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How did statement earrings become a favorite trend of the selfie generation?


If you still do not know what costume jewelery is, you are hopelessly behind fashion. Meanwhile, this style has been in trend for several years.

So, Statement Jewelry is bright accessories, mostly large in size. After all, the literal translation of this term means "to make a statement." That is - to declare yourself.

And what else can a modern woman surprise the public with? That's right - in a bright, unusual way. And if the freaks, goths and other subcultures have taught us to extraordinary bows and original clothes, then ordinary fashionistas have nothing left but to add a note of expression and game to their image.

Statement jewelry copes with this role. The most frequent satellite of this aesthetics - necklace, necklace, pendant. As a rule, they are huge in size, extraordinary in design, interesting texture and material.

Undoubtedly, such memorable accessories cannot be worn every day (although in summer mods beat the record, who would wear this type of jewelry under the simplest dress), they are suitable for special occasions. Red carpet, girlfriend's wedding, prom, etc.

The most important advantage of the Statement style is the ability to give a highlight even to the most simple one, whether it be a monophonic dress or a boring trouser suit. T-shirt or office blouse - everything will sparkle with new colors, as soon as you combine it with a stement necklace, pendant or bracelet.

To be spectacular, to attract attention to oneself is the task of such decoration. Celebrities have already appreciated a similar trend, because an important advantage can also be called its price. Diamonds and gold are MUCH more financial resources, and new-fangled tzatskis look just as good.

Why do we like “challenge” earrings?

"What to wear for selfies?", - asked the browser BOF, and immediately replies: earrings. The last time such mega-accessories for the ears were in vogue in the 1980s. True, the rules have changed today. It used to wear jewelry in combination with bright makeup and fancy hairstyles. Today girls wear plain oversized shirts and frayed jeans. Make-up is, but it is not noticeable. As a result, earrings (or the only mono-ear) form an individual image for people who dress very simply. In the end, in Skype chat you can see only the upper part of the body, and the lower one can still be in pajamas. For today's girls statement-The earrings are the same as the shoes for Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City series.

This trend, characteristic only for jewelery in the 1980s, today has been picked up by “serious jewelers”, including famous jewelry houses. The earrings are bigger, brighter, more “sculptural” and longer than ever: some fall below the shoulder. They can be in the form of sculptures of screaming colors, of different sizes, with different stones, fringe, of strange shapes. Reserved diamond or pearl drops are no longer that.

(1) Alexander Mcqueen Earrings and Necklace, photo: imaxtree.com (2) Saint Laurent Earrings, photo: Getty Images

“I like it so much that statement-earrings have become mainstream - this is so unusual for the jewelry industry. Usually, such things are shown on the catwalk, and after Fashion Weeks everyone forgets about them - people don't wear them, ”- says Carol Woolton, editor of the British Vogue jewelry department. "Topshop and H & M, Piaget and Chopard, Céline and Marni - literally all in big earrings."

“I have a feeling of completeness when I put them on”, - says Tillie McAllister-Smith, senior director of content at Diane von Furstenberg and founder of Instagram-public @earafterear, whose theme is just statement-earrings. - "To new earrings quite easy to get used to. This requires much less determination compared to, for example, the idea of ​​dyeing hair or buying a fabulous winter coat for thousands of dollars. Earrings are just fun, and I think people like this simple transformative effect of fashion. ”

Why design earrings like designers?

(1) MINT Journal editor Irina Lakevich in statement earrings, photo: businessoffashion.com (2) Designer Sophie Bil Brahe earrings “Ligne Perve”, photo: businessoffashion.com

We observe that the very face of the jewelry industry is changing.

“Premium-level jewelry brands are increasingly influenced by fashionable jewelry brands of the mass market segment. The price gap between them is narrowing, - says Patty Worth, a jewelry buyer at MatchesFashion.com. “Earrings make up a significant share of our range, and demand is only growing.”

