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Women's overalls: how to choose the perfect? (10 pictures)


Stylish and comfortable jumpsuit - a versatile and practical thing in the women's wardrobe. You can wear it both at work and at a holiday party with friends. Wear coveralls for women and you can as a daily option, and as business clothes. A wide variety of current models allows any woman of fashion to choose the one that fully corresponds to personal taste. Such a set will not stand for hours in front of a mirror in search of a beautiful outfit - the jumpsuit will save time in choosing clothes.

In the past, nineteenth-century stray circus artists used to wear full-cut clothes. Later, overalls began to produce en masse for workers. In the twentieth century, aviators and military men preferred to put on a flat set. Gradually, the jumpsuit won fashion catwalks - its various variants are still present in the latest collections of modern clothing. Today, a functional overalls in particular honor for most women who want to look attractive.

Women's denim overalls - with what to wear

Casual models of denim are in the summer version, and in the winter. From denim sew beautiful, stylish and functional models. Office option is a closed top and pants. Overalls shorts will be suitable for summer walks. Most models are made of plain cotton. The thing does not constrain movements at all, is rather practical and allows to behave actively all day long.

A wide range offers a choice of models with and without sleeves, with an open and closed back, with loose or narrow trousers. Transformer models and various styles became very popular. Various inserts from other fabrics adorn beautiful denim models of fashionable overalls. Things differ in their silhouettes, may have cuts and deep cleavage. For such an overalls it is very important to choose the remaining parts to create the image.

Short and long evening overalls look great with fashionable heeled shoes. If the model's leg trousers are narrowed, then wedge shoes and without heels will do. A denim jumpsuit can be complemented by a striped vest, a bright floral t-shirt, a stylish business blouse. It depends on what image the set is put on. For the cocktail option, an excellent addition would be a hat, aviator glasses and stylish shales. The frame of the glasses is better to choose the color of the suit, but you can choose another palette of shades. For a multi-colored jumpsuit, you should select plain-colored jewelery in a calm range. Monoton denim model, on the contrary, should be diluted with brighter things and accessories. A short summer jumpsuit looks great with any stylish flip flops and sandals.

Under the winter closed denim overalls, you can wear a monotonous turtleneck or a print blouse. Top with a stylish, buttonless cardigan. Under the jumpsuit fit and shortened jackets and fur fashion coat.

Evening options: how to choose

Evening models of stylish overalls made of velvet, silk, cotton, satin and flax look very luxurious. Actual colors are different shades. In the trend black overalls that look very feminine. If you decide to wear a black jumpsuit for women, with what to wear it, prompt the advice of fashionable stylists. It is very important to choose the right and beautiful style of things for an evening look.

The style of the suit should be chosen taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure. If you have pear-shaped body proportions, then models that attract attention to the top will do. For example, choose a jumpsuit with a deep neckline and sleeveless. Massive jewelry on an open neck will distract from problematic forms. Remember that too loose styles make the figure fuller. In the evening version of the image, avoid a large print, contrasting stripes and a short length of trousers.

Women with the figure of "apple" fit model with trousers. Also, shortened leg length will draw attention to the legs. A great option - two-tone models in which the top is darker than the bottom. Horizontal stripes and oversized prints should also be avoided.

Miniature girls of small stature fit long elegant models of evening overalls. You can add them with wide bright belts. Interesting chains. Wear accessories slightly below the waist. Full lady is required to avoid light shades of things. Bulk structured materials only add to completeness. Also, plump girls should abandon too-fitting silk and fine knitwear. It is better to choose models from flowing chiffon and cotton.

Evening luxury models of overalls are suitable for any festive event, going to the theater and to the film premiere, to enter the restaurant. The length of the pants, you can choose the full, and the leg on the cuff. Open shoulders, a deep neckline or neckline are exactly what is needed for an evening look. Luxurious jumpsuit must be combined with stylish accessories and beautiful decorations.

Prints and fun colors should be left for a casual look. An alternative to an evening dress is strict elegant monochrome color patterns that can be decorated with glitter and rhinestones. In choosing the material, prefer light flowing fabrics - lace, chiffon, silk. You can wear a light shiny fabric jumpsuit for an evening out.

