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What does a skull tattoo mean?


Having chosen a tattoo as a body decoration, you need to think a thousand times and whether you need it. If you do not care what people think when they meet you, then read about the meaning of a tattoo of a skull on a brush for women and men. However, before you go to the master, it is worth considering. After all, this kind of drawings look very extraordinary.

Society tends to perceive similar tattoos on other people's bodies as threatening symbols. A person with this kind of tattoo can meet with misunderstanding among people. Most often, such drawings are applied to the body by people who rotate in certain circles of society. This is not necessarily jailers or something like that. It can be bikers, musicians, fighters and tattooists themselves.

Just imagine that a lawyer or teacher wears such a drawing, and even in such a prominent place. It looks slightly abnormal in this society. However, for many, even the profession of a profession does not become an obstacle in order to make a tattoo of a skull on the hand.

Value for men

This kind of tattoo will look more appropriate on a man's hand. After all, a man is considered a strong sex. Definitely, such a drawing on the hand will complement his image and will be able to say other people about it without words.

So what does this drawing mean? After all, it looks ominous in appearance. The skull on the hand has a rather interesting meaning. He is the personification of fearlessness. The carrier of such a picture seems to talk about his carelessness, but at the same time he is reasonable and strict. Much depends on the form in which the drawing is applied (its color range and accompanying additions).

If the sketch of a tattoo of a skull on a hand looks gloomy and ominous (all in dark colors), then the value is appropriate. A person is prone to violence and shows it to others. However, do not rush to conclusions. For example, in Christianity, a tattoo with a skull has a positive meaning. Although few people know about it.

The skull on the hand is considered a talisman of bikers. In a circle of sailors, such a tattoo is positive, meaning courage and bravery. If a man chose a bright (colored) skull, then this indicates his fearlessness before dying. Such drawings are often chosen by fans of extreme sports.

The main value for the carrier of such a tattoo is confidence. The skull becomes not just an ornament, but a real talisman for a man. Man achieves his goals, he is confident in himself.

Value for women

Of course, not every woman can decide to do such a tattoo, and even in such a prominent place. However, many girls do not interfere with making a tattoo of a skull on a brush. They wear them with pride. The only thing that distinguishes female tattoos of this kind from men’s ones is the detailing and additional elements.

As a complement to the skull, girls love to choose flowers, hearts, birds, a crown, etc. The owner of the pattern with the skull and flowers shows her fearlessness before dying. She believes that everything in life is fleeting, and everyone will be equal when they die.

Pirate skull ("Adam's head") means the salvation of the soul. The crown on it means a high position (or a desire to occupy it). Hats and other hats mean secrecy and secrecy. A skull decorated with wings is a symbol of freedom and honesty. Birds sitting on it (most often it is a raven), speak about belonging to a particular subculture. This image has a special character, pointing to the symbolism of the dark forces.


If you decide to make a tattoo of the skull on the hand, then you need to think carefully. After all, this kind of symbols are not applied to the body just like that - for fun or showing off. But if you have firmly decided yet to decorate your hands with such an image, then think carefully about the accompanying symbolism, because most often it plays the final role.

general information

The skull is a human bone, and for many it is, of course, associated with death. And this is actually the case, but in different cultures the ending of worldly life is regarded differently. So, a lot of practices that involve the transition of the human soul after his death in a different state, another world or another substance.

That is, death can be deciphered not only as an end, but also as a rebirth, the beginning of something new and unknown. And it was precisely such views that determined modern interpretations of tattoos with the image of the skull.

Who is this going to?

Who can use a skull tattoo? Many believe that such an image is intended for men, as it is rather brutal and even awesome. Moreover, the owner must necessarily be tough or even cruel, gloomy.

But often such drawings are inflicted by young guys, and, as they say, “easy-going”, risky, liberated or gambling, and this is associated with some variants of interpretation.

The skull may well fit the girl if it is depicted not intimidating, but more gently, elegantly or even amusingly.

