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10 most expensive resorts in the world


Today, for a luxury holiday there are all conditions: luxury hotels in the most colorful corners of the planet, complete privacy, service at the highest level, the offer of delicious dishes and an exclusive range of services. Of course, the prices for top-class vacation are appropriate, which are affordable for a few, but why not dream? Moreover, the thoughts are material.

Let's start with the Spanish island of Ferradura. Perhaps, Ferradura (Isla de sa Ferradura) can be considered a record for the most expensive among all the luxury resorts.

This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, near Ibiza, which is connected with a sandy isthmus. The island offers a divine view of the bay of San Miguel and the Mediterranean Sea, an impressive lagoon with a waterfall and grotto and landscape design.

The island amazes with luxury and magnificence. The resort is designed for only 15 people and guarantees a secluded and high-grade luxury holiday. The design of each room is unique.

Guests have at their disposal: a Turkish bath, a swimming pool with cascades, a solarium, a sauna, a gym, a beauty salon, massages, the opportunity to go diving, surfing, water skiing, fishing, etc. etc.

And the cost of one day stay in Ferradura is from $ 100,000.


On the Virgin Islands, which still belong to the UK, is one of the most beautiful and expensive Necker Island resorts. It can rightly be considered the most environmentally friendly in the world.

Here is a unique nature, inhabited by many different birds and the richest underwater world. When in 1982, the island of Necker acquired millionaire Richard Branson, he arranged it for his own holiday.

But after a while he began to lease it, and then this place acquired the status of a luxury resort. On the island there are 6 Indonesian-style villas that can accommodate 28 people. The hotel is a closed club.

The cost of living per day: from $ 30,000.


The luxurious resort of Laucala (Laucala Island) is located on a picturesque island in the latitudes of the Pacific Ocean and occupies 4.5 km2 of the Fijian Archipelago.

Fiji is famous for its pristine beauty, tropical dense forests, sandy beaches and unsurpassed ocean views. The owner of Laucala Island is Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz.

The island has 25 luxury villas with personal access to the beach. The best and the most expensive among them is located on the top of the hill.

When Mateschitz is visiting the island, he stops in it, but at other times it can be rented.

The cost per night is $ 40,000.


The private resort of Musha Cay (Musha Cay), occupying one of the Bahamas of 60 hectares, is owned by David Copperfield. The island is rented only for 3 months.

In five villas Musha Cay can accommodate 24 people. All residences are surrounded by mahogany terraces, and have their own access to the beach.

In addition to the most beautiful nature, here guests will find extraordinary interiors with collectible items and exotic artifacts. And the leisure time of visitors to Musha Cay can be brightened with games invented by thoughtful Copperfield.

Price per night - $ 28,000.


This is not just an exquisite resort, but also one of the most romantic places on the emerald coast of Costa Smeralda. The hotel is designed in the style of a fishing village with Sardinian houses and a marina, using stone and decorative tiles of Mediterranean colors.

From the balconies and patio open gorgeous, colorful views of the sea and sky. In the presidential suite Cala di Volpe, with three bedrooms, two living rooms, a sauna and a private pool, a solarium and a fitness area, an even more exclusive atmosphere.

The area of ​​the apartment is 450 square meters. The interior is also decorated in the romantic style of Sardinia - with wooden ceilings and terracotta floors. Guests of the presidential suite can enjoy the coast from the spacious terrace. This hotel is a completely new level of elegance and luxury, recognized as the most magnificent on the Costa Smeralda.

Average price per night: $ 26,000.


Dall House - is one of the non-island resorts, where there are no beaches or the sea. But it is located in a beautiful place in Scotland, famous for its ecological air, protected mountains, clear lakes, and is considered one of the cleanest places in the world.

On the territory of Dall House is a luxury hotel, golf course, spa, modern medical institution, shops and restaurants.

A night here costs about $ 20,000.

But there is an important nuance: in order to be able to relax in Dall House, you must become a member of the elite club and pay the entrance fee, but here we are talking about millions.


Cannes is a French city on the coast of the Gulf of La Napoule, where the Esterel mountain range is close. Today it is a city of not only amazing natural landscapes, but also of luxury and wealth.