In addition to black, choose gold, silver, pink, blue, emerald, red tones. As a stylish accessory, use a colored strap decorated with crystals and stones. Both jewelry and wide metal bracelets will do. Complement the image of high-heeled shoes and a small clutch.

Options for business models

For a business image fit stylish models in the office version. With what women's overalls to wear, the photos presented below will give the right idea. Office kits are designed for business meetings, official events. They look strictly, elegantly and conservatively. Prefer to wear a thing with long trousers and avoid the free style with cuffs on the legs. Business models in a classic simple style should have a well-defined line of shoulders. Overalls may not have sleeves.

You can also choose the model with long sleeves. You can add a jumpsuit jacket, cardigan or jacket in a business style. Primary colors for the business office are black, white, light shades, dark blue, beige, and cream. Avoid metallic notes and bright coloring. It is better to choose material that does not crease, which will perfectly keep the shape.

Casual models

Colorful cotton or linen summer overalls are perfect for outdoor activities, the sea coast, for ordinary city walks. For the hot summer in the line of fashionable clothes, you can choose the actual jumpsuit-shorts. This option does not hamper active movements, the most open and very convenient. Women's jumpsuit with shorts can be worn with a striped vest, a monochromatic blouse with short sleeves, shoes with a solid sole. The length of the shorts can be different - from the shortest to the knee.

Choose bright, juicy colors, models in the style of a safari, floral and graphic print. A colorful vest or t-shirt is a great addition to similar models of summer overalls. To emphasize the waistline, wear a beautiful strap or a wide belt.

Unusual colors and prints today in trend and will be a great solution for everyday choices. Fashionable colors make a pleasant impression and attract the attention of others.

Cotton and light summer materials are especially comfortable to wear. Prefer things made of breathable and natural fabrics. Striped and checkered patterns will do. The accessories for the summer model will be light open flip-flops, a hat, wedge sandals. Even sneakers and bright cloth shoes will do. A large bulk bag and colorful glasses perfectly complement the entire summer casual look. Be sure to make an interesting hairstyle and makeup. Put on an interesting and original costume jewelry. In this outfit you will attract attention and look very fashionable and beautiful.

Black jumpsuit

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Modern ladies who like to keep abreast of the latest trends, we advise you to pay attention to this combination of a red coat and black jumpsuit. Complement this look with black leather shoes. Having stopped the choice on such an autumn ensemble, you can be sure that you will look your best.

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This combination of clothes will certainly be one of your favorites on warm summer days.

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The combination of olive fishtail parks and black jumpsuit is especially popular among those who appreciate comfort. This outfit is complemented perfectly by gray sneakers. What is not a wonderful image for the off-season?

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Black leather biker jacket and black jumpsuit are perfect for the embodiment of the urban image for both weekdays and weekends. Black spike leather shoes will help make an elegant outfit. What is not a great bow in the offseason?

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Black leather biker jacket and black jumpsuit are great for creating urban look for both weekdays and weekends. As for shoes, you can give preference to the classics and choose black leather shoes. Poke on the street in a dreary autumn day in such an ensemble will be much nicer.

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Do not forget about this outfit, especially on a hot summer day.

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Going out on a dull fall day in such an ensemble will be much easier.

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Excellent idea for a comfortable summer bow!

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On hot sunny days, this combination of things is what you need.

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In such a bow you will be very comfortable if it is unbearably stuffy outside the window.

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In such a bow you will be very comfortable on a hot summer day.

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This combination of a red jacket and a black jumpsuit should appeal to casual fans. Bright pink leather shoes will make the ensemble more refined. With such a dress, spring promises to be joyful and full of bright colors.

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A white blazer and a black jumpsuit can be a wise investment in your wardrobe. Black suede heeled sandals look very organic. In such an ensemble, you will feel as comfortable as possible on a hot sunny day.

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A dark green blazer and a black jumpsuit — look at this bow if you're not afraid to be the center of attention. Black suede booties with a cutout will add elegance to a nude look. What is not a cool ensemble for the fall?

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In a black jacket and black jumpsuit you will definitely be the queen of style. And why not add a touch of elegance to a casual bow with red leather shoes? Excellent ensemble for the autumn season!

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A black leather biker jacket and a black jumpsuit will help to express your individual style. Black suede ankle boots will help balance outfit and add a bit of classic to it. Do not forget about this outfit, especially when the weather starts to deteriorate.

