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In the life of every man there are many solemn and significant events that require a special style of clothing. In order to emphasize the importance of events representatives of the stronger sex is worn not only a suit, but also a butterfly tie. This important attribute allows you to show your status and emphasize the refined taste. Therefore, male butterflies should be in the wardrobe of every person who wants to be stylish and elegant.

A modern bow tie is a small accessory that can be the key to any costume. He is often put on social events, although some use this attribute in everyday life. Not so long ago, many believed that this accessory can be worn only in combination with a wedding suit or wear it at events in retro style. However, today this wardrobe detail is becoming increasingly popular. It is skillfully used by all modern mods.

Putting on a bow tie, one should not forget that this attribute always underlines the outrage and originality of its owner. Therefore, if you want to wear it, you need to make the whole image stylish and extravagant. For example, this accessory will go well with a high-quality white shirt and stylish jeans with suspenders. At the same time, a bow tie will not look the best in combination with a suit of an ordinary official. In this regard, you should always choose it for the appropriate style of clothing and you will look bright and original in any situation.

History of creation

The appearance of a bow tie is associated with many interesting stories. The name butterfly has been used for many decades before such a tie became fashionable. So called the method of tying a scarf not the neck, which was used for several centuries. In fact, this attribute has become fashionable very quickly. It is believed that the popularity of this attribute brought 1904. Then at the premiere of the famous opera in Milan, a black butterfly appeared on every La Scala musician. This was no accident, because the opera they performed was called Madame Butterfly. Then this event was a real revelation among fashion lovers. Further, the fashion for such a stylish accessory quickly spread throughout Europe.

Wearing rules

Traditionally, a bow tie was worn with a tailcoat or tuxedo. The rules for wearing this accessory in this situation were very clear and unshakable. It is believed that the black butterfly should be worn only with a tuxedo, while the white one - exclusively with a tail coat. If you break this rule, it will be considered a rather gross violation of etiquette. At some celebrations, the invitations even indicate the color of the butterfly that the guest should wear. This once again underlines the importance of this attribute.

For less festive events and for wearing in everyday life, male butterflies may not be chosen so hard. People who have just begun to wear this accessory can try relatively simple, but at the same time quite stylish combinations. For example, it can be combined with a knit cardigan and a cotton shirt. In addition, if you have been wearing a bow tie for more than one day, then stylists are advised to experiment with colors and texture. This will allow you to choose interesting and unusual combinations that will attract the attention of others. Therefore, do not be afraid to use extravagant colors and original prints, thanks to which this small detail will be the key in your image.

Those who want to wear a bow tie in everyday life can combine it with regular jeans and a sweatshirt, as well as with original jackets or moccasins. A distinctive feature of this accessory is the presence of handwriting tying. That is, each person will tie this tie absolutely individually.

In general, the bow tie is now a popular accessory that has a great future. Despite its conservatism and belonging to the classical style, it is regularly used by designers to create new bright images.

Which is better: a tie or a butterfly?

Many try to give 100% preference to either a bow tie or a tie. Sometimes, the wrong decision, based on biased opinion to a certain accessory, can cause confusion in the eyes of others and sow doubts about your taste. Do not rush to categorically reject one or another type of tie, because everything has its time and place.

Tie - perfectly complements the suit of a business person, emphasizes the courage of the owner, creates an elegant, fashionable image. It is universal and appropriate in the office, at negotiations and official meetings, at weddings and anniversaries, at celebrations and corporate banquets. The butterfly is a special accessory: from the very beginning it was an aristocratic attribute, a symbol of solemnity and romance, a very elegant, sophisticated tie. At the most solemn events - ceremonial receptions, awards, solemn concerts - men are present in the traditional butterfly, causing admiration, attracting the views of those present.

At one time, a bow tie was worn only with a tuxedo or dress coat, but today it combines beautifully with other clothes, creating a harmonious overall image.

Features and benefits

Having 2-3 fashionable, elegant bow ties in your wardrobe, you can easily change or vary your image on duty. Thanks to the current design, you can wear a tie to a party with friends, to a wedding and to work.

