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Cocktail Cosmopolitan


Every fan of the television series Sex and the City knows about such a cocktail as Cosmopolitan. Yes, this drink is simply adored by four beautiful heroines from the cult series, they drink it everywhere and always, for any reason and without any reason. The "parent" of this alcoholic drink is a bartender, originally from Manhattan, whose name was Toby Qizzini. Today, we want to tell you how to make a Cosmopolitan cocktail at home.

Cooking Cosmopolitan do-it-yourself

Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe is very simple in its preparation, the only difficulty is to get all the bartenders' cooking equipment. We will certainly acquaint you with the list of necessary things, but a little later, first we will go through the list of ingredients that make up the Cosmopolitan cocktail:

  • Lemon vodka (Citron) or the usual "goryuchka" - 45 milliliters.
  • Cointreau orange flavor liqueur - 15 milliliters.
  • 8 milliliters of fresh lime juice.
  • 30 milliliters of cranberry juice.

The main ingredients for a cosmopolitan cocktail are used in ratios:

  • Vodka-3 parts.
  • liqueur is 1 part.
  • Lime juice is half a part.
  • Cranberry juice-2 parts.

The process of preparing an alcoholic cocktail

Now we will step by step describe the preparation of the Cosmopolitan cocktail in all its details. So, our detailed instruction bartender action:

  1. First, you will independently assemble the necessary bartender set of devices, and this: a beautiful cocktail glass, a shaker, a strainer and a citrus press, a form for ice.
  2. Take an ice mold and fill it with clean water and freeze in the freezer. So, you can cook neat ice cubes with your own hands that will cool your delicious alcoholic drink.
  3. You can also make fresh lime juice using a citrus press. Wash the citrus, cut it in half and squeeze it well. Juice pour into a shaker.
  4. Pour Citron vodka, cranberry juice and orange flavored liqueur into the shaker.
  5. In a shaker, pour the self-prepared ice cubes close and start to shake well.
  6. We place a beautiful glass for a short while in the freezer for cooling, when the glass is cooled, we take it and put a strainer on it.
  7. Open the shaker and pass our alcoholic drink through the strainer.

Cosmopolitan cocktail is ready, you can decorate it with a slice of any citrus you love. With your hands, carefully cut a thin slice, cut it in the middle and sit on the edge of the glass. You can serve this cocktail party at a home party or enjoy it alone while watching your favorite TV series. To evaluate all the niceness of this drink you will allow our top photo.

How to make a cocktail "Cosmopolitan" on the original recipe

  1. Cocktail glass must first be cooled with pieces of ice,
  2. Lime juice will need to be stirred and then poured into a glass,
  3. The components are added to the shaker in a specific sequence, first vodka, then liqueur and then juice,
  4. A lemon slice serves as a decoration for the finished cocktail.

Cocktail "Cosmopolitan" at home


  • Vodka - 50 ml
  • Cointreux or Triple-sec liqueur - 25 ml,
  • cranberry juice - 50 ml,
  • lemon juice - 25 ml.


  1. The glass is pre-filled with ice cubes. The shaker is also required to pre-cool by filling approximately two thirds with ice.
  2. In a shaker, pour 50 ml of chilled vodka, then add 25 ml of chilled liquor. According to the recipe, the juice must be stirred before adding, and then 50 ml is poured into a shaker.
  3. At the end, 25 ml of fresh lemon or lime juice is squeezed out. We extract ice from the cocktail glass and pour the finished cocktail.

If the quantity of ingredients was correct, exactly one portion will turn out. The glass can be decorated with dolim lime or lemon, depending on what fruit juice was used for cooking.

Despite the fact that the main recipe of the cocktail is almost unchanged, many bartenders can slightly change the recipe and add zest to it. But changing the ingredients is important to comply with all the cooking technology.

Knowing the original taste of "Cosmopolitan", you can choose the optimal proportions of various alcoholic beverages and fresh juices.

