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Beautiful Indian Style Wedding - Ideas


In the previous article " Indian Themed Wedding »We have already talked about the design of a themed wedding in Indian style and how to create the desired entourage. Now consider some other important aspects of preparing for a themed Indian wedding and the possible course of this festive event. So, the future newlyweds decided on the theme and concept, chose a place for the celebration, prepared its decor and their costumes. Now it's time to invite guests.

Indian Wedding: Invitations

Because themed wedding , invitations should be different from the standard romantic. They should reflect the essence of the event. Design invitations, of course, is associated with the idea of ​​a wedding event. You can invite guests, for example, to a film show:

Such an invitation is issued, for example, in the style of a movie poster or a colorful ticket for a film show.

And you can invite in another way:

“Do you want to be in Goa, plunging into the world of fragrant east, warmed by the scorching sun? And all this - without going outside your city? Come to our Indian-style wedding and feel yourself, if you wish, a tourist or a Hindu. India is beautiful, and Indian wedding is even more beautiful! We will be very happy to see you at the Indian festival dedicated to our marriage. The celebration will take place (time, date, address) ".

Before preparing wedding invitations, you need to decide not only the theme, but also the key moments of the wedding. If you want the appearance of the guests to correspond to the theme of the celebration, put an additional card in the invitation envelope (for example, in the form of an Indian sari, Indian, elephant, etc.), on one side of which describe your wishes for their appearance. By and large, it will be enough to specify: "The style of clothing - Indian."

Indian Style Wedding: Redemption

Traditional redemption for us can and not hold. And you can include it in the program by introducing several Indian traditions and rituals. The groom, as has been said, abides to the house of the bride on a white horse. Moreover, this horse can be iron, but always decorated with garlands of yellow and red flowers. Bridesmaids and relatives of the bride meet the groom and his friends with joyful exclamations. In doing so, they shower the groom and his accompaniment with coins, after which they put a garland of banknotes (Indian rupees) on the neck of the groom.

Then you can arrange for the groom and his friends various tests. For example, to give friends a task to turn into an ... an elephant, which will take the groom to a certain distance. For this test, you need to prepare an embroidered blanket that will be draped over the back of an elephant.

If the groom and his friends are distinguished by their creativity and talent, you can offer them the following test: to give a large piece of red cloth and paint to the fabric in the cans, giving the task to decorate the bride's sari with a painting. When the painting will be ready, the presenter will say that the sari must first be shown to the bride - if she likes it, then she will go to the registrar in him (it is necessary to say it in all seriousness so that the groom really gets scared that his narrowed one will put it on himself). Well, if the bride rejects the sari, the groom and his friends will have to pay a ransom.

Other possible challenges for foreclosure: eat Indian halva without hands, weave a wreath of flowers, declare love to the bride in body language (Indian music turns on, the leader reads a line from the verbal declaration of love, and the groom tries to display it in body language).

If the bridesmaids decide that the bride has passed all the tests, he will be asked to sit on the flat stone near the bride's house. In a few minutes, the bride will be taken to the street, sitting on a palanquin (something like a stretcher). According to Indian tradition, men carrying a bride on a palanquin must walk around the groom sitting on a stone seven times. After that, the stretcher is lowered so that the bride can stand. The young ones stare at each other's eyes, and then put a flower garland on each other's neck. In India, after this, the young go to the tent temple, and our young go on a white horse (in a white car) and go to Moscow registry offices and other cities.

Indian Style Wedding: Banquet

At the entrance guests can offer some elements for reincarnation. After all, even if the dress code will be stated in the invitation, it is not a fact that all guests will be able to comply with it. Women can be offered bindi, saris, bracelets, and men can be offered embroidered belts and turbans. Well, regardless of the floor, you can wear flower beads and bracelets to guests.

When all the guests are gathered, the host will offer young people to go to the temple. This temple-tent must be made open enough so that guests can see everything that is happening there.

You can organize a symbolic temple-tent like this

Young enter the mini-temple and sit on the pillows. Witnesses and closest relatives can enter the temple. In the center of the temple should burn a fire, but you can do a few lighted candles. A facilitator or another person performing the function of a symbolic priest will offer the young people to swear an oath.

An Indian marriage vow translates something like this: " We vow to be together both in grief and in happiness - until the day when death separates us ". After that, the young people should tie the ends of their clothes and take seven steps around the fire, asking for the blessing of their marriage.

Then the groom puts a red stripe on the bride's part (you can use red shadows in a compact box), the presenter ties the hands of the young with a flower garland and announces them to the husband and wife, blessing them for a long and happy life.

Immediately behind this is the universal joy, the return of the bride and groom to the guests and inviting them to the table. These, of course, are not all rites. Yes, and those that are described, slightly adapted to our conditions and traditions. But we have already made the reservation in the first part of the article that this is not about an Indian wedding in its classical sense, but only about styling.

Indian Themed Wedding: Entertainment

Guests can be entertained at the beginning of the wedding. Indian mini-film about the bride and groom . Everything should be in the spirit of Indian cinema: acquaintance, love, first kiss, obstacle, overcoming obstacles, a lot of relatives found after twenty years of separation, Indian songs, dances and, of course, happy ending - marriage proposal.

To make the celebration a success, you can invite dancers specializing in Indian dancing, fakirs (the number with a snake will make an impression), fire masters (Fire show), acrobats-yogis. But with due diligence, you can do it yourself. Indian brides can be prepared by bridesmaids, and the groom's friends can do magic tricks, including those with a snake, only rubber. Cheer guests various games and contests.

Indian style wedding: games and contests

The game "Zita and Gita". The first will be the groom, the bride and another girl. The moderator announces: "In the Indian film, the sisters Zita and Gita were so alike that even the suitors confused them. Can our fiancé know his beloved one if she and the other girl are as indistinguishable to him as Zita and Gita?". Groom is blindfolded with a scarf. He should know his new spouse by flavor. The groom can only bend over slightly to the girl sitting on the chair and inhale her scent. If the groom recognizes his beloved, he will receive a kiss as a prize.

Then you can offer to participate the married male guests who came to the wedding with their second half. You can play a trick on one of the participants: blind him, and put two completely foreign girls on the chairs for the participants. Will a man feel that the scent of these two beautiful ladies is not at all like the scent of his wife?

Game "Fast Hindu". There are several men involved. Each is given a very long piece of cloth. Task: as soon as possible to tie the fabric on the head with a turban. Who is faster - he won.

Game "Indian Elephant". The leader says that in India the elephant is a sacred animal, bringing good luck and prosperity. And if the elephant is made of hundred dollar bills, then the degree of luck and well-being is just over the top. Consequently, the best talisman for a young family is the elephant from the bill. Who wants to make such a luxurious gift young?

Several participants are selected, which are divided into pairs (together making the elephant easier and more fun). Each pair is issued with the “Elephant” origami scheme and a large fake hundred dollar bill (it can be found on the Internet, enlarged in a graphic editor and printed in the required quantity). Participants can tear the bill or change its shape, if so follows the scheme. The winner is the couple whose elephant will be ready before. Elephants are given to young people.

If the schemes are too complicated, you can give another task - to cut the elephant with scissors from a large sham bill. Whose elephant turns out most similar to the original, and he wins.

The game "Tasters." In India, as you know, various spices are very much appreciated. The presenter will offer to check how well our hostesses understand the spices. Women participate (the bride - at will). Each spice is poured into a separate beautiful bottle with a number. The list of spices by numbers is in the lead.

Girls come one by one to the table with flacons. The facilitator asks for those or other spices (say, three spices). The participant sniffs the contents of the bottles and calls the numbers of those in her opinion that the named spices are found. The presenter does not immediately say the correct answers, but invites another participant, having given her the task to find other spices already. In this case, the leader records how many correct answers each of the participants gave. When all the participants will take part, the presenter will say the results, calling those who really know about spices.

The game "body language". Called a volunteer. He is given a piece of paper with a famous children's rhyme (for example, these may be Agnes Barto's four-poems). Soft Indian music is turned on, and the participant begins to “tell” the rhyme only with gestures and dance movements. Viewers know that you need to guess the nursery rhyme. If the rhyme is guessed, the player who showed it receives a prize and the title of "Guru of Indian dance." Participate can as many people as prepared by the leading rhymes. If the audience can not guess the rhyme for a long time, the participant leaves the “dance floor” without a prize. Guessing viewers also need to be given small prizes.

Creative competition "Mehendi". You will need red paint and a brush. Those who wish to become artists and models are invited. The task - to paint the model's hand on the model. The sample is a rather complex pattern on paper. And all artists are given the same scheme. Who will make painting faster and more accurately, receives a prize. There are no losers here.

