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Ginger Jam: Sweet Germs Protection


Conservative hostesses make jam from traditional fruits and berries. And those who are deeply interested in cooking, no longer surprise with desserts made from cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and other unusual ingredients. For example, from ginger. It turns out that this fragrant bitter root can make excellent jam, which even captious gourmets will like. In addition, the benefits of such a dessert are simply colossal. What is ginger jam? How to cook it?

For about three thousand years, people know the taste and healing properties of ginger. The root resembling deer horns first began to be cultivated in India. Later it became widespread in Greece, Egypt, Rome, where its warming properties were especially valued. Around the world, ginger spread thanks to sailors who not only escaped from seasickness, but also actively sold it on land.

Features of the "horned" root

From time immemorial, ginger was used not only in cooking, but also in medicine. It was successfully used to treat a variety of ailments. But not all ginger is useful and safe. Before mastering the recipe for ginger jam, familiarize yourself with the beneficial properties and contraindications of the product.

The composition of ginger includes more than 400 substances necessary to maintain good health. The benefits of this spice extends to almost all systems of the body.

  • For the stomach and intestines. Ginger promotes the synthesis of gastric juice, which stimulates appetite, suppresses flatulence, copes with diarrhea. Eliminates nausea and vomiting. It can be used to combat motion sickness. Ginger also normalizes the consistency of bile, which contributes to its normal outflow through the channels.
  • From parasites. The essential oil of ginger contains zingiberenes, aldehydes, sequiterpenes and other substances that are usually included in the composition of anthelmintic drugs.
  • For colds. The composition of ginger contains cineol, which has strong antiseptic properties, and also contributes to the removal of sputum.
  • From pain Blocks discomfort in migraine, arthritis, osteochondrosis. Also relieves pain during menstruation.
  • For the heart and blood vessels. Contributes to blood thinning and improvement of cerebral circulation. Ginger also has a beneficial effect on heart muscle.
  • For weight loss. Due to the acceleration of metabolic processes is greatly facilitated the fight against obesity.
  • For male and female health. Regular consumption of ginger contributes to the treatment of infertility, increases sexual desire, reduces the risk of diseases of the pelvic organs.
  • For immunity. Ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the body's defenses. Ginger also has bactericidal and antimicrobial properties.
  • From intoxication. Substances that are part of ginger have the ability to detect, bind and remove from the body of harmful substances in the blood.
  • For beauty. Eliminates dermatological problems, improves the condition and appearance of hair.


Ginger is a rather specific spice. This concerns not only the taste, but also the effect on the body. There are a number of contraindications to the use of ginger or jam based on it. It:

  • damage to the mucous membranes of the mouth, stomach or intestines,
  • liver diseases associated with inflammatory processes,
  • urolithiasis disease,
  • poor blood clotting and bleeding tendency,
  • previous strokes or heart attacks,
  • second and third trimesters of pregnancy
  • lactation period
  • children up to two years
  • taking sugar-lowering drugs,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • allergy or idiosyncrasy.

Ginger Jam: 6 Popular Recipes

If you want to surprise guests or family members, forget for a while about the classic jam from fruits and berries. How about making a delicious and healthy ginger root delicacy? Despite the fact that in raw form, this product is not at all sweet and a little like dessert, with the help of a step-by-step recipe it is not difficult to turn it into jam.

No. 1: Classic

Features If you often suffer from a cold, try making ginger jam with lemon according to a classic recipe. Regularly adding this delicacy to tea, you can strengthen the immune system and make the body more resistant to infections.

  • root - 250 g,
  • sugar - four glasses,
  • lemon juice - half a glass,
  • a pinch of salt.

  1. Ginger should be well washed, cleaned, free from the core and cut into thin plates or straws.
  2. Fill the raw material with cold water and leave for two days, so that bitterness is gone from the root. During this time, you need to change the water five or six times.
  3. Put the ginger in the pan, cover it with water so that it is completely covered.
  4. Cook for an hour on low heat.
  5. Let the broth cool, then add sugar, salt and lemon juice to it. Again put the pan on medium heat.
  6. When the jam boils, turn on the gas harder and cook for another five minutes, stirring constantly.

No. 2: Kabachkov-apple

Features Neutral in taste and texture of zucchini goes well with ginger. Vegetable absorbs the taste of the root. Thus, the jam will turn out less spicy.

  • root - 250 g,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • a glass of lemon juice,
  • big apple
  • zucchini - 1 kg,
  • glass of water.

  1. Squash the seeds from the seeds and peel, then cut into cubes. If you want the dessert to have the consistency of jam, pass it through a meat grinder.
  2. Freed from the skin and the core, the root and the peeled apple should be grated or chopped in a blender.
  3. Water, a third of lemon juice and sugar, place in a saucepan and place on the hob.
  4. Heat the syrup until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  5. In a separate container, heat the remaining lemon juice with the root, zucchini and apple. When the mass boils, combine it with syrup.
  6. Boil the mixture for 40 minutes, stirring constantly.

No. 3: Citrus

Features If you dilute fresh citrus notes with the spicy spice of ginger, you will get excellent jam. In addition, sweet orange is rich in vitamins no less than lemon.

  • six oranges,
  • root - 120 g,
  • three glasses of water
  • teaspoon vanilla sugar.

