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Summer, heat, dance until the morning: the best tips for a summer wedding to be perfect


The very first thing future newlyweds have to do is to make a list of expenses according to the wedding plan, and to follow it steadily. All additional expenses and changes in plans must also be recorded in the "budget". In fact, if the future spouses did not live in a civil marriage, the preparation of the wedding budget is an important experience for managing the future family.

How to save: clearly follow the spending plan. Always have a stock of 20% of the total, because if an overspending happens (and it most often happens), this stock will help control spending, you will always remember that beyond the 20% increase in the budget, you will not “get out”. This will save you from haphazard spending, debts from friends and bank loans.

Wedding concept

As practice shows, more and more newlyweds are imbued with the idea of ​​a common wedding style. Redemptions and travels to the border of Europe and Asia are already the last century, and now wedding ideas are in fashion, i.e. general stylistic concept of the wedding, which is embodied at every stage of the celebration. It could be anything from a peasant wedding in nature to a vampire party in a Transylvania restaurant. The main point is that everything from the invitation card to the menu is created according to the general idea. If you decide to original, guests must be warned in advance to prepare themselves and gifts for this unusual holiday. Usually in the invitation cards the concept of the wedding is described in great detail.

How to save: It is the original wedding idea that can reduce the wedding budget as much as possible, because a modest (but incredibly cute) wedding dress and a simple banquet without frills will be justified and perfectly woven into the hem of the entire wedding.

Marriage registration

Traditionally, the bride and groom undergo a solemn ceremony of marriage in the registry office. To do this, you must apply, pay state fee and wait 2 months. If the bride is pregnant, the procedure is reduced to 1 month, you only need to provide proof of pregnancy (certificate or exchange card). If the newlyweds are not supporters of ordinary weddings, then the marriage options are also quite a few. You can quietly sign, and the main celebration to hold on the day of the wedding. You can quietly sign, and the solemn procedure of marriage held in a restaurant or other place. This will help hired artists who perfectly play registration, and you, in turn, will be able to exchange vows, invented in advance and really reflect your feelings to a friend to a friend.

How to save: the solemn registration itself costs 2,000 rubles. In addition to this, the services of a photographer and a video operator are paid separately (1 photo - 90 rubles, 2 video disks 1 500 rubles), and guests usually have a small buffet table. All these expenses can be avoided without conducting a solemn registration at the registry office, but by signing quietly. Oaths and rings can be exchanged in the restaurant.

The most important thing in organizing a wedding (in addition to faith, of course) is the choice of date. The church calendar is full of various holidays and holy posts during which weddings are not held. Therefore, if you want registration and the wedding in one day - you have to sweat, calculating this date. As an option - registration and wedding are held on different days, and the bride and groom decide (and consider) to “walk” the wedding both times, or choose one of the two dates. It is important to remember that a wedding is possible only if you have a state marriage certificate, specify if it is necessary when submitting the application and booking the date or whether it can be brought directly to the wedding itself.

Read more about the mystery of the wedding - in our article Wedding.

How to save: The cost of the wedding is usually very low, the main cost part is the additional “services” of the particular church. Candles, handbrake, singers and a ringer can "eat" from 3,000 or more rubles of the budget. It all depends on whether it is the central cathedral or a small church on the periphery.

Exit Wedding

The fashion for organizing a wedding in tents somewhere in a picturesque corner is gaining momentum. Of course, it is best to entrust the specialized companies that bring, install tents, lay the tables, then everything will be removed. This wedding option does not reduce its cost, but on the contrary increases both material and organizational costs. In addition, there is an element of surprise - the weather, which can be very unpredictable.

How to save: If your dream is a wedding in the Western style, and the budget is very limited, then the preparations for the celebration will have to start early. Various tents and awnings can be searched both in foreign online stores and on sale sites for used items. There is a choice, and it is inexpensive to find, but high-quality equipment is quite possible. Friends and relatives can help to install and disassemble canopies, as well as to lay and arrange a festive table. And make sure that the venue of the celebration is not private property, and the holiday there does not require special permission.

Choosing a restaurant

Most often, weddings are celebrated either in a favorite restaurant or in a recommended one. Choosing a restaurant is important, relying on its cuisine, because if you like their overall menu, you will most likely also like the banquet option. If the restaurant is not familiar to you - go there several times, try different dishes, make sure that you like their quality and performance. Of course, it is better to order a banquet in your favorite restaurant, where you already know, but if there is no such, then choose a new establishment, for which reputation and large orders are important in the making. Typically, restaurants already know the total consumption of food for 1 guest and always quite realistically advise what and in what quantity it is better to order.

How to save: Since the wedding feast absorbs a large part of the wedding budget, and healthy savings are important above all. Therefore:

* you need to accurately calculate the number of guests, make sure everyone comes, negotiate with the restaurant or cafe in advance the possibility to additionally order 2-5 servings of hot dishes,

* It is best to order salads and snacks at the rate of 1 serving per 2.5-3 people (or 1-3 individual snacks), they should be different in composition and caloric content (for example, vegetable, fish, meat salads or snacks). It is due to the variety of dishes guests will be full. Everything is made out not in portions, but in large salad bowls or dishes, several per zone,

* banquet ordering is best done at a cafe where they are allowed to bring their own products, such as cutting meat and fish, vegetables, cheese, and in the establishment you need to order only salads and hot dishes. Alcoholic drinks and juices can also be purchased at wholesale prices and brought in advance. It is the cuts and drinks that make up a huge part of the budget of the holiday table,

* It is better to order a wedding cake separately in inexpensive (but well-known) cooking, since the restaurant cost of a cake sometimes exceeds the “culinary” one. Consumption - 100-150 gr. per person

* make sure that everything eaten (and sometimes there is quite a lot of food, including the cake) and unfinished (this is of course rare) will be packed in disposable dishes (or covered with lids) and given to you with you.

