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Where to go to rest in December 2018


We say “no!” To traditional crackling frosts on New Year's Eve and sketched out several options where you can organize a sea holiday in December 2018: from the hot sun of Cuba to the warm ocean of Indonesia.

Is it inexpensive to go on vacation abroad in early December or just before the 31st day? It is quite possible, if you find out in advance about the warm "winter" countries, consider the "hot" trips and decide where a beach holiday in December is the most attractive and affordable.


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Well, now, let's explore the best countries for a beach holiday in December!

Where to go on vacation in December at sea

While your hometown is pouring a mixture of rain and snow, it's time to decide where to go for treatment of the overcast-winter depression. A beach holiday in December at the sea is remarkable for the fact that it is exotic for all the inhabitants of immense Russia - from Moscow, Kazan, and Irkutsk. 🙂

There are many countries that lure their picturesque coasts and well-groomed beaches. Usually, the choice takes into account the duration of the flight, the season and the number of tourists, the opportunity to participate in local holidays or festivals.

Popular for holidays in December in 2018 are still the countries of Southeast Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, China most sought after by travelers from Russia. In search of solitude and romance, a separate part rushes to the islands, for example, the Maldives or Bali.

Budget holidays can be arranged on Goa - the resort is recognized as the most attractive in terms of price for a winter vacation. Considering the western hemisphere, emit Cuba, Dominicana, of the less "tourist" - Mexico and Brazil.

Where to relax in December at the sea with children? The best option - Israel or UAEwhich does not require a long tedious flight.

Prices for holidays in December

It is worth mentioning that the prices for rest in December 2018 increase at the end of the month before the New Year celebrations. Be prepared if you plan to meet the 2018th in an atypical company of sea and sun.

Supporters of a more relaxed and measured rest, those who first choose where to go in December to swim and sunbathe, the first part of the month will be a suitable and “sparing” option for the wallet.

Do not forget that the prices for holidays in December may drop significantly if you closely monitor the proposals of tour operators and grab a burning tour.

Sea adventure in Thailand

December is the first month after the rainy season at most Thai resorts. The weather is hot, the sea is heated to the temperature of "fresh" milk. Tourists from Asia are beginning to massively arrive at their favorite vacation spots. It is worth noting that, unlike the UAE and Egypt, here the comfort of weather conditions is improving every day.

  • "Fresh sea",
  • comfortable weather conditions
  • beginning of the tourist season
  • you can relax with children
  • bright holidays.

  • high cost of the tour
  • exotic cuisine
  • flight duration.

Legendary and yet covered by the authorities of Egypt

The first month of winter can not be called the best month for tours to the Egyptian coast, but this is the very case when the price is everything. In December, it is still possible to swim in Egypt (especially in the Red Sea), however, the air has already cooled down to + 23 ° С, at night the temperature does not rise above + 17 ° С. Another unpleasant moment will be the increased wind, which surfers will appreciate.

Please note that the climate here is cooling down, so at the beginning of the month the weather conditions are much more comfortable than on New Year's holidays.

  • good weather conditions for excursions in the country,
  • lack of crowds of tourists
  • you can swim
  • low cost of tours

  • swim comfortably only at noon,
  • strong wind,
  • tours are getting more expensive by the New Year, but the weather conditions are getting worse,

Cost of tours

Legendary and yet covered by the authorities of Egypt

The first month of winter can not be called the best month for tours to the Egyptian coast, but this is the very case when the price is everything. In December, it is still possible to swim in Egypt (especially in the Red Sea), however, the air has already cooled down to + 23 ° С, at night the temperature does not rise above + 17 ° С. Another unpleasant moment will be the increased wind, which surfers will appreciate.

Please note that the climate here is cooling down, so at the beginning of the month the weather conditions are much more comfortable than on New Year's holidays.

  • good weather conditions for excursions in the country,
  • lack of crowds of tourists
  • you can swim
  • low cost of tours

  • swim comfortably only at noon,
  • strong wind,
  • tours are getting more expensive by the New Year, but the weather conditions are getting worse,

Cost of tours

Arabian Pearl - UAE

The country of luxury cools down by the end of the year so much that it becomes accessible even to those who do not tolerate the local climate. The best area for rest at the end of the year will be the coast of the Persian Gulf, where the air temperature is slightly higher, but the water temperature is slightly higher in the Gulf of Oman.

  • favorable weather conditions
  • you can swim
  • numerous developed resorts
  • opportunities to come with children
  • Holidays: National Day of the UAE, New Year.

  • the cost of the tour at the end of the month increases by 35%
  • rules of behavior and eating habits unusual for Europeans.

  • T air during the day + 23 ... + 28
  • T water + 23 ... + 26

Awesome Indian state of Goa

After the heat and stuffiness that prevailed here since April, the steady + 32 ° C in the afternoon will seem almost comfortable for those who choose the local coast for a holiday. But nevertheless, light things with long sleeves and sunscreen must be taken - in just one hour you can burn out the sun in such a way so that the whole vacation will be spoiled. Tourists will also be pleased by the decreased humidity - December is one of the driest months.

  • comfortable weather
  • seasonal fruit
  • low prices for food, housing and clothing,
  • wide clean beaches
  • ability to communicate in English,
  • Sunburn GOA 2016 festival.

Exotic Sri Lanka

Hot days, warm ocean and frequent night rains - this is what awaits tourists in the south-west of Sri Lanka in the first decade of the month. This is the residual phenomena of the rainy season, which only moved to the northeast of the island. The second half of the month will be more consistent, and the ocean will also calm down, so it is better to plan the rest for this time (especially if you are going to spend it with the children). In Sri Lanka, the high season begins, which will undoubtedly affect both the number of tourists and the prices.

  • warm ocean
  • exotic nature,
  • bird and whale migration
  • celebration of Christmas and New Year.

  • unstable weather
  • long flight,
  • the language barrier.

Dominican beaches and white sand

In December, thousands of tourists rush to the resorts of the Dominican Republic, as the season of hurricanes and storms finally left the resort areas. Whatever you choose the Atlantic Ocean in the north or the Caribbean Sea in the south - the water will be warm, and the likelihood of storms is reduced to zero. For a family holiday should focus on the resorts of the southern coast, which are protected by a coral reef, so there are no waves here.

  • comfortable weather
  • no hurricanes and storms
  • possibility of rest with children
  • rich excursion program.

  • expensive vouchers, especially after 20 numbers,
  • language barrier (mostly Americans have a rest here).