  1. Wash the oranges, remove the zest from them.
  2. The fruits themselves are cut into slices.
  3. Pour water into a saucepan and put it on the stove.
  4. When the liquid boils, add sugar and cook until the granules are completely dissolved. Syrup should slightly thicken.
  5. Put orange slices in boiling syrup and boil for five minutes.
  6. Leave the mass to infuse for 24 hours.
  7. Peel the root, cut into strips and cover with water. It also needs to be left for a day.
  8. Place the pan with the syrup on the hob again, adding the dried root, zest and vanilla sugar.
  9. Five to ten minutes after boiling the jam will be ready.

No. 4: Pear

Features Pear jam is always tasty and fragrant. But if it seems too cloying to you, you can give it a piquant spice with ginger.

  • pears - 1 kg,
  • glass of water,
  • sugar - 800 g,
  • root - 50 g

  1. Peeled and coreless, place the main ingredient in a saucepan, cover with water and add sugar.
  2. Boil until sugar dissolves.
  3. Peel pears and cores, then cut into small slices.
  4. Place them in a fully cooled syrup and let it brew for 12 hours.
  5. Again, put the pan on the hob and bring to a boil.
  6. Boil for another quarter of an hour and allow to cool completely.
  7. Repeat this cycle three more times.

No. 5: Dietary

Features If you want to preserve all the benefits of the plant, it is better not to subject it to heat treatment. Moreover, the dessert is quite possible to cook without cooking. Moreover, this is the perfect recipe for losing weight, because it does not contain sugar.

  • root - 250 g,
  • a glass of liquid honey.

  1. Wash the root and peel it. The core can not be removed.
  2. Pass the raw material through the meat grinder.
  3. Mix the resulting mass with a bee product.

No. 6: For sweet teeth

Features If you consider yourself to be a sweet tooth, make ginger-lemon jam with dried apricots. Such a delicacy can serve not only as an excellent addition to tea and toast, but also as a filling for your favorite pastry.

  • root - 250 g,
  • sugar - 300 g,
  • a glass of dried apricots,
  • half a glass of water
  • lemon.

  1. Wash the root, clean it from the peel and core, then cut into thin plates.
  2. Transfer the raw material to a large bowl, cover with water and leave for two days.
  3. Every five to six hours, change the water and mix the raw materials.
  4. Soak the dried apricots in boiling water for a couple of hours, then cut it. You can simply divide it in half, and you can cut into small cubes.
  5. Put the root, dried apricots, sugar in a saucepan and pour half a glass of water. Boil the mixture on a low heat until sugar is dissolved.
  6. Turn off the stove and allow the mixture to cool for a couple of hours.
  7. Bring the jam to a boil again and boil for ten minutes. After that, the mixture should be completely cooled again.
  8. Squeeze the lemon juice, add it to the jam and mix well.
  9. Boil the mixture for the last time, boil for a quarter of an hour and pour over the jars.

8 additional tips

No matter how accurately you follow the recipe, do not cook a good jam, without knowing some secrets. Reviews hostesses contain a number of recommendations for the preparation of spicy ginger dessert.

  1. The choice of raw materials. Try to buy light colored roots. Peel should be clean, without stains. The best taste is characterized by young roots of small size.
  2. Preliminary preparation. Before you start cooking jam, ginger should be washed well. It is better to do this with a sponge, as the roots could easily undergo chemical treatment.
  3. Cutting. For the preparation of delicacies need the part of ginger, which is located between the core and peel. The exception is young roots, which can be sent to the jam completely.
  4. The core is also useful. The fibrous portion can be used when cooking the syrup to give it a richer flavor. But to put it in jars is not worth it, because even after a long boil the core remains rubber.
  5. Instruments. To preserve the spicy taste of ginger, while cooking, stir it with a wooden spatula, not plastic or silicone.
  6. Proper dishes. To preserve the taste properties of ginger, jam is better to cook in a copper or enamelled container. In extreme cases, you can use stainless steel utensils.
  7. Precautionary measures. Ginger jam often burns. To avoid this problem, boil the delicacy. Of course, it will take a lot of time, but in the finished product there will be no taste and smell of burning.
  8. Storage. Ginger jam is rolled into soda-washed and sterilized jars. Store it in a cellar, dark closet or refrigerator.

In the national consciousness, the love of ginger originated not so long ago. At the same time, in Australia, India, China and other warm countries, this plant has been cultivated and used for thousands of years. As for Europe, overseas spice appeared here during the plague epidemic as a medicine. People were ready to give fabulous sums for the healing root, without even knowing how to use it. Fortunately, humanity got rid of a terrible epidemic, but the value of this product has not been forgotten. To maintain good health and good health master the recipe of ginger jam.

A bit of the wonder root story

Already in the II century BC. the people of China and India used miracle root for the treatment and prevention of many ailments. Not for nothing, the name of the plant is translated from Sanskrit as a "universal medicine." Moreover, people learned to cultivate it. This fact indicates a special relationship and recognition of the beneficial properties of the root.

Much later, the Phoenicians brought this spice to Ancient Egypt and soon Alexandria became one of the major centers of trade and consumption of ginger. There are references to a useful root in the work of the Greek pharmacist Dioscorides Pedania "On Medicinal Substances" (40-90 AD). Ginger was brought to Europe by the merchant Marco Polo after traveling to China, where the sailors used ginger oil as an effective means of seasickness.

