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Face massage with spoons


Spoon massage is a cosmetic procedure, the technique of which was developed by the German cosmetologist Rene Koch.

It is available for home use, because it requires only the presence of the simplest spoons and the desire to look young and beautiful.

Beneficial features

The use of spoons, gives elasticity to the skin, tightens it and removes excess fluid from the tissues. They also help in the fight against cellulite and fat deposits in the abdomen and buttocks.

If you have a silver or a nickel silver spoon in your household, then in this particular business it will be by the way. But if there are none, then do not worry, an ordinary spoon will also work.

Spoon massage rules

What you need to know before proceeding to massage your face with spoons:

☀ Spoons for massage should be pre-treated with an antiseptic and stored in the future separately from tableware.

☀ Face before massage should be well cleaned.

☀ Oil or nourishing cream should be applied in sufficient quantity to allow it to freely slip over the skin. The skin should not move and stretch during the massage movements.

☀ Facial massage with spoons is performed strictly along the massage lines of the face.

☀ Spoon massage is performed with pressure on the fabric, the degree of pressure is fairly easy to independently control, which allows to avoid the formation of bruises, injury to the vessels and facial tissues.

Spoon massage places

If you decide to try a new method on the body, then it’s better to start from the back.

You will need the help of a husband or girlfriend. The back is massaged by moving the spoon from the tailbone upwards in a circular motion. The direction is from the spine along the ribs.

This procedure takes about 15 minutes.

But anti-cellulite massage of the buttocks, thighs and legs can be done independently.

To do this, take a larger spoon, cool them and brush them with cream. Instead of anti-cellulite remedies it is possible to use honey. It perfectly removes slags and tones the skin.

Apply spoons to the buttocks and massage them in a circular motion from the center to the side. Then - from the bottom up.

When working with your legs and hips, remember the sequence of movements. The inner side of the thigh is massaged upwards, and the outer side is the other way round. Move the spoon vigorously from the knee to the pelvis.

Anti-cellulite massage procedure takes 30 minutes.

Now let's do the belly.

With the same cold, smeared with a cream spoon, we press with a pressure in a clockwise direction around the navel. Then move the spoon up, and then - sideways.

By the time - 5-10 minutes.

For the hands of the spoon will need to cool and lubricate with nourishing cream.

From the elbow bend in a spiral movement slide up the inside of the arm. Now slide the spoon on the outside of the shoulder.

Give your hands at least 10 minutes - this is necessary to get rid of skin laxity.

Décolleté is massaged with extremely warm (!) Spoons.

It is desirable to lubricate them with a special cream for the neckline. Wheatgrass oil or plain olive oil will also give a good effect. The massage here is simple: from the decollex, move in a circular motion towards the armpits.

By the time - 5-10 minutes.

For a neck massage, you also need a warm spoon smeared with the same cream or oil as for the chest.

Rotate from the base of the neck to the chin. The skin will become more elastic, will get a tone, and the second chin will gradually disappear.

By the time - 5-10 minutes.

Face massage with spoons

Spoon face massage is very popular.

You can apply face cream before the massage on the cleansed face or on the convex side of the spoon, just before the exercise. In addition, the face massage is alternately heated and cold spoons.

For a massage, we will need 2 or 4 teaspoons, 15 - 20 minutes of time and your desire to do all the exercises for the face and neck.

If you decide to improve the effect of using the cream, putting it directly on the spoons, then do it as follows.

  • We dip the spoons into the container: one - in the cold, the other - in hot water.
  • Take out one spoon.
  • We dip with a napkin.
  • Apply the cream.

First, we work with hot spoons, then with cold ones. Before you put the cream on a hot spoon, check, touching the wrist, is it too hot?


1) "Line" - smooths wrinkles between the eyebrows. Need 2 spoons. Place the hot spoon between the eyebrows and press it 6 times, then move upwards along the forehead. We drop the spoon back into the container with hot water and do the same with a cold spoon.

2) "Spiral" - smooths wrinkles on the forehead. It will take 2 spoons, both of which are lowered into a container of hot water. Apply the spoon to the right temple and draw a spiral with three circular movements, then move the spoon across the forehead to the left temple. We draw the same spiral in three circular motions. We take a new spoon, we start the exercise again, only already on the left temple.

3) “Zigzag” - the task is the same, smoothing wrinkles on the forehead. Take 4 spoons. Place a couple of hot spoons on the forehead (in the middle). Next, you need to carry both spoons at once from the middle to the temples, as if drawing a zigzag (send the spoons in different directions). Reach the temples and perform 6 light presses. Repeat with cold spoons.

4) “Drum” - smooths nasolabial folds. It will take 4 spoons. With hot spoons, tap 10 times on the nasolabial folds and around them (perform with inflated cheeks). Do a few repetitions.

5) “Letter O” - the goal is the same as in Ex. №4. It will take 2 spoons. Apply anti-wrinkle cream on hot spoons, mouth should be ajar, as when pronouncing the letter “O”. Place the spoons on the wings of the nose, perform a circular motion, gradually get down, drawing the "antennae" to the lips (corners). Perform circular motions again. Close the mouth, heat the spoons and you can do the exercise again a second time. Only 3 repetitions.

