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Original manicure 2015-2016 year (11 photos)



New Year's manicure - an important part of the festive image, because everything must be impeccable in it!

Beautiful hands have always been and remain the hallmark of any woman. Therefore, it will not be a secret for anyone that it is necessary to prepare for the New Year's Eve in advance, and various strengthening baths and special oils will help in this. Let's see what should be New Year's manicure 2016. Everything fashion trends in one article with a photo.

New Year's manicure - a classic version

If you chose a “soft” image: make-up in the style of Nude make up and a romantic outfit, then the best solution would be a classic jacket with the addition of sparkles or lace patterns. Such New Year's manicure will look very elegant and stylish. This option is simple to perform, especially gel polish. And if you have a certain dexterity, then you can do it on your own.

Classic New Year's manicure

Unusual Feng Shui New Year's Manicure

New Year's manicure service jacket can be performed using bright or dark shades. This season is especially important to decorate two fingers - the ring and middle fingers on the right hand. All other fingers can be decorated in the classic version. New Year's manicure gel varnish in such a technique it looks very beautiful and unusual, and besides highlighting the middle and ring fingers, you consciously attract only positive emotions, joy and unbridled fun.

Feng Shui New Year Manicure

Merry and funny New Year's manicure with snowflakes, paintings and drawings.

Choosing a bright make-up and no less exquisite dress, you should take care of fashionable New Year's manicure. 2016 is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Therefore, in New Year's manicure it is appropriate to use bright and even acidic shades. The unique favorite will be golden and orange. Also, astrologers recommend diluting colors with darker shades: purple, green, blue and black.

To create a mischievous image, you can choose New Year's manicure photoIdeas, which can be viewed on the Internet. It can be a variety of thematic drawings. For example: always popular New Year's manicure with snowflakes (photo see below), also relevant are Christmas trees, deer, snowmen, Christmas caps, lollipops and, of course, the very symbol of the year - funny and funny monkeys.

New Year's manicure with a pattern

New Year's manicure with a pattern

Red New Year's manicure

Red is a symbol of passion, luxury and chic. To beat this shade can be a variety of ways. This season, moon nail art does not lose its relevance. Varieties of this design a great many.

The color of the hole can be absolutely any, but the most successful shades: pink, white, light beige, golden, silver and black.

Choosing a lunar nail art, you must carefully choose the shape of the nail. Bright smile harmoniously looks on the nails of medium length.

To give a more festive look. New Year's manicure, you can use additional decor: rhinestones, sparkles, themed stickers, colored sand, shells for design, mica.

The classic Christmas combination is red in silver or red in gold. In this case New Year's manicure 2016, but like New Year's manicure 2017, can be in a monochromatic color with a pattern or a jacket.

The nail of the ringless finger, adorned along the line of the cuticle with bright rhinestones, looks very elegant. If you do not like rhinestones, then you can completely replace them with pearl varnishes or glitter.

Red New Year's manicure

New Year's manicure in chalet style

If you like to celebrate this wonderful holiday in the country in a warm family or close friends, then you can use an alpine chalet-style design as a New Year's manicure. Drawings on the nails are made in the form of patterns as on a warm sweater. You can draw snowflakes, deer and geometric patterns. To create a New Year's manicure in the style of a chalet, you can use ready-made stickers and nail pads or draw a picture yourself. The color scheme of this New Year's nail design: red, white, green, blue, as well as warm brown shades.

New Year's manicure in chalet style

New Year's manicure in chalet style

Knitted New Year's manicure

An alternative to the Alpine chalet can be knitted manicure. This new design of manicure will perfectly fit into the framework of a country New Year's evening. The home version of the manicure, perhaps, does not look festive, but with the help of it you can create a very cute and gentle image. Knitted manicure is done quite simply. There are several options. The easiest way is to use relief patches on the nails. You can also paint a pattern with a brush or label it using a texture difference. For example, cover the pattern with a transparent glossy or vice versa matte varnish. To create a velvet effect, flock will suit, and if you still want to make a knitted manicure more bright and new year, then use fine silver dust for additional decor.

