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Wedding in the Greek style


Wedding is an exciting and important moment for each bride. What image will combine sophistication, grace and emphasize the individuality of the girl? Greek or Empire style is the best choice for a wedding celebration. The image of the bride in the Greek style combines the qualities of ancient goddesses - external fragility and defenselessness, and internal strength and dedication. To be the heroine of a legendary era — beautiful, regal and elegant — feminine — at your wedding — what could be better for a modern bride?

Elements of the selected style in the image

Briefly characterize the Empire style can be so - divinely and perfectly. The image of the bride in the Greek style combines harmony and perfect taste even in small things, simplicity, elegance and purity in all its appearance. These were the divine women of that era. And now about every detail separately.

The basis of each image is a dress. For the Greek dress is characterized by classical proportionality in the style of ancient statues, where the emphasis is on the merits of the figure, and its flaws are veiled.

The main features of this fashion were:

  • drapery, layering,
  • the asymmetry of the bodice or skirt hem,
  • waist raised to chest level
  • simplicity and ease of lines, emphasized by air fabrics (guipure, silk, chiffon),
  • colors and shades, combined with azure sky, blue sea, gold of the sun, snow-white
  • the architecture of the temples and the greens of the olive groves,
  • elegant, but elegantly simple embroidery or patterned inserts.

In the modern interpretation of the Greek styles of dresses look like this:

  • A bodice with a lowered strap or sleeve that resembles an antique tunic. Another strap can be decorated with embroidery or a flying transparent fabric sleeve with a non-standard cut of any configuration.
  • Dress with a deep neckline in the form of an acute angle will visually increase the neck and chest.
  • The straps are thin or completely absent. The bodice is embroidered with embroidery or patterns of delicate pearls or small rhinestones. The magnificent and easy train from the same fabric is possible. These details emphasize the beauty of the shoulders, neck and arms.
  • Dress with straps, lightly gathered on the chest and decorated with silver or gold embroidery to match the pattern on the high waist. A train or light, transparent sleeves in the form of a cape instead of strapless are possible. Chest visually looks lush and seductive.
  • Mini-dresses for young and slim girls with a simple bottom line or in the form of two sharp corners in the middle. In the second case, the side cuts can be asymmetrical, and the hem line is decorated with a thin golden border. This dress is comfortable for a wedding in the hot summer season.

Read more about Greek wedding dresses here.

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The Greek silhouette is comfortable for the bride in all respects - during an incendiary dance, while landing in the car, while walking. These dresses are light, you do not get tired in them during a wedding celebration. They are well suited for the summer heat.

Elena Sokolova

Alisa Maryina

In terms of shoes, The Greek image of the bride implies traditional sandals or sandals with high-leg straps (gladiatorial). They are elegant and comfortable.

An interesting custom is associated with this shoe: the names of the newlyweds are written on the sole. If one of them is erased during the wedding, then love will be waiting for her in the near future.

Silver-colored, golden or copper-colored open sandals or shoes with open fingers on a small stiletto will be a compromise. They can be plain or decorated with pebbles or rhinestones that blend harmoniously with the accessories of the attire.

Empire Style Hairstyle

For the Greek bride is characterized by long hair hairstyles. There are several classic variants of such hairstyles based on parting and curls:

  1. Korimbos knot. Parting hair divided in two. Curls in large curls. They must be very careful, because depends on the beauty of hair and its durability. A few curls are left on the forehead and temples, and the rest are lifted to the back of the head, where they are tied in the form of a knot. Decorate hair tiara, strands of pearls and ribbons or flowers.
  2. Stefan or mesh hat. It is made of golden or pearl threads, silk ribbons with elegant embroidery. In this case, the forehead is covered with small curls. Behind the same hairstyle is made, as the bride wishes: hair loose, they are gathered into a bundle or weave different versions of braids.
  3. Spit. This hairstyle provides a great opportunity for fantasy, because does not limit the number of variations. Even the classic version of weaving with a turn around the head in combination with flowers and various head decorations looks elegant and solemn. It is possible to create constructions from several braids with strands or others that are falling in artistic disorder.

The wedding image of the bride in the Greek style can not do without flowers. Stylish bouquet looks, combined in color with shades of a bridal outfit. Callas and orchids look nobly and solemnly. They are appropriate and hairstyle. These resistant flowers will not spoil the festive mood.

Elegant field plants of pale yellow, snow white and light blue shades are also suitable for Greek bouquets. Delphiniums and anemones look great here. And to complete the flower arrangement can be ribbons, combined with the bridal outfit hues.

Too bright makeup is not inherent in the Greek classics. It highlights eyebrows and eyes. And to create an accurate eyebrow line, do not use black.

Warm shades of shade with a hint of gilding are appropriate.

Also required are thin, precisely delineated, long arrows. They will give your eyes even more expressiveness.

Lipstick is better to choose a pastel, close to natural, shade with a slight gloss.

Accessories and decorations

Ancient Greek women wore jewelry every day. The estate nobility of the girl was emphasized by expensive, stylish jewelry and an intricate hairstyle. After all, their dresses and shoes were pretty simple.

Accessories must be of high quality, must have an authentic ornament on them. These are earrings, bracelets, pendants, golden, silver and copper rings. Plain bracelets and thin chains are the favorite ornaments of the ancient Hellenes; they were usually worn in several pieces. All this wealth should match the style of the dress.

