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When is it better to go to Egypt


Thousands of tourists visit Egypt every year. When is it better to go to rest? Of course, the weather there is always warm and sunny, but some months may be too hot. Let's talk about what time is most comfortable for a holiday in this country.

When is it good to go to Egypt?

First of all, you should deal with the Egyptian seasons. There are only two of them: cool and hot. The first lasts from November to the end of March, and the second, respectively, begins in April and lasts until October. The summer season is characterized by hot and dry air, the temperature can be too exhausting. Winter is much milder, the air becomes more humid, and the heat subsides. Where better to go to Egypt? The farther from the coast, the stronger the temperature fluctuates throughout the day and the drier the air. In desert regions, the heat can reach sixty degrees during the day, but at night the temperature drops to zero. Therefore, if you are not too well tolerated too hot climate, it is better to rest near the sea and not in the summer months. However, let's talk about each month in more detail.

Winter season

If you want to save, then December will be the very month for you when it is good to go to Egypt. The sea is warm, the air warms up well, the sun pampers every day, and the prices are very low - the off-season. You can relax in the hotel, which will be filled only half. But closer to the New Year holidays, the hotels will again become overcrowded, and prices will immediately rise.

In January, Egypt is the coldest. The sea is still warm, and the water temperature does not fall below twenty-two degrees, and the air during the day can warm up to thirty. By evening it becomes cooler (about fifteen degrees). This weather is quite comfortable, so it's great to rest and relax in January. In addition, there are few tourists after the festive excitement, which means that the price of the voucher will not be too high.

If you still can not decide when it is good to go to Egypt, we advise you to immediately remove February from the plans. The water this month becomes the coldest for the whole year, so it can be uncomfortable to swim, and prices are also rising in comparison with January. If there is no other opportunity for a trip, except in February, choose a resort closer to the coast and grab warm clothes for evening walks.

March will be much warmer than February, at which time the Khamsin starts to blow from the desert - a hot wind bringing sand with it. But the prices for rest are beginning to increase with temperature. Although the water in the sea does not have time to warm up and remains almost the same as in February.

Summer season

April marks the beginning of the warm season. The sea becomes warm, and the air warms up to thirty degrees. The number of tourists begins to grow, which means prices will be quite high. May is one of the best months when it is good to go to Egypt. The weather is warm, but not exhaustingly hot, only in this period the Arabs start the holidays, which means that it is rather difficult to find a place in the hotel, and the cost of rest rises to the level of the New Year.

In June, the season opens in the Mediterranean resorts, causing the rush demand for Egyptian beaches to subside. The temperature is hot, but the price is rather low. In July and August, the heat becomes unbearable, the risk of burns increases, so it is better to give up leave. By September, the temperature will begin to decrease along with the cost of vouchers. October and November are another months when it is good to go to Egypt. Tours are sold at an average price, water and air reach the optimum temperature, so the rest will be pleasant.

We choose the time for the trip, taking into account the weather

In Egypt, the weather is almost always clear. But in one month the sun pleases with pleasant warmth, and in others it literally incinerates. You are invited to explore the features of weather conditions throughout the year.

When is it better to go to Egypt

Let's start from December. Egyptian winter is not at all like the Russian or European winter. Even in December, the air temperature at the resorts does not fall below + 25-27 ° С. At night it is cooler - up to + 12-14 ° С. It is quite comfortable in the seas - + 21-24 ° С. At the same time, until about the twentieth of the month in Egypt, a decline in tourist activity is observed. After the indicated numbers, the hotels begin to fill up rapidly with tourists: first by Europeans who come here on Catholic Christmas, and then by Russians who decide to celebrate the New Year in warm lands.

Tips for those traveling to Egypt

During the January holidays in the Arabian state, you will not freeze either: during the day the air warms up to + 24-25 ° С, the same + 21-24 ° С remain in the seas, cools to + 11-13 ° С at night. You can not count on a serious heat at this time of year, but the weather will allow you to sunbathe and swim. At the same time, starting with the tenth to fifteen numbers, a ticket to Egypt can be bought at a reduced cost.

February is the coldest month of the year. On the streets + 21-23 ° C during the day and + 8-12 ° C at night. The Red Sea rarely warms up above + 21 ° C. But if you are not afraid of such conditions, you can safely pack your bags and go to the airport.