The advantage of the accessory is very easy to combine with your favorite jeans and elegant monochromatic shirt of classic cut, literally with any thing from your wardrobe.

If the bow tie is worn with original combinations, it will give the costume some exoticism, audacity and even shocking.

Fashionable types

In boutiques, specialty stores and men's clothing stores, a large assortment of butterflies of different models, colors and sizes is now offered:

  • Double (double-sided) - a classical form, very convenient - you receive at once 2 ties.
  • Unusual ties may consist of 6 parts. The original choice is a butterfly with wings in the form of hearts. Such a model is somewhat like fashionable collars.
  • With rhinestones. Similar butterflies are very popular among modern youth.
  • A narrow butterfly model elegantly looks with a business and casual suit.
  • From beads. These butterflies are mounted as brooches - at the expense of a pin, and have an unusual appearance.
  • Classic butterfly is an accessory that resembles butterfly wings, it is suitable for all formal suits.
  • Bat - such butterflies are often preferred by young people in combination with various images.
  • With sharp edges. Such a butterfly is called a diamond. It intricately connects the classic form with diamond-shaped sharp corners, has an asymmetrical contour.
  • With embroidery. Such butterflies became especially popular with the boom of patriotism. Often there are embroidery ornaments.
  • the big butterfly is a classic model that perfectly complements both the tuxedo and tail coat.
  • rounded club - with rounded corners on a small bow tie, perfectly suited for a trendy outfit to the club, to a party.
  • modified butterfly - in the tie model a loop between the wings is larger than usual, due to which many folds form on the knot.

How to choose for yourself?

The first rule that must be observed, both men and women, if you want to look unique and stylish: a butterfly should not distract attention from your face, it can emphasize your bright sides, but no more.

If a man, wearing such an accessory, seeks to look in it as presentable as possible, then when buying a butterfly he should take into account two basic rules.

Firstly, the width of a men's tie should not extend beyond the edges of his face, and secondly, it should not exceed the width of a shirt collar, which in modern models can be easily adjusted using a special system. A women's bow tie should be half the size of a man’s tie, which will perfectly match a small shirt collar.

In fact, there are not, as such, strict rules that would oblige to wear a bow tie in one form or another. However, in the middle of the 20th century, two unspoken rules appeared, which they are still trying to follow, especially in high secular circles. A black silk butterfly should be worn under a black tuxedo and a white shirt, and a white bow tie under a tail coat and white shirt.

Perhaps, these are the only rules that should be followed, especially if you are going to attend a rather serious event, otherwise - complete freedom of choice and a field for experimentation, however, it is rather simple to step over the thin line between “style” and “bad taste”.

Buy or sew?

Of course, the simplest solution is to purchase the copy you like in any store or boutique where you will be offered a wide range of options and, perhaps, even advise what you can wear with this or that model.

Most often on the shelves of shops you can find models of glossy or matte silk, which perfectly hold the shape of a butterfly and, most often, are used for special occasions. Also very common are models made of wool, cotton or mixed variants, as long as the fabric is thick enough to maintain the shape of a butterfly.

It turns out that you can make a butterfly with your own hands, for this there are special patterns, following which, it is completely easy to sew your own copy. To do this, you will need a regular tape of a certain width, which must be selected individually, depending on personal preferences and structural features of the face.

You can do even simpler: tie a regular bow tie, you have to practice it, of course, which can help you out in an emergency, when a butterfly is urgently needed, and only regular ties are available. By the way, the female version of the butterfly can be made from an ordinary scarf, which will be perfectly combined with the warm summer or spring season.

How to combine?

If you have never worn a bow tie before, then you probably have a hard time deciding what to combine with it so as not to look ridiculous. In general, there is a kind of set of "good manners", following which, you will never get into a mess.

For example, men's and women's ties with pictures should be worn with plain shirts and, conversely, shirts with prints, cells or abstractions are best combined with plain butterflies, the color of which should repeat one of the colors on your shirt, although the tone is better to choose a little lighter.

If you combine a dark shirt with a dark suit, the butterfly should stand out, but with a light shirt and a dark suit, it is better to choose a butterfly to match the tone of the jacket.