Manicure - the completion of the image of the Greek. It should not be screaming. In those days, noble girls preferred natural shades. Yes, and too long nails will stand out from the image.

Attention! Accessories for an empire wedding feast are better to choose massive and wide. But here you need to know the measure, because large parts should be single. A successful addition is a decoration made of artificial flowers in harmony with the bouquet.

To suit

A Empire-style wedding dress looks good on girls with an “apple” figure with a full waist and hips, shoulders lowered. Their virtues are feminine breasts, beautiful hands and neck. And it is well emphasized by the stylish Greek outfits. Excellent wedding image of the bride in the Greek style in the photo above.

The advantages of the Greek decoration for the bride include:

  1. This dress can be called universal. Visually, it is divided into two parts. The upper part is bordered by the chest line. This allows you to emphasize it and hide the belly.
  2. The bottom of the skirt looks natural. The decor and decorations are focused on the bodice. This makes it possible to hide imperfect hips and at the same time highlight the neckline.
  3. Light, downward tissues also visually make the figure lighter and slimmer.
  4. Such dresses are suitable for dense and low girls, giving their figure grace slenderness, visually increasing growth.
  5. They can also hide the interesting position of the bride.
  6. Forms of thin brides they visually round off, helping to realize the desire for femininity. And with well-chosen on the neckline jewelry create the illusion of breast augmentation.

Tips for brides

When recreating the image of the Greek goddess should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The fabric for the dress should not be too shiny. Otherwise, it is not combined with many decorations.
  2. Classic Empire should not be oversaturated with details, it looks vulgar.
  3. The use of multi-layered fabric in the hem of the dress expands the possibilities of decorating its bodice.
  4. Elegant lace at the hem goes well with unobtrusive embroidery with a similar pattern at the top of the dress.
  5. The loosely flowing plume of flowing fabric gives the appearance of regality, but one should not forget about the corresponding gait.
  6. The side slit on a long Greek dress with a straight silhouette is an additional highlight.
  7. If the figure seems far from perfect, then with the help of simple design solutions you can correct some of its flaws, while giving confidence and improving the mood of the bride and groom. This will help various asymmetrically located parts - neckline, decor, draperies, straps, bows and other.
  8. And full sleeves will be hidden by long sleeves or translucent capes resembling sleeves.
  9. Short and thin newlyweds are recommended thin straps on the bodice or do without them. Long dress silhouette in combination with high heels will make them taller.
  10. Lush brides also fit strapless outfits. And for a skirt silk fabric will be ideal, from it it is good to make also asymmetric drapery. This option and hide the drawbacks, and help move easily and gracefully.
  11. When choosing shoes, pyshechkas should focus on round-shaped models on a low heel with a minimum of jewelry.
  12. The outfit of these girls will successfully complement a rather narrow silver or white gold bracelet, the same chain. Earrings or clips also should not be massive.

Important! Not necessarily limited to the dress. You can arrange in the Greek style the entire wedding. Or hen party.

Dresses, reminiscent of the goddesses from Olympus, provide for a high waistline, open chest and shoulders. It is also straight silhouette lines, and uncomplicated cut. But in this seeming simplicity is hidden the secret of femininity, unique charm and eternal relevance of the classics. The wedding image of the bride in the Greek style, photos of which are presented in our article, looks amazing on every girl.

There are no trifles for this style, to get closer to the Greek culture, a harmonious combination of dress, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry and other things is necessary. We'll have to think about the appropriate suit for the groom. Considering all the details, the time travel will take place, and the dream of Beautiful Helen will come true.

How to organize a wedding in the Greek style

Greece is located at a considerable distance from Russia, its culture is shaped by a long rich history, but without looking at the large difference in cultures, many wedding customs have something in common with Russians. In order for a wedding in the Greek style to succeed, you need to competently approach the organization, study the features of the event, think over the unique scenario of the upcoming celebration. To organize a wedding you need:

  • Celebrate in the summer. Summertime is best suited to celebrate the Greek style of wedding - it will allow guests with future spouses to put on light dresses to fully immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of Greece. Warm spring months are also suitable, if they do not promise heavy rains, the first months of autumn before the onset of cold weather. If you are going to celebrate your wedding in the winter, think about choosing the right restaurant or hotel.

  • Choose a venue. To create an atmosphere, the future spouses should choose a place near the water, it is better if it is the sea coast. Another option - a holiday by the river or the organization of a large-scale banquet on the territory of the ship. If there is no suitable place in your city, find the square near the fountain or find a restaurant with Greek cuisine, decorated with a colonnade, marble statues.
  • Invite guests. Invitation cards for guests of the event must, by their very appearance, report on the theme and style of the wedding. Invitational scrolls tied with elegant ribbon will be a good solution. To make the scrolls look like ancient Greek, you can specifically “age out” paper for invitation cards. Postcards should be sent to guests in advance if the future spouses are planning a themed wedding with a dress code.

  • Set the dress code. Do not ask all the guests to dress in Greek dresses and men's tunics - it will only distract attention from the main characters of the holiday. For invited girls, it is better to wear dresses of pastel shades to the floor or above the knees, for men - light costumes. It is worth avoiding green color and its shades, which the Greeks consider mourning.
  • Think over the wedding menu. Wedding in the Greek style is a simple menu selection. Greek cuisine is diverse, rich in vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat dishes. Traditionally, the wedding is baked flavored bread with spices (rosemary, basil, saffron, mint) - it is a treat akin to Russian wedding loaf. Mandatory dish on the table will be a Greek salad.

