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Graffiti wallpaper - tips and tips


The word "graffiti" originates in Italian. It comes from the word graffiato, which in translation means “scratched”. We can say that graffiti is a special kind of visual art, which originated in primitive times. The first graffiti is a cave painting in caves, the first drawings left by human ancestors.

In the future, drawing on the walls of houses was developed. Such creative activity and the way of self-expression were found especially popular in the 20th century. Then it became almost a national form of American art. Street artists with spray paint decorated gray streets of industrial cities. It was not only entertainment, but also a social statement, a protest against the system. The law provided for punishment for such a public expression of his opinion.

However, over time, the attitude of the state to graffiti has changed. From the semi-underground and illegal art forms, wall painting has become a popular design solution, which municipal authorities sometimes consciously order from artists to decorate cities.

Graffiti is also used for interior decoration. True, instead of classic cans of paint for interiors, special stylized wallpapers are better suited. They make finishing work easier and easier. Even a person without special skills and abilities can create a truly original design, while not every person can paint the wall by hand.

Arguments for

If the final decision is not taken by you, then appreciate all the advantages of wallpaper with the effect of graffiti:

  • This is a simple, affordable and fast way to decorate the interior of any room.
  • If the wallpaper is tired, they are easy to remove or update.
  • You can create a bright, bold, creative, youth and exclusive design.
  • This is a great way to zone a space: conditionally divide it into parts or select one zone.
  • It is possible to hide flaws, for example, to make a narrow room less elongated, visually approaching the wall with graffiti. Three-dimensional patterns will mask the irregularities of the wall, and the vertical patterns will visually lift the ceilings.
  • This is a universal way of decorating and finishing. If you choose the right image, you can organically fit it into the interior of any style.

Selection features

How to choose a wallpaper in the style of graffiti? When buying, consider:

  1. Appointment room. If it is a bedroom, calm, non-aggressive, neutral images will do. Animation themes are appropriate in the children's room, comics are in the teenage interior.
  2. The style of the interior. The decoration should fit it and fit into the overall concept.
  3. The size of the room. Figures should be proportional to the room so as not to overload it and not create an effect of disharmony. In a small room, medium-sized designs look organically, while in a spacious room large ones are permissible.
  4. The color scheme of the room. The picture should be in harmony with the basic tones and background, otherwise it will look ridiculous, perceived with hostility or even annoying.
  5. Preferences and tastes of the owner of the room. If this is a room for one person, then he should choose the wallpaper. In the case of common rooms, everything is more complicated, because you need to find a compromise that will suit everyone.

Types of drawings

According to the images, graffiti wallpapers are conventionally divided into several types:

  • Subject. This is a single accent pattern, made in a certain style or related to a certain subject. Most often, depicted celebrities, animals, heroes of films, comics or cartoons.
  • Scene wallpaper. They depict any plots: scenes from life or films, events. This finish looks fresh and dynamic, but requires extensive space for full perception of the image.
  • Panoramic wallpapers are large-scale panoramas, for example, views of cities and high-rise buildings, specific architectural objects.
  • 3D wallpaper with a graffiti effect is three-dimensional, usually large, realistic images that create a sense of presence and are performed in numerous bright colors using halftones and edges.
  • Background wallpapers are standard rolls with neutral small or medium-sized drawings: figures, silhouettes, small objects, and inscriptions. They do not carry much meaning, but they can correspond to a certain style or concept.

Stylistic directions

To maintain the theme of the interior and complement the style, choose the wallpaper carefully. For example, industrial motives will fit in the direction of the loft: coarse inscriptions or drawings against the background of imitation of an unprocessed brick wall.

Minimalism is laconic geometric images on a neutral background, high-tech - contrasting graphics, modern - abstraction, complex floral or floral motifs. Themed images that are ideally superimposed on graffiti — bright objects or portraits in rich colors with pronounced contours — are appropriate in pop art style. Modern Japanese style can not do without anime, and the interior, designed in the American or New York spirit, will be complemented by comics.

We select the graffiti wallpaper for different rooms

Consider examples of the use of graffiti wallpaper in different rooms:

  • For children suitable characters of fairy tales and cartoons, toys, fantastic and fictional creatures, animals.
  • A teenage boy will appreciate comics, car themes, sports images. The girl will love the covers of magazines, flowers, portraits of idols.
  • The living room will ideally look panoramic images of big cities, attractions, silhouette and abstract drawings.
  • The kitchen is a place for fruit, food and ready meals, thematic inscriptions with wishes for a good appetite.
  • In the hallway and the hallway are appropriate inscriptions and background wallpaper.

You can use the wallpaper with the effect of graffiti in different ways, depending on the scale of the picture. A small image will help to highlight the area in the room or add to the finish. A large, full-length drawing will be the original accent. In any case, it is advisable to use such wallpapers for decoration: filling the surfaces of all the walls with them, you risk overloading the interior, making it difficult to perceive.

Tip! The drawing must remain completely open, so do not force it with furniture and do not block with accessories.

How to paste the walls with graffiti wallpaper? Almost the same as usual or wallpaper. Instruction:

  1. First prepare the surface. Remove the old coating, align the wall: it is better to putty on the irregularities and work with a sander or emery paper. Prime the surface for better grip.
  2. Read the instructions attached to the wallpaper. Usually large images are collected in a single canvas from separate parts in accordance with the scheme. Understand it to understand the sequence of placement of elements. It is better to make a markup on the wall so that the design is smooth and perfect.
  3. Prepare the glue by placing it with cold water in a clean container, for example, in a bucket.
  4. Apply the ready glue on the pieces and lean them against the marked area of ​​the wall, straighten and pass with a rubber roller to remove the bubbles formed under the material. Adhere to the scheme, connecting the parts in one canvas.

Graffiti-wallpaper - a modern finish option that will transform the interior, giving originality and creativity! Make the right choice and follow the recommendations when sticking.

How to choose a graffiti wallpaper

To the result did not disappoint, it is important to choose the appropriate material for interior decoration. Although graffiti wallpaper appeared not so long ago, manufacturers offer a wide range in which it is easy to get lost. Simple tips will help orient you. They are especially important to follow, given that these wallpapers are more expensive than their usual counterparts.

First, it is important to remember the harmony of styles and carefully follow the rules of combination. Graffiti wallpaper - an ultra-modern finishing material, which is most often produced in modern style. It does not fit all rooms, so you need to imagine exactly how the wallpaper will look in this room.

