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Wmestocard app - perfect shopping possible


Only our parents remember how hard it was to buy something in Soviet times. There was absolutely nothing on the shelves, and if it did, then behind this rarity it was necessary to defend incredible queues. Today the shelves in the shops are full of plenty, but even this has brought its own difficulties - now it has become incredibly difficult to choose the best and not overpay. Here come to the rescue modern technologiesthat will help make shopping incredibly enjoyable and economical. Today we will tell you about 11 top apps for shopping!

It is best to go shopping with a list. But the paper list is easy to lose, and you will not make adjustments on the go. So download the app. “Buy a loaf!”, it will not only save the list, but also help to organize it conveniently, as well as adjust if necessary.

application "Yandex Market" can rightly be called one of the most popular in the Russian market! The fact is that it not only creates a database of goods, where you can find reviews and compare prices, but also places where you can buy them. The application has a function with which you can scan a bar or QR-code of the product that you liked, and find out where you can buy it at the lowest price.

Are you a real shopaholic and you have a million golden cards in all chain stores? In order not to clog your wallet, download PINbonus - on it you can save barcodes or card numbers and simply show the phone screen at the checkout.

In the application ZenMall collected the most profitable offers of all online stores. You no longer need to browse through hundreds of sites to find the most profitable option. Also in the application, you can immediately make purchases, and if you want to leave something for later, you can add this product to the Wish List and even share it in social networks.

If you still prefer to go shopping yourself, be sure to arm yourself with this application. "Wizee Shopping" It helps to perfectly navigate in any shopping center, which sometimes resembles a whole city. The application works not only in Moscow, but also in 11 other cities of Russia, as well as in many countries of the world.

It happens that we want to give loved ones clothes or shoes, but we are afraid to make a mistake with the size. If you download the application Sizerthen you can write down their sizes in advance, and you will not have any more difficulties with the choice of gifts.

application Stylect will help you find the perfect pair of shoes from top brands. It tracks your preferences and can select the most advantageous offers for you based on them. It also monitors discounts.

application Keep shopping will help you to save ideas for shopping, as well as inspire unusual gifts for friends. Its trick is that, unlike Pinterest or other sites, where the brand or the name of the store is not always indicated, here is a link to the store that sells the thing you like.

application "CouponGuide" allows you to find the best deals and discounts in your city from all the most popular sites for the sale of coupons. So you can live on a grand scale, without spending a lot of money. Although, judging by the reviews, scammers are often found on these sites.

If you are responsible for a family dinner, then you just can not do without the application. Foodedil. It helps to find all the best deals in the nearest grocery stores, and now it will be easy and pleasant to go shopping.

Many believe that a thing made by human hands, not a machine, is of much greater value. But where in Moscow to find good masters? application Livemasterjust collect the products created by hand. It will help you to get a real exclusive!

Wmestocard - all discount cards in your android-smartphone

Wmestocard - A unique program for storing virtual discount cards, allowing you to get the greatest advantage over the usual discount cards received in stores. If you often visit stores and want to keep abreast of all discounts, promotions and events, as well as communicate with your friends for free, then pay attention to the Wmestocard program.

What we have

First of all, we must indicate the city in which we live and would like to receive information on discounts and the work of a company. After that we will get to the main menu (there is no registration or authorization via social networks, which is already pleasing). In the menu you can choose those companies that are interesting to you and you would like to get at your disposal a virtual card, for example, in my city (Vladimir) I could find such popular brands as: L'Etoile, Sportmaster, Eldorado M.Video and many others. We choose the store we need and add a virtual card without any problems. If you wish, you can change the categories, of which there are more than 15 pieces.

There is also a convenient search in the program, which allows you to find information regarding discounts and promotions held at the moment or in the archive. In the pull-down menu on the left side, you can view a list of maps added by you to the application, discounts, which are also divided into categories and the ability to quickly search all stores in your city with the exact address, opening hours and news. The most interesting is that for any map we will be able to leave your own comment, which will go to the application developer or directly to the store.

How does it look

The application interface is made in a minimalist format, which is good. More and more developers are trying to switch to Material Design and it can be said with confidence that they succeed. Despite the complete free program, you will not find direct advertising or paid content here, but even an inexperienced user can understand the functionality of the program.


Wmestocard - a good application that will allow you to use virtual discount cards for free. You no longer have to carry around the "mountain" of plastic cards and clog their wallets.

wmestocard 21 Sep 2016

I would like to know the opinion of members of the forum on the promotion of business in smartphones using various mobile applications! The social network is certainly very good, but there are a number of pitfalls. Huge money is spent on advertising, the cost of services is higher, and the result is less and less. What could it be? I noticed an interesting point, after advertising on Facebook, the traffic to the site increased and quite decently, but this did not affect the increase in customers. We began to analyze the time of the visit and were horrified, 70 percent of the advertising were calls at 0:00 - 0.01 seconds, one word BOTH who make money!

So, now there is a new trend of advertising in mobile applications. And what, very convenient and interesting idea. The smartphone is always with us, always in hand, all the information can be viewed and moreover you can instantly buy, call or just find out.

What are your thoughts?