And Martinez Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the Cote d'Azur. Martinez offers its guests 409 rooms, including deluxe rooms and one of the largest superior rooms in Europe - Penthouse Suite.

The penthouse offers guests two huge bedrooms, the most elegant interior, elegant furniture, a jacuzzi on the terrace and many of the most expensive services.

A night in this French hotel, with a magnificent view of the entire coast of the city, can be spent for as low as $ 18,000.


Sandy Lane Resort is located on the west coast of Barbados. In addition to Hollywood stars, the Queen of England rested here. It is the Sandy Lane Hotel that is the most expensive and beautiful in the Caribbean.

The complex includes 112 rooms, and a choice of several accommodation options. The Villa is the most expensive of all the offers. It has 5 bedrooms, several bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a jacuzzi and a private pool.

Price: from $ 10,000 per day.

Isla de sa Ferradura

Location: The Mediterranean Sea, near Ibiza, is privately owned.
The cost of living per day: about $ 115,000

Its current owner has spent 10 years to ennoble this island - no wonder that now the rest there is so expensive. In addition to the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the exotic forest, here you can find a beautiful lagoon with a grotto, a waterfall, a yacht, a pool, a spa center, a gym, diving and surfing centers, as well as many other attractions. And yet none of the rooms of the resort is like the other: each is maintained in its own style - the best designers of the world worked on it.

Necker island

Location: Virgin Islands, UK
The cost of living per day: 30 000 $

It will be difficult to choose the dates of your stay here, even if the necessary amount is typed: the famous millionaire Richard Branson owns this island, and he gives it only in the absence of his family. But it's worth it: the resort is located in a very beautiful place in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and is surrounded on all sides by coral reefs and colored fish swimming in them. In addition, the island has six villas, five sandy beaches, an outdoor pool, a bar, a spa, a gym, two tennis courts, a yacht and even a helipad.

Location: Bahamas
The cost of living per day: $ 25,000 (minimum rest period - 3 days)

Not far from Necker Island there is another fashionable resort with crystal clear ocean water, snow-white beaches and five villas, each of which has its own beach, pool, garden, sauna and fireplace. A total of 24 people can relax on the island at the same time.

Dall house

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom
The cost of living per day: 12 000-20 000 $

At this resort there are no sandy beaches, but everything is ecologically clean, there is no sea - but there are rivers and clear lakes. Here you can soak up in the spa, play on one of the two golf courses or just entertain your self-esteem, because to get here you need to be in a special club, pay a membership fee of $ 204 million and pay another 1 million every year .

Casa Contenta

Location: Miami, United States
The cost of living per day: 12 000-17 000 $ (minimum rest period - 3 days)

In Miami, in principle, not bad, let alone what will relax in a mansion worth $ 20 million. The huge pool with a waterfall, the interiors of rooms, made in the style of different countries of the world, personal cook, nanny, massage therapist and limousine transfer.

Location: Maldives
The cost of living per day: 10 000 $

In 2008, it was the most "luxury" resort in the world, now others have overtaken it, but this has not made it worse. Just think: a whole island for rent for a company of up to 12 people, luxurious rooms, a private yacht with a bedroom, a bathroom and other amenities, fishing in the middle of the ocean and much more.

Sandy lane

Location: Barbados
The cost of living per day: 8 000 –25 000 $

"Little England" at the junction of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. The former plantation was turned into a luxury resort with a truly British flavor: a Romanesque spa, a large golf course and other pleasures of life.

Location: Caribbean, Anguilla
The cost of living per day: 5,000 –12,000 $ (minimum rest period - 2 weeks)

The African Sapphire Villa of 1400 km 2 has its own cinema, a swimming pool, several jacuzzis and eight bedrooms - what else do you need to relax?

Frege island private

Location: Seychelles
The cost of living per day: $ 2450-2700 (minimum rest period - week)

This is the most remote island of the Seychelles group and is the perfect place to relax. There is quiet, calm and there is something to do: golf, diving, surfing and many other attractions.

1st place - Dollhouse in Scotland

In September 2009, construction began on a luxury resort designed for the richest people in the world. The resort was built for 2.5 billion dollars and it is called “Doll House” (Doll House), it is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​Scotland. The cost of a room per day ranges from 12 to 28 thousand $ per person.