A good solution will be graffiti wallpaper in high-tech interiors. They will also look good in a minimalist design, with laconic monophonic furniture, in a large light space and with modern chandeliers. But in the lush, full of accessories and designer details of the interior graffiti wallpaper will be completely out of place. Also, do not use this material for interior decoration of walls in rooms of ethnic style or colonial, Mediterranean and Oriental.

Wallpapers with bright volumetric drawings and inscriptions look bright and catch the eye. They can be the only accented interior detail. Other accents and bright accessories will look redundant and destroy the minimalist modern style.

So that bright wallpapers do not hurt your eyes, do not tire and do not crush, color transitions should be soft and smooth. For example, an aggressive scarlet color should smoothly turn into other, less flashy shades, maintaining the necessary balance.

A separate type of wallpaper is 3D graffiti. They will be a good solution for uneven surfaces, turning the flaw into an artistic device. All convexities will become part of a single three-dimensional composition, which will visually increase the room and hide the flaws.

It is very important to take into account the proportions of both the room and the pattern on the wallpaper. Finishing materials with a graffiti pattern provide for clear drawings and inscriptions, which should correspond to the dimensions of the whole room where they will be pasted. Wallpapers with large inscriptions and pictures will look bad in small rooms - they will make them even closer, and small patterns in spacious rooms will simply be lost and will not create the desired effect. Choose a material based on the size of the room.

In addition, you must consider the type and purpose of the room. Depending on this factor, it is worth picking up a picture and inscriptions on the wallpaper. For example, in the bedroom of a child or teenager, it will be appropriate to look at the wallpaper with the characters of the cartoon characters, characters from the movies, comics, books. Here you can also use drawings of animals or fantastic creatures, racing cars, sports themes.

And in rooms for adults or for general use - in the living room, office or kitchen - it is worth using a different theme. These are cities-megacities, abstract drawings, images of various sights, symbolic portraits and silhouettes of people.

How to paste a wall with graffiti wallpaper

Instructions for using wallpaper with graffiti pattern is not much different from conventional finishing materials. It is important to properly prepare the surface, choose a good glue and follow all the basic nuances of the finishing process.

First, it is necessary to completely remove all the old lining. If the wall was covered with other wallpaper, use a metal spatula. For removing paint, a sander is suitable, for tiles - a perforator or a chisel.

When the wall is completely cleaned, you need to create a flat surface, filling it with all the irregularities. If there are very large cracks in the wall, cover them with a special serpyanka that will prevent their further expansion.

The next step is priming the wall. Using a primer increases the adhesion of the base, which means that the material will hold better. If you want to create a background for the further drawing of the picture, add a little white dye to the solution.

When the wall is fully prepared, you can start wallpapering. Suitable glue is diluted in a clean container in the proportions indicated on the packaging. The resulting adhesive mixture covers the back side of the first line of wallpaper, trying not to apply too much or little liquid.

Glue the first strip onto the wall and carefully level it so that there are no folds or irregularities left. Then stick the next strip, observing the unity of the picture. So paste over the whole room. It is important that the inscriptions and pictures lie flat.

Wallpaper with graffiti: recommendations for choosing and pasting

Tired of the old monotonous facing of the premises? Hunting something original, brave and fresh? Then you are suitable photo-wallpaper with images in the form of graffiti.

This is a rather avant-garde direction, moved into private houses and apartments from the streets of not very suitable areas. And now let us consider this phenomenon in detail.

Wall mural graffiti in the room for children

General provisions

Photo of the painted street

This term is made from the Italian word "graffiato", which is practically translated as "scratched."

So we can safely say that the very first graffiti appeared more than thirty thousand years ago in rock paintings.

But we are familiar with spray art, which gained great fame, appeared in the second half of the last century on the gray dull walls of poor areas of American cities.

Spay art in all its beauty

This kind of artistic activity, not paying attention to its own artistic component, was usually pursued by law for a very long time. Even today street murals are not allowed everywhere, and mostly only with the consent of the mayor's office.

But the street creators, no difficulties could not stop in the desire to express themselves, beautifully arrange their places of origin, or even perform such a variant of their own protest against the design.

But, not paying attention to the conditional legitimacy, graffiti all the same came into the life of society by an inadvertent image on a house of several floors, illustrated with an inscription on the fence, and now already with trellis in the place of residence of original personalities. So, when you think about purchasing such unusual materials for decoration, do not forget about their difficult struggle for the right to find yourself on the surface of the wall of your room!

A piece of "protest" on their own kitchen room

Selection Tips

  • First look at the subject of the image, because it must necessarily correspond to the style used in the room. With certain similar facing and not at all combined, for example, with the national or Mediterranean. But it fits perfectly into minimalism or hi-tech.

Minimalism and photo wallpaper on the wall graffiti

  • The colors used should also be combined with the shades already existing in the room.. The presence of sudden transitions and contrasts will not be very pleasant to visual perception.

A soft transition of red will help the positive perception of the picture.

It is important to know: if the wall just teems with irregularities and other defects, it is recommended to choose a wallpaper with 3 D effect. They will perfectly cope with the conspiracy of various shortcomings.

Volumetric trellis graffiti on the wall will hide many of the flaws of the plane

  • Consider the proportions of graffiti and the room itself.. So, in a small room it will be funny to look at a huge pattern that doesn’t really look. But for large rooms it is better to use a huge image with bold and dynamic content.

A graffiti tapestry into a decent-sized living space.

  • It is also necessary to take into account the ratio of the subject of facing in the subject of spray art according to the purpose of the premises.. The child’s bedroom is the beloved heroes, animals, cars, extreme sports, traditional graffiti fonts. Guest room, study, kitchen room - images of cities, different abstractions, silhouettes and human portraits. But the dominant indicator in this matter is its owners' tastes.

Decorative veneering in the theme of the spray-art room, necessary for sports activities

It is very easy to glue similar wallpapers with your own hands. The most basic accuracy and correct order.

Brick stove for your bath

  1. Remove obsolete cladding from the wall:
  • We remove the tapestries and plaster for decorative works with a sharp spatula, soaking them in advance with water.

Elimination of obsolete wallpaper on a paper basis

  • We remove the farbou by grinding or using a specialized chemical solution.
  • Tile knock chisel or perforator.

Removing obsolete ceramic perforator

  1. Putty equals the surface, sealing up all the cavities and crevices.

Tip: if there are large cracks, it is recommended to close them in advance with a serpy-grid. It will eliminate their manifestation and further increase on the new decorative facing.

