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The most effective scars and scars


The appearance of scars or scars on the body and face can upset any person. But especially this problem saddens women who are ready to give everything away for the sake of smooth and silky skin. Most often, many of the fair sex are worried about traces that remained on the face from acne. But there are also people who dream of getting rid of the ugly scars that have appeared after various injuries, burns, surgeries or other external effects on the skin.

Previously, this problem was fought with the help of popular methods, which were often ineffective. Thanks to modern medicine and cosmetology, you can now get rid of any scars or make them less noticeable. Let not one day or even a week, but the result will be obvious.

We understand the definition and classification

A scar is a dense formation on the skin, consisting of connective tissue, which was formed after injury or inflammation due to tissue regeneration.

To determine the choice of the method of removing scars on the body or face, it is necessary to understand their classification. Some of them can be removed with the help of special ointments, creams or gels. And you can get rid of others only through hardware cosmetology or plastic surgery.

Scars are divided into the following types:

  • normotrophic - inconspicuous scars left over from simple wounds or burns that do not cause skin deformation. They are level with the skin and do not cause discomfort, therefore, very often they do not require treatment,
  • atrophic - thin, soft scars, not protruding above the skin, but on the contrary, pressed into it. Such scars remain after chickenpox, acne, burns, minor injuries, and some medical procedures. Stretch marks on the skin also apply to atrophic scars,
  • hypertrophic scars are dense and rough to the touch, in which the new tissue grows more than it was damaged, so it protrudes above the skin. Such scars from deep wounds, severe burns, animal bites, surgeries, or if there is a predisposition to scarring of tissues,
  • Keloids are the most severe form of a scar, resembling a tumor that spontaneously increases in size and affects the adjacent healthy areas of the skin. They protrude above the skin, have an irregular shape, dense to the touch. The color can be pink, red or light lilac. A growing scar can hurt a person, cause itching, numbness.

Is it possible to get rid of such skin defects?

With the help of anti-scar drugs, you can completely get rid of normotrophic and hypertrophic scars or make them less noticeable. Atrophic is more difficult to get rid of with the help of ointments and creams. It is necessary to take into account the nature of the scar: the depth, the amount of scar tissue and the location on the body.

No less important factor is the age of the person. In young people, tissue regeneration is much faster and better, and fresh scars are more amenable to drug therapy.

Against keloids, medications are powerless. They can only be removed surgically or frozen with liquid nitrogen. At the same time, doctors do not guarantee a positive result, since after treatment such scars can grow again. Immediately after removal, additional therapy is prescribed, which is aimed at preventing the emergence of new scar tissue.

Effective treatment with medications

One of the most effective and best methods of getting rid of skin defects are laser resurfacing and deep peeling. However, such procedures are not suitable for everyone because of their high cost.

Therefore, there is a cheaper alternative to cosmetological hardware procedures, namely treatment with drugs that help get rid of scars or make them less noticeable.

  • The most popular drug that doctors recommend is Kontraktubex gel. The main active ingredient is onion extract, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and slows the growth of connective tissue cells. Additional ingredients: sodium heparin - softens collagen-containing structures, allantoin accelerates the healing process of the suture, reduces itching, acts absorbing. All three components interact with each other, which leads to a significant decrease in the growth of fibroblasts.

The drug can be used for pregnant women, women during lactation and children. Depending on the nature and type of damaged tissue, treatment can last up to several months. Kontraktubeks successfully cope with old scars, for the removal of which it is applied under the dressing for 6-12 hours.

  • For lovers of natural products on the pharmaceutical market is presented a unique means of MELT, which was invented by the American company NAAMA. The cream consists of allantoin, vegetable oils and extracts, vitamins, does not contain chemical components and antibiotics. The action of the drug begins immediately after application, activates cell metabolism, improves blood circulation. All this leads to the regeneration of cellular structures, softening of scars and their further resorption.

Thanks to microencapsulated technology, the active ingredients penetrate well into the deeper layers of the skin, restoring them, which is not available to other drugs. Cream MELT is not addictive and does not give side effects.

When choosing a drug, it is mandatory to consult a doctor. Only a highly qualified specialist will be able to conduct an examination and prescribe a suitable cream or gel for each individual case that can best deal with different scars.


This is a silicone cream manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company. The tool can be applied from scars, postoperative scars and hematomas. It is used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug allows you to get rid of stretch marks formed after childbirth.

