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How and with what to wear a women's belt bag?


If you still do not have a belt bag, then you probably have not yet appreciated all its advantages. The first is maximum comfort. Your hands will be free, which will allow you to freely and actively move and attend any event. The second advantage is the safety of things. They will be in your sight and close to your body, which minimizes the risk of theft.

The third advantage is compliance with the latest fashion trends. Having acquired such a stylish accessory, you will make your image even more relevant and trendy. And the fourth virtue is universality. If you think that there are no things in your wardrobe with which you can combine a belt bag, then this is not so: it is in harmony with almost any clothing!

How to make a choice?

There are several variations of waist bags:

  • The so-called "bananks", resembling models that were very popular in the 90s of the last century. This bag is universal, as it is suitable for both a girl and a guy. It can be made from different materials, but the shape is unchanged and resembles an expanded banana, which gave such a funny name.
  • Sports bags are suitable for active people who are accustomed to the frantic pace of life or playing sports.
  • Elegant small clutches, fixed on the belt. In fact, these are classic models that are not worn in the hands, as many have become accustomed to do, but at the waist or on the hips.
  • In the belt miniature wallet you can put money, bank cards, keys and, possibly, a telephone. But if you need to take more with you, then this option will not work.
  • If you want something unusual and outrageous, then choose a model that simulates a carpenter's belt bag with several compartments, which has a simple and somewhat rough design.
  • On fashion catwalks and in stores, you can also find very unusual and creative models, for example, made in the form of a pocket with a flap or a bag.

How to decide among such a variety? Consider your style so that the bag harmonizes with all the components of the wardrobe.

What to combine?

What is fashionable to wear a bag on your belt? Variants and creative ideas mass:

  1. Jeans: skinny skinny, straight or loose boyfriends. Almost any modern models sold in stores are relevant and in harmony with waist bags.
  2. Skirts. And you can choose completely different styles. Try to wear a sexy "pencil" with a bold and bold print or flared feminine skirt-sun. Youth denim and leather models, as well as maxi models are combined with belt bags.
  3. Pants can also be the most diverse: from narrowed and shortened, feminine flared from knees or hips to culottes and "pipes".
  4. Feel free to combine another trend of recent seasons with your belt bag - crop top. And to emphasize such a stylish and bright image, complement the top with a no less fashionable bottom: culottes or a pencil skirt with a high waist. By the way, this option is suitable even for girls with not the most ideal forms, since the tummy will remain hidden from prying eyes.
  5. If you have a jumpsuit in your wardrobe, a belt bag will complement and refresh it interestingly.
  6. The dress will allow to prove that the belt bag and femininity are quite compatible concepts, which is confirmed by numerous examples of successful combinations. You can choose a tight knit model "noodles" to the knees or below them, a sports dress or having a free cut. And in this case, the bag will replace a stylish belt: it can be positioned at the waist to emphasize this part of the body, or lower down to create a freer image.
  7. In the summer, beautiful miniature handbags can be combined with light sundresses, and flowing midi or maxi in the spirit of the boho style are especially relevant.
  8. Youth waist bag can be combined with denim or fabric shorts, especially those with a fashionable high waist.
  9. Jeans or shorts can be completed with a stylish sweatshirt. And in the summer a T-shirt or a T-shirt is appropriate.
  10. In autumn or spring, you can wear a coat with wide sides and place a belt bag on top of it instead of a belt or under it, leaving the outer garment wide open.
  11. Cool evening card jacket. The bag can be both under it, and play the role of a kind of belt.
  12. Feel free to wear a denim jacket or shirt.
  13. Plaid shirts, popular among modern youth, will also come in handy.

Shoes and accessories

In the photo of fashionable bows, you can see that fashionable waist bags are perfectly combined with almost any shoe: sneakers, loafers, sneakers, slip-ons, ankle boots, boots with steady heels or flat shoes with wide tops, sandals, sandals, mules, and even pumps.

Do not be afraid to experiment and supplement your belt bag with other stylish accessories, for example, bright bracelets, fashionable sunglasses, trendy hats.

Now you know that the belt bag is a trend of the season and a universal accessory. Use it to create stylish images!

Some interesting facts about belt bags.

An elongated handbag on a zipper, which is attached like a belt, has emerged as a professional accessory - for those people whose activities require hands free from holding a shoulder bag and at the same time quick and convenient access to a small storage for money or either items. In the "pedigree" bag-belt you can find hunting cartridge belts, military pouches, etc.