In order to rest there, members of the exclusive club must make a contribution of 200 million dollars. In order to become a member of this club, you need to pay $ 4,000,000 and then pay $ 1,000,000 each year.

This is a truly exclusive resort in the world: a pleasant climate, clean lakes and rivers. On the territory there is a spa hotel, a clinic where you can undergo treatment and even surgery, a golf course and a golf club. Also there are about 100 cottage houses, shops, a concert hall and restaurants with a beautiful view. He is considered the most expensive tour in the world.

Figure 2. Photos of the resort “Doll House” in Scotland.

2 place - Artificial island in Dubai

A trip to Dubai is a dream of many. This resort is a beautiful city with built infrastructure in the middle of the desert. All thanks to the scientific and technological progress of the XXI century. Showing their ingenuity, the Arabs built an archipelago, which includes three major islands. If you look at them from a bird's-eye view, you can see that they are built in the shape of a palm tree. The ambitions of the Arabs resulted in a stunning project that can be seen even from the moon.

Palm Jumeirah - the most original island, built in 2006. It looks like a trunk and 16 leaves, it all frames the crescent. The crescent is a breakwater that protects the skeleton from high waves. There are hotels all over the island. This place has all the necessary infrastructure for a wonderful holiday. The cost of staying in a heavenly spot per day is $ 15,000.

The opening ceremony of the resort took place in 2008, world-class stars flew to the island, there was a chic salute using 100 thousand units of pyrotechnics.

Figure 3. Palm Jumeirah Island

5th place - Bahamas (Musha Cay)

Paradise and part-time one of the most expensive resorts in the world. The islands have a fantastic atmosphere: clear water, underwater and wildlife, flora. One of the picturesque islands is Musha Cay, which costs 25,000 US dollars per night. The minimum stay in a heavenly place - 3 days.

There are only 5 villas on the island and each has its own beach with crystal clear water, in addition to the beach, the villa has a swimming pool, sauna and green garden. Each villa has no more than 24 beds.

Figure 10. View of the bay from Musha Cay Island

6th place - Mansion in Miami

On the Atlantic coast of Miami, there is an unusual construction for the United States - a mansion worth $ 20,000,000. In its decoration, it is not inferior to the European palaces. You can remove it for at least 3 days, each of the days will cost up to $ 17,000.

The main attraction is a large swimming pool with a waterfall, but not the only one. For vacationers working personal chef, masseur and maid. During the whole time spent in the mansion a limousine is assigned to a man.

Figure 11. Mansion in Miami

7th place - Resort in the Maldives

The most expensive tour is to the Maldives, where all Russian celebrities, as well as world-class stars, have a rest. This place is so romantic and beautiful that they often go there for a honeymoon trip or beautifully make an offer to get married.

On one of the islands - the atoll of Faafu is the resort of Rania. The price of accommodation per night starts from 10,000 US dollars. The Maldives are among the most beautiful places on earth, and in Faafu one of the most prestigious resorts. The island can rent no more than 12 people at a time, and the most important entertainment - diving.

Figure 12. Villa on the island of Faafu

8 place - Rest on Barbados

“Little England” is the name of the island of Barbados, which is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Its doors are open to the richest people in the world, the cost of living per day reaches $ 25,000.

Once the slave-owning plantation turned into a paradise, in which the richest tourists come. In Barbados, there are golf courses, spas, and cafes with restaurants that traditionally cook English cuisine.

Figure 13. Barbados Beach

9th place - Belize

Pleasure on the coast of Belize will cost $ 1,400 per night. In this wonderful place you can go fishing and enjoy the full variety of national cuisine, and unity with nature. On the island of only 5 villas and for each assigned personal servant.

For lovers of extreme sports it can be noted that diving and surfing are very developed here. And for $ 10,000, you can rent an island entirely and try to live a savage, earning your own food yourself or using the comforts of civilization.

Figure 14. Belize Bay

10th place - Fiji Islands

The most expensive resort on the Fiji Islands is Vatulele. Day of residence on the island will cost from 1600 US dollars. Tropical archipelago with a stunning ecological system, the nature of which will charm anyone. Golden beaches and clear ocean water, fishing, living in bungalows and walking barefoot like ancient tribes - all this allows you to plunge into island life and relax your body and soul.