Perhaps there is an experience of promotion in mobile applications, share your success, experience.

Avtobiznesss Sep 21, 2016

I agree, of course a long time! But I'm talking about specialized applications. For example, we have developed applications for users completely free. The essence of idle time, to teach people to store discount cards in the smartphone. It is very convenient, all the cards in one place and always nearby. No need to carry around a bunch of plastic. For business. There are many possibilities. But the business itself is not yet ready for such a turn of events. As so, there have always been plastic cards and now they can be issued virtually! And the cool thing is that you need to spend money on making a plastic card, and issuing a virtual card is completely free! ))) Business does not believe. But it is! Who tried, he understands the benefits!

Perhaps you poorly reported to the business the benefits of your product? Or maybe the business is still not ready for this, there are still a lot of “dinosaurs” from the 90s and 2000s who find it difficult to offer something new.

wmestocard Sep 22, 2016

Perhaps you poorly reported to the business the benefits of your product? Or maybe the business is still not ready for this, there are still a lot of “dinosaurs” from the 90s and 2000s who find it difficult to offer something new.

Our business slows down in all directions! There are certainly active companies, but they are very few. The most interesting, well, really everything is clear, even for children. Now everyone is sitting in the phones, almost 24 hours. Well, send your business there, lure the "goldfish - client", neeee, we'd rather be handing out papers on the street and throwing in the mailboxes, and putting them out of the boxes in the trash)))))

cyx 22 Sep 2016

How? And what does "% of advertising" mean?

Start by sharing your experiences. promotion in mobile applications, while the cause of your negative emotions is not completely clear. Are you an advertiser?

Konstantiin Sep 22, 2016

How will the application get into the smartphone to a potential client?

What every tourist needs to know?

Going to Albania you need to remember that the country is ancient and mysterious, some moments can be completely incomprehensible for our Russian tourist. For example, Albanians, agreeing with you, do not nod their heads up and down, but swing from side to side, which for us looks like a denial, and vice versa.

Couples are advised to rent apartments from local residents - and so it turns out cheaper, and much nicer than in hotels. However, before you go to the settlement and get acquainted with the owners, do not forget to prepare a small gift for them - it can be a souvenir for the house and something like that - these are local traditions.

The capital of the country is the city of Tirana, where the airport is located named after Mother Teresa, where all international flights land. If you are going to visit Albania in the summer, then you will not need a visa for the period of 90 days for Russians (from May to October), for the rest of the time you will need to open an Albanian visa, which can be replaced with a Schengen visa.

Shopping in the country

Traveling around the country, you always want to bring something for memory, and sometimes, if the prices fully allow, then you need to have a good trip, though you need to know what you can’t carry across the border. In the capital, in Tirana, you will find many souvenir shops, shops and markets that will offer you a rich selection of national handicrafts, handicrafts, as well as other memorable things.

What to buy? The most famous and popular among tourists souvenirs are products made of silver and copper, because they have very affordable prices, ceramics, wood carving, national musical instruments, antiques, and pipes for smoking.

Among the drinks of interest is the local grape vodka - raki, as well as local wines - Cobo, Luani and others. As for export from the country, then for precious metals, antiques, scrolls, antique coins, as well as other objects of art, you should have a document with you that confirms your purchase.

Perhaps one of the main attractions of Albania is precisely its climate - mild and pleasant, ideal for summer holidays at the sea. The summer here is quite hot and with little precipitation, the temperature stays around + 28 ° + 32 °, in winter around + 10 °.

High temperatures near the sea coast are not so strongly felt due to the mild Mediterranean climate, which is why the rest is as comfortable as possible. The winter climate is colder, sometimes the temperature can drop to -20 °, and there is almost always snow in the mountains.

Where to go and what to see?

The main resorts on the Adriatic coast are the city of Durres, Shengjin, as well as Lyalsit Bay. The resorts on the Ionian Sea, which, by the way, are more popular than on the Adriatic, are Saranda, Himara, Dhermi and Ksamil. Let's talk about some of them in more detail.

Durres is considered one of the oldest and most interesting cities in Albania, it is here that the largest port on the Adriatic is located, in addition, it is considered the second center of industry, naturally, after Tirana. By the way, Durres is located on a small peninsula just 38 km from the capital, so it is not difficult to get to it.

There are many Roman buildings that were built during the heyday of that era: the ancient amphitheater, the ruins of the Venetian and Byzantine fortresses, as well as the early Christian mosaic. In addition, the city will delight you with excellent sandy beaches, many parks, flowers and the beautiful Embankment.

Saranda is a beautiful and cozy town on the Ionian coast, where the most beautiful embankment in Albania is located. It can go exactly those tourists who are accustomed to the high service, well-developed tourist infrastructure, which consists of high-class hotels and good restaurants.

However, you should know that you will not find any special sights here, except for small excavations in the city itself, and between Saranda and Girokaster you can find a unique “Blue Eye” spring, which amazes with its beauty even the most savvy tourists.

Not far from Saranda there is the small town of Butrint, whose inhabitants feel like real descendants of Trojans. Here you can see the unique ancient theater, as well as unusual houses, terms and retail space, which create a special flavor of this place.