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Fashionable knitted dresses: 70 chic ideas and new products of the season


Knitted things in 2013 will be even more popular than now. Blouses, jackets, tunics and dresses - you can sew anything from knitwear. And all these things will be beneficial to emphasize the female silhouette, and warm in the cold winter evenings.

In winter and late autumn, all women more than ever want to look beautiful. All these warm things do not make us slimmer, so most of us are looking forward to the arrival of spring.

Some extreme girls in order to look spectacular in the winter, wear clothes that are not adapted to the cold: thin and short dresses, skirts, T-shirts. In this regard, in consequence they have to be treated for many unpleasant diseases. And all this can be avoided if you choose the right winter things.

It’s hard to believe, but warm clothes can be beautiful and even make your figure more slender. To do this, they must be made of knitted fabric.

Today it is the most popular fabric, as it is not too expensive, but it looks quite normal. Making things from this material began many centuries ago.

Initially, knitted clothing began to be made in Egypt. These were mostly sandal stockings. Europeans began to use knitwear much later, in the fifteenth century. At first it was only the poor who wore it, because rich people preferred silk and fur. But, later, they also realized that knitwear is much warmer.

Such material has very important advantages for not richest people: it is practical and cheap. Over time, fashion designers realized that you should not avoid these fabrics. Using them in your collections can attract a very large number of buyers.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, knitwear has taken its place, among other fabrics. He does not lose its popularity no matter what. He was fond of wearing Coco Chanel, and now Sonia Rykiel offers modern looks from this material. Everyone who prefers comfort and beauty should wear such things. We will consider with you what things from knitwear will be fashionable in the 2012-2013 season.

Blouses will be stylish and modest. The simpler the style, the better. It is permissible that such a jacket had not long sleeves, but, for example, three-quarters. The mod will be calm colors. It can be all shades of beige, gray, pink. The main thing is not to wear things of bright and saturated colors, better buy your own striped clothes.

Striped color remains relevant. Just remember that she can emphasize the problem areas in the figure. Cut in blouse can be either V-shaped or absent altogether. Knitted jacket with a collar under the throat will help you out if you forgot to wear a scarf.

Dresses are an excellent option not only for the office, but also for a romantic date. They completely repeat the silhouette of our body, so women with a good figure can afford to wear knitwear.
If you can not boast a perfect body, do not rush to give up knitted dresses. Simply complement them with elongated jackets and high-heeled ankle boots.

Designers offer us to experiment with styles of dresses. They can be very long or ultrashort. It is permissible to wear dresses of free cut, but they can quickly stretch.

Fashionable clothes will be nice colors: lilac, burgundy, black, cream. They perfectly emphasize femininity.

Tunic is a cross between a sweater and a dress. This is a wonderful thing that every girl should have. Knitted tunic looks cute with leggings and pants. It can even be worn with jeans.

This thing will not only make you more beautiful, but also protect your kidneys from hypothermia. Sweatshirts have the properties to jump and bare back, and in the cold season it is not permissible. So if you do not like to freeze, then buy yourself knitted tunics.

Tunics with various animal prints will be fashionable. Not necessarily leopard. It can be a white tunic with a fluffy kitten depicted on it.

How to care?

This material is quite delicate, so if you want to wear your favorite knitwear for as long as possible, you will have to learn how to properly care for it.

One of the indisputable advantages of knitwear is that they do not crumple. Therefore, they can always be put on if you are late or have turned off the lights. So that things do not lose their original appearance, store them in a closet, hanging on a trempel.

Such clothes need a delicate wash. People who say that pouches quickly appear on knitwear, just can not properly care for these things. It is necessary to wash knitwear in warm water, preferably with your hands. In this case, you can not make a rough movement, just rinse things and squeeze them several times.

Especially for knitwear sold powders and gels. Therefore, it is better to buy and use these tools.
Rinse knit is also better in water at room temperature.

Knitwear must not be hung to dry on a rope. Such clothes should dry out horizontally.

If you have ugly pellets on things, you can gently cut them with nail scissors or use a razor.

Perhaps knitwear products require more care than others. But this does not mean that you need to abandon them. After all, thanks to knitwear you have a great opportunity to change your image often. Want to know what to wear in the winter? Read the following article.

