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Beautiful and comfortable knitted winter dresses (25 photos)


Every woman who wants to look beautiful and feminine even in cold weather can choose a warm winter dress.

With the onset of cold weather, a natural desire to wrap up in a warm woolen sweater, jeans or pants made of thick materials wakes up. And it seems that the whole winter we will have to go in trousers and sweaters, forgetting about the beautiful dresses.

But in reality this is not the case, and every woman who wants to look beautiful and feminine even in the cold can choose a warm winter dress.

This dress is sure to become the favorite thing of your winter wardrobe, because a woman in a dress is capable of attracting much more attention and always stands out from the crowd.

Usually warm dresses are knitted or knitted models.

A stylish and elegant knitted dress will not allow you to freeze, will not hold down movements and will give a feeling of coziness and comfort, free fitting the figure.

Such dresses perfectly retain heat, as they are knitted from natural yarn from their wool, cotton and mohair, but they may have a slight addition of synthetic threads.

Knitted winter dresses

Knitted dresses never go out of fashion, After all, this is a great stylish solution for the cold season. This dress should be in the wardrobe of every woman, because it is the embodiment of femininity and looks much more interesting than a regular blouse with pants.

Any knitted winter dress is unique and exclusive, because it has an amazing peculiarity of differently “sitting down” on different figures of women. And if you tied such a dress yourself or you made it to order, then you can be sure that no one else will have it.

Knitted winter dresses

No less popular in the winter and knitted dresses, which are also great for cold days. This is an unusually comfortable, soft, pleasant and gentle to the touch material, which is again at the peak of popularity this season.

Winter dress made of knitwear is a very comfortable and versatile model of clothing. which, like any dress, gives the female figure a special appeal and slimness. These dresses are ideal for everyday life, and for a trip to nature, and for a holiday, and even for a business meeting. The main thing is to choose the right style of dress, then in any situation you will look as impressive and elegant as possible.

Choosing a dress for winter from knitwear, pay attention to the composition and quality of the material, and also on the treatment of seams, since even a small defect can provoke a “runaway” of the loop, then the thing will be spoiled. As for the styles of knitted dresses, there are quite a lot of them.

Winter dress patterns

  • Free or adjacent models with volumetric collars of elegant cut are very popular, dresses with an assembly below, as well as dresses-sweaters, which differ from their fellows only by a long one, but at the same time look much more attractive.
  • Winter dress sweater It goes well with thick dark tights or leggings, as well as bright accessories: scarves, beads, bracelets and belts. The colors of the dress can be monophonic, have an intricate pattern or interesting knitting, geometric pattern, etc.
  • Recently, winter dresses in the style of the 80s with long sleeves returned to fashion, freely descending to the palm and tightly intercepted on the wrist. Also relevant are knit dresses with bat sleeves and dresses made of warm, wool, but thin knitwear that look extraordinarily sexy. Lovers of the classics is best to choose dresses of gray, white, beige and black colors.

Colors of dresses for winter

For everyday wear perfect fit "melange" of various shades. For those who want to attract attention will suit purple, pink, olive, blue, honey-yellow and other bright colors.

What to wear with a winter dress?

High boots and a tweed coat will help make the image romantic., and when going to a party, decorate it with a beautiful, glowing brooch, put on beads or add other evening accessories. And remember, whatever model of winter dress you choose, you will always attract admiring glances.

What should be mated?

Highlight special trends difficult. Since the choice of patterns is simply colossal. The only pattern that has now passed its position is the pigtail. They can be connected with three different threads, be openwork and light. On most models will be present gum. It is permissible that the mating was dense, such a dress would look more coarse, but at the same time it would hide the extra kilos better.

Dresses with geometric inserts will look good. It is also possible that the dress was connected not by one pattern, but three or four different ones were used. This dress will look more interesting.

Designers have tried as it should, so we can wear different models of warm dresses. Models without a massive collar will be popular, they look simpler and less associated with winter. Such winter dresses can be safely worn for parties and holidays.

In general, the collar in a winter dress often serves as the main object for design. In 2013, large, voluminous collars will be fashionable, which are a combination of a collar and a scarf.

Winter dresses can have sleeves of various forms. The absence of sleeves on the dress in the cold season looks a little strange, but this gives a highlight to the dress. Wear a thin sweater under the dress and you will get a stylish look. Knitted without sleeves allows you to experiment with colors and textures.

You can also get yourself a dress with short sleeves or a bat. Neither and the classic long sleeve will be a real decoration.

No need to think that a knitted dress is suitable only for walking on the street and going to work. It can be very stylish. You can wear a short knitted dress in a disco by complementing it with appropriate accessories. Such options can be saturated colors, only with this binding must be dense.

More solemnly looks like a long version. It is great for a stylized party or visiting an exhibition or theater. It is more difficult to take care of a long one, but it also looks very unusual.

Everyone is used to the fact that the dress should be sewn of thin fabrics. However, now is not the time to live stereotypes.

Knitwear is the most popular material for making winter dresses. Everyone knows about his positive qualities, so you should certainly have a couple of such options.

What to wear?

They are very "friendly" with boots, boots and ugami. It all depends on the model. If it is classic, then choose shoes with heels. If it is a free cut, then wear uggs or shoes without a heel. To him calm color you can wear bright shoes.

Styles and models

The longing for summer styles is unbearable in winter. So designers create winter dresses with thin straps, which very much resemble summer sundresses.

In order not to freeze in such an open outfit, it is worth picking up thin sweaters or turtlenecks for him. Carefully select the shades of these two elements.

With sleeves

Dresses with short sleeves look good with long gloves. Under such an outfit you can choose a thin sweater or turtleneck, but you need to guess with a touch.