What is ginger useful for?

Much has been written about the benefits of ginger, and its main properties are well known. Here are five key effects of the product on the human body.

  1. Improves digestion and "fortifies." The composition of the root is unique: all the B vitamins, essential oils, phosphorus, a large amount of vitamin C, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron, amino acids. In addition, the rhizome itself is rich in fiber, which is important for proper digestion.
  2. Kills microbes. Ginger has excellent antimicrobial properties. For example, with stomatitis, sore throat, sore throat, chew a piece of the root slowly before bedtime. In the morning you will feel a clear relief, a reduction in pain and inflammation.
  3. Helps with toxicosis. The warming, expectorant and antiemetic properties of the plant are pronounced. Ginger is an effective remedy for seasickness, motion sickness in transport, to relieve nausea in toxicosis in pregnant women.
  4. Strengthens the immune system and nerves. The concentration of vitamins makes ginger very useful for strengthening the immune system. And the unique essential oils tone the body, improve blood circulation and relax the nervous system.
  5. Heals joints. Ginger oil is effective in diseases of the joints: relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

Who can harm

But each medal has two sides. And ginger is no exception. When should you use it with caution?

  • Hypotension and hypertension. Ginger reduces the viscosity of the blood and thus is able to reduce blood pressure, which is dangerous for hypotensors. Hypertensive patients who take medications to reduce pressure also cannot use ginger - it will increase the effect of drugs and their dosage may be exceeded.
  • Gastritis and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract. Essential oils have an irritating effect on mucous surfaces, and in the case of a peptic ulcer it can lead to an aggravation of the disease and even provoke internal bleeding.
  • Pre-stroke and pre-infarction states. Ginger contributes to increased heart rate, which can exacerbate heart problems and provoke heart attack and stroke.
  • Gallstone disease. The plant has choleretic properties. And this is highly undesirable, because the movement of stones along the ducts can begin.
  • Tendency to allergic reactions. As a plant rich in essential oils, ginger is an allergen. Allergy sufferers should be wary of ginger, especially when fresh.

Ginger jam: how to make healing "twist"

To make ginger jam, you will need: the root itself, sugar, desire and a little imagination. Oddly enough, but the sharp taste of ginger goes well with fruity notes. Interlacing of stinginess and sweetness, astringency and spiciness, rich aroma - each spoon is like a little trip to an oriental tale. Further - interesting step by step recipes of this delicacy. Let's get started

The darker the color of the rhizome, the older the plant was and, accordingly, the tougher its core. Therefore, you need to choose young roots, that is, those who have the most light skin. Otherwise, your jam will resemble “logs” in syrup.

Ginger plus lemon

There are several recipes for making ginger jam with lemon. They differ in both the proportions of the ingredients and the method of "blockage".

  • peeled ginger - 250 g,
  • sugar - 500 g,
  • lemon - one citrus.

  1. Chop root pulp convenient way. It is permissible to chop the ginger into thin rings until translucent.
  2. Pour root water and defend for three days. Water needs to be updated daily.
  3. Crush the lemon with the skin as you like: thin rings, cubes or pieces of arbitrary shape. Remove bones.
  4. Drain from ginger water, add lemon, sugar.
  5. Gently mix and leave for one hour.
  6. When the sugar is melting, and the ingredients are soaked with syrup, bring the mixture to a boil. Do not forget to constantly stir the jam.
  7. After boiling, cook for 15 minutes.
  8. Jam should cool naturally. And then it should be boiled again. We repeat these actions three times.
  9. After the third boiling, do not cool, pour the mass into a sterile glass container and roll it up.

  • peeled ginger - 200 g,
  • sugar - 200 g,
  • lemon - two citrus.

  1. Grate the ginger root on a grater or cut into thin plates, removing the chips with a vegetable peeler.
  2. Cut lemon in the same way as ginger.
  3. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, slowly bring to a boil.
  4. When the jam boils, add the heat to the maximum and cook for another five minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon.
  5. Do not cool, pour the mass into a sterile glass container and roll up.

  • purified ginger - 300 g,
  • sugar - 600 g,
  • lemon - 300-350 g

  1. Prepared root grate. Juice drain.
  2. Squeeze the juice from the lemons, oilcake and zest with a blender.
  3. All mix with sugar and cook for half an hour. Do not forget to stir, otherwise the syrup will burn.
  4. Не остужать, вылить массу в стерильную стеклянную емкость и закатать.

Способ без варки

Звучит парадоксально, но есть даже рецепт варенья из имбиря, лимона и меда без варки. This recipe is considered acceptable for losing weight, as it contains no sugar and the ingredients are not heat treated, which means they retain maximum beneficial properties.

  • prepared ginger - 250-300 g,
  • lemon - three citrus,
  • honey - 200 g

  1. The pulp of the root with the lemon is minced as much as possible and mixed with liquid honey, mix gently.
  2. If honey is candied, heat it in a water bath.
  3. Insist for four hours, stirring occasionally, so that all the ingredients give off their tastes and soak in each other's flavors.
  4. Everything!

