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Wedding organization: everything you need to know


Wedding Day is one of the most memorable and bright dates in the life of the bride and groom. So that the guests and the perpetrators of the event were satisfied and the holiday really was a success, one should determine in advance what is needed for the wedding. List to the smallest detail is easy to make yourself. You can organize a celebration on your own or entrust this business to professionals in this field, who will take into account the preferences and possibilities of future newlyweds.

Important ceremonial event: identify key points

A complete list of tasks and trifles for a wedding should be compiled point by point, each specifically describing to whom, when and what needs to be done. Thanks to this plan, you will be able to take into account the nuances arising along the way and insure yourself against the rash decisions made at the last moment. In addition, a separate schedule requires preparation for the wedding itself. What you need for a wedding, you can define yourself or use ready-made lists compiled by experts in this field.

First define a few key points:

1. The date of the wedding.

3. Witnesses and guests (how many people will be invited, who will be a witness).

This is followed by a number of formalities: the choice of the registrar and submission of an application, the decision to change or maintain the bride's last name, payment of duties, the choice of format for the painting ceremony (field or on site), coordination of current nuances with the registrar.

If you are holding a wedding on your own, these recommendations will help you.

At the next stage, the bride and groom need to finally decide on whether to solve organizational issues on their own or to seek help from a wedding agency. If you choose the first option, then the list of what is needed for the wedding will be relevant. Full list:

- shoes + handbag (if desired),

- underwear, panty hoses / stockings - 2 pairs (one per stock), garter,

- accessories: tiara, wedding jewelry, gloves, umbrella, bolero / cape,

- preparatory cosmetic procedures, wedding makeup,

- wedding hairdresser services,

- a set of linen for the wedding night.

- suit, shirt, vest, tie,

- underwear, socks,

- Accessories: cufflinks, tie clip, buttonhole, shawl,

- shaving, manicure, hairstyle.

3. Wedding attributes:

- rings (engraved / ready / to order),

- glasses for newlyweds, wedding champagne bottle,

- baskets, their filling for sprinkling with rose petals / glitter / coin / rice and other,

- clothes for bridesmaids,

- spare bridal bouquet,

- Set for the witness (accessories, hair spray, cosmetics, napkins, needle and thread).

Of great importance are the religious views of future newlyweds, whether the wedding ceremony and the moment of blessing by parents are considered, since, among other things, this should be repelled, making a complete list of what is necessary for the wedding. Observe the traditions or not, it is up to the bride and groom to decide, because this is their holiday.

Additional components of the list of required

Thus, the highlights of what is needed for a wedding are considered. The list to the smallest detail is complemented by the following nuances:

- choice of venue (restaurant / banquet hall / ceremony),

- the decor of the hall and the compilation of the holiday menu,

- order toastmaster, entertainment program, music, salutes and other elements of the show,

- by ordering a wedding car with decorations and transport for guests,

Necessary services for young

So what else is needed for a wedding? The list of wedding arrangements for the independent organization of the celebration must contain the names and coordinates of the specialists, without whose services it is difficult to do. These include:

- the host / host of the exit ceremony,

- confectioner / cafe, which will manufacture and decorate the wedding cake,

- tutor for the first dance of the newlyweds.

What else needs to be considered?

Here is the basic list of things you need for a wedding. List to the smallest detail, if necessary, supplement the detailed descriptions. It should be noted that in the confusion, you can forget the important things that at the time of drawing up the plan seem to be taken for granted.

Tradition for most weddings is the organization of the kidnapping and the subsequent ransom of the bride. To do this, you need to think over the script, select the appropriate attributes and stock up on money.

These are the main points that determine what is needed for a wedding. A list of details on additional services and options is given below.

The marriage ceremony takes place in the registry office

All actions begin with the registrar. Required elements for marriage registration:

- rings / pad for them,

- champagne / paraphernalia optional.

When ordering transport, you need to know the exact number of guests invited, to determine the style of the wedding car, its decor. You should also take into account the transfer not only to the venue of the celebration, but also after it ends (to homes, hotels, etc.). The time of the event is considered as an idle period and is charged at the appropriate rate. This must be remembered when distributing the budget.

Some more useful tips for young and parents

When ordering photo shoots, it is often necessary to select decorative elements by yourself. When communicating with the photographer, you need to specify all the moments to the smallest detail in order to enjoy posing on the wedding day. Usually, a few days before the event, a trial photo session is organized, at which successful views are selected.

