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Bedding of cedar fillers have a good effect on human health and the quality of his sleep. Reviews of cedar pillows mostly positive. People say that they have begun to sleep better, are less tired and feel awake, full of strength and energy.

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These products will especially appeal to nature lovers and natural materials. On such pillows it is useful to sleep for small children, the sick, the elderly, constantly tired and even insecure people.

These pillows have a beneficial effect on the entire body:

  • strengthen the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • improve immunity
  • improve sleep
  • relieve stress, tension and fatigue,
  • relieve headaches
  • rejuvenate the skin.

They say that they even restore the body's energy balance. Therefore, they really should be purchased.

Pillows have a tight cover and a pillowcase. Filling products can be different:

  • fine cedar chips,
  • crushed nutshell,
  • walnut film.

Chip pads make sleep sound and healthy. The pillow is moderately elastic, while at night the face and head skin receives a light massage. It improves blood circulation and prevents swelling and wrinkles. The cedar cushion smells good, because cedar wood contains aromatic substances, essential oils and volatile production. These components clean the air and kill pathogens. When a person breathes such air, the body becomes healthier and the immune system is strengthened.

Products filled with a shell resemble orthopedic pillows. They are comfortable to sleep, because all the muscles are in the correct position. After four or five weeks of using such a pillow, a person will notice that he feels better. Performance increases, permanent fatigue disappears. Inhalation of nutrients in the shell has a beneficial effect on the work of the nervous and circulatory systems.

Pillows from a film of nut kernels do not cause an allergy, do not electrify, do not collect dust. The pleasant aroma of cedar and the excellent orthopedic properties of the pillow make it an indispensable accessory for a good rest.

Pillows and mattresses with cedar fillings create a special atmosphere in the bedroom. The air becomes clean and fresh, and the aroma of cedar makes sleep calm and strong.

Beneficial features

The cedar pillow is a great alternative to a synthetic product. Such an attribute has the following useful properties:

  • Purification of the respiratory system, elimination of inflammation.
  • Improving the immune system.
  • Prevention of diseases due to the content of phytoncides.
  • Elimination of insomnia due to the calming effect on the nervous system. Special substances also relieve depression and relieve stress.
  • Chips provide an excellent head massage. As a result, the blood circulation of the brain is normalized and mental activity increases.
  • Relief of pain in osteochondrosis.
  • Facial rejuvenation: during its massage, collagen begins to be produced, which renews skin elasticity, normalizes blood circulation, removes edema.
  • Stimulating hair growth and improving their condition.
  • Increased performance due to the tonic and renewing properties of cedar.

It should be borne in mind that people who have an allergic reaction to cedar, attribute with such filler is contraindicated.


In appearance, the cedar product is no different from feather or any other - it uses the same knitted or synthetic materials. But even the filler of cedar pillows can be different:

  • Shavings. In the wood of this breed there are phytoncides with healing properties: they soothe, destroy bacteria, heal the human body. In this case, ordinary sawdust is not used - we need only spiral. The pillow with cedar shavings is elastic but soft, due to which it is able to massage the face and head.
  • Husk Unlike chips, eliminates the possibility of allergies, as the raw material is subjected to cleaning and processing. The product with a filler of the husk has orthopedic properties, which allows the body to take a comfortable position during sleep and completely relax. As a result, even with a short rest, you can feel cheerfulness.
  • Shell. Provides excellent orthopedic effect, therefore, is more popular among buyers. Shell pine nuts has an advantage over the husk on the number of useful components in the composition. Such a pillow normalizes pressure and the nervous system, increases efficiency and reduces fatigue, and provides a good and pleasant sleep.

Cedar pillow must be chosen with all its features, so as not to provoke allergies or discomfort.

Manufacturers offer several product options: pillow with cedar filler and goods with combined materials. Depending on which raw material is additionally placed inside the attribute, there are such types of pillows:

  • Cedar. The filler is exclusively cedar shavings, husks or nutshell. The cover of the product is double, created from cotton or linen. Its inner side has a special structure that holds inside even small particles.
  • Altai. It has two fillers: buckwheat husks and cedar husks, which move freely within the attribute.
  • Baikal. Like the previous version includes two types of filler. However, in this case, the side with cedar material is quilted, which prevents the components from moving.
  • Ural. Quilted side with cedar shavings, so perfectly retains its shape. The other side includes an artificial swan down, the volume of which can be adjusted with a zipper.