Knitted dresses 2018: features of the material and ideas for stylish images

Knitwear is possible not only by simple cut styles, but also dresses with complex asymmetrical draperies and other non-standard solutions. The most popular are tight, flared, knitted, strict and solemn models.

Choosing a knitted dress, it is worth remembering that the material at the same time emphasizes the dignity of the figure and exposes its flaws in an unfavorable light. If the extra centimeters at the waist are too noticeable, it is better to choose a model one size larger.

Black knit sheath dress

No style will emphasize your figure like an elegant mini dress and midi length. Especially impressive are the models of their jersey and thin knitwear. In cool seasons, choose dresses with long sleeves or ¾. Model perfectly with ankle boots and jackboots.

The dress-case in most cases is represented by models of a straight or narrowed silhouette. In black or deep blue they look just great. This is the best option for an office image. In casual bows, a combination of black knit dress with accessories of gray-blue and light gray colors is allowed. The optimal length of the black knit dress is midi, the sleeves are three-quarters.

The trend of the season is a combination of several shades in one model, while black is considered the dominant one. Choose models with color-blocks in the form of diagonal stripes and geometric shapes.

Casual Knit Dresses

Knitwear has undeniable advantages - it is a comfortable and warm material, which, even at the end of a long working day, retains its magnificent appearance.

Casual knitted dresses are models with a contrasting decor in the form of stripes, flower appliqués, and inserts of unusual cut. On women of all ages, knee-length models look equally stylish and slightly higher.

A popular trend of recent seasons is a combination of 2-3 colors in one model. The dress cut can be even and asymmetrical. This dress is a great choice for casual and elegant looks.

Knitted tunic dresses

Dresses, tunics are especially popular in spring and autumn, when you want to relieve the already heavy image. Stylists recommend comfortable knitted dresses or jersey models. Stylish dress-tunic looks great on women with any shape and color type. Complement the look with a light scarf or neck scarf.

The perfect winter combination is a knitted tunic dress, leggings or tight tights. The final touch of your gorgeous image will be ankle boots with high heels.

Knitted tunic dress is a favorite model of young girls who create comfortable and stylish sports-style looks. Fashionable and truly youthful image is obtained by combining a dress-tunic with slim-silhouette jeans, sneakers or boots on a tractor platform, a leather jacket. The mix of a knitted dress with a quilted vest and a sweatshirt looks no less original.

Long knit dress

Long models are a special category of knitted fashion. Maxi dresses are a choice of bright personalities who are not afraid to challenge fashionable foundations. Knitted models in the floor are presented with dresses of free cut with asymmetrical hem cut. Such styles often become the main element of the images in the style of boho and grunge. However, stylists do not exclude the use of long knitted dresses in urban images.

Particularly impressive and charmingly look fitting knit dresses in the floor. They look great on girls with a perfect figure. Choose models with long sleeves or 3/4. In the trend of the dress with cutouts on the sides from the hem of the product to the knees. With a dress of this style, white sneakers and other sports-style shoes look perfect.

Evening knit dresses with draperies

Knitwear is a soft and versatile material that easily lends itself to stylish experiments. Depending on the color range, structure and density of the material, you can get a lot of elegant models in a business and solemn style.

At the same time, dresses with draperies and deep folds in the neck area look discreetly and elegantly. For business models, 2-3 barely noticeable folds are enough to dilute the too strict style. In everyday models, decorative ornaments can be much more noticeable and more voluminous. Choose models with a zashtny bust, asymmetrical cut neckline on one side.

For creating a romantic and feminine image, knitwear models are indispensable in combination with chiffon inserts. Lightweight material is more commonly used to decorate sleeves or necklines.

Summer knitted dresses with lace

Lace deserved is very popular with most women. There is no more gentle and romantic material than lace. Today, at the peak of popularity monochromatic knit models with lace decoration on the surface of the entire dress. This is a great choice for youth, slightly playful image.

As for the styles, A-silhouette dresses, models with a full skirt look great in the lace design. Complement the image with ballet flats or flat shoes with an elegant clutch bag.

Knitwear is the most convenient and comfortable material of modern women's fashion. Knitted dresses look appropriate in any image on women of any age. Given the nuances of knitted fabric, which you mentioned in the article, you can choose the perfect style for yourself, which will reveal all the magnificence and personality of your figure.