Helpful advice! For a winter holiday in the Arab state, the resorts of the Red Sea are best suited - it is warmer here than on the western Mediterranean coast. Do not forget to put in a suitcase a pair of light sweaters and jackets for evening and night walks.

In March, the dry desert wind "Hasmin" begins to "walk" in Egypt. In the company with him fly clouds of sand and dust. Literally every day on the streets and in the seas it gets warmer, and vouchers are becoming more expensive. The average daytime temperature is + 23-25 ​​° С, nighttime is + 12-15 ° С, while in the seas it is still relatively cool - + 22-24 ° С.

In April, the resorts are almost summer. It is hot on the streets - up to + 29-31 ° С during the day and about 15-17 ° С in the dark. Water warms up to + 25 ° C and above.

May weather pleases with its pleasant warmth and lack of sweltering heat. The average daytime temperature is + 30-32 ° С, nighttime is + 20-22 ° С, in the sea - + 25-26 ° С and higher.

Important! When planning to go to Egypt for the May holidays, book your tour in advance and get ready to part with an additional $ 200-400 when you buy a voucher.

Since June, the heat begins in Egypt. If you are planning a vacation for this month, try to transfer it to the first days. The most comfortable conditions in this period of the year are noted in Alexandria - about + 26-29 ° С in the daytime. At the other resorts, the air warms up to + 34-36 ° C during the day, and at night it cools down only to + 24-25 ° C. It is warm in the sea - + 26-27 ° С.

If possible, you should refrain from traveling to Egypt in July and August - it is very hot. You can stay on the beach until 11 and after 16-17 hours. On the excursion, too, especially not the train - the sun heats the open parts of the terrain up to + 50 ° С. On average, the daytime temperature is kept at + 37-40 ° С, night temperature is + 25-27 ° С. In the sea + 27 ° C and above.

Egyptian beaches - a paradise for tourists

From September in the Arab state starts the "velvet" season. It is hot on the streets, but not as exhausting as in summer - + 33-35 ° С. At nights it is relatively cool - + 23-25 ​​° С. In the seas of the order of + 25 ° C.

October and November are a great time to spend holidays in the country of two seas. On the streets + 28-31 ° С during the day and + 20-22 ° С at night, in the sea + 23-25 ​​° С. You can devote vacation as a beach holiday, and sightseeing travel.

Camel on the beach in the resort of El Gouna

Important! In most areas of Egypt, windy weather persists for almost the entire year. Especially noticeable rushes on the beach. The wind will make the heat less tangible, but despite this, the use of sunscreen is still not necessary.

We choose the time for the trip, taking into account the cost

The most beautiful hotels in Egypt

When choosing a time for a holiday in Egypt, many travelers are guided not only by the climatic conditions in the country, but also by the cost of tours. So, the cheapest vouchers are from the beginning of December to about the 20th day of the same month.

Egyptian temperatures seem to be quite comfortable for the inhabitants of Russia, in whose native cities winter is already raging. Add to this half-empty hotels and no queues, and the rest will be truly fabulous. But at night in December it's still cool. Do not forget to bring light sweaters and jackets for night walks.

The most beautiful hotels in Egypt

Cheap vouchers can be purchased from the tenth to the twentieth of January. The resorts are already noticeably cooler, but you can still swim and sunbathe. Sometimes the sun is drawn in by a light haze, but precipitations are extremely rare. Also, this period of the year is best suited for long excursion trips - you definitely will not get a sunstroke.

The most beautiful hotels in Egypt

In February, vouchers are a bit more expensive compared to the January tours, but their price is far from being as high as in the warm season.

In April-May and September-November the most expensive tours. It is cheap in the summer - very few people want to spend their holidays in conditions of incredible heat, which is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous to health.

When to go to Egypt with a child?

When to go to Egypt with a child

There are nuances of choosing the time of the year for a holiday in Egypt with children. Opinions diverge here because Much depends on the state of a particular child. If the baby tolerates the heat normally, you can plan a vacation even for August. You just need to remember to use sunscreen and try to stay as little as possible in direct sunlight.

It is better to refrain from trips in June-July. You may well tolerate forty-degree heat, but for your child it will be a difficult test. For summer holidays it is better to choose countries with a more temperate climate.

Do not get a good rest in summer Egypt and with adolescent children. It is hot on the beaches, it is even hotter on excursions, and flying to another country just to swim in the pool is a dubious idea.