  • T air during the day + 26 ... + 30
  • T water + 27 ... + 28

Unreal vietnam

For holidays in December, tourists usually choose the resorts of the southern coast or Phu Quoc. While in the rest of the territory the temperature does not exceed + 24 ° С, here it is + 28 ° С. Moreover, in the south there is a minimum amount of precipitation, in contrast to central Vietnam, and there is no wind, with the exception of Mui Ne. In the past couple of years, this Asian country has been making very competent steps to attract Russian tourists to their resorts. Here you will find a very beautiful and unusual nature, excellent weather conditions, low prices and many new experiences.

  • increasing number of tourists
  • rising prices.

Sunny and inexpensive holidays in Tenerife

By December, the Atlantic Ocean cools down to 20-21 degrees, which should not be very scary from visiting the ocean. However, most tourists prefer to use hotel pools, where the water warms up under the rays of the sun to higher elevations. The main advantage of rest on the island at this time is ideal conditions for active tourism. Climbing to the crater of the volcano, visiting Loro Park with killer whale shows, hike to the world's best water park, beautiful landscapes, unique nature and natural phenomena, a large number of attractions - all this you will find in Tenerife throughout the year, but the winter months are best suited for self exploring the island.

  • not very hot
  • you can still swim
  • a large number of attractions
  • big excursion program
  • European service
  • familiar kitchen
  • availability of regular direct flights from Moscow,

  • the need to open a Schengen visa,
  • New Year holidays demand exceeds supply (prices soar)
  • even in the south it can be up to 12 days with precipitation,
  • flight

  • T air day + 19 ... + 24
  • T water + 20 ... + 22

Beach Paradise - Maldives

"Paradise Island" can offer good conditions for lovers to spend time on the beach. December, although it closes the wet season, is already much more pleasing to tourists with absolutely clear days. And the closer January is, the less chance there is to catch rain. However, even if it is flooded, it usually does not interfere with rest at all.

  • warm ocean
  • great service,
  • exotics islands doing nothing
  • Fisherman's Day with fairs and songs.

  • the high cost of both tours and entertainment
  • lack of excursion program,
  • inconstancy of weather.

Back to the past to Cuba!

The water temperature is almost equal to the air temperature, which definitely means a comfortable bathing. The day is warm and sunny, cool at night. The most for those who do not like the heat and hunters for new experiences. If you come to Cuba just for a beach holiday, then you are on the coast of the Caribbean, where the temperature is slightly higher.

  • summer weather,
  • rainy season and typhoon behind,
  • the season is just starting to rise,
  • local calorie,
  • festivals and festivals: International New Latin Cinema, Jazz Festival, Catholic Christmas, New Year.

  • long flight
  • high cost of tours
  • expensive internet

Excursions, sea and beach in Mexico

Winter Mexico is a real mecca for those who want to relax on the sea in December. Tender sun, white sand beaches, clean and warm water. Add to this the lack of rain, decreased humidity and pleasantly warming sun. If you prefer a warmer sea, we advise you to stop at the resorts of the east coast, invigorating water and small waves - on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

  • pleasant weather
  • interesting excursion program
  • the opening of the season of diving and whale watching,
  • Tequila festival, Posados, April Fool's Day, Christmas.

  • high tour price
  • non-updated infrastructure of individual resorts.

Vacation with children

The organization of family holidays by the sea is complicated by the fact that the range of possible directions is strongly limited by the distances and requirements for resorts. Children need a sightseeing program for quality recreation, the availability of children's infrastructure at resorts, high-quality and varied food and service in hotels. Many warm December countries are simply not designed for what our children are accustomed to in European resorts. Therefore, if we are talking about relaxing by the sea, we would recommend choosing them from these “time-tested” areas:

As for attacks in Europe, it all depends on your budget and interests.

The most popular December foreign destination among Russian tourists was and remains Finland. Someone goes to Lapland to look for Santa Claus, someone prefers to rest in cottages, for someone who prefers the ski and ski resorts of the country. The opportunity to get independently by car, bus, ferry or plane - provide the leadership of this country in terms of external tourism.

You can go to Praguewhere there are a lot of objects that may be interesting to both adults and children. Prague Zoo, for example, is one of the top 10 zoos in the world.

Disneyland at Paris and Port Aventura in Salou is a great lure for any child to bite. Both amusement parks are open during the Christmas holidays. Children can spend 1-2 days in the park, and in the remaining 2-3 days you can see Paris and Barcelona can be as part of the tour for the whole family.

Holidays in the mountains

Although it is generally accepted that ski tourism begins in January, many countries are ready to take their first vacationers in December.

In the first half of December, it is not necessary to rely on a good snow cover, although under the condition of cold and rich in November precipitation, this option is also possible. But, starting from mid-December, you can already safely go to the ski resorts of Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, where tourists from Europe come to the Catholic Christmas. Some of the tracks at this time are likely to be still closed, but if you are not a sophisticated skier, you’ll definitely have enough.

By the way, it is a mistake to assume that all vacationers in the mountains should certainly be able to go skiing. In the European resorts there are well-equipped walking trails, where you can walk both on foot and on cross-country skiing. Pleasure and fresh air is guaranteed, as well as hot wine by the fireplace in the evening ...


In December, in the Dominican Republic, every visitor will see an unforgettable view that will retain in its memory an excellent and breathtaking feeling from an amazing country - these are huge sea mammals, the giants of the seas - the whales. This month they migrate near the shores of the Dominican Republic. These great animals, regardless of the fact that they have impressive size with extraordinary weightlessness, swim in the waters of thousands of kilometers to get to the Caribbean Sea for wintering. Not this spectacle is famous for the Dominican Republic. Tourists who love to dive to the depths of the sea have all the conditions for conducting excursions in underwater caves and exploring the marine inhabitants and their natural habitat - coral reefs.

This purest, transparent and salty sea water attracts not only divers, but also lovers to get a beautiful tan while basking in the rays of the Dominican sun. On the seabed lies a sunken city, which became a museum, visiting it, you can learn the history of the sunken Spanish galleons sailing here in the XVIII century. In the beautiful tropical forests of the Dominican Republic, strange plants, animals and birds will appear to every look, seeing which unimaginable emotions will remain in memory. The cost of the December tour is about 30,000 rubles per person, the stay is 7 days.