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Wear a black leather biker jacket with a black jumpsuit to help you express your memorable personal style and stand out from the gray mass. Take this bow, if you want to look bright and not boring in the fall.

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We really like this outfit for hot summer weather.

How to choose a jumpsuit on the figure?

For girls who are owners of wide hips, overalls that have flared hips or straight leg trousers are best suited, the style itself should not be too tight, as you only emphasize disproportionate hips, but at the same time, it should not hang out, in this way, you will become a formless thing.

It is best for such girls to wear shoes on a platform or heels, and the length of the pants should cover 2/3 of the entire height of the heel, otherwise you will look extremely ridiculous.

If you have more or less equal proportions, then you can perfectly fit plain models of overalls. Young ladies with small breasts and wide hips need to move the center of gravity to the top, so it’s better to give preference to models with bright draperies and décolleté, dilute the entire ensemble with large ornaments around the neck. Also make sure that the waistline is constantly underlined.

Thin girls with dimly expressed forms need to ensure that the jumpsuit gives them femininity and volume in the required places. High waist and elastic bands on the chest may work well, to give the silhouette a seductiveness, you can try styles with a belt and backstage, and don't forget about wide straps and bright prints that also do a good job with visual volumes.

Slender girls have a big advantage; they are absolutely not afraid of ultra-short shorts and open back.

But women with magnificent forms should avoid those models that can add extra pounds to them. Therefore, they are best to pay attention to the styles of light and flowing fabrics that emphasize and highlight the waist. It is best to give preference to monochrome and models with a small print. The top of the jumpsuit can be decorated with a V-neck, and the bottom is represented by straight or, extending from the waist, pants.

There is an opinion that overalls go only to tall and slender girls. This is not so, it is clear that they are in this matter easier, but no more.

Girls with small stature need to pay attention to models with flared hips from the hip and be sure to wear shoes with heels or wedges. Another great option is a short jumpsuit with shorts and a high waist, which looks very sexy in combination with a high wedge.

Fashionable styles of summer and autumn overalls

Recently, the so-called models for every day have become very popular, they are very convenient and versatile in the fast pace of modern life.

Most often they are represented by light and airy fabrics, for example, chiffon, silk, satin and the like. Especially popular are models with a tight top, where there can be a pretty deep neckline, and the bottom is represented by trousers, the waist is most often distinguished by a thin belt.

As for colors, muted tones are in fashion, for example, pale blue, greenish or lilac, the print itself can be represented by abstraction or monochromatic floral patterns. For those who love everything bright and juicy, suitable models with an asymmetrical cut of the upper part, as well as with bright combinations of fabric colors and patterns.

Girls with a business acumen can also pick up their jumpsuit, which can easily dilute the already bored formal suits and skirts.

Most often, such overalls are made in dark or pastel shades, do not have patterns and unnecessary decor. The top of such models simulates a blouse, and the bottom is represented by classic trousers that can be chosen depending on the type of your own figure: narrowed, straight or flared.

Fashionable denim overalls will be more in demand in the autumn, such models are simply indispensable for hiking in nature and for ordinary walks.

In addition, denim overalls often have adjustable straps that can help pregnant women with a good choice of clothes.

Indeed, as the tummy grows, it will be possible to loosen the straps, and after the baby is born, everything easily returns to its original shape, so the denim jumpsuit on the straps will not wallow in the closet "dead weight". Another plus denim overalls - they go almost everything, without exception. Best of all, denim overalls are combined with flat shoes or low gladiator sandals.

Models and styles

Once, coveralls were considered only as working clothes, but in 1970 they occupied the heights of the fashion industry. Well-known brand Naf Naf overalls brought popularity. And now in any brand of clothes there is a jumpsuit. Today you can find a model of any color and style, with an ornament and monophonic.

Absolutely no need to think about which blouse to fit to a skirt, or what blouse to pants. Do not just forget about accessories. And in the summer, shorts and a T-shirt merged together and made life easier for women.

The overalls perfectly corrects the shape, it is important only to choose the right style and length. It is suitable for everyday wear, and for an evening out, and for a date, and for hiking in the woods. This is a universal thing.

Evening overalls mainly in one color, except for details.

They are:

  • with a deep neckline
  • with asymmetrical shoulder,
  • strapless
  • with drapery on the chest,
  • high-waisted
  • with wide pants,
  • skinny overalls
  • with open back,
  • dress jumpsuit
  • with lace, etc.