According to numerous reviews of tourists, the best time for a family holiday in the Arab state are the periods from April to May and from September to early November. At this time, the local resorts are not very hot, but it is still warm, it is also good at sea, and it is comfortable on excursions, i.e. there are all the conditions for a full-fledged family holiday, including both beach activities and sightseeing trips.

Helpful advice! If you go on vacation with a child, if possible, plan a vacation for at least 1.5-2 weeks. With shorter duration, you risk simply spending most of the leave on child care during acclimatization, which children endure much harder than adults.

Important: Egyptian holidays

Holidays in Egypt

The duration of the overwhelming majority of local holidays does not exceed 2 days, so the Egyptian celebrations are unlikely to be able to significantly affect the holiday plans. However, there are several special events in this country with a longer duration that every tourist should know about.

  1. First, it is Ramadan - the holy Muslim fast. During the month, most cafes and restaurants do not work during daylight hours. The bazaar workers go on vacation altogether. The time of the post varies. This moment you need to clarify individually shortly before the trip.
  2. Secondly, these are the holidays Sham en Nessim, Eid al-Fitr, as well as Eid al-Adha. The time of their holding is also changing. Check in advance.

Summing up

So, from the second half of June until the last days of August, it is better to abstain from a trip to Egypt - it is too hot. But even if you decide to go on a similar vacation, worry about booking rooms for accommodation in advance. In the summer, Egyptians and residents of the Persian Gulf countries, whose territories are even hotter, often stay in local hotels.

The most comfortable conditions for recreation in Egypt are created in March-April and September-November. In December and February it is also normal, but these are the coldest months, and the prices in this period constantly jump.

Remember the following tips and tricks:

  • To further save on vacation, buy a tour from the twenties. Most people take holidays from the first numbers, because of which the vouchers for this period are more expensive,
  • The highest prices for holidays in Egypt are set during the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as during the May holidays,
  • The warmest and windiest weather in winter is set in Naama Bay.

Naama Bay Area and Bay

The final decision, of course, is yours. Egypt is happy to receive tourists at any time of the year, and which period will be the most comfortable, only you can determine.

Tourist Seasons in Egypt

The weather changes significantly over the course of 12 months, forming the 4 tourist seasons of Egypt. In general, they coincide with the seasons, which is why they are called “summer”, “winter”, “spring” and “autumn” seasons.

  • Summer season - almost around the clock heat, there is no coolness even at night. Especially unbearable to be in the sun in July and August - the air is regularly heated to 40 ° C and above. But the cost of trips is the cheapest - hotels are filled with much less than half.
  • Autumn season - great time for vacation. Already in September, a noticeable “cold snap” begins, a forty-degree heat is a rarity. At the same time, the sea does not cool down below 25 ° C until the end of November. Unfortunately, the cost of the trip increases, especially in November, when the beach season in the Mediterranean ends.
  • Winter season - Christmas and New Year holidays fall on it, because winter is a time when hotels in Egypt are full. There is no trace of heat, the temperature of the water in the Red Sea and the air during the day rises to 20 ° C and 22 ° C, respectively. And in the evening there are cold snaps to 15 ° C.
  • Spring season - A great time for a trip to the sea in Egypt. From March to the end of May, the water gradually warms up from 24 ° C to 27 ° C, the air is colder than 25-30 ° C almost not observed. The prices for hotels are extremely rapidly growing, their peak falls on the May holidays. So a trip to Egypt in the spring is better to plan ahead.

The tourist season in Egypt is considered open all year round, which no European resort can boast.

When is it better to rest in Egypt with children

Going to travel to Egypt with a child, it is necessary to take into account whether favorable weather conditions develop for the baby at a particular time of the year. It is especially difficult at this resort, where weather changes in some months are quite dramatic - ailments will be common.

The worst time to go to Egypt with children is the period from July to August, the two hottest months of the year.. 40-50 ° C in the afternoon, the sky without a single cloud, the scorching sun - all this is quite difficult to transfer even to an adult tourist. Problems are possible in the spring, too, since March 1, Hasmin, the hot and extremely strong wind from the desert, begins to blow in the resorts of Egypt. There are problems even with a tan - sunburn does not save from burns. Calendar winter may not like the lack of heat - in the sea from 20 ° C, the local no longer bathe, cooling to 15 ° C and below - a common thing, you will need warm clothes.