In peaceful urban life, this is a classic accessory for conductors and traders in the markets, because it is convenient to pour small money in them.

And as an element of fashion, such bags began to appear around the nineties - and this fashion was initially youth, even teenage.

Jeans, windbreakers and T-shirts made up the basis of the image, sneakers were most often put on shoes on their feet - and this is how women often wore bags for the belt.

"Matured" and became more diverse models of waist bags just recently - among them there were leather, velvet, sheathed with sequins, embroidered and all sorts of other options.

It is also interesting to understand how the belt bag is called. Now it is most often called “banana” or “banana” (due to its similarity with the narrow curved shape of this fruit), and in the nineties the similar accessory was sometimes called “bag-kidney”: because it was worn on the side of the belt, it was there where you should hit, aiming to hit the kidney. In the English version of the same people the name of this thing - "bum bag".

What clothes suit bag-belt?

What can I wear with a belt bag? Given the variety of models of bags, ideas with what to wear them, too, are diverse!

“Beautiful and Successful” offers the following options:

  • With long knit dresses with a straight, slinky or oversize cut,
  • With jeans
  • With dresses and sundresses with elastic at the waist,
  • With shorts and breeches in military and safari styles,
  • With long unisex shirts and shirt dresses
  • With knee-length skirts (both narrow and “trapezium” silhouette),
  • With sweater dresses,
  • With high waisted pants.

A belt bag in an evening look? Why not!

Separate conversation - how to wear a waist bag for women with evening and cocktail dresses. Here the material and the decor of the bag itself is important - after all, it should be combined in style with the dress!

There are models of velvet, satin, glossy leatherette, etc., and that's something they consider as an alternative to the usual clutch.

What kind of dresses do these accessories fit in?

First of all, these are “flying” chiffon dresses - perhaps not fitted, but trapezoidal in cut: then the bag-belt creates a silhouette with a delineated waist (or a hip line - depending on what level it is attached). But with straight or tight-fitting cocktail dresses, this alternative version of the evening bag may look very interesting and quite appropriate.

How to wear a bag with a belt clip?

On the one hand, it seems the answer lies in the question itself - the belt is a belt bag, so how else can it be worn, if not on the belt?

However, not all models are designed strictly for fixing on the female waist - many can be adjusted along the length of the belt-belt, which gives a field for imagination!

For example, you can simply move this accessory a little lower - on the hips. This is appropriate, for example, if you wear jeans or a skirt with a low fit, or opposite - the pants or skirt have a high waist, and you want to leave it free to emphasize this feature of the cut.

Another option - obliquely over the shoulder. Only if a classic shoulder bag with such a wear is somewhere in the hip area, and its strap, moreover, is rather loosely placed on the person, then the "banana" is fixed tightly, without a free movement of the belt. At the same time the bag itself should be approximately under the breast.

In most models of bags, bananas are quite fit the basic women's stuff, keys, money and phone. At the same time, the hands are not occupied with anything - the handbag does not interfere with walking, running, playing sports and even dancing! So, it is easy for any girl to be able to find a reason to buy a belt bag for herself - especially knowing already what it can be worn with.


If you think that the belt bag, or, as it is called in a new way, Beltbeg (from the English belt - belt, bag - bag), is a novelty, then you are mistaken. The history of the miniature belt bag began in the Middle Ages, when they were in use by merchants, who used them as a wallet. When fashion returned pockets to clothes, men began to carry money in them, and the need for belt bags no longer exists. Women adopted the fashion for them, but not for long either - after all, it soon became customary to carry the bag in your hand. This method was fixed for several centuries.

In the 90s of the 20th century, sportsmen and travelers remembered this handy bag, appreciating its practicality. After all, it is simply indispensable for traveling and hiking, when you have a huge backpack behind your back, you have a suitcase in your hands, and all the essentials, like a phone and a wallet, are on your belt.

Athletes wore lap bags with them for a jog or gym for the same reason of their extreme convenience. Many are doing so now, because if you take your keys, telephone and other small things with you into the hall, the beltbeg is indispensable.

The return bag on the belt. What to wear it with?

The fashion for the style of the 90s returned and again raised to the top of the popularity of a bag on the belt (fanny pack). Today it is not only practical, but also a stylish accessory. Someone experienced nostalgia, many are perplexed, finding it eerie and, in general, a relic of the past, but today a bag on a belt can look like anything, so I suggest to treat it like any other model of bag. Let's go over its features and see how to make stylish sets with such a thing. Maybe it will turn your presentation.