From snacks, newlyweds can arrange for guests drinking bowls of delicious olives, feta cheese, seafood - small dishes with these ingredients are called "meze", usually served with alcohol. A good decoration of the table will be dolma, which is an analogue of the cabbage rolls that we are used to, where grape leaves are used instead of cabbage leaves. The second main dish can be souvlaki - pork skewers on wooden skewers, served with lemon and bread.

Choosing alcohol, give preference to light semi-sweet wines, citrus liqueurs. From strong drinks in Greece serves ouzo, which has similarities with absinthe.

  • Order an unusual wedding procession. To fully support the theme of the celebration in the Greek style, the future spouses can order an unusual transport - the Greek chariot. If the betrotheds do not find such a tuple, the usual white carriage decorated with white flowers will do. For the winter version, a white car decorated with ribbons with a Greek ornament will be the ideal solution.
  • Agree on a thematic photo shoot. In order for the photos and videos of the holiday to delight the participants with unusual props, bright details, colorful costumes, you need to find a photographer in advance who will help organize thematic photography.

Registration of the hall in the Greek style photo

Wedding in the Greek style does not require elaborate decoration of the hall for the celebration. Pay attention to the colors. If the event is celebrated indoors, remind guests of the wedding theme in a delicate blue, white and blue gamut — the colors of the pure Ionian Sea. Golden greek ornaments, pastel lemon-yellow palette inspired by the association with the warm sand, gentle southern sun. White colors will look beautiful in combination with any soft shades.

Greek wedding does not need contrasting accents, the main decoration will be natural and natural details. For example, choosing a room with a colonnade, future spouses can order an artificial grapevine - this element of the decor will fit into the interior perfectly. Lush olive branches, laurel will be a suitable decoration. On the territory of the banquet hall will look good white flowers that are present in the bouquet to the bride.

Beautiful graceful amphoras, trays and bowls of fruit, wine goblets, earthenware and snack dishes will be the appropriate details to create a Greek style at a wedding. It is good if the hall will be decorated with imitations of Greek sculptures and statues. Magnificent details of a decor for a wedding - the light, streaming fabrics shivering even from an easy rush of a breeze.

If the wedding is celebrated at the seaside, floral motifs in addition to the beautiful views themselves will be a sufficient decoration. For a wedding on the beach is better to use only one color for the decor - white.

Wedding script in the Greek style

Traditional Greek wedding takes place on a large scale and lasts for three days - from Saturday to Monday. During the first celebration, heroes of the occasion gather with their family for dinner to celebrate a joyous event. The second day is dedicated to the official marriage ceremony and wedding. The third day is an incendiary party with dances, songs, which will be the final stage of the wedding. The main part of the event falls on the second day of the celebration.

Traditions and features of Greek wedding:

  • Buyout. The Greeks, as in Russia, decided to hold a ransom. Make a presentation prepared by girlfriends in the style of the myths of ancient Greece. For example, let the main character of the holiday be the daughter of Zeus, whom he does not want to marry without preliminary tests for the groom.
  • Outside registration. In order to fully experience the festive atmosphere, the future spouses should organize an exit ceremony. Прекрасная природа, живописный пейзаж и свежий воздух – отличный вариант для греческого стиля свадьбы.
  • Шумная поездка. Когда молодые едут на церемонию, а также возвращаются с нее, кортеж автомобилей создает громкую симфонию гудков.

  • Коронация. Во время свадьбы молодоженов коронуют традиционным греческим головным убором, а после венчания короны принято снимать. However, the newly-made spouses often leave this decoration for themselves, and the whole of the next day they are honored as a king and queen.
  • Wedding. Before the wedding, an interesting ceremony is held: the hero of the occasion must go to the church territory on foot, along the way they will meet people who want a happy family life. The more people met on the way of the future spouses - the stronger the marriage will be.
  • Broken dish. By tradition, the couple should break the plate at the banquet, so that the marriage was successful.
  • Musical accompaniment. The ideal option for the Greek style of the event will be an invitation to a musical group performing instrumental music. Preference should be given to teams in which musicians, harpists, flutists, guitarists participate. Another tradition of celebration is connected with them: when they perform in musicians, they throw money to make the young people live comfortably.

  • Leading. In the role of the toast-master can be the Greek gods - for example, Athena and Helios. Professional organizers will be able to think of a fun Greek script with competitions for men (Hercules) and for women (Aphrodite).
  • Dancing. The newly married husband and wife will be the first to dance at the wedding. During the dance, a beautiful Greek rite is held - guests gather around the newlyweds and lead a round dance.
  • Gifts to guests. Be sure to prepare bonbonnieres for guests - no party to the celebration should leave with nothing. As a small present, sweets, nuts, and dried fruits are suitable.

Bride's dress

Traditionally, the color for the dress of the Greek bride is white. Girls can also look at models of sand, beige, pale pink shades, but they must be pastel. As for the right style, there is nothing to think about: the Greek style of dresses looks gentle, elegant and fits any type of figure. Flowing fabrics will hide the flaws of full girls, and the unique silhouette of the Empire style will add a few centimeters of height to low brides.