Ointment from scars and scars should be applied in a dense layer on the damaged areas of 2-3 per day. The course ranges from several weeks to six months. Longer resorption postoperative sutures. The product is produced in 25 and 50 g. It is more economical to choose a large package. The average cost of the drug is 1500 rubles.

"Zeraderm Ultra"

It is an effective silicone-based scars and scars ointment. It contains active oxygen, vitamins A and E. The drug serves as protection from the sun's rays (SPF 15). The ointment is used for sucking sutures after surgery, including defects that appeared after cesarean section. The drug penetrates deep into the epidermis, accelerates its recovery.

External factors adversely affect skin damage: high humidity, sunlight. Medicines with silicone create a film that protects against various influences. Ointment should be used twice a day. The duration of treatment is 2-3 months. In the tube there is 15 g, but the cream is very economical, since its texture is quite dense, which ensures low consumption. The price of the product is 2000 rubles.

Lavender oil MeiYanQiong

Products perfectly nourishes and softens the skin. The manufacturer claims that the oil eliminates various defects, but this is not entirely true. Lavender oil can be used as a supplement to the main drug. This product will speed up the treatment.

The tool must be added to the cream (2-3 drops) and handle painful places. Try on 1-2 times a day. The price is about 500 rubles. Another oil is effective for acne and strong pigmentation.

ScarGuard MD

Drug liquid treats old damage on the skin and protects against the appearance of new ones. It should be used for prophylaxis after surgery or injury. The drug is well absorbed and leaves no residue on clothing. The tool allows you to eliminate defects on the face and body.

The drug is enriched with vitamin E, silicone and hydrocortisone, which has a pronounced healing effect. Drug liquid can be used twice a day for 2-3 months. The drug is absorbed in 1 minute. The cost of medication is 6000 rubles for 15 ml.

The tool is available in the form of a gel from scars, hematomas and scars. Apply it should be on a clean surface with a thick layer. Rub the gel should not, as it is absorbed in 10-20 minutes independently. It is necessary to use means 2-3 times a day within a month. Repeated course should take place after 2 weeks.

The drug is also produced in the form of a set for electrophoresis. The kit includes dry powder and liquid. From these components create a solution. It must be applied on a napkin and applied to the affected areas. The course of treatment is 10-15 days. To perform it, you need a special device, the price of which is about 2500 rubles. The cost of the drug is 500-900 rubles.


The drug in the form of a watery gel used to smooth and soften the skin. It is used for the treatment of small injuries, but with deep and old scars may be ineffective. The gel includes several active ingredients: onions, allantoin, heparin. The tool will quickly eliminate hematomas. Contraindication is only intolerance to the components.

The drug is applied to damaged areas 1-2 times a day. He performs medical dressings. The course of treatment lasts 1-3 months. Price means 400-800 rubles. The drug can be purchased at pharmacies.

The drug in the form of a cream helps to eliminate age spots, acne, scars. Do not use it to treat stagnant scars. The tool includes natural ingredients: herbal extracts, vitamin E and antioxidants. It is used to treat bags and stains under the eyes. The drug is applied to the problem area 2-3 times a day. Results will be visible after 5-6 weeks. Price - 150 rubles.

Silicone gel is used in the treatment of skin blemishes. It is advisable to use it for burns and injuries. Release it 2 companies. It is preferable to purchase from MEDA, because its products are enriched with vitamin C.

The gel should be applied with a thin layer on the skin, but not rubbed. Absorption occurs in 5-10 minutes. Excess is removed with a napkin. Used medication twice a day. Noticeable results are visible after 5-7 weeks, but the entire course is 2 months. Price - from 1200 rubles.


The drug is available in the form of ointment and solution. The drug is made from the blood of healthy calves. Scar and scar ointment can be applied for injuries, including trophic ulcers. It has a regenerating effect. Before using it, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Due to the use of ointment may be severe allergies. The drug must be applied 2-3 times a day. Recovery is 1-4 months. The price of the drug is 300-400 rubles.

This ointment from scars and scars smoothes and restores the epidermis. The tool includes levometsitin - antibacterial component. The same substance is in Levomekole. The ointment has a cosmetic effect, not a therapeutic one. It is used to soften the skin. Apply the drug should be 3-4 times a day. Recovery lasts 2 weeks - 2 months. The price of ointment is equal to 890 rubles. for 15 ml.