Mehendi scheme. Click on the photo to view full size.

The game "Kamasutra". The Kama Sutra, as is known, appeared in India. This is not only a treatise on love, but also a guide for those who wish to skillfully wield their bodies. Having played the comic "Kama Sutra", we can conclude who owns the body. Couples involved.

In advance, the facilitator prepares and folds into any container pieces of paper on which various parts of the body are written. The leader approaches the first pair and invites each of the participants to pull out a piece of paper and read what is written there. Now one member of the pair should touch that part of the body that was written on the piece of paper stretched by him to the part of the body of his partner indicated on his piece of paper. For example, a man pulled a piece of paper with the inscription "belly", and a girl - with the inscription "shoulder". So, now they have to adopt such a position that the girl’s shoulder touches the belly of her partner.

If it was possible to adopt a pose and hold it, the participants pull out the second pair of pieces of paper. Holding the first pose (for example, the shoulder to the stomach), they should make a new touch in accordance with what is written on the second pair of pieces of paper. If, for example, “arm” and “leg” falls out a second time, it will be easy to do. Well, if the "neck" and "elbow", then you have to really try. If you manage to make a second contact, without violating the first one, the next pair of pieces of paper is pulled.

When, finally, the couple cannot make a new touch, their Kama Sutra ends, but they do not leave the game, but wait for the results of other couples. For each new touch a pair is awarded one point. Wins a pair that gets more points. She can be awarded a diploma "Professionals in the Kama Sutra".

Semi-erotic game "Roses and Lips". For the game you will need rose petals, of which there will be no shortage at the Indian wedding. At least two couples participate. At the Indian wedding, of course, there are not only roses, but also soft mats and pillows. Girls fall on pillows and mats. Young people are blindfolded. Girls sprinkled with the same number of rose petals. The task of young people is to collect petals from the body of their partner's lips. Whoever does it faster won.

Movie music quiz. On indian style wedding You can and even need to hold a movie-music quiz. It is necessary to prepare the cutting of music from famous Indian films, including new ones, and very old ones. After listening to a short excerpt, guests must guess the movie and remember its name. Each guessed leader gives a small prize. Anyone who collects more prizes can be awarded a diploma "Specialist in Indian cinema" and a big prize - for example, a licensed DVD with the best Indian films.

Do not forget to prepare for the guests bonbonnieres, putting in them, for example, miniature elephants, cashew nuts and a few chocolate coins.

Fairy-tale Indian wedding to you!

Organization and conduct

Indian wedding is held partly on the street, and partly on the premises. The main colors in the decor and clothing are red, golden, beige, as well as all their derived shades.

The ceremony includes many ceremonies, and lasts a very long time. Therefore, to create the desired mood, choose park or country sites, over which install sheds.

When the celebration takes place in the hall, it is better to give preference to rooms with large windows overlooking the green spaces. For a winter wedding, the windows are decorated with red flowers hanging in the form of garlands to remove a large amount of white. You can also choose a room with small openings, but you need good lighting. The best look weddings with 2 sites, one of which is located indoors, and the other on the adjacent terrace.

Connected by open doors, they allow you to create a decoration that is very similar to a real Indian holiday.

Design elements of the venue

In the design of the hall using red, gold colors and any shades of them. It needs large windows, bright lighting, so that everyone can admire the newlyweds.

Required elements of decor:

  1. Two large chairs, similar to the thrones, set on the platform, which is clearly visible from all corners of the hall. It is desirable that they be covered with golden paint, but if wooden is used, then they must be decorated with abundant carvings.
  2. The lack of a classic table in front of the newlyweds. If necessary, set two tables side by side, or one between them. When they nevertheless decide to place a large table, only a tabletop is covered with a tablecloth, leaving the entire outfit of the newlyweds visible.
  3. In the hall there are statues of Hindu deities. Traditionally, images of elephants made of stone or metal are put on the tables.
  4. A large number of red garlands hanging from the walls.
  5. Lots of red petals. They are thrown over young when they walk down the aisle, as well as during the traditional celebration. This is one of the reasons why most often in Indian weddings before the bride and groom there is no table with food.

When the wedding takes place outdoors, beige tents are set up, decorating them with red. Inside put the pot with tropical plants and flowers.

The path leading to the young altar should be bright scarlet, if there are chairs on the sides, then they are separated with red canvases. The platform where young people will sit should be covered with a single bright red carpet.

If this does not work, then use a thick scarlet matter.

Invitations, bonbonnieres and other accessories

Indian-style wedding invitations are most often made either white with golden patterns or red with ribbons or lace. Also a popular decoration element is a brush, which differs from the basic color by several tones, or a yellow shade.

The ornament on the envelope and postcard is made in the form of an abstract mehendi, the most famous Indian image associated with weddings. For more wealthy newlyweds, invitations are created in the form of a scroll, the ends of which are attached to special pens.

The sides are decorated with fabric or lace wrapped around the edge and setting at 2 cm sheet. Помещают такую «открытку» в коробку из плотного картона, выложенную тканью. Цвет контейнера должен быть или золотым, или искусно имитирующим красное дерево. Бонбоньерки делают в виде небольших коробочек, перевязанных тонкой красной ленточкой. Abstract patterns or pastes can be painted on the surface.

Sometimes scarlet linen sacs are used, then they are embroidered around the edge with beads and beads, and the strings are inside - only tassels hang outside.

Wedding invitations

This category will not offer many color combinations for the invitation - they will be made in the traditional style, the main colors will be red and gold.

Presumably to use photographic paper, and better satin paper, and the text will be written in gold color. This is the perfect option.

Particularly important guests in India send invitations even more ornate - in silk, special cases. Cardboard envelopes are also welcome - they will convey the spirit of India to those invited.

Indian outfits of the young, or “Classic, off!”

At least once everyone has seen the Indian film about the wedding and noted this feature - the outfits of the suitors may be no less magnificent than that of the girl. It is also necessary to take note, because Usually, the bride and groom are given much less attention than the bride's dress.

The groom is necessarily a suit, which includes a jacket, similar to the jacket and turban. By the way, this is one of the most important details - a turban!

Red saree

For a girl, choose a sari, but not a traditional white dress. Traditions can be left for later - a wedding does happen once in a lifetime.

For such a ceremony, the sari should be bright red. They sew it not from different cuts of fabric, but from a large piece of fabric (4-9 meters). The main feature is the folds - the more and more beautiful, the better your outfit!

Under the sari will not suit the combination, here you need a short T-shirt of suitable color petticoats.

Even if you decide not to choose a sari, you will need a belt called a cameraband anyway. Usually worn on the hips.


Wedding image must be supplemented with ornaments. Gold is your all that day. You will need a pendant on the forehead, a necklace around the neck and of course earrings.

Bracelets also do not interfere, and over the entire arm: and above the elbows, and on the wrists, and bracelets with bells.

By the way, the latter can be put on top of the ankle.

The bouquet must be red. To create an Indian bouquet will help you the following flowers:

Roses. Standard, but how rich they look! These velvety, red petals ... lovely sight.

Carnations Flowers unusual for weddings, but color is important to us, right?

Orchids. Raspberry-red orchids - what could be more beautiful? They are ideal for a bouquet, and for everything else.

The same colors can be decorated and the bride's hair, and the outfit itself.

Even some metropolitan divas from the coolest parties do not do such a make-up as Indian brides. Retreating from all the rules, these five-minute “wives” emit everything: the eyes - with a huge amount of eyeliner, lips make visually bigger and more plump, and eyebrows draw fiber to the hair.

I think for a Russian-Indian wedding it’s worth omitting the moment with such decorations as a ring in the nose.

Indian Wedding Makeup

Guest outfits

Now that the guests have received your invitations, read about the specific dress code and cut off all your phones, let's proceed to the clothes of the guests.

There will be nothing out of the ordinary. Just ask your girlfriends to also buy beautiful sarees of various colors, or one shade, as you like. In fact, guests' clothes should repeat the clothes of the newlyweds, but not be so bright and rich, thus highlighting the newly-made pair.

Temporary tattoos

Probably, only in the Indian wedding there will be such an additional section as temporary tattoos (mehendi).

They make the bride and groom on the eve of the wedding.

Do not worry, this is temporary - henna is quickly washed off the body.

Important: according to legend, the more patterns and the more intricate they are, the better, richer and happier the life of the young will be.

Drawings are applied, starting from the palms to the elbow, as well as on the ankles and feet.

By the way, it is common for bridesmaids to receive their share of “happiness” in the form of patterns.

And here it is very interesting, because transport as such will not be. Yes, yes, instead of the bride come on a horse! According to the canons of India, this is how the bride takes the bride. The horse should be decorated with yellow and red flowers.

