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Ways to increase motivation


From birth, the child forms the physiological and physical needs. Further, its goals, interests and desires are determined by the environment. Intentions are transformed into impulses that push a person to action or conscious planning. What is motivation - in this article.

What is this - motivation?

This is a complex of factors that induce an individual to work with a specific target orientation. The concept of motivation is studied by sociology, biology, and political science. Motivation is built around the needs of the person and as long as he seeks to satisfy them, he develops and grows, moving to the next step in the hierarchy of needs. The latter are the main sources of human activity. This applies to both cognitive and practical activities.

Personality Motivation in Psychology

The urge to action is closely connected with intention, aspiration, purpose. The motivation of a person acquires content from both the object subjected to the directed action and the need, which is satisfied as a result of its accomplishment. Different needs, as well as the ways of their implementation can cause the struggle of desires and everything here will depend on the level of personal development, its value orientations.

Motive and Motivation in Psychology

Human needs are conditional and mobile. Need and motivation are closely related. The first stimulates the individual to activity, and the motive is always its component. He encourages a person to do something that will satisfy his needs. Motive and motivation are not the same thing. The latter is a combination of internal and external driving forces that induce a person to act in a certain way. The motive is its stable personal property, which, together with the needs, goals and intentions, stimulates and supports the behavior of the individual.

Motivation and stimulation

Conscious desire to act, supported by external support, encourages a person to go ahead and achieve their goals. At the same time, there are such motivation functions:

  • stimulating
  • activating
  • motivating
  • purposeful
  • regulating
  • guide.

Emotions and Motivation

Emotional experience provides an individual with the opportunity to quickly assess his inner state and need that has arisen, and accordingly build an adequate form of response. The concept of motivation lies in the conscious or unconscious mental factor that induces a person to perform certain actions, and emotions are in close contact with him. They allow us to assess the level of satisfaction of needs, and at the same time they appear as a consequence of the emergence of motives.

Upon reaching the goal, positive emotional experiences are formed. Memory captures this and subsequently they appear whenever a corresponding intrinsic motivation appears. Emotions originate with a strong urge to act, when obstacles are found in satisfying desires. In any case, they mobilize a person to achieve success.

Motivation and needs

The most widespread work A.Kh. Maslow - American psychologist, the founder of humanistic psychology. He believed that the motivation and human needs are interrelated: the first is based on the second. It is considered that a person moves to a higher level when he satisfies lower demands. The basis of a kind of pyramid are physiological, unconscious needs, and above is the need for security, love and recognition, self-actualization, understanding, etc.

The motivation for success, which is part of the hierarchy model, has found wide application in the economy. In this physiological needs are salary, sick leave, vacation. Security includes the organization of trade unions, benefits, safe working conditions. Next come the requirements for respect, recognition, self-expression, self-realization, etc.

Basic Theories of Motivation

At one time, various scholars developed many doctrines that contradicted each other. Theories of motivation explain why some people are more focused on achieving the goal, while others less. Some psychologists believe that internal mechanisms are most responsible for the actions of an individual, while others rely on incentives from the environment. Still others try to figure out whether an individual achieves a goal by means of motivation or is guided by habit. At one time Maslow, M. Cleland, D.S. Adams et al.

Motivation types

The motivation for action can be external and internal. In the first case, this is due to circumstances from the outside, and in the second - with internal motives. Motivation types include the driving forces of positive and negative coloring - “If I do this job, I will get paid, or if I do this job, the boss will not reprimand me”. Sustainable impulse to action is based on natural needs — sleep, thirst, hunger, and the unstable requires support from the outside — to cure the disease, stop drinking, etc.

How to find motivation?

In each person's life, there are moments when you don't want to do anything. Apathy and melancholy attack, life appears meaningless. Strong motivation and the best arises only under the condition that a person wants to achieve something. He is sure that he will succeed in this and knows that it is his duty to himself. The absence of any of these points leads to a drop in motivation. You can find it, if you imagine your desire in the smallest details, stir up emotions, predict further benefits.