The most correct way to plan a trip will be on the "velvet" season of Egypt. In the country of the pharaohs, he falls in the fall - from mid-September until the end of October. The temperature during the day is moderately high - 30-35 ° C, and the water does not cool below 26 ° C. Precipitation will not be a problem at any time - there is simply no rain in the resorts of the Red Sea.

When is it cheaper to rest in Egypt

If for you the priority of the price of the permit, then the most affordable prices can be observed in the following three periods:

  • January 10th to February - after the New Year holidays, the hotels are half empty, and the weather conditions are far from ideal, rather cool,
  • June 20 - July 10 - unbearable heat in Egypt, combined with the opening season in the Mediterranean, result in a collapse in prices for vouchers,
  • December 1-20 - it's pretty cold, we are arriving with a lot of tourists from European countries (the Christmas holidays for Catholics are in December), freedom for Russians.

According to the cost of rest, the season in Egypt is conditionally divided into two periods - “high” and “low”. All three given periods refer to the latter.

When is the most expensive vacation in Egypt

The “high” period, that is, the most visited and expensive, is not a specific month of the year, but several periods scattered throughout the season. Let's list the cost of a weekly tour for two to a 4 * hotel:

  • New Year - The last days of December to January 10, trips are becoming more expensive up to $ 1,500, while in Egypt the real pilgrimage of guests from Russia begins,
  • the May holidays - from the last days of April until May 15, the prices for tours for two people briefly jump up to $ 1,300, while on the other days of the month the average price is slightly lower - about $ 1,000,
  • October - the most crowded time in the resorts of Egypt, a record holiday cost - an average of $ 1,500 a week for two, the so-called “velvet season”,
  • November holidays - If in November it is quite possible to buy a tour for $ 1000, then for the period of holidays the cost varies between $ 1300-1600.

Price per ticket to the country of the pharaohs is formed, above all, in demand. Поэтому даже в течение одного месяца перепад цен может составлять 50% за одну и ту же программу.

Let's sum up

  1. Из всех месяцев в году именно октябрь – это период, когда лучше всего ехать отдыхать в Египет.
  2. В Египте 2 туристических сезона – осенний и весенний. Бархатный сезон – октябрь-ноябрь.
  3. С детьми лучше ехать именно в бархатный сезон. Но только не летом, когда очень жарко!
  4. Дешевле всего ехать в Египет до и после Нового года и в середине календарного лета.
  5. The most expensive vouchers, hotels and flights to Egypt are waiting for you on the New Year, May holidays and in October-November.

Egypt allows you to relax in their resorts all year round. Depending on the season and month, it may be a little colder or warmer, in any case, you will enjoy the sun and the sea.

When is it better to go to Egypt?

Now let's take a closer look at the features of the rest in Egypt. Each month in Egypt has its own advantages for recreation and tourism, which we now consider:

Arrivals from 10 to 20 January, one of the cheapest in the year. The sea has not cooled down yet the temperature of water is 22 degrees. In the afternoon the air warms up to 25 degrees, in the evening it can drop to 15 degrees. There may, of course, be days when the sun will be in a haze, but still get tanned and have a good rest. A small number of tourists in the resorts and therefore there are no problems with places in hotels. Although the number of tourists wishing to relax cheaply increases every year.

The coldest month of the year. Prices are higher than in January, but still remain inexpensive. The water is the coldest of the year, but the Russians are bathing. With the weather as lucky. There may be days when the day temperature will be 15 degrees, and at night 8 degrees. Another feature of February is that Muslims make pilgrimages to Mecca, and then go on holiday to the resorts, so do not be surprised by the large number of Arabs in hotels in the first half of February.

Prices continue to rise every week, but the air temperature is getting higher. The last two weeks of the month are blowing not only strong winds, but also sandstorms. And keep in mind that after the two coldest months, the water finally cooled and did not have time to warm up from the first warm days. Prices traditionally keep a little higher for the first week of the month, which coincides with March 8 and the last week that falls on children's holidays.

It became finally warm, the day the air warms up to 30-32 degrees. The sea is getting warmer every day. But European tourists are starting to catch up, so do not expect super low prices, hotels are normally loaded and do not lower prices for accommodation.