Features and benefits

Knitted material is very popular among fashion designers, and all thanks to its advantages:

  • fabric is universal,
  • worn well
  • has practicality
  • don't hesitate
  • easy to wash,
  • gives comfort
  • easily draped
  • hides the flaws of the figure and highlights its advantages.

In the women's wardrobe must necessarily be present at least one knitted dress, and preferably two.

Fashion models and styles

Dress straight cut is good to choose plump women, whose figure does not require placement of accents at the waist. Slimmers also need to consider this style, if there is a desire to demonstrate the model features of the figure.

The straight style of knitted dresses is often recognized by a wide neckline; a geometric print in bright colors is welcomed.


Holders of slender figures with charming silhouettes are encouraged to choose fitting versions of knitted dresses. A striking example is a sheath dress. It is characterized by smooth lines and the ability to gently encircle the figure. In such a dress hidden unobtrusive sexuality, which will manifest itself only in proportion to the folded figure.

Modern models of such a knitted dress often have a contrasting collar. The final touch in this image can be high boots.

Want to wear a comfortable, beautiful, elegant dress? Choose a knitted version with a year style.

Knitted trapeze dress is very well suited for autumn and spring, when you can still wear a raincoat or fur coat, boots or ankle boots.

With drapery

Dresses with draperies are often chosen as an evening dress. In the collections of designers it is often possible to find interesting solutions in the form of flowing flounces, from which folds are formed.

Restrained, but elegant option - a knitted dress of several layers.

Knitted dress with sleeves combines comfort and style. The sleeves are harmoniously combined with fitted silhouettes, loose fit, case style and even with flared bottom.

Knit dresses with light sleeves, such as chiffon, which can bring a contrasting component to the image, are gaining popularity.

A dress with a free sleeve does not require a reason, the three-quarter option is suitable for a business image, you can go on a date in a dress with a sleeve-flashlight.

With lace

Lace looks favorably on a black knit dress in the form of a collar. Such an image will certainly turn out to be feminine and romantic, and if you add a little pearls in jewelry, many will envy your sense of style.

Dress for every day can be free, but at the same time beautiful, to conceal a share of elegance and a drop of charm.


Sports dresses are now beyond the scope of clothing that is intended only for sports.

Often, to create dresses of this type, knitwear is used, in which its practicality, unpretentiousness and comfortable sock are valued.

Even the simplest dress, if it was correctly chosen and appropriately supplemented with accessories, will look original.

We all remember the rule of the location of the stripes on the dress: the horizontal ones add volume, the vertical ones slim, and the diagonal ones give a dynamic look to the image.

Dress tunic

Knit tunic dress is characterized by loose sleeves up to the level of the elbow or a drop-down fabric resembling a bat.

For thin guys, such an outfit can be worn with a belt to highlight the waist, and for full women a dress tunic will help to hide body parts.

Sweater dress

Knitted dresses come into fashion, which in their style resemble a sweater. A complex geometric pattern and unusual knitting patterns are appropriate here. In the cold season, under such a dress you can wear jeans or tight tights.

With a collar

The high neck makes a knitted dress interesting and unusual. For winter, a more perfect outfit is not even worth looking for.

Many options for collars are available:

  • recumbent,
  • standing,
  • in the form of soft waves,
  • shirt form.

Your image can be a strict and businesslike, romantic or stylish.

Do not dwell only on the V-neck, although it is very popular for knitted dresses. Pay attention to the asymmetrical design of the neck or drop shape.

The good old dress with the smell does not cease to excite designers and fashionistas. Therefore, each season at the world shows there are several unusual models of such dresses.

Choose a knitted open dress for a party or summer walk - all girls will envy you and all men will pay attention.

In the cold season, you want to wrap your body in something warm, soft and fluffy. So let it be knitted knit dress that will warm, give comfort and preserve your personality.

With a knitted skirt

An interesting combination creates the use of chiffon for the top of the dress, knitwear for the bottom. The option is popular, but capricious in terms of selection for the figure. Since two different fabrics are combined in one product, you need to achieve perfect harmony. Winter version of knitwear can not be used in a similar dress.

With leather insert

Interesting and unusual looks knitted dress, in which the side panels are made of leather. This outfit can be worn at least every day, combining it with boats and a leather bag that will repeat the material and color of the inserts.

Plasticity knit allows designers to create long dresses for summer. Popularity is characteristic of monophonic, but bright models or dresses with an unusual pattern.