Relaxing on the sea in December in Vietnam is a truly fabulous journey. East exotic intertwined with modern service. Vietnam is considered to be Asian Hawaii, where magnificent sandy beaches are located, which are surrounded by beautiful lagoons and waterfalls, and the entire coast is framed by coconut palms. Your vacation here in December will be simply unforgettable due to the fact that some primitive unattractiveness of nature reigns here, as well as well-groomed national parks and reserves, as well as monuments of ancient civilizations. This will be an unforgettable adventure for you, and you will want to make a trip to this country again.

Real happiness is from cold December with a piercing wind to fly to the tropical paradise of the Maldives, with white sand beaches, with emerald-blue lagoons and the incredible beauty of natural landscapes. Holidays in the Maldives in December are so beautiful that you don’t feel sorry for any money for the days of serene pleasure spent in this exotic corner of the Earth. Comfortable air temperature (27-33 °), gentle waters of the Indian Ocean (25 °), the opportunity to do scuba diving, the highest level of hotels make you forget about all the problems and hardships, "resurrect" body and soul. In December there is a lot of entertainment: you can take part in the Day of the Fisherman (December 10). On this day, various contests of fishing skill, chefs and chefs are held, allowing not only to see exotic fish and other marine life, but also to try the most delicious dishes from them.

Немало приятных впечатлений оставит празднование Дня Пророка Мухаммеда (12. 12), когда местные жители щедро раздают милостыни, очень приветливы с туристами, проводятся лекции о жизни Мухаммеда. Неплохо провести здесь и Рождество (25 декабря), которое отмечается в основном ради туристов, получающих массу разнообразных впечатлений от новогодней экзотики по-мальдивски. Здесь уютно чувствуют себя дети и взрослые, пожилые пенсионеры и молодожёны, влюблённые парочки и одинокие туристы. December 2017 in the Maldives promises great weather and amazing beach holidays!

The country, consisting of resort islands, attracts tourists throughout the year with a picturesque variety of flora and fauna, the azure coasts of two oceans, and a special exotic flavor. Rest in December in Bali, Sumatra, Java, Lombok and other islands delivers unearthly bliss and gives unforgettable impressions of national parks, extreme travel, active pastime on wonderful oceanic beaches. The average temperature in December in Indonesia is 26 °, water is 25-26 °. On some days, the air warms up to 32 °. Sometimes warm tropical rain falls, refreshing the emerald of lush green parks.

In this month, when there is no 40-degree heat, it is good to visit the numerous ancient temples, historical sights of the country, which the islands abound with. In Bali, you can visit the numerous temples, the unique reserve "Monkey Forest" and the ancient temple complex of Hindus, on Java - the Borobudur Buddhist temple, the Hindu Gebang and Gedong Songo and other ancient religious buildings. Fairy impressions will leave the celebration of Christmas against the background of street processions, carnivals and incendiary shows. Beach holidays will bring maximum pleasure with a variety of entertainment, comfortable warmth, captivating beauty of the ocean coasts. Prices for vouchers (especially last minute) in December are more moderate than during the rest of the year - you need to take advantage of this.

There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the heroic past of the legendary Island of Freedom, sung in the popular hymn "Cuba - my love, the island of purple dawn ..." who has not heard of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara! The country shrouded in an aura of revolutionary romance is famous not only for its cigars and rum, but also for its amazing beaches, famous resorts and the tropical beauty of nature. Cuba is especially pleased with December with beautiful weather without rain and comfortable temperature of air (+ 26-28 °) and water (+ 25 °). There is no suffocating heat, great moisture, so it is a great pleasure to relax in the Cuban resorts in December.

To visit Havana on New Year's Eve is a real happiness, to see historical monuments, to feel a special pulse and coloring of the Cuban capital, cheerful cheerfulness of hospitable Cubans is a double happiness. Unforgettable impressions will be left by the festival of Latin American cinema in Havana, held annually in mid-December, where interesting films and meetings with world movie stars await. Resorts Varadero, Cayo Largo will provide a wonderful beach holiday on the Caribbean coast, full of tropical exotic and magical beauty. An abundance of fruits, fish, seafood, relatively low prices in hotels will complement the stay on the legendary island.

In December, a hot Muslim country welcomes everyone with warm affection and festive events in the form of various festivals and special dates. Beach lovers will enjoy plenty of white sand, swimming in the clear sea, calm and extreme fun. On the 2nd of December, residents of the UAE celebrate their National Day, when during 2 days there are bright processions and parades in all the cities, festive concerts, fun contests and safe lotteries are held.

The evening fireworks amaze with their scope and magnificence. Sports lovers will especially enjoy the elite rugby championship, which has become a prestigious world tournament, accompanied by the performance of famous muses. collectives, recreational activities and attractions. The first week of December in Dubai was marked by the international exhibition of jewelry and precious stones from the Middle East (350 firms from 30 countries). Excellent resort service, excellent food, a short flight to an exotic Arabian tale attract a large number of people who want to relax in December in the UAE.

The birthplace of the Aztecs and Mayans attracts with its originality, the abundance of ancient monuments, magnificent beaches, bright unusual exotic and wonderful people. Here everyone will find something for himself: to lie on the white sand, to splash in plenty into the transparent azure of the sea, to sink into the mysterious caves and dungeons, to admire the amazing landscapes. Here you can plunge into the seething atmosphere of a carnival, find yourself on a desert island, go diving, see Indian settlements, the famous Mayan pyramids, majestic colonial palaces and underwater nat.parki. Resorts Acapulco, Cancun, Los Cabos and others are waiting for guests in December, excellent service, excellent weather, delicious Mexican dishes and an exciting beach holiday. You do not need a visa to travel to Mexico; you need a minimum of documents.

The unique island state is the most beautiful place in the world, where for almost all year round there are no divisions into seasons: there are almost always about the same air and water temperatures. In December, a little more rain, but they are short-lived, and under the generous rays of the sun everything dries quickly, playing with bright tropical colors. The humidity is quite high here: for those who easily tolerate the wet heat, a holiday in December in the Seychelles will bring a lot of pleasure.

You can go sailing, diving, water skiing, plenty to watch the rich exotic fauna, go fishing. Seychelles - the perfect place for a honeymoon - the enchanting beauty of the surrounding nature will be the perfect backdrop for the development of feelings. Not bad here will rest the family with children, where everyone will find a lesson in interests.