Figure 15. View of the island Vatulele from the ocean

11th place - Resort in the Seychelles

Seychelles is a luxury resort rich. Azure water, the most delicate beaches, comfortable rooms, plenty of entertainment. Accommodation on the islands will cost from 2 400 to 2 700 dollars. Golf, beauty salons, swimming pools, massage, surfing, diving, boat trips or paroplane, everything that a wealthy tourist wishes.

Unique ecology, flora and fauna. In the Seychelles live rare species of long-livers turtles, they can be found both in the wild and in nature reserves.

Figure 16. View of the Seychelles from an airplane window

Seychelles is a paradise on earth. The place you really need to go. Video from the islands to enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation:

Five expensive winter resorts

In addition to summer paradises, the doors of a winter fairy tale in the form of expensive ski resorts are open for wealthy people. The leader of winter travel, of course, Europe. Top 5, where you definitely need to go to rich people:

Tops the ranking of winter resorts - Austria, Lech. This is the most expensive resort of the snowy Alpine mountains. On the territory of Leh available: tennis, curling, squash, ice climbing and even riding in a sleigh in harness with horses, skating rink and ski slopes.

Figure 17. Lech, Austria

St. Anton is also an Austrian resort. It was here that the first school in the world that taught alpine skiing was opened. He is awarded 2nd place in the ranking of winter resorts.

Figure 18. Village St. Anton, Austria

The French Alps - Val d’Isere, in 3rd place. One of the most picturesque cities in France. And to be more precise, this is an alpine village, which seems to have been copied from the New Year tales. Skiing stars and winners of the Winter Olympics love to come here.

Figure 19. View of the village of Val d’Isir

St. Moritz is an aristocratic resort in Switzerland. World celebrities, billionaires, politicians come here to spend time riding the slopes of the Alps. The resort’s business card is Mount Corva, it is recognized as the most extreme, with a height of 3,300 meters. Также принято считать, что здесь наливают самый вкусный в мире глинтвейн.

Рисунок 20. Аристократический курорт Санкт-Мориц

Самый дорогой в мире горнолыжный курорт – Аспен. Это самый экологичный и люксовый курорт Америки. На его территории находится самый большой массив солнечных батарей в мире, его длина составляет почти 4 тысячи метров. Огромное разнообразие трасс для горных лыж, катание на собачьих упряжках, хоккей, пейнтбол и множество других развлечений.

Рисунок 21. Aspen Village

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1. Bora - Bora

Bora - Bora is one of the resorts of the elite class. These islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, in French Polynesia. Geographically, the archipelago is an atoll with one large island and many small areas of land on the surface of the coral reefs, called motu. Forest and mountains cover most of the atoll, only on a narrow strip along the coast ideal conditions for living on the islands. Administratively, the atoll belongs to France.

The atoll has excellent climatic conditions and excellent beaches. The French have equipped these natural benefits and turned this archipelago into a center for elite tourism. Top class services include: scuba diving through a coral garden, feeding sharks and stingrays, an extreme jeep ride through a colorful rainforest. Of course, that such a vacation is expensive.

Houses on stilts - this is the way out of the situation due to the lack of territory for the construction of housing. The airport is located on one of the motu - high-speed catamarans deliver tourists to the hotels.

Moorea is an island in French Polynesia. He is called the sister of Tahiti. The island includes an array of volcanoes located in the shape of a heart. And around the beautiful turquoise waters.

Moorea gathers on its expanses a mass of tourists from all over the world, primarily because of the high class hotels, clean white sand beaches, wonderful coral bottom, the incredible color of landscapes and lagoon, and many fascinating events both on water and on land.

Swimming with dolphins is Moorea's business card. In addition, tourists can enjoy water rides with sharks and leopard slopes on the background of coral reefs.

In the settlement of Tiki village you can get acquainted with the aborigines and learn about their life, life and culture, enjoy delicacies and enjoy the spectacle of the dance performance "fire dance".

An exclusive golf course has been built on the island. 18 holes will not disregard any lover of this elite sport. All these features make Moorea one of the most expensive resorts in the world.