6) "Mustache" - smooths wrinkles around the lips. It will take 2 teaspoons, which are hot in a horizontal position above the upper lip. Keep your mouth open, say the sound "E". Moving in small movements in the form of a semicircle, move to the corners of the mouth, drawing the antennae. They stopped and slightly pressed the spoons in the corners of the lips. Then turn them upright and move to the earlobes as if trying to raise the corners of the lips. When you reach the ear lobes, stop, press three times and go up the ear muscle. Repeat - 2 times.

7) "Wave" - ​​eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes. It will take 2 chilled spoons. Position them near the inner corners of the eyes. Using wave-like movements, move the spoons to the temples. Perform 3 presses on the temples, move to the ears. Make a stop for 6 seconds, again move the spoons to the eyelids, linger for 2 seconds. Total - 3 repetitions.

8) “From the crow's feet” - the purpose of the exercise is clear from the title. It will take 4 spoons, which will need to apply a gel or cream that fights with such wrinkles. Place the heated spoons near the corners of the eyes, above the cheekbone. Perform 3 circular movements, move to the temples. Stop - just a few seconds. Repeat 2 more times. Now perform chilled spoons (1 time). Again 3 repetitions heated and 1 - cooled. Total repetitions - 3.


False massage is not recommended if you have the following problems:

  • the presence of pustules on the skin,
  • the occurrence of colds, accompanied by fever,
  • the presence of rash herpes character.

These are the miracles that an ordinary spoon can do. Only half an hour of massage every morning will provide you with elasticity of the skin, toned facial features and help you get rid of cellulite. So, if you have spoons, you can take it right now.

It is easy to be beautiful, accustom yourself to daily care, and you will succeed. False massage does not even heal old and serious problems, but it can prevent them.

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The benefits of massage

This type of massage has a lot of advantages over other techniques. First of all, you do not need to leave the house and visit a beauty salon. This procedure will help to remove excess fluid and improve circulation. Regularly performing such a massage, you can return the skin to its previous elasticity and make the facial contour more clear. The main advantages of spoon massage can be identified as:

  • The procedure is completely free and does not take much time.
  • The result becomes noticeable after 10 sessions,
  • This massage is quite effective
  • No special tools required.

Spoon massage can learn any woman. In pursuit of youth it is not necessary to leave a lot of money in beauty salons.

What problems relieves massage

Spoon massage is a wonderful procedure that allows you not only to relax and unwind, but also to significantly rejuvenate your skin. A spoon massage allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Improve the complexion of the skin. The skin becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch, dark circles under the eyes and puffiness decrease or disappear,
  • Deep wrinkles become less noticeable, and small mimic disappear altogether,
  • The shape of the face is noticeably restored - the second chin and cheekbones are tightened, the cheeks become more elastic,
  • Capillary circulation is improved, due to which the muscles on the face are well strengthened.

Combining hot and cold spoons can get rid of many skin problems, both temporary and chronic.

  • Hot or warm spoons help smooth wrinkles, tighten skin and improve face shape,
  • Cold spoons effectively relieve inflammation and irritation, restore the structure of the epidermis, tone up and make the skin elastic.

The secret of spoon massage is that heat and cold are alternately carried out to the nerve endings on the skin and activate their functions. After this procedure, the cream and serum used for care, better penetrate into the skin cells.

What it is?

Chinese massage is known for a long time, especially rejuvenating, thanks to which all Chinese women look so fresh and young. There are several techniques, one of them involves the use of spoons.

But this technique was refined and adapted to the modern women of all countries and peoples by the German cosmetologist Rene Koch, who learned about this interesting method from his mother. And that, in turn, every morning applied cold spoons to the eyelids and very quickly put itself in order.

In fact, the massage with spoons is similar to an ordinary massage. The circular smooth movements of the convex part of the spoon allow you to affect not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous space, the capillaries. Due to this, the blood supply improves, and hence the blood supply to all tissues.

And with normal blood circulation, metabolic processes, cell regeneration and the production of some important substances (for example, elastin and collagen) are accelerated. All this together provides the effect of the procedure. But also the method is based on the effects of heat and cold.

The cold allows you to eliminate the swelling that is a problem for most women. And heat expands the pores and increases the permeability of the skin, which makes it even more effective to use certain products. A combination of cold and heat - this is even more tangible effect!

What is required for a massage?

So prepare the following devices and equipment:

  • Spoons. If you want to process all parts of the body, prepare spoons of different sizes and shapes (one pair for the same two-handed operation). It is best to carry out the procedure with silver or nickel silver devices, as they have a beneficial effect on the body (we all heard about the benefits of silver) and do not rust.
  • Water. It will require both cold water (or ice cubes) and hot. Instead of water, you can use a decoction of herbs.
  • Olive oil. You can also combine massage with aromatherapy elements using some essential oil. Enough a few drops.
  • Prepare a terry towel.
  • You can use your usual means (for example, creams for wrinkles or cellulite).