Wedding plan and cost overrun

It is necessary to draw up a step-by-step wedding plan with current expenses at each point, it is negotiated with the person responsible for the organization, and it is observed steadily. Any wedding is never limited to the budget laid on it and does not fall within the time frame that was planned in advance; there will always be an overrun in time and money, therefore:

· If you bought 1 box of champagne for celebrations, it is better to take money for another one, it will not be very difficult to buy it. Have a supply of liquor and juice in a restaurant so that you don’t have to buy it with restaurant drinks at the last moment,

· If you delay the car for 15 minutes, then get ready to pay the delay, as per hour,

· Discuss the possibility of an hourly additional payment for the presenter and the artists in advance, otherwise they will charge you for a triple rate in the wedding rush.

Wedding planner

As often, walking around the arboretum near the UPI or another place chosen by us for weddings, we observe a picture: happy guests, somewhat confused (of course from the happiness that has befallen him), the bridegroom, and the bride with the phone at the ear and focused expression on the face. On this beautiful day, you want to forget about all your worries and not spoil your mood with everyday issues, to be a princess, not an organizer. Therefore, it is for your own relaxation and complete immersion in the wedding magic, it is better to hire a professional wedding planner. And let it be not the best friend, a witness, and not a mother - after all, they also want to have fun. Give the reins of festive bustle to a professional, on which the entire wedding process will be concentrated and all the “ends” from the registry office to the departure of the last guest are closed.

How to save: The most effective savings are not to hire the organizer and provide the process to a trustee for the authorized person for free. If you have budgeted for the organization of a wedding, then contact a private individual on the recommendation, and not to a specialized organization or agree with the moderator (toastmaster).


When you have finally decided on the date and place of the wedding (registration and or wedding) it's time to invite guests. Most often, the gift for the wedding is money, it is the most acceptable and adequate gift, of course, you can additionally be anything, and, usually, guests do not skimp on performances, hochma and dazzle with their creative talents. If you want your guests to prepare both morally and financially - invite them to the wedding as soon as possible.

How to save: The budget for the manufacture of invitation tickets is calculated from 0 to infinity. Think of your own original way to notify your friends and relatives. It will be pleasant for the grandmother to receive a postcard, and the original e-invitation will be enough for a young friend. You can also think up and draw an invitation card in a special program and print it on special (or ordinary inexpensive paper).

Choosing a dress

Every girl in childhood dreams of a wedding. And most of this dream takes a wedding dress. The choice of dress should occur in advance, you first need to decide on the style (especially if the wedding is themed) - luxuriant, slinky, retro, original, simple. Then - with the price. Wedding salons will be able to offer a lot of options for almost any budget. But if this is not enough for you, then in foreign online stores exactly there will be your dress. If you came to the salon, before you buy your favorite model, ask to take a picture of you in it from different sides, take a time-out (in the salon you will definitely postpone the dress for a few days) and consider yourself carefully. Remember that besides beauty, the convenience of the dress is important; you can dance, walk a lot, drink and eat in it, it should not hamper your movements and make breathing difficult, the train should either unfasten at all or shorten (for example, fasten with a button).

How to save: You can buy a dress on sale, you can order on the Internet, you can rent it, you can sew it in a studio or from a private seamstress. There are a lot of options and in almost any case the dress will be perfect and you will avoid price markups. Most of the cost of a wedding dress are accessories and jewelery. If your budget does not include diamonds and handmade lace veils - do not worry! High-quality and discreet costume jewelry looks great and sparkles beautifully, it can be inexpensively bought on the Internet or rented from a friend. Bouquet and boutonniere can be made by yourself, because in the fashion of simple forms and naturalness.

Makeup artist and hairdresser

Hairstyles a la "Tower of Pisa" and mountains of "plaster" on the face have long gone out of fashion. Light stylish hairstyles and fresh make-up that emphasize the beauty of the bride, without turning her into a doll or model of the 90s - a trend of many seasons. Look for the master with modern views on the fashion and appearance of the bride. If you know exactly what you want - in advance provide the hairdresser and make-up artist with photos of hair and makeup, let them think about how to reproduce it exactly and preferably once.

How to save : a few months before the wedding, start learning photos and video tutorials for applying makeup and hair styling. Stock up on good quality makeup that will stand the test of time, tears of happiness, lipstick aunty and hot. You have every chance to learn (or hone skills) visage and styling, this knowledge will be very useful to you in the future, and high-quality cosmetics will not be superfluous in any girl's makeup bag. Specialized forums especially zealous lovers of beauty will help in the study of this complex science.

Decoration of the banquet hall and car

If you want to decorate the wedding in an individual style, then a huge number of florists and wedding designers of the city will help you with this. In this case, everything depends solely on the budget of the wedding.

How to save: Machines are decorated independently (friends and relatives), and the wedding hall is decorated with what is in the fund of the restaurant itself, they usually have a considerable stock of pretty jewelry, without frills of course. Often the decoration of the hall by the restaurant is included in the banquet price. In this case, there are no general rules, it all depends on the restaurant. Avoiding "surprises" will help viewing jewelry in advance.