Egypt is the perfect place for the May holidays. The weather is just a fairy tale, and the sea is warm and clear, so the question whether it was worth going to Egypt for the May holidays disappears by itself. Due to high demand, there are problems with places in hotels. And as a result, practically the highest prices in the year, sometimes even higher than on the New Year. On holidays, of course, about any last minute deals and speeches can not be, all hotels need to be booked in advance. In the second half of May, prices return to the level of April, but Egypt has a strong competitor in the face of Turkey, in which the beginning of the season and very low prices for the second half of May.

The month of traditional decline in demand, both from the Russians and from Europeans, as the season opens in the Mediterranean resorts. And in Egypt, the heat is, will not find it. But prices, especially in the twenties of the month, well, just super low.

Vacation time. If in the autumn and winter months, the demand is mainly for tours of 8-10 days, in summer tourists go for 12-15 days. The heat is unbearable. If in the winter months you go to sunbathe from 11 to 15 hours, then in the summer in the early morning to 11 and after lunch. And in the afternoon, the movement is short rushes from air-conditioned rooms to the reception with air conditioning. The sun is very active, you burn in half an hour. In these months, all hotels are filled from cheap 2 * to the most elite 5 *.

Vacation time. In August, many tourists come to Egypt to rest for 2 weeks or more. The heat in August is usually easily transported in a hotel or not far from the sea. However, it is better to abstain from tourist trips. Without protective creams can not do. But the resorts are full of Arabs, Europeans. In these months, all hotels are filled, so it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Great weather, hot but tolerable. Water is like fresh milk. The average number of tourists in hotels. Low prices for travel vouchers. In addition, September is the windiest month of the year. The price, which fell at the beginning of the month, is gradually increasing in price every week. In September, Egypt is a profitable alternative to Turkey, where prices are very high in September.

October is by far the best month of the year to travel to Egypt. The perfect combination of water temperature and air. October is really the best time to travel to Egypt. Prices every week continue to grow.

At the European seaside resorts the season ends, and tourists who want to rest rush to Egypt. And in Egypt, the air is hot +32 degrees, water +26 degrees ,. The weather is wonderful. In the first week of the month, very high prices are kept, due to the November holidays, which coincide with the children's holidays. In hotels, a large number of families with children. First of all, family oriented hotels are being bought up, and all meals are included. Especially high demand for Hurghada with its sandy beaches.

Further all November the average price level keeps. Hotels are fairly well loaded with tourists. In November, Muslims observe strict fasting, they have Ramadan. By the end of Ramadan, many Arabs are going to rest in the resorts. And sometimes there are overlays at travel agencies with the resettlement of tourists. First of all, the places are given to the Arabs, then to the Europeans, and only then to the Russians. It is in such cases that relocations from one hotel to another occur.

From December 1 to December 20 is the off season. Prices are very low, hotels are half empty. The sea is still warm, the air warms up to 28 degrees during the day. From the winter months the most preferable to travel to Egypt. From December 20, Europeans are starting to fill hotels for Catholic Christmas. On the New Year, as always, the huge demand here is already Russians and Europeans.

In recent years, races for the New Year itself, and immediately after the holiday of 2, 3 January, have become increasingly popular. And the most scarce tours are from arrival from 2 to 12 January. Prices are high, but all popular hotels sell for more than a month. On the New Year and Orthodox Christmas prices are equally high.

Also, if you are going to go to Egypt, pay attention to the following facts:

  • Prices with a check in the last days of the month are cheaper than arrivals in the first days of the next month, since most people take a vacation at the beginning of the month.
  • The warmest and windiest place in Egypt in the winter is Naama Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh.
  • The period from April to October, the Egyptians called the European season, and from November to March, the Russian season.
  • From mid-September, the velvet season begins - the sea is not yet cold, but not as hot as in summer.
  • The best month for holidays is definitely October.
  • The lowest prices on holidays in Egypt in the periods January from 10 to 20, June from 20 to 30, December from 1 to 20 numbers.
  • the highest prices in Egypt for tourists on the New Year, Orthodox Christmas, May holidays, November holidays.

Egypt is really a holiday all year round. Will it be slightly warmer or colder, in any case, the sea and the sun are guaranteed!

Selection of the month of the trip

Some people think that they can rest in Egypt all year round if they have money for it. However, this opinion is incorrect. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel, because the sea is very cold. But in the case of terrible heat, you also can not enjoy your vacation, because most tourists do not tolerate such weather. Therefore, to decide in which month it is better to go to Egypt, you need to be very careful not to spoil the rest.