According to Patty Worth, the percentage of return of purchased earrings is significantly lower compared to other product groups - because there are no typical for, for example rings, problems with size, fitting and fit. Earrings can be the perfect gift. From season to season, statement earrings are becoming more unusual.

New makeup

Designer Delphine Delettre, photo: wmagazine.com

“Women flirt with an androgynous appearance - they wear short hair, they barely color themselves - and the earrings have actually become a new precious makeup”- says the jeweler-designer Delfina Delettre. “I returned to developing pair earrings after creating mono for many years. I like to wear one micro and one macro earring - that's how I see the earrings now. ”

Delettrez made a name for herself on mono-earrings worth from $ 385 to $ 15,000, which were worn from the front, but pierced the ear from behind, forming a semicircular structure behind the ear. “They had such success because they were almost invisible and very light,” explains the designer. “An earring resembles a piercing in the stomach - it is a form that is understandable to my generation and, like a catkin from a navel, you never take off an earring. You sleep with her and almost forget about her. ”

Statement loves silver

(1) Designer Anna Djusbury, photo: indtl.com (2) Earrings made by Anna Djusbury, photo: businessoffashion.com

The business of Anna Juusbury, which she and her brother launched in 2013, is developing rapidly thanks to sculpted silver earrings - because they are lighter than gold and you can create more large-scale and complex structures from this material. “The most popular are single earrings,” she says of her jewelry, which is first made from clay and only then cast in silver. Last year, her business grew by 100%, of which 60% comes from earrings ranging from $ 370 to $ 1,520. "Of course, wedding rings are in great demand, but to buy earrings, you do not need to know the size." Therefore, most of its customers buy earrings online, which indicates a changing attitude to the purchase of jewelry.

Great too in trend

(1) Pink diamond “Artemis” and blue “Apollo”, sold at Sotheby’s auction, photo: The Telegraph (2) Maison Margiela mono-earring, photo: Getty Images

Carol Woolton says that in recent years, even great jewelry houses have begun to follow trends in their collections more. “Victoire de Castellan brought sensuality to jewelery into high jewelry art, and then simply began to do whatever she wanted,” she says of creative director Christian Dior. “Recently, in Cannes, I noticed a lot of match-earrings and long earrings along the shoulders, especially from Chopard.”

In May, at the famous auction “Magnificent Jewels” from Sotheby's in Geneva, a pair of color-contrasting diamond earrings — blue at 14.54 carats and pink 16-carat — was sold for a record $ 42.1 million and $ 15.3 million, respectively and was acquired by the same buyer. "Sometimes they put stones in the frame just for a beautiful exposure, or they sell things separately," notes Woolton. "But they sold them together to a single customer, and I like to think that he will carry them like that together - a couple of statement earrings for $ 57 million."

What it is?

The word "statement" is translated from English as "statement." This term refers to bright and large jewelry that will truly allow any woman to declare herself and draw attention to herself.

The original and supposedly flashy costume jewelry in the trend of the past few seasons, but fashion is cyclical, and everything new is well forgotten old. And if you look at a photo of a century ago, you can see on the women of those times large and rich looking jewelry that is so popular now.

How to choose statement statement?

If you decide to purchase statement-decoration, then be guided by several criteria. First, decide which item you want to see on yourself. Remember that large jewelry attracts attention to the parts of the body on which it is located, so emphasize your best sides and dignity. So, if you have beautiful breasts, you can choose a suspension. Necklace favorably highlight the elegant neck, and earrings will draw attention to the face.

Secondly, choose the appropriate size. It must match the parameters of your figure. So, on a miniature girl will look ridiculous massive jewelry, but it is suitable for ladies with mouth-watering forms. And the pompous women of the fair sex should not choose small decorations so that such a contrast does not play a cruel joke.

Third, determine the color. In general, a real girl should have jewelry for all occasions, so the colors can be different. So, black and white can be considered versatile. The shade can be combined or echoed with any other element of the image or contrasted with clothing and stand out against the general background.