You can attract friends to the design of the banquet hall. Balloons, ribbons and other paraphernalia are quite inexpensive, and remember, the more voluminous the detail - balloons, colored paper pompons, wire cages, the larger the decoration area and the lower the final cost. About pigeons and other wedding pets here will have to forget, and multicolored balloons with the wishes of love and happiness will fly to the sky!

Wedding entertainment

Traditionally, a ransom is one of the most fun wedding entertainment. How interesting and entertaining the ransom will be, depends on the guests. There are millions of scenarios on the Internet, the main thing is the imagination and artistry of the organizers of this action. If you are supporters of “traditional” wedding ceremonies, if the groom is ready to overcome obstacles on the way to the bride, if the guests are ready to support all this fun with active participation, then the ransom will be held with a bang!

How to save: develop a simple but interesting buyout scenario that does not initially imply a bloated budget. Redeem a bride not with money, but with tasks, candies, nuts, various balls and a trifle. Eliminate expensive liquor at buyout. Usually, under the general fun a lot of fire is drunk. Think in advance, maybe if it's summer, then it is better to make a refreshing low-alcohol cocktail and pour it into a convenient container? And if the wedding is held in the winter, guests will appreciate the aromatic mulled wine.

This part of the wedding is usually fun for the guests and often difficult for the newlyweds. While the guests sit in the shade and drink champagne, the bride and the bridegroom run around with the photographer in search of beautiful views. It is better to develop this route in advance. Every photographer and videographer has favorite (but very standard) routes and compositions. You will be assured that everything will be fine, but not the fact that you will like this choice, so go around your favorite parts of the city with operators and discuss at least the main points of the composition and then your photo and video session will be easy and fun. Ideal to conduct a trial photo shoot before the wedding. Remember the romantic corners of the city, with which you have pleasant memories, calculate the route and think - because of these memories can make an incredibly beautiful wedding film.

Wedding leader

A good presenter is one of the pledges of a fun wedding, so choose this person carefully and on the recommendation. Listen to the opinion of peers with similar views, because people of a different age may have completely different views on wedding entertainment. With the lead you need to discuss everything to the last detail, because A standard “set” of contests, jokes and various undertakings may not fit into the outline of a wedding or your ideas about fun. Therefore, it is better to discuss contests with toilet paper and dressing men into underwear for women “on the beach” and offer their ideas. Do not forget to foresee a place for dressing up the hosts, the entire entertainment group and guests in the cafe you like.

How to save: The only way to save money is to look for a good presenter with adequate rates. If the status of the party is not important to you, then there is no point in hiring a well-known expensive host. Многие считают, что свадьба возможна и без специального тамады. Это ошибка. Рассчитывать на то, что гости будут развлекать гостей – это очень рискованный путь организации праздника. Всем хочется отдохнуть и расслабиться, а веселить и занимать гостей - тяжелая работа, требующая опыта и концентрации.

На данный момент в городе предлагают свои услуги много артистов, обслуживающих различные мероприятия. Обычно, нанимая тамаду, прислушиваются к его рекомендациям об артистах, с которыми он обычно работает. They have a well-coordinated team and less risk of "snagging." If you are going along this path, then very thoroughly find out the schedule of performances, find videos and look for reviews about their performances on the Internet or among friends.

How to save: Pay attention not only to the cost of performance, but also to its duration and number of outlets. Choose one long, basic, diverse show that will last the majority of the wedding, and the host and guests will provide additional small shows. For example, if you order the performance of an ethnic Gypsy ensemble, you will receive heart-to-heart singing, an incredible violin playing, and ice romp dancing, which even your serious uncle cannot sit before. And all this in several stages. In the meantime, the presenter will entertain the guests with contests, and the guests will congratulate the newlyweds with their creative performances.

Usually the presenters have their own standard set of holiday music, read it in advance, because you may not like it. Each couple has “their own” songs with which they have romantic memories, not to mention the fact that each person has his own musical tastes and favorite compositions. Therefore, discuss it in advance and prepare cutting music on a convenient DJ carrier, give it away in a few days (at least) and clarify whether everything is “read”, “seen” and “heard” on the DJ equipment. Otherwise, an incident can happen during the wedding.


Like any other season, the summer has advantages and disadvantages that determine the pros and cons of a summer wedding.

  • Relatives and friends can easily take a vacation or a day off to congratulate you,
  • Good weather will allow to organize a celebration in nature, on the ship - yes anywhere,
  • Wedding dresses can be easy, because no one will freeze,
  • Summer holiday table will delight the variety, as the prices of vegetables and fruits are low in season,
  • There will be no problems with the choice of colors for decoration either - in summer both the assortment is larger and the bouquets are cheaper
  • There is a possibility of a comfortable outdoor registration in the open air,
  • Wedding photos in the summer are more attractive and varied in plot.

There are summer wedding and some drawbacks that should be considered when preparing:

  • The prices for wedding services in the summer are incredibly high,
  • The queue at the registry office, to the photographer, the operator, the presenter, the decorator will have to borrow in advance,
  • Some of the guests may fly away to rest,
  • The work of the toastmaster, dancers and other artists is extremely limited,
  • Crowds of brides and grooms in popular wedding venues can also be a bit annoying,
  • Yes, and summer can be unbearably hot.

Considering all these nuances and starting the preparation in advance, you will be able to create the most comfortable wedding for you and your guests.

