. Fixed for 10 seconds. Initial position.
  6. Lie on the ball belly, face down. The toes should touch the floor. Bend your elbows, connect them in the castle behind your head. Raise your shoulders, bending back. Fixed for 5 seconds. Return to the original position.

Complexes of exercises for weight loss after childbirth - a huge amount. Choose any of them, watch the training video. If possible, go to swimming, yoga or dancing (3 months after the birth of the baby is allowed). Be sure to walk in the evenings. Bicycle can be used only after six months.

Tablets can hardly be considered a good idea during this period. There are many reasons:

  1. Almost all drugs for weight loss prescribed lactation in contraindications.
  2. They affect the hormonal background, which after birth already undergoes serious changes. This can lead to weight gain, not weight loss.
  3. A number of plant extracts, on the basis of which such products are made, lead to uterus tone, which is categorically excluded in the postpartum period.
  4. In their composition, psychotropic substances are often present, which can enhance postpartum depression.

During lactation, all supplements for weight loss are banned. The only way out can be vitamins. Their task is to speed up the metabolism and prevent beriberi. It is better to entrust the choice of a similar drug to a doctor. These can be AlfaVit Mom's Health, Complivit Mom, Elevit Pronatal, Astrum-Mammy Complex, Vitrum Prenatal Forte, Femibion ​​Natalсare II and other complexes.

Other ways to lose weight


To get rid of the abdomen and tighten the abdominal muscles, wear a bandage. You can wear it after 2 hours after delivery, by choosing a comfortable model in the form of a belt, panties or skirt. Best manufacturers: Belly Bandit, Emma Jane, Ekoten, Bliss. The doctor may prohibit wearing it, if a longitudinal suture was made during a caesarean section, as well as in the presence of pathologies of the stomach and kidneys. Wearing duration is up to 1.5 months.

Breathing exercises

Almost ideal methods for weight loss after childbirth - breathing techniques oksisayz and bodyfleks. They have almost no contraindications, they are an excellent alternative to regular training. They must be performed daily. Course duration is unlimited. After cesarean are allowed only after six months, as they can contribute to the divergence of the stitches.


Competently done, it normalizes metabolism, improves blood circulation, helps the body recover as soon as possible, and most importantly - corrects weight and shape. It can be used in a month after natural childbirth and after 3 - after cesarean section. The best option is a massage room and a professional approach to business. But in the absence of such an opportunity, you can carry out the procedure yourself by watching the training video. Basic movements are light, jerky circular and saw-like stroking. The main places for study are the abdomen and thighs (method of implementation).


When the lochia will stop, be sure to get wraps that will perfectly cope with stretch marks and cellulite. Do not use aggressive mixtures (with pepper, ginger, mustard, bodigate), but honey, clay, chocolate paste will help both to relax and speed up the process of losing weight.


There are special remedies for body shaping after childbirth: from Helan (Italy), Linea Mamma line, and Firming Body Cream from Maternea (Bulgaria). Conventional anti-cellulite creams and gels are best not yet used.

If after a year, despite all the measures taken, you cannot lose weight, you need to be examined: perhaps the problem is in some disease that requires treatment. If everything turns out to be normal, the doctor may refer you to a plastic correction of the figure. After childbirth, women often turn to classical or laparoscopic abdominoplasty, mini-abdominoplasty. The main thing - do not despair and do not deviate from the intended goal.

Content of the article [hide]

My friend unsuccessfully trying to lose weight after the birth of a daughter, who was born four months ago. She does not eat after six, almost completely refused sweets, started dancing, but the arrow of weights stands still. She now weighs 74 kg with a height of 165 cm, although she never weighed more than 60 kg before the birth of her daughter. I found my friend depressed and decided to help her.

Anna Kolyadintseva, the nutritionist of the Step to Step model agency, helped me to compile a list of weight loss rules after pregnancy and childbirth.

How to lose weight quickly after giving birth?

1. Be patient

Weight loss after childbirth can not and should not be fast. Pregnancy for the body - a huge stress associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals, changes in hormonal levels and a decrease in physical activity. The recovery period can take from six months to a year.

2. Balance the diet during feeding and immediately after it.

Not enough to eat during feeding. So you can deprive your baby of essential vitamins and even provoke toxins in the milk. Daily breastfeeding will require a lot of energy - about 500 kcal per day. The normal calorie for a woman in this period is 2000 kcal.

Nutrition nursing mothers should be fractional - 4-5 times a day. Eat right! The diet should include high-grade proteins (lean meat, fish), foods rich in calcium (for example, low-fat cheese 10–17%), fruits and vegetables. Exclude rich meat broths, soup and borscht: they contain a lot of extractive substances that are slowly digested and thus complicate the recovery of the body.

After the end of breastfeeding, limit your diet to 1600-1800 kcal per day. Eat small meals every two to three hours - so it will be easier for you not to fall for overeating.

3. Consult a doctor

During the year after birth, be sure to watch your doctor. 6 months after the baby is born, take a complete blood test and hormone tests. You need to make sure that hormonal background stabilized.

