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The most famous blondes in the world


Blonde is not only hair color, but also a state of mind. Blond women are charming and always basking in attention. And among them there are famous all over the world and included in history.

So, the 10 most famous blondes in the world:

  1. The first place ranking certainly deserves the inimitable Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, her fate was sad, but this always young talented singer and actress became legendary and remained forever in the hearts of millions of people. Marilyn's real name is Norma Jean. The peak of her career came in the middle of the last century, and at that time she was considered a real sex symbol. They loved her, they tried to imitate her. Monroe starred in twenty pictures, and some are still considered classics of the genre. She also managed to master other roles: she sang, went to the podiums as a model and broke men's hearts. Many remembered her frivolous and windy images, but in Marilyn's life everything was completely different. She was not carefree, could not build a relationship, and very early passed away, never having experienced real female happiness and not knowing mutual love.
  2. Brigitte Bardot also forever remained in history. She was born in France and first appeared on movie screens in the middle of the last century. The actress brought real popularity to the painting "And God Made a Woman." But Bridget's career began much earlier: at the age of fourteen she took part in fashion shows, and in 15 of her photos appeared on the cover of one of the most popular magazines. The first spouse of Bardo was the beginning director Roger Vadim: the girl's parents were against marriage, which is why she tried to commit suicide. And this marriage was not the only one. Bardo was an active public figure and because of this she was repeatedly accused of inciting conflicts, including interracial. The image of Bridget is catchy and bright, still trying to copy it.
  3. Grace kelly. This actress of American origin is the embodiment of grace, elegance, refinement and femininity. Still, after all this girl managed to achieve overwhelming success and become a princess of Monaco. Such success is connected with the personal qualities and purposefulness of Grace, but her hair color probably helped her. Kelly was absolutely happy, because she was able to meet the man of her dreams and bore three children from him. Unfortunately, in the 82nd year of the last century, Grace's life suddenly ended: she was driving in a car and got into a car accident because of a stroke. In honor of this truly legendary woman, they made several films and even released a two-dollar commemorative coin, and several songs were dedicated to her.
  4. Madonna - the real queen of shocking, which to this day continues to please fans with new songs and surprise the public with crazy and unexpected actions. Pop diva's career began in 1978 after moving to New York. She came to this city for the sake of participation in a dance group, but then she got involved in vocal. At first, the girl performed as a member of rock bands, but then decided to take up creative work on her own and began performing solo. Madonna’s business card is her inclination to change: she changed her images more than once, but never betrayed herself and always remained bright and unique. It is the same today.
  5. Pamela anderson also considered one of the most famous blondes in the world, and this is well deserved. She was born in a simple and not the most well-to-do family, and after graduating from school she worked as a physical education teacher. The fate of the girl changed at a football match: one of the cameras captured her close-up, and he was noticed by the manager of the brewing company, who offered Pamela an advertising contract. In the late 80s of the last century, a girl with very appetizing forms and an impressive breast size was first noticed in Playboy magazine, with whom she continued to work for a long time. Career actress began with the series "rescuers Malibu," in which Anderson played a major role. After that, Pamela was recognized as the US sex symbol, which benefited her and helped her succeed.
  6. Uma Thurman - A famous Hollywood actress and blonde who did not change her hair color and probably does not plan to do it. Her career began with a modeling business, in which she was able to achieve success thanks to the ideal forms and high growth. But she promised the legendary film roles. World fame came to mind after shooting in the famous film “Pulp Fiction”. And then director Quentin Tarantino repeatedly offered the main roles, each of which became special. And Thurman easily mastered a variety of genres: action films, comedies, fantastic and documentary films and dramas.
  7. Paris Hilton. This blonde was lucky initially, because she was lucky to be born in the family of the owner of the global hotel chain "Hilton". In the early 2000s, the girl signs a contract with a famous modeling agency and begins her modeling career. A little later, Paris began acting in the scandalous show “Simple Life”, which made her really famous. Blonde Hilton's popularity was fueled by her lifestyle. She is a frequenter of "star" events, for which she received the tacit status of the main secular lioness of the entire planet. The girl tried her luck in other areas: she played several minor and main roles and released her own songs.
  8. Cameron Diaz - the former model and successful actress, who to this day receives the main roles in the films, doomed to success. Diaz became famous after participating in the film “Mask”, in which she starred with Jim Carrey. Cameron is especially good at comedy roles, in which she reveals her charisma and uses her natural charm. But this blonde also starred in dramatic films, and such roles were also given to her easily. By the way, Diaz is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery and suffers from misophobia - the fear of getting dirty or infected.
  9. Gwen Stefani - a famous singer, one of the recognizable features of which is just the hair color. Her career started with participation in the group “No Doubt”, after which she began solo swimming in the world of show business. Gwen was happily married to musician Gavin Rossdale for a long time and bore him three beautiful sons, but she did not forgive her husband for cheating and left him. And such a beauty definitely will not be lonely.
  10. Sharon stone. This sexy and inimitable actress, like many others, began the path to success with the modeling business, but he did not bring her fame. Sharon woke up to the scandalous picture “Basic Instinct”, famous after the world screens, in which she played the role of a fatal seductress and appeared before the viewers in a very frank manner. And although today Stone is over 50, she continues to be sexy and seductive.