Dresses with such a length are used for the “casual” style, which risks becoming the most popular this year. Knitted outfits of pastel shades with midi length are often used in office style.

Knitted dresses look great in the short version. Прямой фасон и приталенность, расклешенные юбки, свободный крой - все это идеально сочетается с полупрозрачным, тонким трикотажем.

Дизайнеры советуют под короткое платье одевать контрастное, закрытое нижнее белье. Часто можно встретить комбинацию плотного короткого платья с леггинсами.

Теплое зимнее

For the cold season it is good to have a dress made of thick knitwear with long sleeves and a wide collar in the wardrobe, which can replace a scarf.

In winter, cashmere dresses are becoming relevant. This season you should pay attention to the versatility of gray and brown shades.

Even in summer you can wear a knitted dress that will fit the figure and even be enlightened a little. Such an outfit may resemble an elongated T-shirt, have bright prints with floral motifs and asymmetrical lines.

On every day

For everyday use, you can easily choose knitted dresses. Bow to neutral colors that will be diluted with interesting shoes and bright accessories.

Draperies are able to make an evening version of a usual knitted dress. It may expose the shoulders, have an unusual decorative trim or voluminous skirt.

For the business image is often chosen knitted dress that complies with certain rules:

  • midi length,
  • pastel shades
  • no frank details
  • lack of large pockets and defiant decor.

For evening knit dresses, not very thick knitwear is selected, which allows designers to embody their bold and sometimes unexpected ideas.

A long knitted dress with a bare back or outfits with a flared bottom looks unusual. Most fascinating dresses with a train.

For full

Cover a small belly can dress tunic. It is well combined with other things and accessories, comfortably worn and well hides the imperfections of the figure.

In the presence of full hips should choose a dress with a belt to highlight the waist and a deep sharp neckline on the chest.

For pregnant

A woman in position will be very good in knitted dresses.

There are several reasons for this:

  • femininity silhouettes
  • smoothing rounded shapes
  • softness of the material.

The advantage is to give models with high or adjustable belt and folds under the chest. Explore options for transforming dresses that can be turned into many other outfits.

For the winter it will be good to buy a wool knitted dress with a collar-collar. Such models look good with warm tights or leggings and high boots.


This country can be called a leader in the production of knitted dresses. Many designers have become loved by Russian women. The Panda brand constantly produces original models, Nova Line combines knitwear with lace and chiffon, decorates its models with shiny elements and embroidery.

Anastasia Mack mostly specializes in the production of large models. DeVita models are dominated by materials from foreign manufacturers.

For classic models you should contact Lady-Line.


In Ukraine, many women's clothing designers work with knitwear. There are many successful models in the assortment of Andre Tan. Under the brand name Cardo constantly produced new models of knitted dresses, which overshadow many other creations from foreign brands.

Oksana Karavanskaya each year amazes the whole world with her enchanting and unpredictable outfits, among which there are many knitted dresses.

Not in vain in many countries are highly valued knitted dresses from Turkey. The local craftsmen demonstrate the high quality of their models, provide a wide range of styles and use different colors.

Pay attention to the knitted dresses from your wardrobe, there surely will be creations of Turkish masters.


The real masters in the field of creating knitted dresses are Italian designers. Many of them already present their creations in Russia. Dresses from Roberta Redaelli attract attention with unusual manufacturing technology that retains elasticity, the ability to stretch and keep the shape of a knitted material. And the Bramante brand always uses Triploritorto's special yarn. It is thin, but durable and durable.

The work of designers is aimed at creating comfortable and comfortable outfits. What can not be said about the brand Via Delle Perle, which creates luxurious dresses from knitwear. They shine and sparkle from the abundance of rhinestones and stones.

Dress decoration

The dress that you are tired of, you can update and make it interesting.

There are several options for this:

  • the creation of ruches,
  • placement of bows,
  • decoration with fabric flowers
  • beading,
  • lace.

Choose one option for yourself and do not overdo it with shiny elements. Let the effect of flicker be noticeable only slightly, in this case, the image will be mysterious.

If needlework is not your element, then you can use jewelry. Natural stones and metal products look good on solid plain modest dresses. Romantic image needs flowers and rhinestones. Do not be afraid to combine a knitted dress with belts.