It must be admitted that not every person can ride a horse. The best option would then be a carriage or crew with a white horse.

If you think a horse is irrelevant, then a white car will also be a suitable replacement.

Banquet decoration

The most important thing is that in the Indian wedding just the chairs are not used - thrones will be needed (do not worry, only for the newlyweds).

Rose petals are also an integral symbol of such “Bollywood” weddings. So you will feel the whole flavor of an Indian wedding.

In the design of the banquet hall, the main colors will also be yellow and red. Fresh flowers should be in large quantities throughout the room: and vases, and in the form of garlands.

Indian treat

And the last is food. The slogan in India about the treat is "The main thing - the amount!".

The menu is, in principle, everyday (rice, vegetables, meat), the main thing is that there is enough for everyone and still remains.

Everything should be spicy with spices.

For sweet, you can beautifully decompose halva, sherbet and nougat of all available species.

Indian style wedding: the main thing is the idea!

Any themed wedding starts with an idea. Indian Style Wedding not an exception. This could be a wedding with a typical scenario for our country: redemption, painting, walking, banquet. In this case, India will be reminded only of the costumes of young people and guests, the decor of the banquet venue, music and thematic entertainment program.

Wedding in Indian style in Yekaterinburg. Photographer - Mikhail Yerema

However, there are other options. For example, you can prepare a wedding script that echoes the script of an Indian film (say, Slumdog Millionaire). Or turn the wedding act into a Bollywood film. Well, or come up with a beautiful Indian tale and make themed wedding theatrical. In short, you need to start with the concept of the wedding.

Indian Style Wedding: Venue

For a wedding banquet suitable restaurant or cafe in the Oriental style.

India is a country of scorching sun and lush plants, therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is better to hold an Indian wedding in the open air. For this there is a rental of tent structures.

You can put up two tents: one large - for a banquet with guests and the second small - for a symbolic Indian family-building ceremony.

Tent-temple. A small tent for a symbolic wedding ceremony is very desirable in any case: be it a wedding in a restaurant, in the open air or under an awning. The tent is a kind of mini-temple. You can install it right inside the main banquet hall. The space inside this small tent is richly decorated with flowers - mostly yellow.

Pillows are placed on the floor for young people and their relatives, as well as for the person holding the marriage together. In the modern version, instead of pillows and mats, it is possible to have a very comfortable upholstered furniture inside the tent-temple. The benefit of renting tables and chairs, as well as all kinds of sofas and poufs is offered at every corner.

A rather long red carpet usually leads to the tent-temple.

Tent to perform a symbolic wedding ceremony

Banqueting hall. The venue of the banquet itself is also decorated with mostly yellow flowers, as yellow symbolizes the sun and loyalty. A lot of Indian wedding and red flowers. Flower decorations are bouquets in vases and baskets, and numerous flower garlands, and wreaths.

In addition to flowers, a lot of fabrics are used - it is better if it is embroidered Indian silk. The main shades used in decorating an Indian-style wedding are red, scarlet, pink, orange and purple. Golden accents are obligatory: these are textiles of golden color, and golden fringe, and gilded sculptures.

Serving, textiles. The same colors are involved in the table setting. Covers can be put on the chairs. It is also advisable to put on each seat a soft pillow in the oriental style. The more beautiful fabrics - the closer to India.

You can take almost any textile for rent, but first you need to make sure that a company offering all types of festive textiles will be able to select exactly those colors and textures that will highlight the style of the wedding.

By the way, the specialists of the company offering textile rental will independently make all the necessary draperies.

The decor of the venue of the banquet in honor of the Indian wedding. Places for young

Extra Decor.

Banquet venue at themed wedding in indian style may include items such as carpets on the floor, palm trees in tubs, figures of elephants, peacock feathers.

Of course, the balloons will be superfluous, but the figures from the balloons may be in place - if they are, for example, figures of elephants, tigers, peacocks, rickshaws and other symbols of India.

Wedding procession for an Indian wedding

Traditionally, the Indian groom arrives at the house of the bride on a white horse. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to move around the city on horseback, but you can pay tribute to tradition and support wedding style, choosing only white cars and decorating them with garlands of yellow and red flowers. Well, if you manage to find and rent a motor rickshaw, it will be altogether wonderful.

In India, they can come to the bride and here on this car

Indian Style Wedding: Bride and Groom Wedding Suits

Previously, Indian brides were married only in a red sari - luxurious, embroidered with gold, beads, rhinestones. Grooms also wore national costumes, and a turban was tied on their heads. Today, this rule is not always respected even in India.

Grooms often come to their wedding in a European suit with a tuxedo, and brides choose wedding dresses of absolutely any color except pure white, which is considered mourning in India.

You can, of course, choose a white outfit, but it should be richly embroidered.

Our bride, preparing for a wedding in Indian style, can wear a traditional Indian sari or give preference to any other option.

After all, as already mentioned, in different states of India weddings take place in different ways. Wedding dresses are also noticeably different. For example, in Western India, women wear tops or dresses with fluffy skirt.

If this is a wedding dress, a large embroidered bedspread is put on the head.

The European version of a wedding dress for a wedding in Indian style can be this: a fitted dress with a fitted top and a pair of skirt to toe or a mermaid dress with a short sleeve. A long patterned bedspread in color of the dress is fixed on the head instead of the traditional veil.

On the second day of the wedding, you can choose the outfit of women of the North of India: bloomers and embroidered tunic.

Indian bride has a lot of jewelry. No matter what dress she gets married in, her hands must be decorated with many bracelets, symbolizing that the woman is already married. Earrings and numerous rings are also required. Eastern women, as you know, love to shine with luxury.

The bride can order a painting of the skin of the hands and feet with henna (mehendi).

Indian Style Wedding Music

Pick up Indian national music, as well as songs from famous Indian films. The music of contemporary performers from India is suitable for dancing at a banquet. You can find the songs of our performers, at least somehow related to India.

That's basically all that is needed to create the desired surroundings. On the other aspects of preparing for an Indian wedding and the possible course of this event, we will discuss in the next article “Indian Style Wedding».

Indian style wedding (Indian-fusion) - the latest fashionable ideas for a wedding in 2018!

The most recent and unusual wedding trend for 2018, which I managed to find now, is an Indian-style wedding with a European gloss.

It is abstrusely called "Indian fusion" - that is, a wedding that unites the traditions of 2 completely different cultures. As a rule, such fashionable weddings are popular in the UK because of historical colonial features.

But why not add colors, sun, fragrant spices, and dances in Russia — BOLIVUD?

The general idea of ​​an unusual Indian-fusion wedding

In India, the newlyweds traditionally arrange a very colorful celebration with an abundant table. They, like us, rent a hall, decorate it - I will show you below, they simply invite MORE OF THE GUESTS - all their vast relatives. Syto-drunkenly walk, dance merrily, invite artists and even transwistites to bless young people)))) There are a lot of textiles and flowers at the Indian wedding.

Styling the bride for an unusual wedding in Indian style is something very special! Much of the above can be taken for your wedding

What are Indian women wearing? Right! SARI. But at the wedding they (as I know for sure) are buying completely awesome dresses or suits (top and skirt). The color of the bridal outfit is often deep red with gold, maybe green or deep blue with gold, of course.

The fabric is necessarily elegantly embroidered, with an ornament, rich finish. Gold should be everywhere and as much as possible. and stone-stone-stone .... If your wedding is in a warm season, then you can wear slippers or clogs instead of heel shoes, and then take them off at all.

What else is right MAST-DU? Right! MENDI (mehendi).

Our girls make white tattoos with sparkles, which is charming and romantic! But if you want a really unusual, sharply-fashionable, colorful wedding, then you should just “beat” to the limit with the traditional henna mixture - arms, legs.

In India, there is no need to spend about 12 hours in the beauty salon. Most of it goes to mehndi! Traditional Mehndi necessarily henna, brown. It is done one day before the celebration.

There are special patterns that symbolize happiness in relationships, childbirth, and wealth.

Bridal makeup in Indian style should be BRIGHT. The hairdock is decorated with beads, tiaras, jewelry with stones, a cape of fine embroidered fabric to match the dress.

The bride before the wedding gives the bride a gold chain around his neck - the heftiest awesome he can afford))) This is instead of an engagement ring. And a married woman is already wearing a ring on her toe.

The groom himself should ideally wear a gold jacket and pants. The groom can also do mendy on his hands.

Both the bride and the groom attach a bindi - a point in the forehead.