When negotiating with the restaurant administrator about the banquet, you should clarify the issue with alcohol. It is much more economical to buy drinks yourself, if allowed by the management of the institution. Also, special attention should be paid to the design of the hall, wedding paraphernalia (flower arches, balloons, candles, ribbons with symbols), the installation of fireworks, as well as seating guests (on personal cards) and music.

Do it yourself

If you want to take all the wedding chores, take into account some points. To begin, you should understand that preparing for a wedding will take a lot of time, if you work, then plan your day so that at least a couple of hours a day can be devoted to organizing a celebration. It is best to start preparing for the wedding in three months.

Start by choosing a celebration idea, jewelry options, wedding attire, cars, bouquet. This will help you sites on the wedding theme, books and magazines dedicated to the wedding celebration. Save your favorite photos, write down the approximate cost for various services. This will help you choose the most suitable option.

In a relaxed atmosphere, write down on paper what you need for your wedding.

Bridal outfit Plan the day you devote to choosing a dress. You can buy it three weeks before the wedding. If you want an exclusive outfit, you have to go to a seamstress. This is best done six weeks before the celebration. Please note that the choice of accessories also need to be taken seriously and do not forget anything.

A restaurant. Of course, you need a good banquet room. Decide on the amount you can spend on a restaurant, and pick up several options for restaurants. Call there, and better take a trip and arrange a rental room.

Menu. Discuss the menu with the restaurant staff. If you prefer some kind of kitchen, tell the cooks about it. Discuss the cost of products and their quantity. Do not forget about alcohol.

The decoration of the hall. In the respective stores you will find all the necessary elements of decor: from ribbons and balls, to lively arches of flowers. Go to different stores, prices may vary.

Services photographer and operator. Photos are a memory for life. It is therefore very important that the photographer was a professional in his field. After all, the wedding you will not replay if it spoils the pictures. This also applies to the operator. Refer to different people, listen to the recommendations of friends. In such matters it is better to trust trusted people.

Services of musicians. Of course, it is desirable that live music be played at the wedding. Find musicians by ads, invite them to audition. Decide on the repertoire. Do not forget to choose a song, under which you will perform the first dance with your beloved husband.

Bridal bouquet and flowers. Contact your florist in advance. Bridal bouquet should be in harmony with her image.

Services of the makeup artist and hairdresser. It is better to turn to professionals you know well. Pre-pick on the Internet the options you like hairstyles and makeup. Let the masters do them for you. So you can choose the most suitable option.

Do not forget about the transport and decorations for it.

Tamada. From this person depends on the mood of the holiday. You should not take too obsessive lead, but with meek it will be boring. Find a suitable toastmaster, see with his participation the wedding video of other people.

As you can see, to organize a wedding yourself, you need to think about a large number of details. Of course, everything will be done with your hands and maybe you will be proud of yourself, but you need to understand that with such preparation for the wedding you will spend a lot of strength and nerves. If you want to keep your peace of mind, it is better to use the services of people for whom the preparation of the wedding is a vocation and a profession.

The agency will help

To begin with, you should not think that agencies are created in order to take more money from you. In normal wedding agencies they will always select the appropriate option, both in terms of the idea of ​​a wedding, and in the material plane. For them, the main thing is to keep the customer satisfied. Wedding agencies value their reputation, so do not avoid them.

The help of a specialist will significantly simplify your life. All the above stages of the wedding, they will prepare. You just have to express wishes, choose and approve the proposed options. The agency will take care of everything. They usually work professionals who work not the first day. They will discuss all financial issues with you.

Wedding and preparation for it is an important stage in your life. It depends on him how the wedding goes, what emotions you will feel.

Where to start preparing for the wedding

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You do not know what to take, trying to do everything at once and, completely exhausted, begin to blame yourself for excessive fussiness? This state is characteristic of many brides who want to organize the perfect celebration, without having any experience in the planning of such celebrations. A little advice: do not seek to embrace the immensity. Be sensible: it is simply impossible to buy a dress and shoes in one day, to assemble guests in the evening and instantly solve the issue of placing them on an important day - it will take a week or even two to do it all. Preparing for the wedding should be gradual and measured: so much less likely to miss a serious detail, which later will remind you of an unpleasant surprise.