The choice of color of clothes should always be based on the features of the figure and appearance, especially with knit dresses. The ability of the material to fit the figure will give all the flaws that others do not need to know.

It seems that the black dress of knitwear has magical properties. And how else can one explain the fact that it looks perfect on every figure - the slender camp becomes even more perfect, and the fullness is hidden.

Knitted dresses 2018-2019: short and stylish, and why not ...

Irresistible knitted dresses are one of the brightest trends of the autumn-winter season, because it was during this period that women of fashion look for something feminine, but at the same time comfortable, taking care of their health, well-being, positive mood.

Fashionable knitted dresses 2018-2019 of short length above the knee can be either fitted or loose, with a wide or volumetric sleeve.

The colors of the short options are the most diverse, but this season fashionable women will pay the most attention to short knitted dresses of black, burgundy, brown, and gray shades.

For spring and summer, designers have prepared crocheted dresses, short and perfectly lying on the silhouette in white, beige, blue, green, red, pastel colors, multi-colored, which you can wear in hot summer, not only outside, but also as a complement to the beach image with a swimsuit.

Short knitted dresses are presented in the styles of bat, sweater, knitted tunic dresses, which can be combined with leggings, put on over a light lace skirt, skinny jeans.

Fashionable knitted dresses 2018-2019: models below the knee midi

Undoubtedly, the trendy midi length could not help but be reflected in dresses made of fine and coarse yarn, because elegant knitted midi dresses look great on women with almost any physique, if you choose the right style.

In the trend of knitted midi and short knitted dresses with geometric patterns, voluminous flowers and floral patterns, contrasting and multicolored mating combinations, lovely patterns.

Knitted midi dresses will be popular in beige, mustard, burgundy, red, blue, green, gray colors with knitted braids, stripes, lace knitting and other types of knitting and crochet.

Stylish knitted maxi dresses. Beautiful knitted dresses in the floor 2018-2019

Truly trendy in the cold season are knitted dresses 2018-2019 maxi, which can be combined with a short coat, coat, jacket, leather jacket, shoes with heels, low speed, sports shoe brands, etc.

2018-2019 long knitted dresses are represented by knitted variations in monochrome, stylish novelties in bulk knitting, magnificent trends with a raglan sleeve, a wide bell sleeve, a flashlight, three quarters, etc.

Long knitted dresses 2018-2019 straight cut with cuts have become a godsend for admirers of military, grunge, boho, sports, as well as other informal styles.

Stunning knitted dresses 2018-2019: unusual and traditional models

Without a doubt, the talented fashion designers could not help but dilute and not dilute the boredom of everyday life with unconventional styles and models of knitted dresses in the original manner of hand-made and factory knitting.

These include extraordinary and voluminous knitted oversized dresses, atypical and loose knitted dresses with asymmetry.

Knitted dresses with big pockets, wonderful crocheted dresses with lace patterns, which have been presented in many collections in the style of fish, mallet, midi and maxi length, also deserve attention.

We also advise fashionistas to pay attention to spectacular knitted gang dresses, romantic variations and trends of neat-knit dresses in the styles with sun, with a smell.

Simple, but no less beautiful models with a yoke, a trapeze, with a fur decor, a belt, etc. will be interesting for the original.

There is also a variety of various variations of collars and corners, for example, with twisting, rocker, bare back, triangular neckline on the neckline.

As you can see, the choice is great, so every lover of knitted fashion will find something for herself among warm and cozy, or airy and cute dresses made of yarn.

Incredible wedding and evening knitted dresses 2018-2019: models, novelties, images

We can not forget that today there are relevant knitted evening and wedding styles of dresses that will suit the most tender and sensual girls with special charisma.

Mostly, the category of evening and wedding includes knitted dresses in the floor in openwork design, characterized by unprecedented tenderness, texture, elegance, elegance.

Wedding knitted dresses are, undoubtedly, white and delicate oil models of dresses.

The range of evening dresses made of crochet yarn and knitting needles is greater. These are luxurious long or midi knitted dresses of black, blue, dark green, red, powdery and other interesting color variations.


Considering fashionable knitted dresses 2018-2019 in the collections of famous couturiers, interesting models with asymmetric cut were often met.

Therefore, the popular models of knitted or knitted dresses for autumn and winter will be asymmetrical styles with the original hem and options for one shoulder.