Other components of the image of the bride

The bride's dress is only a part of the image. He will become holistic with proper selection of veils, hair, makeup, bouquet and shoes. Here are some recommendations:

  • Greek brides choose a veil of lemon, pale blue or light pink hue - it is believed that the color decoration protects the bride from evil spirits.
  • The future spouse will be easy to pick up a Greek hairstyle. Loose curls with fresh flowers in her hair, high fancy hairstyles, stylish weaving with accessories from pearl threads - all this will suit the image.
  • Make-up is best done in the style of Newd or emphasize the eyes by drawing neat black arrows.
  • For the bouquet, the bride can use any white flowers or other delicate shades.
  • Ideal shoes are elegant, lightweight sandals at a low speed.

Groom suit

To make the image of the Greek bridegroom easy, to remind you of warm days, give preference to natural fabrics that do not crumple. The future spouse will look good in a neat suit of beige, gray, cream or any other pastel shade. For full compliance with the image of the Greek bride can wear a chiton.

Celebration video

A wedding in the original Greek style is an event that will leave an unforgettable impression on everyone present. An unusual ransom, a beautiful ceremony, a magnificent banquet with a unique Greek cuisine, themed games, contests and a fabulous photo shoot - all this awaits the participants of the Greek wedding celebration. Check it out by watching the video below.


The color scheme, which we recommend to adhere to when preparing for a Greek wedding, is a combination of white with blue and elements of yellow and olive (or black). To give guests a hint about the colors in which they should pick up outfits, getting ready for your wedding, and what awaits them behind the scenes of your celebration, invitation cards should be kept just in this color range.

It will be interesting if you submit your celebration as a representation of a small Greek theater, having issued invitation cards in the form of an ajar piece behind the scenes. Remembering the colors, the basis for such an invitation is to take a blue matte cardboard. Greece will not tolerate fake gloss, and brilliant jewelry for this wedding in general should be avoided, both in the decor and in the stylization of invitation cards. Well, the invitation text itself will be enough to print on plain white xerox paper (although, for more effect, you can use a fancy handwritten font). An additional element is a chic nylon (black or white, depending on the taste of the newlyweds) bow.

This invitation card can be made at home (if you set a goal to save the wedding budget). The cost of consumables and mailing will indeed be quite insignificant (about 50-80 dollars, depending on the guest list). If you do not want to deal with this moment of preparation yourself, order invitation cards from those who provide such services in your city. This option will cost you two or even three times more expensive (about $ 200).

If you do not even think to save on invitation cards, you can choose a more exclusive, elegant option. For example, to use as a base for a postcard is not plain cardboard, but thick paper with floral embossing. Such luxurious paper does not require additional decorations. It will be enough thin blue ribbons to tie the invitation.

Yes, and postcards in the assembly, however, is not much more expensive than the "thrifty". In total, their production will deduct from the wedding budget no more than 250 conventional units.

If you are more attracted to the old Greek style (you are delighted with Olympus, its gods and goddesses), tell the guests about your love through an invitation-suvoya.

These invitations are made only on order, in the free market something like that you can hardly find. And they are expensive, since the price takes into account the "aging" of the paper, and the bamboo base for suvoya. For 50 pieces of these original cards, you will lay out 350 dollars. But the uniqueness is worth these expenses!

An important element of the design of wedding invitations are the envelopes in which you will send them. For the Greek style, linen envelopes made from natural, flax fiber are perfect. They look, and are expensive. And even if you put a very simple card with text inside such envelopes, you will not spoil the first impression of the guests about the high status of your wedding!

It is worth one such envelope almost 2.5 dollars. If you are planning a wedding for an average of 50 people, then you will give about $ 125 to the envelopes. Plus - postcards.

Let's summarize. On average (depending on the variant you like) invitations for guests to a Greek wedding will ease your pocket of 300-350 dollars. A relatively small price for the real luxury of the Olympic gods.


The Greek theme certainly inspires the fashion houses of the world. This is evidenced by the fact that at different times, different designers have created thousands of wedding dresses in the style of the country of olives. Characteristic features of the wedding dress of the bride in the Greek style: a smooth silhouette (no lush skirts and princess hems!), High waist, corset or bodice on thin straps, chiffon, flowing skirt and a lot of gold and silver jewelry and embroidery.

We should also mention the colors. A white dress with a blue belt or azure embroidery would be ideal for Greece. You can use olive threads and rhinestones with a silver sheen. Such a finish well emphasize the divine image of the bride.

As for the veil - it is best to stay on the short version, or refuse it altogether, replacing it with an antique gold wedding dress that is worn on loose, slightly wavy hair.

How not to miss anything?

To not lose sight of anything, you need to select all aspects of the conduct and write them in a notebook. So, here are a few “whales” that hold any such celebration:

  • hall decoration,
  • outfits for the bride and groom,
  • wedding script
  • accessories,
  • invitations for guests
  • holiday table menu,
  • Banquet venue
  • a photo.

Any moment is important, and their combination creates a general impression of the celebration. So let's take a closer look at each item.

The choice of venue for the celebration and its design

In fact, you can choose any institution, because the room can be decorated as needed. But in the case of the ancient style, it is important to pay attention to two factors: spaciousness and light colors. There should be a lot of places, because in those days such feasts were rolled out, which we never dreamed of.