Bhaghama is a country located on an archipelago in the Caribbean. The archipelago includes more than 700 islands and 2500 reefs. The state is part of the British Commonwealth. The state is headed by the governor general.

The Bahamas, by their nature, are deposits of coral limestone. Virtually the entire territory of the islands is a plain, with the exception of Mount Alvernia.

The archipelago has a mild tropical climate. The average temperature is 20-23 degrees Celsius.

The Bahamas gather tourists from all over the world due to the pleasant climate, white sandy beaches with high palm trees, long coral reefs, and pure azure water. All islands are divided into expensive resort areas. At the resorts, vacationers are offered all kinds of beach holidays, shopping, delicious delicacies, festive entertainment, casinos and banking services. The bulk of the country's profits come from tourism and banking.

4. Maldives

Maldives - a state in the Indian Ocean, which includes about 2,000 islands.

Due to the proximity of the equator, the islands have a warm tropical climate. The average temperature is 26 - 28 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is 24 - 27 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Beaches with beautiful palm trees, turquoise warm waters, beautiful coral castles with exotic sea inhabitants turned the Maldives into one of the most expensive vacation spots in the world. All hotels are high level 4-5 stars, some are designed for families with children.

Tourists are offered all kinds of beach and water sports recreation, island tours, helicopter rides.

In the Maldives, prefer to relax people who appreciate peace and quiet rest. And of course, those who are crazy about active sports activities, such as surfing, diving and other water sports.

5. Seychelles

Seychelles is a republic in the Indian Ocean, which includes 115 islands. Most of the islands are national parks and nature reserves.

The cleanest waters of the ocean, the huge beaches with pink sand and the magic world of the underwater kingdom with exotic inhabitants are of great interest. Tourists are offered water sports and recreation, extreme sports, paragliding and hang-gliding, a trip on a yacht to the uninhabited islands.

Many hotels specialize in wedding events. Every year couples come here to register their marriage.

It is forbidden to export products from turtles, sea shells and corals from the islands.

Do you adore tales? Seychelles is a real fairy tale for wealthy people, which can be adequately attributed to the most expensive resorts on Earth.

Fiji is a republic in the Pacific. It consists of 332 islands, and only a third of them are inhabited. The islands are of volcanic and coral origin.

The climate on the archipelago is oceanic tropical, characterized by softness and high humidity. The average temperature is 23 - 26 degrees Celsius. The republic suffers from tropical cyclones, which cause floods and landslides.

Most of the islands are covered with the most diverse dense vegetation. But the fauna on the archipelago is relatively poor, but the world of insects is very rich.

Fiji is famous for its tropical nature. Long sandy beaches along the coast, clean, radiant water with a lot of sea dwellers attract tourists from all over the world, although the rest here is also not cheap.

Hotels are located on almost every inhabited island. There are bars and restaurants, private beaches with umbrellas and sun beds, spa services, and various excursions offered at the service.

The most popular form of recreation in the archipelago is diving. In addition, you can swim with sharks, play beach volleyball and other sports, and for those who like fishing, all the conditions are offered for a great bite.

7. Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are an archipelago in the Caribbean. The archipelago includes 60 islands and many coral reefs. The advantages of the islands - the dense vegetation of the hills, clear blue sky, long deserted sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets.

The climate on the islands is tropical marine. The average temperature is 26-28 degrees Celsius.

On the islands are all kinds of tropical plants. Fauna is common in tropical islands.

Previously, this paradise was a hiding place for pirates, and now it is one of the most expensive vacation spots in the world.

For tourists are offered services of diving, beach recreation, yachting and windsurfing.

On the archipelago all sorts of festivals and holidays are very beautifully held. On every island, at any time of the year, the locals celebrate something. These may be national holidays, a feast of the name of the saint, or some state event.

Bali is a resort island in the Malay Archipelago. It has a volcanic origin and therefore is rich in a diverse landscape. Coral reefs are a protective structure against predators and allow tourists to enjoy an underwater walk in the ocean waters.