So what does a skull tattoo mean? Treatments can be very different, and sometimes radically opposite. Here are some of them:

  • For many, such an image is associated with death and reminds us that everyone will die someday. On the one hand, this may seem pessimistic, but, on the other hand, such is life. As a result, the skull becomes a symbol of the transience of life, the impermanence of life.
  • Such a symbol can serve as a reminder that you need to live and enjoy life, because someday it will end. Often, those who choose such an image tend to try everything to regret what they have done, and not about what they did not have time to do.
  • Bikers often put skulls to protect against death. Thus, they show that they encounter it almost every day and are not afraid of it.
  • In the criminal world, skulls are usually applied to their bodies by thieves. And if the skull is also stabbed with a dagger, then it means that the offender resisted law enforcement agencies during the arrest, wounded someone from the police officers, or swore to take revenge on them.
  • Many symbolize the skull as a threat, often deadly. For this reason, this image decorated their flags with pirates. And the owner of the tattoo can try to convey to others that jokes with him are bad, he is very dangerous.
  • The skull can be considered as liberation from something, gaining real freedom.
  • Some of this image is applied for good luck and used as a talisman or talisman. By the way, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead, in which the skull can be seen everywhere. And the holy death (the so-called patroness of the holiday) is asked for help, most often the criminals.
  • The skull can be a symbol of male chauvinism, that is, extremely negative and radical views in relation to women, as well as the superiority and primacy of men.
  • Such drawings are often used by scammers, card players or simply gambling people, thereby showing that their life is always associated with a certain risk and can end at any time.
  • The meaning of the skull may be associated with the symbol of the bitter truth, the forgiveness of its enemies.
  • If the skull is depicted with a rose, for example, in the teeth, then this suggests that the tattoo owner is carefree, not afraid of death, tends to constant movement, courage and drive. He doesn’t care what happens next, he lives for today. Also, a skull with a rose can be the personification of love and death, or the immortality of feelings.
  • The image of the so-called "Jolly Roger" (or Adam's head) can be associated with the salvation of the soul and freedom from death.
  • This figure may be associated with immortality.
  • A skull with a snake wrapping around it or creeping out of its eye socket can be regarded as wisdom. Such an image as if suggests that its owner even after death will leave a mark on the earth and will leave his experience to descendants.
  • Skull with wings - the personification of freedom, carelessness, liberation from worldly affairs and routine.
  • A skull with a crown is a desire for power and might.
  • The skull of a goat or other horned animal, surprisingly, symbolizes vitality and abundance.
  • The raven on the skull will certainly bring destruction.


Some tips for those who can not yet decide on such an unusual tattoo:

  1. To begin, select a suitable place to apply. If you want your beautiful tattoo to remain invisible, then make it, for example, on the back or ankle. If you, on the contrary, want to show a picture, then apply it on your hand. Often these tattoos are made on the calf or thigh. And some choose back. But to put such an image on the chest is not recommended, as it is believed that next to the heart should be only all the most intimate.
  2. Even the darkest tattoo more lively and interesting will make bright colors, so bring a little rich colors into the skull, and it will be perceived completely differently!
  3. To select the appropriate option, you can explore the examples presented on the Internet or in the catalogs of tattoo artists.

Value have guys

The meaning of a skull tattoo is universal, and usually such a tattoo has a general meaning for both girls and men. But the drawings on the body with skulls differ rather by variations and by what zone of the body they are located. Men more often prefer to fill the skull in the fire, or simply black skulls without additional elements.

Often, the male can meet the tattoo in the form of a skull with crossed bones. This is an ancient pirate symbol. Previously, such tattoos on the body had only people, one way or another connected with the gangster world, robberies and brawling. Over time, this symbol began to denote death and everything associated with it.

The value of such tattoos is practically the uniformity and mortality of everything that exists in the world. People who stuffed such a tattoo often looked death in the eye or faced it by the will of fate.. Perhaps impressions or thoughts of death and ashes left a deep imprint, which resulted in the desire to decorate your body with such a tattoo.