Everyone chooses the most suitable option for themselves according to individual needs.

How to care?

The main rule that should be followed is only dry cleaning of the pillow with cedar shavings. It is forbidden to wet or chemical treatment, as under the influence of chemical elements and water, the pillow will immediately lose its shape.

If it happened that the cedar attribute to rest is wet, you must give it the opportunity to dry to the end. In case of insufficient drying, mold may appear.

Proper care of such a pillow will extend its life, which is already small - it does not exceed two years.

. Over time, the natural composition will lose its original shape, which will lead to deformation of the pillow.

Cedar shavings are popular with buyers, they leave mostly positive feedback on products. The first thing that people pay attention to is that while falling asleep and after waking up, you feel as if you are in a forest, and the pleasant smell of cedar and its components really soothe, relax, relieve many health problems.

You will learn more about cedar pillows in the following video.

What are they made of?

For the manufacture of cedar pillows can be used chips, which are obtained from cedar bark. As a rule, it has a spiral shape, which provides the elasticity and softness of the product. Pillows are also made from the husks of pine nuts, that is, thin films that are between the fruits and their hard shells. Another material is the shell itself, which is pre-ground.

What is useful?

Consider the main useful properties of cedar pillows:

  • They can be used for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases, as the phytoncides contained in the raw materials have antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • The products are useful for the respiratory system: cedar essential oils, contained in almost all of its parts, have anti-inflammatory effects, improve breathing and clean the lungs and bronchi.
  • A pillow made from this material allows you to get rid of insomnia and improve sleep, since its natural flavor has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Also, essential oils help to relax, eliminate depression, relieve tension and reduce nervous irritability.
  • The product of chips will provide a head massage and eliminate pain, as well as normalize cerebral blood circulation and thereby increase mental alertness.
  • Massage effect extends to the cervical spine and shoulder girdle, eliminating tension and relieving the condition in osteochondrosis.
  • Cedar pillow has anti-aging properties. First, facial massage stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. Secondly, this effect normalizes blood circulation and eliminates swelling. Third, the essential oils produced by the filler also have a beneficial effect.
  • Surprisingly, such a product is able to improve the condition of the hair and stimulate their growth, since at night it gently massages the scalp and, thus, increases the blood supply to the hair follicles and ensures their nutrition.
  • The product filler has a tonic, restorative and restorative effect, so the sutra you will feel a surge of energy and energy, and your working capacity will increase.

Some nuances

The disadvantages of cedar pillows are very few, and they are incomparable with numerous advantages. The first minus is the service life, which averages one or one and a half years. And if the manufacturer assures that the product will serve for decades, then it is cunning, because the filler has a natural origin and with time deforms and loses its shape.

The second disadvantage is the possibility of extremely dry cleaning. Therefore, if you heavily stain the pillow, the spots may remain on it. The third drawback is exposure to moisture: when wet, the pillow may lose its shape. In addition, with insufficient drying may cause mold.

Important: cedar filler can cause allergic reactions, so if you notice a rash, redness or itching after sleeping on a pillow, then the product most likely does not suit you. But usually the materials are carefully processed, so the risks of undesirable consequences are minimal.

If you want to improve your health and become more beautiful during sleep, get a cedar pillow and sleep on it!

Do you think nothing will surprise you? Pillow from ... sawdust. Aromatherapy in a dream.

Saying goodbye to the orthopedic pillow, I began to search for a new friend for my aching neck. I tried a lot of options, leave a review about my darling - cedar shavings pillow.

At first, the pillow was not meant for me. I bought it about a year ago for a child. And the size has chosen the appropriate: 30x40 cm.

We just just went to the kindergarten and almost immediately picked up either a cold, or an infection ... And a pillow of cedar shavings supposedly has antibacterial effect:

I ordered on Wildberries with a huge discount for 458 rubles. Now the price without discounts a little more than a thousand. For stocks cheaper.

External and internal appearance.

Packed pillow in a standard transparent bag. In the same place there is also an insert with the description.

Sawdust poured into the inner white cover with a zipper.