Sample Inspiration Scenario:

  • Young people enter the hall along the red carpet))) and sprinkle them with petals of flowers - or something bright to look colorful.
  • Couple sits on the throne - photographing
  • Leading can solemnly say something
  • Then the “Flower wreaths exchange” ritual - the bridegroom says something to the bride and puts a wreath of flowers on her neck (the brightest ones), then the bride is the same. Here you can do the first dance of the young))))
  • Then I drink it all together, bitterly and bitterly
  • You can make some kind of Indian-style dance number to give everyone another drink-snack
  • Then you can do something with “bringing symbols of well-being” out of some kind of golden container - golden keys = new apartment, golden nipple = many children, etc. first the bridegroom comes, then the bride, then the parents, then the witnesses and friends.
  • Then they all drink again. The closest guests go to the "dressing" in a sari.
  • Then thematic greetings. A table, richly decorated in the style of a holiday, rolls out to the sofa (or thrones). Relatives and friends in a sari one by one go out, congratulate and leave a gift on the table.
  • Then you can make the ritual "Fire of love." Take out the big golden candle. The light is muffled in the hall. Young people light it together with Indian music - you can turn on the love mantra performed by the Virgin Premal))) then the bride takes a long scarf, wraps it around the spouse's neck and slowly leads around the candle for 3 circles. if the candle has not gone out - they will live happily ever after))) Young people are sprinkled with petals or bright pieces of paper in the process. If everything is OK, then guests can give out sticks with incense .... Let them "smoke" for the happiness of the young.
  • Again, drink-eat ... bitter .. all things. You can still insert some kind of themed dance number.
  • Young again sit on the sofa (on the thrones). The groom kneels before the bride and confesses his love. Then he takes off her shoe and puts a ring on her toe.
  • Next Dis-Ko-Tak and feast. In between, the presenter must offer themed contests for the guests.
  • Themed cake.

Wedding in modern Indian style

Indian weddings are known for their colorful, extravagant originality. This quality is expressed through the decor.

Despite the fact that the wedding theme in India is focused primarily on traditions, trends change every year, as the mixture of traditional and modern styles is becoming more popular.

The latest trends in Indian-style weddings for 2015 are presented to your attention.

Gentle colors

The decor of Indian weddings is traditionally made in red and gold tones. In India, red and gold colors symbolize good luck and prosperity. Тем не менее, сегодня на свадьбах дизайнеры, как правило, отдают предпочтение любимым цветам влюбленных. Особой любовью пользуется нежная пастель в дуэте с кричащими цветами.The popularity of light pink, peach, golden tones is growing.

Candlelight Party

The celebration of weddings in India has long been a multi-day celebration, so part of the ceremony takes place indoors. Candles can act as decorations for the tables at festive receptions, dinners and dinners.

The soft, warm light of the candles gives a more intimate shade to the wedding, even if there are about a hundred people on it.

This decoration also serves as a tribute to vintage Gatsby party style weddings, which are back in fashion.

Draperies are more beautiful than flowers

In a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, the couple marries on top of a decorated, sublime platform called the “mandap”. It is at this place that the holy vows are read, here the newlyweds together take their first steps as a married couple, therefore, it is customary to decorate them with armfuls of flowers symbolizing vigor and new beginnings.

At the time of the worship of traditions, marigolds and jasmine were very popular, but in 2015 one should expect something new. For example, draped fabrics (including silk, tulle) that are used to decorate the platform on each side are relevant.

This decoration allows you to demonstrate in detail the selected color scheme, which gives a magical, misty note of the ceremony.

Customized wedding programs

Today, many couples are developing their own wedding plan, so guests can follow each event and evaluate its importance for marriage.

Brochures with a plan can be further personalized with freehand drawings or a fun infographic that tells something about the spouses.

This is a great way to tell something new to the guests and entertain them, not forgetting the long-standing Indian wedding customs.

Handmade Jewelry

Since Pinterest has provided brides with a paradise for planning a wedding, many couples use DIY projects for a wedding (DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”, which means “do it yourself”).

A board with inscriptions and hand drawings can help a couple (her family, friends) discover the hidden talent of the artist. Such a move is not only reasonable, but also contributes to the convergence with the guests, it is often much cheaper than custom jewelry.

Creativity of the couple can be used anywhere - from the wedding bouquet of the bride to personalized invitations.

Guest involvement

A wedding has never been just a demonstration of love between the bride and groom, and, according to the latest wedding trends, guests should take part in a joyful event more than ever.

For example, spouses must include their guests in signing official documents at the time of marriage, decorating personalized invitations.

If the newlyweds love to travel, they can ask guests to sign their names on a map or globe in places where they have already been or are planning to go.

Newlyweds who adore films will probably want to ask those invited to decorate their wedding invitations with images of the characters of their favorite films. To make sure that their guests truly enjoy what is happening as members of the newly formed family, couples offer them individual entertainment, which also acts as a creative highlight of the wedding.

Indian weddings may differ in constancy in religious and traditional issues, but the growth of marriages of various coalitions, diasporas gives rise to new trends in style. All these trends are aimed at “fitting” the triumph to a couple, based on the desires and characters of the future spouses. After all, a wedding is exactly the event that needs to be treated that way.

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Beautiful and unusual Indian style wedding

If you are one of those young and loving couples who are bored with traditional weddings and banal traditions, then you will certainly be interested in styling a wedding in Indian style. Today there are a huge number of options for themed weddings, but it is Indian that, by right, can be called very bright, interesting, mysterious and truly non-standard.

Such an amazing and special celebration, without a doubt, will leave an indelible mark on the memory and consciousness of both the newlyweds themselves and the invited guests, because, you can't argue, the traditional Indian rites are a bewitching act.

India is the country that still strictly adheres to many traditions and rituals, for example, there are still “marriage by agreement”, that is, the parents of the bride and the groom agree on the possibility of marriage for their children.

Of course, manners and traditions gradually change, strict traditions are transformed, marriages for love are more and more common, but the essence remains the same: an Indian wedding is a big celebration of two families, which is sometimes waited for decades and prepared very carefully.

If you want to get a beautiful and vibrant Indian-style wedding, even the richest and brightest entourage may not be enough, because it is very important to feel the special spirit of joy in finding each other, which is characteristic of Hindus, because they have a marriage - for life! Divorces there are extremely rare, and because of that, the atmosphere at the festival is special, sublime.

The main thing is the idea!

Of course, it is completely unnecessary to arrange a wedding in all Indian traditions, if only because there are too many of them and in order to understand and take into account all of them, you need to penetrate very deeply into the culture and religion of India.

To please yourself with an unforgettable celebration, it is enough to add a few main points to the main scenario, which will indicate the theme of the celebration. For example, you can attend to only the costumes of the newlyweds, music and decor of the venue. And you can go further: work on the script, add traditional and key points of the Indian wedding.

By the way, I would like to note that even in India itself, weddings are not celebrated according to the same scenario, the concept of the conduct and even the appearance of the costumes of young people may depend on the particular state.

Any themed wedding should be with a good idea, you might want a standard ransom and a banquet in Indian costumes, and you may want to prepare a real wedding script that will overlap with some Indian film, you remember these magnificent parties in a Bollywood movie ?

And you can work on creating a staged and theatrical Indian fairy tale that will turn your evening into something special and mysterious, in the best traditions of mysterious India.

Cooking invitations

In order for your guests to be warned in advance about the theme of your celebration, you need to start from the very first - invitations, which, in fact, will become the calling card of the wedding. You can approach this question as responsibly as possible: make invitations in the traditional Indian format.

In this case, you will need satin, thick paper, decorated with intricate patterns of gold, red, dark green or blue. Remember that the main colors of an Indian wedding are red and gold, the more gold - the better and more believable your decorations will look.

Traditionally, in India, honorary guests are invited to receive greeting cards in the form of silk scrolls in specially decorated jewelry boxes; you can get by with small ones: instead of a jewelry box, use a cardboard box or a thick envelope made of cardboard. The main thing is that they are richly decorated with golden lace - this is very Indian.

And what about the venue?

Of course, any restaurant with an oriental theme is ideal for these purposes, but if you still have the opportunity, then the best venue will be open air. According to Indian traditions, the wedding should take place in a huge tent, which is called "bozargan". Up to 1000 invited guests can put in such a design!

In addition to the main tent or awning, which is also a good fit in this case, you need another small small tent or shed. It is in him that the bridegroom is waiting for his future wife, and in him the whole symbolic marriage ceremony takes place.

It is very important to take care of the rich decoration of the small tent, all the space inside is decorated with yellow and red flowers, pillows for young people, parents and the person who will conduct the ceremony are also put there.

Particular attention should be paid to the yellow flowers - they symbolize loyalty, sincerity and the sun, and, therefore, they should be, as much as possible, more.

Instead of pillows, you can use any soft and comfortable padded stools or other upholstered furniture. In addition to flowers for decorating tents and a banquet venue, many fabrics are used, the most ideal option is the use of embroidered Indian silk.

