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Any big wedding is a gorgeous holiday of love and happiness. I wish that this day everything was at the highest level, because it will not happen again! To make your wedding just like this, think over everything to the smallest detail. The bride on this day, of course, wants to be the most beautiful, so her image should be carefully designed.

We will look at several accessories that will help create a complete image of the bride. All of them can be purchased on the website Peony Decor.

  1. Veil, tiara, hairpins and hair ornaments. Girls who read traditions will enjoy a snow-white veil or another pastel shade to match the color of the dress. The length and pomp of the veil can also be any. Choose this accessory based on your own preferences and compatibility with the dress. An alternative to the familiar veil is a diadem or a floral wreath: fresh, unusual and very beautiful! Hairpins, combs and pins with beautiful artificial flowers or other decorative elements - also a great option. They will perform two functions at once: they will remove the hair in the hair and decorate it.
  2. Garter. Gentle and intriguing, beautiful and elegant, the garter is a constant element of any bride's attire. If you want to keep the tradition and throw the garter at the wedding, you can buy two: one will help the family happiness of an unmarried girlfriend, and the other will remind you of an exciting and happy day.
  3. Capes, fur coats and gloves are indispensable things for a wedding during the cold season. A cute white fur bolero or short vest will warm the bride during a winter photo session on the street. Gloves are also better to choose elegant and white - in addition to the fact that they will be warming, they will also give the pens beauty and lightness.
  4. Clutch Any bride with her at the wedding always has a few important little things, ranging from lipstick and make-up wipes to the phone, to receive greetings from distant relatives. In order not to disturb the harmony of the image, all these little things need to be folded in a nice small handbag. For this purpose, you can choose, for example, a small beautiful clutch, decorated with beads, rhinestones, sequins, etc.
  5. Wedding Jewelry. Many wedding dresses have a deep neckline and an open neck - in this case be sure to emphasize the neck with a chic necklace or a bright elegant pendant. Earrings are also good for the image of the bride, especially if she makes a high hair. You can choose a necklace and earrings from one set, so that together they make up a harmonious duet.

Wedding accessories 2017: trends

Hair ornaments from the hero of the occasion will attract the attention of the whole festive day. Beautiful hairpins, majestic tiara, air veil, fresh flowers - it’s worth choosing them responsibly, because they must be perfectly combined with a dress. The harmonious image of the bride - the main decoration of the wedding.

Many girls prefer this ancient attribute symbolizing maiden innocence and purity.Feats' veils should be chosen based on the dress model, features of the bride's body, hair length:

A round single-layer veil is ideal for a fluffy skirt, a long one will embellish straight silhouettes, a mermaid dress, a short one - a universal option that suits everything.

For lower brides, it’s better to go to the veil up to the waist; you need to fix it over the hairstyle - this will visually add a few centimeters. Any length is allowed high, but if you want to reduce height, it is better to attach a veil under the hair.

A graceful veil will suit a short-haired lady, and girls with long hair can choose any. However, if the hair is loose, the fabric of the veil should cover them.

The royal detail of a wedding look is a majestic tiara. It will suit any girl, however, you need to choose the right style. The details of her decor should coincide with the details of the entire outfit, complementing it.

Bridal jewelry should fit together, creating additional harmony. All elements must be selected in a single color scheme, following the general style.

Graceful earrings will focus on the girl’s face. They can be long, short, large, small, generously decorated or minimal. In some cases, earrings are the only accessory on the face - for example, when the bride's dress closes the neck.

The graceful bracelet will ideally fit into an image if there are no gloves on the bride. It can be made of beads, rhinestones, pearls, be a composition of fresh flowers. In the latter case, it will be possible to do without a bouquet or successfully emphasize it - the florist will help to create a suitable decoration. Do not forget about the combination with the boutonniere.

An elegant pendant will serve as a suitable accessory for a dress with a neckline. She can also play the role of a symbol: the suspension-initials of the bride and groom are perfect for a wedding. The choice of materials is large - precious stones, shiny rhinestones. Go

The bride's necklace takes on various forms - flowers shaped with rhinestones, pearl patterns, simple neat necklaces, so as not to distract attention from the dress. Even minimalistic options look rich, elegant. Do not neglect jewelry - well made, it will perfectly complement the image.