Open shoulders

Favorite trend continues to delight fashionistas relevance even in the cold season. It can be fashionable knitted dresses on one shoulder, short and long styles.

Unusually beautiful and delicate knitted dresses from knitwear with bare shoulders is better to choose a fitted cut.

Another trend, migrated from the summer season, will please with its presence in romantic and gentle knitted dresses for autumn and winter 2018-2019.

Graceful ruffles on the sleeves, on the shoulders or in the decoration of the hem look very interesting and give the knitted knit dresses special charm and elegance.

Sew-on hem

The novelty of the autumn-winter season will be knitted and knitted dresses with a combined hem. The effect of a double dress with lace, chiffon or tulle trim looks very intriguing.

Contrasting models have such trendy knit dresses, for example, a black knitted dress with a white printed bottom.

Fitted models

For special occasions and office sets in the autumn-winter fashion 2018-2019, there was a place for beautiful fitted knit dresses.

Particularly popular this season will be fitted with fitted knit midi length dresses. But the top of the dress can be different - the boat, high neck, deep neckline or classic round.

High neck

The cold season cannot do without fashionable knitted and crocheted models of a dress with a high neck, which can be both fitted and free.

There are a lot of models of knitted knitted dresses with a neck and each of you will be able to choose for itself the best option for autumn and winter.

Horizontal strip

There are no longitudinal stripes in the autumn-winter clothes, except that the pattern in knitted dress models, but if we talk about colored stripes, then in the trend there are knitted horizontal striped dresses.

Classic black and white or bright colored strip is typical for knitted and knitted dresses with a straight and fitted cut.

“Are you warm, beautiful?”

The biggest plus, which pleases all, without exception, fashionable knitted dresses - this is their ability to warm our delicate female shoulders on cold days and evenings. A girl in such a dress will always look very feminine, with which she would not combine it. The bet on femininity always works, because there is not a single man who would not like our fragility and elegance. So you can safely wear such warm dresses even on a date - the gentleman will definitely be delighted.

The most popular styles: we have plenty to choose from!

Models of knitted dresses, which are relevant this season, are so diverse that it is really possible to choose the perfect style for any height, body type and even taste preferences. Everyone will be satisfied - and exemplary girls who want to look in a knitted dress, like a cute Snow Maiden, and rebellious people, who by their extravagance strive to destroy all the rules and concepts about “right” beauty.

The styles of knitted dresses, to which the editors of WonanSovetnik recommends to pay attention:

1 Bulky openwork dresses - This is a novelty that was offered to us by fashion gurus with world names. Previously knitted openwork dresses already flashed on the catwalks, but they were all either fitted or A-line. Winter 2017 dictates new fashionable rules - we choose for ourselves exactly a voluminous openwork dress that will look very beneficial in combination with tight tights (or even leggings) and massive boots. To overload the image with a large number of jewelry is not worth it - it will be enough to have several bracelets on the wrist or a long chain around the neck. If the lace knit in dresses is quite large - wear a black top under it to "not shine" underwear.

2 Wool dresses with collars (or without them) - perfect warm base dresses that can be beaten differently. Successfully such an outfit will look with ankle boots with a thick high heel (there may be high boots with a flat sole), tight tights and a small handbag over the shoulder. The leather jacket draped over shoulders will add to image ease. If it seems to you that such a dress makes you look fat - solve the problem with a belt! Under the long and midi dress fit a wide belt, but to the dress above the knee, we recommend to choose only thin neat straps.

Secret: a woolen knit dress can cause irritation on delicate skin, therefore we recommend wearing it top.

3 Dress tunic - a favorite outfit of fashionistas with perfectly straight legs and this winter remains popular. Since this is a short knitted dress, you should not complement the image with a belt to “steal” the length, better combine it with massive boots, decorated with buckles, a wide-brimmed hat and an elongated coat.

Secret: Knitted tunic can be combined even with any jeans or trousers, if it is not fitted. In this dress will be beautiful and warm.

4 Knitted Sheath Dresses - these are exactly the dresses that can be worn ONLY by girls with a perfect figure. This style can play a cruel joke with the owners of delicious hips and sweet soft tummy, turning your so feminine figure into an unsightly silhouette. If you can not resist buying such a style, and the parameters of your figure are a little “not perfect”, we recommend combining a sheath dress with an extended jacket. A bright jacket and a discreet color dress - the perfect office option. And if the image is supplemented with massive decorations, you will get a good evening outfit.