According to reviews, the ointment for scars and scars, although universal, cheap, but still effectively copes with its functions. It is used for the treatment of fungi, dermatosis. The tool has a pronounced antiseptic effect. The drug eliminates pathogens that are on the skin. Ointment should not be used as the main therapeutic agent.

The medication must be applied to clean skin 2-3 times a day. Recovery lasts 3 weeks - 2 months. The price of ointment is about 100 rubles.

Vishnevsky ointment

This is one of the most time-tested drugs that has been used in medicine for several decades. This ointment from scars and scars after surgery perfectly copes with its functions. It is used to treat acne, acne, abrasions. The drug has an antiseptic effect. The drug restores microcirculation due to irritant effect.

The ointment is used twice a day. It is applied with a thin layer to the damaged place. Best not to rub. Treatment is 3 weeks, 2-3 months. The price of the drug is not more than 100 rubles.


It is an ointment for scars and scars on the face and other parts of the body. It is effective for tissue repair and skin elasticity. The tool can not be used with open wounds and wet injuries.

Heparin ointment is used 1-2 times a day. Apply a thin layer, without rubbing into the skin. The course is 1-3 months. It is advisable to use in conjunction with powerful drugs. The price is 70-80 rubles.


This ointment for sucking scars and scars is created in Turkey and Switzerland. Used for shallow dry lesions. The drug has an antimicrobial effect. The medication treats burns, postoperative scars.

The drug is used 2 times a day. Before this, the skin should be treated with antiseptic. The duration of treatment is 1.5-2 months. Price - 100-700 rubles (depending on the region and the pharmacy chain).

This is a multifunctional product that is suitable for skin care. It is used for resorption of scars, accelerating the treatment of wounds and age spots. It is the best drug for minor injuries.

Cosmetic product is applied to the damaged area for 2-3 months. It is necessary to use it every day 2-3 times. The price is from 250 rubles. for 35 ml.

The ointment is used to soften colloidal scars. It accelerates tissue repair, nourishes and smoothes the skin. The drug is ineffective with deep scars. It is used in the treatment of contractures. Ointment is applied 2-3 times a day. Procedures last 1-3 months. The price of the drug is 400 rubles.

This absorbable drug is produced in the form of ointment and solution. The main component is hyaluronic acid, which regenerates skin tissue. The tool in the form of a gel affects small hematomas and scars. The solution is used intramuscularly. The gel is used 2-3 times a day for 1.5-2 months. It is applied in a thin layer until absorbed. The price starts from 350 rubles.

What is the most effective ointment for scars and scars? All the above remedies have a regenerating effect. Before treatment, it is better to consult with a specialist who will help you choose the appropriate drug, depending on the characteristics of the skin defect.

3 Scar Esthetique

A good way to improve skin condition. Suitable for the treatment of scars and scars caused by injuries, burns and surgeries. Can also be used to combat stretch marks. The structure of the cream contains many active substances, including vitamins A and C, silicone, Shea butter, onion extract, bisabolol, chitosan, arnica and others.

It has an active effect on scars of different origin. Softens and smoothes the skin, improves appearance. Recommended for the treatment of adults. Sometimes it can cause side effects of rashes and redness. This is probably the only drawback. Otherwise, the reviews of the drug positive. He is trusted by many buyers.

1 Scarguard

Compared to others, Scarguard has a liquid consistency. The peculiarity of the cream is that after drying it forms a kind of dressing, on top of which you can apply make-up or sunscreen. Thus, the drug is safe for delicate skin. However, not recommended for children under 2 years.

Created on the basis of vitamin E, silicone and hydrocortisone. Due to these components, the production of collagen is enhanced, which accelerates the resorption of scars and softens the surface layer. Buyers love the drug for effective action and no side effects. It has no harmful substances in the composition. The price for a small bottle of Scarguard is certainly high, but it fully justifies itself.

Best Scar & Scar Gel

The most common means to combat scar damage is gels. This format is very convenient to use. Helium preparations accelerate the healing of scars, and are an excellent method of preventing their formation.

The gel was developed by a German company and has a variety of active ingredients in its structure, which have a beneficial effect on the healing of damaged skin. Allantoin and cepaline are among them. Mederma has a complex effect: it accelerates the process of cell renewal and prevents the development of fibroblasts, dissolves dead skin cells and promotes the production of collagen.

