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A selection of books "Books with a sad, sad ending


Of all the existing books with a sad ending, Flowers for Algeron by Daniel Kease is a favorite work of many readers. It describes the story of a mentally retarded man who participates in experimental treatment for improving intelligence. The experiment ends successfully, but its consequences are unpredictable. The ending makes you cry ...

2. “1984” by George Orwell

Everyone knows the contents of the famous book by George Orwell, even if they did not read it. Her final scene is one of the saddest endings in the world. Read it yourself - and you will understand what we mean. It is terrible to imagine that in some way we already live in a world where someone else’s opinion is imposed on us.

3. "About mice and people" by John Steinbeck

You may have already seen the screen version of the novel by John Steinbeck, a classic example of the literature of the Great Depression period. But if not, be sure to read the book. Like “Flowers of Algeron”, it will not leave you indifferent. The fate of the mentally retarded Lenny and what his friend George is doing to protect a friend is both sad, touching and tragic.

4. The “Transformation” of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka's “Transformation” is another work from the category of those whose content you know, although you may not have read the book. The main character, Gregor, wakes up one day and discovers that he somehow has turned into a giant insect-like creature. In this regard, Gregor and his family have many problems. The fact that a book without a happy ending will not come as a surprise to you ...

5. “Jude the Hidden” by Thomas Hardy

The famous novel by Thomas Hardy tells about a man who dreams of becoming a scholar in 19th century England and his unhappy relationship. This book is about social behavior and that Judah’s decision to have an extramarital relationship with his cousin leads him and his family to a catastrophe. The ending is quite shocking and not at all what you were waiting for.

7. “Charlotte's Web” by E. B. White

The classic children's book by E. B. White can be enjoyed even by an adult. She talks about the unusual friendship of a spider and a pig. Usually children's books do not have a sad ending, but this book is an exception. Buy it to your child or yourself.

Even if you do not like books with a sad ending, sometimes you should still read them in order to realize the whole dramatic effect of an unhappy end. A sad ending can be very touching, and the book itself will forever remain in your memory.

What kind of book with the best ending - sad, happy or some other - have you ever read?

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Erich Maria Remarque - Arch of Triumph

This novel tells of a talented surgeon who escaped from Germany to Paris to escape the Nazi persecution. He begins to work under a false name, saving a lot of people and clearly realizing that the war will soon reach Paris.

In this difficult time, the protagonist will have to endure the love of his life, which, unfortunately, will have a tragic ending.

Elizabeth George - The Traitor of Memory

In this work, the reader becomes acquainted with a young violinist, who suddenly loses not only his memory, but also the ability to play a musical instrument that he has known since childhood. Trying to find the causes of amnesia, he analyzes the course of his life, as a result of which he recalls only the crying of a woman and the name Sonia.

A parallel plot unfolds about the work of a team of police officers investigating the death of a girl named Eugenia. She came to London to meet someone, but right on the way to the house she needed she was hit by a car and died. Looking for the driver of this car, the police decide to return to the murder case, which was closed long ago.

Daniel Keyes - Flowers for Algernon

This novel tells about the experiment of two scientists, which consists in an operation to improve intellectual abilities. To begin with, they conduct this experiment on a laboratory mouse, nicknamed Algernon, and remain pleasantly surprised by its results.

However, after the scientists undergo a surgical operation to improve the intellect of a mentally retarded man who voluntarily agreed to this, the intellect of the mouse begins to rapidly ebb. They clearly understand that a man who has suddenly become wiser is waiting for the same thing, however, the test subject tries to use all the knowledge he has gained in order to avoid such an unenviable fate.

John Steinbeck - On Mice and Men. Pearl

This book contains two remarkable stories by John Steinbeck, which relate to two different periods of his work. The story "On Mice and Men" tells the story of two vagrants who wander around the south of America and as a result stop at a rich farm.

Their appearance is the impetus for the tragic events. "Pearl" is a parable about the inhabitants of a small seaside town, whose lives turned the magic pearl.

John Fowles - Collector

This novel includes three parts, the first of which is the story of a young man who works as an ordinary clerk and is fond of collecting butterflies, about how he falls in love with a pretty girl. However, his shyness and inability to interest his passion with anything leads to the fact that the young man must suffer alone from unrequited love.

Luck smiles to the clerk when he becomes the owner of a large sum of money won at the races. He decides to buy a house for himself in the country’s wilderness and settle his beloved there, having previously stolen it. In the end, he manages to realize his plan.

The second part of the novel is a diary of a kidnapped girl, in which she tells about all her sufferings, the subjects in prison. Initially, she thinks that she was kidnapped for the purpose of sexual violence, but soon becomes convinced that this is not the case. Soon the girl dies of pneumonia.

