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The secrets of cooking delicious dishes


  • Eggplant 3 Pieces
  • Tomatoes 3 Pieces
  • Sweet Pepper 5 Pieces
  • Garlic 6-8 Dental
  • Onion 3 Pieces
  • Fresh Greens 70 Grams
  • Ground black pepper To taste
  • Salt To taste

Cook horovats should be on the coals, when the heat has subsided a little. So, put the vegetables on the rack.

We bake them until they are soft, and 10 minutes before the vegetables are ready, we bury the onions in the coals, right in the husk.

Remove the vegetables from the grill, and shift the pepper into the bag, tie it up and leave it for 10 minutes.

After the time we reach the pepper and peel it.

Then cut into small cubes.

Do the same with tomatoes.

Also cut into cubes.

Crush fresh greens and garlic. Onions are also peeled and finely chopped.

Now combine all the ingredients, salt and pepper, mix. We leave Horowats soak for about 10 minutes, and only then we serve. Enjoy your meal!

Secrets of cooking choir

It is unlikely that in the expanses of our country there will be a person who does not like a fragrant and juicy kebab. This dish came to us from the Caucasus, where no feast can do without it. At the same time, there are many variations of cooking grilled meat on skewers not only among different Caucasian nationalities, but also within each country.

Accordingly, the name of the kebab, which the Georgians call “mtsvadi”, the Azerbaijanis “kebab” and the Armenians “horovats” differs. Interestingly, in Armenia, meat is traditionally served with a snack of roasted vegetables, which also became known as vegetable khorovats.

Secrets of cooking Armenian shashlik

For Caucasians, barbecue is not just a meat dish. This is a whole tradition and philosophy that requires adherence to certain rituals and is inherited from father to son.

The main rule, which is invariably followed by Armenians, is that only men make horovats. Each family has a master - varpet, who knows how to cook the most delicious kebab. During the frying procedure, the entire male half gathers around the fire, where a wide variety of stories are told, while the varpet alone conjures meat.

Depending on the type of meat and the method of marinating it, Armenians have more than twenty recipes of choir. The most popular options are young pork and lamb, which practically do not require marinade. Their taste is emphasized only by spices and onions. It is noteworthy that, unlike the Slavic version, Caucasians make kebabs mainly from meat to bone, which has extraordinary juiciness.

Every Caucasian knows a few main secrets that allow to cook an unusually tasty barbecue:

  • Choose only the freshest meat.
  • String pieces close to each other, mixed with onion rings. In this case, the largest pieces must be located closer to the center, since here the greatest degree of heat from the fire.
  • To fry horovats not on hot coals, but on “rested” ones, already abundantly covered with gray ashes. The distance to them should be at least twelve centimeters.
  • Position the skewers as close to each other as possible to avoid heat loss. With the same purpose in the process of frying the meat is often covered with pita bread.
  • Remove meat pieces not by hand or fork, but only through pita bread, so as not to spoil the taste of kebabs.
  • Spread the cooked horovats in a lavash-covered pan, covered with a flat cake, which was removed from the skewers.
  • Eat a kebab immediately while it is scorching hot.

According to the Caucasian tradition, the youngest man relies on the first piece of meat, and fragrant pita, soaked in meat juices, is intended for women and children.

Vegetable Appetizer

This delicious dish - “vegetable horovats” - a traditional satellite of the Armenian kebab. It is made from baked vegetables laid out on a sheet of metal over hot coals. Alternatively, vegetables can be baked on the grill, skewers and even in the oven. Although without the characteristic "smoky" darling, the taste is not the same.

The recipe for this snack is exquisitely simple. For its preparation will require eggplant, juicy tomatoes and pulpy Bulgarian pepper in equal quantities. For a large company, you will need at least four to five pieces of each ingredient. Some add here and a couple of pieces of zucchini, although it is not in the original recipe.

All vegetables bake one of the above methods, putting them on an already heated surface. To speed up the process they can be cut into thick slices and quarters. Small copies can be baked whole, piercing the skin in several places. If baking is done in the oven, it is better to cover the baking sheet with several layers of foil, not forgetting to lift it to the sides. Otherwise, you are provided with an unpleasant laundering of burnt juice.

Bake vegetables until soft, sometimes pressing them to the surface and turning them over. Remove the skin from them and cut. Considering that this dish is often cooked in nature, Armenians cut the ingredients quite large. If you like a homogeneous consistency, make the pieces smaller, at your discretion.

Add to the appetizer green hot pepper to taste, a few cloves of garlic and chopped herbs (cilantro and purple basil). Salt, generously season with vegetable oil and mix. You can add a few drops of vinegar for a more piquant sour taste.

This vegetable horovats best emphasize the taste of the finished kebab, ensure the absence of heaviness in the stomach and will become your favorite dish of the summer-autumn season.

A list of useful tips that improve the quality of your dishes prepared

✦ If the meat broth is boiled from unfrozen meat, it becomes opaque. In order to achieve transparency, when cooking, you should put carefully washed egg shells into the broth (on a medium-sized pan, shells from 2 eggs are enough). From the finished broth, the shells must be removed with a skimmer.