To increase your confidence that everything will turn out, you need to prepare for difficulties: to get new knowledge, if necessary, to find those who are interested and will help. The concept and essence of motivation is to reveal all your abilities and talents, to prove to yourself that you deserve it. Instead of crying for life, spend time and energy with benefit.

Here are some practical tips you can highlight:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Take time out. Sometimes it is useful to relax and get some rest before rushing into battle.
  3. Find something that will inspire and stimulate to achieve the goal.

How to increase motivation?

It often happens that desire alone is not enough. Lacking some kind of push, after which the process will go on the thumb. Personal motivation will increase if:

  1. Take the first step. As you know, he is the most difficult. Wanting to lose weight, not to think about how hard it is to do and how long it will take. You just need to start.
  2. Find a problem and solve it.. To understand what motivation is and how to increase it, you need to identify the reason that prevents you from achieving the desired and eliminating it. Learn a foreign language if you need to communicate with foreign colleagues.
  3. Do not compare yourself with others, but take your own height. In life as in sports, the strongest win, but everyone has different resources and physical abilities.

Movies about motivation

This theme can be traced in many paintings. Here are some of them:

  1. "Knockin 'on Heaven". The film makes you think about the meaning of life, about what means a person chooses on the way to his goal. The motivation for success comes when the characters understand that life is finite and sooner or later death will overtake everyone.
  2. "Green Mile" - one of the best creations of cinema. This is a picture of deceit and betrayal, humanity and compassion. In it, the dough is intertwined with the passions and fears of the heroes, but the good eventually wins over evil.
  3. Slumdog Millionaire. The concept that such a motivation is revealed in the picture in full. The poor boy follows a path that no one wishes and becomes a real person, a strong and self-confident person.

Motivation books

There are many literary works in which the authors give advice on finding and increasing their own motivation, as well as give examples from life, describing the fate of people who have succeeded in all deaths. These include:

  1. "Be the best version of yourself" D. Waldschmidt. In it, the author talks about all the well-known personalities who, despite the problems and shortcomings that have become, have become objects of imitation and envy.
  2. Motivation books include and "Atlas Shrugged" A. Rand. The author wrote it for 12 years, famously twisting the plot and citing the thoughts and statements of the great philosophers.
  3. What is motivation and how to understand what to do and where to move from a book "Everything's possible! Dare to believe it ... Act to prove it. ”D.V. Aiken. On the author's account more than 120 training programs and seminars. He consults famous companies in the world and helps to solve pressing issues, set goals and achieve them.

Make sure your goal is yours.

Nothing will deplete your energy as much as trying to follow a goal that someone else has set for you and which you do not believe. Think of the difference between the efforts you have to make to go uphill, compared to the efforts you have to take to go down the mountain.

  • You go uphill when you pursue a goal that someone has set for you. You were not born for this, therefore you have to force yourself.
  • You come down from the mountain when the goal is yours. You are drawn to it with the help of gravity, and inspiration and motivation arise by themselves.

Do what you like most

As the great entrepreneur Charles Schwab once said: “A person can succeed in almost everything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.”

Napoleon Hill, author of the multi-year best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”, explains that enthusiasm easily comes when a person is inspired by the desire and passion to do something. Therefore, you need to set goals that you love. Think of enthusiasm as a flame that nourishes your motivation.

Surround yourself with enthusiasm

Other people can either weaken your enthusiasm and motivation, or help preserve them. Make friends with those who will encourage you and challenge you to achieve your goals.

In addition, enthusiasm is infectious. When you communicate with people who are enthusiastic about their lives and their goals, their enthusiasm will inspire you.

If you cannot find people enthusiastically, surround yourself with videos and books of people who are enthusiastic, such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar.

Learn to enter the state of higher enthusiasm.

Napoleon Hill explains that everyone has something that boosts his enthusiasm - it could be something like this:

  • Visiting museums
  • Listening to music
  • Spending time in nature
  • Wearing beautiful clothes
  • Reading authors' books you admire

He adds that all outstanding people have discovered ways and means to move themselves into a state of high enthusiasm. You need to figure out which activity makes your enthusiasm soar up to heaven.