Bride's handbag

Some girls will find it difficult to do without a set of necessary things - a phone, keys, cosmetics, in order to correct makeup on occasion. A little wedding handbag for the bride - salvation. An elegant clutch, a stylish embroidered bag, an “envelope” on a chain is the main thing for the material to be in harmony with the outfit.

The umbrella will remarkably complement the original dress of the bride, protect it from heat or rain, will be an interesting attribute of a photo shoot. Many wedding umbrellas are laced, but in case of bad weather you should choose a waterproof umbrella with patterns.

Traditionally, the bride should choose the garter on her leg. For men present at the wedding, it means the same as a bouquet for women. Whoever catches her will successfully marry next. The threads with which the garter, which adorns the stocking, is stitched, mean different things: blue - loyalty, red - love, white - purity of the girl herself.

Wedding gloves should be sewn from the same fabric as the dress. It is necessary that the embroidery, lace, present on them, match the decor of the dress. The length of the gloves is determined by the sleeves of the dress:

The sleeveless dress allows long gloves above the elbow.

Short sleeves will look good with models to the elbow.

With long sleeves, it is not customary to wear this accessory, but the bride can wear gloves to the wrist.

A popular option is gloves mitts that will allow the groom to put the ring on the bride's finger during painting, and the closed, dense options will successfully complement the outfit with a warm fur coat and protect the bride's hands from the cold in bad weather.

Wedding glasses

Glasses of the bride and groom are different from the glasses of the other guests, so attention will be attracted to them. Be guided by your imagination to create a unique decor on your own, or contact a design salon.

Champagne Decoration

During the banquet, guests and newlyweds will drink champagne in honor of the union of two hearts. To make this moment even more festive, the bottles can be decorated with all sorts of decorative elements - ribbons, flowers, objects for decoupage.

For a photo shoot

Pictures forever perpetuate the wedding day of the newlyweds. For the photos to be original, stylish, use interesting items during filming: streamers, signs, three-dimensional letters, garlands, candles.

Handmade Wedding Accessories

Handmade appreciated more stamped details of the decor. Each element will be unique, therefore will make your celebration unique. Usually such things are much more expensive than those that are easy to buy in stores, but you can do a lot on your own. For example, a cushion for rings, as in the video:

In order to perfectly choose the jewelry for the upcoming wedding, decide on the concept. Let it be the story of your acquaintance or your favorite movie - all elements of the decor should correspond to the scenario.
Share in the comments what kind of wedding accessories you would like to use during the holiday.

Veil value

Initially, the veil served as a talisman against unclean forces. In ancient Greece, a yellow veil was used as it, in Rome - a red one. In Russia, the girl’s head was covered with a dense white scarf. In those days, the veil completely hid the face of the bride, sometimes its length reached the heels. It was believed that in this way the girl is protected from the evil eye of the people around and evil spirits, which can interfere with the wedding.

Later, they began to sew a veil of transparent fabrics: silk, lace, etc. in order to show the beauty of the girl. Only one thing was unchanged: its length also ended at the level of the floor. The bride, covered with such a veil, symbolized humility before the future spouse, consent to his leading role in the family. The white color of the fabric indicated the chastity of the future spouse.

The veil has got its usual look in the XVIII century. Traditions are gradually forgotten, and now the veil is used mainly as a beautiful romantic accessory. The bride keeps her head covered before the meeting with the bridegroom or the registration ceremony, keeping the riddle and reverent anticipation of all the guests present. After the cherished "Yes", the newly-made spouse lifts the veil and fixes the marriage with the first kiss.

Some modern brides refuse veils, preferring live colors in her hair, veils and other accessories. Before you make such a decision, think well: when you still have a chance to put on a gentle flying veil.