Wedding preparations - where to start? Get together and get down to business seriously: if you want everything to go perfectly, you need to mark every little thing in the detailed to-do list for the wedding. And they will be enough: from ordering accessories and ending with the choice of decor for exit registration.

Are you ready to pick up the paper and pen and start recording? Then proceed to the most pleasant and exciting moment - the preparation of a special plan.

Wedding: where to start preparation (plan)

This list of necessary actions will help you not to lose precious time, but to manage it wisely.

  • What are diaries and thick notebooks for? In them, people write the most important thing. That is why you will need this silent helper: he will become a reliable guardian of all the secrets of the upcoming ceremony. Phone numbers and addresses of restaurants, studios, salons will be entered into it.

On the pages of this book you will always find the names of people who will help you in the difficult task of organizing a celebration, so keep it at hand. Take it to all important meetings in order not to accidentally miss any detail. Imagine that you came to order a cake and, leaving the pastry shop, forgot to record the time at which it will be delivered. Annoying and stupid? It could not happen if you had a diary.

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  • A list of wedding affairs and small things, interesting articles, leaflets with the numbers of agencies and workshops - all this needs to be stored somewhere. In the book? As soon as you open it, everything flies apart. A good solution is to put the necessary clippings and sheets of paper with notes into a bulky folder. Sign it and leave it in a prominent place. So you will always have access to important documents, invaluable ideas, necessary contacts and tips found in glossy magazines and newspapers.
  • Another thing that holiday planning does not do without is a laptop or tablet. With the help of Excel, you can keep a budget of celebration. So all your expenses will be recorded in a separate file. It is convenient and practical: you can take a printout with you at any time. And in a separate document, you can make a list of guests, write texts of vows and invitations. You can also sketch out a rough layout of the seating.
  • Calendar - our main friend during the organization. Without it, we will forget about important meetings, rehearsals and completed orders. Get a handy block with loose-leaf: it will be easier to leave behind past events and focus on future events.

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  • Any plan to prepare for the wedding step by step contains a stage that is assigned to a kind of brainstorming. Ideas for celebrations, creating an image of the bride and groom are important components of the pre-holiday fuss. Find the dress of your dreams in catalogs or on special sites, discuss the format of the ceremony. The trend of the outgoing year was the exit registration. Decide whether you need to travel to the forest or to the beach to say important words to each other. Choose a cake and a menu, find the place where the feast will take place. Solve everything together and do not arrange unexpected surprises associated with new spending, which your second half will learn about after a significant event or on the eve of an exciting day.
  • Are you frantically searching the Internet for a complete list of what you need for a wedding, feeling that your strength is about to run out? Allow yourself to rest and have a break. Endless troubles can wear down even the most persistent newlyweds. A good incentive for further action will be an assessment of what you have already managed to plan. Encourage yourself by presenting a happy day. Believe in your strength, and everything will turn out exactly as you want.

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  • What to do if there are only a few weeks left before the holiday, and you don’t know where to start, and you panic? Then you can use the services of an assistant or a professional party organizer who will take all the trouble for you. A consultant from a special agency will perfectly cope with the organization of a wedding from beginning to end. However, his work costs money, which is not always enough for unforeseen expenses. What to do in this case? Agree with married friends and married girlfriends: they will definitely share with you their experience in planning and preparation.
  • Concerns about the upcoming holiday relate not only to the bride, but also to the groom. Distribute responsibilities: let the future spouse deal with the issues of renting a room, while his chosen one will compile a menu and a list of guests.

Everything for wedding and wedding step by step

  • To the smallest details, imagine the wedding day. Your fantasies will help you to completely transform the usual celebration and make it unusual and memorable. Children's dreams, shots from your favorite movies - let it go. Trust your subconscious, and you will get a fancy synthesis of memories and desires that will facilitate the organization of the holiday and allow you to arrange the perfect wedding.
  • Calculate the budget and decide how much the upcoming event will cost. You must know exactly how much you have to pay for the services of florists, cameramen, wedding workshops, salons, studios and agencies. The lion's share of savings set aside for an unforgettable event will be spent on renting a hall and paying for a banquet. Later on this list will add other little things for a wedding: bonbonnieres, bridal bouquet, hairstyle and makeup, etc.

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  • The most important decision is the choice of a date. It is influenced by several factors: this is the season in which the celebration is held, the scale and format of the holiday, the possibility of inviting guests (ideal is a wedding during a holiday or on a weekend).