The organization of a summer wedding gives incredible inspiration, because you have a lot of room for fantasy.

The forest is a particularly mysterious place that is perfect for a romantic celebration.

Choose a space for the celebration in advance and arrange with the decorators about its arrangement in a natural and natural style, and then you will have a chance to get into a real wedding tale.

In a private house

To celebrate the wedding at the cottage? Why not! If you have your own house in which all your guests will perfectly accommodate, you can organize a celebration there, and arrange a ceremony in the garden.

You will be surprised how decorators are able to transform a place familiar to you! Such a wedding will be held in a relaxed atmosphere.

Celebration of a wedding on the bank of the river or lake will make your event especially elegant and romantic. A solemn ceremony can be organized on the pier, which supposedly was specially created for this.

Photos from such a wedding will be magical, especially if you and your guests put floating lights on the water.

A marriage ceremony in a boat is an unusual and incredibly romantic option for pronouncing oaths of loyalty. Guests will be able to watch you from the shore, and footage from such a ceremony will be especially memorable.

On the boat

If the ceremony on the boat is not enough for you, if you want all the guests to be nearby at this momentous moment, a boat or a yacht will be an excellent option for a wedding. Thus, you will manage to organize a wedding on the water, enjoy luxurious views and be with family and friends all the time.

Having chosen a city on the river as a place for celebration, You can combine a celebration with a river walk, while enjoying the ancient architecture of the city.

Night celebration

Why not celebrate a magical event under the cover of night ?! Decorators and modern lighting capabilities will create a fabulous atmosphere. You pledge allegiance to each other in complete silence and under the shine of the Moon - incredibly romantic!


It is impossible to ignore this summer wedding scenario. If you have a budget sufficient to organize a wedding in warm countries or Europe, this option will suit your taste.

Many girls dream of a wedding on the coast of an exotic island or in the city of all lovers Parisso why not make the dream come true ?!

Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular. The theme for the summer celebration depends entirely on your imagination.

Here are just a few options:

  • in eco style: the decor of natural materials and wild flowers would create a romantic atmosphere,
  • wedding picnic: option for a fun celebration in an informal setting,
  • beach wedding: in the hot season triumph at the reservoir with the ability to swim is a real salvation
  • in the garden: a great opportunity to confess your love in the shade of trees
  • in a blooming field: the aromas of herbs and flowers will bring a special chic to the secret holiday,
  • Provence style: a great option for lovers of the suburbs of Paris
  • vintage ceremony.

Image of the bride

Choosing a dress for a summer wedding ceremony, it is necessary to give preference to models of light and flying fabric. In this dress you will not languish from the heat, even if it will be long and very closed.

The most comfortable for a wedding in a hot time are short dresses, but if you prefer a dress with a train, think about how you will fasten it in order not to get dirty.

Dresses in vintage, rustic and classic romantic styles are especially suitable for the summer ceremony. Choose models from natural fabrics, organza, chiffon with an open back and lace, which are perfectly breathable and do not stick to the body.


When choosing bracelets and necklaces, preference should be given to light and minimalist models. Perfect pendants with natural minerals or chain bracelets.

It is not necessary for a summer wedding to use stilettos. You can choose a graceful pair of pumps on a small heel, wedge sandals, flat sandals and even comfortable exquisite ballet flats.

It is necessary to pick up footwear taking into account own growth and a style of a dress. When celebrating in nature for the greatest convenience it is better to give up heels altogether. They will fall into the ground and in half an hour they will be completely soiled with earth.

From the right wedding hairstyle depends on how perfectly you will look at the photos from your own wedding.

In hot weather and with the scorching sun, your hair needs special care and protection, therefore It is worth choosing a collected hairstyle using weaves, scallops, hairpins and other accessories.

Perfect for summer wedding ceremony wreaths of fresh flowers or tiaras made of fine metal - in them, any bride will turn into a real nymph.

Summer wedding requires careful selection of makeup products. To make you look attractive and comfortable during your celebration, you need to pay attention to the light tonal foundations.

In make-up eyes should stick to pastel shades. Perfectly fit in the image of highlighters and bronzers of natural shades when sculpting. The most attractive looks make-up in the romantic and nude styles.

Image of the groom

Grooms are advised to pay attention to the costumes made of natural fabrics of light shades. Thus, the classic black suit should be changed to a dark blue or brown from natural flax or cotton.

Instead of a shirt with long sleeves, you can wear a short sleeve model, and change your tuxedo to a graceful vest.

Bridal bouquet with a photo

An incredible variety of seasonal flowers gives plenty of imagination when drawing up a bridal bouquet.

It is not necessary to amaze guests with the huge size of a wedding bouquet of roses it is possible to prefer an elegant composition of field or garden flowers. Such a choice will be perfectly combined with the season chosen for the wedding and will emphasize the lightness and romance of the celebration.

Bridal bouquet should be in harmony with the color type of the girl. So, for light-skinned blondes choose delicate flower arrangements of pastel colors, and bright and extravagant bouquets are more suitable for brunettes with dark skin.

In the bouquet, skillfully combine several large flowers with many small, spray. The trend of the latest wedding seasons is the use of leaves and herbs in wedding bouquets. - Eucalyptus looks nice in this case.

Groom's boutonniere

There are no special requirements for the groom's boutonniere, but It should be in harmony with the male image and the bouquet of the bride.

A well-chosen combination of a butterfly or a groom's tie with his boutonniere looks stylish. And for those who are confident in their own sense of style, we recommend playing on contrasts.