Features of the cocktail preparation technology

  1. Juice is recommended to take only natural, as any poor-quality product with impurities can spoil the cocktail,
  2. Lemon juice should not be replaced with lemon-flavored syrups,
  3. For cooking use only high-quality alcoholic beverages.

The head of IBA, Salvatore Calabrese, did not remove the “Quatro” liqueur from the ingredients and believes that the best “Cosmopolitan” will come out of the following recipe:


  • vodka "Absolute" - 50 ml,
  • cranberry nectar - 10 ml,
  • lemon juice - 10 ml,
  • Cointreau liqueur - 10 ml.


The technology of preparation of the cocktail fully coincides with the classic version. But as noted by the bartenders, ready-made “Cosmopolitan” is better to drink as quickly as possible, because when heated, its taste can deteriorate. The proportions of the cocktail can be changed to the eye and make a bitter, strong or very sweet drink to your taste.

The classic recipe cocktail "Cosmopolitan"

Composition and proportions:

  • plain or vodka with lemon flavor - 45 ml,
  • Cointreau orange liquor - 15 ml,
  • fresh lime juice - 7-8 ml,
  • cranberry juice - 30 ml.

All ingredients are mixed in a ratio of 3: 1: 0.5: 2 (3 parts vodka, 1 part liqueur, half a part lime and 2 parts cranberry juice). Lime juice can be replaced with lemon, there is no significant difference between them.

1. Cool the martini glass by filling it with ice cubes.

2. Add all ingredients with ice to a shaker and mix.

3. Throw the ice out of the glass.

4. Pour the cocktail from the shaker into the glass through the strainer.

5. To decorate "Cosmopolitan" you can put a slice of lemon or orange on top, but in most cases it is served without ornaments.

“Cosmo” is usually taken in small sips, trying to catch all the notes of its mild taste. Vodka in the composition is not felt. I also advise you to watch a video in which a professional bartender shows how to make this cocktail correctly.

A little about the origin of the cocktail

The Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe was created at the very beginning to advertise the Absolute brand (specifically, vodka with citrus flavor). However, the recipe has not gained popularity, and after some time it could not be found in many bars. However, in a number of special companies it was still possible to meet its use.

The second life of the alcoholic drink gave bartender Cheryl Cook. She wanted to create only a drink for beautiful ladies. Cheryl combined citrus-flavored vodka with orange liqueur and juice from lemon and cranberry for this recipe. However, the cocktail failed the second time.

The real creator of the cosmopolitan recipe was Toby Zizzini. In the process of preparation, he replaced two ingredients in the composition: orange liqueur by the French brand Cointreau, and lemon juice by freshly squeezed lime.

As well as to achieve the popularity of the cocktail helped Madonna. Fans of the singer (knowing that she is a lover of this drink) are increasingly ordering it in bars. But most of all the popularity contributed to the appearance of Madonna with this drink on the TV. It was after this drink began to conquer the whole world.

Classic recipe

Such a composition of the Cosmopolitan cocktail is considered a classic:

  • vodka standard or with lemon flavor - 45 ml,
  • Cointreau liquor - 15 ml,
  • fresh lime juice - 10 ml,
  • cranberry juice - 30 ml.

All components must be taken in the following quantities:

  • 3 parts vodka
  • 1 part liqueur,
  • ½ part lime juice,
  • 2 pieces of cranberry juice.

You can replace fresh lime with lemon juice.

  1. It is necessary to cool the dishes for martini. To do this, we put in it some ice cubes.
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well.
  3. We remove ice from the glass.
  4. And the last moment: we pour our cocktail from shaker to glass.
  5. At your discretion, you can decorate a glass with a slice of lemon, and in principle it will fall without decoration.

Important! It is best to use the drink in small sips to fully enjoy its taste. Thanks to the added juices you will hardly feel the taste of vodka.

Japanese version

In the bars of Japan, this drink is also popular, however, it is presented differently. This recipe will require:

  • Sake - 3 parts
  • cranberry juice - 2 parts,
  • orange liqueur - 1 part,
  • lemon,
  • ice.