Other interesting combinations

The classic recipe is always possible to diversify. For example, adding oranges and dried apricots will make the taste softer and the color amber. An apple or banana will give a consistency of tenderness. Kiwi smooth the sharpness of ginger and give an unusual shade to the finished product. Here are some ideas to make jam even more interesting.

Traditional option with oranges

  • ginger - 150 g,
  • lemon - one citrus,
  • orange - one or zest of two citrus,
  • sugar - 150 g

  1. Ginger grate.
  2. Peel the citrus peel off with a fine grater, and cut the flesh into thin strips or cubes.
  3. Mix with sugar and bring to a boil over low heat. Cool and repeat the action twice more.
  4. Do not cool, pour the mass into a sterile glass container and roll up.

Fast version with oranges

  • ginger - 150 g,
  • lemon - one citrus,
  • orange - one citrus,
  • honey - 250 g

  1. Grind all solid ingredients.
  2. Excess juice drained.
  3. Mix with honey and leave for three hours.

  • ginger - 200 g,
  • lemon - one citrus,
  • dried apricots - 200 g,
  • sugar - 250 g,

  1. Dried apricots pre-rinse and soak in boiling water.
  2. After swelling, cut the dried fruit into quarters.
  3. Ginger cut into as thin plates as thick as not more than 2 mm.
  4. Lemon is also cut into thin plates along with the peel.
  5. We cover all the components with sugar and set aside for three hours.
  6. Then bring to a boil and cool. We carry out manipulations twice more.
  7. Do not cool, pour the mass into a sterile glass container and roll up.

  • Ginger - 250 g,
  • sugar - 500 g,
  • green apple - two fruits.

  1. Chop the root and apple chop convenient way.
  2. Combine with sugar and slowly bring to a boil, not forgetting to stir.
  3. Cook for five minutes and cool.
  4. The mass is poured into a sterile glass container and rolled.

  • ginger - 200 g,
  • lemon - one citrus,
  • sugar - 250 g,
  • vanilla sugar - one sachet,
  • large bananas - two fruits.

  1. All ingredients chop blender.
  2. Add vanilla and plain sugar, mix.
  3. Insist four hours.
  4. Boil five minutes.
  5. The mass is poured into a sterile glass container and rolled.

Assorted option

  • ginger - 150 g,
  • water - one glass,
  • lemon - one citrus,
  • orange - two citrus,
  • an apple is one fruit
  • Kiwi - one fruit
  • sugar - 500 g

  1. Chop the pulp of the root in a convenient way and boil it in water until the syrup softens and boils out.
  2. Cut the remaining fruit into cubes. With kiwi, you must first remove the skin.
  3. Mix all ingredients and cook for five minutes.
  4. The mass is poured into a sterile glass container and rolled.

More useful: 5 tricks

Finally - some secrets and tricks that will make your ginger jam the most delicious and useful.

  1. Clean the rind properly. The highest concentration of nutrients is directly under the skin of the ginger root. Therefore, do not cut the peel with a thick layer - it is better to scrape it off gently with a knife.
  2. Use silicone or glass. When chopping the root, do not use a wooden cutting board - the tree will absorb the juice of ginger and get rid of the smell, judging by the reviews, it will be problematic.
  3. Engage devices shredders. For recipes of jam, suggesting a short cooking or even without it, it is better to chop the root blender or in a meat grinder. In extreme cases, on a fine grater. In this way, you will get rid of hard fibers and tea will not be spoiled by the need to chew "sawdust".
  4. Boil the old root. If you did not manage to buy young root, before cooking the jam, it is better to pre-boil the crushed ginger to transparency and softness. So your jam will turn out more gentle.
  5. Choose "stainless steel". Do not use bright enameled cooking utensils. Jam will stain the coating in indelible yellow.

Do not add ginger jam in hot tea. Allow the drink to cool. Remember, vitamins and essential oils decompose very quickly at high temperatures. For example, vitamin C at a temperature of 100 ° C breaks down to 83% in just ten minutes.

The above recipes for ginger jam - open the field for fantasy. They can only be the basis, hint and allow you to experiment with various additives.

Tasty it turns out: reviews

Extraordinary jam. Made with oranges. I am delighted.

It also combines well with pears and quince, and this is how I recently realized - with feijoa the most interesting of all.

Jam, which does not need to cook, I will certainly like it! And I love lemon, I think that tea with such jam is a pleasure and solid vitamins.

The consistency is clearly apple, and the taste, yes - the taste is 80% lemon. We are ginger maniacs, we are so hot to your taste!

The content of the article

Recently, products having an exotic taste have become popular. These products include ginger root, which has a mass of trace elements, vitamins and helps to maintain a slim figure.

There are many recipes for using ginger root. With it you can make a hot sauce, a tonic cocktail, or simply add to the pastries to make a delicate potion.

The classic recipe for ginger jam

A delicious delicacy of ginger is jam - sweet, spicy, it will surprise the taste and aroma of guests and households. The exotic variants of this delicacy include jam from ginger root.

For the realization of this recipe does not need special products or cooking skills.

Ingredients for ginger jam:

  • Ginger root - 200-250 gr,
  • Lemon - 1 pc,
  • Sugar - 400-500 gr.