We should not forget about additional decor - the balls here, of course, will be superfluous, but bouquets of flowers, elephant figures, bright carpets on the floor, peacock feathers, palm trees in tubs and other symbols of Eastern culture - just right.

It is worth taking care of the wedding cortege: traditionally at Indian weddings, the groom arrives at the venue of the ceremony on a white horse, which, of course, is not very convenient for modern cities. To pay tribute to the traditions and not to bother about horses, you can choose beautiful white cars, decorated with garlands of exotic flowers.

Wedding suit

Once it was believed that the traditional dress for the wedding celebration of an Indian bride was a bright red sari, embroidered with gold, beads, rhinestones and patterns - an expensive and luxurious robe.

But today this tradition is poorly observed even by the Indian women themselves. More and more often they prefer a European-style wedding - the wedding dress can be of any color, the main thing is not white, since in India it is the color of mourning.

The European version of the Indian wedding dress is still different from our classical ideas: usually it is a fitted dress of A-style or “fish” style with short sleeves. Fabrics, as before, are richly embroidered and decorated, and a long patterned veil instead of a veil is attached to the head.

Particular attention is paid to make-up, it is usually brighter than everyday, but, nevertheless, it does not look defiant: sensual lips, brightly-defined eyebrows stand out, and eyes lighten a bright eyeliner.

Do not forget about the accessories: the bride becomes a married lady, so her hands are traditionally decorated with a large number of gold or silver bracelets, massive earrings, rings on the fingers and even legs.

Another specific moment is mehendi - henna painting on the body. Usually, the palms and hands of the bride are decorated to the elbow, as well as the feet and legs, it is believed that the more complex and intricate the painting, the future life will be richer and happier.

Wedding Dress

Traditionally, Indian wedding dresses for the bride are created in red, it is he who in Indochina symbolizes purity. White is not used, as it is considered a sign of grief and mourning, and only widows wear it.

Sari richly decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, beads. The basis is sewn from natural fabrics - cotton, silk, sometimes several layers of chiffon are added. For the shirt (chori or ravik) use the same material, if it is created in red. But when they prefer a golden hue, they choose damask.

Just like a sari, it is richly decorated with embroidery, sparkling rhinestones and beads.

Hair is anointed with oils, carefully combed, and from the middle of the head weave a braid.

It is decorated with flowers and jewels. But if the hair is short, you can make babette, which will give volume styling, creating the desired image. Complement the hairstyle with ornaments, and throwing the edge of the sari over the head.

Due to the abundant embroidery and decoration with rhinestones, matter gives the hairstyle a special charm.

For the bouquet they use only red buds - from bright scarlet to dark burgundy. From plants choose roses, peonies. But traditionally the center of the composition is lotus flowers, from pink to purple hues.

The organization of a wedding in Indian style

To organize an Indian style wedding, it is not necessary to observe all Indian traditions and rules. It is enough to use the basic style: in the design of the hall, outfits, and also to borrow some recipes of traditional Indian cuisine. Indian weddings are celebrated using a variety of traditions, depending on the state, so it is worth boldly making changes.

When organizing such a wedding, the bride and groom should notify guests in advance about the theme of the holiday, as well as clarify the mandatory dress code so that the wedding looks harmonious. The choice of wedding venue is one of the most important nuances, it can be a large country villa, a restaurant or an outdoor ceremony in tents. The main thing is the beautiful and themed decoration of the hall, the harmonious abundance of details in Indian style.

According to Indian traditions, the bridegroom comes to the bride on a bright horse. In our conditions, it is hard to imagine the groom on a horse, so it is allowed to simply decorate the car with different glowing lanterns and flowers. The car will look best white tone. The organization of such a wedding takes a lot of time, it requires knowledge of the subject, Indian rules and traditions.

A good idea to buy small souvenir gifts for guests. Ideal souvenirs in the Indian theme. These can be elephant figurines, golden Buddha figurines, bracelets with stones, bright earrings, spice sets, oriental-style combs or other themed options. To the gifts should be added little notes with thanks from the couple.

Hall decoration in Indian style

A wedding in Indian style implies luxurious details: a lot of gold, burgundy shades, an abundance of fresh flowers, expensive fabrics. To decorate the hall of the exit ceremony, you will need a huge amount of rose petals: white, red, pink. Rose petals are usually showered on newlyweds as in our traditions they are showered with grain, coins. Along with fresh flowers it is possible to use artificial bouquets. There are plenty of options for how to arrange a venue for such a wedding:

  • A wedding in Indian style under tents is romantic, but it requires a lot of preparation. For the exit ceremony, a separate tent is needed, and fabrics for its decoration should be light, bright colors. Velvet red fabrics, flowerpots with flowers, gold details - all this should be present in the hall to imitate the real India. Instead of chairs fit volumetric cushions of bright colors: gold, red, purple.

  • Hall in the restaurant. The simplest option would be to search for a banquet hall in Indian restaurants, then you won't have to bother too much with its decoration, and if you have a restaurant in mind and it is far from Indian motives, then you will need a lot of accessories for its decoration. The main thing is a huge number of flowers, petals, scented candles that will give romance, mystery. Just need to choose a candle with a light aroma, no cloying smells.

  • Hall "Peacock feather." The main element for decoration is a peacock feather with all its colors. Luxurious materials, mainly velvet, silk, are ideal for such a wedding. The color scheme is saturated with all shades of blue, green, and the tables are decorated with bouquets of bright colors, candlesticks, other details at the discretion of the groom and the bride.


  • Red and gold room. The most traditional and classic design is the hall of red and gold colors. These colors symbolize luxury, wealth, so the Indians prefer them. Burgundy roses, poppies on the table are the best elements of decor, and the chairs on which the newlyweds will sit should resemble a real throne, so you should start looking for such a detail in advance. Do not forget about the bright light, and the floor should be decorated with carpets to fully comply with Indian traditions.

Indian wedding: organizational moments

A wedding in this style does not imply strict adherence to all Indian canons. It is enough to adhere to a certain style, taking into account your own tastes and preferences. To organize a celebration, you will have to learn a lot: what dishes are typical for this region, what traditional outfits look like, what ceremonies are held. Keep in mind that India is a big enough country, so the traditions in the south may differ from the customs in the north, and each region has its own characteristics. It gives you a wide field for creativity. Choose what you like best.

When organizing a wedding in Indian style, warn about the theme of the guests, so that they fit into the overall style of the event. Pay attention to the selection of the right place for the celebration. Ideal option - a country house, restaurant, outdoor area in a beautiful area. But most importantly, this is not the place itself, but how you can decorate and decorate it.

Чтобы ваш праздник надолго запомнился приглашенным, приготовьте для них памятные подарки. Пусть это будут приятные мелочи в индийском стиле, например, национальные украшения, ароматизированные палочки, наборы специй, амулеты, фигурки священных животных.

Свадьба в индийском стиле: оформление

Свадьба в Индии отмечается с королевским размахом, и интерьер зала должен ему соответствовать. The colors are dominated by red and gold shades. Luxury details are required: expensive natural fabrics like silk, fresh flowers, skillfully made figurines. At an Indian wedding, it is customary to shower the newly-made spouses with rose petals, as well as coins and cereals. Therefore, stock up on relevant items. We have prepared for you a few ideas on how to arrange the venue for the celebration:

A restaurant. The most accessible and simple choice is the rental of a banquet hall. It is very likely that in your city there is an Indian restaurant, then you do not even have to carefully decorate the hall. In any case, remember that the essential details in the design of the space should be rose petals, candles with oriental fragrances, fragrant sticks and a lot of fresh flowers.

Wedding outdoors. Why not spend this holiday in nature. Arrange a few tents in a picturesque corner. Make an exit ceremony. To decorate the place, you will need expensive fabrics, for example, red velvet, gold-plated ornaments, flower vases, oriental-style fringed pillows. You must create a peculiar corner of the east.

Luxurious room in red and gold color. As already mentioned, these colors are the most popular in the Indian tradition. They symbolize joy, happiness, and abundance. For decoration of the hall in this color will suit flowers of red shades, for example, roses and poppies. Let interior items be royally luxurious. Chairs should resemble thrones, there will be a skillfully made carpet on the floor.

The design of the hall in the style of "peacock". A great idea to arrange a celebration in the colors of a peacock feather. This is a magnificent bird, pleasing us with green, blue and blue hues. For such a wedding will need flowers of the appropriate range, lightweight fabrics and much more.

The image of the bride in Indian style

The image of a wedding celebration will not be complete without the dresses of the newlyweds. They must be in perfect harmony with their surroundings. To select the right image, be sure to think carefully about it, read photos from real Indian weddings, or consult with professional stylists.