Also, the room should be bright. The best option is open space, so it is better to plan a celebration in the summer. As for the interior colors, the best options are white, blue, green, beige, yellow, and the like.

The design has some nuances. Watch at least one film about ancient Greece. The first thing you see there are columns and statues. Here they will decorate the perimeter of space. The second thing you can pay attention to is the flowers, all the goddesses loved them. They should ideally be alive, fresh and fragrant. Although it is possible to use artificial, but high-quality.

Images of the bride and groom

It is worth starting with the bride. Everything in order:

  • Dress only in Greek style. You can find it in any wedding salon.
  • Hairstyle of the bride. The bridal outfit is discreet and elegant at the same time, so the hairstyle must match. It can be a braid or loose and coiled hair, fastened behind a beautiful hairpin. In addition, you can use the bezel-gum. Put it on your head and curl your hair.
  • Footwear. Of course, the best option is sandals with ties. But not every girl will agree to this, so elegant shoes will do as well.
  • Veil. It may not be at all, since the image must be restrained. If such an accessory is used, then it is worth choosing simpler options.
  • Accessories. A bride can wear traditional Greek bracelets. Bulk dangling earrings are also welcome.

Groom dress should be simple. The guy can wear loose blonde pants and the same shirt. Sandals are also welcome.

By the way, it would be great if both newlyweds put laurel wreaths on their heads.


Ideal invitations are scrolls tied with a thin ribbon or string. The paper can be arranged in such a way that it seems aged. This can be done with the help of special programs or templates (they can be found on the Internet).

As for the text, you can write that God (the name of the bridegroom) and the Goddess (the name of the bride) decided to fasten their union on Olympus, in honor of which all other Gods (that is, guests) are invited. It will be creative.

Wedding script

If the theme of the wedding is the ancient gods and ancient Greece, then it is important to make a bias on the scope of the celebration in terms of its conduct. It should be a solemn, enchanting and fun holiday. In addition to the abundant feast, the gods arranged competitions and trials, danced and sang, in general, entertained themselves so that the whole of Olympus shook.

Contests must imply a Greek theme. For example, you can choose two volunteers (a girl and a boy), dress them up in the costumes of the Gods and invite partners to play a little scene, which is certainly fun. And you can arrange the Olympic Games. Do not forget to award each guest with a medal!

Antique marriage has some traditions. Thus, the celebration ideally is divided into three parts: the pre-ceremony, the celebration and the next day. The hen and bachelor parties are absolutely necessary, so you need to take care of this too in advance. Newlyweds can light their improvised Olympic torch fire.

Do not forget the music! The usual modern songs are quite suitable, but they can be diluted with several Greek compositions so that the chosen style can be traced throughout.

When clothed

The erroneous opinion of those who believe that a simple wedding dress is intended for modest brides or marrying not for the first time. There are cases when simple wedding attire would be more appropriate than others:

  1. With a small budget. A simple outfit will come to the rescue when there is no opportunity to buy a more expensive dress. But very often it happens that the simplicity of the dress makes it look expensive.
  2. At the wedding. In this case, the outfit must be moderately open, with the shoulders closed and the length below the knees. Not welcome excessive transparency and brightness of the dress.
  3. Problem figure. The owner of a complex physique, you can safely choose a simple dress. A well-chosen dress will add to the image of femininity and nobility and hide all problematic places.

And, of course, holding a wedding on the beach or nature leaves an imprint on the choice of dress: the image of the bride should be light.

Styles and styles

Elegant restraint of a simple cut wedding dress continues to be fashionable and does not lose its relevance. Indeed, there is no need to distract views from female beauty with an oversupply of jewelry, because you can experiment with styles, materials, colors, ways of decoration and length.

Greek style

A good example is a simple wedding dress in the Greek style. It does not provide for the use of many decorations. His main task is to emphasize the charming outlines of the beautiful figure of a woman. Designers of our time are exquisite wedding dresses of Greek style, such as “on one shoulder”, fastened with only one precious decoration and causing delight from the magnificence and brevity.

Simple models of wedding dresses are also found in the styles of Empire, A-silhouette, straight, Mermaid.

The main feature of the wedding dress in the style of "Empire" is the chest drapery. She can smoothly go into the strap in the form of a loop, loosely embracing the neck. In this model, the back will be open, up to the waist.

If the choice fell on a model of the Empire dress with bare and rounded shoulders that does not have straps, emphasize the whiteness of the shoulders. This will help make the powder with a radiant effect. And to distinguish the model on "one shoulder" from the same, only in the Greek style, use a wide belt.

Your inspiration and type of figure will help you make your choice - to create the appearance of a high waist or to emphasize your own. And both styles are suitable in the case of your "interesting position." They mask the swell of the tummy.

For a bride with slim legs and a flawless figure, a short simple dress for a wedding ceremony would be a good choice.

It will emphasize the youthfulness and coquettishness of the bride, while the image will be no worse than that depicted on the various covers of wedding magazines.

A short dress with a short veil or hat and short gloves is well combined.

A bride in a long wedding dress is a classic look. This length gives solemnity and elegance.

A simple long wedding dress can be decorated with a brooch, a spectacular belt and elegant accessories.