Knitted New Year's manicure

Art Deco New Year Manicure

If you are going to a New Year's retro party, stop your choice on the art-deco nail design. This luxurious manicure will emphasize your sense of style and sophistication. To make a new year's art deco nail design, use black, gold or silver gel polish. Another important point - the correct pattern, which consists of geometric shapes and lines. Examples of drawings on the nails in the style of the 70s can be viewed in the photo. To complete the image is very important to make the right New Year's makeup. It can be arrows or smoky eyes.

Art Deco New Year Manicure

Art Deco New Year Manicure

Art Deco New Year Manicure

New Year's manicure in oriental style

Lovers of Eastern culture can make a New Year's manicure in this style. As a rule, to create an oriental New Year's manicure, red shades of gel polish, gold foil or sequins are used. Hieroglyphs can be drawn with a brush or pasted pre-purchased applications. New Year's manicure on short nails Oriental style looks unusual and bright.

New Year's manicure in oriental style

New Year's manicure colors

The color scheme and general style of manicure are thought out depending on the subject of the holiday, if there is one, or they are chosen on the basis of the attire. The most popular colors of gel polishes used for New Year's manicure: black, red, blue, emerald and violet. No less popular is gold and silver manicure. Perfectly on the nails look pearl and shimmering varnishes with various effects.

Stylish New Year's manicure photo idea

New Year's manicure should reflect the symbol of the coming new year. So do not hesitate bright colors. It is on this day that stylists allow in New Year's manicure use a lot of glitter and other tinsel. Your image should be bright and catchy. New Year's manicure 2016, photo which see below, you can perform and do it yourselfusing gel polish.

Be on this magical night charming and inimitable! If you do not have enough creative skills, then you will always come to the aid of various stencils and stickers, and even photos with ideas of manicure! See also the article about winter manicure.

New Year's manicure: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure 2016 photo gel polish: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure 2016 photo gel polish: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure 2016 photo gel polish: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure 2016 photos with snowflakes

New Year's manicure: a collection of ideas

New Year's manicure: a collection of ideas

In the end, let's see a master class for creating a festive, New Year's manicure:

The shape and fashionable shades of the season 2015-2016

Probably not worth mentioning that even the most fashionable and original manicure will look stupid and vulgar on scruffy and shapeless nails. Before embarking on the creation of a modern design, it is imperative to put the cuticle in order, and also to give the nail plate the correct shape.

Designers of nail art in one voice say that it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite rectangular shape of the nail plate, at the peak of popularity - a natural oval and almond shape. To make the marigold look as if you had just arrived from a fashion show, you need to give them the right shape, and only then think about the design.

More recently, the popular "stilettos" today are hopelessly outdated, they look unnatural, and now the natural forms of nails are in fashion. If you can not part with the favorite form of "square" then work at least smooth out the corners of the nail plate, so that it looks as natural as possible.

If you are still building up your nails, then, remember that the native plate can be lengthened by no more than 1 cm, and it should also have a perfect almond-shaped form.

As for the color range, naturalness is also pursued here, the main emphasis is placed on natural, warm and pastel colors: white, pink, pale blue, light gray, cream. Also at the peak of popularity are pale peach, milky and skin shades, which can be both glossy and pearlescent, by the way, matte varnishes are also still popular.

If pastel colors seem too boring and everyday for you, you can easily switch to bright and juicy shades, as long as the varnish is combined with lipstick or with elements of the image. Another point: in the 2015 season, long nails will not be very popular, especially in combination with bright colors.

If you want to look stylish and restrained, then decorate your pens with short nails covered with bright monochromatic colors. At the beginning of 2015, strong wine tones, plum and cherry tones, which must be combined with the color of lipstick and the shape of nails, come back into fashion.

Fashionable in 2014, metal and golden directions, which are present in various accessories and jewelery, and therefore perfectly combined with a similar manicure, did not stand aside. To create a metallized effect, it is enough to cover the nails with a translucent silver lacquer or use nail design with foil.

Variants of fashion design and new 2015-2016

As we have said, natural nails and natural colors remain at the peak of popularity, which means classic and, favored by many ladies, French manicure remains in the first places of the rating. First of all, I would like to note that the contrast zone “smiles” that were popular last season goes to the second or even the third plan, more and more combinations of similar shades come into fashion, which differ only in a couple of tones.