Patients choose a drug because it moisturizes the epidermis well and improves blood circulation, eliminates blood clots. Actively fights inflammation, has antibacterial properties. The disadvantage of the gel is its effectiveness only in the treatment of fresh scars. For the "old" it is not suitable. To get rid of the scar, the tool must be used for at least six months.

3 Ферменкол

Средство российского производства имеет широкое распространение и спрос на рынке. Особенность заключается в специфическом составе, который содержит коллагенезы, полученные из пресноводных и морских организмов. Они способствуют быстрому расщеплению аминокислот, входящих в основу рубцевидных повреждений. За счет этого происходит разглаживание кожи, и прекращается зуд.

Buyers noted analgesic and disinfecting effect of the drug. It can be used to treat both old and fresh scars. After application, the face has visibly brightened, the skin has become more elastic, the defects - less pronounced. One frustrating thing is the high cost of the gel. But compared to the effect that is achieved by Fermencol, one can close his eyes to this nuance.

1 Zeraderm Ultra

The gel contains an improved formula, compared with the previous version. In addition to the high-molecular compound of silicone, its composition includes an ultraviolet filter with SPF 15, coenzyme Q10, and vitamins E and K. It has the ability to create a special film that does not let air through. Thanks to her, the skin is saturated with moisture, the scars soften and dissolve, becoming flatter.

Zeraderm Ultra is capable of dealing with most types of scars and scars in a short time. It prevents inflammation, eliminates burning and other discomfort in the area of ​​damage. Accelerates cell regeneration, saturating them with oxygen. UV filter protects the skin from the adverse effects of rays. The gel is indicated for use by both children and adults. In most cases, the drug is well tolerated by patients.

2 Dexpanthenol

Specialized tool that copes with scars left, for example, by a disease such as chickenpox. The structure of the ointment includes natural ingredients: sea buckthorn oil, petrolatum, vitamins of group B, lanolin, citric acid and other useful substances. Due to their complex action, the skin is quickly restored.

Dexpanthenol perfectly performs the tasks stated by the manufacturer. Heals scars, smoothes the epidermis. It is a potent drug, so it must be used strictly according to the instructions. It is not recommended to increase the dosage without consulting a doctor. Ointment is easily removed from the body, rarely can cause allergic reactions. No side effects were noted.

How do creams from scars and scars?

The effect of these agents determines the presence of certain substances in the composition and how they affect the wound:

  • One group of creams appointed for the prevention of scarring, disinfection and regeneration. Such creams prevent the wound from festering, its growth and minimize the inflammatory processes and painful sensations of the victim.
  • Another group applied at the initial stage of scar formation in the lesion. They have a regenerating effect and prevent inflammation, contribute to the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Others apply for old formations after injuries on the skin - their mechanism of action is the most complex.

It is important to know! At the heart of each cream against scars are active substances that increase the speed of blood circulation and the formation of collagen, there are substances from silicone that are suitable for any kind of scars and a set of essential oils, vitamins, microelements.

What properties should a good cream have?

Properties that every cream should have against scars and scars:

  • Elimination and prevention of inflammation,
  • Preservation of moisture, preventing its evaporation,
  • Fast regeneration of skin cells,
  • Lightening and cleansing damaged skin,
  • The return of elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
When choosing a cream, you should carefully examine the composition of a cosmetic product, test it for an allergic reaction, so as not to get a negative effect from its use.

Caution! The return of collagen in the epithelium can be dangerous if colloidal scars have already formed. In such a situation, the production of additional protein is contraindicated.

A good cream against scars and scars should include the following components:

  • Heparin - helps to restore the skin, moisturizes and softens scars,
  • Panthenol, allantoin help heal various injuries, relieve pain,
  • Collagen and Elastin contribute to giving elasticity and elasticity to long hems,
  • Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain normal water balance
  • Onion extract protects against new scarring,
  • Urea allows to dissolve even the most ancient scars,
  • Silicone highly molar and protects damage, and at the same time allows the necessary moisture and air to pass through.

Important to rememberthat for a speedy recovery it is necessary to hide the scars and scars from the sun's rays under clothes

Counter-gel gel

Countertubex is produced in Germany and is prescribed for minor injuries of the skin. Also this ointment helps in the fight against traces of chicken pox or acne, as it quickly regenerates new cells, softens the scar by stopping the growth of connective tissue cells.

Contractubex is one of the most effective creams for scars and scars on the face.

The drug has a positive effect on blood circulation, has a disinfecting effect, opposes inflammation and allergic reactions. Countertubex contains an active substance in its composition - extracts of onions, serae, heparin and allantoin.