Ask yourself questions

Count Prevett, author of How to Turn Your Ability Into Cash, explains that one of the best ways to generate enthusiasm in yourself are questions about your abilities, ideas, and progress. Similarly, if you want to generate enthusiasm in others: “Ask enough questions and you will find the answer. Asking questions, you run an endless chain of ideas. Most inventions and improvements are the result of questions. Someone wanted to know the answer. ”

Questions ignite ideas, provoke a reaction, stimulate interest and create desire. That is, they generate enthusiasm. Here are a few questions you can use:

  • How can I have more fun doing this?
  • What good is this situation?
  • How can I proceed?
  • What is the next step I can take?
  • What do I want here?
  • How can I increase the speed of work?

Create a "Yes, but ..." list

Whatever the goal, you can probably find a long list of reasons why you can’t reach it. These doubts are born in the depths of your mind, killing motivation. However, there is a way that you can use to eliminate these doubts.

Sit down and write down all the reasons why you think that you will not be able to achieve your goals. Then, oppose each of them "yes, but." Here is an example:

  • Reason: I can not reach my goal, I am too old to re-learn.
  • Answer: Yes, I am older, but my life experience is an advantage that young people lack.


Another way to generate enthusiasm is to draw your attention to what you are doing. Prevette explains that to do any work requires a concentration of thought: "This is not measured in hours, but those people who can focus for a long time on something, create more creative ideas and earn more money."

Try the principle of "as if"

Norman Vincent Peale writes that he needs to be filled with enthusiasm on purpose. The process is as follows:

  • Capture the image of enthusiasm in your mind.
  • Get down to business, acting as if you already have high enthusiasm.
  • Believe it.

Focus on the current reality

Imagine that you are currently working for someone, and your goal is your own business. How to act to improve your life right now? Look at the following two scenarios:

Scenario One: you wake up, go to work that you hate, and then come home, read magazines or watch TV until it is time to sleep.

Second script: you wake up earlier than usual and use this extra hour to work on your goal - start your own business. Then you go to work, return home, relax a bit and go to bed early to repeat this process the next day.

Following the second scenario, you will be filled with motivation and enthusiasm every new day, because you started it from your dream.

Keep motivation and enthusiasm with appreciation

One of the emotions that helps generate enthusiasm, and therefore helps keep you motivated, is gratitude. Feel grateful for everything you have that helps you achieve your goal. Here are three examples:

  • Feel grateful that you have the health necessary to achieve the goal.
  • Feel grateful for the access to the Internet, which allows you to quickly find the necessary information to achieve your goal.
  • Feel grateful that with the help of books you have access to the stories of people who have already achieved what you are trying to achieve.

Make your trip more enjoyable.

If working on a goal currently does not satisfy you, think about what you need to do to make the trip more enjoyable. Here are some ways:

  • Add variety
  • Balance between physical and mental work
  • Involve your friends and loved ones
  • Avoid unpleasant things.
  • Make your work fun

8 steps to increase motivation

There is a motivation system that includes several practical steps that will help increase motivation and achieve any goal.

1. Block the path to retreat.

If the goal is really serious and important, it makes sense to burn the bridges and cut off the paths to retreat, leaving no choice but to go forward. This may mean dismissal from unloved work, termination of unhappy relationships, moving to a new place of residence or, for example, a statement publicly, about the termination of a bad habit, such as smoking.

This step means that the person himself has created the conditions that force him to change his way of life and move toward the goal. This is a conscious increase in motivation. Unless the bridges are burned, the subconscious realizes that a retreat is possible. And if difficulties begin in business, as always happens with serious goals, then the person will retreat. Therefore, to achieve success, it is important not to even leave yourself the opportunity to surrender.

2. Surround your space with motivational symbols.

It can be posters with motivational inscriptions, hung in prominent places, a motivating screen saver on a computer, pictures with a cherished goal, which are also located near the workplace or in your room. It can be a reminder on the phone, with an important message to yourself. The more often a person remembers his cherished goal and is inspired by this, the closer the success.