1. Practicality - Waist bag frees your hands. You can forget the disco dancing around the bag. Shopping and any other active activities become much more relaxed while your values ​​are still with you.

2. Versatility - Thinking about a belt bag, you should not immediately submit only a bag to a nylon bank. There are lots of other models that will complement any style.

3. Diversity - A belt bag can look like a banana, clutch bag, wallet and other types of bags, as well as be made of any material, leather, denim, flax, etc.

4. Can replace belt. It is especially convenient to use the waist bag in this context with free things like shirts, tunics and A-line dresses.

5. Accent - This is a real statement piece, which immediately attracts attention, even if it is not highlighted in color or decor.

For an even brighter look, it is not forbidden to carry a belt bag as a bag over your shoulder. You can wear a bag on a classic suit or jumpsuit. Rough everyday models look better with the same free shoes. Classic leather bags can be easily put on with a very elegant set.

No matter what you are wearing, you can always make a belt bag accent the whole outfit. Choose a contrasting or just noticeable color or print.

Bags for the belt look great with any skirts. Follow the overall style of the outfit, as is the case with any other bag. For extra lightness and grace, choose models on a thin belt or chain, as well as a small size.

Any styles will suit where the belt looks appropriate. This way you can emphasize the waist and leave your hands free. Waist bag can be used instead of a wallet. Designers showed us that the belt bag does not oblige you to leave the usual bag at home. You can safely wear both together.

If you are a fan of the fashion of those years, then most likely you already have a belt bag. Denim, blouses in noodles, short tops look great with the characteristic for that time banana and other models.

With a maxi dress or jumpsuit

A great option for a bright summer look. Stop the choice on an intersny print and pick up a bag in tone or on contrast. This is a good opportunity to refresh the usual image.

The example of celebrities proves that the belt bag can look as good as any clutch bag. Are you afraid to overdo it? Give preference to elegant models to match the dress. If your soul, on the contrary, asks for experiments, dilute the classic kit with a glamorous accessory.

A bag with rivets will always add a bit of sharpness to the most ordinary outfit. Do not get carried away with an abundance of active flowers. For more chic, it is better to stand in neutral colors.

Write in the comments how you feel about the belt bag. Do you think it is fashionable?

Historical tour of the waist bags

At the beginning of the 14th and 15th centuries, the first mentions of a bag on a belt or, as it was called at that time, an omoner (aumonière from French) were sealed. Looked like a wallet, fastened to the belt for men. Women hid them under the lush hem of their dress. Later, when they began to sew pockets on clothes, the popularity of the accessory for men passed. And the ladies on the contrary, began to hang them on display and decorate with furs, lace and precious stones, thereby showing their viability.

In the 90s of the 20th century, waist bags were mega popular among market trade workers. She had a big advantage over other models of bags - she freed her hands and was always within reach. Sometimes they called a kidney bag because they were worn, turning back to the kidney area.

By the beginning of 2000, the bag gained popularity with skateboarders. Convenient and functional, perfectly suited for storing money and a telephone, at the same time without interfering with the movement and tricks on the board, these are the main advantages of the youth of that time. They called it the English word BELT BAG, which literally translates - belt bag.

To date, world designers have not come up with a new name for this accessory and simply call it - belt bag.

Women's and men's belt bag - are there any differences between them?

If the accessory was originally a unisex, now brands clearly distinguish between male and female models. There are no fundamental differences, only external visual-design)

The main difference is in the colors and design. For women, designer fantasy has no limits: I decorate bags with rhinestones, furs, lace, rivets ... There is a wide variety of colors and shades. The main task of the bag on the belt for women is to complement the image and emphasize their individuality.

For men, there is no wide variety in the external decorations of the belt bags, most of them are simple, concise and functional. The main thing is practicality, safety and capacity of the most necessary, while free hands.

How to wear a belt bag men and women?

BELT BAG has a large number of mounting options. Can be attached to the belt with buckles, clamps, clips, buttons, fasteners. Many models are already sold with a belt, belt and chain. Although the name contains the word "belt", you can wear it in different ways.

A man is the main convenience, and this is facilitated by several ways to carry a belt bag:

• buttoned the bag on the belt,
• casually threw over his shoulder,
• hung on the hips,

... and, freeing his hands, took up business. This is the case with a single belt. There is a model with two fasteners, the bag is fixed on the belt and leg, due to which it holds more steadily - a great option not to steal.