The blessed land of Israel, generously caressed by the sun and the sea air, in December is distinguished by fresh, cool weather. At this time, you can indulge in excursions to attractions and walks through the picturesque mountains, in addition to a beach holiday. For the latter, excellent conditions were created on the Red and Dead Seas in December: there is no human crowding, clear water, warm air, non-aggressive sun. Falling rains do not overshadow the stay on the beaches. Prices for tours are quite mild (7 days - 800-1200 euros). According to reviews of tourists, the censure is the nutrition of young children and the not very good attitude of the staff. The beginning of December in Israel is marked by the celebration of the world - Hanukkah: for 8 days, concerts, shows, fireworks are held all over the country.

The ancient cradle of civilization - Egypt in December is very suitable for those who want to improve their body. At the famous resort of Safaga, you can get rid of dermatological problems, diseases of the respiratory system. The mild weather contributes to active rest: desert safaris, quad biking, jeeps, and sightseeing. Who prefers the beach, Hurghada, Sinai, Nuweiba are perfect for delightful swimming and a relaxed tan under the warm rays. Hurghada is an ideal place to stay with children on the cleanest sandy beaches, with an abundance of children's pools in hotels. It is quite reasonable prices for vouchers and flights - in favor of those who want to go to Egypt in December.

Winter has come. I can not believe that there are places where at this time there is heat, in the warm water of the ocean (T27 °) you can swim all day. Rain in Sri Lanka is rare in December. The peak of the season for outdoor activities has come. Monsoons are not retreating at the same time in the country. In some places, the December night showers continue. If you plan a vacation in Colombo, then at T air 30 ° during the day and 24 ° at night you need to take an umbrella.

The same weather conditions in December in the resorts of Kalutara, Beruvella. The daily temperature on the west coast of the island of Negombo is slightly lower (23 °). The December heat reigns in the resorts of Wadduwa, Bentota, Halle, Weligama, Hikkaduwa. Lovers of exotic animals can relax in the Tangalle area along with a huge number of turtles. Throughout December, the migration of birds (National bird month) takes place in the country. You can hear their singing, you can see a colorful outfit everywhere. The cost of traveling to the island of Ceylon in December is not considered low.

Expensive journey to the exotic country of Africa is ready to make people who dream of conquering the snowy summit of Kilimanjaro. It takes 5 days to climb it and is easier in December. See the largest lake in Africa Victoria Victoria or the second in depth Tanganyak. The fabulous islands of Zanzibar, Mafia, Pemba, uninhabited Mnemba. Beach vacation in Tanzania takes place at a temperature of 30 ° T, water in the Indian Ocean is 27 °.

For lovers of diving here is a real paradise surrounded by the underwater kingdom of coral reefs, rare marine life. The purity of the azure water ensures high visibility. A diving center with training opportunities for newbies is located in Stone Town. Tanzania is considered an African wonderland with a local civilization. It is very different from the traditions of Europe. Russia. Traveling to Africa requires a lot of money.

The exotic nature of the island state of the Indian Ocean in December reigns surrounded by air T reigns surrounded by air 32 °, water 28 °, humidity 80%. The peak tourist season in Mauritius comes now. On all the beaches of Mauritius organized high-level infrastructure. The sandy stripes near the azure waters are clean and well-kept (Tamarin Bay, Pereybere, Bel Mar, Flic-en-Flac). All kinds of marine entertainment are becoming available and are under the control of the relevant services.

Fishing in the open sea is a popular type of activity for holidaymakers in Mauritius. Fishing boat rented at the hotel and catch tuna, hammer fish, shark. In December there is a prestigious competition at the "World Cup of Marlin". The popularity of travel to Mauritius keeps the cost of tours at high values.

Indonesia, Bali

In December, the exotic island of the tropics is invited to come to celebrate the New Year. Without snow drifts, shaggy spruces, and surrounded by southern plants and an air temperature of 34 ° during the day, 22 ° at night, and water of 28 °. Despite the warm water, undisturbed swimming this month is complicated by strong winds. Monsoons fully exercise their rights.

They bring short showers at night. In the morning it is not always possible to find small puddles. Everything dries quickly. Most of the precipitation falls on the south coast of Bali, in Denpasar. The driest are the central areas. The sun, covered with clouds, emits the maximum amount of ultraviolet rays. Tan appears instantly.

Without precautionary protective measures, unwanted burns appear on the skin. High waves do not interfere with beach rest in Nusa Dua, Sanur, Gili Island. In December, tourists arriving in the low season, expect profitable price reductions in the first half of the month. Closer to the New Year prices increase significantly. This is due to the popularity of Bali holidays in December.

The heat, together with high humidity, which dominates the whole territory of December Malaysia, is not suitable for a good rest for many people. Europeans do not tolerate such weather conditions. Daytime T is 29 °, at night it drops to 21 °. The period from November to January is considered the coldest. In the vicinity of Mount Kinabalu, it is only 10 °.

In many areas, the rainy season is coming to an end. Short night showers make it possible to relax all year round comfortably on the islands of Penang, Langkawi, Pangkor, Borneo. A country with virgin nature, unspoilt beaches, high level of service is interesting at any time of the year.

Participating in excursions, you are invited to learn about its amazing cities (Malacca, Georgetown, Kuala Lampur), climb Mount Penang, sail through amazing cave rivers, visit the Temple of the Dragon Mountains and many other attractions of the country. The cost of traveling to an exotic country is considered high.

The country is located on the large Antilles in the Caribbean. Mountains, hills, fast rivers, mineral springs in the climatic conditions of a tropical summer have a rest all year round. The north wind of December eases the heat, takes rain. Daytime T 26 °, at night 21 °. On the beaches with developed infrastructure, it is proposed to take part in numerous entertainments, to wander around the snow-white expanses surrounded by the azure sea. The main resorts of Jamaica are Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio.

The climate of December helps to make interesting hikes in the surroundings, conquer mountain peaks, dive into the waters of the Blue Lagoon, see the famous karst caves, silver waterfalls, walk along the plantations of one of the best coffees on the planet (Blue Mountain). The cost of travel to Jamaica is reduced for the period of low season (May, June, September, October). At other times, it is considered high.

Historically, French Polynesia has been known since 1880. It consists of 118 islands of volcanic type, formed in different periods of the life of the planet. The country's capital, Papeete, is located on the largest island of Tahiti. It is often called a paradise on earth, lost in the waves of the South Pacific. An unforgettable vacation is offered at any time of the year.

December is considered a transitional month between the dry (from March to November) and hot (from November to March) climatic seasons. Day T leaves 32 °, water is never colder than 26 °. The refreshing sea breeze softens the constant heat, making the rest on the beach, sea entertainment comfortable. The island has many small secluded beaches on the shores of beautiful lagoons.