Signs with a veil

It is believed that the veil affects the family life of the newlyweds. The longer it is, the happier the marriage will be. To reduce the risk of separation, the veil should be attached to a closed hoop, such as a wreath.

Do not let anyone try on your veil even after the wedding, as it is charged only with your energy. It is also recommended to wear it with your own hands, without resorting to the help of unauthorized people. If the veil fastens on hairpins or a crest, choose models with ornaments in the form of pearls, rhinestones, embroideries, etc. This will reduce the negative impact of sharp objects.

According to belief, the one who removes the veil from the bride, subordinate her to himself. If you want the husband to be the main one in the family, leave this ritual for him. If you want to get close to new relatives, the mother-in-law should take off the veil. Well, for equality in marriage, remove the veil yourself.

A veil charged with the energy of a girl during a wedding has magical properties. She is able to protect the newborn baby from the evil eye and damage, cure diseases and calm sleep. To do this, it needs to cover the crib, using as a canopy.

How to choose a wedding veil

The most important condition when choosing - the veil must be in harmony with the dress. Therefore, without trying it out, it is absolutely not recommended to take it, and you will have to wear the dress itself to see how this or that model will look with it.

You also need to think in advance hairstyle. It is worth remembering that the veil is in itself quite a noticeable decoration, so complicated styling along with it can greatly make the image too pretentious and ridiculous.

Best of all, those dresses that leave the bride's neck and shoulders look good with a long veil.

If the wedding dress is planned to be completely closed, then it is better to either completely abandon the veils, or choose a short model. In extreme cases, for such a dress, you can choose a light and transparent model, so as not to "weight" the entire image.

Designers believe that a long veil is best suited for tall and slender brides, and miniature girls should better pay attention to the shortened models.

The length of the dress also matters. If it is short, then a long veil may look inappropriate - the veil in the form of a train will only fit to a long dress "on the floor."

Possible options!

If you categorically dislike the idea of ​​a veil for various reasons, then there are quite a few other wedding decorations that may well replace it.

Some of them can be used even if the bride has short hair on which it will be quite difficult to fit the veil so that she does not fall from the head of the bride at the most unexpected moment.

Hats and Caps

They can be both wide-brimmed and tiny, purely symbolic.

The option with a hat is best suited for a themed wedding (for example, in a retro style), for a beach ceremony or for re-marriage - in this case, many brides and their relatives consider the veil not to be very appropriate, especially if the bride is no longer 20 years old.

Hairpins with ribbons and rhinestones

Wedding jewelry for the hair in recent years is very popular, mainly because of the fashion for minimalism.

Lush headwear has now become a sign of bad taste, so more and more brides are choosing elegant and sparkling hairpins - and it looks great and it’s hard to overdo the hairstyle decoration.

By the way, you can easily find such handmade accessories on the Internet if you want something unique on your head, created in a single copy.

Shawl for the bride

It is sure to come in handy during the wedding, but even if the newlyweds do not plan a ceremony in the church, some models of such shawls will look great in the registry office, at a regular wedding.

In fact, the bride’s handkerchief is the same veil, but in a slightly more original design. Lace, volume and delicate transparency are welcome!

Another example of luxury wedding minimalism. It would seem that a hairpin in the form of a flower or a flower wreath are quite simple accessories, but they can look absolutely delightful in the bride's hairstyle!

Such a decoration is best suited to a young bride, whose purity and perfection in itself is associated with a delicate flower. This accessory is also useful for a themed wedding - in the style of boho, country and so on.

And you can weave the flowers in a complex braid, and then do without veils and other hair ornaments, because this hairstyle itself pulls on a work of art.

After the release of the film “The Great Gatsby”, a wave of weddings, “based on” the film, has swept, using fashion elements from the beginning of the last century.

And although the movie has already been forgotten, the bandages and ribbons on the brides' heads still adorn. And it is not surprising, because this is a very original decision, besides it is incredibly beautiful.

Tiaras and Diadems

Virtually every woman in her childhood dreamed of at least becoming a princess for a while.

Wedding - the most suitable day for the realization of this dream. Moreover, the wedding tiara is difficult to “spoil” with chic and glitter - even very luxurious, it will look appropriate at this celebration.