Sometimes a tattoo of a skull has the meaning of sacrificing. Often such a drawing on the body in the back and shoulders area is filled with guys of certain subcultures or movements. In their ranks tattoo skull more often means openness and even worship of death and everything connected with it.

Value in girls

Most often on girls there are lighter and brighter tattoos with skulls: decorated with floral ornaments, any additional elements. Most girls prefer to decorate themselves with such patterns in the hips, lower back or shoulders. Such tattoos symbolize the desire for eternal life and youth, for the preservation of beauty and eternal "bloom."

Woman and skull tattoo in prison:

A tattoo of a skull in girls with a snake creeping out of its eye socket has the meaning of wisdom, tests and immortality of the soul. Such tattoos girls often do after life shocks.

In Mexico, every year there is a special celebration called the Festival of Death. At this unique carnival, people worship death, celebrate the opportunity given to them of life in this world, and express their respectful attitude to every minute that they live. On this holiday, people draw on the body of the skull in various variations.

The value on the "zone"

Such tattoos on the zone — in their circles — are distinct and distinct from the general meaning. Most often, such a tattoo in a person who is in the MLS, zone or emerged from them means belonging to the circles of thieves and the presence of any kind of power.

Typically, a tattoo of a skull is filled with reputable people of varying degrees who served time in the colonies. What does a particular thief tattoo mean only from its wearer?.

The meaning of tattoos is an interesting and mysterious topic. You can open the history of various drawings and all the new details about their designations in order to better understand the world of tattoo art and body art. If you have any questions regarding this material, you can ask them in the comments to this post. I recommend that you add this site to your bookmarks, as it may be useful to you many times.

The value of a tattoo of a skull with a rose and other elements

Awesome flower symbol also has different interpretations, depending on where the plant is located. A tattoo of a skull with a rose is a unity of opposites: love, the blooming of life and death, the end of all living things.

If the plant wraps around the bones or lies below, then its owner has a loved one killed. If the flower is in the teeth, then it is a symbol of carelessness, the desire to live for your own pleasure, in courage and drive. Sometimes this composition is complemented by wings or halo. In the criminal world, the underwear picture of a rose means that a person has met his 16 years in prison. A skull with a crown impaled on a chest is a desire for power, but Mexicans interpret it differently: in the next life they will be luckier.

If a snake crawls out of the eye socket of the skull, then it is a symbol of wisdom and immortality. Life is short and not worth wasting it, and the experience gained will remain on the ground.

The goat skull means courage, abundance of vitality, good and peace.
The skull with bones, which was applied to the pirates flag, symbolizes destruction, but along with fire - courage and hatred. Pirate sign for the strong half - freedom and resistance to various turns of fate, a feeling of invincibility.

The raven tattoo on the skull represents destruction and death, but the meaning of the bird is also ambiguous. If it is depicted near a nest or in light plumage, it is a sign of wisdom, longevity and family happiness.

The meaning of the skull depends on its attractiveness: with a good-natured outline - happiness and success, with gloomy and evil - hatred and death.

Before you get a tattoo, clearly define its meaning and what meaning it should bear. Check with the master, in which version it is more suitable for your lifestyle. Remember: an identical image in women and men can be interpreted differently.

Where to make a tattoo of the skull?

The value of the skull does not change from its location on the body, such as the crown. However, it is worth thinking carefully: whether it is necessary to hide the tattoo from prying eyes or to bring everyone to the show. It is necessary to take into account the activities and attitudes of your environment, because in the business sphere the skull on the hand or neck is alarming and frightening.

Mostly a tattoo of a skull on the shoulder is stuffed, but for large compositions with animals, flowers or various symbols, the back is best suited. It is very convenient to apply dense drawings on it. The skull is oblong with curly flowers and plants, more suitable for girls. Popular places for such a picture - foot, shin or hand.