Many options are suitable for fashion parties. Если правильно подобрать модель и фасон комбинезона, то выглядеть вы будете не только стильно, но еще и сексуально. Модель с глубоким вырезом делает вашу фигуру визуально стройнее и привлекательнее, а с завышенной талией подойдет для девушек с нестандартной фигурой.

Evening overalls are gaining great popularity, which are suitable for parties, going to the theater or for a date. It is important to choose the right style. - it can be both long and short sleeves, narrowed legs, a varied neckline. Drapery on the chest visually increases the volume of girls. Therefore, each girl can choose an individual image for themselves.

It is worth noting another model - this dress-overalls. Very comfortable analogue of the usual dress. Many girls choose dress-overalls to look stylish and fashionable.

Such models are a godsend for those who lead an active lifestyle, while striving to be in trend. Dress-overalls - it is very feminine and at the same time practical. Differences models will be in the fabric and colors. Accordingly, long flying overalls will suit for an evening out, and knitted models of medium length will be relevant for everyday wear. With regards to shoes, the heel is best suited. Dress-overalls should not be tight or hang.

Fashion trends

Today, more and more overalls resembling the fashion of those times. This denim overalls, and models of wear-resistant fabrics. They can be combined with different clothes, for example, with T-shirts, shirts. There are coveralls for pregnant women, which are represented in many collections of famous brands.

As for evening overalls, there are a lot of them. For example, interesting collections are presented at Ameri, Felder Felder, Yigal Azrouel. Fendi and Hermès.

A bright red jumpsuit is a worthy replacement for a bright red dress. This color is for the most daring and audacious women who are 100% sure of themselves. Overalls can be both short and long, and in those, and in those you will look stylish and fashionable. Each designer in the collection has overalls of this color and there is no hint of vulgarity in them. It can be not only red, but also its various shades.

Another beautiful and current model - lush jumpsuits with capes. Very suitable for celebrations. And if you add a train to such a model, then this image will not only be gorgeous, but also give odds to any cocktail dress.

The overalls should not be artsy, everything should be in moderation, since it is already gorgeous in itself. There should be a minimum of parts. If it is lace, then only lace.

Although in many collections there are a lot of models in which there is a Lurex, a lot of beads and sequins, while it does not look defiant.

In the past, overalls were either made from denim or knitted. To date, there are many types of fabric, so the variety of models is very large. Satin, chiffon, wet silk and even lace are in fashion. Evening overalls look more profitable from flowing, "lyatyuschy" fabrics. Such models emphasize the lines of the figure and are pleasant to the body.

The most popular fabrics for overalls:

Natural fabrics are very popular. Lace is back in fashion again. And it can be used by designers as inserts to the main image. Two-layer is very relevant, that is, the basis can be natural fabric, on top - guipure.

Very relevant leather overalls. Actual black colors.

If you want to look fashionable in winter, the most current outfit will be - this is a velvet jumpsuit. Such a model is represented in the Topshop Unique and Roksalanda collections. Muffled colors with a minimum of detail. You can complement the image with shoes with a sharp nose.

The color range of overalls is very diverse. A girl can choose a model of any color that she likes.

In addition to the classic tones, fashion designers offer shades of pink, brown, yellow, aquamarine and others. Do not forget that light colors are full, and dark ones are slim. Small bright drawings give volume to a figure, and large draw attention. Overalls, which are sewn from colorful pieces, look very original and fashionable.

Clothing with floral and animal prints is in fashion. The most popular overalls in the style of "safari" sand and marsh shades. Very stylish look model with geometric patterns.

The most popular is a black jumpsuit, which will highlight all your strengths and hide the disadvantages. Black color will give your body an extraordinary slimness. Very often, it is him who is chosen by girls to attend evening events. Despite the fact that the black jumpsuit is far from the cocktail dress, you will still look stunning.

A white jumpsuit is a hit not of one season. Thanks to this color, the girl will look young and fresh. It will look especially good on tanned girls.

Such colors as neon, combined shades, vintage are considered to be equally popular in the fashion industry. They fill with extraordinary energy. Overalls with a small ornament look a little calmer. For example, a model in small peas will give your image tenderness, touchingness. This color is very popular now.