If you can’t lose weight for a long time, go to an endocrinologist and a nutritionist for advice. It is possible that the endocrine system or metabolism has been disrupted after birth. In addition, you should definitely go to the doctor if you do not restore ovarian function and do not start menstruating for 2-3 months after giving birth.

4.Forget Hollywood Stars

“Envy Heidi Klum, the mother of four children, who at the same time manages to look perfect? In vain! - says Anna Kolyadintseva. “A dramatic weight loss after the birth of a child (within 2-3 months) can negatively affect the metabolism, lead to loss of milk and subsequently affect your health and the baby’s health.”

Remember: the stars help the whole army of nannies and nutritionists. Monitor the condition of your body - part of the profession of Hollywood divas. If you are not a fashion model, TV presenter or singer, you are not obliged to return to previous forms in record time. And if the model is also not required: health first!

5. Do not seize depression

The main enemy of weight loss after pregnancy is postpartum depression. Most often, it contributes to nervous breakdowns and overeating.

Symptoms of postpartum depression: unreasonable tears, irritability, headaches, overwork, sleep disorders. “During pregnancy, the level of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in a woman’s body rises,” says endocrinologist Anna Tselikovskaya. - These hormones are responsible for the preservation and proper course of pregnancy. Immediately after birth, their level drops sharply, and a new hormone is produced - prolactin. The body is rebuilt rapidly - hence the mood swings. ” You need to fight them not with food, but with the help, for example, of sports. The support of loved ones is very important. If the depression is severe, it is better to consult a specialist.

6. Take your time in the hall - take a walk in the fresh air.

Do not immediately try to do all the things that you could have done before in a fitness club. At first, just take a long walk with your baby outdoors. Start from 20 minutes a day, then increase your walking time and pace. Twenty minutes of vigorous walk with a pram burn about 150 kcal.

After 4-6 weeks after vaginal delivery, you can go on a diet and start a gentle workout. If you gave birth with a caesarean section, you will have to wait longer - 6-8 weeks: the stitches on the abdomen should be completely fused.

You can begin to fully train for 4-5 months after childbirth - yoga, Pilates, easy running will do. After the end of feeding, more intensive exercises are possible - dancing, aqua aerobics. Many fitness clubs have special programs for mothers and babies.

You can train at home while the child is sleeping. Do simple exercises for all muscle groups (here and here) and pay attention to stretching. And when the child wakes up, try to attract to classes and him - this will help you. discipline "LIVE!" "Fitness mom."

7. Have sex

Doctors recommend to refrain from sexual intercourse for 6-8 weeks after giving birth. But there is no hard limit on this issue. Возобновляйте половую жизнь тогда, когда почувствуете, что эмоционально готовы к этому. А физически подготовиться к возвращению в мир секса вам поможет интимная гимнастика.

После естественных родов объемы влагалища сильно увеличиваются. To return the muscles of the perineum in tone, begin to train them 2-3 months after birth and preferably daily.

In the last century, American gynecologist Arnold Kegel invented special gymnastics for women. Kegel exercises are to reduce the pelvic muscles that support the vagina.

- Squeeze the vaginal muscles for 10 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds. Perform these movements 5 minutes a day, and then for a minute make quick cuts every second.

- “Elevator”: slightly reduce the lowermost muscles of the vagina (“1st floor”), hold for 3-5 seconds, then reduce the area above (“2nd floor”), hold it again. So go 4-5 "floors" up and down, "lingering" on each of them.

You can perform these exercises in any position: sitting, lying, standing.

8. Do not forget to enjoy motherhood!

The process of losing weight after childbirth may seem long and painful if you concentrate too much on the problems of body shape and excess weight. Do not forget about the main thing - now you are a mother. This is a reason for pride. Afterwards, looking back, you will realize how wonderful the first months of your baby’s life were. The figure can be returned, but these moments - never.

What is the motivation to lose weight after giving birth?

The motives for losing weight after childbirth can be several. One of the factors or their combination may prevail:

  1. Dissatisfaction with their own appearance. When you no longer want to approach the mirror, in order not to see the forms that have been added to the volume.
  2. Physical discomfort. Shortness of breath, fast fatigue, even with a small load.
  3. Return to the old wardrobe. Favorite things are gathering dust in the closet. Waiting for the return of the hostess. Updating a wardrobe is a costly business, and shopping is not good when you don’t get into the desired thing.
  4. Reproaches of the picky spouse or fear that he will start to glance "to the left". Not all husbands truly appreciate the changes that accompany the birth of the long-awaited child. The external attractiveness of the wife is what they need, and the details are not important.
  5. Sometimes work requires an attractive appearance, including the figure.

8 rules for weight loss

It is difficult to lose weight without strict diets, the use of medicines and dietary supplements for weight loss, as well as surgery. All this can not be used in the first time after birth. Since it can harm the baby if you are breastfeeding. And is fraught with the return of the lost kilograms. Therefore, we follow the following rules:

1. Movement - life

During pregnancy, especially in recent months, you moved slowly and carefully. Now we need a new rhythm of life. Increase motor activity.

Morning exercises, moderate exercise in the form of exercises on different muscle groups will increase vitality. Charged with vigor and energy. Excessive exercise can hurt, but many of them are useful even for pregnant women. For example, exercises on flexibility or stretching, exercise on fitball. At the last you can simultaneously rock the baby and adjust your own figure.