An Indian girl gathering down the aisle, according to tradition, dresses in bright outfit. This is not a white dress that we all are used to, but a red sari decorated with patterns using a golden thread. Moreover, the white color in Indian culture is considered mourning, be sure to keep this moment in mind. But you can choose any shade of red: from bright, scarlet or even orange to wine, maroon.

Indian brides prefer sleek hairstyles. They gently style their hair without dissolving it, but they add various gold jewelry to their hair. As for makeup, it is worth giving free rein to the fantasy. In India, the girl at the wedding can look very bright, so it is appropriate to emphasize the eyes and use a rich lipstick.

Original detail in the image of an Indian bride is mehendi. This is a fancy painting on the hands and feet, made with henna. It is done on the eve of the wedding and looks very elegant. You can choose the pattern and pattern as you like.

Indian wedding: what the groom looks like

Choosing a suit of the groom, it is worth considering that not only white is out of place at an Indian wedding, but also black. Therefore, abandon this classic format in favor of a brighter, for example, beige. The golden turban and fresh flowers are considered to be traditional elements of the groom's attire. You can also pick up shoes in a classic Oriental style with curled toes.

A traditional wedding dress in India is called Salwar Kamiz. However, given that we live in the XXI century, it does not necessarily look like Aladdin. Choose a suit to your taste, but try to observe the national theme in its details.

Indian wedding tuple

According to Indian custom, a young man comes to his bride on a white horse, like a prince from a fairy tale. This is a stunningly beautiful tradition to use for your wedding. But if there is no such possibility, then his iron equivalent, a white car, will also be suitable as a horse. But do not forget that even it should be decorated properly, for example with flowers and ribbons.

Indian Style Wedding: Script

Indian wedding is full of bright events, very atmospheric and energetic. Be sure to prepare themed entertainment for guests, contests and performances. You can invite dancers who will perform you national dances.

As a scenario for the purchase of a bride, the plot of a movie from Bollywood is suitable. For example, a gang of robbers kidnaps a young girl, and the groom must heroically save her. At the same time, he will encounter various obstacles in the form of tricky questions and interesting tasks. Take as a basis the script for the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". This picture fits perfectly into the format of your holiday. Another great idea is to shoot a wedding video in the style of Indian cinema.

Do not forget that an Indian wedding is a sea of ​​fun, dancing, magic tricks and good mood. Therefore, invite artists and a toastmaster who will help you make this evening unforgettable.

Image of the groom

The groom wears kurta pajama or shalvar kamiz. Pants are most often made in white, while for a shirt and frock coat they use a light beige fabric. Abundantly decorated with golden embroidery on the collar and cuffs.

They wear a red turban on their head, decorated with embroidery, rhinestones and pin a precious brooch. Also from one edge form a "fan" at the top. The second end down the back.

Be sure to have a wedding garland of flowers on the neck, created interspersed with red and yellow buds.

Guests at an Indian wedding should be in a similar style to traditional outfits — for women, it is a sari, or multi-layered chiffon dresses.

They can be of any color, except bright red, in which the bride dresses. All shades should be slightly muted, the neon palette will be out of place.

For men, you must wear traditional Indian costumes. Or pick up pants and shirt similar to the cut. Colors are restrained, can be both dark and light.

It is unacceptable to come in a white-robed outfit, this will be considered an insult for the newlyweds.

What to serve

Indian dishes are put on the table, but it is also important to do it in a light version, because not all guests love a lot of spices.

Some will even have to offer lenten options of treats, due to allergies or diseases. Soup made from tomato sauce, curry rice, tandoori chicken.

All this food is very difficult to prepare yourself, and even for a home holiday it is better to find a restaurant with delivery. Cakes are made traditionally round, in many tiers, due to the large number of guests.

The color is chosen either red or beige, and abstract golden patterns bloom on the surface.

Young photo session

The most popular perspectives for a photo session of newlyweds in Indian style - either sitting in frilly chairs, or standing, looking at each other.

The background can be either a wooden surface decorated with carvings, or a red carpet with ribbons or flowers. It is important to remember: minimal tactile contact - there should be no kisses, hugs and other signs of sympathy in photos.

It is extremely indecent, the Indians believe that when the manifestation of feelings should not be present outsiders. The maximum that is allowed is to hold hands or take the groom by the elbow.

All the emotions that they want to show, it is necessary to demonstrate postures directed at each other, and views.

In this video - the ideas of organizing a wedding in the Indian style:

Indian-style weddings are rarely held outside the country, and therefore, newlyweds who choose just such a celebration can be sure of the exclusivity of their holiday. And the effort invested and time will pay off thanks to vivid memories that will not fade over the years.

Wedding decorations - an important detail of the holiday

How to conduct the rite of marriage in India? In a beautiful corner in the open building a special structure. Different provinces have their own ritual buildings: it can be a shed or a structure resembling a miniature temple.

At the four corners of the tent large candles are put or lamps are hung out. A sacrificial fire is lit in the center. It is around him that the Indian priest leads a couple of times seven times, throwing rice and special ghee into the fire.

The construction is decorated with a large number of flowering plants. I must say that at such a wedding in general there should be a lot of colors, bright fabric draperies, ribbons. It is rather simple to arrange musical accompaniment of the celebration - Indian melodies are recognizable and even popular in Europe.

After the ceremony is completed, all the guests invited to it go into the room in which an arch of flowering plants and ribbons is arranged. Under it, on an elevation, there are two high-backed chairs, similar to the throne - newlyweds will sit here.

Wedding ceremony: romantic and very exciting

In the Indian wedding ritual can be noted several important points. The bride waits for the groom, standing on a round stone at the built “Wedding Palace”. The groom appears on a beautifully decorated horse on horseback. The realities of European life make it possible to get by with a horse-drawn carriage or, finally, a car.

During a detour, the bride and groom should be tied together with a scarf and a corner of sari fabric. An important point: at the end of the marriage, the bride and groom should look into each other’s eyes - this is shubkho drishti, “the very first look”. The ceremony ends with the groom putting red paint on the forehead and part of the bride. From this point on, the young become husband and wife.

How to dress the bride and groom

Indian wedding takes place in the colors of gold and ruby. Gold is represented by the metal itself, as well as yellow flowers and petals, fragrant powders of spices, reddish-yellow henna, flowers of the groom's clothes. Ruby - the red hues of the sari of the bride and her bouquet, stones in the decorations, also flowers, which are everywhere in abundance.

A bride's sari is a solid piece of beautiful material, the dominant color of which is red. Matter beautiful folds fastened around the waist, and its free end over the shoulder. The girl’s upper body is covered by a knitted blouse, similar to a short-sleeved top. The bride's hair is smoothly combed, and her forehead is crowned with an openwork pendant.

Jewelry is a special theme of an Indian wedding. They should be present in large quantities: a lot of bracelets should be worn on the legs and arms of the bride. And on their feet, they have small bells. Imagine how wonderful it is when every step of the bride is accompanied by a melodic chime! There are large earrings in her ears, necklaces around her neck.

The groom, in contrast to the European wedding tradition, is also dressed in bright clothes. His long jacket to the knees or below of brocade or other shiny material is embroidered with silk threads, stones and beads. On the head is a silk turban. Despite the exotic outfit, a man looks very attractive in it.

Indian wedding cuisine: spicy, bright, plentiful

For an Indian-style wedding table, many dishes are prepared, but they are usually not very diverse and are made from traditional products: rice, beans, vegetables, and lots of spices. The most famous Indian dish is probably curry.

It is rather a group of dishes that are characterized by a sharp taste and the presence of the same seasoning in them, as well as a thick consistency. Can remind a dish vegetable hodgepodge or seasoning, sauce.

Be sure to make sweet treats, in particular vattilappam - a custard-like dessert.

Concluding the story, I would like to note that strictly following the canons of organizing an Indian wedding is not at all necessary. It is important to be able to convey the atmosphere of this touching, we repeat, and very beautiful ceremony, which is called “Indian Wedding”.

Indian Style Wedding Scenario

If you want to immerse yourself in the Indian world, you will not have enough Indian dresses alone. It is important to create a real thematic atmosphere, the idea of ​​the original celebration script. During the wedding banquet you need to come up with various themed contests, dances, performances. This is sure to amuse the guests, as well as young ones.

The ransom is perfectly organized as an abduction of the bride by an Indian gang, and the groom will have to overcome the path before receiving it back. In advance you need to come up with exciting tasks for the groom. It is also good to come up with a ransom in the style of one of the popular Indian films, for example, Slumdog Millionaire. The main thing is to be interesting, energetic.