3. Communicate with positive and optimistic people.

You need to get acquainted with positive-minded people and spend more time with them. If a person shares your goals and inspires them to achieve them, then this is your man. In turn, it is worthwhile to limit your communication with those who do not share your goals and treat them with obvious skepticism or indifference.

It is useful to make acquaintances among those who have already achieved goals to which you are only striving. They are able to charge faith in success and convey their positive attitude. There is an assumption that you can see your future, if you look at the people with whom you communicate the most. Если подобная перспектива выглядит не слишком заманчивой, стоит сменить круг общения, несмотря на то, что это может оказаться непростым делом.

Жизненные взгляды и мысли являются очень заразными. Поэтому имеет смысл тратить больше времени на общение с людьми, чье мировоззрение стоит того, чтобы его перенять.

4. Каждый день вдохновлять себя.

The easiest way to increase your motivation is to listen to and read inspirational books every day. Whatever the goal, it is important to read the books of those who have already achieved it. Even 15 minutes a day can give serious recharging for motivation and inspiration. Books written by highly motivated people are able to convey a positive attitude and increase motivation.

5. Eliminate the sources of negativity and replace them with positive sources.

If a person experiences great difficulty in motivating himself, his life is most likely overflowing with negative.

It is necessary to analyze all sources of information that affect mood. It can be books, magazines, news, programs on TV. If an untidy apartment causes irritation or apathy, it is also worth paying attention to.

It is necessary to reduce the viewing of news, ideally completely, because they will never meet with positive information. When reading, you should also give preference to inspiring books, rather than heavy ones. The same applies to cinema - it is better to avoid heavy and gloomy films, and to watch light films, comedies, and also pictures in which good wins evil.

It is important to cultivate laughter, joy, and positive, and try to eliminate emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anxiety.

6. Looks like you’ve already been successful.

Each time, passing by the mirror in a new image, a person receives a substantial dose of motivational reinforcement. You need to imagine yourself in the image of yourself as the future, how would you like to be and carefully look at how this new "you" looks. What he wears clothes and hairstyle, how he behaves, how he uses perfume. And without waiting for the cherished and distant day, start looking like this today. Such an action gives a powerful motivational effect.

7. Visualize success.

Visualization is best done in a relaxed mood, to music that inspires and energizes with positive energy. It is enough to give this lesson only 15-20 minutes a day. You need to imagine yourself who has achieved his goals and revive this image with bright colors and lively embodiment. Representing yourself, you need to see yourself as if from the outside, and not from your own body. This is important in order for the subconscious to define the goal as the one that needs to be achieved, and not as already achieved.

This exercise is a great way to start a new day, it can be done without even getting out of bed, at the stage of awakening. From time to time, music should be changed so that the emotional response does not diminish with time, from listening to the same songs.

8. Act boldly!

If the goals are defined and set - you must act immediately. Do not worry about detailed planning, otherwise you can never leave the planning stage. As Napoleon said: "A case is considered well thought out if it is thought out by a third».

Details will be thought out later, but at the moment you need to start doing the first action that can be taken now. You should not constantly weigh the pros and cons, you just have to start acting. All the details will be clarified later, during active actions, and much will be clarified directly in practice, something that could not have been calculated at the planning stage.

It is important to remember that the energy of action feeds motivation, while thinking and delaying it kill. The more a person feeds his motivation, the more he realizes that he will never back down.

If you consistently apply all 8 tips in practice, you can increase motivation to such an extent that nothing can shake it. This is a pleasant state where you move towards the goal every day and enjoy the process itself, because it focuses on the positive aspects of achievements, instead of difficulties. Positive energy inside is always transformed into a positive result without.

How to increase motivation: tips

1. Constantly remind yourself of your goal, visualize it. For example: for a long time I wanted to get an iPhone 4s. But I could not do this, since finances did not allow me to do this (more precisely, there were finances, but I needed to spend them on more important things). And then what I did - I decided that in order to achieve the desired goal, you need to earn more. To earn more, you need to work more. And it’s annoying to work for a long time, because there are so many distractions, there are various reasons that prevent me from sitting down and doing what I have planned.