Face massage

We offer several manipulations:

  1. To get rid of eyelid puffiness and bags under eyes, dip spoons in ice or in cold water, apply convex parts to eyelids, cool again and repeat steps at least 5-7 times. Then apply spoons to the area under the eyes. At the same time make smooth rolls from side to side and from top to bottom. You can lubricate the surface with eye cream or olive oil.
  2. Smooth wrinkles between eyebrows. Cool one spoon with ice and heat another with hot water. Apply a cold spoon to the nose, press it lightly on the skin, then with a little pressure, lead up to the forehead. Now do the same with a hot spoon. Repeat the procedure 10 times.
  3. To remove the hated “crows feet”, heat two spoons and brush them with anti-wrinkle cream or at least olive oil. Attach the spoons with convex surfaces to the temples, make 3-4 rotational movements, rolling the spoons, and then, with pressure, lead them to the hairline. Repeat this 3 times with hot appliances and as many with cold ones.
  4. To get rid of wrinkles on the forehead will help this technique: heat the spoons, place next to each other in the middle of the forehead. Now rolls lead devices to the temples. Then from the temples start walking towards the middle of the forehead. You can also move the device from one temple to another and vice versa by rotating movements. When the spoons have cooled, heat them again. Do this massage for 2-3 minutes.
  5. We remove the nasolabial folds. Open your mouth and stretch your lips slightly. Place the heated spoons under the wings of the nose, make 2-3 rotational movements, then move in wavelike movements to the corners of the mouth. In this area, also perform several rotational movements, and then undulate, rise again to the wings of the nose. Repeat all this at least 5 times.
  6. To get rid of flabbiness in the cheekbones, dip spoons in hot water and heat. Place them vertically under the corners of the mouth at the edge of the chin. Wavy or rotational movement to the earlobes. Reheat the appliances, position them in the same way, but slightly open your mouth and smile (or say the letter “E” or “E”). Re-lead the spoons to the loops. Reaching the moches, you can make a few pressure.
  7. To remove the chin, place two heated spoons right on the lower jaw, on the chin. Lead the instruments to the ears with light pressure. Return the spoons and now move them to the ears in waves.

Massage against cellulite

Anti-cellulite massage with spoons is also effective. Here are a few tricks:

  1. Cool the spoons, smear them with anti-cellulite cream, place over the knee on the inside of the thigh. With pressure, drive the instruments up to the groin, paying special attention to the most problematic areas. Then move the spoons in a wave-like motion, and then zigzag. Do the same on the outside of the thighs, but move from top to bottom.
  2. To tighten the buttocks, cool the spoons and grease them in olive oil, place under the buttocks at the top of the inner side of the thighs. Keep the instruments at the base of the legs, moving to the outside of the thigh. At first, simply press down with the spoons on the skin, then make rotational movements, and then wave.
  3. We work on the stomach: cool the spoons, brush them with cream, place them near the navel and move them in different directions with rotational movements. Then move in wave-like movements from bottom to top and vice versa.

What you need for massage spoons

To proceed to the spoon massage you need to prepare such things:

  • Four spoons - better if they will silver. Such a metal is considered a good antioxidant, it carries nutrients deep into the skin and provides effective skin nourishment. If there are no silver spoons, then ordinary stainless steel appliances will do;
  • Two tanks with hot and cold water. In the cold can be added ice cubes or decoction of herbs. You can take plain green tea that is pre-chilled in the fridge,
  • Massage oil or nourishing cream. Oil can take any that is suitable for skin type and does not cause irritation. You can perform the procedure with the usual nourishing cream, but it should be applied to the skin plentifully. Spoons should slide easily without stretching the skin,
  • Cotton napkin. It is useful not to stain clothes, and then wipe off the remnants of cream or oil from the face.

Massage spoons can be of different sizes - from coffee to dining. It is recommended to use first dessert spoonsand then, when the massage technique becomes clear, it will be possible to resize the devices for different zones.

Features perform a spoon massage

There are several recommendations that will make the procedure more efficient.

  • Before the massage, the spoons are treated with an antiseptic or boiled for a couple of minutes. In the future, they must be stored separately from the rest of the dishes, ideally, if they lie in a cotton bag,
  • The skin of the face is well cleaned from the remnants of cosmetics with soft milk and tonic,
  • Лицо предварительно распаривают над емкостью с травяным отваром. Эта процедура позволяет открыть поры и улучшить кровообращение,
  • Massage oil or nourishing cream is abundantly applied to the face. It must be remembered that the spoons should easily slide over the surface without displacing the skin. If the skin of the face is too oily, then you can replace the oil with a low-fat kefir,
  • Spoon massage should be performed exclusively on the massage lines,
  • Massage is performed with a little pressure. Moreover, the degree of pressure must be controlled independently so that no bruises are formed on the face.

It is best to perform the procedure early in the morning, applying a favorite nourishing cream on the face. Thanks to the spoon massage, the swelling is quickly removed from the face and the skin cells receive the necessary nutrients. A woman who has had her spoon massage in the morning looks beautiful all day long.

You can usually make massage with spoons immediately after washing. To do this, you can keep a set of spoons in the bathroom, which are alternately heated under a stream of hot and cold water. This is considered an express method of such a massage.