  1. Apply a primer mixture. Do not miss this serious moment, because in fact it guarantees high-quality adhesion of the adhesive to the treated coating.

It is important to know: it will be better to add a white dye to the priming solution. Then the base will not exactly show through the trellis.

Primer with white color

  1. We dissolve wallpaper glue according to the annotation attached to the package.
  2. Apply the resulting solution on a strip of photo wallpaper, and then on the wall. Try to do it instantly so that the paper is late to soak.

Glue drawing on the rear side of the wallpaper

  1. После прикладуем изделие к плоскости, вплотную прижимая его при помощи ветоши, чтоб не испортить внешний узор.

Фото-обои граффити вам позволят радикально заменить интерьер в намного современную и сегодняшнюю сторону. Правильно выбрав формат, вы жалеть не будете о полученном результате. Оклейка же очень легко создается собственноручно.

в данной заметке имеет добавочную информацию. Keep up with the times!

  • General provisions
  • Selection and pasting rules
  • Selection Tips
  • Pasting
  • Conclusion

Graffiti wallpaper - tips and tips

Wallpapers - the most popular finishing material, presented in a huge assortment. And one of the types - models with the effect of graffiti. This is a novelty and a real trend of the world of interior design, which is worth to tell more.

Graffiti-wallpaper, as the name implies, imitate graffiti - images on the walls. If earlier bright contrasting patterns were created with spray paint on houses, today they have moved into the interiors and are actively used to decorate and create bright designs.

Graffiti on wall | ServiceYard-comfort of your home in your hands

| ServiceYard-comfort of your home in your hands

As national slogans are called: “If you don’t know how best to change the world, then you should start with the interior!”. And this is correct, as the owner’s natural desire to transform his home, to make him a comfortable corner, in which one can rest easy, is the dream of almost every modern person.

Well, how to achieve such a desired uniqueness, when the standard flowers and stripes are simply fed up? We suggest you make a variety using graffiti on the wall. This is the most eccentric and extraordinary solution to this problem. In this article we will tell you how best to use these bright pictures in the interior of a house or apartment.

Graffiti as the originality of street art

The first drawings in the style of graffiti appeared on the walls during antiquity. Most often they could be found in the East, in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Important! The most striking example of such a “painting” can serve as a list of catacombs, located in the capital of Italy. Another example is the ancient Scandinavian and Romanesque drawings, which are still preserved in the churches located on the mounds of Ireland.

No less popular, graffiti was also used in pre-Columbian times in Mesoamerica. The Mayans painted such a picture of the whole city - Tikal. In the Renaissance, all famous artists, including Michelangelo, Raphael and Lippi, made graffiti on the walls of houses. They introduced their own styles into the art of that time, which were later transferred to the pupils.

Important! At the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of graffiti was discovered during archaeological research in the Egyptian pyramids. Such traces were left behind by tradition Napoleon’s soldiers during his campaign of conquest. Similarly, the Soviet soldiers did during the Second World War on the walls of the Reichstag.

Quite often, Lord Byron resorted to this art and scratched his initials in the style of graffiti. Today, such drawings smoothly migrated to the street type of modern art and are a peculiar form of self-expression of young people.

Important! To date, in many modern metropolitan areas, street artists have been specially identified with entire sites for the implementation of such art.

Graffiti styles

In modern art, there are several variations of graffiti on the wall. These include:

  • Tegging. In this case, the inscriptions and drawings are directly the promise of the author, as well as initials, thanks to which it can be distinguished from other artists.
  • Pissing This is a branch of tagging, which has grown into a separate graffiti style. A striking feature of it is the use of a fire extinguisher that was previously filled with paint. Such inscriptions are created from a height of 5-6 meters.
  • Bombing This is the most common style of graffiti in Eastern Europe. Such drawings and inscriptions are applied fairly quickly, sometimes using stencils.

Important! Bombing is officially banned in most countries of the world.

  • “Wild style” is a complex variation of inscriptions on the wall. Its characteristic features are the infinite interweaving of letters and sharp corners.

The use of graffiti in the modern interior

Today, among young people who are self-equipping the interior of their home, the use of graffiti is at the peak of popularity. Such demand is explained by the fact that, having defined the pattern and its color palette, it is possible to bring into the overall design of the room both bright and soothing calm tones.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that the living space visually softens the hard lines of street art, so the designers recommend not to use dark colors, but to give their preference to light ones, with which you can create bright accents.

In addition, having decorated the interior of the room with graffiti drawings on the wall, you radically change absolutely the whole concept of the design. Thus, the interior becomes not only exclusive, but also acquires sincere notes, at the same time creating an atmosphere of comfort and inner balance.

Important! The uniqueness of graffiti drawings lies in their ability to visually expand the room.

As for the plot, the subject of graffiti drawings on the wall in an apartment can be completely different, and depends entirely on the taste preferences of the owners:

  • If you decorate a children's room in this way, it is better to give your choice to fairy tale plots or their main characters.
  • The interior of the kitchen will be advisable to improve the images of juicy fruits, as well as a variety of still lifes.
  • As for the bedroom, it can be given a special palace chic with the help of graffiti, and you will become the owner of the royal bedchamber.

Important! You can draw on the walls of the apartment images of favorite places, mountain lakes and rivers, noisy streets of big cities or even extraterrestrial places.

The main advantages of walls with graffiti

Despite the fact that today mostly young people are a fan of graffiti, such drawings still have a number of positive advantages in relation to other materials used for decorative wall decoration:

  • Graffiti in the interior is a stylish and bright drawings, which are characterized by absolute environmental friendliness. The composition of aerosol paints, which are used to apply such arts, includes extremely safe for human health components. That is why graffiti can be an excellent option for decorating a child's room.
  • Since such a pattern is not so perfect, it is able, through the use of a bright color palette when it is applied, to divert attention not only from its shortcomings, but also from surface irregularities.
  • Long service life. Despite the natural composition of paints used to apply such drawings, graffiti can last on the wall surface for more than a dozen years without losing its original appearance.

Important! Since you are considering non-standard interior design ideas, you will probably be interested in viewing other possible options. We offer you to get acquainted with examples and ideas from the following our articles:

Goals that can be achieved with graffiti

By applying a graffiti-style format inscription to decorate your home, you can simultaneously achieve several goals at once:

  • You get the opportunity to very effectively and unconventionally emphasize the modern design of your home.
  • Visually create a color accent that is necessary for the integrity of the interior with an individual design concept.
  • You get the opportunity not to use such boring decor elements, such as paintings, photographs or posters, without disturbing the atmosphere of coziness.
  • Compensate for the lack of furniture, due to the fact that graffiti distracts all the attention from less expressive objects.
  • The possibility of correcting significant deficiencies planning apartment.
  • With the help of graffiti on the wall, you can emphasize or even complete the zoning of the room, focus on bright furniture and other decorative items of interior.