The male area for body patterns is considered to be the ribs, abdomen, face, the area behind the ears, some parts of the back. Girls stuffed a tattoo of a skull on a leg or scapula, back, in the chest, on any part of the arm. Multi-colored compositions with intricate patterns on the hip or lower leg look impressive. Pink and pearl shades give the girl femininity, uniqueness and softness. Black and red colors mean passion and sadness.

If a girl wears clothes with a frank neckline, then a skull with symmetrical flowers or wings will look very attractive, will create a mysterious image. Tattoos of the skull on the arm and thigh with bright colors, ornaments and climbing plants will look more impressive than on the back or the back of the head.

Choosing a picture, It is better to apply a temporary composition to the body. So you will be convinced: does it spoil your image, how effectively does it look and how does it look during movement.

Tattoo "Skull"

Tattoos in the form of a skull are very popular, because they have many meanings both in occultism and in various ideologies. Most often, such a picture is applied to remind you that no one is eternal and that we all will die sometime. Simply put, the skull is a symbol of death. In some occult directions, such a pattern, on the contrary, is a symbol of immortality.

Tattoo "Skull" in ideologies

And still consider what constitutes a tattoo "Skull". Its value in many ideologies can be deciphered as "committed to this belief system until death." In this case, it is often portrayed along with a web, mainly on the shoulder and elbow or on the chest. Skinheads and Nazis have a Skull tattoo - a symbol of hatred, a sign of readiness to kill in the name of their ideology. One of the variants of the “fidelity tattoo” is a skull with roses, knives and brass knuckles.

Also this drawing is one of the favorite characters of the punks. The tattoo “Skull” on the shoulder, chest, back or arm of such a person means the phrase Punk not death (“Punk will never die”). Adherents of this subculture firmly believe that their ideology will always live, despite the fact that it is still quite young.

What does the "Skull" tattoo in the underworld mean? Such a tattoo, but rather a tattoo, is often filled with large thieves who have a thirst for power. More of these criminals are called thieves in law.

Even the military sometimes uses a tattoo "Skull". The value of such tattoos in the form of people can often be attributed to the race. Например, эмблема в виде черепа с крыльями и молниями имеется у спецслужб США. Поэтому многие офицеры, преданные работе, набивают это изображение на своё тело.

Что означает такое тату в оккультизме?

В некоторых религиях череп с костями (как на пиратском флаге) является символом отпущения грехов и очищения души. Therefore, supporters of such religious views were applied tattoo "Skull". They did this as a sign that they had absolved all their sins and started life from scratch.

Another spiritual meaning of the tattoo "Skull" is the memory of a deceased relative or a loved one. Then a rose and a ribbon with the name are added to the main element. Such a symbol is often stuffed "under the heart", in the lower part of the left half of the chest.

Sometimes people put a tattoo on their bodies with their zodiac signs. One of the signs is supplemented with a skull. Specifically - cancer. What does such a tattoo mean? It is a symbol of masculinity. Standardly applied to the chest, is a "magnet" to attract success and strength.

The symbol of wisdom and immortality is considered a tattoo in the form of a skull, from which a snake crawls out. Sometimes the reptile can twist around the main element.

Fans of gambling fill the skull with bones (for backgammon) or dominoes. Another such tattoo says that life is a game with a sad ending. Or maybe a reminder that fun with death is very dangerous.

In Indian tribes, the skull applied to the body is considered a talisman. Indians believe that this symbol should confuse death. She decides that the person is already dead and just passes by. Nowadays riders and motorcyclists use such a technique, putting skulls and bones on equipment and their transport.


Now you know what a skull tattoo on a hand, leg, or other part of the body means. As you can see, in fact, every tattoo, whether it is a chanterelle or a map, has many meanings. It is impossible to say exactly what a particular pattern symbolizes. First of all, the value is created by the person himself, when he decides on drawing an image on his body. For someone, the skull on his shoulder is just a drawing, but for others - the whole story. If you stuff a bird to yourself, then someone may see this as a symbol of freedom, and you have invested in it a sense of beauty.