A loose long sleeve that is pulled tight in the wrist area returns to fashion. Do not ignore the bat-type sleeve.


Sports dresses are so firmly established in modern fashion that many images are formed on the basis of them. For a walk, shopping, meeting with friends - warm dresses in a sporty style will always be appropriate.

Sweater dress

Hide flaws that spoil your figure, you can use the dress-sweater. It must be skillfully combined with additional elements, whether it be tights (necessarily dense and dark) or leggings, beads or scarf, belt or bracelets.

As for the color of such a dress, it all depends on your taste: dark and monophonic, light combined, with patterns, prints, unusual viscous, geometric or ethnic motifs.

Dress tunic

Freedom of movement and comfort are dresses, tunics, which, if properly combined with other elements of the wardrobe, are able to appear in a different light.

Dresses with checkered colors can be used in any season.

Knitting and crochet

If the dress is chosen first of all for the sake of comfort and warming effect, then certainly knitted models should be considered. To dress well sat and decorated you, you must correctly combine the features of the figure with the characteristics of patterns and knitting. You can choose a lace model or a dress with a rough knit - in any case, you will look great in spite of winter.

The warmest option are dresses with collars. The choice of such dresses is huge, they decorate the image, create comfort and coziness. The throat can be left open by choosing a model with a standard collar.


Winter is not a reason to remove knitwear from the wardrobe. On the contrary, such clothes will create a feeling of comfort, softness and tenderness.

Convenience and versatility of knitted dresses is obvious, and their ability to give a feminine silhouette appeal and highlight its harmony is undeniable. No need to wait for a special occasion to wear a knitted dress in winter. Of great importance is the quality of the material, its composition and craftsmanship of the seams.

The versatility of denim allows you to use it in any of your wardrobes.

Plus Size Dresses

The first version of winter dresses, which should be considered complete women, is a Greek style. The softness of the lines, femininity of forms, high undercut, length to toe - the combination of these elements in one dress will play in your favor, give harmony and hide the flaws of the figure.

The correct solution is to emphasize the waist with a belt or a belt.

In pursuit of beauty, we should not forget about the convenience and comfort that all elements of a woman’s wardrobe should possess. Along with the Greek dress should be considered trapezoidal models that also look good on full figures.

Knit models with a volumetric collar, for example, a yoke, are capable of giving the necessary slenderness. Contrast solutions are welcome. But large weaving should not be preferred.

Fashionable winter dress photo 2018

This season, autumn-winter designers offer large prints, bright patterns and embroidery, which can be applied to any product. Turn on the fantasy, study the photo materials on this topic and try to link a warm model, which, plus everything, will also be beautiful. Fur trim, patchwork inserts, appliqué, decorative belts - all this will complement your costume and give it an exclusive unique look.

Crochet beautiful winter dress

If you are accustomed to warm knitted products that do not fill the female figure, and emphasize all the advantages, we offer you hundreds of beautiful crocheted options - such models are distinguished by a special delicacy and originality.

For beginners, home fashion designers will be a good assistant to various schemes, patterns for crochet products. In winter, there is nothing better than hand-made. If it is monotonous, then you can come up with an interesting pattern, decorating the model with a contrasting color or animal print. A vivid example is the Christmas style with deer, which never go out of fashion.

According to numerous photos from fashion shows, the return of the fashion of the 80s with abstract, geometric, chaotic patterns that are easy to crochet is noticed.

Knitting patterns

In order to make the winter dress knitted with needles into reality, no matter how old you are, the main thing is to have time and patience. If you use a knitting machine, then at the end of the process, you will need to sew the parts together. Photo patterns and detailed instructions knitting dresses will help to perform a unique, high-quality, openwork models.

Photos of the latest hits and pages of famous fashion bloggers:

New winter dresses for girls

Photos of autumn dresses and sundresses, as well as children's suits in a cage for girls amaze with their diversity. The cage is very relevant this season. A checkered coat or tunic dress in your daughter’s wardrobe will tell others about your delicate taste and penchant for the classics. It became fashionable to dress children in all adult in the middle of the 17th century. Hairstyles, accessories, exquisite details for children have become something everyday and routine, so try to copy the finished idea first, and then come up with something of your own.

Warm winter dresses for obese women

It is always more difficult for full women to choose warm clothes, because more often it makes them even more full and makes shapeless and so full a figure. To do this, choosing the correct silhouette, shape and material with the help of a photo, you not only emphasize your advantages, but also be able to hide the flaws. To do this, it is important to remember three simple rules: do not wear silhouettes with large décor, do not throw on the motley volume pattern and, if possible, wear underwear. And, of course, adequately assess their parameters.

Stylish Winter Wedding Dresses

To your taste, choose from the photo what suits you the most. Choosing a wedding dress for a bride in a cold time is not easy, as it should be beautiful and warm. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust this business to the master, because autumn and winter are also a good time for a wedding and you should not be afraid of the cold weather.

Furs will help you decorate any open model, but it’s best to pay attention to ideas with long sleeves. Decor beads for natural pearls, embroidery with a cord, applique flowers - all these ideas you will find in the photo. Do not forget about the golden rule of this wedding season - do not overdo it with fur. Total should be in moderation.

Styles for pregnant women

In any clothes there is a compositional center, and in the case of pregnant women - a rounded tummy and is this center. Therefore, the styles of winter dresses are almost always solid with a light and delicate finish. Perfectly fit long models or ideas with a high waist, which can be worn after childbirth.

Winter dresses for pregnant women:

Each needlewoman with experience finds her own method of making knitwear for any season. Not everyone can be able to crochet or in any other way, so photos and images will help you, starting with a set of loops and ending with a decorative trim. Knitted winter dresses with knitting patterns and descriptions can be found here on our website.