For example, the classic version is white and flesh, or pink and coral, coffee and beige, etc. The moon design remains popular, when the “smile” zone is transferred from the edge of the nail plate to its base, such non-standard accents look very original and unbanal.

The new season 2015-2016 idea is a combination of two types of service jacket: the classic version and the moon version, it turns out very interesting and unusual, the main thing is that such a manicure should be done neatly and without contrast transitions.

Other varieties of service jacket appeared that are detached from soft and pastel variations: a revolutionary combination of dark colors and geometric prints.

Instead of a boring horizontal strip, we draw any other geometric shape, for example, a triangle, an oblique line, or even a blurred ornament. The color-blocking style, which involves the mixing of several colors, is also gradually gaining momentum.

Manicure gradient

This original color coating has become a real find, because it visually lengthens the nails and perfectly combines with almost any way. Gradient manicure looks interesting in almost any combination of colors, the main thing is that the transition should look smooth and neat, and the tones should be in close colors.

Such a design is easy to make at home, for this you only need cosmetic sponges and varnishes of various shades, the resulting rainbow is fixed with colorless varnishes or covered with glitter to heighten the effect.

Horizontal and vertical lines

Another novelty of the season 2015 is the contrasting stripes. They can be vertical, horizontal, bright and juicy, in the form of a fan, and can be performed almost to the tone. The most fashionable combinations here are gray + purple, red + black, white_black, white + metallic.

Peacock feather

In addition to the strict lines, designers willingly resort to a streamlined and rounded shape, it can be a convex strip of white in color at the base of the nail, and there may be round spots that resemble patterns on the tails of peacocks.

Most often, this design uses two colors, for example, milk + orange or pink + crimson. If you decide to draw a peacock tail, you can use three or four shades.

Classic design

A classic manicure does not go out of fashion: shortly cropped marigolds, with a well-groomed cuticle and colorless varnish. There is another version of the classic manicure: medium length, oval shape and nail plate, completely painted in one tone.

All shades of French manicure

From the day of its appearance, service jacket, with minor changes, does not cease to be an actual and universal manicure. As in 2015, variations of French manicure with bright, double rims or in combination with a moon manicure are in fashion.

Minimalism and stripes

Monotonous nails in neutral or gray colors, which have already gained popularity among lovers of clean and simple manicure this year, complemented the models of clothing designers Ji Oh, Marissa Webb and others.

Skater chic

A multi-colored chess manicure appeared at the opening of New York Fashion Week this year. For some girls, it will cause nostalgia for Vans slip-ons and skate parties, for others this bright and playful manicure will be a great addition to bold graphic images. Its creator, Naomi Yasuda, claims to have used scotch, so this manicure can be easily repeated at home, inspired by other fashion nails made with adhesive tape.

Liquid metal

Appeared last year, the trend to paint nails with metallic varnishes is also relevant in 2018. Among the vast range of “metallic” varnishes, the favorite is shade of chromed steel, rose gold and violet varnishes.

Matt black lacquer

An unusual reading of the classic black manicure was presented at the Proenza Schouler show - a contrasting combination of matte varnish and unstained nails, adds to it the spirit of rebellion and experiment, which is perfect for bows in leather or black skinny jeans.

Matte black lacquer is versatile enough to become the basis for other types of manicure: moon, with a zebra pattern or bows and rhinestones.

Universal gradient

The possibilities for experimenting with colors and form, which the use of the ombre manicure technique opens up are truly endless, and the result (after a certain amount of trial and error) is always interesting and new, so neil bloggers around the world, as well as well-known designers love it so much.

Fashionable moon manicure

Fashionable manicure with “bare” holes is also relevant in 2018. Wear this manicure in its pure form, in combination with a jacket or a gradient, the result will be excellent.

Fashion nails - manicure with splashes

Chaotic spray on the nails look original and bright, and to make such a manicure is easy - you will need a pair of lacquers and an ordinary tube.

Manicure with Aztec patterns

Glitter light shine

Glitter, in combination with clear or white varnish, looks very festive and romantic, but at the same time worthy and modest. This combination is suitable for office work and for a party.