Tip: open your grandmother's chest and try to find something interesting there. In addition, you can combine several small matching jewelry, turning them into one bright composition.

What is the combination of such jewelry?

Fashionable statement-jewelry is combined with almost any clothing, and this is proved by numerous examples that show celebrities and fashion designers at shows.

A large and bright decoration will complement an evening dress or a cocktail dress, but it can also be worn with a blouse and an elegant and stylish suit, but not only strict or business. There is a place for massive costume jewelry in everyday life, so experiment and match it with turtlenecks and pencil or sun skirts, jumpers and trousers, feminine shirts and jeans.

Rules for creating stylish images

How to wear bright and trendy statement-jewelery? There are some unspoken rules:

  1. Statement-decoration will be a bright accent of the image, and in order not to overload the set, combine it with concise and restrained clothing. On a simple background, it will look stylish, but on a complex it can get lost or create a mottled effect, making the appearance ridiculous.
  2. Bright necklaces and large pendants and pendants should be worn with open bustier dresses, clothing with a V-shaped neckline or a boat type, as well as with things that have deaf collars or high necklines.
  3. If you decide to wear a bracelet, your wrists should be completely exposed, so choose a thing with or without short sleeves.
  4. Having decided to put on large and prominent earrings, make a simple hairstyle. It is better to collect the hair in a ponytail or a simple bundle or to fold it back and fix it with invisible ones: this way people will be able to appreciate the decorations in all their glory and fully. Makeup should be calm and as natural as possible, but you can slightly emphasize one of the parts of the face.
  5. A striking large ring should be worn only under the condition of a perfect manicure, because with such a decoration it will always be visible. In addition, nail design should be discreet and concise, so avoid complex effects, bright colors and decorations.

If you learn how to choose and wear trendy statement jewelry, you can create stylish images and attract attention.

1. Interesting things

By the way, it should be said that there are just interesting things, and there are statement. An interesting thing is a wardrobe item that may be interesting for some reason, for example:

- shine or shine

- an unusual detail that distinguishes this thing from the basic category.

The clothes of one person may seem completely uninteresting to another, and this is normal, because we are all different. Someone wears more classic (or, on the contrary, casual) and thinks that their interesting things are more refined than those of those who have more creativity or drama in their wardrobe, for example.

In the examples above, we saw that none of these things is a statement, but each of them has some interesting detail that allows us to distinguish this thing from basic ones. The color and texture with the sheen of the skirt, the interesting detail (bodice-bow) on the shirt and the print on the jacket make these things interesting.

2. Creating an image with an interesting thing

Here the blouse is used as an interesting thing, with a basic jacket and trousers and pumps. If you take a classic shirt together with this blouse (imagine a simple shirt without any details), the image will become bland and boring.

3. Adding to the image of the statement (accent) thing

And now look at how the image will play and come to life, if you add the statement thing to it. How to determine if this statement is really an (accent) thing? By the following features:

- juicy, bright color,

- catchy, eye-catching print or pattern,

- a detail or element of a large scale cut,

- inlaid with stones and rhinestones,

- large jewelry or jewelry,

- A noticeable accessory that attracts attention in the first place.

By adding an interesting (according to the principle of color and detail in the form of a pen-ring) bag and replacing the shoes with a statement (decor of rhinestones and crystals), you will make your look more exciting. It will still be a classic style image, but it will catch the eye and emphasize your individuality.

4. Use print

Often the print makes the usual thing accent (statement). Look at this dress and imagine monotonous, without prints. Lost the promise, is not it? Thus, an elegant dress, attracting attention, turns into an ordinary dress shirt.

Here the image is built around statement statement. The remaining elements in the image are simpler, but, nevertheless, more interesting than the basic ones.

5. Use invoice

Want a more refined look? Use textured fabrics and materials. This is the easiest way to make a monochrome ensemble incredible.

To make an invoice statement thing play, surround it with a combination of simple, basic, and slightly more interesting elements.