The island is very diverse and, of course, not cheap resorts, and there are many temples that attract tourists from all over the world. In the south of the island are beautiful resorts with a beach holiday. In the central part there are resorts that are famous among tourists for the opportunity for shopping, all kinds of night parties and restaurants. In the north you can go diving, surfing and swimming with dolphins. On the east coast, the best resorts for families. However, during the holidays in 2-3 weeks you can visit all the best places in Bali.

9. Barbados

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean. The island has a very high standard of living and well-developed tourist activities. This island is one of the driest and sunniest islands in the Caribbean, and is undoubtedly among the most expensive resorts in the world.

All island resorts are very diverse and offer their range of services. In the west there are resorts for scuba diving. These places are chosen by famous politicians, pop stars and other celebrities. There are very big waves in the east of the island, so windsurfers come here.

In the north of the island there are a variety of cliffs, about which powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean are beating. There are magnificent landscapes here, but at the same time it is less populated.

The tourist season lasts from December to May, from June begins the rainy season.

On the island you can find resorts for families with children, youth recreation, there are health centers. As well as places for lovers of romance - all your romantic desires will make Barbados resorts a reality.

Hawaii is an archipelago consisting of 8 large and 12 small islands in the Pacific Ocean. All islands are very different from each other. There are dense tropical forests, frozen volcanic lava, beautiful gardens with amazing flowers, mountain gorges, fast rivers with waterfalls. This whole landscape is beautifully decorated with turquoise waters of the ocean, clean white sand beaches and alabaster peaks. The archipelago is the most active volcano in the world of Kilauea.

Probably not a tourist who would not hear about Hawaii. Which is not strange, because it is one of the most luxurious resort places in the world. Each resort has its own entertainment for tourists. These include all kinds of sports both on land and on water, all kinds of excursions involving various techniques, such as a yacht, helicopter, jeep. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, quiet sandy beaches with clean ocean water are offered.

Which resort on Earth is the most expensive?

Are you looking for the most expensive and luxurious resort? Then you just need to visit a private island. Isla de sa Ferradura in Spain, located near Ibiza.

The resort area is 6 hectares, and it is designed for only 15 people.

The creation of this paradise of the owner took as much as 10 years. The cost of daily living from 100 000$, it is approximately 5 630 500 Russian rubles (depending on the course). Unusually beautiful lagoon with a grotto, beautiful waterfalls, white sandy beaches, numerous types of recreation and entertainment, all this is simply amazing.

In addition to the cozy, but incredibly expensive, villas and mansions for a small number of people, there is a rating of the most expensive hotels in the world. Read here, what hotel complexes are included in the TOP.

It is worth noting that the hotel has no identical rooms, and the best masters of the whole world worked on the interior itself.

Rating of places that will cost you a pretty penny

There are several luxury places that are leading from year to year, falling into the list of the most expensive resorts. They differ:

  • security and the safety of holidaymakers
  • performance of all whims tourist
  • picturesque and fascinating species,
  • by service top class.

However, to get to such places you need to have huge fortune.

The most luxurious and elegant places in the world that can compete with the Isla de Ferradura.

Fregat Island Privat

This secluded place in the Seychelles will help you to truly relax. Fregat Island Private is very popular among families with children. Here you can play golf, go diving or surfing. The villas can accommodate up to 40 people. Rest will cost $ 2400-2700.

Trutle island

Location - Fiji. At this resort, the guest can choose between modern cottages and unusual huts. Only 14 people can be here at the same time. Cost of accommodation from $ 1630.

Luxury ski resorts

Not everyone goes to resorts solely to sunbathe, soak up the sunshine and swim in warm water. There are many tourists who prefer active skiing.

Snow-covered avalanches, extreme sports, frosty freshness and a cozy fireplace warming in the evenings. What could be better?

  1. Chamonix - refers to the most popular ski resorts in Europe. It is hardly suitable for beginners, professionals come here more often. Here is the well-known "White Valley" with a length of more than 20 km - an ideal place for outdoor activities. The resort has all the conditions and amenities, and the beauty of nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Courchevel 1850. The location is the center of the Tarentza valley. Driving time - from November to May. The resort is popular with wealthy people and stars. Within the complex there are elite shops, spas, sports halls and restaurants.
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      Lech. Not only celebrities and billionaires come here to ski, but also ordinary fans of this sport. The tracks remain perfectly snow-covered all season, there is where to go for beginners.

