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Fur secrets


Probably, disputes over what is better and smarter - artificial or natural coats - will never subside, because each type has its pros and cons.

Once upon a time, when people on the planet Earth did not know and did not assume what electricity, high-rise buildings, textiles, and in general, scientific and technical progress, they were forced to hunt animals in order to feed themselves and their families, and also not to freeze from severe frosts, being wrapped up in their skins and furs.

Today, to great joy, such a need has completely disappeared, but for some reason people, as before, take lives from animals, and sometimes from the smallest and most defenseless, to please another young lady with a cute and “prestigious” short fur coat. Where's the justice?

This practice provokes violent protest and criticism from the society for the protection of nature and animals, because the high demand for products made of natural fur and leather calls into question the existence of some animal species, others are bred only to be killed in a year or two.

That is why the number of people who refuse to buy and wear articles made of natural fur in favor of artificial one only grows every year, and among such people, there are often wealthy and famous people who do not do it because of cost savings. Humane considerations on this issue began to appear in the middle of the last century, when the first furs of synthetic fibers became widespread.

The beauty of it is that modern technologies and the level of material processing have reached such a level that today artificial furs of absolute quality are created, which in their appearance are almost the same as natural products.

A fur coat of this material has many advantages, which we will talk about a little later, while the person no longer needs to feel involved in the killing of small or even large animals for the sake of a human whim.

We will not hide the fact that at first the products made of artificial fur were intended exclusively for the lower strata of the population who could not afford something more expensive and refined. However, to date, such stereotypes in the past, in a fur coat made of faux fur, you can look stylish, “expensive” and modern, as evidenced by that part of world celebrities, which has long and confidently flaunts in such dresses.

Points for and against"

As we have said, the active process of popularizing such products, first of all, speaks of the large number of advantages that they possess. If you decide to dress in an artificial fur coat, then you can be sure that your conscience is clear and not a single animal has suffered in the pursuit of beauty, but it is well worth it, as you can guess.

Another reason contributing to the popularity of such coats is, of course, their affordable and quite reasonable price. Why overpay, save up for a long time and restrain yourself in other necessary purchases, if you can please yourself with a fashionable and youth coat, which is twice, or even five times cheaper than the natural one?

You will surely say that the natural product is natural, that it can be compared with some kind of synthetics? But there is another side: artificial fur does not require special conditions of storage and transportation, it will easily survive the summer and at the same time will not remain gnawed by a bloodthirsty moth.

Can you imagine how offensive it is to lay out a tidy sum for a fur coat, and do not even wear it next season because of pest tricks! In addition, they are not afraid of cold, they are easy to clean and with proper care, artificial fur can serve you a long time.

On the other hand, due to the inexpensive cost of the product, you can at least every season update your wardrobe, fully complying with all the latest fashion trends, without worrying about your own wallet. Of course, it would be strange if artificial fur coats would not have any flaws at all, therefore, what to hide, naturally they are.

The main disadvantage is, perhaps, warm.

Some natural fur coats can warm even in the most severe frosts, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about artificial ones. But, on the other hand, do you often have severe frosts?

Another disadvantage is environmental safety. Needless to say, synthetic fibers, from which all artificial furs are made, may contain acrylic polymers, coal, limestone, as well as petroleum products, which makes them more durable, which means that at the biological level it decomposes longer.

You can also note the fact that, despite the almost absolute external identity, natural fur is much softer and more tender to the touch.

How to get fake fur?

Synthetic fur is a product created by processing dried fiber, which is previously made from hydrocarbons, limestone and coal. Then the fiber is attached to a wool or cotton base in one of the ways: non-woven, woven or knitted.

There is another option - the villi are simply glued to the base. To distinguish high-quality fur, made in one of these ways, from the natural can only a professional of his craft.

Make such things in a variety of colors and very different lengths of the villi. By the way, one more plus to artificial fur coats is bright colors and all sorts of colors that are so fashionable today, it looks much more advantageous to them, but natural furs do not repaint much, as they quickly lose their properties and appearance.

Of artificial works, fur coats from a muton, which is very soft to the touch and strongly resembles plush, are very popular. It also looks beautiful artificial karakul, imitation of arctic fox, fox and even mink! Of the latter, fashionable fur vests are often made, jackets and coats.

How to care for such products?

In order for such a coat to serve you faithfully, you need to properly care for it. Wash them can and should be in not very hot water at a temperature of 45 °, of course, by hand or with a brush for clothes.

It is possible to store such a fur coat in a usual step on a good and rigid hanger, which will not lose shape, and bend under the weight of the product. If you keep the product in the case, then try to find a dark and breathable, which will not fall into direct sunlight.

Take care of animals and make the right choice!

Prosperity symbol

Now fur products have the fame of the warmest outerwear. But if in the distant past “fur coats” were taken by people at the cost of many lives, today this price is measured in several thousand, or even millions.

This is understandable, since from the time when society began to be divided into classes, fur is considered a symbol of wealth and wealth. In addition, the natural coat is incredibly warm and comfortable in the cold season. Although in the West, the wealthiest ladies wear their luxurious fur coats even in the warm season, sometimes under shoes or summer dress to flaunt their wealth!

Now women are increasingly trying to acquire natural fur coats, even without having fabulous money. Sometimes they lay on it for a long time. After all, everyone knows that a fur coat is much warmer than a down jacket, coat or sheepskin coat. And worn for quite some time - sometimes up to 20 seasons! Therefore, such a purchase with time will surely pay off. A happy owner of a fur coat will acquire not only a high-quality and beautiful product, but also receive a lot of positive emotions. But how to determine the quality and natural product? And most importantly, what is the warmest fur coat, from which animal is it made?

How to choose?