There are many formulas that work for everyone - you can choose a more delicate, sophisticated style, or, conversely, more dramatic or creative. The main thing is to add those statement items that will take your image to a new level.

Classic for all time

Classic is the basis of any wardrobe. You should not chase fashion and buy in a row just what is relevant this season. Remember - any trend on a classic background looks stylish and sophisticated. Therefore, first of all, you need to invest in high-quality things of classic design that will never go out of fashion and help out in any weather.

The category of obligatory jewelry classics includes:

laconic stud earrings with transparent inserts (cubic zirconia, Swarovski Gems, diamonds),

a modest necklace with a soliter stone of any cut (“soliter” is a large stone set into decoration separately, without other stones). The glitter and luxury of a transparent stone should not be obscured by an elaborate design - simplicity and restraint are welcome in everything

tennis bracelet (bracelet, inlaid with the entire length of transparent inserts of the same size),

Jewelry classics performs in your wardrobe about the same role that plays a little black dress, classic pants and a white shirt: you can go to a concert, an interview, a ball, or even a reception for the queen in them)) The distinctive feature of the classics is that it doesn’t rush into eyes, but only delicately reminds others about your status and impeccable taste.

These decorations are distinguished not only by the overall style, which is based on the harmony of proportions and restraint of decor, but also high quality. Their prices can be high, but these investments should be considered as a long-term investment: you will wear them again and again, over the years. When you form a classic base, you should not save money - it will take only a few years, and you will feel that these investments have paid off handsomely.

In general, the classic is love for life. The foundations of a classic collection of jewelry are best laid from a youth: for example, parents should keep this in mind when they buy gifts for a growing daughter, and should appreciate her classical style decorations for significant events in her life (school graduation, diploma defense). They will be her "best friends" for life!

Catchy details

So, our jewelry picture has a magnificent classic background - now is the time to decorate it with memorable details from the category. statement jewelry. “Decorations, declarations,” accents — these are all from the field of self-expression. These are usually large, unusual products of spectacular design that can tell a lot about your character and personality.

These decorations should not just be personalized: they are decorations that immediately attract eyes. Of course, you shouldn't go overboard with them - one representative of statement jewelry in your image will be quite enough. Подобные украшения достойно смотрятся на праздниках вечеринках, приемах — везде, где есть место радости, свободе и веселью!

Эти яркие и неповторимые украшения прекрасно чувствуют себя в сочетании с вечерними и коктейльными платьями, а также в комбинации с неброской однотонной одеждой пастельных тонов. Стиль plain со своим сдержанным благородством будет служить прекрасным фоном для ваших эффектных украшений. This noble version of your non-standard image (plain style + decoration-accent) will harmoniously look at the techniques of a more strict nature. The classic version of wearing such jewelry is the “little black dress” sung by Coco Chanel, and one catchy jewelry accent.

Your personal tokens

This section of your box echoes the previous one a little, but still, there are some differences. Your personal adornments associated with certain events in your life also express your “I”, but not as decisively as the “accents” do. They can be as eye-catching as statement jewelry, and they can differ in very modest design (for example, if you like the strict charm of Geometry). But in any case, they carry a bright imprint of your personality.

For example, it could be:

earrings with stained enamel, which you gave to leave,

brooch with your favorite animalistic motifs, for example, an owl (because you are a fan of Harry Potter, an academic education and the transfer of "What? Where? When?")

Perhaps this is the most unpredictable section of your box, where everything depends only on your tastes and interests! Over the years, these special decorations will become more and more. But this does not need to be shy. After all, as the oldest icon of Iris Apfel style says: “If I have a choice to spend money on jewelry or clothes, I always choose jewelry, because they can completely transform any image.”

Probably, jewelry is the only things that will be with you all your life. Shoes, bags, dresses will be a thing of the past, and jewelry, which will capture the special moments of your life, will remain with you. Therefore, be wise - do not buy sparkling "one-day" without a soul, surround yourself only with those precious symbols that will become an important part of your personality.