If you want to relax after a hard day at work, then the procedure is performed a couple of hours before bedtime. At the same time, herbs are added to a container with water, which relieve tension. It can be mint, lemon balm or chamomile.

The most effective massage techniques

There are several techniques of spoon massage. These include tapping, stroking and indentation. All techniques should be performed without displacement of the skin. After performing movements on one massage line, it is necessary to divert the lymph in the direction of the main lymph flow. From the ear down to the neck, then to the clavicle and to the side.

Forehead massage

These techniques effectively smooth out wrinkles on the forehead and the crease between the eyebrows.

  • Hot spoons are placed over the bridge of the nose, above the beginning of the eyebrows, then sweeping with zigzag movements with spoons along the forehead, towards the temples. A little pressing on the devices, they are held up at the temples for about 5 seconds. The exercise is repeated 3-4 times, then the lymph is removed along the main line of the lymph flow.
  • On the forehead there are many active points that can be activated with spoons of contrasting temperature. The same applies to the temples.
  • The forehead is massaged with one warm spoon, slightly holding the skin around the temple with another device.
  • The folds between the eyebrows can be removed by alternately pressing on the problem area with a hot and cold spoon. After that, make stroking movements upwards from the temples.
  • Two small hot spoons make circular movements from the bridge of the nose to the temples.

Massage of nasolabial folds

  • This massage begins with a slight kneading of the muscles in the area of ​​the nasolabial fold. To do this, make a hot spoon up and down, while not displacing the skin. After several approaches, the lymph is removed.
  • Do massage movements in two lines. First from the nose up the cheeks, towards the temples. After that, a warm spoon hold from the corners of the mouth to the earlobes.
  • Inflate the cheeks, and then alternately with hot and cold spoons pass through the entire nasolabial part.

Massage from wrinkles around the eyes

  • For this reception use well cooled spoons. The cutlery is placed at the inner corners of the eyes, and then gently held along the brow. The exercise is repeated 4 times.
  • Alternately, hot and cold spoons make circular movements around the eyes. Begin from the inner corners of the eyes and pass through the upper eyelid. Then from the outer corners lead spoons along the lower eyelid to the inner corners.
  • Alternately, apply hot and cold spoons to the outer corners of the eyes.

Chin massage

  • Hot spoons are placed horizontally under the chin, while straining the muscles, pushing the lower jaw slightly forward and pulling the letter “M”. Then slowly, with a little pressure, hold the spoons from the middle of the chin to the side and up. Perform the exercise 3 times, then remove lymph.
  • Slightly pressing on the spoons, move them in different directions from the chin down the neck, while you can not touch the area of ​​the thyroid gland.
  • You can get rid of the second chin with the help of light tapping movements. In this hot and cold spoons alternate.
  • Two spoons of different temperatures are placed in the middle of the chin, one should be higher, the other below, and then propel them with smooth circular movements along the lower jaw towards the ear.

Necessary funds and equipment

& # x1f308, A necessary thing is a porcelain or ceramic Chinese spoon. Plastic or metal suitable as a substitute only if you do not have sharp edges or chipping.
& # x1f308; A couple of spoons can be used to speed up the process.
& # x1f308, Use any suitable cream, olive, almond or pure coconut oil to slip. To the beginning of the article

Performance technique

The German René Koch learned about this technique and adapted it for women all over the world. He considered the massage with a cold spoon an obligatory morning procedure. The smooth movement of the convex part of the spoon allows you to include in the process not only the upper layer of the skin, but also the subcutaneous capillaries.

improves blood circulation
& # x1f338, normalizes metabolism,
& # x1f338, cell regeneration,
& # x1f338, optimizes the production of important substances, such as collagen and elastin.
The effect of the method is also affected by the effects of heat and cold.
Heat opens the pores, increases skin permeability, promotes cleansing, penetration deep into effective nutrients.
Cold eliminates swelling, which is a problem for many women. The procedure requires a pair of spoons. If the massage will be performed for all parts of the body, it is better to take several pairs of different sizes and shapes. Ice and hot water are needed, you can take a decoction of healing herbs. Favorite essential oil will help bring in aromatherapy elements. Instead of olive oil or jojoba oil, you can take your face cream and anti-cellulite body cream.
To get rid of eyelid swelling, Attach the cooled spoon with the convex side to the eye area, let it warm and cool again. Repeat 5-7 times. Putting a spoon under the eyes, swing it to the right-left and up and down. Skin can be smeared with olive oil or cream.
To smooth out wrinkles between eyebrows. Put one spoon in a cup with ice, the second - in hot water. Press a cold spoon to the top of the bridge of the nose and roll it to your forehead with a slight pressure. Repeat the same hot spoon. Manipulation repeat 10 times.
From crow's feet. Two tablespoons of anti-wrinkle cream or olive oil. With a convex part of the spoon, make circular movements on the selected area, then move the spoon to the hairline with pressure. Repeat three times with a hot and cold spoon.
To eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, apply the following method: both spoons are heated and placed in the middle of the forehead, slowly moving to the temples, then again to the middle of the forehead. By moving the spoons, you can use circular motions. Heat the cooled spoons again, massage continue for 2-3 minutes.
Nasolabial folds. Having opened the mouth, gently pull the lips. Place heated spoons under the wings of the nose, make 2-3 rotational movements, and move the spoons to the corners of the mouth with a wavelike movement. In this area repeat circular movements, wave back to the wings of the nose. Repeat at least 5 times.
To make cheek ptosis less pronounced: dip the spoons in hot water and place them vertically at the corners of the mouth on the edge of the chin. Move them towards the earlobes in circular or undulating movements. Heat again, place it in its original position, but slightly open your mouth with a smile, as if uttering the sound “e”, move the spoons to the bottom of the ears.
From the second chin: place the hot spoons under the chin on the lower jaw and move in a circular motion to the ears.
From cellulite. Cold spoon with anti-cellulite cream applied to it, massage the inner side of the thigh from the knee upwards. With pressure, move to the groin area with undulating, then zigzag movements. Do the same on the outside of the thighs, but move from top to bottom.
To tighten the buttocks, dip a cold spoon in olive oil and massage the bottom of the buttocks. From the flabby abdomen - with a cold spoonful of olive oil, massage the area around the navel, move in zigzags and in a circular motion from the navel in different directions.