Dress code for guests

The dress code issue for guests is particularly relevant when celebrating a wedding in the summer. Therefore, if you do not want to see guests at their own celebration in shorts, It is recommended to pre-define the conditions for permissible appearance..

If you are fans of a traditional classic wedding, mark the invitation with a black tie dress code. Just remember: men in black suits will be incredibly hot in the scorching sun, so this option is good for celebrating indoors.

For a wedding in nature it is recommended to choose a light dress code, and even swimsuits and shorts would be appropriate for a beach party!

Wedding procession

Summer is the perfect time for original wedding procession options. Forget about closed cars and limousines and pay attention to convertibles, horse carriages and even yachts. The decoration of the wedding procession is to use seasonal fresh flowers and plants.

The cabriolet will be an excellent summer replacement for the ordinary limousine. Open top and hair fluttering in the wind will accentuate the mood of lightness and boundless happiness. Only a girl should carefully take care of her hair, or find a place for a stylist in a convertible.

Profitable emphasize the fabulousness of your road to the registry office horse carriage. Every girl in childhood dreamed of a prince and a carriage, so why not make the bride's dream come true ?!

Extreme lovers recommend renting a motorcycle or scooter. On such a vehicle, you can not only quickly get to the registry office, but also emphasize your recklessness and creativity.

An interesting option for an exit ceremony on the river bank would be a yacht or motorboat.

Decor of a banquet hall or veranda

The summer decor of the banquet hall implies the presence of fresh flowers and fruits. The basis of the banquet can take the idea of ​​a beach or a tropical party. Designers also offer to decorate the hall in classic colors of delicate shades.

Another option - to arrange a carnival. In this case, the photo from the summer wedding will be especially bright.

Try to find a room with good ventilation, large open spaces, access to the terraces. Instead of the stuffy traditional restaurant halls, it is better to rent a summer terrace for a wedding or to have a banquet in the fresh air in luxurious tents.

Guest Gifts

As gifts to guests for the summer wedding, you can choose:

  • fruit baskets
  • compliments with flowers and candy,
  • gift jars with honey or fruit jam.

You can hand them over to all the winners of the contests who have come as a present.

Summer is just a wonderful time for a wedding party - fruits, vegetables, berries are inexpensive and available in large quantities.

Because of the hot weather, it is better to choose products for long-term storage, and replace red meat that is heavy for the stomach with fish and chicken. It is worth paying attention to salads with light dressings.

Cool drinks, home-made soft drinks and ice-cream will help to refresh in the heat. Fruit and vegetable carving will be a wonderful decoration of the summer table.

The wedding cake

When celebrating a celebration in the summer, you should forget about the cake with cream and oil filling. Prefer ice cream cake or cheesecake. Guests will be pleased with light fruit and berry desserts.

Entertainment ideas

Come up with contests and entertainment for a wedding in the summer is not difficult, because there is a sea of ​​options for every taste. Here are just several ideas:

  • Gypsy camp with fortune-tellers,
  • circus with magicians and acrobats
  • a foam party,
  • boat trip,
  • quests in the open air,
  • team games
  • Relay heats.

4. The ceremony at the pier

A wedding at a fisherman’s house on the lake is a great idea for an eco-style celebration. And the moment when you say each other the cherished "yes" on the pier - the embodiment of romance! See how beautiful it may look.

6. The ceremony at night

Summer is a great opportunity to hold a ceremony in the evening. Design a place for painting jars with candles hanging from trees or garlands, and you will see how solemn and romantic this option can be.

7. Decorating the ceremony in eco style

The arch created from birch branches is just an amazing find for a summer wedding in the open air. We are sure that standing under such beauty, any couple will want to utter the words of the oath. Use the eco-theme and to design the newlyweds at the table. Ideas can be spied on our site.

Picnic tables can be the perfect solution for a summer wedding in the open air. It is enough to decorate them only - and the place for a wedding can be considered ready!

12. Flip flops for guests

Within a few minutes after the start of the banquet, all the guests dream of only one thing - throw off high-heeled shoes and uncomfortable shoes and just relax. A pre-made basket with slippers is a great way to get them on it! In order for guests not to pass by, put a cute sign next to her.

21. Easy bridesmaid dress

Airy, flowing silhouettes are the main trends of recent seasons. And summer is a great reason to meet them. Wedding in nature means a dress of a simple cut. This style will suit almost everyone, because even with a small budget you can experiment with plenty of styles, materials, colors, length.

22. Jars for drinks

You might think that glass little jars with screw caps are just stylish decor. In fact, it is also an opportunity to keep products as long as possible, as well as a convenient container for compliments, a decorative vase, a beautiful candlestick and an ideal glass for drinks.

23. Car with open top

Of course, this should not be a bulky jeep, but a stylish open car, which you can then use if you wish to escape from your wedding. Design it according to the general style, and you will be surprised how great it looks.

Where and how best to hold a small wedding?

A nice detail of a mini-wedding is that you are free to organize the day the way you want, without thinking about the desires of numerous guests. A modest celebration will be held in a close circle of relatives and friends who will make your every decision. No one will condemn the bride if instead of the traditional white fluffy dress she wears a light summer sundress and decorates her head with a wreath of flowers instead of a tiara.

A small wedding allows young people to come up with an original holiday and enjoy it without fuss or excitement. For example, newlyweds can rent a convertible and go together to a nearby town, or go hiking, have a picnic, take a parachute jump. The main rule, which should be guided on the wedding day - do what you want!