The probability of occurrence of strong cyclones occurs in January. The mild tropical climate of December allows you to explore the depths of the island, make fascinating cruises around the islands, wander through the endless native market of Tahiti. Traveling to a distant, paradise island is expensive.

Where to buy an inexpensive tour

In our country, travel travel agencies Level Travel, Travelata, Onlinetours became the pioneers in purchasing tours to different parts of the world through online booking. Convenient services for tour search, numerous payment options and offers for last minute tours. 24-hour communication with leading tour operators of the country makes working with them quick, useful. Do not specify which one is better.

Search for a specific travel option should be done on all offers. Before making a final decision, any tour can be booked for a few minutes using a bank card. When searching for yourself, it is recommended to study the following information:

  • Level Travel. A tool to find a tour are: a calendar of the best prices for tours, a tape of burning tours. You can view the tour from Moscow for any number of days.
  • Travelata. There is a convenient mobile application for iOS, Android with a quick search. Information about the cost of hotels, a list of thematic tours in Russia are offered on separate pages.
  • Onlinetours. In the search query about the required tour there is an opportunity to use a wide range of departure date, number of days. Estimate the price of travel without tickets for the flight.

Specialists of travel agencies come to the rescue when choosing a tour for a holiday at sea. People with different financial capabilities will be offered the most interesting option.

Where to rest in December abroad cheaply and without a visa

Spending a holiday on paperwork and running around in official institutions is not enough for anyone.

First of all, you should look at the resorts of those countries to which a Russian can go without a visa, or to states with a simplified mode of entry (where a visa can be issued online or directly at the airport upon arrival).

Here is a comparative table of weather conditions in the main visa-free directions:

Let us consider in more detail the conditions in each of these countries.

Entry into the country

The visa is issued directly at the airport for an additional $ 15. Upon arrival in Sharm el-Sheikh and the lack of intention to travel outside the Sinai Peninsula visa is free of charge.

What to do and what to see

Morning tourist should spend on the beach and the sea. Later in the evening you can go for a walk around the neighborhood or return to the hotel. The peculiarity of winter in Egyptian resorts is a huge number of tourists from Russia and European countries.

Arriving in Egypt on December 22-24, you can catch the celebration of Catholic Christmas. At this time, most hotels have parties for guests. Such a way to spend time will allow not only to see the colorful entertainment programs, in which the best show teams from different countries usually participate, but also to make useful contacts with EU residents who are friendly enough to be on holiday.

Beach holidays in Egypt

active sports can be enjoyed in Dahab


New Year's light show on the pyramids in 2018

Traditional souvenirs in the bazaars

Surfing and diving can also be done - the instructor and the station are working in "normal" mode. However, you will have to go scuba diving or surfing instead of swimming in the sea. It is most convenient to "actively relax" in the morning.

Those who are not tied to one resort and hotel should go on a cruise on the Red Sea or a trip along the Nile. Humidity and temperature have to excursions, the heat does not interfere with the inspection of historical sights.

On the eve of the New Year is to look at the markets and sales. Главное — не забывать торговаться с местными. «Стартовая» цена не безделушки завышена в 3-4 раза.

После 11 вечера начинается время туров по местным барам и ресторанам. В отеле «Golden Five» регулярно проходит световое и музыкальное шоу «Поющие фонтаны», которое заслуживает внимания любителей эффектных представлений.

Цены на туры

Советуем брать готовый тур, куда включены перелет, проживание в гостинице, питание all inclusive и страховка. Такие туры выйдут дешевле.

Начало зимы — отличное время для отдыха в азиатских странах. Тайланд — не исключение.

Чем обязательно нужно заняться

Кроме отдыха на пляже и купания в Тайланд стоит ездить ради местных магазинов с экзотическими диковинками. In late December, the sales season begins in the shops, and you can get original gifts for the New Year for a penny.

Due to not too hot weather and lack of rain, December in Thailand is suitable not only for a beach holiday, but also for mini-trips around the country. Tourists should go on an excursion to the mountains or at least take a ride through the surrounding villages in order to feel the atmosphere of “non-tourist” regions.

Phuket beach


Local restaurants have a wide variety of seafood.

In the northern regions of the country you can find more active entertainment than lying on the beach, including ski resorts.

In December, the rainy season in Thailand has already passed, the temperature is kept around + 25ºC, and the water is perfectly heated for swimming. The humidity of the atmosphere is quite high, but the weather does not interfere with a relaxed rest. Water at night is often warmer than air. It is worth bringing with you a light cape or a windbreaker to protect against the evening coolness and dampness.

We have prepared a detailed article about the weather in Thailand in December.


In Thailand, it is rare to find a hotel that offers a full diet, usually hotels offer breakfasts or not at all included meals. But the choice of cafes and restaurants with seafood will delight any gourmet! Lunch for two will cost from 600-1200 rubles.

If you are going to go to Thailand for more than two weeks, then it will be more profitable to find air tickets and a hotel room by yourself. Living in Asia is cheap, the most expensive - to get to the islands. Read more about the flight to Thailand in our article.

From December to March, tourists from Russia and Europe fly to Vietnam. The swimming season in the southern part of the country never ends, and the opportunity to spend the New Year holidays on the warm sea attracts foreigners year after year.

Where to rest

In the middle of Vietnam it will be possible to swim and “culturally entertain”. Not too hot weather allows you to go on excursions in Hue and Hoi An, to historical sites.

In the northern part is better to get out on day trips, and in the south - to stay for swimming and relaxing at sea.

In Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, the weather is suitable for outdoor activities such as kiting.

Popular destinations in December:

In the northern regions continues to get cold. On the plains, the temperature is kept within + 15-20ºC, in the mountains it is colder by several degrees. In Hanoi, the average temperature does not rise above + 18-19ºC.

On holiday in the central part of Vietnam is better to go in late December. Closer to the New Year, the rains are ending, and the air temperature is still quite high - 20-25ºC. The sea warms up almost the same as the air, up to + 23-24ºC.

Nha Trang, like Phan Thiet and Mounier, is best visited closer to the middle of winter. In early December storms happen here, and the sea is often muddy and not very pleasant for swimming.

Fukuoka Resort

Ho Chi Minh City

Nha Trang Resort

Lunch at a seafood cafe


Here, as in many Asian countries, in hotels most often offer only breakfast. But cafes and restaurants on every corner, so you should not worry! Seafood, crabs and local delicacies will surprise you with their variety! Lunch for two will be from 800-1500 rubles.

