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15 TV shows that the whole world will watch in 2018


Series recently enjoyed immense popularity with the audience. However, the jaded TV serial becomes increasingly difficult to surprise. But the year 2018 turned out to be very rich in serials of various genres. We invite you to watch the best series of 2018, among them you will surely find one that will appeal to you.

To this day, what happened can not find an explanation. In one version they believe that the ice is the cause of everything, but they could not have caused the death of experienced sailors. Another version, to which the researchers are inclined, says that the team met with an unknown monster. It was the second version that caused the search to go again.

2. MacMafia

But no matter how Alex tried to escape from the mafia's past, it always reminds of itself, and is capable of destroying all the plans of the hero. One unexpected incident makes the hero completely immersed in the underworld, only in this way he will be able to protect his loved ones.

Now Cameron is working for the FBI, superbly revealing even the most complex crimes. In parallel, he is trying to find a man who framed his brother and regain his former glory. During his own investigation, the hero realizes that the collapse of his career involved the Mafia. But why do they need a simple illusionist?

4. Modified carbon

The protagonist was "resurrected" by the will of billionaire Lawrence Bancroft to reveal the true causes of his death. Bankoroft himself is sure that he was a victim, and the police believe: the cause of death is suicide. Can Takeshi cope with the task, because there are also side effects that everyone is silent about?

5. Alienist

Police Commissioner and the future President of America, Theodore Roosevelt, Laszlo Kreitzer, an alienist psychiatrist, and John Skyler Moore, a reporter for the Times, are investigating the case. Together, they will have to draw a psychological portrait of a maniac in order to understand the purpose of the atrocities, and how the killer is guided when choosing victims.

Mr. Mercedes, Season 2

A screen version of one of the most atypical works of Stephen King tells of Detective Bill Hodges, investigating the case of a massacre. The attacker on the "Mercedes" drove into the people standing in line at the job fair, and fled from the scene.

It is not possible to find the criminal who received the nickname “Mr. Mercedes” from journalists, and Detective Hodges retires in the process of investigation. However, six months later, the detective receives a mocking letter from the mysterious "Mr. Mercedes."

  • IMDb rating— 8,1

"Stranger", 4th season

Claire Randall, after serving the entire Second World War as a nurse in a small medical center, returns home. While traveling with her husband in Scotland, Claire suddenly disappears in front of her husband, and mysteriously finds herself in 1743 - at the time when Scotland waged a bloody war with England. Here she meets Jamie Fraser, who falls in love with her, and Claire herself does not remain indifferent, but the thought of her husband, who is in the distant future, does not give her peace of mind.

  • IMDb rating - 8.5

"Just no words," season 2

JJ, the eldest of three children of Maya Dimeo, is ill with cerebral palsy and also suffers from dumbness. In an effort to find the ideal “habitat” for his son, where he would not feel different, Maya and his family travel across America, paying little attention to the rest of its members.

Tired of not paying attention to the mother and realizing that the father of the family had come to terms with everything that happens, the younger children Dylan and Ray decide to show the mother that she sometimes goes too far and harms not only her and herself, but also her beloved son.

  • IMDb rating - 7.7

"Exorcist", season 2

The “serial” sequel of the cult film of the 70s “The Exorcist” tells about two priests - Marcus Keene and Thomas Ortega, who are engaged in exorcism. Despite the fact that their methods of exile and views on the very concept of possession vary greatly, they are forced to work together, because it is almost impossible to cope with demons alone.

The 2nd season of the series tells about one of the most famous actresses in the world, who turned to exorcists because of the strange events taking place in her house.

  • IMDb rating - 8.2

"The Handmaid's Tale", Season 2

The series, which received several Emmy Awards in 2017, became one of the most successful in the outgoing year, receiving the approval of not only film critics, but also the audience. Despite the fact that the 1st season of "The Handmaid's Tale" ends exactly the same way as the eponymous work of Margaret Atwood, in which he filmed, the series was decided to continue for the 2nd season, which will be released in the spring of 2018.

About the events that will occur in the continuation of the "Handmaid's Tale" is not known, however, according to rumors, the stories of some of the heroes of the 1st season will have an unexpected continuation. By the way, Margaret Atwood herself took part in the creation of the script.

  • IMDb rating - 8.6

"Black Mirror", 4th season

One of the most unusual and perilous serials of the day, telling about people literally dissolved in the world of digital technology, and the so-called consumer society in all its “glory”, will be released at the end of this year. The detailed content of the Black Mirror series is carefully hidden, but it is known that in the 4th season there will be 6 unrelated episodes, one of which is shot on black and white film, while the other resembles the famous Star Trek franchise.

  • IMDb rating - 8.9

Lethal Weapon, Season 2

“Lethal Weapon” is one of the most popular quadrologists of the 80s – 90s of the last century, talking about police officers Martin Riggs and Roger Merto. The names of the characters and many events of the series coincide with the original source, however, in the modern interpretation of the famous police story there is much more humor and less drama. The role of Roger Merto in the series is played by Damon Wayans - one of the representatives of the famous Wayans family, which we remember by the role of slightly irresponsible Major Payne from the film of the same name.