Important! Some designers recommend decorating not the wall with graffiti drawings, but the furniture itself, while keeping the walls in neutral and calm tones. In this way, you can visually reduce too much room and focus all attention directly on the pieces of furniture and the whole environment.

The main methods of interior design using graffiti

In order to design the interior of your home using drawings or graffiti inscriptions, you can use the following methods:

  • Use spray cans in order to create an imitation of street signs in your home,
  • Draw a picture according to the sketch with brushes and rollers,
  • Apply the background on your own, and make the drawing using a ready-made stencil,
  • Buy ready-made graffiti, paste them onto the surface of the wall and draw the missing elements in your opinion.

The most effective way is the application of drawings from a can. In this case, you can either do it yourself or hire professionals.

Important! Try to avoid the unfortunate artists from the gateway, because, besides the fact that there is a risk of being left without high-quality decor, you will spend extra money to pay such a master.

You can find the most competent and talented artists in art workshops and studios that specialize in this kind of art. Be prepared for the fact that the second option will cost you much more, but the quality of work will be at the same time.

How to draw graffiti by yourself?

Before proceeding directly to the application of graffiti on the wall, it is necessary to think through some of the nuances of the drawing itself, as well as take them into account with the functional purpose of the room you have chosen:

  • The distance between the walls. This is the first thing you should pay attention to. If the distance is small, it is advisable to reduce the image in this case in order to eliminate possible discomfort when viewing the image.
  • Color palette. It should be chosen quite carefully, as the finished drawing should be an addition to the interior and its main highlight.
  • Theme. It should fully correspond to the room in which you plan to make such a decor. For example, graffiti into a room for a boy can be portrayed as portraits of his favorite superheroes, and in the kitchen it is appropriate to use various vegetables and fruits.
  • The functional purpose of the room. You must take into account the features of the room that you want to decorate with such patterns. For example, if you plan on graffiti in the bathroom, you will need to prepare the surface in advance so that it is moisture resistant.
  • Stylistic concept of the interior. Do not forget that everything should be one and complement each other. Therefore, if you decide to use drawings in the interior in the style of graffiti, respectively - the stylistic direction of the entire room should be decorated in a similar design. Believe that such a drawing in Classic or Provence will just look inappropriate.

The process of applying graffiti on the wall

If you have at least the slightest drawing skills, we suggest that you decorate the interior yourself without any help and spending money. The whole process consists of the following stages:

  • Preliminary preparation of surfaces. From a technical point of view for the application of such patterns from a can fit absolutely any surface. However, in order for the result to be more accurate, it is better to do this on a surface previously plastered, primed and opened with a decorative coating of neutral tones.

Important! Pay your attention to the fact that graffiti looks original on the surface, the background design of which imitates brickwork.

  • Selection of the picture. Choose a drawing or an inscription suitable for you, carefully think over the color scheme in which you plan to design it, and also calculate the scale.

Important! If you have very little experience in the field of street art, you are best to give preference to simple graphics, without tonal transitions.

  • Sketch. Draw a pre-reduced version of the picture, for example, on the album sheet. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments and think about how best to transfer it to the surface of the wall.

Important! When choosing materials, give your preference to cans with low or medium pressure. In this way, you can transfer the pattern to the surface at the pace that is most convenient for you.

  • Drawing graffiti on the wall. When everything necessary for the work has been prepared, you can begin to apply the picture itself. The most important thing is not to hurry, check all your actions with the sketch and check the level.
  • Finishing. The finished image is opened with varnish on a glossy or semi-matte basis.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people do not perceive graffiti as art, with proper and proper application of drawings, it can turn a gray and dull interior into a bright and juicy room in which it will not be boring to spend your free time. We hope that we were able to inspire you to decorate your life with more vivid colors and make a good positive part of it.

Wallpaper for a boy: from cars to the space station

Designing a space for children requires taking into account many important points, and sometimes these requirements contradict each other.

When choosing a wallpaper in the nursery for a boy, parents often cannot decide what is more important - their opinion or taste preferences of the child, the quality of the materials or their colors.

Of course, everyone wants to buy the coolest wallpapers for boys, but their operational characteristics should be given due attention - can they be washed, how will they behave when in contact with glue and so on.

Rules for choosing a wallpaper in the room for a boy

When choosing a wallpaper for boys, parents should start from the temperament of the child. What color impresses him, what characters of films and cartoons are close to him, whether he can ruin the coating, what kind of wallpaper the boy likes (with or without embossed, plain or with drawings). Thus, there are two main parameters that need to be considered when viewing the wallpaper catalog for a boy:


Children's wallpapers for a boy must meet safety requirements - they should not contain allergens, harmful chemical constituents causing poisoning, and so on. In addition, wallpaper for the boy’s bedroom should be easily cleaned of dirt. That is, if the boy draws on the wallpaper, choose washable cover.

Aesthetic question

By the choice of the color of the wallpaper for the boy be sure to attract the owner of the room, but with the condition that he will heed the advice of adults. The best colors are purple, blue or deep blue, yellow, and sometimes green. A large selection of offers shop Leroy - wallpapers for boys there are presented in a wide range of colors.

Bright blue shades will make the interior of a nursery bright and joyful.

Age criteria

Wallpapers for a teenager boy and a kid 3-5 years old will be different. Teenage wallpapers for boys are more strict and restrained, because by this age the boy already wants to appear older. For a boy of 14 years will suit the following wallpaper:

  • Striped or checkered options

On a note: Will delight him and wallpaper with graffiti in the room for the boy. But to make out in this style all the room is not worth it. Enough to draw a bright pattern of one wall.

Wallpapers in the nursery for boys and girls 3-7 years should be different. Even at this age, the baby wants to feel like a little man. Let the wallpaper for the boy be beautiful, but with “male” drawings - machines, robots, elements of space, airplanes, and so on.

Wallpaper to the baby kid with a sports theme

You can focus on the learning factor. Wallpapers for a boy of 10 and 12 years are often made with lettering or geometric elements, but it is not worth insisting on the choice of this particular option. Photo wallpaper for the boy's bedroom should choose the owner of the room, because he will be there most of the time.