These were the most famous blondes in the world, although there are many other famous women with fair hair.

Marilyn Monroe

The most famous blonde in the world and to this day is considered the canonical beauty - modern standard beauty is just her merit. Monroe styled feminine forms, sensual lips, cat's hands, baby cheek swelling and platinum blond. In fact, Marilyn became the first sex symbol of Hollywood in its classic sense.

Brigitte Bardot

Unlike the laid hair to Monroe hair, Bardo became a sex symbol in another role - with matted hair, a cigarette in her teeth and in shirts for a naked body. The sexual revolution and all the beauty trends of our time are all: smoky lips, plump lips, faded strands, sensual carelessness.

Kim Basinger

There was no woman more desirable in the 80s than Kim Basinger. The star of the main erotic thriller “9 1/2 weeks” has brought into fashion the image of a touching angel-like blonde with full lips and perfect proportions, reminiscent of the parameters of the current “angels” Victoria's Secret. Her creative journey is impressive: from the Bond girl to the Oscar winner.

Margot Robbie

The new sex symbol of Hollywood, after the success of "The Wolf of Wall Street" actress became literally hot cakes. Blonde with blue eyes and such sexual charisma that Hollywood wives are afraid to let their husbands work with her on the same set.

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Scarlett Johansson

Year of birth: 1984

Scarlett Johansson - the most beautiful blonde of our time according to polls of many magazines. Dreaming of becoming a singer, she began a career as a model and actress. Scarlett has a sensual natural beauty, driving the mind of many men in the world. But besides external beauty, she has an extraordinary talent and wit. It is often called the “modern Merlin Monroe.

Johansson - a young woman radiating temptation, passion. Possessing radiant beauty and femininity, she became the muse of many designers and directors. Fame came to her after the shooting in the dramatic thriller of the legendary Woody Allen's “Match Point”, although she began to act in films Scarlett at a young age. In 1994, she starred in the film “North” by Rob Reiner with Elijah Wood. Since childhood, she fell ill with cinema, did a lot of work and went for tests. Her mother strongly supported and today the schedule of the actress is painted for several years ahead.

Blake Lively

Year of birth: 1987

Blake Lively - a real Californian blonde - a sweet, positive girl with a shock of gorgeous hair that everyone loves. Glory came to her after the role in the series "Gossip Girl". In the life of this actress there are many victories and bright episodes. The first work, which drew attention, was the role in the film "Jeans mascot", she brought her nomination for the award Teen Choise Awards. After the success of “Gossip Girl”, the popularity of Blake Lively reached a new height, she became one of the most popular and recognizable actresses in the United States. And in 2010 she made her debut as a model on the covers of W and CosmoGIRL.

The girl conquered many handsome Hollywood. Among her boyfriends was Leonardo di Caprio, and her husband was an actor and partner in the film "Green Lantern" Ryan Reynolds. It's hard to believe, but Blake Lovely is complex because of his height.

Charlize Theron

Year of birth: 1975

Not just beautiful - this is an amazing woman. Her beauty can be called cold and in the role of fatal women, she looks organically. Charlize’s ideal appearance and sense of style were appreciated by many. It is hard to believe, but in childhood she was not very beautiful. Up to 4 years, the actress had no hair, and up to 11 front teeth. But at 13 the girl took up ballet, and at 16 she began to win beauty contests. But one of them Theron noticed and offered a contract model.