Divide an important day into several stages: gathering, registration, walking around the city and a photo session in nature or in the studio, a banquet. Leave time for unforeseen situations.

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  • Another troublesome thing - drawing up a list of guests and sending invitations. Количество участников банкета зависит от свадебного бюджета и пожеланий молодоженов. Часто случаются форс-мажоры, меняются планы, и люди, которых с нетерпением ждали, не приезжают. Предугадать ситуацию практически невозможно, а экономия в дни подготовки еще никому не помешала. Сократите свои расходы и не заказывайте места, исходя из утвержденного перечня.Reduce the resulting number: the organizers involved in preparing the hall or restaurant will definitely specify the number of guests before the celebration, and you can give a number close to the final figure.

And now let's go over the main stages of preparation for the holiday: what needs to be done first, and with what decisions can you wait?

12-6 months left until the celebration

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  • The first step is choosing the date and season.
  • Go to the registry office to submit an application and pay the fee.
  • Take care of budget planning, considering the basic expenses.
  • Get the rings.
  • Find out what style you will adhere to in the decor of the room and outfits.
  • Find a place where the banquet will take place and arrange its rent.
  • Think over the registration ceremony to the smallest detail, decide whether it will be an exit.
  • Hire an assistant who will deal with the organization.
  • Write a guest list and find witnesses.
  • Record all the stages of the wedding day (by the hour).
  • Another important step is the preparation of the menu.
  • Choose a pastry chef or pastry shop and order a cake.
  • Decide who will shoot the ceremony and take photos.
  • Contact your florist to create a bouquet.
  • Do not forget about sewing a wedding dress and purchasing jewelry to it.
  • Think about how guests will arrive at the venue.

4 months left until the celebration

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  • First of all, make sure that the celebration plan is ready and does not require rework.
  • Check if all accessories are ordered.
  • Register in beauty shop (agree with the familiar makeup artist, stylist, hairdresser).
  • Decide what bridesmaids and witnesses will look like.
  • Receive confirmation from guests.
  • Chart the seating layout type invitations.
  • Talk about your honeymoon trip.
  • Think about the dance and music at the festival.
  • Start dowry fees if you adhere to this ancient tradition.

2 months left until the celebration

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  • Notify guests by sending invitations.
  • Specify the format of the photo shoot and discuss the necessary details with the photographer.
  • Order a wedding cake and approve the menu.
  • Another mandatory item - meeting with the host of the holiday.
  • Take care of design or entrust the decoration to a special agency / workshop.
  • Decide where it is worth settling guests from other cities, and order transport.

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1 week left until the celebration

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  • Let the banquet organizers know how many guests need to be served.
  • If you booked hotel rooms for visitors, confirm the reservation.
  • Check the plan and the list of necessary things for the wedding: between the stages there should not be large time intervals.
  • Check the seating of guests.
  • Perfectionist Point - Rehearse the ceremony.

For those who can not remember what components must be present at the holiday, a separate list is provided.

The full list for the wedding: what the newlyweds need

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  • dress, shoes, veil and gloves,
  • decorations,
  • garter
  • handbag,
  • bouquet,
  • cape (if the wedding is held in autumn or winter).

  • suit and shirt
  • a tie or a butterfly
  • shoes
  • Designer boutonniere or a flower in the buttonhole.

Months and weeks of preparation will pass unnoticed, and all the unrest that accompanied troublesome days will seem in vain. Step into a happy life together without fear and doubt. After all, the main condition for the immaculate celebration were and remain strong feelings. Support each other, share tenderness and attention, and organizing a wedding will be a pleasant and joyful thing.

What should take care in advance?

  • Apply to the registrar (can be via the Internet).
  • Order a photographer and video (if desired).
  • Make a list of guests for the wedding.
  • Book a restaurant and plan a menu. Discuss the decoration of the hall. If you need to decorate the place of the banquet yourself - you need to buy flowers, flowerpots, ribbons, balloons and more.
  • Plan your seating for guests, if necessary, and order special nameplates.
  • Order and send invitations with the time and address of the registry office and restaurant.
  • To choose a presenter, discuss with him the scenario of an event, contests, musical accompaniment.
  • Order a car for young and for guests.
  • Sign up for a wedding manicure, hair, makeup.
  • Choose a wedding cake and decorations for it.
  • Book a hotel room if the first wedding night young people plan to spend not at home.