Pillow in a linen pillowcase, and also with a zipper.


God what a smell! I don’t know how the freshly cut cedar smells, but the way the pillow smelled is indescribable! Lying and enjoying. And then you fall into a sweet dream.

Pillow in action.

Thanks lightning I am a little bit adjusted height pillows, and gave the child. I had concerns about this pillow, after all it is tough, will you like it? Will sleep on her? Slept, but not for long. As soon as the pillow stopped smelling (about 2 months later), we changed it to a wonderful baby pad.

A pillow of sawdust went to the shelf. Exactly until a crisis hit me from the uncomfortable pillows: my aching neck still inflamed. And I remembered the cedar pillow. To my surprise, her recovery went fasterthan even on orthopedic, it was sweeter to sleep, and the smell of cedar still remained (but already barely perceptible).

So this pillow and became my favorite. At first it was tough, like sleeping on a rock. But then I got used to it. I got used to it so that I don’t need other pillows)

AND even ordered a second pillow with chips to the country, but a bigger option, 40x60. Still wondering why a larger pillow cost almost cheaper. But the thing turned out to be that there was another filler inside: sawdust turned out to be larger in size, there were chips, and it was no longer so comfortable to sleep (well, that is, with what to compare).

So I put it at the head of the bed in order to enjoy the amazing smell))) And then, when the smell cleared, I sprinkled sawdust on the garden beds ...

Cons cedar pillow:

  1. Tough. I'll take it all the same to the minuses. Even to me, although I once slept on a pillow of buckwheat, at first it was harsh.
  2. Different pillows of different quality. Or maybe I was just unlucky with the second pillow ... Nevertheless, I’ll still take off the star in the evaluation for it.
  3. Lightning in a pillowcase. I do not know why the zipper is sewn this way, but if you want to wash the pillowcase, then the cover with the chips from the pillow is so easy not to pull out. Sawdust is not much doubt, either they need somewhere to pour completely, and then pull out the cover of the pillowcase, or unpack the pillowcase. I ended up ripping the pillow case: to my luck, the zipper was long there, so I just had to change it a little. Why the manufacturer initially stitched up the zipper in this way is unclear.
  4. Antibacterial effect, if there is, it is not pronounced. As an aid in the treatment - yes, as prevention and the treatment itself - definitely not.
  5. The service life and storage is only 2 years, so when you buy you need to carefully look at the production date.

Although here, too, it depends on what to compare: the usual pillow for me in six months has already been lumpy ...

Pluses pillows:

  1. Awesome smell! Words can not convey this.
  2. Orthopedic effect. It takes any form and provides good support. This item is similar to a pillow of buckwheat or other solid fillers.
  3. On a pillow, I get enough sleep and problems with the neck go faster. Perhaps this is just the promised "energy cedar")))
  4. Natural filler. And the possibility of its further use for all who have a cottage)
  5. The ability to adjust the volume of the filler and linen removable pillowcase.
  6. Rustling. Why did you take it to the pros? Because the sound from sawdust is much quieter than from the same buckwheat. The pillow is rustling, but does not disturb anyone to sleep.

I recommend a pillow to all lovers of aromatherapy (wood smell in particular), lovers of hard pillows, and everyone who wants to experiment.

Reviews of other health products can be found here.

What is good cedar pillow?

Phytoncides of the Siberian cedar fill the space surrounding a person during sleep with a pleasant cedar taiga aroma, calming the nervous system and relieving nervous tension, thereby making sleep more sound, deep and calm.

Subtle natural aroma of cedar, very useful for the respiratory system.

Phytoncides released purify the air of the room, preventing the development of pathogenic bacteria, naturally providing prevention of colds for children and adults.

Cedar filler is light and airy and the air in it circulates freely.

Insects in the cedar cushion will not start. Even against the moth use cedar wood.

The healing power of the cedar pillow

Sleeping on a cedar pillow can be safely called healing and regenerating the strength and energy of the human body.

And all because of the Siberian cedar unique healing bioenergy. The frequency of vibrations of cedar corresponds to the frequency of vibrations of a healthy human cell. During sleep on a cedar pillow, and even on a cedar mattress, a person calms down and relaxes to the maximum, tune in to a wave of health! The body is filled with vital energy, the general state of health improves and the process of self-regulation of the whole organism is improved.