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What is needed for the procedure

Let's talk in detail about the main tool. What size spoons are needed for a massage?

For starters, take a medium sized “tool”. Dessert spoons are best suited. Then, when you fully master the technique, it is easy to determine what size spoon you need.

For a massage of the eyelids or eyes, teaspoons may suit you, and tablespoons for a general massage.

As for the material. Ideally worth taking out of silver or nickel silver. Silver is a powerful antioxidant, in addition, it helps the useful substances from the means for massage deeper and more intensely absorbed into the layers of the epidermis, it is also known for its disinfecting effect. Silver spoon massage will be especially good for people with skin problems.

If the silver instrument was not at hand, then go to the kitchen and take the usual stainless steel appliances.

Tip We recommend that you pick up the massage spoons and then remove them from the rest of the cutlery. In general, store them in a different place, preferably in the bathroom, where you most likely will conduct the procedure.

Small cups with hot and cold water

It will be better to replace simple water with broth of a camomile, mint, a train, some other grass or green tea. To keep the water as cold as possible, you can put ice cubes in it.

When you gain enough experience, you can massage in the bath, do not make bowls, but cool or heat the spoons with a tap.

Massage oil or cream

Oil can take any. For the face it is best to take almond, coconut, peach, jojoba, avocado, and even ordinary olive oil will do! The main thing that you do not have allergies, and it is suitable for your skin type.

Instead of butter, you can take any body cream. The tool must be quite generously applied to the skin so that the spoons do not create friction and do not stretch the skin, creating new wrinkles.

How it works?

Massage with warm, cold or hot spoons is effective because different temperatures excite the nerve endings of the epidermis, thereby stimulating their work. It also improves blood circulation and metabolic processes.

When performing massage with hot spoons, pores open, nourishing creams and oils are absorbed better, which is why the effect is achieved faster. Proper movement will remove excess fluid and toxins from the tissues.

It helps or not facial massage with spoons, you can read reviews on the Internet. Most of the reviews are not just positive, they are enthusiastic. In any case, the procedure is not so expensive, has no health risks, so why not try?

Simple rules to consider

When performing massage, you must follow some rules:

  1. As mentioned above, the massage spoons should be stored separately from the rest of the cutlery. Before use, they need to be thoroughly washed and treated with antiseptic.
  2. Of course, the face before the procedure should be cleaned of makeup, cleansed with cleansing milk and tonic.
  3. Apply enough oil or cream to the skin so that the spoons slide easily without creating friction.
  4. Needless to say, massage should be carried out clearly along the massage lines.
  5. Self-massage is good because you can control the degree of pressure, thereby preventing the formation of hematomas, injury to the skin and vessels located close to the skin surface.
  6. Before you begin to massage with hot spoons, make sure that they are of moderate temperature. Burns you to anything!
  7. The ideal time for these manipulations is morning. Set aside 20 minutes of your time, at this time let nothing distract you.

How to do a facial massage with spoons

The procedure should be started with the eyelids and around the eyes. To do this, use teaspoons, they will work most conveniently. First cool them down with cold water or a decoction of herbs with ice cubes, then gently massage the eyelids and eyes.

Simply attach the spoons and wait until the cutlery has reached body temperature. If you have bags under your eyes, then you should not just attach the spoon to the lower eyelid, but carry it from the inside corner to the temple.

All manipulations must be repeated five times: cool, apply - wait for the heating and cool again.

Important. During the massage of the eyes, always move to the temples, in places where there are wrinkles, gently press, but do not rub, so you risk stretching the skin.

The next phase is a facial massage with hot spoons. They need to be dipped in hot water or decoction, and then led with a little pressure along the massage lines. On the skin, first apply a generous layer of massage products.

For the fatty type, it is better to use nut, sesame or almond oil, kefir is also excellent.

For dry type - oil flax and jojoba. For normal - apricot kernel oil, peach or olive.