Preparation in stages:

  1. Ginger root before cooking, rinse, peel off the outer skin, cut into rings, 1-2 mm wide.
  2. Put the sliced ​​ginger into a bowl or pan and cover with cold water. Leaving everything for 2-3 days to settle, while it is necessary to periodically change the water at least 3 times a day - this will relieve the ginger root from spiciness, and the jam will turn out really dessert treat, and not a delicacy for those who are keen.
  3. Wash the lemon, if possible with a brush, so that the lemon peel is thoroughly cleaned from dirt. Cut the lemon with a very sharp knife with the skin with thin ringlets no thicker than 2 mm.
  4. In a saucepan, where ginger has already been settled for several days, pour out the water and wash it again. Put lemon rings here and pour sugar.
  5. Thoroughly but gently mix, trying not to break the thin rings of ginger and lemon. The most convenient way to do it by hand We leave everything to infuse for about an hour, during which time the sugar melts and forms a lemon-ginger syrup.
  6. Put the pan with ginger in syrup on a slow fire and bring to a boil. While heating the future, the ginger jam must be mixed frequently with a wooden spatula.
  7. After boiling the ginger jam is left on the fire for another 10-15 minutes and turn it off. Let the pan cool and ginger soak in lemon syrup.
  8. After the pan cools, put it on the fire again and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Again we give to boil for 10-15 minutes and turn off, allowing to cool and insist. This procedure can be performed 2-4 times, until the ginger slices become translucent, like candied fruit in syrup.
  9. After the last procedure of boiling the ginger jam, without waiting for it to cool, put it in sterilized jars and close tightly, leaving it in a cool place for storage.

According to the classic recipe, ginger jam has a bright taste and quite a bit of spice, while possessing a rich sweet citrus flavor.

Such a jam will be a very interesting addition to a cup of tea in cold winter or to your favorite pastry for dessert.

Ginger jam with dried apricots

It is worth paying attention to the recipe of cooking ginger jam with a hint of fruit flavor - this perfectly diversifies the classic recipe for ginger jam.

From the variety of options for the additive-secret, especially mild and sour will add dried apricots. So, for the preparation of ginger jam with dried apricots will need:

  • Ginger root - 200-250 gr,
  • Sugar - 150-200 gr,
  • Dried apricots - 1 st,
  • Lemon -1 pc.

  1. We rinse the ginger root under running water, peel it off the outer skin, cut it into thin ringlets, not more than 2 mm thick. Ginger ringlets lay out in a saucepan and pour cold water.
  2. Put the pan with ginger in a cool place for 3-4 days. During these days it is necessary to rinse the ginger several times a day and change the water in the saucepan. So the sharpness will come out of it, and the jam will turn out sweet and gentle.
  3. After soaking the ginger, on the day of making jam, rinse well and soak the dried apricots in cool water for 3-5 hours.
  4. After soaking, cut the dried apricots lengthways so that two pieces of dried apricots are obtained from one piece.
  5. In the pan, where the ginger was soaked, after its next rinse, we put the dried apricots and sugar. Mix everything well, you can add about ½ cup of water, in which dried apricots were soaked, if you think that the mixture is dry and sugar does not form a syrup.
  6. We put the ginger saucepan on a slow fire and, stirring often, bring everything to a boil. After removing from heat and let cool naturally.
  7. After cooling, after 2-3 hours again put the pan on the fire and bring to a boil, then let cool and infuse. So we repeat 2-3 times.
  8. When boiling the last time in jam, squeeze lemon juice. You can also chop the lemon itself without a peel and add to the jam.
  9. When the jam with lemon juice boils, it can be laid out in sterilized jars and tightly closed for storage.

Dried apricots in ginger jam will add softness to taste and set off the rich taste of ginger and sugar syrup. The jam itself has a bright yellow-sunny color, translucent plates of ginger and dried apricots will give a warm summer mood.

Ginger jam can not only be served in a bowl, along with berries and fruit jams, but can also be added to other desserts: ice cream, cream mousses and pastries.

Ginger jam for weight loss

Unusual in taste and method of cooking jam is ginger and honey jam.

Does not require cooking, it miraculously retains all the benefits of the ingredients and therefore not without reason known as "ginger jam for weight loss." For the preparation of "miracle jam" you will need:

  • Ginger root - 200-250 gr,
  • Honey - 250 gr,
  • Lemon - 2-3 pcs.

  1. Ginger rinse thoroughly, peel off the outer skin. Peeled root must be crushed as much as possible: you can do it in a meat grinder or blender.
  2. Rinse lemon thoroughly, free from stones, grind also in a meat grinder or blender.
  3. In a deep bowl, mix the ingredients: chopped ginger root, lemon and honey. Since all the ingredients are finely chopped, they will get a uniform consistency in the honey mixture and will be soaked in a few hours and will get a uniform taste.
  4. Let the mixture stand for 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally.
  5. From a bowl of jam, put in sterilized jars and close tightly for storage in a cool place.

Such “live” jam, which does not require heat treatment, is stored no worse, and its benefits and freshness will remain incomparably greater.

This sweet pleasure with a spicy note of ginger can be savored without fear for its harm, because it contains honey, not sugar. In addition, this jam will be an assistant for winter colds or spring lack of vitamins.