Fashion trends

Wallpapers for a teenage boy's room are fashionable and not fashionable. And often parents simply do not know this and neglect the opinion of their child. Choosing the design of the wallpaper in the room for the boy so categorically do not.

A child develops taste, he receives socialization skills, and fashion trends occupy one of the most important roles in these processes. In the world of interior design at the moment you can find interesting wallpapers for a boy of 7 years and older.

Here are some unusual and modern options:

London style in the interior of the nursery

  • With graffiti
  • Sports direction
  • Imitating a pencil or marker drawing
  • With geographical or marine theme

The theme of space fades into the background, like the heroes of computer games.

On a note: Deciding which wallpaper to choose for the boy, you need to go along with it. If the color or pattern is not appealing to him, then it will be unpleasant for the child to be in the room.

In addition, he should have a desire to invite friends to visit him after the repair, because in a boyish environment it is very important to be cooler, to have a room that no one else has.

Иногда обои с машинками для мальчика важнее, чем гаджет последней модели – родители должны понимать это и учитывать при покупке.

Идем за покупками и начинаем ремонт

So, all the catalogs have been viewed, a choice of colors and a picture of children's wallpaper for the walls of the boy’s room has been made. Now you can go shopping. The store has a large selection of materials:

  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Fleisilin
  • Textile wallpaper

Before you buy, consider not only the beauty of the photo wallpaper in the nursery for a boy, but also their technical characteristics.

For example, paper is inexpensive, but if dirt appears on them, it will be impossible to clean it. Vinyls retain their color for a long time, they are resistant to moisture, some types of them can be repainted.

Flezilinovye easy to glue, they are durable, breathable, safe in environmental terms.

Graffiti in the interior - new trends in modern design

The uniqueness of living space design is one of the main goals of almost every modern person. Fortunately, to achieve it, there are plenty of options for every taste. One of the newfangled and progressive areas in the design of rooms is the use of graffiti in the interior.

A style, let's say, is rather peculiar and, as a rule, attracts the attention of bright and extraordinary personalities, who want in this way to express their special views on the world around us and breathe new flow of life and energy into their home.

If you consider yourself to this type of people and are delighted with such an idea, today's review “Dream House” is just for you!

Graffiti in the interior

The history of graffiti: from simple phrases to masterpieces

Graffiti is a way of self-expression using drawings or graffiti.

Today's sketches of paints with the use of aerosols or brushes are the result of a long history of graffiti, which dates back to ancient times.

The first graffiti can be called people who, using words and phrases scrawled on stones or rocks, as well as sketches about everything that surrounded them, communicated with each other.

A closer acquaintance of modern man with graffiti occurred in the last century.

Then the original art, expressed screaming inscriptions and bold images in the subway, on the fences or walls of houses, were regarded as street hooliganism of the "new" youth.

Only decades later, non-traditional art was the impetus for the development of newfangled trends in the design of residential areas.

Today, the interior in an apartment with graffiti elements is an up-to-date and fashionable turn in the world of design art. With the help of images, from short phrases to huge drawings, you can express your fantasies, affections or dreams.

The theme, meaning, method of application, the size and color palette of graffiti are the most diverse and depend entirely on the desire of the owner of the living space. Murals can be both bright and flashy, and calm and peaceful.

Graffiti adds a dynamic touch to the interior, making it bright, elegant and alive.

Graffiti in a modern interior

Graffiti Interior Design Techniques

You can create a unique masterpiece in your apartment in two ways:

  • using acrylic paints, which are applied to the surface using aerosol cans, roller, brushes or stencil. You can do graffiti with your own hands, but, with no experience, it is better to use the services of artists-designers,
  • with the help of ready-made graffiti photo wallpaper, with pasting which can drastically change any room without the help of a professional. The image on the wallpaper is almost impossible to distinguish from the drawn. The range of wallpaper graffiti is large enough that allows you to choose the right option for different interior styles. Also, graffiti wallpapers have different textures, suitable for both bedroom and kitchen with bathroom.

Modern interior with graffiti

Over the past decade, graffiti, which has progressed and is becoming increasingly interested, has attracted a lot of fans, for whom eccentric art has become a reflection of their inner world.

Choosing an image for graffiti, based on your own preferences, you should understand that it will become an integral part of the interior.

In order not to violate the integrity of the design and home comfort, it is necessary to compare your choice with the overall design of the room. All lines and colors of graffiti should correctly fit into the space, creating a harmonious picture.

The theme, size and meaning of the image should not negate the stylistic direction of the apartments.

Graffiti can be made on the wall, ceiling, and also with the transition from the ceiling to the wall, and then to the floor. Drawings can be painted on a brick wall, plastered, mirror, plastic, wood or metal surface. Elements of graffiti are applied even to the furniture, thus maintaining a uniform style. The picture may have a certain plot, or it may not have it at all.

Graffiti in the interior photo

Graffiti in the living room on a brick wall

The walls of the living room will successfully decorate the images of architecture, megalopolises, as well as abstract drawings and floral scenes. The original solution will be graffiti on a brick wall in the interior in a loft style. The most optimal place for sketches is a recreation area.

Graffiti in the living room interior photo

Graffiti on the wall in the living room photo

Bright graffiti on the wall photo

The sketches of outer space, unusual faces, colorful nature, for example, water bodies, mountainous areas, parks, fantastic flowers flourishing in full bloom - are relevant for the bedroom.

An excellent choice would be graffiti with elements of Gothic or ethnic motifs for the bedroom in the appropriate style.

The location of the masterpieces is on the wall at the head of the bed or the free side wall of the bed.

Wall mural graffiti in the bedroom

Graffiti in the interior of the bedroom on a brick wall

Most often, graffiti is performed in the interior of the nursery and in the room of a teenager, in order to emphasize the special world of the younger generation.

Popular with kids are comic book heroes, forest dwellers, as well as mythical persons. Plots from fairy tales or cartoons about princesses and good fairies will help to create a real fairy tale for a girl.

Graffiti with airplanes, robots, superheroes, sketches on the subject of sport will suit the boy’s room.

Graffiti in the nursery should take its position in the playing area, while not getting in sight during class.

Graffiti in the interior of the boy’s children's room

Graffiti in the interior of the girl’s child’s room

Graffiti in the interior of a teenager's room photo

Elements of the kitchen interior can be presented in the dining area in a peculiar performance sketches of juicy fruits, mouth-watering dishes, a cup of aromatic coffee or beautiful glasses of wine.