Daily walks with a stroller are good for you and your child. Breathe in the fresh air and lose weight. To come to the playground and sit down on the bench is not our option. With a stroller, it is better to move, moving at a fairly fast pace and a flat back. 1 hour of intensive walking burns about as many calories as 3 hours of training on simulators. It is also very useful as an exercise to carry a child in a sling or in a "kangaroo".

2. Proper nutrition

It should always be followed. This is the ideal. And especially true when breastfeeding. After all, all the eaten "harm" is transmitted to the baby with my mother's milk.

Eat more often, in small portions, eat with your child, about 5-6 times a day. Do not lean on sweets, even if you really want. Better vegetables and fruits than confectionery. We eat porridges, soups, low-fat meat and fish dishes. We refuse sandwiches on the run, fast food, convenience foods, fried foods. Have a good breakfast and tight. As at all times, breakfast is considered the most important in the daily routine.

Such nutrition will not only make you slimmer, but also have a positive effect on the development of the digestive system of the newborn. "Mom should eat for two" - a myth. On the contrary, overeating contributes to the appearance of increased gas formation in the child, allergic reactions. It is better to choose foods that are rich in beneficial vitamins and trace elements.

The main substances needed by the body after childbirth, and especially if you are breastfeeding, are iron, calcium and protein. Therefore, it is necessary to consume in sufficient quantity milk, cottage cheese, lean meat, beef liver, fish and cereals. Use plenty of fluids, but not coffee, tea.

If you are bottle-fed, you can add calories. It will help to calculate the permissible number of calories per day for you, any counter on the relevant sites. Just enter the required parameters: the original and desired weight, age, height.

3. Breastfeeding

It’s one thing when giving up breastfeeding is a necessity due to objective reasons. For example, illness or disappeared milk from the mother, an allergy to the child.

If the reason for the refusal is unwillingness to “spoil the figure”, this is wrong. Caring for the baby is a priority, and the benefits of breast milk are obvious. In addition, the reduction of the uterus during feeding will quickly lead to giving birth to the body to normal. Consequently, those extra pounds will go faster.

4. We take into account the hormonal failure

After childbirth and childbirth, certain processes in the body can be disrupted. After all, childbirth is a big shock for the female body.

Restoring hormonal levels is a slow process. Therefore, do not be surprised that the weight starts to leave gradually, "with a creak." Allow the body to adapt, do not give up. And soon return to previous indicators.

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5. Avoid stressful situations

After the birth of the child, you have not had time to recover, and your concerns have increased significantly. Frequent feeding of the child, night ascents, the inability to fully sleep, washing diapers. And no one has canceled household chores: to cook, to clean the house.

Do not charge everything on yourself. So you will come to nervous exhaustion and depression. And she, by the way, increases the appetite. Call for help household: mother, husband, grandmother, mother in law.

If this is not possible, once again give up everyday household chores in favor of sleep and rest. Even a brief respite will give you a positive view of the world. Especially since you have a huge bonus - the presence of a small source of joy near your child.

6. Exercises with baby

You can exercise without a gym. You can put a child in a kangaroo doing homework, you can put a baby on your chest to press, you can ... Yes, you can think of many different exercises with a child that will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your baby. It is also very important that the load in this case will increase gradually, at the same time as your baby grows.

7.Return to the joys of sex

The first time, when the pains are still alive after childbirth, I don’t want to think about it. However, later return to this source of vitality. During the intimate process, not only are the calories consumed and excess weight goes away, but pleasure is delivered, psychological comfort is restored, self-esteem rises, and health improves.

As a rule, after giving birth a woman becomes more sensual. So love again your partner, open with him new facets and shades in having sex. And at the same time, lose weight!

8. Positive attitude

Back from where we started. Remember about motivation.

Do not postpone weight loss until later. Tomorrow will be late. The faster we start, the sooner the result will come.

If you stumbled, broke - start again. It did not work out now, it will turn out a little later.

More thin girlfriends and interlocutors on a playground - a subject not for envy, and for imitation. Catch up and overtake! - let it be your motto.

And the latest, perhaps, that one of the main ways to look good is to adjust yourself to it well. Not a single negative word in front of the mirror to your reflection! Remember the famous Soviet film of the same name - the work of auto-suggestion works, and since then has repeatedly justified itself. How to tune, so be it! Now with you live positive - your baby. Once again, it is better not to iron the diaper, but to play with it, laugh and rejoice in the existence of your crumbs.

Every kilogram lost is the result of your work on yourself. You are strong, you can do it! Become more slim, more beautiful and attractive. You are not only a wonderful mother, but also a beautiful woman!

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Young mother Julia tells how much time after birth you can begin to perform exercises for losing weight and go to the gym. She also tells how to make your own food, shares some recipes. In addition, Julia pays attention to the frequent mistakes that young mothers make when trying to remove the stomach and sides, and explains how you can start training at home. And it is really very important to understand that you can lose weight after giving birth not only in the gym, but also at home, because First of all, you need to very accurately follow the correct diet.