To a large extent, traditional fluffy wedding dresses for marriage are considered traditional. This dress emphasizes the solemnity and importance of the event. The dress will successfully hide all the imperfections of the figure. Emphasis can be placed on the neckline and waist. Decorate this dress in the frame of the camera.

A fragile, young and slim girl is invited to pay attention to the cascade dress (short front and long back) with a train “heat-bird tail”. The skirt is almost always made of multi-layer tulle. The bodice can also be decorated with drapery of light fabrics.

Those who wish to demonstrate a silhouette similar to the ideal should choose the slim fit "Little Mermaid". In simple performance, he does not need excesses, because he adorns himself. Only a modest chest drapery and a lush bow, emphasizing the "fish tail" - flared skirt, originating from the knee. It is worth noting that choosing such a model, you need to work out the gait in advance, so as not to look ridiculous, clinging to something.

Note! Any, even the simplest dress, will play on you only when filled with happiness and the presence of a sincere, joyful smile.

As mentioned above, the almost complete exclusion of jewelry and the adherence to the strict brevity of the style, allows you to experiment with the colors, as well as with the material.

To your taste, mood, and possibilities, we offer magnificent satin, delicate lace and silk, luxurious guipure, a sleek satin with a tint to the light.

Satin wedding dresses look luxurious and ornate, emphasizing the beautiful curves of a beautiful body. Lush fabrics, like organza and chiffon, will cloud you in weightlessness, airiness and lightness.

Notice that the fluffy crinolines are missing, and the volume of the skirts is formed by using several lower layers made of tulle. In fact, it should not be big, only tenderness should be present in the image. And no frills!

Но если хочется облачиться в модель А-силуэта, постарайтесь не переборщить с богатым декором, найдя золотую серединку. Драпировка на юбке, прихваченная оригинальными бантами, придаст аккуратную прелесть общему виду наряда.

Акцентируйте внимание на себе. Шикарная причёска и свежий свадебный макияж, подчеркивающий природную красоту, только украсят ваш образ.

Quite a long time the Queen of Scotland, Maria Steward, who imitated the secular ladies, made white wedding dresses fashionable. Then they symbolized purity and purity, now they pay little attention to the meaning of color, but to this day brides in white dresses are getting married.

Particularly bold clothe in red colors and shades that have recently become popular. And all because the white color is outdated, as the well-known designers considered and presented the wedding dresses in different colors at the next wedding fashion show. In addition, white is a complex color, because it reflects a large amount of light, because of which many details of the dress in the photos become imperceptible.

If you are not brave enough to appear in a wedding dress in colors such as black, blue, red or burgundy, then experiment with shades of white. There are several options: pale blue, pale pink, ashen rose, nice green, "champagne splashes."

It is worth paying attention to the blue and green shades that are now in trend and their shades: mint, blue, turquoise, pistachio. Several fashion houses offered wedding dresses in a muted pink color, received after a runaway success. Wedding dresses in black color were originally designed, which for a long time was not suitable for a wedding ceremony. Models of popular designers contain only a black shade as an emphasis on the individual elements of the bridesmaid dress.


Traditionally Greek wedding is celebrated for several days, not limited to the official ceremony:

  1. The first day is the eve of celebration when the bride is preparing for the main event in her life. This is the time for a joyful family dinner,
  2. On the second day of the Greek wedding, bride redemption, marriage registration, wedding, festive feast,
  3. On the third day - the continuation of the banquet, in which there is a place not only for exquisite treats, but also fiery dances.

Wedding in the Greek style involves the organization of the holiday in the warm season of the year. The wedding ceremony is usually away, an outdoor event takes place. It is recommended to choose a picturesque place for a Greek wedding at the seaside or by the river. The presenter must wear the white robes of the Olympic deity in order to make a proper impression on those present and fit into the overall style of the Greek wedding.

The color scheme of clothes, decor and interior items will be in harmony with nature itself. It is preferable to use combinations of white with bluish, olive and yellow shades. You can add contrasting strokes in black.

Those who are inclined to listen to popular wisdom may pay attention to omens associated with the Greek wedding:

  • If you put a piece of sugar in the bride's glove, the married life will be sweet,
  • On the soles of wedding sandals or shoes, the bride writes the names of those present at the celebration of unmarried friends. The one whose name is erased first will soon be married
  • It is impossible for a bride on the way to the ceremony to turn back or return, and for the groom to see her dress before the marriage, otherwise misfortune will happen,
  • In order for the newlyweds to live richly, they are showered with money or fixed coins directly on clothes.

Money must be given to the newlyweds by all means guests. This tradition symbolizes the transfer of the well-being of the newly-minted couple.

The image of the bride with a photo

The wedding dress of the bride in the Greek style has certain features:

  • smooth silhouette - without lush ruffles and volumetric hem a la princess,
  • exclusively white color
  • high waist, corset or bodice with thin straps,
  • a light flowing fabric: chiffon or silk would be a better fit for creating a gentle image of a Greek bride,
  • abundance of precious metal jewelery,
  • traditional embroidery,
  • short veil or lack of it.

Often, instead of a veil on the head of the bride, there is a golden hoop or a laurel crown (a diadem stylized under it) with live leaves and flowers. The bride's hair is braided into voluminous braids or hairstyles with curled curls are made. If you want to leave the hair loose, then be sure to curl curls.