For fresh damage, apply the cream for a month every day 2-3 times. To get rid of old scars, it takes time up to six months. To enhance the effect of the cream, experts recommend simultaneously undergoing ultrasound procedures or apply the cream after steaming the skin with hot water or steam.

Countertubex can be used to get rid of scars in children and pregnant women. The only contraindication is high sensitivity to the composition of the cream. The volume of the tube is usually equal to 20 g, and the average price is 450 rubles.

Skar Aesthetics

Skar Aesthetics is manufactured in the USA. This cream for scars and scars on the face includes a variety of components: silicone, onion extract, coenzyme Q10, bisabolol, shea butter, beta carotene and many others.

The cream softens the scars, improves their appearance and increases the growth of new cells.

The tool is recommended to use to eliminate the scars from burns, after surgery and injury.

Apply to dry skin 3-4 times daily, gently rubbing the drug. Duration of use - 3-4 months. Sometimes it may cause redness, in which case you should stop using. The cost of 60 ml of funds - 1600 rubles.

Kelo-kout - a cream for scars and scars on the face, produced by American manufacturers, is in the form of a gel and spray. Heals and has a preventive effect on virtually all types of scars and scars. The basis of such active substances as polysiloxane and silicon dioxide.

The drug acts in such a way that a film that retains moisture forms in the damaged area, softens the scar, relieves discomfort and increases the speed of cell recovery.

Note! The cream for scars and scars can be used on the face, and on any other parts of the body, it does not cause allergies and prevent unpleasant effects.

Experts recommend resorting to the use of Kelo-Kout's scars and scars cream to eliminate postoperative scars, preferably in combination with laser resurfacing procedures. The price of the drug is high, a 15-g gel tube will cost from an average of 2,000 rubles, 60 g - 8,000 rubles, and a spray of 100 ml - above 3,500 rubles.

Zeraderm (or Zeraderm Ultra) is another cream for scars and scars on the face from Dutch manufacturers. The principle of operation is to form a protective film on the rumen. The composition includes compounds of silicone, coenzyme Q10, vitamins K and E and oxygen.

Zeraderm is one of the best remedies for scars and scars on the face, as it protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and you can apply cosmetics on top of it.

The remaining principles of action are not very different from other creams against scars, which are based on silicone. Adults and children can use it as soon as the wound heals. You need to apply 2 times a day for 2 weeks or more, depending on the person's age, skin condition, scar structure and individual characteristics. The price of the tube varies from 500 to 700 rubles, the volume is 20 g.

Scarguard Liquid Cream

Scarguard cream includes vitamin E, hydrocortisone and silicone. Apply the cream with a brush, instantly dries and a film with a squeeze dressing forms on the surface of the scar.

Under this film, the components of the product enhance the production of collagen, which contributes to the speedy resorption of the hardened scar.

Important! When the cream from scars and scars on the face dries out, you can apply sunscreen or decorative cosmetics on your skin - this is a great advantage over many other scars and scars on the face.

The tool is allowed to use for children from 2 years old, but it is worth refusing to use during pregnancy and lactation. Apply to the scar cream twice a day for 1 to 6 months. The cost of a tube of 15 ml high - about 6000 rubles.

Cream Dermatiks

Cream Dermatiks production of the United States, is a unique drug that has a positive effect on damaged tissue of the skin. Available in gel form in tubes. The action is to create a protective film. and create optimal conditions for scar resorption.

The tool has many positive properties:

  • Quickly eliminates irregularities in the skin, successfully heals scars and scars of various degrees of prescription,
  • Maintains moisture, prevents skin from drying out
  • Relieves discomfort (itching, tightness, burning),
  • The cream of scars and scars on the face also brightens the pigmentation,
  • It is well tolerated on skin with hypersensitivity.

Allowed to use the tool for children and adults., on any parts of the body and face. It is necessary to apply 2 times a day for 2 months on the previously cleaned skin. The volume of the tube is 15 g, the cost is approximately 1500 thousand.

Piyasil - a cream of domestic production, which has no analogues all over the world. Contributes to the resorption and smoothing of scars. The composition includes freeze dried medicinal leech powder.

Piyasil can be used both for removing scars on the face, after acne, cosmetic procedures, and on the whole body.

Interesting to know! Piyasil cream can be used for face masks, avoid the area around the eyes. After 3-4 procedures, the skin of the face will become more even and smooth.