Summer season

The climate in Egypt is almost everywhere tropical desert, with the exception of the northern areas with subtropical. Therefore, in June, the air temperature ranges from +32 to +37. July and August are considered the hottest months with temperatures above +40. In this weather, it is not recommended to leave the hotel at any time of the day, except for early morning and late evening. Even without relaxing on the beach, you can get sunburn. For these reasons, summer is not the time of year when it is good to go to Egypt.

Winter season

In winter, on the contrary, it is not warm enough for swimming in the sea, and only excursions are possible. However, many tourists still often come to rest in this country. In many ways, this is due to lower prices for vouchers and not such an accumulation of people as at other resorts. In addition, some even celebrate the New Year in Egypt, however, on New Year's holidays the price sometimes reaches its maximum.

Spring season

The most popular time when it is better to go to Egypt for rest is rightly considered the middle and the end of spring. In March, hot winds begin, bringing a huge amount of sand. Despite the increase in temperature, and with it the prices, the sea still remains cold after winter.

But in April, the weather becomes quite hot, and the sea is warming. But the prices at this time are not the lowest.

May is called one of those months when it’s good to go to Egypt. The temperature comes to +35, and water in the sea to +28. However, at this time, hotels are filled with many tourists, and prices can not be compared even with New Year's Eve.

Autumn season

In September, it is still hot, despite the end of summer. But not many tourists choose this month, respectively, and prices are much lower.

But topping the list of months when it is better to go to Egypt to rest, October and November. At this time, the velvet season begins. During the day the temperature does not exceed +27 degrees, but the sea is still warm. However, due to such conditions, many tourists come in these months, and prices are rising every week.

Do not forget about the fact that, despite the time of year, there are constant winds in Egypt. They create a feeling of pleasant coolness, while the sun does not become weaker. Because of this, many people spend a lot of time on the beach, and this is fraught with sunburn.

But still, the question of what time it is best to go to Egypt remains entirely individual.

There are people who love heat, and the higher the temperature, the better for them. And if we consider that in the hottest months, ticket prices are falling and there are almost no tourists willing to visit Egypt? When is it better to go relax without extra guests? Summer is considered such a time of year: no one will disturb you in these months, and you will save a decent amount on your ticket.

However, there are those who better spend more money and agree to be in a crowd of people than they will languish from the heat. For them, the best months are either April-May or October-November.

But there is another type of tourists. They love to relax cheaper and without unnecessary people, but can not stand the heat. If you are not afraid of the cold sea, then winter will be the best time when it is good to go to Egypt. Perhaps the water does not seem icy, besides, some tourists still bathe in February, the coldest month of the year. And excursions can be visited without unnecessary people.

Choosing a place to go

Now you know what time to plan a trip. However, when choosing a place to stay, sometimes there are some difficulties.

In Egypt, as in any country, a lot of cities. But the choice of tourists mostly falls only on two cities, where it is better to go to rest in Egypt.

Cairo is considered the most popular city among tourists, and locals call it the “heart of Egypt”. Such fame came for a reason. It is in Cairo that the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are located. Already because of this, the city is worth a visit.

The most famous pyramid of Cheops. It is the last wonder of the world that has stood up to our days.

But now the pyramid has a strict schedule: the entrance is open only during the day. There are also many restrictions, including on photo and video inside the pyramid. It is impossible to go inside at night, but you can see various light shows near the entrance.

Next in height is the pyramid of Khafre. It is located on a hill. Previously, the burial chamber was lined with granite, but even without this, the tomb of the pharaoh is interesting for tourists. The smallest pyramid is Mikerina. Its height is slightly more than 62 meters.

Other Cairo landmarks are:

  • Sphinx, shrouded in many legends.
  • Streets, churches, remains of a Roman fortress and a museum in the old town.
  • The city of the dead is an Islamic cemetery still in operation, more than 6 kilometers long.

Consider another city from the list of places where it is better to go to Egypt - Aswan. This city is the title of the most arid region of the country. Places to visit:

  • On the Karnish Embankment, you can dine at a floating restaurant and ride sailboats.
  • Botanical Garden, located on the island of Kitchener, and Elephantine Island. From one to the other you can sail on a sailing ship.