Bride's shoes must comply with the general style of the holiday and attire, as well as be comfortable, otherwise the expression of suffering risks freezing on wedding photos. Better young opt for wicker sandals or white shoes with open toe.

Makeup in the Greek style will be to face brides with any type of appearance. It fits perfectly with a light cut dress and a Greek hairstyle.

Distinctive features of makeup:

  • effect of natural skin radiance,
  • expressive eye contours
  • bronze-sand tones of eyeshadow,
  • pronounced eyebrows
  • light pink lips.

All components of the dress of the Greek bride should complement each other favorably and not stand out from the general style.

Image of the groom

Finding the perfect outfit for the groom is easier.

If the groom has tanned or naturally dark skin, looks completely white trouser suit. If the ceremony is scheduled for a hot time, then a white shirt and white trousers are enough.

The same white hat will suit as an accessory, and if the absolute whiteness of the groom's outfit is not impressive, you can add a few contrasting details - a bright carrot tie or a variegated buttonhole on a jacket.

Dress code for guests

If your wedding is not stylized under the ancient Greek Olympus, no need to bother those present with special wishes about outfits.

It is worth asking the guests only that they choose attire in which there is at least a hint of Greek style - embroidery in gold or silver threads, color shades of white, olive, yellow, light blue.

It is advisable for witnesses to set off the white robe of the bride with contrasting dresses in the colors of the listed range.

If you want to make a highlight - arrange for guests a “pass system”, where the original decoration in the Greek style will act as an entrance ticket. Just do not forget to warn about this in the invitations.

Invitation Scrolls

Fans of the ancient Greek style, who are delighted with the Olympic gods, you can make invitations in the form of scrolls. They are made only to order, in the free market scrolls you will not find. When creating creative invitations, white paper is artificially aged and a calligraphic text is manually entered there.

Do not forget to think about envelopes for invitation cards. Covers for scrolls from natural fabrics or canvas envelopes will perfectly fit into the Greek style.

Tuple chariot

In Greece, the bride and groom traditionally get to the wedding place on foot or on donkeys. If this idea doesn't appeal to you, prepare a wedding procession of chariot and a pair of white horses. If it is difficult to find a real chariot, a white carriage will also do. In inclement weather, you can use a white car decorated with traditional ornaments.

Decorate the vehicle with fresh flowers and branches of laurel. You can use orange and red ribbons. Bright purple color symbolizes among the Greeks a high position and respect in society.

Banqueting hall

Mandatory elements when decorating the venue of the banquet are fruit vases, painted amphoras and columns. Be sure to consider the colors. The most successful combination is a union of white and blue tones.

If the wedding ceremony is held indoors, then the columns can be real. For an outdoor event, order sham columns. Create the desired effect of airiness using a thin white chiffon and flowing organza.

At the Greek wedding should be a lot of flowers. For floor vases, select individual flower arrangements. The rest of the banquet hall can be decorated with flower garlands. Olive branches will fit well into the Greek style. They can shade white tablecloths or decorate columns. Instead of olive branches, you can use willow. They are identical in appearance and not less elastic.

In general, the decor in the Greek style implies simplicity, harmony and aesthetic appeal. Upon request, statues or sculptures of ancient Greek gods or athletes can be placed in the banquet hall.

Outside registration

Leading to the Greek wedding should be in a white robe. Registration is carried out on the shore of the reservoir.


From the foam of the sea she appeared to us

Itself (name of the bride) she called.

Everyone will envy her beauty.

Come, Goddess, in all our glory!

(A bride goes to the altar).


But to her to become a glorious husband - God of War,

We were all before him weak.

(Applause goes to the groom).

After marriage registration and exchange of rings, the newlyweds set fire to the Olympic flame together. after the leading words:

The top of Olympus is full of guests,

And the time has come the elements of fire.

(Bride and groom bring an improvised torch and a lighter).

Next, the young go to the venue of the banquet. The movement of the wedding procession is accompanied by loud conversations, laughter, dancing, a symphony of beepsAfter all, everyone should know about the Greek wedding.

Photo session

To organize a wedding photo session in the Greek style, you will need:

  • space in nature
  • clear sky,
  • characteristic architecture
  • themed accessories.

Any architectural objects close to the classics will serve as a spectacular background. - forged figures, painted white shops, columns, fountains, statues of angels or mythical heroes.

For a photo shoot in the Greek style, you can use completely white rooms or rooms with antique decor. Beautiful photos are obtained on the background of nature - in a park area, near rivers and lakes.

If you want something unusual, use tantamurescu. That is how a special stand is called, and for a Greek wedding, it will depict magnificent Olympic deities, who have a slot instead of faces. Guests and the newlyweds stand behind the stand and look out into the slots. You can make a tantamaresque only for the groom, who will appear in the image of Apollo. Then the bride will have to sit down and admire the new look of her beloved.

During a photo shoot at a Greek wedding You need to use additional accessories in the Greek style - fruit trays, amphoras, flower garlands, grapevine or ivy. From flowers it is better to give preference to irises - symbols of a happy life. Decorate pictures and ivy with grapes as the personification of eternal love.