Today, the actress is the face of the house Dior and adorns the red carpet. But despite this, the actress had to make sacrifices to prove his outstanding acting talent. That only is her role in the movie "Monster" and "Mad Max: Road of Fury." Charlize is a polyglot, knows Afrikaans and another 26 Boer dialects. She is active in public life, loves animals and participates in the activities of PETA, actively finances the construction of football fields in her native South Africa. The actress has her own charity for the fight against HIV.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Year of birth: 1972

The owner of aristocratic appearance and impeccable taste was born in Los Angeles in the film family, studied the history of the arts in a private school. But leaving school decided to become an actress, starred in the movie "Scream". However, fame came to her because of the affair with Brad Pitt. And recognition for acting talent Gwyneth received after the release of the film "Emma" and "Shakespeare in Love", which brought her first Oscar.

Gwyneth is known for her desire for a healthy lifestyle, eats only natural products, practices yoga and uses only eco-cosmetics. She is the most natural blonde and does not like to experiment on her appearance. Peltrow is a cheerful and cheerful person who loves outdoor activities and tasty food. But it does not adhere to any diet and leads your site with useful tips.

Sienna miller

Year of birth: 1981

Sienna Miller - actress and model was born in New York in a wealthy family, but after the divorce of parents moved to England and there she studied in a private boarding house for girls. Her wild disposition manifested itself from childhood - she smoked and was found in the boys of their neighboring schools. After high school, Sienna returned to the United States and decided to start a career as an actress. Success came to her after the release of the BBC TV series “Time to sleep”, as well as after the comedy “Kasavchik Alfi”, where she spun off an affair with handsome Jude Law on the screen and in life. “A good actress, but her name is often connected with scandals than with movies,” critics said. After all, most of her novels were with married men.

The actress has unprecedented charm and great energy, which sparkles in a piercing look. Her charisma revealed in the film "forbidden love" directed by Don Maybury, where she played a freedom-loving and proud woman. Sienna is an actress for all genres of cinema, but in reality her talent is revealed to a greater extent in the author's pictures and the role of the fatal beauty in the films “Stardust” and “The Cobra” are more likely exceptions confirming her talent.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Year of birth: 1983

The most hardworking and beautiful actress of Russian origin. She is called the “sharply character actress” because each of her heroines is bright and unique. The directors fell in love with Khodchenkov first in Russia and then in Hollywood.

Born in Moscow. Mom brought her up alone, so since childhood Svetlana had to work and help her mother. Because of the lack of money and the clumsy figure, the girl was unsure of herself and, in order to cope with this, she entered the Slava Zaitsev model school, where she was accepted with high blonde and high. Svetlana's modeling career quickly went up, the girl went to shoot abroad and earned good money helping her mother. But when the indecent offers began to come in, she left everything. After several attempts to enroll and study in universities (economic and medical) decided to become an actress and enrolled in the Shchukin School.

In the first year, director Stanislav Govorukhin noticed her and invited her to play the main role in the movie “Bless the Woman”. The shooting was hard, especially for an aspiring actress, but brought her fame and became the start of her acting career. Immediately showered offers to act in films and TV shows. Svetlana's favorite role is a dramatic actress, but she also likes roles in comedies and copes with them superbly. Fame abroad actress brought a role in the movie "Spy, get out!", Then there was "Wolverine: Immortal", but Svetlana does not plan to move to Hollywood. Many act in films and plays on stage in Russia.

Taylor Swift

Year of birth: 1989

The young and bright star of the new generation, cute beautiful and incredibly talented. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a singer and her parents helped her in every way. The girl was never afraid of the stage or the public and at the age of 10 she became a star in her native town, and at 12 she sang the US national anthem at the opening ceremony of the 76th Philadelphia Games. From 10 years old she learned to play the guitar, began to compose songs. She was noticed by the producer when Taylor sang and played the guitar at shop windows. Already in 2006, she recorded her first single “Tim McGraw”, and after 2 months the album, which immediately became popular. Taylor received an award from the International Authors Association and is the youngest owner of it.

The singer is striking in its performance and talent. She releases many albums and singles one by one and deserves all the world-famous awards. Her discs are platinum and more than once, gives concerts around the world. On account of Swift 7 "Grammy", 11 awards American Music Awards and 12 Bilboard Music Awards. The singer began her career in film with episodic and insignificant roles, but this also added to her popularity. Taylor Swift - one of the few stellar teenagers who was not seen in scandals.