Ginger and Lemon Jam

The classic combination of tastes will not leave indifferent even the strictest critic. Cooking ginger and lemon jam, we will of the following products:

  • Ginger - 200 grams.
  • Lemon - one large fruit.
  • Sugar - 420 grams.

Ginger jam we will prepare according to the following recipe:

  • Immerse the lemon in boiling water, and then thoroughly wash it with a brush.
  • Wash the ginger, peel and slice into thin slices.
  • Cut the lemon into very thin slices and remove the bones.
  • Fold the prepared ingredients into a jar for jam or any other suitable container.
  • Pour the ingredients with sugar, and then boil all together over high heat, not forgetting to constantly stir the food.
  • As soon as the future jam boils, start to interfere with it very intensely.

After five minutes, the finished product can be poured into sterilized jars. When the jam has cooled, close it with lids. Remember that such jam can not be eaten with spoons, as it has a specific taste. But it can be used as an aromatic additive to mulled wine or any sweet pastry.

Orange and Ginger Jam

This dessert will cheer up in any bad weather. Moreover, with its help you strengthen weakened immunity and help the body to cope with any colds. What products will we need this time:

  • Oranges - three pieces.
  • Lemon - one piece.
  • Ginger root - 100 grams.
  • Sugar - 350 grams.
  • Water is one glass.

And we will cook ginger jam like this:

  • Immerse oranges and lemon in hot water, and then wash them with a brush and soap.
  • Cut the fruit in half and then in half rings. After that, cut the workpiece into several parts.
  • Peel the pieces of ginger, then rub it on the finest grater.
  • Prepared products put in an enamel basin for jam.
  • Pour water into the dishes and add sugar.
  • Put the basin on the stove, bring its contents to a boil, and then reduce the heat. Cook jam for one more hour.

The finished product can be served with tea, used to make sandwiches or bake pies and any desserts with it.

Rhubarb jam with ginger

This time we suggest you make jam with an unusual taste and pleasant aroma. For dessert, we will use rhubarb stalks and ginger root. You can see the photo and the recipe of the original treat below.

  • Sugar - three glasses.
  • Rhubarb - four glasses of chopped stalks.
  • Ginger grated - three tablespoons.
  • Lemon juice - two tablespoons.

We will prepare the ginger jam as follows:

  • Peel rhubarb and ginger, and then cut the first into small pieces, and grate the second. Put the food in a bowl, mix it with lemon juice and add sugar.
  • After 20 minutes, transfer the ginger, rhubarb and sugar to the saucepan. Put the dishes on the stove and cook the products for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly.

Put the finished product in clean jars. Fill the dishes so that the jam is 5 ml below the neck. Cover the jars with lids and sterilize them for another ten minutes. After that, close the jars with lids and cool, covered with a blanket.

Pumpkin, Ginger and Lemon Jam

How to cook a delicious dessert, the main ingredient of which is ginger? Delicious recipes can include a variety of foods. This time we suggest you to try an unusual dessert. Prepare the ginger, pumpkin and lemon jam.

  • Pumpkin - one kilogram.
  • One lemon.
  • 700 grams of sugar.
  • A small ginger root.

You can see the photo and recipe of jam here:

  • Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and fiber. After that, cut the flesh into a cube.
  • Add sugar to the pumpkin and let it run for three hours.
  • Squeeze the lemon juice and strain it.
  • Peel the ginger and cut into thin strips.
  • Combine the prepared products and cook them for one hour. Ginger can be removed within a quarter of an hour after the start of cooking, as it will have time to give the delicacy its flavor and aroma.

Arrange the jam in clean jars and roll up.

Quick Ginger and Banana Jam

This treat has an excellent taste and unique aroma. It is prepared in just five minutes, which is an undoubted advantage for the busy hostess.

  • Bananas - one kilogram.
  • Lemon - one piece.
  • Sugar - 550 grams.
  • Water - 100 ml.
  • Ginger - 50 grams.

How to cook a quick jam of ginger and bananas? The delicacy recipe is very simple:

  • Peel bananas and cut into slices.
  • Wash the lemon thoroughly and dry it with a towel. After that, remove the zest from it and squeeze the juice.
  • Remove the skin from the ginger root, and then rub the product on a fine grater.
  • Put the prepared products in a saucepan, add sugar to them and pour water.
  • Put the dishes on a medium heat and bring the contents to a boil.
  • After that, turn bananas into mashed potatoes with a potato masher or fork.
  • Return the jam to the stove and cook it for another five minutes.

Spread the dessert in jars and roll up.

Zucchini, Apple and Ginger Jam

Unusual, but very tasty jam is prepared from the following products:

  • One kilogram of zucchini.
  • 300 grams of lemon juice.
  • 200 grams of apples.
  • One kilogram of sugar.
  • 250 grams of water.

Read the recipe for delicacies here:

  • Remove the young zucchini peels, remove all seeds, and cut the flesh into small cubes.
  • Peel and chop the apples with a blender.
  • Cook syrup of 100 grams of lemon juice, water and sugar.
  • Separately warm zucchini, 200 grams of lemon juice, chopped ginger and apples.
  • Connect the prepared products and cook them on low heat. Варенье нужно периодически помешивать и убирать пену.