In modern times, we are not paying enough attention to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, and it does its job. So, cedar products, including cedar pillows, reduce this detrimental effect on the human biofield.

Another useful advantages of cedar filler pillows:

  • relieves stress
  • headache decreases,
  • normal pressure
  • sleep improves,
  • someone even helps to eliminate hangover,
  • due to some orthopedic effect, the body assumes a comfortable position, which helps to relax tense muscles and improve blood circulation,
  • favorable for those who suffer from depression, insomnia and hyperactive children,

As in the case with the buckwheat pillow, adjust the density and the height of the pillow you need by filling quantity (add or add it).

And if according to linguistic interpretation: the word pillow comes from the word "spirit", then it is recommended to sleep on a cedar pillow for anyone who wants to have a healthy Spirit in a healthy body!

Уход за кедровой подушкой не составит огромного труда, при необходимости просушите ее на открытом воздухе на солнце.
Для таких подушек показана только сухая чистка.

The service life of the cedar cushion is about a year, since the cedar filler flattens over time, losing volume.

But, after the time of use of the pillow, this cedar filler can be used as an excellent, natural fertilizer. The plants will thank you so much! 🙂

Summarizingone can say that the cedar pillow has a healing effect on human health, creates favorable conditions for a restful and full sleep, and fills the air with cedar aroma, purifying the surrounding space.

Full sleep - one of the most important components of human health.

Give yourself and your loved ones the joy of a strong and restful sleep with the scent of cedar taiga!

If you want to make a useful gift, then this is an excellent option!

In the next article we are waiting for a pillow with microspheres

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Modern manufacturers often use cedar filler in the manufacture of pillows. Some models are made from composite materials.

Cedar models are made only from cedar husks, shavings or nutshells. Manufacturers use a double case, which is usually sewn from flax or cotton. Due to the special structure, the inside of the product reliably holds the smallest particles inside.

Main varieties:

  • The Altai variant is made of two fillers: cedar husks and buckwheat husks.
  • The Ural pillow consists of two sides, one of which is represented by cedar shavings, and the second by swan artificial down. This ensemble allows you to perfectly maintain the shape of the product and choose the most comfortable side for sleeping.
  • The Baikal model consists of two types of fillers that are not intermingled.

The choice of model is completely individual. Each buyer can choose a convenient and comfortable pillow depending on personal preferences.

Cedar pillows do not have external differences from the feather models, because manufacturers use synthetic and knitted materials for their sewing.

Fillers can be different:

  • Chip Ware characterized by softness and elasticity. It provides a facial and head massage. Cedar chips contain volatile, which have a beneficial effect on the body, because they enhance immunity, calm the nervous system, and also perfectly fight bacteria. In the manufacture of pillows used exclusively spiral sawdust.
  • Husk Models suitable for people prone to allergic reactions. This filler is thoroughly cleaned and processed before use. These pillows are known orthopedic effect. In the morning, there is vigor and energy.
  • Shell Pillows are in demand due to the orthopedic effect. If we compare the husks and husks of pine nuts, the latter has a clear advantage in terms of what contains more useful components. On a pillow from a shell you can sleep well.

Cedar pillow requires cleaning and careful maintenance. For her, an exceptionally dry dryer is suitable. Do not use chemical or wet processing. Upon contact with water or chemical elements, such a product loses its original shape. If water gets on the cedar pillow, then the product should be dried very well. If moisture stays in the pillow, then mold can develop.

If you properly care for cedar products, then they will last more than two years. Although the service life is not very long, the curative properties of the pillow overlap this disadvantage. With prolonged use, the product begins to lose its original shape, which leads to its deformation.

Cedar cushion in trend today. It is in high demand and interest. Many buyers prefer this filler, as they try to buy only natural models.

Many users of cedar pillows note the improvement in their well-being. Pleasant aroma of cedar refers to the merits of products. It allows you to relax, calm down and sleep well. These pillows have a great massage during sleep, improving blood circulation.

A variety of models allows everyone to choose the best option, given the favorite position for sleep, the rigidity of the product, shape, size.

More information about the cedar pillow model "Taiga sleep" see below.

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