Amanda Seyfred

Year of birth: 1985

Charming model, actress and singer. Her huge eyes, blond hair and frail figure conquered millions of men. From early childhood, Amanda showed her abilities to the stage and began her career. At the age of 11 she already worked as a model, and from 15 she appeared in serials. After graduation, she completed a modeling career and devoted herself entirely to cinema and the stage. The first successful work was the role in the film "Mean Girls". And in 2005, after filming and the film "Nine Lives" received the first award for best female role.

But real glory came to Amanda after filming the musical “Mama Mia”, where she sang. Significant work was the role in the film "Chloe" in 2009, where the girl's gaze fascinated and shone. The actress has a lot of fans, but no serious relationship has developed. The actress took lessons in vocal and opera singing, which helped her get the role on Broadway.

Margo Alice Robbie

Year of birth: 1990

Австралийская актриса, которая покорила зрителей не только красотой но и многогранным талантом. Детство прошло в глуши в местечке называемым «золотое побережье». Она помогала по дому-колола дрова и увлекалась серфингом. После окончания школы переехала в Мельбурн чтоб стать актрисой и покорить мир. И Марго повезло - после нескольких эпизодических ролей сыграла главную роль в фильме «Линчеватель», где ее заметили и пригласили на роль в сериале «Соседи», которая принесла ей 2 номинации на престижную Австралийскую премию и любовь зрителей.

После успеха на родине, Марго поехала покорять Голливуд. Там снялась в сериале «Пан Американ». But, even after the failure of the series, the proposals fell one after the other. The actress was able to charm the producers, directors and the American audience. Matrin Scorsese himself offered her the role, all Hollywood actresses dream of this, and did not lose. Margot was great and critics appreciated her play. The actress has a negative attitude to the naked scenes, she rejected Hugh Hefner's proposals, and, as gossipers say, in front of the outright scene with Di Caprio drank 4 piles of tequila for courage. All the doors are open to Margo and there is no lack of offers.

Amber Heard

Year of birth: 1986

Independent and self-sufficient, she decides from the age of 17 how others should relate to her. From early childhood she tested her strength. Her father often took her hunting and fishing, she even rode around the horses. “Inside, I was a girl-girl, but my father raised not a girl, but his self-equal,” said Amber. Leaving Texas, she decided to conquer Hollywood. In 2006 she appeared in the film “All the boys love Mindy Lane”, “The Jones Family” and with Johnny Depp in “The Rum Diary” (2011). The actor quickly became interested in Amber, which was long discussed by the press and led to a divorce. The couple began to meet, was unrestrained and constantly attracted the attention of tabloids. One could say that Amber basks in the glory of a distinguished partner, but she herself attracts no less attention and is always the center of attention of others.

Her confident look of brilliant eyes attracts both fans and paparazzi. She is absolutely fearless, combines a wise adult woman and a mad savage. Spontaneity and stupid thirst for life is all about Amber, although the actress is rather secretive by nature. She loves cooking and traveling a lot. She always rushes to live and tries everything that gives her life. For some time, Amber lived with a woman photographer Tasey Van Ri.

Diane kruger

Year of birth: 1976

The actress of German origin has a Scandinavian beauty. She began her career with ballet. She did a lot and was a school star, starring for a poster advertising her ballet school. At the age of 11 she was offered to study at the Royal Ballet School in London. There she received the 4th grade and successfully traveled around the theaters of Saxony with ballet performances, but after the injury the knee was forced to return home and end her career as a ballet dancer. She helped her mother - delivered the mail and worked in a pizzeria.

In 1991 she took part in a model competition and won. At the competition, she was noticed at the Elite model agency and offered a contract. Diana represented a lot of fashion houses: Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani was shot for the covers of fashion glamors “Vogue”, “ELLE”. Realizing that the model’s career was short, Diana decided to go in for a movie and try out for the role in “The Fifth Element” and, at least, didn’t go to the role, but became friends with director Luc Bessonnoy and in the future he helped her in her career as an actress. World fame brought her the role of beautiful Helen in the movie "Troy", where she starred with many eminent actors. The director was looking for a little-known and incredibly beautiful actress and Diana came up like no one. After the film was released, it was called "The Discovery of Hollywood." Despite the success in Hollywood, the actress continued her modeling career, participated in shows and starred for magazine covers. Now Diana works a lot both in Europe and in the USA.