This option is perfect for a party with a Japanese theme. Cocktail can be easily and quickly prepared even at home, so it is suitable even for sudden meetings. For a drink from Japan, traditional sake dishes are well suited.

To make a cocktail, mix all ingredients in a shaker, add squeezed juice from ¼ of lemon and ice. Beat the mixture and pour into cooled dishes.

Other recipes

There are many methods of cooking, but they all differ little. So, some components can be replaced, for example, lemon vodka with regular, lime juice with lemon. And also often use different brands of orange liqueur.

The most common options are:

  • "Blue Cosmopolitan", in which there is liqueur "Blue Curacao" and white cranberry juice,
  • "Apple" with apple juice, not lime,
  • "Cosmochello", which uses the Limoncello liqueur,
  • "Orange" with cranberry juice instead of orange.

This drink is recommended to drink moderately, trying to taste all the delicate taste. The characteristic taste of vodka is not felt in the cocktail, thanks to which the female half loved him.


Cosmopolitan - a cocktail that has gone through a long history. Today it remains relevant thanks to a simple recipe and pleasant taste. Drink is often ordered in bars, as well as being prepared at home. There are many options for a cocktail, but they all share a delicate taste.

How to make a real cosmopolitan cocktail?

Cocktail "Cosmopolitan" - this is the favorite alcoholic drink of our time. Back in the seventies in our country, almost no one had heard of him, and in America only a narrow circle of young people was known, hanging out in underground clubs and other closed recreation areas. But as soon as the youth television series "Sex and the City" came out on the blue screens of the TV, the whole world learned about the cocktail.

A bit of history

Initially, Cosmopolitan was created in support of Absolut Citron brand vodka, but, unfortunately, the cocktail did not become popular. Only a few informal youth associations of the States became its fans.

The “mom” of the cosmopolitan alcoholic blend has become a resident of Florida, Cheryl Cook. Working at the bar, she decided to create a purely female alcoholic masterpiece - an alternative to martini. To do this, it included cranberry and lemon juice. It is a pity, but such a mixture was not long enjoyed success.

The “daddy” of the Cosmopolitan drink was a resident of Manhattan - the bartender Toby Qizzini. He decided to replace Triple-sec with Cointreau, and instead of lemon juice, take lime juice. This is how the classic version of Cosmo appeared. Specifically, this option in the eighties was recognized by the International Bartenders Association.

Why do Cosmopolitan like girls so much? First, there is no pronounced taste of vodka. Secondly, it has a low calorie content, which means it does not affect the figure, and is suitable even for those who are on a strict diet.

Mild in taste, with a light cranberry aroma, Cosmo is poured into stylish wide cocktail glasses - martinini glass. If you have prepared this masterpiece at home and do not have a special container at home, you can serve in any beautiful glasses.

Cooking by yourself

How can you make a classic cocktail with your own hands, without having special bartending experience and relevant skills? We hurry to please you, to cook home "Cosmopolitan" is not difficult. But we warn that the recipe requires strict adherence to the list of necessary ingredients.

So, get the following components:

  • traditional classic vodka or vodka with lemon flavor - 80-90 ml,
  • Orange Cointreau (Cointreau) - 30 ml,
  • fresh lime juice or lemon juice - 14-16 ml,
  • cranberry juice - 60 ml,
  • lemon to decorate the glass.

  1. First, get ready to prepare the container for the mixture - cool the wine glasses: put them in the cold (for example, use a refrigerator) or put ice in them.
  2. In a shaker, mix all the ingredients, add a few pieces of ice and shake for 0.5 minutes to mix everything well.
  3. Pour "Cosmo" on the beautiful wine glasses.
  4. Decorate the rim of each glass with a slice of lemon, orange or lime. Some use cherries for decoration.

Drink Cosmopolitan small sips, as if savoring, catching all the notes of a masterpiece and enjoying its mild taste.