And what did I do? I just put the Apple logo on my desktop. And now, when I turn on my laptop, I constantly see what I want to achieve at this stage. In addition, I began to periodically watch videos that compared iPhones with other phones, showed its benefits. And you know, it motivated me a lot - I began to work more, because I knew what I wanted to achieve. As a result - literally in a couple of months, I became the owner of a new white iPhone 4s :).

2. Encourage your achievements. I did all the work I had planned for the day - you can sit down, play computer games, or watch TV. You started to earn more - to spend money not only on the necessary things, but also to indulge yourself a little with the acquisitions you dreamed of. And you will be lazy - you will not see anything of this.

3. Reading books on self-motivation, visiting various trainings. For some it helps a lot.

4. Well, nothing enhances motivation like the stories of others' success! Read a similar story in the niche in which you work, and you will see that it gives you a pretty good kick in the ass. As an example: I am creating and promoting websites. With some I have achieved some success, with some not. The reason that I did not achieve what I really wanted was ordinary human laziness. Now imagine how I was motivated by real stories, when people who have ten times less experience than mine have been working in for several months so that they don’t seem a little over the development of their sites, and as a result they now have highly profitable sites that need to be spent no more than 2 hours a week. This is really motivating to work hard for several months just as they did, so that later, with a sense of accomplishment of duty, to have a good income from this.

5. Compare yourself only with yourself. If you do not want all your enthusiasm to die out at the initial stage, do not compare yourself with others.

Do not look at how much you still have to go to your goal, but look at what you have already achieved!

6. Forget about the past. Mistakes committed in the past make it difficult to move forward. Think only about the new day, which can give you a chance to fix it!

7. Surround yourself with positive people. You must admit that if you want to become a bargainer, then it is better to surround yourself with people who have the same passion, who can tell you, support at any moment. And if you are surrounded by a drunken company, which has one goal - to get drunk and smoke, of course, what kind of motivation can you talk about?

8. Well, the best advice, after which you will know how to increase motivation: “To hell with everything. Fight and do ”(Richard Branson). Stop reading this article and hope for how hard it is for you and how hard it is to live. Want to achieve something? Then do it! Nobody does your job for you!

1. Want to increase motivation? Then learn to simplify!

Go to planning your life from a creative point of view. Give up those actions that you do not like and take too much time and energy. It is very difficult to find motivation when the mind is full of thoughts about the tasks that you need to complete. Therefore, simplify. One way to simplify is to begin to combine different actions. Think about which ones you can reduce to a single action. Thus, you will have more time, as well as a feeling of satisfaction, which in turn increases motivation.

2. Set achievable goals

Remember that we must always set ourselves specific goals that can be accomplished in a very real period of time. It helps the brain to focus only on those things that are achievable. When we make visible progress towards our goals, we become much happier, and as a result we have the motivation to move on.

3. Develop new habits

Sometimes the smallest changes in life produce the greatest results. When you start going to the gym, recording videos, or practicing singing, consistency and repetition are key to doing these things. If you can’t finish the project, just start doing some small actions every day, even if it takes you only five minutes. Remember that small actions can lead to meaningful results.

4. Work with your subconscious

The human brain is a fantastic problem solving tool. If you have questions for which you are looking for answers, take a few minutes before bed to rethink everything. Imagine what the solution might be. Visualize goals and ways to achieve them. After sleep, write down everything that comes to mind, and begin to act.

5. Focus on your surroundings.

People with whom you spend time somehow influence your life and change it. Surround yourself with those that support and motivate you. We can always choose with whom we will spend the day, and what we will spend time on. You can always decide for yourself: stay with a person who drains energy out of you and morally puts pressure on your personality, or stay with a person who inspires you to work and is happy about your success.

6. Visualize your ideal future.

If you are not motivated, try to focus on the goal that leads to what you want to achieve in the future. A great way to increase motivation is to think more about your ideal future. Where would you like to be in 5 years? What is your main goal? What should happen so that you are very pleased with your achievements?