To create a flicker effect, use ready-made varnishes-glitters or glitters in jars, which are covered with transparent varnish. In the latter case, it is very convenient to vary the number and location of the sparkles, for example, by placing them on the tips of your nails, you can easily create the effect of a French manicure.

Pay attention also to the possibility of creating a radiant fashion manicure using foil.

Manicure with a feather

A more abstract variation of manicure with feathers that everyone loves so much. The combination of “bare” nails and brush strokes with a thin brush creates the impression of weightlessness and romance.

Make this trendy manicure at home is very simple - you will need a thin brush and any varnishes of your choice, see the simple instructions below.

Experiment and try different colors and shades, you can start with what you have at home.

Letters and words

Graphic nails - one of the main trends in 2018, so we have the opportunity to go further and turn your manicure into a contrasting statement or just a stylish set of letters. Of course, special symbols and smiles can also be used. Для создания дизайна ногтей с большими буквами, вы можете использовать технику газетного маникюра, когда буквы переводятся на ногти с помощью спиртосодержащих жидкостей.

Ногти балерины (Coffin nails)

Popular in the West form of manicure for very long nails with a square tip, which is slightly rounded. Such nails look very elegant and, according to nail bloggers, are great for wearing (if you are used to long nails). Naturally, such a manicure requires constant care and strong nail plates.

Matte, pastel and beige tones with rhinestones and other decorations, as well as flesh-colored inserts are particularly suitable for the fashionable now “nail ballerina” nails.

Manicure 2018 for short nails

If you are accustomed to the convenience of short nails, it will not be difficult to have a fashionable manicure in 2018, just file them so that they are as round as possible and wear them with bedding or cream glossy varnishes of any shades. These nails look restrained and neat, but stylish and relevant.

3. Matte monotone

Most often it is the plain manicure that we use in everyday life. To make such a nail painting a trendy design, you just need to use matte coatings, and “voila” - your nails are ready for autumn 2016. For the cold season, it is better to use dark and cold tones: gray, burgundy, brown, black, and so on. Further.

Have you heard about the fashionable ombre hair dyeing? Now imagine that the manicure went over these color trends. For such a gradient painting, it is best to use two or three shades of the same color, and move from dark tones to lighter ones.

5. Moon manicure

I am sure that you imagined romantic months and stars on dark nails. But the essence of the moon manicure is not in this. This nail design is often called “Hollywood” or french Dior, because it was at Dior shows that the concept of this nail art was shown for the first time.

The whole essence of the moon manicure is a french opposite. We take two contrasting colors of lacquer and focus not on the tip, but on the nail hole. There are two topical types of autumn "Hollywood" manicure: with a convex "smile line" and vice versa concave.

7. The combination of everything with everything

Let's call this kind of nail art just like that. Only this fall, nails come into fashion, on which all sorts of manicures are placed simultaneously, of course, in the same color range.

One finger is a French jacket, the second is metallic, and the third can simply be monotonous. Skilled hands of the master and your imagination - and the most beautiful autumn manicure 2016 is ready.

8. Broken glass

Gaining momentum and fashion trend, which came to us from the distant shores of South Korea. It would seem, what else to surprise experienced fashionistas? But enterprising Koreans came up with. Broken glass manicure or glass nail art consists of applying small stickers of different shapes and diameters on the nail plate that look like broken glass. Bright, festive and extravagant option for all lovers to keep pace with fashion.

9. Bubble-nails

The craziest and unpredictable trend of the fall of 2016 is nail nails. This nail design has already spread out on the Internet and offers us many types and variations. The essence of manicure is to apply a large amount of gel on the nail and form a small ball. The owners of this miracle argue that despite the comic at first glance, such nails are very practical and comfortable in everyday life.

10. Lace

Well, the most romantic autumn manicure of this season is lace. Black and white patterns on a monophonic nail cloth will add to your image of refinement and elegance.

There are two techniques of applying lace on your nails. The first one is a real lace patches glued onto a helium coating by a master, the second one is special stamps and patterns to them that will help you to imitate the lace in your manicure at home.

As you can see, the fashion trends of autumn 2016 leave room for experiments and fantasy, and at the same time return us to the beginning of all beginnings - to the natural female beauty. We hope our original ideas of autumn manicure will help you to complement your image with a subtle hint and an unforgettable zest.