If the young decide to organize a small wedding in nature, it is necessary to hold it so that it differs from the usual picnic trip. Hire a lead, take care of the decorative elements, use the services of a photographer. The advantages of such a wedding will be fresh air, unlimited celebration time, spacious territory. It will be possible to draw up your own holiday schedule, so as not to wait in line at the registry office, but to register your marriage away. Arrange a photo session against the backdrop of picturesque nature - the pictures will surely please you.

In a cafe or restaurant

Если вы предпочли вариант празднования только вдвоем или в компании самых близких людей, можете позволить себе пойти в дорогое заведение. Закажите все, чего душа пожелает, что вы не могли бы себе позволить на банкете с огромным количеством гостей. Возможно, вы захотите сделать акцент на оригинальном оформлении помещения или интересной концепции ресторана. Выбирайте то, что нравится. Невесте не обязательно надевать свадебное платье. Evening wear would be appropriate for such a celebration, especially since you can wear a practical thing in the future.

Modest wedding at home

Do you want to organize a holiday at home to reduce costs and enjoy the atmosphere of home comfort? Then the important point will be the preparation of the room for the arrival of guests. Equipment rooms - this is task number 1. Do not forget that the people invited to the wedding will not only eat, but also dance, participate in contests, relax. Create appropriate conditions for this. So that guests do not get bored, the script of a small home wedding should be no less bright than in a restaurant.

Seasoning options

Ideas for a small wedding, one way or another, depend on the season at which the celebration is planned. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's see what period of the year and why it is more successful for holding a wedding celebration, and what options for organizing a holiday should be considered, taking into account the small company of invited guests.

Spring weddings are held rarely, despite the fact that this season is considered the most romantic. The advantages of such a wedding are the low cost of wedding dresses, no queues at the registry offices, lower prices for the services of the organizers of the celebrations and rental of premises. The disadvantages include the high cost of vegetables, fruits and the ban on the wedding because of Lent.

The most popular time for weddings is summer. Favorable weather is an excellent opportunity to organize a celebration, anywhere: from a restaurant to the sea coast. By choosing a summer wedding, you can organize an on-site ceremony outside the city (for example, invite guests to a country house or to the countryside). The abundance of inexpensive vegetables and fruits - an important plus celebrations in the summer. And the honeymoon at this time of year, young people can spend, where your heart desires. The disadvantages of summer weddings will be high prices for attributes, including costumes, and unimaginable queues at the registry office.

In spring and summer there is an opportunity to organize a small tourist wedding or picnic. Young people can come to the painting in T-shirts and jeans, and a buffet table should be arranged in nature. The details of a traditional wedding are irrelevant here, so you will not need to spend money on them. A modest ceremony means saving on wedding dresses, floristics, presenters.

The ideal, and most importantly - the original solution will be a small wedding on the boat. It is worth giving free rein to your imagination. Arrange everything in a pirate style (young people can take the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” as a basis) or organize a simple romantic holiday with sea motives. Put wine, seafood and vegetables on the table. Fresh sea breeze, beating on the board of the waves, the sound of the sea - it will make a lasting impression on guests. When evening comes, guests should offer cozy cabins for rest.

The advantages of a wedding in the fall will be low prices for the necessary attributes, products and fresh flowers. Discount promotions for dresses after the past season should also be attributed to the bonuses of the autumn celebration. However, there are significant drawbacks to holding a wedding during this period of the year: unstable weather and the need to purchase additional accessories for the bride's attire (warm capes).

You can organize a small winter wedding at the lowest prices. Many restaurants offer good discounts for young people to spend their holidays. In winter, very beautiful photographs are obtained against the backdrop of the beautiful landscapes of this season, which we should not forget about. The lack of a winter wedding will be only the lack of an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables and the limited choice of venue for the celebration.

Despite the fact that home weddings are now rarely celebrated, this option has not been canceled. If you, your family has a spacious house or apartment, feel free to celebrate the holiday there. This solution would not be suitable in the case when it is necessary to accommodate a hundred guests, but since the young people have chosen a modest little wedding, this option will be successful. The holiday will be cozy and emotional, which is not offered in a restaurant or cafe.

Video: an example of a wedding with a small number of guests

Scenario for a small wedding can be unusual and interesting. A big plus to a modest celebration - no need to worry about a large number of guests. As a result, many frameworks and restrictions will be removed. So, the celebration will be pleased not only guests, but you. Easy wedding format will bring positive emotions to all those gathered, including the young.

Ideas beautiful photo shoot for a small wedding

On horseback Thanks to a wedding photo shoot with horses, the young ones will have wonderful pictures. In the future they will bring a lot of joy to spouses when they remember a happy day and a romantic walk with noble animals. Horses will help to create a magical atmosphere on a holiday, will cause a lot of positive emotions. It is necessary to decide on the plot and venue of the photo session.

Picnic. Since most weddings are held in the summer, the idea of ​​a picnic-style photo shoot will be a good solution. In the shooting of a romantic picnic there are no minuses, but solid pluses. Young people will not even have to go to nature for this, as each city has beautiful park areas with lots of greenery, which will be the perfect backdrop for a photo.

Amusement park. Why not organize a photo session in a place that is saturated with magic and reminds of a happy childhood? The main thing - to approach the process with humor, stock up on bright props and have fun from the heart! These photos will be a farewell gift to a carefree youth, before the start of family life. On the other hand, you can wait for the evening to come, when the lights will come on at the rides, and make romantic shootings in the style of Paris.