In any case, the main thing is to remember about safety, so avoid applying tricks and portakov in non-sterile places.

The history of the figure of a skull in a tattoo

Meaning Tattoo Skull With Roses or with wings, as an option, can not be unambiguous. This makes it possible to doubt the total "viciousness" of such a tattoo.

Many of the eastern cultures give the skull image a slightly more acceptable interpretation and meaning. They believed in the past that the skull is the seat of the soul, knowledge, internal energy, looked at the skull as a symbol of life, and not a symbol of death. The skull could act as a herald of change - albeit negative. Although, according to available data, the skull for some peoples was a herald of positive changes in the future.

Donate a skull and life - get a structure with a guaranteed lifetime!

Only some 500 years ago, even for the highly cultured countries of Europe today (not to mention African), to lay a sacrificial human skull at the start of construction was a procedure that could be included in the design documentation of the bridge, for example. (* want, you can find documentary evidence of this)

In Asia and Africa, an integral part of the beginning of any construction, was the victim, whose skull as a symbol of murder was laid at the base. Children were not rarely killed either, for which there is a considerable amount of evidence in the form of legends that have survived to our days.

However, not epic buildings, they could be satisfied with the sacrifice of an animal, which is more ... humanely (well, I did not find another word).

Tattoo skull as guardian and protective symbol

The ancient Slavs, like many other nations, considered it a real “Fenshui”, by today's yardstick, to place in their dwelling the skull of a murdered enemy or sacrifice (animal). Such a skull protected the home from evil spirits. A mounted skull on a fence or a label that delineated the boundaries of the territory could not only scare away evil spirits, but could also “scare away fear” for neighbors.

The value of the Mexican skull - no negative!

Mexicans have a holiday that is directly connected with death - “Day of the Dead”. The symbol of this holiday is the skull, which reminds man of death and its inevitability. However, the holiday itself promotes the theory of reincarnation and the endless rebirth of all living things. For Mexicans, tattoo skull with crown meaning will have this - in the next life, definitely lucky more!

The value of the skull in Christianity

For our religion, the skull is a symbol of renunciation, retreat and frailty of mortal life. In many church drawings, the skull is present as an attribute of vagrants and monks, who were later canonized. The image of Mary Magdalene is also associated with the skull in many drawings.

The meaning of a skull tattoo with a wreath or a hand placed on it can speak of memory and respect for a person who is no longer among the living.

What did the skull mean for masons?

As is well known, the vestments of this “circle,” like some of the items used in the dedication, were often decorated with drawings with a skull. This choice was not accidental. So warned and reminded the novice about the importance of the decision being made and the possible difficulties and burdens that would be associated with this in the future.

Mayan Crystal Skull

The priests skillfully used the symbol of the skull in the form of a crystal ornament bordering on a piece of jewelry art to intimidate commoners to whom the crystal skull was presented as a repository of evil, which was subject to the priest and could be sent to the chosen target by the priest. Such skulls are preserved in several museums today.

The value of a pirate skull in a tattoo

The skull, not only among pirates, was a popular signaling device of future troubles (in their face). Such a label as a messenger of trouble was used by many others, the pirate label simply had great demand and lived to this day. The value of a pirate skull in a tattoo is completely identical to its value on a developing black flag a century ago.

Prison skull tattoo - what does it mean

For all countries of the post-Soviet space, the skull in the tattoo (which was inflicted in the zone), speaks about the attitude to the criminal (thieving) world, and the desire to take a place higher in its structure - the so-called "aspirants".

A skull with a dagger that pierced it means that a person who owns such a tattoo, was determined to do something bad to law enforcement officers.

The general semantics of a skull in a tattoo is extremely ambiguous, it is worthwhile to think carefully and weigh everything if you decide to make a tattoo with a skull. One thing is for sure - the popularity of the skull in a tattoo does not hold, as well as catchyness, such a tattoo is hard not to notice and not think about why a skull tattoo is on a person’s body and what it means.