  • IMDb rating - 8.1

"Alyenist", 1st season

New York, the end of the XIX century. In the slums of the city they find murdered children, and the murders are becoming more and more brutal and sophisticated each time. Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, who will later become President of the United States, takes over the investigation.

He takes as his assistants, among others, the woman-detective Sarah Howard, whose role was played by Dakota Fanning, and the alienist Laszlo Kreizler, a man who specializes in mental illness, that is, in modern language, a psychiatrist.

  • IMDb rating - not yet

"World of the Wild West", 2nd season

Futuristic Amusement Park "Wild West" - the most unusual place on Earth. Here live androids that can be controlled by anyone. He is free to do whatever he pleases with his “avatar”, while they themselves do not suspect that they are not real people.

If an android is killed, the park specialists repair it, erase all memories and transfer it to the new owner. However, failure in the program leads to the fact that robots are beginning to understand that their life is subject to someone's will.

  • IMDb rating - 8.9

"Better call Saul", 4th season

Better call saul

The spin-off of the famous serial “Breaking Bad”, which tells the story of lawyer Sol Goodman, who became one of the main characters in the story about Walter Wight, is no less successful than his “big brother”, because in April 2018 his 4th season.

Despite the fact that Sol Goodman performed by Bob Odenkerk is hardly a positive hero, there is something in him that makes him sincerely worry about him. It seems that the creators of "Breaking Bad", who are "responsible" and for "Better Call Saul", managed to repeat their own success and again to make the audience fall in love with the negative, in general, character.

  • IMDb rating - 8.7

Taboo Season 2

A sequel to the recently released Taboo series with one of the main favorites of our audience today, Tom Hardy, will be released on the very beginning of 2018. The series, the events of which take place at the turn of the XVIII – XIX centuries, talks about James Delaney, who is building his trading empire in defiance of the all-powerful East India Company.

Taboo received high marks from critics, viewers, and filming of the 2nd season began almost immediately after the end of the 1st — Tom Hardy, despite his busy schedule, put all the others aside for this project.

  • IMDb rating - 8.6

"Sentenced to life", 1st season

In January 2018, the 1st season of the series “Sentenced to Life”, telling about a girl who fought cancer for 8 years without much hope of recovery, comes out. But one day it turns out that the diagnosis was wrong and the girl still has a very long life.

In addition to the joy of the heroine comes the realization that now she will have to radically change her life and deal with the consequences of the actions that she performed, thinking about the imminent death.

  • IMDb rating - not yet

"It's us", 3rd season

The world's population is growing every day and has already exceeded 7 billion, which means that every day more than 19 million people celebrate their birthday. The series “This is us” tells about several people who are united not only by the date of birth - August 31st, but also something else that they don’t even realize.

Despite the fact that the 2nd season of the series is being broadcast now, the release date of the 3rd is already known - we can see the continuation in the autumn of 2018.

  • IMDb rating - 8.8

“American crime history”, season 2

American Crime Story

On January 17, 2018, the premiere of the 2nd season of the American History of Crimes is scheduled. The 1st season of the series was devoted to investigating the case of O. Jay Simpson, which in fact was never disclosed, and the 2nd season - to investigating the murder of Gianni Versace.

According to the initial idea, the story of Gianni Versace was supposed to be the plot of the third season of the series, and the theme of the second one was the disclosure of crimes that occurred after the hurricane Katrina. However, the producers decided to change the seasons in some places, and the role of Donatella Versace, which, according to rumors, Lady Gaga was supposed to play, went to Penelope Cruz.

  • IMDb rating - 8.5

"Game of Thrones", 8th season

Game of thrones

But the largest army in the world - the army of fans of the series "Game of Thrones" - the creators decided to torment from the heart. The premiere of the 8th, final season will not take place in 2018, as promised, but in 2019. In addition, there are rumors that this is also not accurate, because in fact the script of the latest series is written in parallel with the shooting.

Of course, the content of the final season of the series is unknown, but we know from its creators that it will consist of 6 and a half hour series. Fans of the “paper” version of the Game of Thrones will have to wait even longer - the final book of the series will be released only after the “screen” final.

  • IMDb rating - 9.5

Trust / Trust

Rating at Kinopoisk - 7.3, IMDb - 7.6
Filmmakers: Danny Boyle, Don Shadfort, Jonathan van Tulekchen, Emanuele Crialese.
Starring: Donald Sutherland, Harris Dickinson, Hilary Swank, Brendan Fraser, Michael Esper, Anna Chancellor, Andrea Arcangeli, Silas Carson, Luca Marinelli, Francesco Colella.

The story of the abduction of John Paul Getty III took place more than four decades ago and became widely known not only for the huge amount of $ 17 million requested by the kidnappers, but also because the senior Getty, the richest man on the planet at that time, refused to pay the ransom. This incident formed the basis of the new series FX “Trust”, the first episodes of which was directed by Danny Boyle, and Donald Sutherland starred in the lead role.

At the beginning, the viewer meets the Getty family and life in Sutton Place, the English country house of J. Paul Getty, where the four jealous, bored girlfriends chorus comment on events while the old Getty worries about who will succeed him in the family oil business, humiliating descendants and plays an aging satire, receiving an injection for erectile dysfunction and complaining about the addicted son and grandson.