Graffiti in the modern kitchen

Graffiti on kitchen furniture photo

For the bathroom the perfect solution would be an imitation of the underwater world or the sea coast. In the bathroom, it would be appropriate to use graffiti tiles with patterns, inscriptions or designs already painted on them. Such decoration makes the room original and stylish.

Bathroom graffiti tile photo

Graffiti in the bathroom interior

The advantages of graffiti in the interior

As it turns out, this extraordinary style in the interior has its advantages:

  • original genre will emphasize the individuality of any space,
  • trendy decor brighten the lack of missing interior objects or furniture,
  • wall plays tend to visually enlarge the space,
  • using the picture you can hide any bumps and grooves,
  • graffiti is appropriate for visual zoning of the room,
  • the finished creation for a long time retains its original appearance, does not blur and does not fade,
  • soiled places are easy to clean, keeping all paint.

Graffiti is a picturesque expression of thoughts and feelings that can become an expressive highlight in any interior, emphasizing your unique persona.


Photowall-paper at registration of the room for teenage children

What you need to take into account before creating a style?

  • Individual tastes of adolescents,
  • Dimensions of free space,
  • Lighting room.

If finishing works are planned to be carried out in small roomit is better to opt for a design that can change the visual perception of space - an extension. The interior for a small room should take into account all the nuances and be created in accordance with the tastes of the residents.

As practice shows, most of the parents use design ideas using photo wallpapers. Today on the market there are a large number of different options, among which you will definitely find the desired pattern.

In adolescence (13-14 years old) it is important for parents to find a common language with the child. At this age, children are formed as a person, so it is necessary to put them on the right path in life.

Before creating a style, it is imperative to know the opinion of adolescents and choose a wallpaper together with them. Such actions will indicate not indifference to the child and respect for his personal interests.

Photowall-paper will allow to emphasize individuality of the teenager and will help to achieve the desired results.

Which figure to choose? For 13 years, it is better to use modern images, since at this age the child considers himself an adult. This is especially important if the living teenagers are often visited by their friends and acquaintances.

The choice of wallpaper for a small room

Registration of a children's room for teenagers is accompanied by certain rules:

    When choosing an image, it is necessary to take into account the location of the furniture elements - the furniture should not cover the drawing. It is recommended to glue them on a spacious wall, so the child will be able to contemplate an interesting pattern with particular ease.

The less free space, the brighter should be the wallpaper. Large drawings visually reduce the room, which should also be considered when choosing. The most suitable option for a small room is a neutral shade with one image in the center.

  • The image should fit harmoniously into the overall interior and not create the feeling that they are superfluous here.
  • Compliance with the zoning of the space - in the area for sleeping it is necessary to glue more calm and toning patterns, for the playing and sports area - bright shades will do.

    Do not use too children's drawings - your child has already grown out of this age, and the image should demonstrate the age of adolescents. The purpose of the repair is to demonstrate to your friends. Excessively childish images will cause an inappropriate reaction from peers, which can negatively affect the psyche of your child.

  • If there are 2 teenagers living in the room, then you should find a common solution that reflects the tastes of both children.
  • Photowall-paper on interests of the teenager

    Children's room with photo wallpaper should display the hobby or hobbies of a teenager. There are already ready ideas for design:

    • Sports - football fields, celebrities, paraphernalia, basketball teams.
    • Cars - modern or models of the last century, racing, bikes.

  • Computer equipment - famous heroes of computer games, robots, unusual equipment, matrixes, etc.
  • Creativity - graffiti, non-standard images.
  • Music and cinema - musical instruments, records, frames from films, famous actors, etc.

  • Geography and travel - beautiful landscapes, night city, ocean, beach.
  • Graffiti in the interior of the attic room for teenagers

    The most popular image of photo wallpapers in the room for two teenagers are graffiti - bold and eccentric art of the streets, closely interconnected with hip-hop culture and an infinite number of styles.

    Many parents do not want to use street drawings, but graffiti in the interior give crazy energy, which will positively affect the development of your teenagers.

    This design option is ideal for attic rooms. It does not narrow the space, but on the contrary - expands it.

    Graffiti acts like morning coffee - the visual interplay between teens in the early morning leads to a charge of vigor for the whole day.

    Graffiti can hide possible defects in the interior. The image attracts maximum attention, so users will not pay attention to the rest. Graffiti in the attic room will change the visual perception - the space will not seem so narrowed.


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    How to choose the color of the wallpaper?

    The background color of the wallpaper should be selected depending on the location of the windows. Northern windows will not give a lot of light, and this can be offset by wallpaper of warm shades. Southern windows do not exclude the possibility of creating a cozy atmosphere even with the help of cold heavy colors.

    Wallpaper for a large room can also be saturated colors. While wallpapers for a small room are allowed exceptionally bright, unless of course you want to achieve the effect of a monastic cell.

    What choose wallpaper to make the room seem bigger? In addition, they should be as light as possible, they should not be clogged pattern with large elements. Only light streaks, twigs, small flying elements. If the room is small, then you should avoid contrasting colors, because they visually reduce the room. It is very desirable that the walls and the ceiling and even the floor were of the same tone. This simple trick as it continues the space.

    Many modern new buildings sin low ceilings. In apartments, where the height of the ceilings is lowered, it seems to residents that they are hanging over their heads are oppressed. To visually raise the ceiling and get rid of these very unpleasant sensations, glue the wallpaper in a strip vertically. And in order to visually expand the space, you need to alternate or vary the striped wallpaper with horizontal and vertical lines.

    How to choose a wallpaper pattern?

    The variety of wallpaper designs is impressive, but it is very difficult to choose from a large assortment. First you want everything, then nothing. From the selection process, you can quickly get tired, and as a result buy something that was closer to the exit. Therefore, determine in advance what type of pattern will look advantageous on your walls.

    The picture of the wallpaper is chosen taking into account such features of the room: its layout and size, level of illumination, and functional purpose.