Where to go on vacation in the winter with a visa: the sea and not only

Holidays in Europe on the sea in December - not too much fun.

In Greece, Spain and Italy, the beach season is already closed. Although winter is much warmer in these regions than in Russia, it is better to enjoy the resorts not in December, but in the middle of spring.

To travel to some popular tourist countries, citizens of Russia still need a visa. Getting permission to travel is usually not too difficult, especially if you draw up documents in the "high" season.

December is a great month for a trip to Goa. Most of the locals understand the Russian language, so that communication problems will not appear even with self-preparation travel.

How to have fun?

Of course, sunbathe on countless beaches and swim in the warm ocean! And if the beaches of India are fed up, you can go on a trip. The first candidates for “inspection” are spice plantations, crocodiles and tortoise farms.

Be sure to look at the old part of Goa, included in the UNESCO list. Separate exotic entertainment - a trip on elephants and swimming with them. You should definitely jump with a parachute or ride a paraglider and enjoy the views of the ocean. You can plunge into the constant atmosphere of the holiday in numerous nightclubs and discos. We advise you to visit the reserves Kotigao or Bondla and "relax your soul", left alone with nature.

And, of course, meditate, undergo healing and cleansing procedures.

Be sure to try swimming with elephants.

Beach holiday

Visit the spice plantation

Go with the kids to the festival of colors

Meditate, undergo healing and cleansing procedures.


If you are planning to go on a trip to India for 7-10 days, it is most advantageous to take a ready-made tour.

A trip for a month is best to look for yourself. Accommodation and food in India are very cheap, the most expensive flights will be issued.

from 39 thousand rubles

from 500 rubles per hostel

from 1000 rubles of hotel

The season on the exotic island of Sri Lanka is just beginning, in the first half of the month rains are possible, but in the second half of the month the weather stabilizes and there is no precipitation. It is worth considering if you are going on vacation with children. However, in the second half of the month, both the number of tourists and prices will also increase. The December sun is not so scorching, the water is warm, and the humidity is dropping - this is the perfect time to rest here.


Regardless of the period of stay in the camp, you must pre-issue a visa. This can be done online, which greatly simplifies the task.

Things to do?

  • On the beaches of Benton, you can not only swim in the ocean, but also diversify your vacation with walks on the Benton River.
  • Visit the Pinnawela Elephant Shelter, where you can get to know these animals very closely. Now there are about 80 individuals.
  • Shopping at the World Trade Center in Colombo. This is the tallest building on the island has 40 floors.
  • See the migration of birds and whales.
  • Look at the inhabitants of the wild in the National Parks of Cumana and Yala.
  • Plunge into the atmosphere of celebrating New Year and Christmas.
  • The island is famous for its tea plantations, go to Nuwara Eliya and get to know the local traditions.
  • In the holy city of Anuradhapura you can see archaeological monuments and sights, many of them are listed in UNESCO. Be sure to take a look at the temple and the Mahabodhi tree.

Beach holiday

Mahabodhi Tree with the Holy City of Anuradhapura

Dive into the wild in Cumana National Park

Visit an elephant shelter

Look at the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya


from 80 thousand rubles

from 600 rubles per hostel

from 1100 rubles of hotel

Mexico attracts tourists not only with its white beaches of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean, but also with the culture of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations, National parks, architecture and, of course, traditional cuisine. Here mixed pagan and Christian traditions, ancient pyramids and modern amusement parks, magnificent palaces and a museum. The sea in December is warm, the sun is gentle and not so active - the perfect time to visit the country!


It is necessary to issue permission to enter and leave the country, it can be done online.

Things to do?

  • Enjoy a beach holiday in Acapulco. At night you can relax in the many clubs and bars.
  • Cancun can surf
  • View the sacred city of the Mayan people of Chichen Itza. The temple is shrouded in many legends and used for sacrifices. Also interesting will be the inspection of the ancient city of Tulum.
  • Visit the Cathedral in Mexico City, the main Catholic church combines elements of Baroque, Renaissance and Neoclassicism.
  • The Museum of Underwater Sculptures - a modern work of art, consisting of four hundred statues on the ocean floor, fascinates with its beauty.
  • The cave of giant crystals looks like an unearthly place! The crystals here are formed naturally at 100% humidity and a temperature of +50 ºС and reach a length of 11 meters
  • For children and lovers of “tickle your nerves”, the Amusement Park Xplor will do. There are innocent children's attractions. as well as extrem entertainment - you can swim on rafts along rivers and caves, go down the cable car or ride a buggy through the jungle.



Cathedral in Mexico City

Museum of Underwater Sculptures

Cave of giant crystals

Go on an excursion to one of the ancient cities of the Maya, such as the city of Kunkun on the coast

We are inspired: the best events of December

  • December 20: cold but beautiful festival of snow sculptures in Changchun
  • December 23: Birthday of the Emperor of Japan
  • December 23-24: Christmas eve comes on the eve of Christmas in Oaxaca
  • Until December 25: Holiday holidays in Haifa
  • December 21-31: the earliest seasonal discounts in Europe - sales in Finland
  • Until the end of December: the crazy and colorful festival Tollwood in Munich
  • Until January 4: The most authentic Christmas market in Hyde Park in London
  • Until January 21: Amsterdam's fantastic Festival of Light

Beach holiday in December

Thailand in recent years has become incredibly popular among Russians. The average December temperature is +32 ° C there, and the level of service and comfort fully complies with European standards. From the beginning of January, crowds of tourists will rush to this country, everyone wants to celebrate the winter holidays to the fullest, and prices will also soar, so the last month of the year is an excellent choice for a trip.

But not all areas will be pleased with the beautiful weather, it is important to know in which of them to take a ticket. In the south-east of Thailand, the rest will not catch the rain. Alternatively, the west coast of the Malacca Peninsula is suitable - rain can happen, but rarely, the rest of the time the weather will only make you happy.

The Arab Emirates are simply created for a family holiday - beaches and clear sea, water parks, where children will frolic with pleasure, beautiful weather and excellent service will appeal to anyone, even the most demanding tourist.