Description: Today, a bow tie is not only an element of a dress code for social events, but a fashionable and bold accessory that will add color and originality to your image. Show full story ...

Our main idea was to add originality and zest to the modern style of bold and confident men and women, as well as highlight their bright taste!

All presented bow ties have a metal slider for adjusting the collar and are made only from natural fabrics.

Our range will continue to be constantly updated in the future and surprise you with unusual novelties!

If in the presented assortment you do not find the necessary model or you have your own preferences for colors and type of product, we will help you in the implementation of your idea.

What is a bow tie

This accessory that is attached to the neck of a man or a woman takes the form of a bow. By type of fastening products are divided into samovyazy, ready with a knot, with fixation on the clothespin. The form of ties are as follows:

  • Butterfly is a classic version. Butterfly sizes reach 5.5-6.5 cm. Suitable for any face shape.
  • Modified Butterfly - the jumper of this model is larger than the standard one; therefore, many folds are formed around the knot.
  • Large Butterfly - an enlarged version of the classics. The size of the widest part is about 8-8.5 cm. Suitable for official receptions, looks great in combination with a tuxedo. Harmoniously looks on large men with a massive neck.
  • Batwing - the wings of an accessory with their appearance resemble bat wings. The product is thin, its height is not more than 5 cm.
  • Diamond Point - imitates the shape of a diamond. The tie combines a classic shape and diamond-shaped edges.
  • Rounded Club - has rounded edges. Ideal for creating thematic images, bows in the style of smart casual, trips to the club.

What to wear

The combination of a bow tie and clothing depends largely on its shape and color. Black accessory is optimal for official and ceremonial receptions, looks great with a tuxedo. Wearing a dress coat, give preference to the product in white. For suits in stripes and a cage, pick a solid-colored tie of a calm shade. A red or burgundy bow looks good with a dark-colored suit and a light monochromatic shirt.

To create everyday stylish images, follow your taste. Male butterflies of bright colors (yellow, green, blue) wear with snow-white shirts and jeans. The plaid shirt is in good harmony with the woolen tie of calm tones. Complement the bow will be loose jeans, suspenders, sneakers. An interesting look is obtained if the shirt with a bow tie is combined with a jumper. Today you can not be afraid to mix elements of sports style and casual: ties with sweatshirts and jeans, suits and moccasins will create a sensation.

How to tie

A ready accessory is good, but if you can tie a butterfly yourself, then you will choose for yourself the ideal size and shape. Use the classic butterfly creation scheme:

  1. Place the tie over the shirt collar so that the right side is lower than the left. The beginning of the thickening of the left side should be exactly in the center.
  2. Throw the right side over the left.
  3. A noose forms on the neck, stretch the right side through it.
  4. Bend the left edge of the tie so that the narrowest place is in the center. The fold should look to the right.
  5. Skip the right edge from top to bottom in front of the curved left edge. A small opening should form in front.
  6. Throw the right end of the tape on the right shoulder and roll up so that the bend runs along the widest part.
  7. Insert the right edge into the hole obtained earlier (point 5).
  8. Tighten the loop, tighten the knot in the center.
  9. Align the accessory with your hands, make the sides symmetrical, form folds.

Fashion Bow Ties

Modern men of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities are not afraid to create bold images with this accessory. In the women's wardrobe, the butterfly is also present in its classic form, and in a more romantic one. Girls wear a bow with shirts, dresses, combined with strict skirts and trousers or casual jeans. Online stores are full of fashionable accessories. This season are relevant butterflies made of cotton, wool, flax. At the peak of popularity, the print "flowers", small peas.

The leaders were blue, gray, black colors, all sorts of shades of red, purple, brown, blue, orange. The strip remains in demand in different variations: vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Classic style will always be in fashion, but it is appropriate in special cases. To create everyday images, experiment with abstraction, oriental motifs, ornaments. See below for top consumer rankings.

Men's bow tie

Original products from iconic brands are markedly different from budget models. Every detail is thought out in them, all the lines are made very carefully. An interesting option is offered by an Italian designer:

  • Name: Laura Biagiotti 812341,
  • price: 2 900 rubles,
  • characteristics: a tie on a fastener, 100% silk, one size, color piercing blue, is on sale in company gift packing,
  • Pluses: rich color, high quality, comfortable sock,
  • cons: expensive.