Properly organized Greek wedding will be remembered by the heroes of the occasion and the guests. The main thing is to think through every detail so that each element of the outfit and decor is in harmony with each other. The wedding feast ends with a pleasant tradition - the fiery dance of sirtaki and the presentation of gifts to all those present. As presents, you can choose boutonnieres with sweets or tiny baskets with fruits and photos of the bride and groom.

Wedding in the Greek style: where and when to celebrate

One of the characteristic features of this style is the lightness that must be conveyed both in the design of the holiday and in the attire of the guests. And the best way to do it in the summer time. In addition, the last months of spring and the first months of autumn are quite suitable. If you still intend to celebrate a Greek wedding in the winter, then be prepared that you will have to work hard to create a light sunny mood.

It is best to convey the atmosphere of Greece will turn out in a picturesque corner near the pond. This can be the river bank, lake or sea beach. If the budget allows, a great idea would be to arrange a celebration on a yacht or boat. In the case of a cold season, try to choose an institution with Greek cuisine and the appropriate design.

Wedding in the Greek style: menu

Greek cuisine is famous for its variety, including vegetable and fruit snacks, seafood and meat dishes. Home-made crispbread with spices and of course Greek salad are considered traditional. Special emphasis should be placed on snacks with olives, cheese of various varieties and seafood. Of the little-known in our area, but famous in Greece dishes, pay attention to dolma, similar to the recipe for stuffed cabbage, and souvlaki, - pork kebab, served in a special way.

As for alcoholic beverages, usually at weddings in Greece, light semi-sweet wines and citrus liqueurs are served. From strong alcohol you can stop the choice on ouzo, resembling absinthe in taste.

Wedding dresses in the Greek style

Light, comfortable and at the same time elegant styles of Greek dresses emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the bride with any figure. The color of the dress can be either white or any light pastel: sand, cream or pink. Materials should be light and flowing. Please note that high-heeled shoes are completely unsuitable for the Greek style. Your choice should be neat flat sandals.

Of course, the image of the bride does not end only with a wedding dress. Be sure to pay attention to the following details:

According to Greek traditions, the veil of the bride should be colored, for example, lemon, light blue or pink.

Hairstyles in the Greek style can be varied. Beautifully look curls with interwoven fresh flowers, high hairstyles, as well as all sorts of braids, spikelets and other weaving.

In make-up emphasis is on the eyes.

Bridal bouquet should consist of flowers of light delicate shades.

Dress code for a Greek wedding

Notify guests in the invitation about the main points of the dress code. For girls, it can be short light dresses of pastel shades; men should stop at light costumes. Be sure to inform all participants of the celebration that any shades of green in clothes will be inappropriate, since the Greeks consider this color to be mourning.

Greek wedding decoration

The decoration of a Greek wedding does not imply pretentiousness and glamor. A very important point is the choice of the palette. Regardless of whether the celebration is celebrated in a restaurant or in the open air, the base of the gamut should be sea shades with golden, yellow or sandy notes. Such a palette will instantly cause associations with a cozy sunny coast.

Natural materials are commonly used as decorations. Excellent elements of the decor will be a vine, olive or laurel branches. For floral compositions it is better to use white flowers. If the wedding is arranged indoors, the interior with colonnades, elegant sculptures or statues will perfectly fit into the celebration format.

Decorate the banquet space with light flowing fabrics and draperies. It is well to emphasize the Greek style of celebration with the help of amphoras, trays and bowls with appropriate symbols. Ware should be earthenware, and instead of glasses it is better to use cups.

If the Greek wedding will be organized on the sea coast, then a large number of decorations and rich color palette will be completely useless. Nature itself will be the best decoration.

Wedding in the Greek style: the script of the celebration

If you want to follow all the traditions, then be prepared that in Greece the wedding is celebrated no less than 3 days: from Saturday to Monday. On the first day, the couple, as a rule, celebrate their union in a small family circle. The next day is reserved for the official ceremony of painting and wedding. And on the last, third day - it's time for a magnificent party with guests. The leading holiday can be dressed up in the ancient Greek god and play an exciting scenario with competitions in the same spirit.

The musical program at the Greek wedding

A great contribution to the atmosphere of the celebration can be brought by ordering live music of the instrumental genre. Stop your choice on bands with musicians playing the harp, flute and guitar.

Take note of one of the Greek traditions: during the performance of the guests throw musicians with money. It is believed that this brings prosperity and wealth to the future family.

Greek wedding: the main traditions and features

Your wedding will become truly Greek thanks to the maintenance of interesting folk traditions. Here are the main ones:

  • As in many other countries, in Greece arrange redemption bride. Usually it is organized in the style of ancient Greek myths. For example, the bride can play the role of the daughter of Zeus, which the deity will give in marriage only after the bridegroom passes all the tests.
  • Instead of painting in the registry office, arrange an exit registration that will fully comply with Greek traditions.
  • On the unity of the hearts of two lovers should hear all the people around. One of the characteristic features of Greek weddings are the noisy trips of the newlyweds convoy. Transporting a young couple must be accompanied by a loud symphony of beeps.
  • To keep your union strong and long, do not forget to break the plate during the wedding banquet.
  • The original tradition is the coronation of newlyweds. Usually, traditional Greek hats are used for this, which the bride and groom often keep for memory.
  • Обязательным пунктом на свадьбе будет первый танец будущих супругов, во время которого гости, согласно древнему обряду, водят хороводы вокруг пары.