India, like Egypt and Turkey, is gradually becoming a Russian-speaking country. And no wonder - every year more and more Russians go to lie on the white beaches of Goa. Even a long flight does not frighten the hunters of exotic holidays, and demand creates supply. Therefore, Russian-speaking guides and hotel staff is no longer a rarity. The weather in December is just wonderful there - +30. + 32 ° C, and the opportunity to ride on elephants, visit spice plantations, tortoise and crocodile farms, arrange yourself a wonderful shopping in local markets - such a recreation program is bound to attract.

Tunisia and Israel

But the favorite vacation economy class in Tunisia should be postponed until spring. Swimming is no longer possible - the water is cool, and sunbathing is not too comfortable.

Weather in Israel is also not happy, but in Eilat, you can still find warm days. Rain, wind, cloudy and bleak on the shores of the Dead Sea. Although the healing properties of its waters have not gone away, therefore, if the prospect of soaking it under the rain does not frighten you, you can rejuvenate and heal as a reward.

On the fabulous island of Bali in Indonesia, you are waiting for beautiful sunsets, small villas, white beaches and the sun. A lot of sun! However, if someone managed to watch the sensational film “Eat, Pray, Love”, he should be aware of what beauty he is offered to visit. After the picture came out on the screen, even separate excursion programs were formed, including visits to the places where the heroine Julia Roberts was looking for herself. Even to the soothsayer, Kituto began to lead tourists - that’s just to find out if this is the old man that Julia predicted, or a skillfully chosen twin, is possible only after a personal meeting.

Holidays and Festivals

In December, a fairy tale comes to life throughout Europe - Christmas fairs with theatrical performances open their doors. The sea of ​​lights, the aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread houses, music - the pre-holiday mood does not leave the city for a minute. In addition, in December in Berlin one of the most fun competitions takes place every year - the Pancake Run, in which anyone can take part. Add to this the Carnival at the Brandenburg Gate and festive fireworks - a picture of New Year's Eve of Germany will be complete. The congress of tattoo artists in Berlin is difficult to attribute to the New Year holidays, but nevertheless it is one of the most interesting December events. 26 countries of the world send the best tattoo masters to this event.

Fans of gypsy music is the time to go to Hungary. In Budapest on December 30, the famous Hungarian Wine Festival takes place. Gypsy orchestra and tasting of various sorts of wine is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure. The main thing is to stand on your feet at the end of the event and not to leave the camp in the unprecedented distance.

And in France in December they celebrate the Festival of Light or the Festival of Lights. This is an unusual and wonderful event - all citizens light candles and put them on their windows, and on the streets light shows take place. In Ireland, on December 26, St. Stephen's Day is celebrated. Boys dress up chimney sweeps, they walk the streets and collect money for charity. As you know, St. Stephen is the patron saint of horses, so the Dublin Festival is held races.

Thailand and Vietnam

© Ragnar Vorel / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

Thailand - in TOP among exotic countries. In winter, in these parts swimming season. If you fly here at the end of December, it will be appropriate to stay for all the New Year holidays. For Russian tourists in entertainment establishments organize New Year's shows.

What to do in Thailand? Among the countries located in southern Asia, where it is warm all year round, Thailand has incorporated types of entertainment for all layers:

  • sea ​​luxury rest for adults, secured tourists,
  • for noisy companies - endlessly stretching streets of gay establishments,
  • for active young people seeking adventure in the jungle.

You can swim in the sea around the clock, because the water temperature on urban beaches under +30 C. Arrange a summer in December!

Look for interesting excursions in specially trained search engines:

  • Tripster - unusual excursions from local residents.
  • Sputnik - cheap group excursions.

Only Russian speaking guides.

Those who are just starting to get acquainted with the "land of smiles", I advise you to go on a tour of the provinces with landings on the islands. There you can sunbathe, take pictures with wild monkeys (just be sure to consult your guide how to behave with animals that "do what they want - they are wild."

Vietnam is a different story. Also an Asian country, also sun, sea and sand. In December in Vietnam, the rainy season is in full swing, but the sea will be warm and the vouchers cheap. If you want the sun, then head to Phu Quoc Island - this is the southernmost part of Vietnam.

Accommodation and meals in Asia do not differ much from each other. Dine here can be cheap, given that the portions are always large, and the choice of dishes varied.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

© Marc Deriaz / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

When you listen to how much at least a flight costs here, it seems that rest in the Emirates is for the “chosen ones”. Since the day here is a scorching sun, the UAE is classified as a “beach holiday”. At this time, the Emirates organize a bunch of festivals and exhibitions.

What famous places to relax and stay in the UAE do you know? Definitely, this is Abu Dhabi. I also advise you to consider tours in Sharjah (a bit cheaper than Abu Dhabi) and the picturesque Ras al-Khaimah.

The UAE is always very colorful: singing tall fountains, fireworks, laser shows ...

Important: It is in December that the safest temperatures and a gentle sun are here.

© Rhys McKay / unsplash.com / CC BY 2.0

Philippine palm islands are in demand closer to the end of winter. Brave tourists risk coming here all year round, because cyclones are not protracted.

What to see? The most visited tourist point - about. Boracay. For your information, until November it is usually closed in order to prevent environmental problems. Given that the majority of tourists travel to the island from the airport in Manila, there is a great opportunity to travel a little around the country.

People come to the Philippines most often for a peaceful holiday or to join. Places for noisy parties are also available here, but, of course, not in such quantity as in Thailand.

Here, as well as in most countries of Southeast Asia, there is a dry and rainy season. Since the beginning of December - the best time to travel to the Philippines.

An interesting feature - in this country it is customary to give a “tip” everywhere. The waiters, couriers, maids, even the pool cleaner. To be greedy in the Philippines is a bad form!

Ski resorts in Europe

And if bored to spend holidays on the beach? Winter sports lovers will appreciate the romance of the ski resorts. Страны Европы предлагают уникальные туристические базы в горах, где можно покататься на профессиональных лыжных горках, либо освоить начальный уровень (не исключено, что вашим тренером будет какой-нибудь заезжий чемпион по лыжным гонкам или биатлону). Кроме того, как же преображается фасадная Европа в новогодние праздники! Кругом гирлянды с лампочками, иллюминационные фигуры, рождественские ярмарки, актеры в костюмах Санта-Клауса или Йоулупукки снуют по улицам и площадям.

© guentherlig / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Австрия по праву считается меккой зимних курортов. Горные массивы позволили выстроить здесь шикарные туристические зоны: крутые/пологие склоны, вычищенные до блеска и всегда покрытые снегом. В декабре, скорее всего, не стоит ожидать снегопада, но искусственного снега вам добавят. Лучшие горнолыжки Австрии: Тироль, Зальцбург, Зельден.