The third part of the novel describes the thoughts of the main character, who visit him after finding the diary of his beloved. From his pages, he learns that this girl never had absolutely no feelings for him. As a result, the young man decides to conduct his experiment on imprisonment with another heroine.

Ethel Lilian Voinich - Gadfly

This novel tells about the fate of a young man who was forced to leave his homeland, being unjustly slandered and rejected.

Thirteen years later, he comes back, but none of his former relatives and close people recognize him because of his disfigured face and no less disfigured soul.

Susan Hill - I am King at Castle

This novel shows the reader the dark side of a child’s soul and introduces child cruelty. It tells how a woman with a ten-year-old son works as a housekeeper in a rich man’s house. The owner of the house also has a son who is the same age as the son of the housekeeper. Trying to show his superiority, he constantly mocks the boy. The news that the owner of the house is going to marry his servant, suddenly leads to tragic events.

Guy Bert - Yama

From this book, the reader learns the story of five desperate teenagers who, instead of going home for the holidays, prefer to become participants in the experiment. The experiment is to spend three days in a windowless basement called Yama. The initiator of the undertaking promises to come after the lapse of three days and release the guys, however, for some strange reason does not come.

Evgeny Dubrovin - Waiting for the Goat

The action of this work takes place in the hungry post-war years. The family, in which two sons grow up, is unexpectedly returned to his father, who was declared dead during the war, and he has to re-gain parental authority in the eyes of the older boys.

One day, the boys' parents go to buy a goat to always have fresh milk, but the children never wait for their return.

No happy end

This is not a disappointment at all, but rather an understatement. Which entails deep thought. Therefore, we definitely recommend reading at least some of what we have proposed.

Having penetrated into this novel, it is impossible not to worry. This is a story about three friends whose life falls on the 20s of the last century in Germany. One of them is suddenly overwhelmed by an incredible feeling of love. But there is a difficult obstacle in the way of the couple - they belong to completely different strata of society. It would seem that this can be overcome, and the reader has hope for a bright future.

But, unfortunately, the reality is harsh. And the death of the beloved separates the couple. But the friendship that rallied during the war years still plays a significant role in the further fate of the hero. The work is imbued with the theme of death, through which the thirst for life still penetrates.

The ending of this science fiction book will make many people cry. Her main character is a mentally retarded man who, full of the desire to be full-fledged, agrees to a scientific experiment. And soon even surpasses the level of intelligence of their professors. But, unfortunately, the consequences of the experiment are unpredictable.

The author invites readers to look at the death row to see their way from camera to execution. What do people feel for whom the camera - the last refuge before death. What are they thinking about, how are they going through? And what does the one who is accused guilty feel?

Once this book did not miss censorship, but because of this it was not less popular. She is often called a novel-shock, a revelation, one of the best representatives of classical literature.

She is about the love of an adult man to a very young girl Lolita, for whom he was ready for anything. Love that devoured and exhausted him, driving him to madness. The ending of the story is tragic. The hero is in prison for killing his rival, and the young Lolita dies during childbirth.

The Great Gatsby, Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Yesterday's poor are quite wealthy people thanks to the economic revolution in America of the 20s of the last century. Everyone can earn and become rich.

The protagonist Jay Gatsby also took this path, and thought that with wealth and fame, happiness would come to him in his personal life. But alas.

The work is quite an interesting manner of presentation. There is almost no dialogue. This is a great text that develops into 20 chapters. In each of them, the author talks about the characters who had to live their lives in the throes of loneliness.

Only a lazy person doesn’t know about this work, so it’s not in vain that it’s in our top. The story of tragic love, destructive, complex. Passion that overshadows the mind.

A married lady suddenly falls in love with a young officer, and escapes with him. Fate puts her in front of a choice - love or family. But, unable to decide, the woman is decided on a desperate step.

The story of love, which is simultaneously full of laughter and sadness. The reader will be able to observe the relationship of the characters, which last as long as 20 years, and understand how important it is to tell a loved one what the heart suggests in time.

After all, it may be too late. The heroes of the novel, finally reunited, are once again separated. The reason for this is death.

The Gadfly, Ethel Lilian Voinich

The novel is about unrequited, carried through the whole life of love. Young, naive and simple young man Arthur Burton is betrayed by those whom he loved so much. The hero initiates suicide and in ten years appears in a new guise - a tough and caustic revolutionary under the pseudonym Gadfly.

And the main desire of the guy is that those who he still loves recognize him who has changed.

Nurse Lou Clark, who recently made plans for the future with a boyfriend and worked as a waitress, begins to care for the disabled Will Traynor, who has become injured after a car accident. The girl brings a lot of good things to Will’s life, and he makes her love life in all its forms.

But having breathed life into the girl, the young man does not accept the same gift in his address. Until the end of the novel I want to believe that it could still be different.

Books with a sad ending are a special kind of works. This is exactly what makes a person think seriously about his life, priorities, goals. Enjoy your reading!