Also you are waiting for various museums and architectural monuments of the city.

Turkey or Egypt?

Where better to go - to Turkey or Egypt? Such a question is asked by many people who have accumulated enough money for the trip. And indeed, the choice is not easy. Both countries have their positive and negative sides. It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, but the main comparative paragraphs will be discussed below.

Season of the year

The choice of a country to rest depends on the time of year in which you are going on vacation. If your trip falls on summer or autumn time, it is better to choose Turkey. In the summer in Egypt, around the clock is terrible heat. Not everyone is able to rest in such conditions.

Autumn is considered the time when it is good to go to Egypt. Then there is just mild hot weather.

Egypt is considered a great place for diving. There are really many corals and unusual fish in the Red Sea that are worth considering.

In Turkey, it is impossible to find such underwater beauty, but it is much more convenient to swim there. Also, the entrance to the sea is natural, whereas in Egypt pontoons are installed to avoid damage to the coral reefs.

In terms of service, it is better to choose Turkey. It has a larger selection of hotels and entertainment venues. In addition, the service in Turkish hotels is of higher quality than the Egyptian one (according to reviews of tourists). However, this depends on the hotel of your choice.


It is difficult to say which country has more interesting places. In Egypt - the world famous pyramids of the pharaohs, the ancient and great Nile. But some people are not so interested in the story, and they just want to look at the ordinary life of Eastern people. This will help you to travel to Turkey, and there at the same time do not forget to swim in the mineral pool and explore Pamukkale.

Please note that prices to Turkey and Egypt have a difference, especially in the velvet seasons. For example, in Turkey is the time from July to August, and in Egypt - spring and autumn.


In Turkey, a much larger selection of entertainment. Often arrange competitions for children with the participation of animators. You can even find special children's clubs that will look after your child. For adults there are various foam shows and water slides. However, in Egypt there is none of the above. In this country, only you are responsible for your leisure.

Sport and SPA

Turkish hotels have free gyms and spa centers for residents. Whereas in Egypt, if you find such services, it is at a considerable price.

In Egypt, it is rare to find anything other than desert and sand. At the same time, trees are always green and flowers grow in Turkey.

For a trip to the clubs it is better to opt for Turkey. One of the most popular types of nightlife is considered a disco on yachts on the high seas. In Egypt, this kind of leisure attracts very few people.

Recently, in Egypt, not very calm atmosphere. They often talk about shark attacks, and coups began in the state. However, the policy does not affect the rest of tourists.

In this regard, Turkey and Egypt also differ markedly from each other. If in the first country the entrance to the sea can be sandy and even stone, in Egypt, coral beaches predominate. And no one in Egypt is going to make changes so as not to destroy the natural beauty.

If you want to bring home a lot of quality things, then go to the Turkish shops. Shopping in Egypt will consist only in local souvenirs.

When your plans include not only rest, but also a desire to improve your health a little, you can successfully do it both in Turkey and in Egypt. In the first country, good treatment will be provided in Pamukkale. It is there that is the oldest resort with thermal springs. In Egypt, the famous resort of Safaga. Its sands have been famous since ancient times.

Now you know all the pros and cons of rest in Turkey and Egypt. However, both countries deserve a visit. If Turkey comes to just relax and unwind, then Egypt for most tourists is a mysterious place, with the riddles of which it is worth getting to know better.

Periods of the best weather conditions

July and August are the hottest months. The temperature of the air in the shade reaches 40-45 degrees, and the water temperature is confidently approaching the 30-degree line. It should be noted that in all hotels the air-conditioning system works well, which makes it much easier to endure persistent summer heat.

At this time there is no oppressive and dangerous heat (not more than 35 degrees), and the water in the Red Sea warms up to 25-28º.

In demand resorts in the resorts of the Red Sea and in the winter. The air temperature at this time of the year is 25-27 degrees, and the water cools down 24 to 20 degrees.

Egyptian beach holiday in winter

January and February are especially cool here. Также в это время порой лютуют песчаные бури. Зимой лучше отдыхать в Шарм эль Шейхе, где горные массивы представляют надежную защиту от неприятных ветров и песчаных бурь.

Март является отголоском египетской зимы. Морская вода еще не успевает должным образом прогреться, и держится на уровне чуть выше двадцати градусов. Кроме того, в первый весенний месяц вполне вероятны сильные ветра, и даже песчаные бури.