Когда кабачки станут прозрачными (примерно через 40-50 минут), разложите лакомство по банкам и закройте их крышками.

Варенье из яблок с имбирем

Перед вами еще один простой рецепт оригинального угощения. Учтите, что сердцевину имбиря лучше удалить. This is necessary so that the hard fibers do not spoil the taste of the finished delicacy.

  • Apples - one kilogram.
  • Lemon - one piece.
  • Sugar - four glasses.
  • Ginger root - five centimeters.
  • Water - one and a half glasses.

We will cook ginger jam like this:

  • Peel the apples, remove the seeds, and then cut them into slices.
  • Using a fine grater, remove the lemon zest and then squeeze the juice from the fruit.
  • Sprinkle the apples with lemon juice so that they do not change color.
  • Cook the syrup in a saucepan, then transfer the apples and ginger to it.

Boil over low heat for about two hours, stirring constantly. When the jam is ready, lay it on the jars and close the lids.

Unusual preservation

What is useful ginger jam? Firstly, it is an excellent means to increase immunity. Thanks to its special spicy taste, it will be a great addition to the cup of your favorite tea.

And it is also an excellent preparation for mulled wine, which is so nice to indulge yourself on a cold winter evening, various desserts and pastries.

How to cook this original billet for the winter? First, you need to choose the right spice. To do this, buy rhizomes, which have the least developed middle part, because we need young plants with a thin skin.

Also note that their number should be at least 1.5 times more than indicated in the recipe, because inside each there is a hard core that is not suitable for consumption.

After the raw material has been purchased, you can begin to prepare it.

  1. Peel the root of the skin. To do this, gently scrape it with a knife, a special cleaning device or a stiff brush.
  2. Cut off the layer under the skin, cut into thin strips.
  3. Do not throw away the core. It can be used to make a delicious syrup.

Citrus Jam

This is a real vitamin bomb, because each of the ingredients has a huge number of useful properties. You will need:

  • lemon - 5 pcs,
  • lime - 6 pcs,
  • ginger root - 100 g,
  • sugar - 1 kg.

Citrus fruits should be washed, rinsed with boiling water and gently cut off the zest. Three lemons cut into small pieces, squeeze the rest of the rest. It is poured into the pan, add the zest and spice. To determine the required amount of sugar, the juice must first be poured into a measuring container. The amount of the first must be 3 times the value obtained.

Combine the ingredients, boil them for 15 minutes, put the sugar and cook until it is completely dissolved.

Put the sliced ​​lemon in the syrup, let it simmer for another 7 minutes and leave to cool. Sterilize jars and fill with jam.

Recipe ingredients can be safely changed or added using lime, oranges or tangerines.

With zucchini

It turns out the combination of ginger and zucchini give a special taste. You can check by making a jam from them. Required Products:

  • zucchini - 1 kg,
  • spice root - 100 g,
  • apples - 5 pcs,
  • lemon juice - 1.5 st,
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • water - 1 tbsp.

Peel zucchini, remove internal seeds and cut into small cubes. If you want to get jam - grind in a meat grinder or grate on grater. Apples and spice need to be cleaned and chopped with a blender or food processor.

In a container, combine water, sugar and 100 ml of lemon juice, cook for 10 minutes. In another container, boil directly the jam of zucchini, apples and the main spicy ingredient, to which you need to add the remaining lemon juice.

When the syrup is ready, pour it into the jam and boil for another 40 minutes over low heat. Willingness is determined by squash. When they become transparent - you can arrange the jam on the banks.

Eastern recipe

This is truly an inexpensive pleasure, because it will not need fruits, but their skin. So prepare:

  • ginger - 150 g,
  • zest 5 oranges,
  • sugar - 250 g,
  • water - 100 ml
  • lemon juice - 200 ml.

In the countries of Southeast Asia, such a jam is called “chow-chow”. But be prepared for the fact that its preparation will take as long as 3 days. It is during this period that it is necessary to soak the zest and ginger in water. This will help remove excess bitterness. Over time, cut the crusts into small strips.

For syrup, combine water, lemon juice and sugar, let boil and put zest with spice. Wait until it boils and leave to infuse. Repeat the same two more times. For the third time bring to a boil and spread on banks.

In addition to fragrant and tasty jam, you can also make a very useful, with its medicinal properties, the preparation of spices with honey. It will help to cope with colds and charge you with vitamins for the whole winter.

Savory Ginger Jam - 5 Simple Recipes!

Ginger jam has a very unique, island-spicy taste, but versatile enough to be added to almost any dish. This jam can be used for a simple breakfast with toast, and for serving with rice, pastries and even meat. And since ginger is famous for its ability to improve immunity and fight colds, jam from it becomes an excellent support for health in cold seasons. Read how to make delicious ginger jam with different ingredients in this article.

Ginger and Tomato Jam

Such a jam has a savory taste and aroma. It can be used as a sauce for meat and fish dishes.

  • small piece of ginger (1-2 cm)
  • tomatoes 500 gr
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • salt to taste
  1. Crush onions and garlic,
  2. Peel and grate the ginger,
  3. Cut the tomatoes into small cubes,
  4. Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil and leave on low heat for 15-20 minutes,
  5. It remains to cool the resulting mixture and pour into jars. Jam is ready!