    St. Anton. In 1922, the first ski school in the world was opened at this place. Here is the most expensive ski hotels. Experienced skiers will love the resort.

    The length of the St. Anton trails is 276 km, and skiing is also possible.

    Switzerland's most expensive resort - St. Moritz. Located in the canton of Graubünden. St. Moritz was twice the capital of the Winter Olympics. Almost every year there are championships in Alpine skiing. This place is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque on earth.

    In Italy, distinguished resort Cortina d’Ampezzo. The location is the province of Belluno. Cortina d’Ampezzo is in the TOP of the best ski resorts in the world.

    The ski area here is quite diverse, but they go to this resort not only for skiing, but also to have a wonderful time. Here you will be surrounded by the most luxurious boutiques and restaurants in the world.

    Russian skiers are not in the TOP of the most expensive, but they can boast of excellent tracks and a high level of service. Read here about the ski resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.

      Aspen. This is a large and prestigious ski resort in the States. The total length of the tracks is 200 km. The resort itself is located in the valley of Roaring Fork. All cottages are built in the Victorian style, and nearby there are restaurants and shops.

    Jackson Hole. This is a real expanse for experienced skiers, there is just a huge number of steep slopes and cliffs, but there are trails for beginners. While in Jackson Hole, be sure to check out the local Cowboy Bar, where you will feel the special atmosphere of the wild west.

    Briver creek. Here you will find the best playgrounds for open games, rocky mountains, an ice rink and many other attractions. Hotels in Beaver Creek are notable for comfort and special coziness, most of them can be reached directly on skis.

    During the fall of the snow, here you can observe how steam rises from the ground, shrouding everything around, this is due to the heating of the walkways.

  • Stow. One of the most memorable US resorts. The location is on the mountains of Mansfield and Spruce Peak, and the tracks are right in the forest.
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    In Canada, the most prestigious resort is Mont-Tremblant. The mountains here are not high, but the slopes are very diverse and well equipped.

    If you do not like sports, this place is ideal for walking in the fresh, frosty air.

    All of the above resorts are different luxury and service top level to get on one of them, you need to lay out a round sum.

    We recommend to see video on the topic of the most expensive resorts in the world:

    Fiji, Vatulele Island Resort

    The resort Vatulele Island is notable for its originality and is considered the most expensive resort in the world, because guests are urged to go barefoot and not to wear modern clothes. Price per night from 1296 dollars. Vacationers are brought to the island by helicopter, and products are brought to the resort every day from the mainland. Vatulele Island is on the list of "the most expensive resorts in the world."

    What are they paying money for?

    So for what they gladly pay so much money? First of all, for privacy. All these resorts are designed for a maximum of a few dozen people. This is an opportunity to take a break from people and fuss and really feel the unity with nature. Many people have the opportunity to get to a remote, sparsely populated place, where for hundreds of kilometers you will not meet a single person.

    10 most expensive resorts in the world:

    Just want to do it. But the path to such places is long and difficult, because people do not live only where it is almost impossible to reach. And not everyone will decide on this. Having reached with great difficulty, you will have to face problems, because even the most basic comforts will not be there, privacy will have to be half-starved while sitting on grass, the lion’s share of time and energy wasted on getting it, because it’s impossible to bring the right amount of food with you.

    Yes, and health risk will have to expose. Therefore, only unpretentious brave souls with outstanding health are decided on this. That is why they pay for comfort. And the creation of comfortable conditions in a lonely place costs much more than in a megacity.

    But privacy and comfort are not enough. Enormous work and money is worth putting in order and maintaining the state of these beautiful places at the proper level. Судите сами: хозяин самого дорого курорта мира — острова «Подкова» — потратил более 10 лет на приведение в порядок и обустройство острова.

    Остров долго находился во владении государства и впервые был передан частному владельцу, в чьей собственности до сих пор и находится. Люди же в массе своей не относятся к природе столь бережно, чтобы жертвовать ради ее сохранности своими привычками. И там, где бывает много людей, остается и много отходов их жизнедеятельности.

    Поэтому даже просто привести в порядок местность после посещения ее разного нравственного уровня туристами непросто. And natural factors exert their influence: a strong wind, breaking branches of trees, will cause great damage to the landscape.