It is clear that when the representative of the weaker sex falls into the "realm of fur", she loses her head from the incredible abundance of models, styles and colors. Fur coats can be long, shortened, fitted or coats, with long sleeves or sleeveless. Variety makes you wonder. Girls are thinking about which model to choose. What is the warmest fur coat? What is it made of?

The choice should depend not only on the beauty and price of the model. It is necessary to learn from the seller all the characteristics of the product. How long will the selected product last, how beautiful will it look on it? It all depends on the quality used for the fur coat. The following tips will help to understand all the subtleties and correctly assess the naturalness of the fur.

Tips for choosing

What are the warmest coats, what fur are they made of and what characteristics are important when buying them?

1. It is best to buy in a specialty store or salon, which has been operating in this business for quite a long time and has earned a certain reputation, has good reviews. Such firms and organizations care too much about their “face” in the market to sell low-quality products.
2. Since there are no special devices that could characterize the fur, the buyer will have to do it visually. Good should be smooth and thick, does not require that it is constantly podpushivali and combed. Should not roll down and turn into "icicles". The fur coat should look shiny and with some gloss.
3. Before putting on a fur coat for fitting, you must first iron the fur against the fur - the hairs should easily return to their place, not break and not bend. If you squeeze the fur with your hand, it should also straighten without flaws, not stick together.
4. If all characteristics are positive - you can try on a fur coat. By weight, it should not be too light. Natural animal fur, of course, should not be weightless. But the weight of the fur coat should be felt only in the hands, not on the body.
5. It is useful to do the following experiment: taking the product in hand, you need to shake it a little. Attention! If the fur coat “rattles” with shaking, then it is better to leave such a product in the store. This is a sign of poor quality, too hard of cheap material that they want to pass off as an expensive item. After all, a quality model should not pop and make claps and other sounds.
6. Be sure to look at how to comb the fur. Villi should lie strictly in one direction. A good quality product always contains uniform fur along the entire length. Any bald spots are unacceptable.
7. The last and perhaps the most important way to determine the quality of a fur coat is to squeeze a bunch of fur with your fingers and pull it towards you rather sharply. If the villus remained in place, and not in the hand - you can safely buy such a fur coat, it is of high quality.

However, such an experiment should be carried out deliberately. It is unlikely that some seller will like it. On the other hand, if the fur coat does not withstand the test, the buyer will know that it is not worth buying, and the seller will have nothing to object to such an argument.

If high humidity.

Any fur product should not only be of high quality, be worn for a long time, but also be warm enough to warm its owner in the cold and cold. That is why there is an equally urgent question: “Which fur coat is the warmest and most practical?” The responses of women are very diverse.

It is clear that every hostess of an expensive product wants her fur coat to serve as long as possible and warm it for many years. It often happens that an unscrupulous manufacturer, in order to save material when sewing, resorts to the blasphemous method of stretching precious skins. In this case, the fur loses its properties, and also wears out quickly. Especially quickly such a fur coat loses its gorgeous look in areas with high humidity. In such regions even the highest-quality goods wear out quickly, and there is nothing to say about second-rate goods. So what are the warmest fur coats? What fur is better to choose models for this region?
To favorite thing does not spoil under the influence of a humid climate, you need to choose a model of moisture-resistant fur - beaver, wolverine, nutria, fur seal, otter. In addition, they are quite comfortable.

The warmest coats. What are they from?

So, we figured out how to recognize a quality fur thing. Now let's talk about something else. What fur is the warmest fur coat and how to choose it correctly?

As already mentioned, the main condition when choosing not only a fur coat, but also any outerwear - it should be comfortable, durable and warm. Especially this advice is relevant for residents of the northern regions. They host fierce cold from which it is easy to hide in a warm fluffy "favorite". Such conditions are the best test for any fur coat.

  1. So, what products will best save from winds and blizzards? The warmest fur coats from what fur? Of course, it is blue or white fox fur, sheepskin (muton fur coat), small chinchilla, red fox, “royal” sable, classic short-haired mink, karakul, raccoon, beaver, fur seal (seal) and even domestic nutria. It is the fur of these animals that are particularly relevant at the present time. Fur coats made of artificial materials inevitably recede into the background.
  2. Once again, it must be recalled that for humid air it is necessary to choose a fur coat made from the fur of animals that live in such conditions. These are mainly aquatic species - beaver, fur seal, wolverine, otter, coypu.
  3. The least warm, but at the same time, products from the finest ermine, rare groundhog and cheaper shorn rabbit are considered to be very expensive. And it is no coincidence. Long fur will best warm in winter. Therefore, sheared - the coldest. Such coats are most often chosen by women of fashion who buy furs “for beauty”. It is possible to be painted in such fur coat only in the car or at the reception.

The most of the most

As a result, it is easy to say which fur is the warmest fur coat.

These are considered to be sable and muton fur. In second place - an arctic fox, astrakhan, mink, chinchilla, beaver, coypu and fur seal. And the warmest fur coat in the world from which animal is made? From the fox. Her fur will warm in the most severe frosts.

We decided on what kind of fur is used when the warmest fur coat is sewn. From whom are the coldest models made? From groundhog and ermine.

As for strength and longevity, the most wearable are otter coats. Raccoons, beavers, minks and arctic fox are slightly inferior to them.

More budget models from a rabbit, accordingly, also rush not for long, and demand a constant care, additional cleaning and very careful socks.

Cheap can not be high quality

The most important thing: you should not buy a cheap fur coat. Then it is better to refuse to buy. After all, high-quality fur can not be cheap. One should not succumb to the "sweet tales" of the seller that this is "a quality collection, but is discounted because it is from last season." No manufacturer will not allow too much to drop the price of a great product, even if the model is no longer in vogue. And so you should not spare money by buying the best. After all, as the famous proverb says: "Only the rich buy cheap things."