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Top 10 most interesting films of Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie can rightly be called one of the most famous actresses of our time. And this provided that the work in her filmography is not so much. Just at one time, the actress was so beautiful that she was forgiven for weak reincarnations and a long creative silence.

With age, Jolie increasingly hit in public, social activities, and lately, she has been devoting all her free time to directing. By the way, in our Top there was a place for several of Angelina’s works as a director. And while in Hollywood for five years now there are rumors about the sexiest woman in the role of Cleopatra, we decided to evaluate the stars that are currently reincarnating, and choose the best of them.

George Wallace (1997)

Hardly anyone of the readers saw this film, and it was he who brought Angelina Jolie's career to a completely new orbit. At the center of the plot is the governor of Alabama, George Wallace, who was famous for his racist views. In the early 50s, when Wallace only came to power, the division of society into black and white in the south was in the order of things. The popularity of the policy reached such a limit that in 1968 he decided to run for president.

Here, Jolie played the second wife of the protagonist. She got not so much screen time, but in each frame, the actress was just deadly good!

The tape itself was broadcast on TV in the format of a mini-series and received very high marks from critics. A little later, “George Wallace” was awarded several Golden Globes and an Emmy Award.

For this work, Angelina received her first Golden Globe. The genes of genius John Voight were noted by critics, and the audience literally went crazy with our heroine's sexuality.

Interrupted Life (1999)

After the success of "George Wallace" from a promising actress waiting for something extraordinary, and she gave it in 1999. The film "Interrupted Life" was originally supposed to resurrect the fading career of Winona Ryder, who played the main role here. However, Jolie successfully eclipsed the screen partner in each frame.

In the center of the plot is a girl named Suzanne. She goes to a psychiatric clinic after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Here Suzanne meets an aggressive patient Fox who is trying in every way to escape from the clinic.

The film was very emotional, and in many respects it is Jolie’s merit. It literally gushes by emotions, looks repulsive and attractive at the same time.

After such a spectacular performance, Angelina received nominations for eight prestigious awards. The Oscar statuette eventually went to the attractive and bold Jolie. That evening, she appeared on the red carpet with her own brother, whom she kissed without hesitation in plain sight. This is all she is scandalous and controversial.

Opinions of the audience about the best work of the actress may differ, but critics have long decided on their favorite. The autobiographical drama "Gia", released in the form of a television film, did not leave anyone indifferent.

The most interesting thing is that Angelina for a long time refused from this role, considering that the real Gia Karanji, a drug-addicted lesbian, was too much like her. The producers still managed to pull the brawler down and it seems no one regretted it.

The film tells about the rapid ascent of Gia Karanji to the fashionable Olympus. An unknown girl suddenly became the most popular fashion model in the world. That it is called the first supermodel in history.

The very same Gia from early childhood suffered from a lack of attention from the mother. Over time, these complexes were able to drown out only with the help of prohibited drugs.

At first, the plot develops slowly, but by the end, it shakes with its drama. Angelina does not play, she literally lives by what Gia felt. It is possible that if the picture had not been released on TV, Jolie would have two Oscars. Still, with such a hit in the image, she would hardly have passed the premium season.

Mr and Mrs Smith (2005)

Jolie became a star long before the affair with Brad Pitt. However, it was this meeting that made her the most popular woman in the world. Fans excitedly discussed the new details of the novel of the actors, their joint outputs and the next addition to the family. All this confusion began with the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

The married couple, John and Jane, have difficulties in family life. There is no trust between them, which is not surprising if we take into account the type of activity of both. John and Jane work as killers, but do not report this to each other. The truth is revealed only when a husband and wife are hired to kill each other.

The screen chemistry was so strong that viewers turned a blind eye to a weak script and numerous inconsistencies. Almost immediately after the premiere, Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston, and she even played into the hands of general hysteria, turning Aniston from a serial star into the main queen of the planet.

Of course, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” cannot be called a masterpiece, but this film definitely became a milestone in Angelina’s career.

Substitution (2008)

Another such milestone was the premiere of the film “Substitution”. The strong drama of Clint Eastwood about the mother, whose child was kidnapped by an unknown. A woman makes a fuss, attracts the attention of journalists, and in order to calm her down, the police will slip an inconsolable parent of another's child. She refuses to accept a stranger as her own son, which is why she goes to a psychiatric clinic.

The saddest thing is that this tape, dated 2008, was the last truly strong actor's work of Jolie. Here she laid out to the fullest and even slowed down the degree of her usual sexuality. As a result, the image of the protagonist, heartbroken mother, came out extremely convincing.

For this role, Angelina was nominated for an Oscar, but at the turn she was bypassed by the equally brilliant Kate Winslet.

Cote d'Azur (2015)

It is rather symbolic that the story of the greatest love of the 21st century began and ended on the set. No, rumors of pitt and Jolie quarrels have been around for a long time. However, after the release of "Cote d'Azur", it became clear that a divorce is not far off.

Roland and Vanessa were once happy, but now their marriage is bursting at the seams. Wanting to save a relationship, the lovers flee to the Cote d'Azur, but even here they are overtaken by quarrels and numerous contradictions.

The film premiered in November 2015, and in September 2016, Angelina filed for divorce. The fans came to the conclusion that the diva so successfully dissected her own marriage in the director's work, that she really ruined the family.

From an artistic point of view, Cote d'Azur is a medium-sized drama with a lengthy plot. However, in terms of value for Jolie’s career, the picture definitely deserves a place in our TOP.

The Lure (2001)

There are films, the excitement around which is directly related to the popularity of the leading roles. "The temptation" - just such a case. At the time of filming, both Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas were considered sex symbols. Their screen duo produced the effect of a bombshell.

A wealthy man named Louis meets a mysterious pen by correspondence. It seems to be an ideal, so after several meetings the main character decides to be engaged. His passion is reborn in obsession, and the girl in the end turns out to be not the one for whom she was posing.

The plot can not be called outstanding, but the bed scenes with the participation of the main stars of the fans looked to the holes. Even despite hefty frankness, the picture did not pay off at the box office. But Angelina cemented the status of the main temptress Hollywood. Even then, she was branded as a love mate, so Melanie Griffith, the wife of Banderas, was constantly present at the shooting, just to protect her beloved from the charm of Jolie.

Maleficent (2014)

In the past five years, Angelina Jolie is very rare and not always successfully appears on the big screens. However, Maleficent was a big box office success. Rethinking the fate of the Disney villain caused a lot of controversy, but most importantly, the studio brought several hundred million dollars.

In the center of the plot is a little girl who spent her whole life in the forest with the magical forest dwellers. One day she will face human cruelty, which will change the character of Maleficenta, turning her into a villain. And only a pure maternal feeling in relation to the young princess will be able to melt the heart of the witch.

Many viewers were unhappy that the curse in the film lifts the kiss of Jolie, addressed to the young El Fanning. The re-labeling of the canon was indeed controversial, but Angelina looked incredible here. Her cheekbones once again became the cause of universal admiration, so also the youngest daughter of the actress Vivienne played the tiny role of the young princess.

The Power of Fear (1999)

A distinctive feature of Jolie as an actress is her desire to experiment with genres and roles. So, the star was noted with roles not only in melodramas or dramas, but also in intense thrillers. One of the best among them is “The Power of Fear.”

In the center of the plot is a young police girl Amelia, who is charged with investigating the case of the machinations of a terrible maniac. Since she cannot cope with the task on her own, Amelia addresses the legendary specialist Lincoln Rheim. He has written several books about maniac killers, but is now bedridden. The girl becomes the eyes and ears of a specialist on the gloomy streets of the city, where absolutely incredible things sometimes happen.

Thriller is exciting and tense, but still do not expect too much from him. This is a perfect example of the late 90s, when everyone tried to repeat the success of David Fincher. The gloomy atmosphere and unexpected plot twists are attached.

First they killed my father (2017)

This is a unique in every sense tape for our Top, after all, Angelina here acts as a producer, screenwriter and director, but not as an actress. However, the film is worth telling, because it perfectly illustrates a new milestone in a celebrity career.

Little Lung Un's childhood was in the reign of the deadly Khmer Rouge. Because of the persecution, the girl lost her entire family, but it was these tests that caused her human rights activities in the future.

The picture has already been nominated for a Golden Globe in the category for the best film in a foreign language. Judging by the reviews of critics, the tape really turned out to be incredibly strong. And most importantly, it fits perfectly into the modern image of Angelina Jolie: a human rights activist who is used to standing on the other side of the camera.

Hackers (1995)

Jolie's fans now recall the film Hackers in connection with two events: the actress’s affair with a film partner, Johnny Lee Miller, and her bare breasts flashed in one of the shots. In general, the tape turned out to be interesting in its own way, but with a lot of roughness.

Dade and Kate are hackers who commit the impossible hacking of an influential company’s security system. At the same time, the theft of funds and information threatens to expose a powerful corporation. Now the guys from humble computer gigs are turning into prime suspects in an incredibly complicated case.

Angelina appears before us with a short haircut and lush charisma. Even then it was clear that this uncut diamond would break the world with its beauty. The attraction between her and Johnny Lee Miller was cosmic, and as a result, the actors even got married. Only their marriage lasted only a year, but the stars managed to maintain friendly relations.

Her Heart (2007)

Another dramatic role of Angelina, awarded the highest praise of critics and audiences. Here she reincarnated in a young woman, Marianne Pearl, whose husband disappears during a business trip in Pakistan. Being deeply pregnant, the main character is looking for a spouse. Soon it turns out that the beloved was captured by the militants, and recognizing him as an Israeli spy, was executed. The recording of the terrible act of violence hit the media and spread throughout the world.

Jolie plays with anguish, just as the actress of her status should work. Actually, due to the amazing reincarnation of the star, all the other participants in the shooting process were lost somewhere in the background.

And here the actress is surprisingly asexual. Most of the time it appears on the screen in dimensionless things and without makeup. But the main thing is that this is a game, and for her Jolie was awarded a nomination for the Golden Globe.

Beyond the Boundary (2003)

We can not say that the career of Angelina Jolie saw only rises. She was repeatedly nominated for Golden Raspberry, but each time there was a better candidate. Actually, “Beyond the Boundary” is one of those very works where the play of a Hollywood beauty was considered terrible. It is fair to say that the picture is not so bad, and Jolie plays here a congenial character.

Married girl Sarah once heard a speech by human rights activist Nick. She was so impressed with his work with sick people in the third world countries that the main character immediately decided to change the usual model of life. She went after Nick to see with his own eyes the grief of others and understand him. However, Sarah and her lover will have to part more than once, which will only strengthen their feelings.

The duet with Clive Owen was not bad, but far from the best. But the film raises important questions, leaving some of them unanswered. It is a pity that the social background of the story in the end still got the better of the love line.

Taking Lives (2004)

FBI agent Illyana Scott gets a difficult task: she needs to find a brutal serial maniac. This person does not just kill people, but lives their lives, pays taxes and does everything to create the illusion of activity of long-dead victims. Illyana takes a non-standard approach, and eventually goes on the trail of the criminal.

The film had a scandalous trail largely due to suspicions of Jolie’s romance with Ethan Hawke. All anything, but the actor at that time was married to Ume Thurman. The stars themselves categorically denied such rumors.

The film itself was released in a tense thriller, in many respects similar to The Power of Fear. Angelina got here the typical role of a strong woman, capable of literally everything. That's just the critics did not appreciate the statement, and soon it was safely forgotten. For fans of Angelina Jolie, this tape is an ideal opportunity to make sure once again that they face the most femme fatale of the planet.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

And, of course, we could not pass by one of the most famous films with Angelina Jolie. Now the old tapes about Lara Croft look no longer so relevant, because the special effects in them are outdated, and the storyline itself seems exhausted. But Angelina is as good there as ever.

The plot revolves around the treasure hunter Lara Croft. The girl needs to get a secret artifact, build relationships with her father and stop the villains who want to carry out their evil plans.

The film literally drove the audience crazy, because sweaty Angelina in short shorts jumped around the world for two hours. In the film, the actress played with her father, John Voight, with whom she always had a strained relationship.

A couple of years later a sequel came out, which also had considerable success. However, Jolie's loyal fans are convinced that this role only constrained the star. The potential of the actress has always been enormous, and she was able to truly uncover him only in dramatic works and social activities.

1. "Substitution", 2008.

Our top 10 best films of Angelina Jolie, opens it to the best of the mysterious and amazing film, "Substitution." According to critics, this is one of Angelina’s strongest and most memorable films over the past few years, directed by none other than Clint Eastwood himself.

The actress herself for the role was nominated for an Oscar, and the film collected considerable box office. The action of the film takes place in the 20s of the last century, in Los Angeles, the plot revolves around an unhappy single mother, whose son mysteriously disappears. Turning to the police, the unhappy woman soon gets her child back, although despite the resemblance, she clearly realizes that this is not her son.

2. “Interrupted life”, 1999.

Another biographical drama, the film by James Mangold, which was the next triumph of the actress, where she played a mentally ill girl-sociopath, strong and bold.

She, along with the main character, who performed Vayona Ryder, experienced difficult days in a psychiatric clinic. “Interrupted Life” was the official pass of Angelina to the world of the Hollywood elite, by the way, for her role in this film she received an Oscar statuette and in addition several other prestigious film awards.

3. Gia, 1998

Кинолента, основанная на реальных фактах биографии известной топ-модели Джиа Мари Каранджи, была снята исключительно для американского телевиденья, поэтому Джоли, которая сыграла здесь главную роль, не могла претендовать на Оскар, зато получила вторую по значимости кинонаграду «Золотой Глобус».

Драма повествует об эксцентричной, дерзкой и необычайной женщине, о ее взлетах и падениях, тяготах личной жизни и семейных отношениях, а также о печальном и скором конце, который пришел благодаря страшному диагнозу, СПИД. Пожалуй, это одна из самых эмоциональных и сильных ролей Джоли.

4. «Турист», 2010 год.

Wonderful tandem Jolie and Johnny Depp showed the world an exciting and vivid motion picture, which is called the remake of the movie “Elusive”, 2005. Angelina here is exactly as the world represents her - beautiful, sophisticated, mysterious and spectacular, capable of striking anyone with one stroke of her eyelashes.

Beautiful views, unique outfits of the protagonist, hand-sewn specifically for her, as well as a non-standard plot can easily brighten up one of your autumn evenings.

5. “Salt”, 2010.

Here, Jolie appears before the audience in the role of a bold and assertive spy, an employee of the CIA, which employees of their own agency are accused of working for Russian intelligence. Evelyn Salt, who represents us Angelina, will always find a way out of the situation and will be able to stand up for their beliefs.

6. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, 2005.

Another cult film, after entering the screens of which, the whole world had a reason to believe that a spark flashed between Jolie and Pitt, which, by the way, was the result.

According to the plots they play two spouses, who, hiding behind a boring and banal marriage, hide their real essence, because they are professional and highly paid hired killers. And then one day they receive an order for each other, what will they do in this situation?

7. “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, 2001.

The film is an adaptation of the popular video game, in which Jolie played a major role. The role is somewhat unusual, but it turned out to be very successful: the actress performs all the stunts in the film on her own, without resorting to help of a backup.

As a result, the film collected about 300 million dollars at the box office, while Jolie herself, staying at the peak of her physical form, proved with success that she was able to brilliantly handle box-office films.

8. “Hackers”, 1995.

A kind of cult film, which was the official start for Jolie in the world of cinema. Here she played a very advanced hacker, who, together with her young man, a unique technogenic, are trying to punish the villains through cyber attacks.

9. “Alexander”, 2004.

In this historical film, Angie played, albeit a minor, but very bright role, the mother of Alexander the Great, played by Colin Farrell. An interesting fact is that the difference in the age of Jolie and her film son is only one year.

Top 10 Best Films with Angelina Jolie

1) False Fire (1996)Role - Legs

Briefly about the film:All tolerate the fact that a biology teacher loves to paw college students. Everything would remain as before, if it were not for the four girls who beat him cruelly. As a result, girls are suspended.

For such behavior is a cool and confident girl named “Leggs” (she was played by Angelina Jolie), that from English “Feet” they put me in a correctional colony. Once released, Legs again finds his girlfriends and returns to them, because besides them she has no one else. Girls do not understand this way of life of their girlfriend. Further events are rapidly developing, as Legs so changed five girls, as if they, too, became "rebel". They repel classmates when they tried to rape one of them in retaliation for the fact that their beloved teacher could be fired. Having stolen their car from them, they got into the police. The court finds them guilty. But still girls are not ready to follow the life position of their freedom-loving mentor ...

2) Interrupted life (1999),Role - Lisa Rove

Briefly about the film: Susanna’s parents decide to send their daughter to a psychiatric hospital for a rest after another failed suicide attempt. She can no longer distinguish reality from hallucinations, and does not even know what kind of world for her is the world of normal people. In her new "home" she meets many new girlfriends and make friends with one aggressive sociopath named Lisana. She spends much more time in the clinic than she planned, after which she wants to come back.

Features of the film:
- RoseMacGone and Claire Danes auditioned for the role of Fox
- Most of the scenes were shot at a real mental hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which was closed in 2005.
- The film is based on the real autobiography of Suzanne Cason, who was sent to “voluntary treatment” at McLean Hospital in 1967.

3) Life, or something from something like that (2002),Role- Lenny Kerrigan

Briefly about the film: "You will die next Thursday." Of course, it was possible not to pay any attention to this phrase of the homeless “predictor”. But he guessed that there would be hail in the morning and with what score the football match would end. And that means that in a week you will die ... probably.

Reporter Lanny was unlucky - it was she who was addressed the phrase mysteriously gobomzh. She wants to live long, she has a fiance whom she loves. But if only seven days are left to live, Lanny decides that there is a lot to do in the coming week. She wants to outwit, deceive or at least change her destiny - everything is in her hands. She finds an assistant in the person of her pretty colleague Pete, who will be the answer to all her questions.

4) Taking Life (2004),FBI Role Agent Illyana Scott

Briefly about the film: Your name, your life, your credit cards. He will take everything at once! The elusive serial killer for 20 years appropriated the identity of the victims he killed. But soon it will be difficult times for him - the FBI agent Illyan Scott takes on the investigation of another murder. She needs to find out what drives a sophisticated criminal in order to predict the next steps of the maniac and "cut off his oxygen." But in some incomprehensible way the killer knows about the brave agent much more than she imagined. You will be at a loss until the very end, but still you will not guess ... It is this unpredictability that makes the film Taking Life a tasty morsel for all fans of the action-packed genre.

5) Alexander (2004),Role-Olympiad

Briefly about the film: Forty years after the death of Alexander, the elderly Ptolemy, one of the closest associates of Macedonian, who became the governor of Egypt after his death, decides to tell and write down the history of the victories of the great commander. For 8 years, the army of Alexander the Great moved to the East, to the shores of the world Ocean. Having conquered Western and Central Asia, Macedonian first set foot on the mysterious and mysterious land of ancient India. He dreamed of this as a child, listening to the myths about Troy, the exploits of Hercules and Achilles ...

6) Mr and Mrs Smith (2005),Role - Jane Smith

Briefly about the film: Jane and John are just a couple. They are married not so long, but already tired of their marriage and each other. It seems to them that they know everything about each other. But there is something that everyone prefers to keep with them: both of them are hired killers who secretly travel the world, carrying out dangerous missions. These separate secret adventures become their common destiny at the moment when Jane receives an order for John, and John for Jane.

7) Substitution (2008),Role - Kristin Collins

Briefly about the film: The actions of the film are developing in Los Angeles 20s of the last century. After turning to the police with a statement about the disappearance of her son, the main character soon gets him back, but informs the police that, despite the resemblance, it is not her son. And instead of helping the unhappy mother gets a residence permit in the ward for mad people. Meanwhile, her son may already be dead, like hundreds of other missing children ...

Particularly dangerous (2008),Role - Fox

Briefly about the film:
Wesley Gibson - bore and nitik (which is typical of the heroes of James McAvoy), sticking up all day in the office. The boss humiliates him, his girlfriend cheats on him with his best friend. Finding that his father, who had abandoned him in early childhood, was brutally murdered, Wesley was drawn into a secret killer society called "Brotherhood." An experienced mentor, Fox, takes up his training, and this hlupik, once chained to an office chair, develops a lightning-fast reaction and superhuman speed.

However, on the first assignment, Wesley understands: there are more complicated things than deciding the fate of other people. It is to gain courage and become the master of your own life. Therefore, at the end of the film, piercing final words are heard from the lips of the main character: “I’m freeing myself from Sloan, from the Brotherhood, from Janice, from financial reports and organic keyboards, from unfaithful girlfriends and crappy best friends ... And this I take control of my life! What the hell are you doing ?! ”

9) Salt (2010),Role - Evelyn Salt

Briefly about the film: Evelyn Salt - an ordinary employee of the CIA. She miraculously manages to avoid prison, and her own agency makes unfounded accusations against her that she works for Russian intelligence. Now Salt needs to restore his good name. And she takes on this case.

10) Tourist (2010),Role - Elise Clifton Ward

Briefly about the film: American tourist Frank comes to Italy to heal his spiritual wound. In Venice, he meets an unusual and beautiful woman named Eliza. Frank's wounded heart seems ready to surrender to the new lover. However, the plans of Eliza and Frank grossly violate the maelstrom of danger and intrigue.

4. Taking life

A clever killer for about 20 years eludes justice. In part, he manages to do this because he lives the lives of those he killed: he pays taxes for them, uses their names and credit cards, thereby creating the appearance of the lives of their victims. It sounds confusing, but for the FBI agent Illyana Scott, this is not a problem. She is determined to catch this maniac.

By the way, Kiefer Sutherland is shot with Jolie in the film.

3. Mr and Mrs Smith

Two hired killers live as husband and wife. During working hours, they mercilessly kill people, and in free time they live as husband and wife. In short, I have no desire to tell the plot of this film. For the jokes in it are slop, and the shootings are primitive, as in the days of silent films. A vivid example of this: The Smiths are standing in the open, but none of the bandits can target them. But Smithy shoot down everyone almost dancing while doing so. The director, apparently, wanted to make a comedic detective, but it turned out he was not so hot.

2. Interrupted life

The film tells the story of a girl named Susanna, who was sent to a “voluntary treatment” in a closed psychiatric institution. For this film, Angelina Jolie won an Oscar in the nomination "Best supporting actress".

The film takes us to the Los Angeles of the 1920s. The woman submits to the police a statement about the disappearance of her son. After some time, she returns the child, but she claims that it is not her son. Yes, the resemblance is striking, but it is not her son! No one believes her and the main character goes to the clinic for insane people.

3. Gone in 60 seconds

The brother of the protagonist caters into the hands of the mafia, and to resolve the situation, Memphis must steal fifty first-class cars within 24 hours. The task, frankly, impracticable, but not for the thief-legend. Memphis is seeking help from his accomplices, one of whom is his ex-girlfriend Sway. Her role and goes to Jolie. The actress is doing a first-class job with this job: to play the reckless friend of Memphis, who agreed to such a dangerous and complex adventure - the role just for Angie. Sea drive, action and exciting moments are kept in suspense throughout the film, which is among the best with Angolina Jolie.

Continuing the list of the best films with Angelina Jolie thriller "The Temptation". A wealthy Cuban trader (not drugs, but only coffee) decides to marry an American woman, with whom she has been in correspondence for a long time and only saw it in the photo. During the correspondence, he kindled to the heroine with a serious cocktail of feelings: here is love, and passion, and the desire to marry a modest and innocent girl who shares his life with him. However, this is only his erroneous ideas about the object of his feelings, in the port he meets a woman with a completely different temperament. Shortly after the wedding, his new spouse becomes his curse. What is stronger love or hate? Anyone who asked such a question is worth watching this movie.

5. Mr and Mrs Smith

A rather ordinary beginning of the picture: a loving couple, each spouse thinks that he knows everything about his soul mate, life in a quiet suburb, typical office work is actually an illusion. Both spouses are in fact first-class killers working for competing parties. And by the will of fate, they receive "orders" on each other. It is interesting that in the film Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play spouses, which they will become in reality after the shooting. In this case, the acting couple has literally gone from the screens into reality, albeit with less action in family life.

6. The power of fear

“The Power of Fear” is a great thriller in which Angelina Jolie played the role of patrol officer Amelia Donagi. The plot of the film revolves around a killer maniac who deals with his victims in various sophisticated ways. The main character is interested in her talent, perhaps, the best forensic expert in America - Lincoln Rhim, who, after fifteen years of work in this field, writing several books and uncovering many tangled crimes, turns out to be bedridden. Can Amelia become a student of an eminent forensic expert, meet the expectations of Lincoln Rhyme and reveal a series of high-profile crimes?

7. Maleficent

According to many sources - from viewers to film critics - “Maleficent” is recognized as one of the best films in the collection of Angelina Jolie. The film tells about the life of a sorceress who, at a young age, believed in the triumph of goodness and love, but later became convinced of the greed of people. Once the forest in which the sorceress lived was a beautiful, sunny place, but after the betrayal that befell Maleficent, he became gloomy, like the sorceress herself. The film tells that even if you lose faith in something bright, you can find it again, because not all people are the same. A lot of girls grew up on the story of Maleficent, and the film adaptation of the tale is worthy of the attention of the audience.

8. Taking life

According to the plot of the film, Anjilina Jolie should get into the role of an FBI agent, but this is just where the stereotype and the classics of the genre end. Completely atypical serial killer, the motives of "activity" of which will have to reveal the main character - Illyana Scott. The killer leads the lives of his victims after their death, paying bills, using their names, credit cards and even paying taxes. What drives such an unusual criminal? All city detectives have already reached a dead end, trying to answer this question. And the main character continues to search for answers and pursue the murderer.

9. Especially dangerous

In the arsenal of Angelina Jolie, there are many roles of femme fatale women who turn the lives of those around them. Fox is one of them. The protagonist of the film is a typical loser with a boring job, a terribly hated boss and bland meetings with a girl who constantly changes him with his best friend. But after meeting with Fox, his life changes dramatically - he becomes a killer in an organization calling himself the Brotherhood of Weavers. He learns about such things that he could not have imagined, leading his former gray and wretched life.

10. Lara Croft

Without a doubt, the most iconic and most famous role of Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft. The main character is an archaeologist, looking for ancient and unusual treasures. She devoted two films with Angelina Jolie in the title role and a lot of games, because the first part of the film about Lara Croft was truly a cult work. At every step, it lurks the danger, and therefore the picture was very exciting. It is noteworthy that the actress performed all the tricks on her own, rejecting alternates. Acrobatics, hand-to-hand fighting, shooting from various types of weapons, possession of cold arms - all this Jolie studied herself and spent a lot of time training. Already in the first week, after the release, the film collected a fabulous fee.