Only individual intolerance can act as a contraindication to use. The product is available in cans, the volume of 60 ml costs about 700 rubles, 200 ml - 1300 rubles.

Ointment Review

The most common ointments for scars and scars, including old ones, have a resolving effect. Such means are made on the basis of inert silicone. This substance does not react with other drugs, and does not have a negative effect on the body. When buying an ointment, you should carefully study its composition, as not all products are made from completely safe ingredients.

Vegetable creams often have a very weak effect. They can cope with small hematomas, but the scars will not affect. Therefore, people with significant skin damage should not buy products made only from natural ingredients.

Lavender oil from MeiYanQiong

Meiyanqiong's natural lavender oil nourishes and softens the skin. The manufacturer claims that the tool helps to get rid of various defects, but this is not entirely true. Lavender oil can be used as a supplement to the main drug. The use of this product will accelerate the treatment.

The oil should be added to the cream (2-3 drops) and applied to the affected area. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a day. It should be inexpensive: about 500 rubles for 10 ml. You can buy in online stores. Oil also helps get rid of acne and abnormal pigmentation.


The tool Methyluracil is available in the form of candles, tablets and ointments. The drug is a powerful stimulator of tissue regeneration. The ointment contains petrolatum, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin. It has a pronounced therapeutic action: soothing, healing and antibacterial.

Tablets can be taken only on prescription. Ointment is recommended to use no more than 2 times a day. Apply to the skin treated with antiseptic. The course of treatment takes from 5 weeks to 3 months.

The cost of the drug: from 300 rubles. Sold in pharmacies and online stores.

Mumiyo ointment

For cooking you will need:

  • medical vaseline (100 gr),
  • mumiyo (5 gr),
  • purified water (25 ml).

Mumiyo needs to be mixed with water and left for 10-15 minutes. Vaseline should be melted in a water bath and add the solution with mumiyo. The mixture should languish until petrolatum changes color. After that, the pan can be removed from the stove. The mixture will need to sue to room temperature.

Instead of vaseline, you can use baby cream without additives. Vaseline is known for its softening and healing effects, so it is more suitable for this recipe.

Homemade ointment should be used 1-2 times a day. It should be smeared with a thin layer, not rubbing into the skin. Receiving the amount of the mixture is enough for 1.5 months of regular use.

Blue clay product

Blue clay softens and regenerates the skin. With its help, you can make an effective and safe ointment. You will need to take a bag of blue clay and tea tree oil. Shea butter can also be used.

Clay should be diluted with water (3: 1 ratio). The output should be a thick mixture. You can add a few drops of essential oils. Use this ointment should be once a day for a month.

For best effect, apply the product on a plaster and attach to the damaged area of ​​the skin.

Beeswax and lard

For the manufacture of tools will need:

  • beeswax (50g),
  • spruce resin (50 g),
  • lard (30 gr),
  • butter (20 g).

Salo must be melted in a water bath with beeswax. Then add butter and fir gum to the hot mixture. Mix thoroughly and leave for 20-30 minutes.

The resulting mixture should be applied to skin defects 1 time per day for 1-2 months. With this ointment, you can get rid of old scars and scars.

There is a special procedure - subcision, designed to remove large, old and deep skin defects. Also, some people make collagen injections in cosmetology clinics. This method is suitable for filling shallow scars. The last radical method of treatment: laser resurfacing.

What is better to choose for the treatment of skin lesions? It is necessary to use the complex therapy consisting of several drugs (1 main and 1-2 auxiliary). The best tool is selected individually for each patient by a dermatologist.

Indications for use of ointments

Not all drugs are universal, so you should consult with a dermatologist before using the ointment. If you apply the ointment incorrectly, the skin condition may deteriorate. General indications for the use of anti-ointment ointments are:

  • striae caused by weight gain or sudden weight loss
  • post-traumatic tendon contractures,
  • scar prevention after surgery,
  • keloid (colloid) scars,
  • atrophic and normotrophic scars,
  • hyperpigmentation and postacne,
  • fresh hypertrophic scars.

Overview of anti-scar drugs

It is safer to entrust the choice of a therapeutic agent to a doctor, especially after the appearance of surgical scars - for appendicitis, hernia, etc. Thus, retinoic ointment is effective for acne and post acne, but in the case of traumatic scars it is powerless. The preparation "Strataderm" on the basis of silicones copes with scars and scars, eliminates stretch marks, but is expensive. And one tube for the treatment course is not enough.