It is important to consider in advance and the resettlement of visiting guests.

Bride List

Even the most attentive and responsible bride can forget about something on such an exciting day. In order not to take anything by surprise, the following things should be ready for the bride for the wedding day:

  1. Wedding Dress.
  2. Veil.
  3. Underwear.
  4. Stockings or pantyhose, including a spare pair.
  5. Garter.
  6. Slippers.
  7. Replaceable pair of comfortable shoes.
  8. Handbag.
  9. Gloves.
  10. Jewelery: earrings, bracelet, tiara, and more.
  11. Cosmetics and a mirror - powder, lip gloss, mascara. Weather and emotions can spoil even the most resistant make-up, so you need to have the most necessary tools at hand.
  12. Antistatic.
  13. Antiperspirant, toilet water.
  14. Adhesive plaster, pain reliever, tablets for indigestion and intestinal upset.
  15. Wet and dry wipes.
  16. Hairpins and a hairbrush, if you suddenly need to fix hair.
  17. Transparent nail polish and pin for emergency repair of tights or attire.
  18. Mobile phone with all the necessary numbers: parents, drivers, photographer, restaurant administrator, hotel contacts. It is important not to forget to recharge and charge the battery.
  19. Cape and umbrella in case of bad weather.

If the first wedding night is planned to be held at the hotel, then it is necessary to put in a separate bag in advance:

  • removable underwear
  • nightgown, bathrobe,
  • makeup remover and face care products,
  • cosmetic bag
  • shampoo, hair mask, comb, curling,
  • clothes and shoes on the second day of the wedding or for returning home,
  • a bag or a special bag for a wedding dress.

In advance, care should be taken about the procedures for the bride:

  • face cleaning or tanning when needed
  • epilation,
  • manicure and pedicure,
  • hairstyle, including haircut and coloring,
  • makeup.

List for the groom

  1. Wedding suit
  2. Shirt, including one in stock.
  3. Underwear and socks.
  4. Accessories (belt, tie and clip for him, cufflinks, watches, boutonniere).
  5. Slippers.
  6. Hairbrush.
  7. Handkerchief.
  8. Brush or sponge for shoes.
  9. Cologne.
  10. Mobile phone with all the necessary phone numbers with a refilled balance and a charged battery.

If the youngsters plan their first wedding night not at home, the groom should take care of things in the morning.

The bridal bouquet though choose together, the groom should bring it. Therefore, going for the bride, you must not forget to call in the salon for the bouquet ordered in advance.

List for redemption

First you need to decorate the car. This will require things on the list (for details on how to decorate a car, read here):

  • boutonnieres on the door handles,
  • Wedding rooms
  • tapes
  • wedding rings, doll, artificial flowers, etc.

If the ransom is thematic, then you should decorate the entrance and apartment. Usually they prepare for this:

  • postcards,
  • Balloons,
  • posters.

Bridegroom and witness prepare for ransom:

  • money or souvenir bills,
  • chocolate and sweets
  • champagne or other alcohol.

The list for the registrar

After the ransom, the bride and groom are sent to the registry office, where they will need:

  • wedding rings,
  • pad for them
  • towel,
  • passports
  • CD with song for the first dance
  • champagne and glasses,
  • file for marriage registration certificate.

After the marriage, young people are showered with rose petals, rice or wheat.

List for walks and photo shoots

After registration, the newlyweds traditionally go for a walk and a photo session. Usually for this purpose choose beautiful places: monuments, fountains, parks, simply beautiful landscapes. It is important to think over and stipulate the route in advance. So that guests do not get bored, you will need:

  • champagne, wine, other alcohol,
  • water and juices
  • disposable cups or glasses,
  • disposable plates and forks,
  • wine corkscrew
  • napkins,
  • snack (sandwiches, fruit, vegetable, meat and cheese cuts, sweets),
  • garbage bags.

List for restaurant

To meet young people you will need:

  • salt shaker,
  • loaf,
  • rushnyk

The restaurant will also require:

  • wedding cake set
  • bag or box for collecting money
  • album for wishes,
  • pyrotechnics (fireworks, firecrackers),
  • first aid kit (just in case)
  • a scarf with which the mother-in-law covers the head of the bride at the end of the celebration.