    But the most expensive resorts in the world are not just maintaining a perfect state. It created such an exquisite landscape design that it seems that this virginal cleanliness is a place that has just been created by the hand of the Almighty and has never been seen by anyone. Such masters can create only experienced and subtly sensitive nature masters whose work costs a lot of money.

    The beach must be kept clean.

    And only people who have a great love for nature and have exquisite taste can take care of it. Their daily work is also quite expensive.

    10 most expensive resorts

    In the 10 most expensive resorts in the world 2017-2018. include:

    1. Dall House is the most expensive. And it is not at all on the warm sea, but in Scotland, in the county of Perthshire. And at first glance, the most expensive does not seem: the fee for 1 day of stay there is about $ 20,000. There are resorts where pay per day and higher. But it is here that the “mere mortal” will not fall, because in order to be able to pay here $ 20,000 per day, you need to be a member of a private club, the entrance fee to which is $ 4,000,000, and the annual one is $ 1,000,000. That is why it is the most expensive resort in the world.

      And only money will not be enough: you need special recommendations and a certain reputation. It has a unique service, and it is unnecessary to speak about the cleanest air, the most transparent rivers and lakes, green fields and stunning gaze landscapes. The best golf courses are located right here. Peace, silence and the highest level of security are best provided here.
    2. Isla de sa Ferradura - Spanish Island "Horseshoe". It is located near Ibiza and is connected with it by a sandy isthmus. The island offers a magnificent view of the beautiful bay of San Miguel. For 10 years, which were spent by the owner on the device of a high-class resort, landscape design was stunning with its exquisite elegance.

      It includes a lagoon with a grotto, and a waterfall, and a cascade pool. The island is provided with the highest level of service. This island is lost to all other resorts in Spain.
    3. Necker Island - one of the British Virgin Islands, owned by Richard Branson and surrendering only when the millionaire family are not there. Entirely rented, the cost of the day of stay of 1 person - $ 30,000.
    4. Masha Kay (Musha Cay) - The Bahamas island resort, designed for 24 people. The cost of the day for one is $ 28,000.
    5. Hotel Villa Hotel Contenta is located in America. The cost of the day for one - $ 17,000, and you can rent it for a period of at least 3 days.
    6. Atlantis - located in Dubai, on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. The cost of the day for one - $ 15,000.
    7. Сasa Contenta is a stunning mansion located in Miami, on Palm Island. The cost of the day for one - from 11,000 to 17,500 dollars.
    8. Rania Experience is an island in the Indian Ocean. The cost of the day for one is about $ 10,000. Designed for 9 people.
    9. Sandy Lane is located on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. The cost of the day for one is about $ 10,000.
    10. Altamer is located on the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. This island belongs to the overseas territories of Great Britain, but is self-governing. The cost of the day for one - 5 000 -12 000 $. You need to pay for 2 weeks at once.
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    The most expensive ski resorts in the world 2017-2018

    For lovers of winter holidays there are elite ski resorts. Expensive ski resort is different from the inexpensive and trails, and arrangement, and the level of ski equipment, instructors, comfort, and service. The most expensive ski resort in Russia is Krasnaya Polyana.

    And in the top five most expensive ski resorts in the world include:

    1. Chamonix is ​​the oldest and most famous French ski resort located in the Alps at the foot of their highest peak, Mont Blanc. It was here that the first Winter Olympics took place and the longest ski slopes in the world are located.
    2. St. Moritz. This ski resort is the brightest in Switzerland. The number of sunny days here - 322. Known as the birthplace of bobsled. About his level says that even members of royal families have a rest on it. Famous for its particularly clean and dry snow, which was given the name - "Champagne".
    3. Whistler Blackcomb. This ski resort, located in Canada in a province called British Columbia, is the highest mountain in the whole world. And the largest in North America. It houses the best ski bar in North America.
    4. Ore is a Swedish resort. He is famous for the most modern equipment of the ski slopes and that is why he could become one of the best.
    5. Lech is an Austrian respectable and cozy ski resort with a unique microclimate that ensures perfect snow conditions from the beginning to the end of the season. It was here that the skiing school first appeared.