✦ It is better to soak dried mushrooms not in water, but in milk, then they will become just as fresh.

✦ To make the mustard no longer dry, add some milk to it.

✦ If you like fluffy, nosed-up pancakes, put the eggs in the dough not completely, but whip the whites and yolks separately. First add the beaten yolks, mix well, and then add the whites whipped into the thick foam.

✦ To keep the pancakes cold while you bake them all, put a large plate in a pan of boiling water and place the pancakes on it.

✦ To “save” the dried cheese and return it to freshness and softness, you need to put it in a container of sour milk and hold it for 1 hour.

✦ If you are cooking dessert with whipped cream, add a little low-fat sour cream. Then they will scramble faster and be thicker.

✦ The stew will be more juicy if you first fry it on all sides. The resulting crust will not allow the juice to flow out in the process of quenching.

✦ When you beat off meat on a wooden board, it absorbs a lot of meat juice. To avoid this, before beating, moisten the board with plenty of water. Juice will not be absorbed into a wet tree.

✦ To prevent the potato in the uniform from cracking during the cooking process, first chop the peel in several places with a fork and salt it well.

✦ If cold milk is added to mashed potatoes, it will acquire an unappetizing grayish color. This will not happen if the milk is preheated, not boiling.

✦ To boil potatoes intended for salad, not darkened when chopped, when cooking, add a small amount of vinegar to the water (1-2 tsp per average pot).

✦ In order not to darken the apples, cut into a salad, in the process of cutting, put the pieces in salted water.

✦ If you need only half of the onion, and the second you have to postpone until the next time, grease the cut with margarine or put the onion with a cut on a saucer with salt. Then during storage, onions will not lose their taste and aroma.

✦ To make mashed potatoes from old potatoes tasty, soft and airy, add whipped egg white to it.

✦ To make chops quicker fry and form a ruddy crust, rinse off the chunks of beaten meat in cold water.

✦ To make the pancakes crispy and get an appetizing golden color, you need to add granulated sugar at the rate of 1 tbsp to the dough. l 1 liter of dough. ✦ To keep fresh greens from drying out longer, they need to be washed and wrapped in foil. So it will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 1-2 months.

✦ Salt dishes at the end of cooking. The only exception is two cases: when you boil your ear, salt must be added before you put fish and vegetables, when you cook dumplings or pasta, water is salted before it boils.

✦ If you overdosed the meat, you can save the situation by adding flour or oil sauce, which will quickly take away some of the salt from the meat.

✦ If you overdosed the fish, stew it with unsalted mashed potatoes or sour cream. If you overdosed the soup, add to it a certain amount of ingredients present in it, boiled in unsalted water.

✦ The refrigerator is often loaded to the full, so there is no place to put new products. What can and even should be taken out of it in order to make space and not harm the products:

a) melons and pumpkins, without any damage to the skin, can be perfectly stored at room temperature in a dark place,

b) tropical fruits (kiwi, mango, pineapple, papaya, bananas, etc.) are generally not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, as this deteriorates their quality,

c) in no case should you keep chocolate and chocolates in the refrigerator, because they do not tolerate low temperatures, and their taste from cold significantly deteriorates,

d) onions, garlic, potatoes and root vegetables do not need a refrigerator, they should be stored in a shaded cool place,

e) it is not necessary to keep in the refrigerator any kinds of canned food until you have opened them.

Baked Vegetable Salad

Horovats - in translation from Armenian means shish kebab. Vegetables are baked on coals just like meat, so the same name was assigned to salad. Even in the menu of restaurants, this salad is named that way.

You can bake vegetables in different ways: in the oven, microwave, on the coals and even on the stove at home. I'm going to introduce you to this method of cooking.

“This is very smoky,” you say.

And no. My stove is located next to the window and there is still a hood. When baking vegetables, nothing smokes and does not smoke. Therefore, not often, but sometimes I can pamper my family with such a dish. In my family, everyone loves this salad very much, but for me there is nothing tastier at all. I am ready to eat it three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How to cook a dish step by step with a photo at home

For cooking khorovats you need to take everything equally - Bulgarian pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, garlic to taste, onion, greens, vegetable oil (you can not add it) salt and pepper.

Prepare a stove for baking vegetables. To do this, cover its surface with foil. Then put a grid on top. Of course, you can bake vegetables in the oven, but then you will completely lose the most pleasant thing in this salad - the smell and taste of smoke.

You can light all the burners at once, but I cooked on two. Put the vegetables on the fire. Turning the tongs fry them until charred and soft.

Fried vegetables put in a plastic bag and tie for 10 minutes, then the black peel departs very easily.

Peel all the vegetables from the skin. I like to leave seeds in peppers, but whoever doesn’t like them can be removed.

All vegetables chopped and put in a bowl.

Prepare chopped garlic, herbs and chopped onions.

All mix and pour oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. If the tomatoes are completely tasteless, then you can add a little lemon juice. I didn't need this.

Delicious salad is ready. It smells like smoke and tastes very good. You can serve it with shish kebab, potatoes, fish and just bread.