Magnificent Wedding: Pros and Cons

Here are the main benefits:

Opportunity to invite a large number of guests. Among those invited to an elegant celebration will include friends, relatives and distant relatives, acquaintances. All people whom the couple would like to devote to their joy, will have the opportunity to attend the wedding and witness the first minutes of the family.

Chic bridal outfit. Wedding dress - the dream of many girls since childhood. Sometimes even an adult self-sufficient woman deep down dreams to wear a princess dress, airy and fabulously beautiful. You can choose it in accordance with the latest trends in the world of wedding fashion or order an author's outfit in the famous salon.

Wedding procession will consist of high-end car models, equipped with everything necessary for the convenience and comfort of passengers.

Professional photo and video. Unlimited budget provides an opportunity to use the services of a professional photographer and cameraman. Therefore, looking through the finished footage, you can hardly see the annoying “bloopers” of newbies: blurred photos, bad angles, poor quality shots. A wedding photographer who knows his business is often quite expensive. But the shot love story newlyweds will not disappoint them.

Many gifts. If a large number of guests are invited to the wedding, it means that a considerable amount of money will be presented or many gifts will be given, which will surely come in handy in the future family life.

Banquet. Elegant wedding implies a magnificent and generous holiday table, a beautiful restaurant.

Exit ceremony. With sufficient budget, many newlyweds choose an exit ceremony for the wedding. You can sign on a rented ship, in a palace or historic mansion, on exotic islands or in other romantic places around the globe.

Here are the main disadvantages:

Guests With a large number of guests, many of them have little familiarity, and sometimes they have never met at all. Sometimes drunken guests can say incorrect things, share intimate memories of young people, and even start a fight. There is also an option that among the invitees will be strangers who in no way relate to the family or circle of friends newlyweds.

Useless dress. Any wedding dress, even the most fashionable and fabulously beautiful, the bride dresses only once in a lifetime for marriage registration. Is it worth it to give fabulous money for a wedding attire, so that in two days you can put it away in the closet forever? This is another serious argument in favor of a simple wedding.

Waste trash. Among the gifts may be both useful and completely unnecessary things. Many people count on the number of invitees and present frank trash or donate nothing at all, taking advantage of the fact that gifts are lost in the total number.

Force Majeure. Often a large number of guests is difficult to control. Therefore, the holding of a magnificent exit ceremony can easily turn into an excesses. Someone accidentally touches an antique thing in a rented hall of the palace. How much it will cost you - God alone knows. Or it can get lost in an unfamiliar city of a foreign country, turning the holiday into an exciting search with the involvement of the police.

Wedding dress of the bride and groom.

Bride's dress. The price of a new wedding dress ranges from 20 000 r. up to 100 000 r., and even more. The cost depends on the celebrity salon, collections, brand promotion.

  1. Sewing dresses in the studio. Not necessarily a wedding dress from a famous designer will sit on a figure better than know-me — modest, but made from quality materials and by the standards of the bride. Cost of atelier or seamstress services - from 10 000 r. Material - about 10 000 r. Tailoring cost from 20 000 p. Save up to 80,000 p.
  2. Last year's collection. Buy a dress at a discount - a good option to save. The full cost can be reduced to 40-70% and, taking into account the price at a discount, it is realistic to pay for a dress from 10,000 to 50,000 rubles. Save up to 50 000 r.
  3. Rent a dress. The approximate rental price - from 5000 p. plus a deposit. Given that the value of the collateral will be returned, if the dress returns to the salon in its original form, you can save two-thirds of the cost of a new dress.
  4. Dress used. The cost of a “used” outfit is half the price of a new one. Thus, the savings can range from 10 000 r. up to 50 000 r.

The suit of the groom. The cost of a men's classic suit from 5000 p. up to 50 000 rub.

  1. Services studio. The work of the master - from 3 000 p. up to 10 000 r. Fabric cost about 20 000 p. Paying the seamstress 30 000 p. for all the work, you can save up to 20 000 r.
  2. Costume rental - about 10 000 r, saving up to 40 000 r.
  3. Used groom suit costs from 3,000 to 30,000 depending on its quality and condition. But, even having bought the most expensive suit “from hands”, it is really possible to save from 20 000 rubles.

In addition, you can simply borrow a dress for the groom from your friends or use a regular business suit. If there is no such clothing in the groom's wardrobe, then one of your friends will probably find one. Therefore, such an option, how to use a business suit, if a dress code is observed at work, will not cost the newlyweds anything.

Beautiful wedding procession

Machines for newlyweds will cost up to 24000 p. / hour, rental of transport for guests - up to 7000 p. / hour.

  1. Instead of a limousine, another luxury car that provide specialized offices, you can use rent a car’s services: hire a Mercedes. In the role of the driver will be one of their fiance friends. The cost of this service is about 10 000 p. and savings of up to 14 000 p. / Hour.
  2. Minibus for guests - up to 2000 p / hour. The amount of savings - up to 5000 p / hour.

If among those invited there are those who have their own cars, you can ask them to pick foot guests.

How to organize a banquet: simple and tasteful

Depending on the location of the restaurant, the price of the banquet (room rental, banquet menu, alcohol, additional interest for service and additional fee for rent after the stipulated time) will increase. Approximate cost from 1500 rubles per person.