Unaccustomed to you, it may be inconvenient to perform the procedure with two spoons at once, so you can work through one side of the face first, then the other. Here, too, we repeat all the manipulations five times.

Tip To enhance the effect, it is recommended to alternate hot spoons with cold ones during the massage.

From the wrinkles on the bridge of the nose will help the following action: it is necessary to attach a table or dessert spoon between the eyes, and press it several times, then continue moving along the lines from the center of the forehead to the temples. Then we start moving from eyebrows to the hairline.

Some of the skin under the nose is simply pushed with a teaspoon. To remove wrinkles around the mouth, it is necessary during the procedure how to pronounce the letter “E”, slightly stretching the corners of the lips.

Tip To remove deep wrinkles in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, you need to inflate the cheeks and lightly pat the problem areas with a spoon.

Also, clapping, you can remove a double chin.

In fact, there is a lot of tech. Skilled craftsmen can develop their own technique, but keep it secret. But despite these circumstances, there are quite a few training videos.

On these videos you can quickly learn how to massage the spoons yourself at home. Separately, I want to talk about gouache, originally from China.

Massage gouache

Gua sha - literally from Chinese, literally means "scrape away the old." The technique of the procedure is a special impact on the points of the face. Stone or horn scrapers are used as tools.

The advantages of such a massage are that it is suitable for absolutely everyone, it does not require the use of oils or creams, as it does not stretch the skin. The procedure is not prohibited even to those who give Botox injections.

Due to the mild effect of scrapers on the skin, the procedure can be performed every day. It is believed that if you use jade scrapers, you will not only heal your body, but also free yourself from the negative energy that accumulates in a day.

Gouache massage results

With this massage, the following effects are noted:

  1. First of all, this procedure perfectly enhances the lymph flow and blood circulation in the cells.
  2. Effectively removes toxins from the cells of the epidermis.
  3. Accelerates metabolic processes, due to which natural rejuvenation occurs.
  4. It relaxes well, has a sedative effect, so this type of massage is best done in the evening.

During this procedure, it turns out not only the recovery of the skin and the body, but also the restoration of the nervous system, the normalization of sleep.

Massage with wooden spoons

Another type of massage that I would like to highlight. This procedure is based on the Vedic old Russian traditions. In ancient times, if someone in the family was sick, they tried to cure him with wooden spoons.

It was believed that the tree is the strongest energy element that helps to fill a person with a sense of harmony, vigor and well-being, as well as to remove negative energy, something like the evil eye, fears, negative thoughts and other things.

The massage could be performed in two ways:

  • through the fabric (clothes), which should be natural,
  • on the naked body, in this case, used oil or honey.

The technique is quite close with gouache and Japanese massage with bamboo sticks. Spoons make scratching, tapping, point pressure, slaps.

Today you can get a recommendation from a cosmetologist to undergo an effective anti-cellulite massage course with wooden spoons. You can read about it in detail in other publications of our blog and watch educational videos. One thing is to say, the result will be amazing. The skin will become elastic, smooth, and unlike the palms, there are no bruises after the spoon when clapping.

We hope our article was useful to you! Have you tried massage with spoons on yourself? We will be glad if you stay with us! Subscribe to updates and click "Tell friends"!

An ideal remedy for age changes

In pursuit of beauty, women forget about massage - a safe method that has been tested for centuries. Give time to reverse, make the skin blooming, young quite possible.

Искусству массажа можно научиться в домашних условиях, и не тратить деньги на дорогостоящие салонные манипуляции.

В чем заключается эффект массажа:

  • Выводит лишнюю жидкость из клеток эпидермиса.
  • It improves blood circulation in the tissues, giving the face a youthful appearance.
  • Provides elasticity of the skin.
  • Removes wrinkles, restores facial contours.

Spend a spoonful procedure every day for 10 minutes and positive results will not keep you waiting.

Hot, cold and complex massage techniques

  1. For cold technology, you will need large spoons, a glass of cold water or herbal decoction, ice cubes added to a cold glass and 0.5 cups of warm oil, you can use olive or flax seeds. Sunflower is also suitable.
  2. For the hot procedure, you will need one spoon, a glass of warm water, essential oils.
  3. For a complex procedure, you need 2 containers: one with cold water, the other with hot, a few spoons and an essential oil.

Ideally, the procedure is best done with silver spoons, but ordinary cutlery will do.

Warm face and neck lift

  • Add 2-3 drops of mint, lemon balm, rose, chamomile or lavender essential oil to the base.
  • Take a spoon, hold it in hot water, then wipe dry, dip it into the oil with a convex side.
  • Start a circular motion with warm spoons with gentle pressure along the lines of the muscles of the face. Do not stretch the skin around the eyes, just press the convex side of the device.
  • After facial treatment, go to the neck and décolleté.

How to do a massage:

  1. Place the spoons between the eyebrows, massage the wrinkles, then lead them to the temples before the hair grows.
  2. Spoon from the wings of the nose to the upper part of the ear, from the chin to the lobe, massage under the chin, then move to the ear.
  3. Start from the nose and lead to the outer eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, then hold under the eyes.
  4. From the wings of the nose, lead to the temples, from the tips of the mouth in the same direction and from the extreme points of the chin, move in circles to the temples too.
  5. Wrinkles on the neck are removed from the lower part of the neck, following up to the chin.