Please remember that hotel rooms in famous resorts must be booked in advance. The phrase “Prepare sledge in summer” is appropriate here.

Advanced skiers choose the expensive “Italian Alps”. Sometimes these centers are universal - here you can improve your health, bask in the thermal springs.

Top resorts:

You can feel the spirit of Christmas in England. Well, who did not dream of being a child to get to the celebration of Christmas or the New Year in the style of Harry Potter? Already the British know how to create an atmosphere of magic.

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© / pxhere.com / CC BY 2.0

Germany is the country where they invented the most fantastic Christmas that we all dreamed of as a child. True, in our head Santa or Santa Claus comes to the New Year, but these are details. Some day, be sure to check out the Christmas markets in Germany. In December - the peak of their activity. They make merry festivities and sell sweets, Christmas tree toys, and New Year’s masks.

1. Livingston, Guatemala

  • Air temperature: 28–30 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 26 ° C.
  • Visa: not required within 90 days.
  • Cost of living: from 351 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 67,312 rubles.

In December, warm, comfortable weather sets in the Caribbean, so this is one of the most attractive destinations for a beach holiday. But if you want to get more vivid impressions, go to Guatemala. For example, in the city of Livingston in the east of the country.

Not far from this place there are wonderful beaches, the city itself is quite developed in terms of infrastructure. In addition, from there you can go on various exciting excursions: to the canyons, and to the waterfalls, and to the ruins.

If time and budget allow, from Livingstone can be reached and to the ancient city of Maya - Tikal, in the north of the country. Although the easiest way to visit it, staying in Florence, a picturesque place on the shore of Lake Peten-Itza.

2. Langkawi, Malaysia

  • Air temperature: 29–32 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 28–30 ° C.
  • Visa: not required within 30 days.
  • Cost of living: from 285 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 40 817 rubles.

When it comes to December vacation in Southeast Asia, Thailand comes first. But Malaysia is not inferior to him. Especially in this sense, the archipelago of Langkawi, bordering Thailand, is remarkable.

This resort is famous for its clean beaches, beautiful hotels, nature and weather, which from December to April just whispers.

3. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

  • Air temperature: 26–32 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 28 ° C – 29 ° C.
  • Visa: not required within 15 days.
  • Cost of living: from 396 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 38,222 rubles.

Another Asian destination, ideal for a beach holiday in December. Due to the fact that the territory of Vietnam is elongated, the weather in different parts of the country is very different, but in Fukuoka at the beginning of winter it is very warm. The advantages of this direction are clean beaches, a rich underwater world that will definitely interest divers, and, of course, a very budget holiday amid a high level of service.

4. Oahu, Hawaii, USA

  • Air temperature: 23 ° C to 26 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 24–25 ° C.
  • Visa: american
  • Cost of living: from 2 474 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 77,082 rubles.

In December, Hawaii is warm, but not too hot, like in summer, and you definitely shouldn't worry about hurricanes: the unfavorable season ends in November. You can stop at different islands of the archipelago, but the most diverse vacation you get on Oahu, the main island.

There are beaches, nature reserves, temples, and brand shops. You can also send a tour of the filming locations of Hollywood movies or visit the famous Pearl Harbor.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

  • Air temperature: 20–25 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 18 ° C
  • Visa: not needed for 90 days.
  • Cost of living: from 672 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 52,472 rubles.

December in Cape Town is not that it disposes to a beach holiday, but even without it there is something to do. For example, explore local historical and artistic landmarks (the city is considered the cultural capital of South Africa), take the Garden Road route, which stretches for almost 350 km along provincial towns, nature reserves and rainforests, go to the Cape of Good Hope or a tour of the caves. Leisure options are very diverse.

1. Jerusalem, Israel

  • Air temperature: 12–18 ° C.
  • Visa: not required within 90 days.
  • Cost of living: from 806 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 14 307 rubles.

Jerusalem is probably one of the most festive December places in the world. This month, the entire city is lit up with lights, the locals celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, and every weekend there is a grand Hamshushalai Art Festival. It is accompanied by concerts, film screenings, as well as discounts in local hotels and restaurants. The bonus is relatively warm weather, which is impossible not to rejoice in winter.

2. Budapest, Hungary

  • Air temperature: 0–8 ° C.
  • Visa:Schengen
  • Cost of living: from 377 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 10 889 rubles.

In December, all of Europe is also preparing for Christmas and turns into a solid Christmas fair. Especially in this sense, Germany is known. But if you want to not only feel the pre-Christmas atmosphere, but also save a little, go to Budapest.

A wonderful Christmas market in the Vörösmarty Square is open throughout the month in the Hungarian capital. There you can buy a pair of cute things at lower prices than at other European fairs. Mulled wine and street performances on it, too, there.

3. Geneva, Switzerland

  • Air temperature: 2–8 ° C.
  • Visa: Schengen
  • Cost of living: from 2 108 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 12 354 rubles.

From December 7 to 9, one of the oldest local celebrations, Fête de l’Escalade, takes place in this major city of Switzerland. The tradition of celebration began in 1602, after the victory of the inhabitants of Geneva over the troops of the Duke of Savoy.

During the festival, staged battles, parades and torchlight processions, fairs are held, the traditional treats of which are hot vegetable soup, mulled wine and, of course, the famous Swiss chocolate.

4. Sochi, Russia

  • Air temperature: 6–12 ° C.
  • Water temperature: 11 ° C
  • Cost of living: from 135 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 3,687 rubles.

There are three reasons to go to the country's main resort city in December. The first is the opening of the ski season. The second is the Extreme Cinema Festival Snowvision 2018 on Rosa Khutor, which will be held from December 20 to 23. The program - three days of film screenings, music, photo exhibition and competition. The third reason to visit Sochi is another local film festival, which will last from 11 to 16 December. In general, not be bored.

5. Chichibu, Japan

  • Air temperature: 8–15 ° C.
  • Visa: japanese
  • Cost of living: from 1 747 rubles per night.
  • Cost of flight from Moscow: from 33 311 rubles.

Annually, on December 2 and 3, the Chichibu Yomatsuri night festival takes place in the Japanese city of Chichibu. The holiday is accompanied by music, various treats and a parade, in which the platforms decorated with lights participate, and ends with a grand firework that lasts more than one hour. By the way, the parade of platforms, which takes place during Chichibu Yomatsuri, is one of the three largest in Japan.