Going home, it is important not to forget the gifts, including money and flowers, the remaining alcohol and snacks, a knife for cutting the cake, a figurine from it, an album with wishes.

Work as a wedding organizer

Before you do this interesting work, you should learn some of the features of the profession:

  • you have to work evenings and weekends,
  • will have to communicate a lot with different people (sometimes very nervous), keeping calm and goodwill,
  • You need a wide range of acquaintances: DJs, photographers, florists, stylists, makeup artists, etc.
  • you need to be able to sell yourself and your services, because the competition is pretty big,
  • will have to stand and walk a lot, visit different places and move around the city,
  • you need to understand the traditions and customs of wedding ceremonies of different nationalities,
  • to understand the city: where are the best restaurants, where to stop by, what can be arranged for young people, etc.

So first assess your strength - are you ready for such a constant load? Preparation lasts for months, and you, most likely, will simultaneously work with several pairs.

How to become a wedding organizer

The good news is that it’s not necessary to finish special courses or colleges to work. Although there are many such schools, some even give a diploma.

But it is worth self-education - read educational books and articles on this subject. There are many of them on the Internet for free access, so read them and learn the basics before you begin.

In addition, you need to be able to communicate with people, organize, plan, look confident and friendly in any situation. To be able to solve difficult situations in a short time.

It is worth realizing that if you were able to plan your own wedding without any problems, this does not mean at all that you will easily organize someone else’s. So before you become a wedding organizer, make a test preparation for your family or friends.

Then you can fully feel what it is like to fulfill other people's dreams.

The work of the wedding organizer can be divided into two stages:

  1. wedding planning
  2. celebration coordination.

First you need to get acquainted with the bride and groom, to know their desires and ideas about the wedding ceremony. Based on the information received and their experience, the organizer of the wedding should offer the concept of the event.

What you need to discuss:

  • date of celebration
  • wedding style
  • a restaurant,
  • transport,
  • outfits for the bride and groom,
  • dishes that
  • leading
  • music,
  • photo and video shooting,
  • room decor,
  • makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers,
  • contests and entertainment at the wedding,
  • guest list
  • approximate budget
  • other questions, depending on the situation.

When all the details have been agreed and you get the consent of the couple, you can start planning. Immediately make a rough plan of your actions: when and what you need to do in order to be on time. Do not postpone everything for the last week or day.

Keep a record of all expenses for preparing for the wedding. And you need to be during the celebration of the holiday to control the work of all participants and quickly solve all the problems that arise.

How to become a wedding organizer

First you need to make a complete list of elements of the wedding. Do not try to do everything yourself, and find in advance several companies with which you can work: makeup artists, photographers, etc. You can get a discount on services if you bring many customers to them.

Find 2-3 orders for a free organization - friends, acquaintances, relatives. You need to try your hand, hone your skills, create a portfolio and gain positive feedback. Warn that you will give their contacts as an example, but don't let them mention that it was free.

In addition, the invitations can indicate that the wedding is held with the help of the wedding organizer and your contacts. This will impress guests, and some may turn to you for services.

After you get the first work experience, get the necessary knowledge and connections, you can start looking for clients:

  • think up an original and memorable name so that your clients can recommend you to their friends orally,
  • advertise in magazines and newspapers for brides,
  • ads with newspapers / social networks / forums / sites, etc.
  • word of mouth through friends, relatives, acquaintances, fellow students, past clients,
  • leave or hand out business cards at the registry office and other places where brides are found,
  • create a website or a page in the social network and specify contacts, description, price list and necessarily photos / videos of successful events.

An important plus of this work: you do not need to have an office. You can meet clients in their apartment or in cafes / restaurants. Most issues are resolved by phone or in personal correspondence.

The main thing is to create a beautiful photo album with an example of your work. The visual part is very important, since the decision to hire a wedding organizer is most often made by the bride. Give your portfolio a lot of time to make a nice first impression.

Do not be limited to simple and boring weddings that are the same. Study books and information in this area to know how to become a wedding organizer like hot cakes.

Include creativity and offer your clients interesting ideas on organization. The original organizers attract customers, so with this tactic you will quickly acquire orders and reach a new level. And then you can hire a personal assistant who will solve most routine issues.

Such a vacancy is available to almost everyone, since becoming a wedding organizer is not difficult, it is difficult to be a good organizer. So do the job well and only work with trusted people.