What gives the massage a warm device for beauty:

  • promotes blood flow to the skin,
  • strengthens the upper layers of the epidermis,
  • smooths wrinkles
  • the skin becomes velvety, a blush appears on the face.

Cold massage

The cold procedure has another effect, it removes dark circles, eyelid swelling, bags under the eyes. For cooling devices placed in finely chopped ice. Before the procedure, a moisturizer is applied to a clean face and a massage with cold devices begins.

  1. Ice spoons are applied for a few seconds to the upper eyelid, then to the lower eyelid area.
  2. Next, the cold device is immersed in warm oil and begin to move along the specified lines, easily pressing on the skin.

Attention! The spoon should slide easily over the skin, so an oily base should be sufficient.

The duration of the first session of 1-2 minutes. Then it is necessary to add 1 minute daily, so that after 10 days the procedure lasts as it should be - 10 minutes. After the first procedure, you will feel a pleasant relaxation of the muscles of the face and eyes.

Watch a video clip in which Margarita Levchenko shows how to remove circles under the eyes with the help of cold self-massage with spoons.

Take two teaspoons, cool in cold water or in a glass with ice. And we begin to gently push the area under the eyes from the corners of the eyes to the nose. We do from 5 to 30 minutes, the main thing is moderation. Do not overcool. After the procedure, apply eye cream.

Complex technology with honey

The integrated technique even in one session will help to get rid of several problems - from dark circles under the eyes, and also the facial muscles will relax, the wrinkles will be reduced. A cutlery session is best done in the morning.

If instead of cream to use honey, then the skin will be filled with all the beneficial substances that are in this product. Alternating between hot and cold devices, you will help your skin.

  • come to life
  • imbued with useful ingredients
  • remove swelling,
  • improve lymph circulation,
  • support anti-aging effect.

It is better to massage the eyelids with teaspoons;

To perform the honey procedure, use oils:

  • sesame and almond (for oily epidermis),
  • lavender (for sensitive),
  • peach, apricot, olive (for dry).

Apply the appropriate oil on your face, then apply honey with hot spoons. Let her go to honey, then follow the massage lines.

How to remove nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds add an extra ten years to a woman. Perform movements on both sides of the face at once, alternating between two hot and two cold spoons.

  • Use circular motions from the wings of the nose to the temple, keeping the spoons off the skin,
  • Go down the face and neck to the clavicle area. The first time with hot and then cold spoons (4 sets).
  • From the corners of the mouth, lead the spoons to the ear lobe and down again to the clavicle. Repeat 4 times.

How to tighten the facial contour

Take one cold and another hot spoon, attach them to the lower jaw, so that one is on top and the other on the bottom.

  • Start from the middle of the chin, move in a circular motion along the jaw to the ear.
  • From the ear, drive the lymph down to the clavicle. Repeat 4 times, alternately on both sides of the face.

If you read the reviews of girls, then massage with spoons really rejuvenates the face, and in a short time.

How to remove stagnation in the lymph with the help of hands

If stagnation develops in the lymph, slags and toxins accumulate in it, as a result, the face becomes swollen, flabby, and an unhealthy color appears. Lymphatic drainage massage will help correct these deficiencies.

First, you need to make a circular motion along the massage lines, then along the same lines light pressure. Behind them are tapping the skin and stroking.

Does lymphomassage help or not restore lymph flow? It turns out to help! As a result, the movement of the lymph is activated, the excess fluid between the cells is removed, the walls of the blood vessels come in tone.

In addition, metabolic processes are improved, the skin begins to breathe freely, wrinkles are smoothed. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to clear the lymph.

Slavic massage with wooden spoons

Slavs have long been doing massage with wooden spoons. They believed that the tree transmits its living energy, helping to become younger and healthier. The technique is similar to the above methods.

In parting, I invite all women to master simple techniques of face massage with spoons. It really helps to keep the skin young, repeatedly tested by thousands of women!

See more on the blog: 10 best facial massage techniques

Preparing for the session

For the massage you will need two silver spoons. The useful properties of this metal have been known for a long time, but even now more and more new confirmations are finding this position. Proved antibacterial activity of silver, its ability to inhibit the reproduction of viruses and the growth of fungi, to stimulate the immune system. Therefore, facial massage with silver spoons is the best option, which is usually offered in salons. However, if there are no such spoons in the house, the use of nickel silver or even steel ones is quite acceptable.

You also need to prepare in advance a decoction of healing herbs, brewing boiling water with a dry mixture consisting of sage, chamomile and nettle in equal proportions. If the necessary ingredients are not at hand, the broth can be replaced with plain green tea. In addition, you will need vegetable oil and honey. The oil should be chosen in accordance with the type of skin of the face and recommendations for a normal massage: for dry skin, you can use olive oil, and for oily oil, hazelnut or almond oil. In addition, you need to stock up on a glass with ice. Also look for a video of facial massage with spoons, it will prove to be a useful help in mastering the technique of this procedure.