    Choosing a wallpaper pattern, based on the size of the room, remember the rules:

    • low ceiling - vertical stripes on the walls,
    • small room - light warm colors, light pattern with small elements scattered far from each other,
    • narrow room - horizontal stripes,
    • a large room - bright, bright, deep tones with a large thick pattern,
    • a room with a niche, an alcove, an arch - simple unobtrusive patterns with a small pattern on a light background,
    • high room - large pattern on any background,
    • wide room - large pattern on a bright background,
    • the smaller the room, the brighter the tone of the wallpaper and the smaller the drawing,
    • well-lit room - rich colors, you can cold, with a large pattern,
    • poorly lit room - light colors of exceptionally warm shades, with a small pattern, but better without it at all,
    • a kitchen, a nursery - themed drawings will do, but only in one of the zones,
    • bedroom - unobtrusive pictures,
    • Cabinet - strict drawings
    • hall - one tone, the allocation of a separate zone due to a catchy pattern,
    • hallway - appropriate monotonous pattern on all free walls.

    Some people like floral motifs, quite a few lovers of clear geometric patterns, there is also a category of people who prefer abstraction, and some are minimalists who don’t accept any patterns on the walls. Everyone will find a picture to their liking.

    But no matter how much you like the abstraction, you cannot afford it if the general style of the living room is a classic. Get bad taste. Very few people will come to such a head, but this is just an example in order to once again focus your attention on the truism: each style has a certain type of drawing. Golden elements in the picture, monograms and curls require a classic interior setting, floral motifs look very harmonious in Provence and Country style, geometric predictability is best combined with general minimalism in the interior, while abstraction is simply indispensable in a high-tech setting.

    Choose a wallpaper pattern with all the features of the room - and you get a cozy stylish nest.

    What color to choose wallpaper for walls?

    Color is perhaps the most important factor subconsciously influencing the mood of people. Как выбрать цвет обоев, чтобы он запускал в мозге нужные процессы, соответствующие цели вашего пребывания в определенном месте в доме? Ответы на этот вопрос давно известны.

    Кухне нужен цвет, стимулирующий аппетит, бодрящий по утрам и насыщающий энергией по вечерам. Это желтый цвет. Good colors for the kitchen - beige and silver. They combine well with the energy of water. White color is also very kitchen-friendly. It attracts a stream of positive energy. From the point of view of favorable energy, remember that the kitchen extravagant, defiant tones will be deprived of it. The only thing you can afford is bright inclusions of one saturated color, for example, red.

    In the hall you need to deliberately create a friendly, peaceful atmosphere, because it gathers together. Desire to conflict does not arise in the environment of green, beige and any other pastel tone.

    Blue deep color is very appropriate in the office or work area in the room. It stimulates the brain. When the eyes heed the blue color, mental work is done easily and quickly.

    Beige, olive, peach are the perfect tones for the bedroom, especially for those parts of it where your eyes look when you wake up. In the bedchamber you can leave a bright, disturbing corner of red or crimson, but it should be localized, for example, on one of the walls, for example, behind the head of the bed. The idea is that he will be in front of his eyes only in moments of wakefulness, he will help to tune in to passionate mood at the right moment, but also will not interfere with pacification before going to bed.

    Children's psyche is a very delicate instrument. Therefore, the main colors in the children's area can be calm green, yellow, milky. Bright exciting colors can be present only in the area for the games, and even then in a very dosage form. Depressing purple, frightening black, exciting red limit as much as possible not only in the nursery, but also in any part of the house.

    With the basic colors for each room, we figured out. But what to do if background wallpapers of the same color are boring for you and you want more interesting color solutions? In this case, we arm the rules of color combinations. How to choose wallpaper in two colors? Just like in clothes, for example.

    A harmonious combination of colors can be achieved by adding to the base color any of the following:

    • white + any existing color
    • red + green, blue, golden, yellow, gray,
    • pink + gray, brown, burgundy,
    • orange + green, purple, brown, light blue,
    • yellow + green, golden, green, brown,
    • blue + blue, orange, red, brown,
    • blue + red, gray, golden, silver, burgundy,
    • purple + orange, green, golden, yellow,
    • gray + yellow, black, green, blue, red, pink.

    If you have difficulties with color combinations, there is no table at hand, and you doubt whether this or that color is similar to another color, remember that nature has a universal hint. All variants of color combinations that exist in wildlife are a priori harmonious. As, for example, the orange fruit of an orange and its green branch with leaves. Beautiful! Feel free to combine colors, create a unique style of your home.

    How to choose the right wallpaper for the ceiling?

    Ceiling wallpapers are still popular and compete with other types of “indoor sky” decoration. And all because it is an inexpensive way to give completeness to the room, not limited to the usual whitewashing or painting the ceiling. And although the most winning color of the ceiling is still white, you are free to play around with colors and textures a little, realizing your own or original design ideas.

    For the ceiling, 3 types of wallpaper are suitable, namely: foamed vinyl, structural wallpaper for painting and glass wall covering.

    How to choose a wallpaper for the color of the furniture?

    Furniture color and wallpaper color should look harmonious. It is important to achieve the effect that the furniture does not merge with the walls. This means that the minimum contrast between them is required.

    It is impossible to violate the principle that says: warm tones are combined with warm tones, and cold tones - with cold tones. This means that furniture and wallpaper should not conflict in this sense.

    If the furniture is dark, then the walls are light. The accents on the walls are also relevant only at the expense of the paintings, but not at all due to the wallpaper design. With this you can not argue.

    If the furniture is white, then there are many options. And light tinted, and dark, and bright wallpaper - everything fits. White color - universal.

    If the furniture is brown - you need wallpaper of warm shades.

    If the furniture is multi-colored, for example, in the kitchen or nursery - choose wallpaper in pastel colors.

    How to choose a wallpaper for the interior?

    Remember that it is easier to adjust the wallpaper under the furniture than vice versa. Therefore, starting to repair, in any case, we dance from the furniture. Even if you have not purchased it, try to imagine what it will be (style, color) and where it will stand. Only after that you can figure out what wallpaper you need.

    Depending on whether you will decorate the walls with photographs, paintings, tapestries, you can choose the pattern of wallpaper. If you plan to rich additional decor, then the background wallpaper needed. If there is no additional decor, you can fill the gap with a rich pattern of wallpaper.

    Do not forget that the window composition and niches are important parts of the interior. Choosing a wallpaper, try to present the whole picture. To make sure that you are doing everything right, try to look at your room from different angles: what will you see when entering the room from the door, and how it will look from the position of the workplace, and will everything look beautiful with a beloved sofa?

    How to choose curtains to wallpaper?

    It is necessary to decorate the window composition with an eye to the wallpaper of the room. They should be designed in the same style, and also in harmony with each other in color and texture. In this regard, leading designers have developed certain rules for combining everything and everything. But for the time being we only glue the wallpaper, and we will deal with curtains, curtains, curtains, roller shutters when we have fully prepared the walls and ceilings.