Consider the list of sought-after funds from scars and scars, which are effective and do not hit the family budget.

"Anti-scar" - contributes to the production of collagen

The gel reduces scarring of the skin after wounds, burns, surgeries, acne, stretch marks on the body. Mg-based Anti-Scar ointment improves collagen synthesis and thereby alters the structure of the scar, contributing to its disappearance. The drug has additional effects: softens the skin, increases its elasticity, reduces wrinkles on the face and resolves scars and stretch marks.

Method of application: apply a small amount of gel with massaging movements to problem areas of the body 2 times a day. The minimum course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Kelo-cote - treatment of scars after surgery

The gel was released by the American company Advanced Bio-Technologies on a unique technology. Its main purpose is the prevention and treatment of scars after surgery. Fights these types of scars: keloid, hypertrophic, atrophic and others. It is safe to use, so it is assigned to both adults and children.

"Rescuer" - helps from scars after burns

When receiving household burns, it is recommended to put the Rescuer with a thin layer on the affected skin. The ointment cleanses the injured surface, disinfects it and promotes rapid healing of the wound, preventing the appearance of scars. Мазь Спасатель не гормональная, поэтому не вызывает привыкания.

Также препарат можно использовать для лечения солнечных ожогов. Он успокаивает кожу, уменьшает покраснения и способствует быстрому заживлению.


Основным противопоказанием к использованию представленных препаратов является индивидуальная непереносимость. Silicone preparations are hypoallergenic, and ointments based on plant extracts are used after an allergic test.

Contraindications and side effects vary, depending on the type of drug. Glucocorticosteroids are prohibited during pregnancy and lactation. They remove pathological formations well, but they are not used in childhood and in kidney diseases.

If it is impossible to cope with scars with the help of external preparations, then lidz injections are used. Procedures are carried out daily or every other day. One procedure takes ampoule lidz.

Anna: Used the gel Fermencol after a long acne rash. On the face remained dents and cyanosis. She conducted two courses at intervals of one month. There are no marks on the skin.

Victor: He was treated by a dermatologist when he scalded his hand. The burns had healed, but the scars remained. The doctor said that I started treatment on time. One year later, it would have been difficult to remove the tracks. Helped Kontraktubeks. I smeared him for a month.

Olga: I am not ready to overpay for anti-drugs anti-drugs drugs when it is possible to cope with the problem in affordable ways. I use a vodka compress with Vishnevsky's ointment. He warms and heals. For minor defects helps.

Ranking of the top 10 best creams and ointments, healing scars and scars on the skin

When a person is faced with the occurrence of scars and scars, he immediately wants to identify for himself several drugs that, sooner or later, will relieve him of such a problem. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the budget that the patient has. If there is an opportunity, it is better to immediately purchase a more expensive ointment, since if you have to buy 2 medium quality creams, the amount will be larger, despite the fact that you can not wait for a positive effect.


Scarestetic is a drug originally from the United States of America. It includes a lot of substances that help to actively deal with scars. The main ones are:

  1. Silicone.
  2. Coenzyme Q10.
  3. Shea Butter.
  4. Beta-carotene.
  5. Onion extract.

The use of such an ointment against scars and scars is important in cases where a person needs to cope with burns and skin damage after injuries and operations. Apply the product to dry skin no more than 4 times a day, rubbing into the skin with light movements. Regarding the duration of use, usually this period is from 3 to 4 months. Since the drug is highly effective, for it will have to pay about 1600 rubles.

This ointment for resorption of scars and scars is also produced by the American manufacturer. It is able to effectively heal problem areas and have a further preventive effect on them. At the same time, it doesn’t matter which particular types of scars and scars we are talking about.

The main active substances are silicone dioxide and polysiloxanes. The product acts on the skin in such a way that a film is formed on the damaged area, which retains moisture, softens the scar and relieves discomfort, provoking regenerative processes.

Zeraderm refers to ointments for scars produced in the territory of Holland. With regard to the principle of impact on the damaged areas, it can be compared with the drug, which was mentioned earlier. A positive effect is achieved with a protective film on problem areas.

Ointment Zeraderm can be attributed to one of the best tools in the fight against scars on the face, and at the same time it can be purchased for only 500-750 rubles. The course of treatment ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, throughout this time the agent must be applied to the skin no more than 2 times a day.

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