Reese Wisespun

Year of birth: 1976

American actress Laura Jean Reese Witherpun was born in a simple family and wanted to become a doctor. But at the age of 7 she appeared in a flower shop advertising - she liked it, and Reese started taking acting lessons, participated in talent contests and won in one at 11 years old. She was fond of English literature and even entered Stanford University, but left him for the sake of an actress’s career. Her first role was the work in the film "Man from the Moon" 1991, was shot a lot, but the roles were minor.

She began to learn after the movie "Cruel Intentions." After the release of the film, they were married with partner Ryan Phillip. The actress’s real “star” film was Blonde in Law, where she played the main character and a real blonde, for which Reese received the Golden Globe award. After the film, she became a popular actress, received many offers to act in film, and even became a producer. But with fame came the problems in the family and the actress filed for divorce. Despite the failure in his personal life, this fragile, miniature blonde continues to work hard and appears in different roles, brings up two children and leads an active lifestyle and starts a new romance.

Top 20 most famous blondes of all time

May 31 is International Blonde Day.

Light hair was considered an advantage even in ancient Greece: the contemporaries of Socrates and Diogenes applied lemon juice on strands and went out into the scorching sun so that their hair would burn out. The following centuries represented a long series of periods of superiority of blondes over brunettes and vice versa.

But in the 20th century, with the widespread appearance of beauty salons and the discovery of the magical properties of hydrogen peroxide, blonde women ceased to be rare, and then conquered the whole world.

We present a list of the top 20 blondes of all times and peoples who are known throughout the world.

4. Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo, a Hollywood actress of Swedish descent. Her cold beauty and cool temper made the image of a fair-haired woman in a new way tempting. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was “Ice Swede” that initiated the invasion of blondes in American cinema.

7. Mary Pickford

In the 1910s, blondes did not have time to take over the world. The bright curls of the beauties of that time were not familiar with dyes (at least in those cases when it came to “decent” women). And if the girl was lucky to have hair of a lovely light-brown shade, you could be sure of their natural origin. Such curls, for example, had the American silent film star Mary Pickford.

8. JK Rowling

The second largest author of books in the world - Joanne Rowling, the creator of "Harry Potter" - at the same time a woman, and a blonde, and a natural one. This is the question of "dumb blondes."

The singer, of course, is not blonde, she is Italian in origin and brunette. But having become a blonde for a long time, one of the most shocking stars in the world changed her image many times, but her hair color - only in extreme cases and not for long.

16. Sharon Stone

“By nature I am ash-blond. It is this expressionless shade is also called "mouse", - says Stone. - And so it was, until the famous colorist Ron Nep finally did not find my formula of the ideal color (for the first time over curls they conjured more than 4 hours!). I understood how important this is - a woman is simply transforming. ”

Grace Kelly: The Princess of the Cinema

This beauty from birth had everything: beauty, intelligence, talent, state. But Grace did not want to be just a worldly lady - she became a film star, the famous "Hitchcock blonde." She could not resist when she loomed another title - a real princess, although a small principality of Monaco. And Grace became it, although, as they say, it did not add to her happiness. She will always remain a film star who has managed to become a European princess.

Sharon Stone: Intellect plus Sexuality

Who does not know, this lady IQ - 154 points, like Albert Einstein. So jokes about silly blondes are somehow not always fair. And besides, she is an amazing beauty. Not cold, but deliberately, emphatically sexy!

She was and remains the main sex symbol of the 90s, and the thriller "Basic Instinct" has become a classic tape.

Grace Kelly did not want to be just a worldly lady - she became a film star, the famous "Hitchcock blonde"

Pamela Anderson: Silicone Maker

She was one of many who was shot semi-nude in the famous men's magazine Playboy. But she was the first to introduce fashion for ... silicone. And although most people believed that silicone implants were disgusting, blonde Pam made a career on this. In the 90s, she was imitated, they wanted to be like her ... And she would take it and get rid of the silicone in the chest - and everyone immediately said that the silicone in the chest was out of fashion.

Cate Blanchett: mind and talent

Another resident of Australia has proved: to become popular, it is not necessary to make trouble, you just have to be professional, smart and talented. Blanchett is amazing! She has been living with one man for more than 17 years, has four children, a whole bunch of awards - and not a single public scandal!

In 1999, People magazine included Blanchett in the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Gwyneth Paltrow: The Right Blondie

She is famous for her desire for a healthy lifestyle: uses only natural products, enjoys yoga and uses eco-cosmetics. She is intelligent, educated, aristocratic. Perhaps the only woman who refused the famous sex symbol Brad Pitt.