Cheap models are also attractive. For everyday wear it is not necessary to purchase elite accessories, you can take a few products from untwisted brands. Here is a good example of such a thing:

  • Name: Dark Fuchsia butterfly tie 022.0.2-812148,
  • price: 650 p.,
  • characteristics: accessory on a fastener, 100% polyester, one size, size of a grasp of a neck is regulated, the manufacturing country China,
  • Pros: cheap, beautiful bright color, easy care,
  • Cons: accumulates static electricity, the fabric is harsh.

Models for girls are more feminine outlines. Accessories in the form of a bow became very popular. Here is an interesting option:

  • Name: Bow tie female bow burgundy 495-100,
  • price: 480 p.,
  • характеристики: атласный аксессуар на 100% сделан из полиэстера, размер 13 х 16 см., модель выпускается еще в темно-зеленом, черном, розовом, алом цвете,
  • плюсы: симпатичный внешний вид, купить бабочку можно дешево,
  • минусы: невысокое качество изделия.

В интернет-магазинах в основном представлены готовые бабочки, которые не нужно завязывать. Женские модели почти все такие, ведь они далеки от классических форм, в чем и заключается их прелесть. Присмотритесь к такому галстуку для разных случаев жизни:

  • название: G-Faricetti BSI-4-1110,
  • цена: 470 р.,
  • characteristics: blue tie with adjustable tape with a lock, standard size, width 15 cm, country of origin Russia,
  • Pros: inexpensive, even taking into account delivery by mail, conveniently put on, an interesting appearance - a double bow, the fabric has a beautiful sheen,
  • cons: not specified material manufacturing.

Accessories for babies should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable: as quickly as possible wear, do not rub, do not twist. The following product meets these requirements:

  • Name: Tie4you bbt100117,
  • price: 550 p.,
  • characteristics: the handmade accessory is made of satin, size 10 x 5 cm, the color of green grass, the tape is adjustable, fastened with a lock,
  • Pros: neat tailoring, beautiful folds, comfortable socks,
  • Cons: electrified.

If you like designer stuff, pay attention to the Allan Neumann brand. The fruitful work of Russian and Italian designers made it possible to create high-quality accessories that are attractive in appearance. In this bow tie, every child will be especially elegant:

  • Name: Allan Neumann W109.16255.11,
  • price: 1 550 p.,
  • characteristics: the blue accessory with a geometric print is made on 100% microfiber, at the request of the buyer is packed in a gift box,
  • Pluses: the product is stylish, comfortable, perfectly sewn,
  • Cons: electrified, attracts lint and dust, requires careful care (you can not dry on the battery, iron).

Tuxedo butterfly

Literally, the word "tuxedo" is translated as "jacket, in which they smoke." Men wear a business suit for solemn and official events. According to the dress code, bow ties should be samovyazyami, wear an accessory on the clasp - bad form. The material of the product should be the same as on the lapels. Classic option:

  • Name: Frant-Bant 2017-1801A,
  • price: 799 p.,
  • characteristics: samovyaz made of polyester (satin), size 10 x 6 cm, color black, suitable for regular shirts and tuxedos, there is a hidden clasp on the ribbon, the country of manufacture is China,
  • Pluses: the butterfly for a suit has an adjustable length,
  • cons: not detected.

Accessory under a tuxedo should be monotonous, prints at special events are not welcome. The following tie will look great with a beautiful dark blue suit:

  • Name: Navy blue butterfly samovych 826469,
  • price: 899 p.,
  • characteristics: the tie is sewn from 100% polyester (microfiber), the size around the neck is adjustable, the country of origin is China,
  • Pluses: suitable not only for tuxedo, but also for casual wear,
  • cons: not detected.

Red bow tie

A bright accessory highlights from the crowd and speaks of the courage of its owner. The red color goes well with light monochromatic shirts and dark jackets. Drawings on clothes should be avoided so as not to look coarse. The following butterflies for men were a hit in the category:

  • Name: Red monophonic butterfly samovych 826464,
  • price: 899 p.,
  • Characteristics: a scarlet tie is made of 100% polyester (microfiber), the neck girth is adjustable, the country of origin is China,
  • Pluses: inexpensive, bright, stylish,
  • Cons: The average quality of sewing (even on the photo you can see sticking out threads).