A fresh decoction of herbs will warm the spoon to the desired temperature.

We affect the skin of the eyelids

Swelling of the eyelids and bruises under the eyes is a common problem of office workers and tired mothers and grandmothers. To eliminate them, as well as tighten the skin of the upper eyelid, you can use a cold spoon, which should be applied to the upper eyelids 5 times, holding each time for a few seconds. Repetition of such a massage on the lower eyelids will help reduce dark circles. Another similar exercise is performed with two chilled spoons.

Spoons are located near the inner corners of the eyes, and then smoothly, with wavelike movements, move under the lower eyelid and up to the temples. After that, you need to press on the temples three times, move to the ears and go back to the eyelids. In addition, you can remove small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes - "crow's feet." To do this, the skin is massaged in a circular motion from the cheekbones to the temples, lingering on the last for several seconds. Massage is performed first 3 times with hot spoons, and then 1 time with cold.

Spoon massage will remove wrinkles, restore skin tone and healthy color.

Massaging forehead

Mimic wrinkles on the forehead are often the cause of the disorder of even very young girls. In the false massage, there are several techniques to make them less noticeable.

  • Forehead massaged with hot spoons, in a circular motion in the direction from the base of the eyebrows to the temples. This manipulation is repeated at least 10 times.
  • Another option is to massage the forehead in circular motions while simultaneously holding the skin on the temple with a second spoon. Both spoons should be hot.
  • For this exercise you need 4 spoons: 2 hot and 2 cold. First, hot spoons are placed in the middle of the forehead and begin to breed to the temples, performing a zigzag movement. After that, you need to gently press on the temples 6 times and repeat the same with cold spoons.
  • The inter-brow wrinkles are smoothed by pressing on this area 6 times, followed by an ironing motion up the forehead. Exercise is performed alternately hot and cold spoon.

Massage with spoons on the forehead

Massage your cheeks

The loss of elasticity of the cheek skin is one of the most obvious signs of aging. Massage with spoons helps to eliminate sagging and return blush to the cheeks. For this procedure, the spoons are lowered into warm vegetable oil, then, with a little effort, they begin to drive along the massage lines of the face, making at least 10 repetitions each time. During the exercise, the skin should be held with the other hand under the chin so that it does not stretch.

Cheek massage line

Spoons on the lips

An important part of the face, which is amenable to correction with massage spoons - nasolabial folds. These deep wrinkles not only age by 10 years, they also give a face a gloomy, unhappy expression. Therefore, it is imperative to fight them. It is better to start immediately, as soon as these folds begin to appear, without waiting for drastic changes in appearance.

  • Gently, without stretching the skin, make spiral-like movements in the direction from the lips to the ear lobe. It is necessary to perform this exercise with a hot spoon several times from the top, and then from the lower lip. After that, you should relax and then make another 4 repetitions.
  • For the next exercise, take 4 spoons and put in the decoction. It is necessary, inflating the cheeks, knocking the lines of the nasolabial fold on 10 bills and making at least 4-5 repetitions. The spoon should be hot, therefore, having completed the exercise, it should be changed.
  • Starting position: the mouth is rounded in the shape of the letter o, two hot spoons are located near the wings of the nose. The exercise is performed with small circular movements in the direction from the nose to the corners of the lips. It is carried out 3 times, each time between repetitions it is necessary to additionally heat the spoons, and also, for better sliding, wipe them with a napkin and lubricate with vegetable oil.

Also with the help of spoons, you can smooth fine lines on the upper lip. To do this, you need two hot teaspoons. Starting position: the mouth is slightly open, as when pronouncing the sound e, the spoons are located horizontally above the upper lip. Exercise is to draw the "antenna" soft circles. In the corners of the lips you need to stop for a few seconds, tightly pressed the spoons. After this movement continues to the earlobes. Having performed three presses in the area of ​​the lobes, we move further along the ear muscle to the hairline. Repeat 2 times.

Nasolabial folds give the face a sullen expression

Pay attention to the neck with chin and neckline

The neck is a place that very often gives the true age of a woman, so you also need to take care of her. In addition, with age, a second chin often appears. In order to tighten the skin of this zone, we carry out a hot spoon from the collarbone to the middle of the neck to the chin, then from one side and then the other. For this exercise you need to do at least 10 repetitions. Tightening the neckline will allow its massaging in the direction from the center to the armpits. The movements should be carried out with light pressure, however, so that the skin does not move and does not stretch. The use of oil allows you to achieve the necessary slip.

After you have acquired at least a little experience with face massage with spoons, you can come up with a scheme for your personal exercises. To do this, you need a little grimacing, looking in the mirror, and remember the location on the face of facial wrinkles, as well as areas where they are likely to appear soon. During the massage, all these areas carefully work out in a circular motion. Exercises should be done every morning for at least two weeks. After that, you can take a week break, and then repeat the course.

We work on the neck and décolleté

With regular use, the results will not take long to wait, and others will begin to notice the appearance that has changed for the better. Good contrast wrinkles temperature contrast, so the most effective alternate massage with hot and cold spoons, which will also improve skin tone and color.