Overalls are not only plain, but with different prints. Models with stripe, ornament, divorces are also popular among girls.

One of the most popular colors this year is red. It attracts attention and will not leave anyone indifferent. You can even combine several shades, such as a jumpsuit of light red color, and a scarlet top on top. Such models can be seen in the collections of Cristiano Burani.

Where to wear?

Today, all girls have at least one jumpsuit in their wardrobe. If earlier it was only working clothes, now you can go to the beach, to the club, have a date, wear an office or just go for a walk. At the party you will be the center of attention, wearing overalls, and men will not take their eyes off you.

For summer, a jumpsuit is an indispensable thing. At the same time, you can wear it on the beach and in the office. Differences will only be in style and length. Comfortable overalls and the fact that you do not need to pick up separately up or down. Thinking will need only about accessories and shoes.

In autumn and winter, it is not very convenient to wear a jumpsuit under a jacket and combine with jackets and fur coats. This did not stop world couturiers and many have released fall-winter collections with more dense fabrics. Although the evening models were left with light fabrics.

You can wear a velvet jumpsuit for a datein which the girl will look both restrained and gorgeous at the same time. With such a model, she will emphasize her “charms”. You can wear a jumpsuit, which will also be relevant for a date.

On the beach, put on a short, lightweight strapless jumpsuit, which is easily removed and worn, in which you will look fashionable.

You can wear an open back jumpsuit for a celebration or social eventFor example, in red. You will attract attention in it, but you will not look vulgar.

You can wear evening overalls anywhere, for example:

  • for prom night
  • to the wedding
  • to the party,
  • on a date
  • to the gala event
  • on corporate, etc.

With regards to the corporate party, a date and a solemn event, then in principle everything is clear.

It is unlikely that all the girls will wear overalls to the prom night, everyone is accustomed to the fact that if this is a prom, then it must be a dress, and often a magnificent one. But all this is no longer relevant and not fashionable. In the trend today overalls, so you will not only be different when choosing a jumpsuit for prom, but will also be the most stylish.

The great advantage of this is that no one comes to you on the hem.

The same goes for the wedding. The overalls can be not only on the guest, but also on the bride. Of course, it seems wrong, provocative and bold, but if you are not afraid of experiments, this option is for you.

Today, many fashion designers offer us models of wedding overalls. You can choose the one that suits you. It can be with a minimum of details and monophonic, and can be with a beautiful finish, guipure, a train. The main advantage of this outfit is practicality and the fact that it is very convenient. And if you fly away after the wedding, you do not even have to change clothes.

If you are a guest, you will have to give up the white color and its various shades.

The overalls will help you out always and it doesn’t matter where you are going to a nightclub or to a presentation of a new book. In this case, you will not worry that in the dance you will rise dress or slide tights. A brilliant jumpsuit is best for going to the club. You will shine all night.

What to wear?

Evening jumpsuit appeared in your wardrobe, and you do not know what to combine it with? Everything is very simple:

  • do not wear shoes with flat overalls with a flat sole; a high heel is best, it will pull you out and you will look slimmer,
  • if you choose a jumpsuit with pants, then the length of the leg should be slightly below the ankle,
  • experiment with belts, they will underline your waist,
  • sandals or open-toed shoes are best for shoes;
  • do not overdo it with accessories, everything should be in moderation, since the jumpsuit is already a thing that does not require special additions,
  • Clutch and shoes should be the same color, but not merge with overalls,
  • from above you can throw a bolero or blazer on your shoulders.

If you are overweight and not a perfect figure, it is better not to wear a jumpsuit. He looks great on slender girls. Chubby girls can only afford a model with a drape in the waist, otherwise you just have to sit all evening and pull in the stomach, which will make you uncomfortable.

To complete the look, you can wear massive jewelery. Just do not forget that if the overalls are solid, bright jewelry is best suited, and if with a print, it is not screaming modest accessories.

Beautiful images

Very beautiful evening overalls, mainly made of chiffon and silk. They can be completely different colors and shades.

Models with a deep neckline and an open back that can be put on for gala evenings look very beautiful. For design use bows, embroidery and trains. In many models guipure inserts are used.

Long overalls with patterns, overalls-dresses are popular. Red, black, white, ultramarine and other colors are very relevant in the season. In any of them you will look great.