5 Long knitted dress - a novelty of the upcoming season, which deserves your attention. Especially well these dresses look on girls with height above average. Choose models of simple, not motley color with interesting knitted ornaments, which will be arranged vertically rather than horizontally (so that you visually appear slimmer). You can wear a knitted maxi dress with boots without a heel, you can even with lacing, with a few simple decorations (your favorite wristwatches and a massive ring will be quite enough) and a neat backpack bag.

6 Short knitted dresses, like dresses, tunics, allowed to wear only with tight tights. By the way, this is exactly the dress with which you can wear your favorite boots - the image will be quite interesting and not vulgar. From the belt, if you put on boots, give up. It is better to complement the image with a bright scarf in an interesting way, tied around the neck.

7 Sweater dress - such a knitted dress will probably become your favorite, because you can wear it almost everywhere just by choosing the right accessories. We also recommend trying on such an image: combine a sweater dress with high boots with heels to match the dress, a classic handbag, a cute felt hat and fingerless gloves - in such a robe you can't exactly stay.

Dress large knit need to be worn only with tight dark leggings or tight tights and shoes with heels, so that the large knit does not add you extra pounds.

8 Knitted Bandeau Dresses In winter you can also wear it, the main thing is to beat them with a warm horse. Cardigan will be your salvation. Если на платье уже присутствует вязаный орнамент – выбирайте кардиган без орнамента, чтобы не стать похожей на укутанную бабушкой девочку. Интересный пиджак тоже «подружится» с таким вязаным платьем. И обязательно украсьте шею изысканным колье.

9 Вязаное платье гранж – наряд для смелых. If you have always dreamed of such an experiment, but were afraid to create an image incorrectly - read carefully. Combine a knitted dress with massive lace-up shoes, tight tights of an interesting color and a plaid shirt, tied at the waist. A hat, casually put on disobedient curls, will complement the image.

10 Knitted midi dress: A free midi dress (length is just below the knee) is the dress that will fit perfectly on any figure. If you are not tall or are dissatisfied with your physique - choose models with vertical "braids", so you will look taller and slimmer. It is best to wear such a dress with ankle boots with high heels and a bag of medium size. If the dress is bright - with decorations you need to be careful not to overload the image. Focus on or on the fingers - choose a massive ring, or on the wrist - an interesting bracelet to help you.

Secret: Knitted winter dresses can be decorated with massive necklaces or generously decorated overlaid collars, but only if the dress is made of fine knitwear and has no ornament on it.

Gentle as the first snow!

Even if you already have a knitted dress of a different color, buy a white knitted dress for yourself! The knitted dress in this color is called by designers "the most successful winter outfit" and their love for him is quite understandable. On this dress, any mating will look appropriate due to the fact that the nobility of color compensates for even the roughness of a large mating. It is best to combine white knitted dress with dense matte tights of black, gray blue or emerald green color, shoes in tones of pantyhose (to visually make the legs longer), massive decoration and a voluminous bag.

"And to the feast and to the world"

New trend - evening knitted dresses are gaining popularity among the fashionistas of our country. After all, a beautiful knitted dress with an interesting, unusual finish can be worn not only at work or for a walk with friends, but also to choose it for special occasions.

If you want to dress up for a holiday in a knitted dress - we'll show you which model is better to choose. And so, we recommend to pay attention to delicate knit openwork dresses that can be decorated with loose beads or beads. If it speaks about the color of the product, the noble sapphire and emerald shades remain the undisputed favorites. No less advantageous such a dress will look in powdery, pearl gray and soft lilac color. This dress will surely highlight you, make the image memorable. Shoes - only shoes with high or medium heels, boots will make the image too ordinary. From jewelry - it is better to be limited to a concise set of earrings and a necklace (bracelet, ring). Or focus on the waist, decorating it with a bright strap with an interesting decor.

Elegant winter knitted dresses can be complemented by your favorite fur vest - the image will be truly bohemian.

And a couple of words ...

Knitted dresses for women this season will be a real boon. Finally, in the cold season, it will be possible to remain feminine, not to freeze, and at least from time to time to give up boring jeans and sweaters. Since we provide you with exclusive photos of knitted dresses and options for their combinations, we can be sure that this winter will be the most stylish for you.