During the banquet, it is worth warning the master of ceremonies (the presenter) about the obligatory dress code, and also to consult about the wedding competitions. A professional illusionist, fire show, Indian dances and many other things will be able to cheer the guests. It’s great to start a wedding ceremony with a short video about newlyweds in the style of an Indian film, telling about acquaintance, love, and the development of relationships before the wedding.

Process video

Watch a video of how a couple had a great Indian-style wedding and got married:

A wedding in Indian style is a reason to have a wonderful time, to make this day truly unique, exclusive. Difficult organizational worries are surely compensated by a fun pastime that guests, organizers, and newlyweds will remember with a smile on their face. Choosing an Indian celebration, you get unusual, fun and exotic.

Indian Style Wedding - I Am a Bride - Wedding Preparation Articles and Tips

We all have seen Indian films more than once. Despite the fact that they make many indulgently smile, one cannot but agree - the culture of this mysterious and distant country is fascinating.

Modern young couples are increasingly trying to hold a wedding in an original and unusual way, to avoid patterns and standard solutions. And what could be more vivid and memorable than an Indian wedding!

Traditional rite

According to ancient Indian customs, the bride had no right to choose her own bridegroom — her parents made this choice for her. Today, customs differ slightly in different states, but the fact remains that there have been no global changes in the traditional Indian rite.

When the wedding day comes, the newlyweds are forbidden to eat - right up to the beginning of the ceremony, which usually happens in the evening. Wedding preparations begin at the bride's house.where all her relatives are going. The celebration itself takes place in a huge tent called “bozargan”, where sometimes up to 1000 guests can be placed!

As for the ceremony itself, there are also a number of nuances. The groom is waiting for the bride in a special small room.consisting of an awning and four palm trees. Inside, everything is decorated with bright, exotic yellow flowersthat symbolize purity, loyalty, sincerity.

The bride is brought to the bridegroom in a beautifully decorated palanquin, then they make a circle 7 times around the bridegroom and only then the bride goes down to the bridegroom and for the first time their views meet.

Immediately, in this small temple of love, in front of the priest, the couple makes vows of love.

Later priest connects their hands with a flower garland, after which the groom puts red paint on the forehead and head of the bride, thereby showing that from now on she is his wife.

In some states, for example, in the state of Punjab, the paint does not apply - instead, the groom gives the bride a gold chain, which she will not remove until she dies.

After that, the guests and the young people make merry dances and dances until the very morning - no wonder, because Indian wedding is one of the most fun weddings! In the morning, the bride is escorted to her husband's house, and a life together, new for them, begins.

If your choice is a themed wedding in Indian style, you do not have to blindly observe every detail. It is enough to catch a few key points, thanks to which your wedding will become truly Indian.


Usually, a bride in India gets married in a richly decorated wedding sari of red color, less often - green or other colors. It is the result of hard work, because every detail of it is carefully thought out - a variety of patterns, trimmed with beads and rhinestones on the hem. Embroidery with gold threads, fringe decoration - all these details make the wedding sari a real masterpiece.

But even if the bride's sari - modest and not replete with an abundance of colors and details - there is no doubt that in such a sari the bride will be no less feminine and elegant. For witnesses and all guests who wish, you can also take sari and dhoti at the box office. A variety of fabrics can serve as a material for sarees: cotton, silk, chiffon, and also synthetics.

Painting henna or "mehendi"

You probably have seen more than once in Indian films the hands of the bride decorated a variety of patterns and drawings. That's what it is Mehendi - henna body painting. The more complex and intricate the pattern, the more beautiful the bride is considered and the more prestigious its status.

Традиционно в Индии преобладали религиозные и растительные мотивы для росписи хной. Часто на такую роспись уходят долгие часы, невеста сидит, протянув руки нескольким мастерицам. Не откажи себе в удовольствии удивить всех присутствующих такой вот росписью – сейчас это, к тому же, очень модно.


Sari can be added to your taste with various decorations, because in India, the bride marries with many bracelets on her arms and legsusually gold. The shape and thickness of bracelets can be different - usually it is either a huge number of thin bracelets, or several pieces, but wider.

As for earrings - Bride in India usually likes to decorate herself with massive earrings.Often they become even the main focus of the entire outfit. Bride's hair is usually braided in braids and decorated with fresh flowers and various pendants.


Prepare to have some part of the ceremony barefoot - This is a common thing in India, because shoes often get in the way because of the abundance of jewelery on the legs (in addition to bracelets, rings often hope to have rings that cannot be removed later on for weeks).

Or purchase special sandals that fully open the foot and have only a loop for the thumb. Such shoes are called “chappal”.


Yes, you thought correctly - guests and you have to sit on pillowsand it is desirable that the entire interior of the hall be decorated in oriental style.

A semicircular table, muffled light, barely perceptible incense, unobtrusive Oriental music, Oriental cuisine and traditional sweets - believe me, this situation will make your wedding not just original, but also very relaxing, almost homely. And do not forget about the yellow flowers - in India there are even special rituals dedicated to gratitude to the yellow color - the color of loyalty and home comfort.


Well, where without this fascinating and mysterious belly dance! Let all the evening guests be entertained by charming dancers, magicians, fortune-tellers. Order also an enchanting fire show, which is associated with oriental dexterity and cunning. Guests will appreciate this show program and certainly will not be bored.

But the main elements that you need to take for a real Indian wedding - fun and enthusiasm! In India, as nowhere else, they know how to have fun, walk and have fun, weddings there are always the loudest and loudest.

Stunning indian style wedding

Planning a wedding, but do not know in what style to make it? One of the solutions is an exotic Indian-style wedding! Registration of a celebration in the Indian traditions will conquer any connoisseur of beauty. After all, Indian weddings are characterized by amazing beauty and bright juicy colors.

Not everyone understands such beauty, since it is difficult for an ordinary person to understand Indian culture with its amazing outfits, beautiful dances and wedding customs.

Therefore, to arrange a celebration in honor of the marriage in this style is creative individuals who are very sociable and can appreciate all the unusual and bright traditions of the Indian people.

Wedding Decor in Indian Traditions

When organizing a celebration in Indian style, first we must decide where its main part will be held. The choice is huge.

For a wedding like a green lawn in a city park, or in the woods, where you can set up tents, and a restaurant or a country house.

Whatever the place, it is important to use as many flowers, fruits and, of course, Indian symbolism in its design.

At registration of the wedding hall also bright curtains, carpets and, preferably statues will come in handy. In most cases, all these parts are red or golden in color, i.e. have colors that symbolize success and wealth, which promise a new social unit.

Indian symbolism must be present in everything. All kinds of spices and spicy dishes, so beloved by the Indian people, should be present on the tables.

If we take into account all these subtleties, then you and your guests will feel as if you are at the center of a real Indian wedding.

Images of the newlyweds

Traditional Indian bridal gowns (and not only) look incredibly beautiful! The bride's dress is called a sari.

This is how a beautiful fabric is wrapped around a beautiful body of a newlywed bride in a certain way. A specially designed blouse, embroidered with exquisite patterns, is worn under the sari.

The color of the dress can be absolutely anyone, the main thing is to know how to wear this dress.

Now the makeup of the bride. Women in India are not shy to be brightly painted, so a bright eyeliner, thick coal-black eyelashes and lipstick of a beautiful color will come in handy. An important detail is bednee - the traditional point that Indian women put on their foreheads. Bidney is a symbol of wisdom.

As for jewelry, they can be used in large quantities, and it is desirable that they be large. So you need large earrings, bracelets and necklaces, which are necessary in order to emphasize the style of your dress and add charm to you, without which it is impossible to imagine an Indian girl.

Indian style photo shoot

We all dream to get after the wedding the best photos and video that capture those beautiful moments that were experienced on the wedding day.

To get unique pictures, we suggest creating an unusual image for the bride, namely putting henna patterns on her beautiful body. For five thousand years Indian girls have been decorating their hands and feet with the help of henna with traditional Indian patterns for five thousand years.

In combination with a delightful sari such patterns look amazing, unusual, bright. And this will surely provide you with vivid memories for many years.

If you decide to arrange a wedding in Indian style, you will become, at least for one day, a part of the culture of the Indian people.

You present yourself with a unique holiday, refined and rich in bright colors, which resulted in each guest being thrown into a pleasant shock, and for a long time will bring great memories of that extraordinary event in which he was lucky to participate! Be happy!

Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian culture attracts lovers of exotic from all over the world. Even in the modern world, with its globalization, India remains a unique state with a specific culture and traditions preserved from ancient times. Indian wedding dresses are worthy of a separate discussion.

Even on everyday days, the dresses of Indian women are striking in their brightness and beauty. In India, it is often possible to meet a man in a traditional costume of Chevrani or a woman in a sari, and on the wedding day even more Indians remember their roots.