But the British and Americans do not like it, considering it arrogant, pompous and far from real life.

Diane Kruger: strong-willed and beautiful

This beautiful German woman simply had no chance in Hollywood - that's what everyone told her. But she, the former model and aspiring actress, still made a bet on the "factory of dreams." And not lost! She played Elena Prekrasnuyu in “Troy”, then Tarantino himself drew attention to her and shot in “Inglorious Bastards”. She proved her talent again by playing in the TV series “Bridge”. Perhaps, in Diane - too much reason, she lacks a little warmth and looseness.

Jennifer Lawrence: sincere and open

In general, and now there are reputable people who challenge the awards Lawrence. They say that she is not so beautiful, and not so expressive ... But nevertheless, by the age of 25 she received all known prestigious awards, became one of the highest paid actresses and continues to keep this bar. She is sincere, not afraid to do stupid things or make mistakes - and this is very appealing.

30 best and most famous models of the century

At one time, the work of the model was considered to be not prestigious, and only girls from very poor families took it. But over time, the situation has changed dramatically - today, top models are no less popular and recognizable than Hollywood stars.

We decided to collect in one collection 30 of the most famous models for more than 150 years of the modeling profession in the usual sense!

Denise Puare

The wife of the famous couturier Paul Puare was not just the wife of her husband, but also a real muse. Denise took an active and very direct part in the activities of the Poiret fashion house, acting as a model. Her images were copied by all the fashionable women of Paris, and in the 1910s, Denise Poiret went down in history as the first model that participated in the parade.

Twiggy became a superstar thanks to the occasion - her famous haircut was the result of the experiment of the London barber popular in the 60s. Photos Twiggy from his portfolio accidentally saw the journalist Daily Express, and this moment changed the life of a young British woman - the cover of Vogue and Tatler, the title “Faces of the Year”, the release of Barbie Twiggy, shooting a movie, two Golden Globes and, of course, the title style icons.

Vera von Lendorf-Steinort, a hereditary aristocrat, did not want to spend her life in boring social events, so she moved to New York and changed her long name to the concise Verushka. Leggy beauty with an alien appearance instantly became a star. In addition to the model field, Verushka labored on the cinema site (among other films, she starred in the cult “Photo Enlarging”) and in art, taking part in one of Salvador Dali's performances.

Yasmine Le Bon

Yasmin became the rising star of the modeling business under the maiden name Parvane, and thanks to the profession she found the love of all life - vocalist Duran Duran fell in love with his future wife after seeing her on the cover of a fashion magazine.

El macpherson

It's hard to imagine, but in her youth, El Macpherson dreamed of becoming ... a lawyer! But the world was lucky, and the beautiful blonde became one of the first supermodels. “Official” nickname El - “Body”. Why? Just look at the famous five covers of Sports Illustrated - more often than MacPherson, none of the stars of the modeling business appeared there.

Iman would envy any model star of the catwalk - she was the muse of Saint Laurent, and such photo gurus as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz were honored to work with her.

Tyra Banks

Today, Tyra Banks is better known for her strange behavior and scandals, but in the 90s she was part of the era of top models. All Tyra's victories cannot be listed in one sentence - in the first season she entered the podium in a 25 (!) Show, then became Victoria’s Secret’s first black “angel” and on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated.

Naomi Campbell

Once the “black panther” conquered the world of fashion instead of throwing phones at careless assistants, and conquered more than successfully: Campbell is one of the few supermodels of the 90s who are still taking part in fashion week shows.

Cindy crawford

Cindy planned to be realized in nuclear physics, but the portfolio collected for the sake of curiosity decided her fate, making her a star in the modeling business. Today, Cindy’s children, Presley’s son and daughter Kaya, have tried themselves as models, who have more than adopted the mother’s beauty.

Kate is unique in everything - non-standard appearance and a small height (170 cm) did not prevent her from becoming a superstar of the modeling business. The 2005 scandal involving photos of paparazzi, in which Kate used cocaine, would have cost any other model's career, regardless of the degree of stardom, but not Moss — she went to rehab and in two years returned to business triumphantly.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer received the title of "Brigitte Bardot from Fashion" - a luxurious blonde has long been the embodiment of the dreams of men all over the world, representing such brands as L’Oréal, Guess, Opel, and alternately acting for the covers of Rolling Stones and Vanity Fair.