The only condition is that the tiara or tiara should be combined with the bridal dress, so that the image is complete and harmonious.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have no doubts about whether a veil is needed for a wedding, and you have your own ideas on how to replace this traditional, beautiful, but slightly banal bridal accessory.

By the way, if you do not want to completely give up the veil, then you can wear it directly on the very moment of marriage registration (ceremony in the registry office), and then carefully remove it - and have fun until you drop at the most important holiday in the life of any bride.

Such a reasonable compromise will help at the same time to observe all traditions, and at the same time not to feel constrained under a long transparent canopy, which strives for something to cling to or get dirty.

Long or short?

Of course, any model has a place to be, everything will depend on the whole image of the bride, her make-up and hairstyle, dress, as well as on the nature of the event. For example, if a wedding in a church also fits into your celebration, then you definitely have to get a veil, and not the shortest one, since the priests are rather sensitive about this issue.

Well, if the event is practical and discreet, then a rich and long veil will simply be out of place. If you still decide what to be, then let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various models.

Pros and cons of long veils

Of course, the most delicate and symbolic image is a miniature girl in a beautiful wedding dress and long veil, which falls in a beautiful train. This style of wedding veil visually lengthens the figure.

Yes, and a long veil, decorated with laces, patterns, iridescent stones and pearls, will become a luxurious addition to the bride, you can be calm, such pictures are doomed to success in advance.

However, if you overdo it with the pomp of laces and layers of tulle, then the fragile and low figure of the bride can be turned into a cocoon, she simply drowns in it. И опять-таки, если обращаться к стилистике свадебного платья, то красивая спина, которая может быть вышита узорами и камнями, или вырез на пол спины, станет бессмысленным, ведь его полностью закроет фата.

Да и невесте, скорее всего, будет тяжело справляться с таким объемным аксессуаром, ведь не каждый день носишь такие вещи, а тут еще, ненароком, незадачливый и подвыпивший гость возьмет да и наступит на край, что чревато испорченной прической, фатой и настроением.

Pros and cons of short veils

The bride's hairstyle is easily combined with a short veil, she opens all the beauty of the dress, does not prevent the bride from moving, and also gives her a special charm and grace, the image is flirty and playful.

But, what to say, it goes far from all girls, for example, to high individuals, it clearly does not fit, contributing to the incompleteness of the image, besides, in a short veil it is difficult to come up with any special patterns and decorations, most of them are ordinary, without excesses.

What is long and what is short veil? It is believed that a long veil should reach the tips of the bride's fingers when the hands are lowered, this is at least. Well, the maximum is in the history and record brides, the length of the veils which reached more than 3 km!

But, of course, chasing such miracles is not worth it. A short veil has a length of 50-60 cm, it barely reaches the shoulders. The most relevant and widespread variant of the veil is the length up to the elbows: it does not interfere with the bride and, more often, harmoniously fits into any chosen image.

By the way, if you can’t find exactly “your” veil, then you can do it yourself. To do this, it is enough to buy tulle and regular tulle, choose the length you need and get creative!

You can fasten a homemade veil on a tiara or with the help of invisible women. The surest way is to get a transparent comb, to which the veil is sewn, and the top, to cover the seam, is decorated according to your desire - with flowers, beads, beads, or any other decorations.

By the way, if the bride decided to roll a bachelorette party and would like to stand on it, then the veil of her own invention can be very relevant, and you don’t have to spend much money on it.

And finally, I would like to tell you a little about the signs and traditions that are closely related to the bride's wedding veil, but to believe in them or not, this is, as they say, a personal matter. For example, it is believed that the longer and richer the wedding veil, the marriage will be more harmonious and happier.

The veil is sometimes endowed with some special properties, according to which, it is necessary to keep it all life, you can not sell, give and give to measure. But when a baby is born, then its cradle or stroller is covered with a veil, it is believed that in this way it can be saved from the evil eye and disease. In fact, the same veil carries the same function on the wedding day.