    How to choose the color of the wallpaper: the advice of psychologists and specialists in Feng Shui

    Pursuing the situation of a new home or transforming an old one, we often rely solely on our tastes and temporary moods. Although sometimes it is very useful to ask the opinion of psychologists and experts on Feng Shui. After all, how often we do not attach importance to invisible patterns, but regardless of this, they act and control our subconscious.

    The most important advice is to choose the dominant color for a specific place in the house. Experts recommend these color zoning solutions:

    • - zone of intellectual work or creativity - a blue background to enhance mental activity,
    • - the common territory of all family members - a green background for peace,
    • - rest and sleep area - pastel tone of any warm color for relaxation,
    • - Eating area - red-orange tones to excite the appetite.

    It remains to eliminate unwanted background colors for residential premises.

    Naturally, tops this list black. Contrary to fashion trends in the style of dominoes, we do not advise you to be tempted by this fashion. From the black background and thoughts you will visit unlit.

    Brown as a background is also bad. There are some noble shades of brown, but its high concentration on the walls is undesirable, because in large quantities brings tedious boredom.

    Dark purple is good only in small doses. Do not be surprised at the development of depressive moods among households, if on some ridiculous advice you made violet walls in your kitchen. Yes, and it is hardly pleasant to wade into your room after work through the purple corridor.

    Whatever colors you choose, make sure that your interior is not more than five colors. All other color clutter unnecessary, no doubt. Rainbow is good only in the sky, because it is bright and big! And in our limited spaces, three to five colors are enough to achieve aesthetic and psychological comfort.

    Fengshui experts say that using patterns and images on the wallpaper can not only block the path of negative energy flows, but also attract positive ones into your home. And here not everything is decided by the choice of color. Considerable sense is laid in the characters that will be depicted on the wallpaper. Thus, the symbols of luck and well-being are images of elephants, goldfish, dragons, phoenix birds.

    A fan in the decor of a dwelling is able to protect its inhabitants from all kinds of adverse influences. He also supports the soaring of the erotic spirit in the room, and for this reason is most appropriate in the marital bedroom. A map or globe on the wall of the student’s or student’s work area promotes fruitful learning.

    Symbols on the wallpaper can hurt! Especially if you stick wallpaper on walls with hieroglyphs and signs, the meaning of which is unknown to you. Be sure to inquire about the meaning embedded in the symbols of the drawings and the meaning of foreign inscriptions on the vending wallpaper.

    Useful tips on choosing wallpaper

    • Having made your choice, make sure that in the end you purchased rolls from one batch, which is indicated on the label. Verify the digital labeling of all rolls. This is very important, because the color of the rolls from different batches can differ significantly! Do not be lazy and do not hesitate to ask the sales assistant to unpack and deploy each roll that you intend to purchase.
    • To understand in what conditions and for how long the wallpaper was stored, you need to pay attention to the edges of the rolls: they must be smooth, not cracked and not torn.
    • Your choice of wallpaper should also depend on the degree of flatness of the walls. If the walls in your home are perfectly even, then this precaution is not for you. But if minor irregularities are still present, it is better to give preference to embossed textures, for example, foam vinyl. This will help to hide minor defects of the walls.
    • Carefully calculate the required number of meters of wallpaper. You can not go wrong if you take with a margin of about 10% with a vengeance. Buy the missing 70 cm - troublesome and time consuming. It is better to foresee the possibility of accidental damage during transportation or sticking. It is also impossible to exclude a slight miscalculation in the preliminary calculations. Be sure to calculate the allowance for matching the pattern. How many centimeters, depending on the figure, this information is necessarily indicated on the label. The preliminary calculations are performed with the master, who will glue the wallpaper, and the final calculations with the seller-consultant, based on the figures provided by the master.

    • If you need to glue a small room with wallpaper, for example, a pantry, hallway or dressing room, a good way to save money is to pay attention to the leftovers. For incomplete batches there are always discounts, sometimes up to 50% of the cost. And the quality is not inferior.
    • Few buyers know that some stores offer to take home with them a small piece of their favorite wallpaper for free. The sample is cut from the exhibition roll, intended for these trial purposes as well. Naturally, such demo rolls are provided only by manufacturers who are confident in the quality of their products. The price is usually for such wallpaper is much higher. Why still need to use this service? First, the wallpaper itself is one thing, and the wallpaper in a certain interior is quite another. It may seem to you that the color and structure are ideally combined with the individual elements in your room, but when you put them close to each other, it turns out that this is not quite so. In addition, you can safely check the quality of the material at home. Here are some ways to check:
    • - rub the drawing wet necessarily very light, ideally a white rag - will not the color be smeared,
    • - hold over the steam for several minutes and check if the material has become limp and if it has become easy to tear after that,
    • - deliberately smear with a typical polluter for the room (swamp, if the wallpaper is intended for the corridor or grease, if it is for the kitchen) and try to wash off the dirt according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    If you come to the choice of wallpaper consciously, you will act slowly, listen to our simple advice, doubts will no longer torment you. The choice will be made right. It remains only to glue your best, most suitable wallpaper and enjoy the result for many years!

    What are and how to choose?

    The word “graffiti” comes from the Italian graffiato, which can be translated as “scratched”. That is, it can be argued that this type of art was born in antiquity, when the first people began to engage in rock painting.

    The technical drawings of ancient people from the technical side can also be considered graffiti.

    But the current look and special popularity of graffiti acquired in the gray poor streets of American cities of the middle of the last century, and they were applied using spray cans with paints. It was a kind of protest against the system, which was prosecuted by law.

    Street protests in the form of stylized wall drawings

    In a semi-underground manner, stylized inscriptions, supported by bold bright drawings, not only earned themselves the right to exist in the form of street art, but also managed to make their way into the home interior. In this case, however, spray cans with paints changed the special wallpaper, which made the finishing work more convenient and accessible to ordinary people who do not have artistic skills.

    Not everyone can paint a wall with their own hands, but it is possible to paste over it with wallpaper

    And then the question arises: how to choose the right wallpaper graffiti for the walls of your own apartment or house? Let's look for answers to this question together:

    Recommendations for choosing

    The price of the considered finishing material is considerable, therefore I recommend to approach its choice especially carefully.

    • Follow the combination of styles.. First of all, ultramodern wallpaper with graffiti should organically fit into the general interior of the room. Here are some examples of successful and unsuccessful combinations: