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Tattoo on the hand


Before you begin to apply the picture, you need to find out exactly what the meaning of this or that image is. A tattoo can reveal a person’s character or display his innermost desires. Therefore, the wizard recommends that you carefully think through the composition and semantic load of tattoos.

The image of an angel can have very different meanings depending on how it is depicted. But all of them are similar in one thing: they are a part of any person, a reflection of his character, soul and actions.

Devil servants have always been considered servants of the devil. Therefore, you should always take into account the meaning that should be carried by the body pattern. For example Lucifer will personify the dark side of the soul, and cute Cupid will symbolize love.

Masters advise making tattoos in the form of butterflies to harmonious personalities striving for self-development, portraying it with open wings.

The butterfly is also a symbol of tenderness and mutual sympathy, so it is perfect for dreamers and women seeking complete understanding with the second half.

Among the other meanings of this symbol are the personification of freedom, creativity, bright life. Besides, the butterfly is the embodiment of sincerity and complete openness.


The sign of infinity plays the role of the most fashionable underwear pattern for many years, enjoying particular popularity among women. The main value of this image is a romantic relationship, therefore, the beloved often fill the symbol as a sign of their strong feelings.

Also, infinity symbolizes eternity, the inability to fully know all the secrets of the world. With such an association of images associated believers, philosophers. Another value of this symbol is the constant movement forward, development, dedication.

The image of a crow has a large number of values ​​that are not separated by gender. Crow is considered to be a conductor of a person to the afterlife, therefore it is often associated with death. In this case, images of the skull, crosses and gravestones can be added to this picture.

For a long time this bird was a servant of witches, thanks to which it began to symbolize witchcraft, the destruction of the human soul. On the other hand, the raven is a wise bird denoting secret knowledge, therefore, it is perfect for intellectual personalities.

Another value of the image of the crow stands apart, so the tattoo with a raven perfectly characterizes the introvert. And in the case of the presentation of a bird with armor and spears, it will reflect militancy, pointing to the eternal struggle of man for a good life.

A wolf or a wolf on a woman's body is the personification of devotion and love for one partner, as well as unlimited attachment to children. All this can be traced in the behavior of the animal itself, so it became an unspoken symbol of loyalty.

The image of the wolf is a beautiful female tattoo (photo), the value of which is transmitted as loyalty.

This image can be both realistic and made in a polygonal style. In addition, a tattoo in the form of a wolf outline, made in the form of a small pattern, will look spectacular on the fragile body of girls.

The image of the Joker is one of the most ambiguous in the interpretation of the drawings, and the character itself is extremely contradictory. It combines two absolutely opposite features at once - positive and negative.

Beautiful female tattoo in the form of a photo of the Joker personifies excitement and insane addiction to risky activities.

The character symbolizes impermanence, uncertainty, and is also often used among people with a criminal background.

Tattoos with a pattern of a tree refer to charms with a deep meaning, which the owners of this image conclude. The tree symbolizes a strong bond of humanity, family values, self-development.

Particular attention in creating this image is given to the drawing of the root system, which embodies a strong foundation for life development. Masters point out that The image of birch as a symbol of femininity and tenderness is very popular among women.

Dolphins have always been considered the most intelligent and freedom-loving creatures. A tattoo with this image can reflect the cheerfulness and sincerity of its owner. Drawing with a dolphin symbolizes positive energy, and is also able to raise mood and vitality.

On the female body, the dragon means strong maternal instincts, and demonstrates the ability to protect your hearth. In order to give tenderness to the image in the tattoo, floral motifs are often used. The interweaving of several lizards personify the union of male and female beginnings, and also helps to raise sexual energy.

This symbol is exclusively female, since according to ancient beliefs only chaste girls were capable of making friends with the unicorn. Therefore, the main value of such a tattoo is innocence and purity. By the nature of this mythical creature disobedient, therefore, the image of a unicorn in girls personifies greatness.

Tattoos with the image of a raccoon began to gain its popularity relatively recently. Due to the characteristics of its behavior, this animal characterizes a person as clean, intelligent. However, due to the nocturnal lifestyle of the animal, its image is often associated with the secretiveness of character, the veiled negative qualities and the simulated simplicity.

In different nations of the world, this bird personified a variety of qualities, such as wisdom, immortality, positive energy, poise. Therefore, such a tattoo is perfect for people with appeasable and unsophisticated.

Drawing a crane will help girls to emphasize their tenderness and affection for the house. This image symbolizes innocence and lightness, therefore it is often applied to the body in the form of a paper crane.

Such an insect personifies spirituality and the ability to rebirth. Tattoos with the image of beetles characterize her owner as a stubborn woman who is able to achieve high results in any activity.

Often drawings of scarab beetles symbolize financial well-being.

There is an opinion that such tattoos bring good luck, protect against evil eyes, and also help to get rid of infertility.

The value of the image of the stars on the female body directly depends on the nature of its owner. In some cases, such tattoos personify mystery and romance, while in others they characterize the girl as a strong and self-willed person.

Depending on the type of star, a tattoo can tell a lot about its owner. The four-pointed star symbolizes the long journey, the five-pointed star represents the energy of the cosmos, and the six-pointed star can speak of belonging to Jewish culture.

The image of a seven-pointed star is endowed with a mystical meaning, therefore luck is attributed to it. And tattoos with eight-pointed and nine-pointed stars indicate abundance.

In women, a snake tattoo means wisdom, grace, and also cunning, since the animal itself has flexibility and smoothness of movement. The snake characterizes girls as mysterious personalities, with a subtle mind, with a desire for life goals. There is an opinion that the image of this animal is able to protect its owner.

Zodiac sign

If a woman has pronounced features of her zodiac sign, then she should give her preference for a tattoo with his image. Such drawings will give inner strength and confidence. Also, a tattoo with your zodiac sign is suitable for lovers of astrology, horoscopes and predictions.

Such underwear images originate from ancient China and Japan. They have secret meanings and mystical meanings.

Such tattoos act as a talisman, protecting their possessor from adversity.

Hieroglyphs can be depicted in single versions or they can be combined into whole sentences describing ancient wisdom or life motto. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the choice of labels and know exactly what the symbols you like mean.

Yin-yang is the main symbol of harmony in the interaction of opposites, which lies at the heart of the universe. In addition, the image expresses the unity of the opposing elements, their constant struggle, showing that the dark and bright side of the human soul cannot exist without each other.

Among other yin-yang meanings, the infinity of the Universe stands out, indicating a constant change of life cycles, as well as the personification of eternal love.

The main meaning of this image is greatness and pride. Such a tattoo characterizes its owner as an ambitious lady, with a sense of self-esteem and superiority. The crown personifies power and strength, emphasizing the bright traits of character. However, not always the owners of such an image have all these qualities, making similar tattoos for the fashion of fashion.

A tattoo with a whale indicates power, calm and eternity. Girls with such an image on the body tend to show their sense of purpose, while being in harmony with the outside world. The whale also symbolizes rebirth and infinity, strong intuition and greatness.

Women who choose the image of the cosmos as a tattoo, basically give it a romantic meaning, associating it with love and family happiness. The main elements are popular Moon and stars, as the main symbol of femininity.

Cat most accurately describes the female character. Her graceful movements and flowing lines of the body symbolize femininity and mystery.

A special image of a cat on the wrists or neck gives a special mystery.

Female tattoo, as in the photo, beautifully emphasizes tenderness and fragility, and also indicates the playfulness of the character and the ability to quickly overcome the obstacles of life.

The image of the cross is not always religious. In most cases, he points to positive energy, and a tattoo with his image serves as a talisman against evil forces and misfortunes. It serves as a symbol of vitality and well-being, personifies life.

When choosing a cross as a tattoo, women often prefer images with floral motifs, so that the design is not only beautiful, but also emphasizes femininity.

Tattoo in the form of a fox indicates the trick and brightness of the girl, emphasizes her sexuality. Such ladies freely go to their goal, counting every step. In addition, the fox is a symbol of impermanence and narcissism.

The image of a lion personifies strength and greatness, emphasizes leadership qualities. People with such a tattoo are reasonable, successful and straightforward. Since ancient times, the lion has been considered a symbol of solar energy and the head of the family. Such drawings for tattoos girls choose extremely rarely.

The flower symbolizes the purity and mercy of the girls, His image is often chosen by immaculate women. Lily charges with positive energy, personifies nobility and female beauty.

Depending on the color in the image, the girl can identify different traits of her character. For example, the yellow lily indicates impregnability, and the pink emphasizes tenderness.


The image of the dreamcatcher acts as a talisman tattoo. Among his abilities stand out the fight against nightmares and insomnia, as well as deliverance from evil spirits. Such a picture is able to protect its owner from all negative influences, and also protects against diseases and increases self-confidence.

This inhabitant of the sea depths, depicted on a graceful female body, symbolizes appeasement and complete harmony with the surrounding world. Also, such a tattoo suggests that you need to be constantly in motion, and not surrender to the flow of life.

Usually this image is chosen by people who live close to the sea or are passionately in love with it.

One of the most popular images among girls, which symbolizes mystery, creating an even more mysterious image. It is believed that such a tattoo attracts good luck to its owner, and with the onset of the night help to become more sensual.

Most often, the fair sex prefer drawings with a deer or female deer, as they symbolize female grace, tenderness and spontaneity. The deer is a symbol of the victory of good over evil, personifying justice, nobility and purity of thoughts.

The eagle tattoo is able to emphasize the strong character traits of girls, such as courage, pride, and dedication. This bird symbolizes freedom and complete independence, therefore it is perfect for creative individuals who are striving for self-improvement.

Drawing a pen has long been considered a symbol of renewal and life cycle periodicity. Luxurious feathers of birds always personified fertility and connection with natural forces. Such a simple image can highlight feminine tenderness and grace.

Since ancient times, horseshoe has been a symbol of good luck and wealth, so it is believed that a tattoo with such a pattern plays the role of a talisman. Her owner will always be accompanied by success and happiness.

The image of a horseshoe with horns up represents a full cup, helps to improve the financial situation. If the product is filled with horns down, then it is able to protect a person from adversity and disease.

The panther is considered an unspoken symbol of sexuality and grace, so this image is very popular among girls. Such a tattoo personifies female perfidy, strong energy and beauty. This tattoo emphasizes such qualities of girls as independence and purposefulness.

A tattoo with this image personifies love of freedom and striving for self-improvement.

Depending on the chosen bird, the picture can talk about strong character, loyalty, sincerity, cleanliness and much more. Open wings symbolize the love of life, and the predominance of light shades speaks of bright thoughts.

The most popular values ​​for rose tattoos are love and beauty. Depending on the color, the image may acquire additional meaning. For example, a yellow rose symbolizes sadness, and a black rose symbolizes loss or unhappy love.

A beautiful rose with thorns, as in the photo, makes the female tattoo the embodiment of a strong character, and also indicates the difficulty in the path of life. Plexus of these colors speak of the harmony of man with the world.

The image of the fish on the female body indicates the closure of the character, and can also indicate the presence of strong fears. If there are two small fish in the picture, then it symbolizes harmony and fertility, and a gold fish tattoo personifies wealth and a longer lifespan.

The main values ​​of this tattoo include purity and femininity. Sakura not only emphasizes feminine beauty and elegance, but may also indicate the grief and transience of life. In combination with other drawings can also indicate love, tenderness and happiness.

Tattoos with scorpion in girls indicate complete independence and consistency in relationships. They emphasize strong character traits and carry a large charge of positive energy. Also, a similar pattern indicates courage and poise.

Since ancient times, the owl was considered a symbol of wisdom and advanced erudition. Such a picture is suitable for calm people who have prudence and calmness.

This tattoo is the most recognizable and popular among girls. The heart of all nations of the world symbolizes love and romantic relationships. On the female body, such an image can emphasize the girl's tenderness and amorousness.

The tattoo in the form of an arrow in a girl personifies purposefulness, and helps to emphasize the integrity of the character. Also, such an image is often compared with the Cupid's arrow, attributing a romantic meaning to the figure.

Regardless of gender, a tiger tattoo personifies the strength and leadership qualities of a person. She is able to emphasize courage, courage, and also indicate aggressive nature.

In addition, the image of the tiger emphasizes wisdom, and in the presence of the young in the figure, motherhood and the warmth of the home.

If the animal is recreated with an open mouth, this indicates feminine passion and fieryness.

The phoenix has the ability to revive from the ashes, therefore tattoos with its image symbolize longevity and the beginning of a new life stage. This bird personifies also the eternity and immortality of the soul.

Flowers are the most popular symbol of femininity. They symbolize the full life cycle, from birth to extinction. Цветочные узоры способны подчеркнуть загадочность и глубину души своей обладательницы.

Татуировка с черепахой всегда ассоциировалась с долголетием, спокойствием и мудростью. Такое изображение указывает на женскую терпеливость и стойкость характера, способность избегать неприятностей и постоянное движениек заветной цели.

The image of the skull refers to the body drawings with a philosophical meaning. It indicates the transience of life, its continuous connection with death. The main values ​​of this image are danger and randomness. It is believed that the body pattern in the form of a skull protects gambling and risky individuals from death.

Female tattoo of this type, presented in the photo, is a beautiful way to stand out from the gray mass, and may also indicate a person’s comparison with the product.

When selecting this image, it is recommended to associate it with important dates of life, displaying them in the form of numbers on the barcode.

On the body of the girl, the image of the anchor symbolizes calm and patience.. Also, this tattoo indicates loyalty in a relationship, the ability to make sacrifices for the sake of love. Owners of such a pattern believe in good and always look for positive qualities in other people.

Beautiful female tattoos (photo) with a lizard personify the ability to adapt to the circumstances, to find a way out of any situation.

Due to the abilities of this animal, the drawing was also endowed with such values ​​as the ability to rebirth, sacrifice and activity.

Head, face, neck

A tattoo on these parts of the body will attract everyone’s attention; it will be extremely difficult to hide it. The tattoos on the face and neck are mostly solved by extravagant people who are not afraid of public condemnation.

The back is perfect for large body patterns as well as small patterns that can be easily hidden under clothes.

The most popular parts of the body for tattoos are the forearms and the lumbar region.

Chest, belly

Small tattoos on a woman's stomach look attractive and mysterious. Most often, drawings are stuffed with one side or around the navel. When wearing shortened things there is an opportunity to demonstrate underwear decoration, and with the help of long things - to completely hide.

Large tattoos look spectacular on the female breast, as well as in the area under the sternum.

It can be all sorts of intricate patterns, or the whole picture with a bright plot. Tattoos in the chest area are especially popular for masking postoperative scars.

For small and concise tattoos, the wrist area is perfect. Tattoos at this place are not very striking, and if necessary they can be easily hidden under the bracelet of watches or jewelry.

The tattoo among biceps or the entire surface of the arm is less popular among girls. Similar images look good on a sporty build.

Legs, buttocks

Most often, girls choose as places for tattoos ankle and calf. In the second case, it is possible to make symmetrical patterns on both legs, or to fill an elegant pattern on one side only.

For the area of ​​the buttocks are great large patterns that go to the outer surface of the thigh. Such beautiful female tattoos, located on the photo, help to visually adjust the shape and to emphasize the advantages favorably.

It is also important not only to select the picture and the place where it will be located, but also to choose a professional master who will perform the procedure without risk to health.

Video about women's tattoos

40 of the most beautiful female tattoos:

The value of tattoos for women:

Tattoos on the hands

Tattoos on the hands prefer to apply not only men but also girls. There are a lot of options: inscriptions, color and black-and-white images, in general, everything that can be applied to any other part of the body. There are no restrictions, it all depends on your imagination and professional skill.

It is possible to make a tattoo on the hands cheaply in Moscow in our salon Territory Tattoo. Using your skills and the latest equipment, our masters will help you to get the desired result with a minimum of pain.

Forearm tattoos

The main disadvantage of a tattoo on the forearm is its appearance. Depending on your place of work, tattoos on the forearm may not be permissible, in which case you should choose another option.

Choosing a salon for applying a tattoo on the forearm in Moscow, opt for professional institutions in which all the established standards are observed. Only by turning to real masters, as in the Territory Tattoo salon, you can be confident in the quality and safety of the work performed.

Photos of tattoos on different parts of the body

This gallery includes photos of tattoos stuffed on various parts of the body. Entire sections are devoted to tattoos on the legs, on the arms, on the neck, and so on. This section will be useful for those who have decided on a tattoo, but still have not decided where to fill it.

Your own body always wants to add something. Bring in it a different beauty. And many people choose a tattoo for this role. And now, when the drawing is selected, it remains only to think over which part of the body to wear this creativity. That's all you need to know about choosing a place for a tattoo.

Tattoo on the part of the body - what you need to know (catalog of ready-made examples in the photo)

In order not to regret the hours spent in the tattoo parlor, and the mood from the inconvenient work of the master is not lost. It is necessary to choose the right place of application for the tattoo. Tattoos on the back, for example, in the form of large-scale drawings, will be distorted during various movements and cause bewilderment to the viewers. Body painting in this place went from the Incas. They loved painting their bodies for fighting.

Many girls choose a place behind the lobe of the ear or on the neck as a field of action for the tattoo master. But this is also not a big deal, because this kind of tattoo will either be hidden under clothing, or hidden behind hair. But on the other hand, if a girl wants to bring the raisins into her own appearance, then the secret tattoo will be more appropriate than ever.
Girls also choose to tattoo the lower abdomen, believing that it will make them sexier. Men rarely beat tattoos in such places. Basically it is done by those who want to hide ugly scars after suffering injuries and operations.
Hands are also considered a common place. There are three different zones: shoulders, forearms and wrists. Tattoos on the hands appeared a long time ago and could carry information about a person. About the place of his birth, and who he works and what caste he belongs to. Also, tattoos on their hands carried the role of guardian or used in magical rituals.

Modern tattoos - the choice of location for the application

Now tattoos on the hands carry only attractive meaning. This is the most mobile and often open part of the body, so the tattoo will always be visible and will attract the attention of others.
The legs are also a vast place of work for the tattoo master. Girls generally prefer the outer side of the thigh and foot, and men prefer the lower leg. The process of applying a tattoo on the legs is very painful. But applying a tattoo on the feet causes less pain than, for example, on the thigh. The tattoo on the feet originates in India. They pay great attention to the feet, so Indian girls put on this part of the body patterned henna patterns.
But the tattoo on his knees are mostly popular with men, especially those who served time in places not so remote. Tattoo in the form of stars on her lap means denial of ways in the prison.

Tattoos on the chest - an ancient tradition of warriors. They went to battle, praying for their return home. And as a charm, a sort of shield for the heart, tattooed on the chest. The drawings were designed to protect them in battle. Now tattoo on the chest are aesthetic in nature. Chest - most of the body and fill, for example, drawing or painting - it allows.
Tattoos on the face are popular among the Maori tribes. Tattoos look like patterns and are war paint. If the warrior had a kind of tattooed mask, he deserved the highest honor. Now the tattoo on the face is not popular, they went higher on the head. But this is not very comfortable, because you need to constantly monitor the growth of hair.
Prepared by:vita2695 (Lisitsyna Vitalia Aleksandrovna)

Tattoo on hand

You can get a tattoo on your arm cheaply in Moscow in our salon Territory Tattoo. A huge selection of sketches, professional craftsmen and reasonable prices - this is what distinguishes our salon from other similar establishments. Of course, to make a tattoo in Moscow is not a problem, but if you want to get the highest quality result for the lowest price, then contact the tattoo salon Territory.

Tattoos on the hand are popular with both boys and girls. At the same time, tattoo inscriptions on the arm are becoming increasingly recognized.

As for the painfulness of the procedure, I would like to note that the arm is not the most sensitive organ of the body, therefore, although the process of applying a tattoo on the arm will be somewhat unpleasant, it will not bring much pain.

So, if you want to make tattoos on your hand cheaply, while receiving a lot of positive impressions, and at the end - a great result, then welcome to our salon Territory Tattoo.

Tattoos today

Today, tattoos are especially popular, but they are often applied to not very successful places. But such a picture can be not just a beautiful illustration, but a real work of art.

In our tattoo parlor is concentrated material with excellent ideas for body painting. Having visited it, you will find a photo gallery worthy of attention and useful when choosing your image.

Note that one image can be performed in a variety of ways.

Define the idea of ​​tattoos is not an easy task. Remembering that the picture is applied for life and it is very difficult to remove it, it is necessary to take its choice very seriously. On the Internet you can find unusual images that can be a motivation and suggest an idea.

Always drawings on different parts of the body had an established meaning. However, now do not attach this importance. Such tattoos do not have a hidden hidden meaning, and they are simply considered to be the usual pattern made for beauty. However, there are so-called, camp tattoos with a certain value, which are located either on the conditioned part of the skin, or on part of the body. After choosing the illustration, it is advisable to find out the meaning of the tattoo in different periods of history in different layers of society. Then clearly define the shape of the future image in the form of a sketch.

On the wrist

Wrists always appear in front of their owners and the people around them, for this reason small inscriptions and less often drawings are put here. The wrists almost do not close with long sleeves and the tattoos are visible when moving. In adolescence, tattoos look like signs of maturity and independence. However, it is these illustrations that may later cost a career. In large firms, there is often a strict dress code that applies not only to clothing, but also to the appearance of workers, especially managers.

On legs and arms

Based on the same approach as when applying body painting on the wrist, it is worth thinking not only what it means, or another animal or symbol, but remembering a tattoo is a solid pattern on the body. It is necessary to correctly determine its location. It is desirable that the image is placed so that it was not visible from under the summer clothes. It is easier for men to choose; they should wear pants in the office at all times of the year. However, the drawing should not be seen from under the sleeve of the Swede.

The undeniable advantage is the fact that by applying the image you can mask various skin defects:

  • scars
  • scarring,
  • birthmarks,
  • hyperpigmentation
  • hypopigmentation.

Or disguise unsuccessful attempts to tattoo, which were produced in early youth. The years are going by, the status is changing, and an important businessman absolutely does not need an unsightly tattoo.

The back is one of the lightest parts of the body for tattooing. A significant area of ​​a smooth skin area allows you to make elegant and spectacular drawings. And it requires from those seeking to put a tattoo to make a demanding selection of the master and the salon.

Remember - underwear painting is not just a picture. It appears as a business card of its owner.

We believe that it is in our salon that you will find materials that can guide you in the beautiful and amazing genre of art of artistic tattoo.

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