Women wear this accessory, being able to emphasize their individuality and hide flaws:

  • Wearing a belt - emphasize the waist,
  • hanging on the hips - hide her imperfection,
  • dress over your shoulder or shoulder - not to be like everyone else
  • placed on your back, armpit or chest - it looks very fresh and bold,
  • they are carried in their hands like a clutch - when they are fed up with convenience and want complexity in life.))

How to wear a belt bag in winter?

In winter, the belt bag looks good over a long coat, jacket or fur coat. With a short leather jacket or down jacket it would be ideal to place it over your shoulder. With open top clothing, you can wear it.

The fashion industry was able to create waist bags from a wide variety of materials.

Кожаные сумки строго дизайна прекрасно вписываются в деловой образ как мужчин, так и женщин. Если носить поясную сумку из кожи в более современном дизайне с джинсами и `рубашкой с завёрнутыми рукавами, или пиджаком – получится прекрасный брутальный мужской образ в стиле casual. The main thing is that the clothes do not look cheap and be a match for the belt accessory.

In most cases, a cheaper and more affordable option, more suited to the sport or casual style of clothing, but you can find solid business models. Brand bags from imitation leather can be very expensive.

On the market a large number of textile options, usually they are made in sports or casual style. It is very convenient to use for active walks on a bicycle or jog. The variety of fabric and print is huge, for every taste of the buyer, prices are affordable, which is good. Also from textiles with a variety of decorations can be found simply incredible bags in the style of boho ala hendmade (or real hendmade)).

Accessory made of fur can be an original accent to the image of a young girl, teenager or child. Goes well with a leather jacket or denim. Remember - an overabundance of fur products on one individual can cause slight bewilderment.

There are transparent silicone models, can be waterproof, - a great option for swimmers and divers. Also for the bold fashionistas who are not afraid to show that they are hiding inside.

Velvet is very popular among many brands, this option is great for an evening out in combination with a dress, jacket, high heels. Do not wear with a sport bow, if it is not sport chic.


Textile models are suitable here, leather is allowed with a soft texture and an informal, okolosportivnym design. Forms and sizes may be different. For the image are important functionality and ease of movement.

It is important to be able to properly select the texture and material of the bag to your glamorous style, and not to forget about the sense of proportion.

Bags of fabrics with embroidery, beads, fringe, tassels, embossed look harmoniously in the images in the style of boho. Originality, practicality and brightness of the belt accessories will be an excellent touch in creating the image. You can also find very extravagant versions of leather and kozhzama, which also fit into the image of boho.

Brand men's and women's belt bags - what do famous fashion houses offer?

Gucci. One of the most popular belt bags.

Nike. Produces a large variety of textile belt bags. In sporty style, made of waterproof materials. Models are perfectly combined with a sporty style or with jeans and a T-shirt.

Dakine. Great for lovers of tourism. In various versions, with one or more pockets, with hooks for attaching keys. With an excellent combination of price and quality. In the new season, the brand has released a belt-bag transformer.

Supreme. Accessories have an ergonomic design and a simple form. Indispensable in daily use. For many years, leading among youth street subcultures.

Guess. Successfully combines severity and luxury in one bottle, so the bag looks harmoniously and stylishly in evening and business looks.

Michael Kors. The brand offered several miniature functional models. The accessory of this brand will be a great addition to your bow.

Aliexpress Not everyone can afford to acquire the original world brands. Let's see what the Chinese market presents to us at Aliexpress:

  • glamorous shiny
  • wicker summer bags,
  • skin and skin-deputy,
  • BELT BAG with embroidery.

Aliexpress offers a huge variety of shapes, materials, colors at an affordable price. Every buyer will find his model there.

Banana. Banana bags have evolved over time, now it looks more neat than before. But its main difference from others is the arcuate shape.

Clutch A rectangular belt bag, similar to a clutch bag, will be a stylish accent for any bow. Often, you can use it as a classic clutch, and has a strap for wearing on the shoulder.

Purse. The wallet model had in the dashing 90s the name “bag-kidney” and was in great demand among trade workers. Due to the large number of pockets and compartments in it is undoubtedly convenient to this day. A great option for everyday life, tourist trips.

Bag wizard. A massive bag that fits on a belt with lots of pockets or even a few bags together. Bulky and roomy, has an indefinite shape, called the belt master bag. But it is used not only by masters).