  1. Less pathos. A good option to save - choose a less pretentious institution. The price of a banquet in a similar restaurant can be from 500 rubles per person. Savings of 1000 rubles per person.
  2. Its alcohol, drinks, water. If you negotiate with the administration of the institution the opportunity to bring your drinks and alcohol to the banquet, you can really save from 10,000 p.
  3. Snack for guests. As a rule, these are sandwiches, canapés. The cost of a small buffet will result in an amount of about 5,000 p. -15,000 p. Having prepared a snack at home (for example, small pies), this expenditure point can be significantly reduced - up to 3000-5000 p.
  4. The decoration of the hall. Making a banquet hall in some popular style among professionals can cost up to 50,000 p. You can save a lot by asking your friends to help decorate a restaurant or a room where the celebration will take place. These costs really reduce to 10,000-15,000 p.

From this video you will learn how to properly organize a banquet will help save tens of thousands of rubles:

Organizational expenses: we take the celebration into our own hands

Services toastmaster. The cost of services leading at a wedding of 10,000 p. Up to 20,000 p. But sometimes those present at the wedding feel uncomfortable in the company of a stranger. Especially if the atmosphere of the holiday is soulful, then the celebration will be completely without the host. Guests can take on the organization of the entertainment program. Savings - up to 20000r.

Wedding organizer - up to 15000 r. Its functions are useful, they release the newlyweds from many troubles. But to do without a manager is real. You can properly plan and organize a holiday on your own in just a month. To do this, it is necessary to assign duties and roles for everyone and do everything in advance and make a clear scenario of celebration in advance. Savings - 15000r.

Live music - from 5,000 to 20,000 p. You can also do without it. Surely one of the guests knows how to make a playlist and turn on the music on the right tracks. Savings will be up to 20000r.

Mandatory Must Have: on what it is impossible to save

there is three things you shouldn't save on at the wedding: the appearance of the bride, rings and a photographer (videographer).

If the dress and shoes can be bought with hands / rented, then make-up, hairstyle should be done in the salon with the skillful hand of a professional.

Rings - this is something that will accompany all future life. They are also better not to save, especially not a very good tradition to change wedding rings after the wedding.

Photos or video - memory for life. Unprofessional photo or video shooting is fraught with blurred shots, spoiled photos, poor angles. A man who knows his business will turn wedding shots into a fabulous love story.

Who should be invited to the budget wedding

The more modestly planned wedding budget, the less crowded the event promises to be. But having invited a minimum of guests, the holiday will not lose its significance: the newlyweds will share their joy with the closest and kin. A narrow circle of guests will provide a cozy, intimate, family atmosphere. Who should be invited:

  • parents,
  • brothers / sisters (with family)
  • God-parents,
  • grandma, grandpa,
  • The closest friends (as a rule, these are 2-3 best friends / girlfriends).

You do not need to call classmates, neighbors, colleagues. For example, inviting someone from one of the work teams means offending everyone else. Therefore, the budget version of the wedding should be limited to the closest and dearest people.

The best places to celebrate a cheap wedding

In sauna. This original option to celebrate a wedding combines relaxation and fun. All you need is to book a sauna in advance and get the necessary bath accessories. The only drawback - in the sauna is better not to drink alcohol and dense food. But in most cases, relaxation complexes besides the bath or sauna are also equipped with an entertainment room where you can eat, play billiards or sing karaoke.

Sauna is a great place to hold not only a wedding, but also a hen party. How to organize a hen party in the sauna you will learn from our article.

Picnic in nature. An outing on nature to a pond or into a forest is a great opportunity to celebrate a wedding in a small circle of friends and relatives. Shish kebab, quality alcohol, songs near the fire - this version of the celebration has a special warm, sincere atmosphere.

Houses. The most inexpensive wedding option is to arrange it at home. In this case, the celebration will not be tedious, even for the youngest guests - tired kids can be laid to rest in the next room.

In the country. Wedding in the budget version can be celebrated in the summer at the cottage outside the city. As a rule, this means a raid on nature with the possibility of using the benefits of civilization in a country house, if necessary. You can also spend the night there, continuing the fun the next day. Even if you don’t have a dacha, then, surely, someone of your acquaintances has one. A very unusual option to celebrate the wedding.

In the club. If a small number of guests are invited, it is a good idea to celebrate the momentous event at the club with taste. Music, fun atmosphere, light alcoholic beverages, snacks - the components of the wedding celebration. The only drawback is that the older generation will most likely not be able to participate in noisy fun for a long time.

Для того, чтобы провести торжество в запланированное время нужно заранее подать заявление в ЗАГС. За какое время до свадьбы подавать заявление? Сколько его будут рассматривать? Ответы на эти и другие вопросы вы найдете здесь.

В этой статье мы собрали 11 самых интересных и оригинальных мест, где можно провести девичник со вкусом и не дорого.

Весело провести девичник можно и в домашней обстановке. For this you need to carefully consider the menu, pick up accessories and make a good entertainment program. You can read about how to do this correctly in this article.

Where to buy everything you need for a cheap wedding: some useful ideas

Here are a few online stores where you can buy everything for a wedding is not expensive:

Here is a great video from which you will learn how to optimize your wedding budget without sacrificing the celebration:

If the budget of the upcoming event is limited, or the newlyweds are planning a honeymoon for the money saved, there is an alternative to a lush holiday. Having correctly considered the course of the event, organizational moments and having calculated all the points of possible expenses, it is easy to turn a wedding in a budget version into one of the most beautiful, bright and memorable events in a life together.