Ginger jam with lemon and honey

Such jam is especially useful in autumn and winter, when people are most susceptible to colds and care must be taken of their health. After all, it is at this time you need to strengthen the immune system, and ginger with lemon and honey - this is a real storehouse of vitamins!

  1. Wash the lemons and peel the ginger.
  2. Lemons cut into large cubes, without removing the peel, and then grind them until a homogeneous mass in the blender.
  3. Finely chop or grate the ginger root.
  4. Combine crushed lemons and ginger and pour them with honey.
  5. Stir the mixture thoroughly and pour into jars.

Jam with ginger, lemon and honey can be added to tea, spread on bread or just eat a spoonful a day.

Ginger jam and oranges

Ginger jam with the addition of oranges is obtained warming and spicy. It goes well with pastries and toasts. A spoon of this jam will give an unusual taste to any porridge.

  • large ginger root (10 cm),
  • 10 oranges,
  • 5 cups of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (optional),
  1. Wash the oranges and peel them. Do not rush to throw the peel, we also add it to our jam.
  2. Remove bones from oranges and white rough films. They must be removed, otherwise the jam will have bitterness.
  3. Cut the oranges into small pieces, and chop the zest.
  4. Finely chop or grate the ginger root.
  5. Pour water into the pan and add all the ingredients to it. Mix well, bring to a boil over low heat and boil for 50-60 minutes until thick. The mixture is poured into sterilized jars, rolled up and stored in the refrigerator.

Spicy jam from apples, zucchini and ginger

This jam has a very rich taste, and ginger gives it a piquancy and a pleasant aroma.

For 1 kg of zucchini you will need:

  • 200 grams of apples
  • 100 grams of ginger
  • 200-300 grams of lemon juice,
  • 1 kilogram of sugar
  1. Peel apples and ginger root and grind in a blender into a homogeneous porridge or grate finely.
  2. Wash the courgettes, peel and remove the seeds. Squash need to cut into small pieces, or grate too.
  3. Pour into a saucepan a glass of warm water, half a lemon juice and add sugar. Boil the mixture over low heat, stirring constantly, until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. In another pot, start heating a mixture of zucchini, ginger, apples and the remaining lemon juice. When the mixture is heated, fill it with the resulting sugar syrup and cook for about an hour, constantly stirring and removing the foam.
  5. As soon as the squash becomes transparent and soft, turn off the jam and pour it into sterilized jars and close tightly. Keep such jam should be in a cool place.

In addition to the well-known immunological properties, jam from ginger perfectly removes toxins from the body, improves the cardiovascular system and heals the joints. So whatever recipe for ginger jam you choose, you can be sure that you will receive great benefits for your health and pleasure from the unusual taste.

Experiment with additives to ginger, because depending on the ingredients, your jam can be both very sweet and gnarly. It is because of this variety of taste, everyone can find a recipe for ginger jam, which he will like.

Cooking process

Ginger jam is very fragrant and healthy. Ginger jam freshens the mouth after eating, and this jam will also be useful during colds as prevention and treatment.

This ginger and orange jam can be cooked all year round, it can also be added to pastries.

Prepare all the ingredients. Orange can be replaced by lemon.

Ginger wash, then peel off, it is very convenient to do with a spoon. You just scrape the skin of ginger, and it will be removed with a thin film.

Next, we ginger ginger on a coarse grater. In order not to mess with the grater, you can chop the ginger root using a blender, it will not affect the taste and the appearance will not be spoiled. Remove the zest from the orange.

Combine ginger, orange zest and sugar in a pan.

Add water, mix well. Water can be replaced with orange juice, so your jam will be more fragrant.

Then cook the jam on low heat, stirring occasionally. Water will evaporate a little and turn into syrup. Cook jam for about 20 minutes. Ginger should be a little transparent.

Still hot transfer ginger jam in clean jars, close tightly with a lid. Keep the jam in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

Serve ginger and orange jam with tea or coffee.

Ginger Jam - Ginger Jam Recipes

Yuliya Vasilchikova • 05/02/2016

Recently, products having an exotic taste have become popular. These products include ginger root, which has a mass of trace elements, vitamins and helps to maintain a slim figure.

There are many recipes for using ginger root. With it you can make a hot sauce, a tonic cocktail, or simply add to the pastries to make a delicate potion.

Ginger jam Step-by-step recipe

  1. Ginger must be cleaned and cut into thin slices.
  2. Put the chopped ginger in a cup with cold water. We clean for 2 days.
  3. Every day you need to change the water at least 3 times a day.
  4. Lemon cut into thin rounds. Peel leave.
  5. After two days, the water from the ginger should be drained, and rinse the ginger well.
  6. In ginger add sugar and lemon. Gently mix.
  7. Leave to brew for 2 hours. We are waiting for the juice to stand out.
  8. We put on the fire, and cook for 15 minutes, stirring constantly.
  9. After 15 minutes, turn off the gas, and let cool.
  10. After our jam is cool, put on the fire and cook for 15 minutes, stirring constantly. Repeat this procedure four times.
  11. For the fourth time, the jams are not cooled, but immediately put in pre-sterilized jars, and roll them up with lids.

Our ginger jam is ready.

Enjoy your meal! Keep our jam in a cool place.