Bag or shopping bag. Waist bag has the appropriate shape, used mainly by girls in casual clothing or boho. There are very interesting evening options.

Tranformer. A comfortable transformer model has removable belts, which allows you to carry a bag on your belt, like a clutch in your hands and shoulder with a long strap.

Size matters?

A small bag will not even fit a phone. But it is perfect for evening wear, when nothing is needed except lipstick and a plastic card. The average size is ideal for a casual look, evening, sports style. A large bag can have quite a few pockets and departments. Great for those who are preparing for all life situations at once.


It is better to choose a small accessory, it should look easy and elegant. It is better to wear a waist bag on the hips, with a touch of carelessness. Although it is possible at the waist.

Many stars of the world show business wear a belt bag with evening gowns; it is worth picking it up to match the clothes so as not to overshadow the evening outfit.

Kids with a waist bag

For the child the main convenience, not constraint of movement and free hands. But you should always have personal belongings, small toys and snacks - a bag with a belt is great for this. She is always on the child, does not interfere with play and will not be lost. Children's models are sewn from bright materials, with prints of cartoon characters and toys.

How to wear, so as not to steal?

The model of this bag is considered the safest of theft, it is constantly on you, not replaceable when traveling and traveling, when all the most valuable should be close. But it is worth remembering to protect against theft, you should not be worn from the back and in your hands.

Antiluk - not the best ways to carry waist bags

It is very important to choose the right accessory to look harmonious. You should not carry a master bag with a classic suit or leather model with a sporty image.

  1. Do not choose a funny print, so as not to look stupid. Although, if such an option was presented to you on February 23 - nowhere to go))
  2. Do not replace clothes with a bag. After all, it still have to be removed. You can be in an extraordinary situation.
  3. A large bag and a minimum of clothing does not always look organic.
  4. Do not carry small bags with bulky things - the image looks heavy.

What is online shopping?

You can pick up great models on Lamoda. A large selection is presented from the budget option to glamorous chic.

At WildBerries you can pick up a bag with a good discount.

On ASOS, any buyer will find the right model for themselves.

In general, use comfortable belt bags, while the still capricious fashion gives us such an opportunity - it is not known what will happen next. What to wear - you already understood ...

Difficult trend: how to wear waist bags (12 stylish examples)

In the 90s they were called “shopping bags”, and in English the bum bag means “homeless bag” ... Nevertheless, this model is gaining stylish momentum and winning the hearts of even the most conservative fashionistas. Of course, since this model appeared, it has undergone many changes and now looks much more solid. We picked up 12 images with a belt bag to convince you to drop your old prejudices.

A belt put on over a voluminous shirt seems too obvious, and therefore a dubious decision? A small bag on the belt will save the situation: now the excuse of a belted waist is purely utilitarian and is not explained by simple female coquetry.

Leather belts with one, two or three small wallets, put on business suits, look no less convincing. Take note and try to upgrade your everyday autumn-winter image! (Yes, with boots too!)

Well, while the weather allows, you can afford to experiment with sports style. Belt velvet bag looks especially important in the environment of things, stylized as a real sportswear.

Or you can simply add a belt bag with things with an obvious hint at the aesthetics of urban suburbs. In this case, it is important to maintain a balance and choose a model that will not resemble real waist bags from real edges.

To the note: this fall try to combine several types of velvet. A bohemian dress and belt at the waist is a safe field for experimentation.

The Prada model has nothing to do with the market past at all and rather resembles an old little chest in which keys or papers are stored.

Another option is in the key of Chanel: many sellers in branded boutiques wear just such waist bags. Good in contrast to a dress in a linen style and coarse black shoes, like those of Chiara Ferragni.

A stylish and safe option for beginners is a combination of an elegant light leather waist bag with a mini skirt, a plaid shirt and ankle boots. Fresh, restrained and very stylish.

You can also wear a belt bag on your back or chest - the trend is gaining momentum! This set of silk dress with lace and pleats, brown boots and a Gucci waist bag is a great example.

If “breaking” the image with a contrasting bag is still scary, try to do the same with things of similar shades.

Kendall Jenner also wears a Louis Vuitton waist bag, slung over himself. The perfect neighborhood for a pantsuit!

By the way, the length of some straps of small bags helps to move them from shoulder to waist! Use this life hacking to experiment without buying a belt bag.