Nadya Auerman

Platinum blonde with infinite legs (by the way, these most famous legs even hit the Guinness Book of Records as the longest in the world!) Visited all possible magazine covers and shows, earning the title of modern Marlene Dietrich.

Eva Gertsigova

The turning point in Eva's career was the advertising campaign Wonderbra - in the pictures of Herzigov she posed in her underwear, and the frame was accompanied by the inscription “Look into my eyes, I said - into my eyes!”. Representatives of the brand were forced to withdraw the campaign from billboards on the roads, because it caused a noticeable increase in the number of accidents. Today, Eva is actively acting in films and is considered one of the best models of actresses.

Carmen Kass

Estonian Carmen is one of the favorite models of Anna Wintour, whose location is very, very difficult to earn. And Cass's career began with the casting of Chanel. By the way, Carmen Kass is not only a beauty, but also a clever one - the top model headed the Estonian Chess Federation!

Polish model Anya Rubik became one of the most famous catwalk models - the girl took part in fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses. For three years, from 2009 to 2011, Anya participated in Victoria’s Secret show, and in 2011 she appeared in the provocative Pirelli calendar.

Gisele Bundchen

You will be surprised, but once Giselle had a lot of time to knock down the doorsteps of all sorts of castings - the future supermodel was refused work because of her famous nose! But Bundchen did not despair and managed to break the system - after participating in the show of Alexander McQueen, during which the fearless Giselle defiled on a wet floor on frighteningly huge heels, proposals were literally poured onto the Brazilian. Giselle set a real model record and became a sensation of the fashion world, being on 10 Vogue covers in just four years! In 2009, Bundchen topped the list of the highest paid models in the world.

Daria Verbova

Daria became a star thanks to not only hard work, but also her non-standard appearance - it was the unusual and attractive face that ensured Praba’s Prada face status, after which the girl’s modeling career went uphill, bringing her the status of “Model No. 1” according to the New York Times.

Carly Kloss

Carly’s career began at 16 — and how it began! The young model in her first season in 2008 came out on the catwalk at 64 (!) Show, after which she became the muse of the shocking John Galliano and the “angel” of Victoria’s Secret.

Red-haired beauty Koko inscribed her name in the history of fashion, opening one of the shows of Jean-Paul Gaultier with traditional Irish dance. Interesting fact: Roche has Russian roots, of which she is very proud!

Cara Delevingne

Kara began her modeling career at the age of 10, and a decade later became the new muse of Karl Lagerfeld and Burberry House. Recently, Delevingne said that she decided to end her modeling career and focus on cinema - this is not surprising, given that the fashion world has already completely surrendered to the British beauty.

Freya Beha Eriksen

Eriksen is probably the most rock and roll model - behind the scenes of fashion shows she includes Led Zeppelin, her body is adorned with as many as 16 tattoos, and such famous brands as Chloé, Alexander Wang and Jill Stuart call Freyja accessories.

Natalya Vodyanova

The whole world knows and adores the story of Natalia Vodianova, the “Russian Cinderella,” who sold flowers in Nizhny Novgorod, and then conquered the world's catwalks, becoming a supermodel. Наташа считается одной из самых профессиональных звезд модного бизнеса и любимиц именитых фотографов — она всегда разная и способна преображаться в кадре до неузнаваемости.

Наташа Поли

Еще одна русская модель , ставшая суперзвездой мира моды , Наташа Поли ( Полевщикова) шла к славе поступательно — в 2000 году блондинка из Перми заняла второе место на конкурсе New Model Today , а уже спустя четыре года появилась в 54 шоу на Неделях моды в Париже , Милане и Нью-Йорке.

Саша Пивоварова

« Крестным отцом» Сашиной карьеры стал ее муж ( на тот момент будущий), фотограф Игорь Вишняков , который отправил фотосессию возлюбленной в агентство IMG Models. Результатом стал трехлетний контракт с Prada и стремительный взлет на вершину модельного бизнеса.

Sasha Luss blew up the fashion world in 2013 - then a fragile blonde came to the podium in a total of 124 shows! Now behind Luss shooting in high-profile advertising campaigns and the status of the favorite of many designers. But Sasha frankly admits that her modeling career is not the most important thing for her - she has time to combine work with studies at the literary department of the University of Cambridge.