This leaves a definite imprint on what dresses they wear in India on their wedding day.

Indian Traditional Wedding Dress

A traditional Indian wedding dress is a sari. Sari was invented more than five thousand years ago. About creating this national costume invented several legends. According to one of them, the young man weaved the canvas.

Thinking about his beloved, he did not notice that the canvas was too long. But it was so beautiful that everyone admired, and the sari became the traditional dress for women in India. Until now, saris are mainly made by male weavers.

They invent new patterns, decorations, unusual colors for saris.

In different areas of India, traditions and customs are slightly different, even in different areas saris can be worn in various ways. The well-known and most common variant is called “nivi”.

This method involves wrapping the canvas around the waist, and then - throwing over the shoulder. To those who have never tried on a sari, it may seem that it is very simple. In fact, wrapping a sari is a complicated process.

It is important to make this so that the fabric does not twist, and its folds lay evenly and elegantly.

If a girl puts on a sari for the first time in honor of the wedding, she can use hidden clasps - pins or buttons - to secure the outfit on the body. However, according to the rules, this is not to be done.

Modern girls can wear a special blouse under the sari - choli, and a skirt. This is not a true Indian tradition, but was taken from the British colonialists, who were very embarrassed by the look of the naked skin of Indian women.

For the manufacture of traditional wedding sarees are used thin and airy fabrics — silk, cut or chiffon. The richest residents of India can afford a wedding sari made of misor silk.

On the edges of the sari applied intricate patterns, decorations in the form of flowers, leaves, fruits. Embroidery make gold threads. According to the sign, the most complex pattern on a sari foreshadows the most harmonious and happy marriage life.

Also, for the decoration of saris are used all sorts of beads, beads and even precious stones.

Unlike European fashion, where the traditional color of the bride is white, in India preference is given to red. It is associated with love and joy that the newlyweds should expect in their life together.

Gold is recognized as an additional color - it means prosperity, prosperity and well-being.

Although over time, the color of the wedding sari and began to attach less importance, yet the brides most often choose red or green, which also symbolizes happiness in marriage.

Modern Wedding Dresses in India

The influence of Western fashion could not pass by India, so more and more young Indian women choose not a traditional wedding sari, but something more European, close to the world fashion both in style and in colors. But even in this case, Indian brides do not cease to look exotic and fabulous, because in any outfit to a certain extent national character is brought.

Silhouette "Mermaid"

Dress-mermaid can be called a kind of compromise between Western fashion and Indian traditions. This style can often be seen on a European bride and an Indian woman. Tight-fitting attire, which is greatly expanding from the knees to the hem, perfectly emphasizes the figure of the bride, and the traditional bright finish makes it pretentious and truly solemn.

Wedding Sari

Many Indian women choose their sari on their wedding day. Even everyday sarees are always colorful clothes, and for the wedding suit they choose the brightest decorations and colors.

Today, brides from India do not hesitate to choose a color for saris: red, yellow, blue, green, violet shades coexist with white, beige, cream and pale pink.

If you want to make a wedding in the national Indian style and observe the maximum of traditions and customs, then you can not do without a wedding sari.

Indian ornaments

For a stylized wedding, it is not necessary to repeat the wedding ceremony of India exactly. Even a completely ordinary white wedding dress can be made special if you embroider it with beautiful and bright patterns.

It can be any pictures that the bride wants to see on her dress, or there can be traditional ornaments that adorn Indian sarees and other national clothes. For embroidery, you can use gold threads, and you can silver.

Rhinestones will help to enhance the similarity with the Indian wedding suit. Beads, pearls and beads.

Fluffy skirt

Dress with a full skirt - another feature inherent in traditional Indian costumes. Such a wedding dress should certainly be bright: orange, pink, purple, blue or red.

To emphasize the Indian roots of the dress, to the magnificently skirt is best to choose a top on one shoulder, with a free sleeve or asymmetric strap.

This style looks like a sari, and bright colors, embroidery, decorations with rhinestones and stones make the similarity even more.

Scenario wedding in Indian-style wedding anniversary free download

If you are fascinated by Indian culture, and India is your favorite place to travel, why not indian-style wedding?

Indian Wedding Traditions

On the wedding day, before the beginning of the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom cannot eat anything. The wedding is usually played in the evening. Relatives come to the bride's house.

A small temple is created especially for the performance of the ceremony: an awning serves as a roof;

The groom stands on a flat stone and waits for several people in a wooden palanquin to carry a bride dressed in a rich sari with a lot of ornaments. The bride is carried around the bridegroom 7 times and only after that the young people are allowed to look into each other’s eyes for the first time in their life, this is called “shubkho drishti” - the very first look.

Then the priest says prayers, and the young ones give each other an oath of allegiance: "We swear to be together in grief and happiness - until the day when death separates us." The priest who performs the ceremony unites the hands of the young with a flower garland, and the groom at this moment puts red paint on his forehead and the parting of his bride: now they are husband and wife.

After the completion of the sacred ceremony, the wedding procession goes to a special place - “bozargan”, and there the guests - usually 700-800 people - start the meal, sing wedding songs, dance and congratulate the newlyweds. The fun lasts all night, and in the morning the young wife leaves her home and moves to her husband's house. Soon they, like European newlyweds, are awaiting their honeymoon trip.

Where to play a wedding in Indian style

For the venue, an oriental-style cafe, a tea room or any other room that needs to be decorated separately will suit. If the wedding is in the summer - the tent stretched out in nature is ideal for wedding ceremonies. In the tent should be charming twilight, unobtrusive aromas of incense and light sounds of oriental music.

The most important thing in an Indian wedding is design. Everything should be very bright, colorful and most importantly, the abundance of all kinds of colors! The tent is divided into zones, as the Indian wedding ceremony consists of numerous rituals. All attendants should be dressed in traditional Indian clothes - saris and dhoti.

Newlyweds and guests are seated on soft pillows at a semicircular table with oriental cuisine.

Bridal wear for a wedding in Indian style

Usually, a bride in India gets married in a richly decorated wedding sari of red color, less often - green or other colors. It is the result of hard work, because every detail of it is carefully thought out - a variety of patterns, trimmed with beads and rhinestones on the hem. Embroidery with gold threads, fringe decoration - all these details make the wedding sari a real masterpiece.

In order to put it on a beautiful woman, you will definitely need the help of skilled workers who will make the necessary number of folds, fix a certain edge of the sari and show you how to walk in this exotic outfit of six meters of fabric.

Do not forget about the special value of jewelry for the bride. After all, the bride goes to the show and everyone around should see how beautiful she is and how richly decorated she is.

So do not be shy and will have to buy sets for hands, legs and even for the nose.

Painting henna or "mehendi"

In Indian films, the hands of the bride are decorated with a variety of patterns and designs. This is mehendi - henna body painting. The more complex and intricate the pattern, the more beautiful the bride is considered and the more prestigious its status.

Traditionally, religious and vegetative motifs for henna painting prevailed in India. Often on such a painting takes long hours, the bride sits, stretching out her hands to several craftswomen.

The bride should not deny himself the pleasure to surprise everyone present with such a painting - now it is, moreover, very fashionable.

Sari can be added to your taste with various decorations, because in India the bride gets married with many bracelets on her hands and feet, usually gold. The shape and thickness of bracelets can be different - usually it is either a huge number of thin bracelets, or several pieces, but wider.

Male attire for a wedding in Indian style

Men's suit to match the bride's sari, he is very beautiful, something like a long coat, emphasizes all the advantages of the groom. The color scheme of these suits is also very diverse. A rich Indian fiancés dress is complemented by a glittering saber.

Guest wear

Costumes for guests can be rented or simply warn them about the theme of the wedding celebration.

We are sure that almost every girl has a dress in Indian style, even if it is not a sari.

As for men ... it is possible for each of them to order a necklace on the neck of fresh or artificial flowers. It will perfectly complement any attire and help to emphasize the special atmosphere of the holiday.

indian style wedding indian style wedding party

In the Indian wedding is not our usual feast. Meal at such a wedding is not the main event, and therefore it is more like a buffet table.

There are special tables or carpets with all kinds of treats, many of them are even prepared in front of guests.

We think that this is also a very interesting and unusual moment, because thanks to this, the holiday program can be built completely unexpectedly.

Весь вечер восторженных гостей и супругов развлекают исполнительницы танца живота, повелители Огня, фокусники, гадалки, исполнители индийских гимнов под аккомпанемент индийских народных инструментов.

Но главные элементы, которые необходимо взять для проведения настоящей индийской свадьбы – веселье и задор! В Индии, как нигде, умеют веселиться, гулять и развлекаться, свадьбы там всегда самые громкие и шумные.

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