Italian brand Colleto Bianco put up for sale the original model. You can wear a bow-tie with a shirt and bright trousers with suspenders, with a suit. If you are lucky to get to the action or sale, take the product without thinking! See for yourself how unusual this accessory is:

  • Name: Colleto Bianco 48970246,
  • price: 3 200 r.,
  • characteristics: material is 100% silk, contrasting structure of the design, color is dark red, size is universal,
  • Pros: high quality material, neat tailoring, gift box packaging,
  • Cons: dry cleaning only, high cost.

If you are invited to a formal event with the dress code “White Tie”, you need to find a black coat, white shirt and white self-tie. The first two items of clothing are the heroes of other reviews, and you can dwell on the bow tie. Outfit and accessories should be expensive, branded, so look at the following product:

  • Name: Brioni 827229,
  • price: 7 900 p.,
  • characteristics: the model is 100% made of natural silk, size 7 x 11 cm., the country of origin is Italy,
  • Pros: branded accessory, neck girth adjustable, first-class sewing material, beautiful, elegant bow, high-quality metal fittings,
  • cons: expensive.

White color is relevant in combination with a black shirt or a wedding dress. In such a tie, a man will be irresistible:

  • Name: Tie4you bt100209,
  • price: 1,200 r.,
  • Characteristics: silk self-knit white is made from 100% natural material, the size is standard for the dress code “White Tie”,
  • Pros: hand-made, smooth and strong seams,
  • Cons: dry cleaning, the fabric is heavily wrinkled.

Big butterfly

Large Butterfly is found in the men's wardrobe, if the representative of the stronger sex periodically attends ceremonial events. However, for lovers of casual style there will be interesting "enlarged" options. For example:

  • Name: Classic Tie Butterfly Samovyaz - Kailas (Manufactory),
  • price: negotiable,
  • Characteristics: samovyaz sewn of cotton, double-sided, one side - floral print on a yellow background, the second - plain blue, bow size 8 x 12 cm, length adjustable in the range of 35-47 cm, metal hardware, made in Moscow,
  • pluses: original product, manual tailoring, the possibility of fitting to the individual size,
  • cons: limited edition (25 pcs.), hand wash.

Brand Carlo Monetti offers models for all occasions. On the official website of the manufacturer posted photos of celebrities who purchased the ties of this designer. Among them are Evelina Bledans, Oleg Yakovlev, Dominic Joker, Shura. A Large Butterfly butterfly suit will look particularly attractive:

  • Name: Carlo Monetti Clas_5,
  • price: 2 960 p. (without discount 3 490 r.)
  • characteristics: material is 100% Italian velvet, shade is dark blue, size: 9 x 12 cm., the goods are packed in a branded box with a silk lodgment,
  • Pros: looks expensive, attractive, presentable, hand-made,
  • cons: not detected.


The narrowest type of accessory is not liked by everyone, but there are its ardent fans. On large men, the product will be lost, so it is optimal for a slim and medium build. Cool Batwing for connoisseurs:

  • Name: Classic Tie Butterfly Samovyaz - 1988 (Manufactory),
  • price: 1590 p.,
  • Characteristics: one side is sewn from gray voluminous wool into a large cage of green and black, the second side is thin gray-brown wool, size 4.5 x 12 cm, neck girth is adjustable in the range of 35-47 cm, metal fittings,
  • pluses: design for the 80s, bargain: one product - two variants of bows,
  • cons: limited edition - 25 pcs.

The German label Rene Lesard, led by Thomas Schaeffer, began to create stylish things in 1978. During its existence, the company has made products world famous. Excellent samovyaz from this designer will appeal to many:

  • Name: Rene Lezard 64768,
  • price: 3,800 p.,
  • Characteristics: material 100% silk, color range: black, white, gray, print - small cell, metal fittings, neck size is adjustable,
  • Pros: impeccable quality tailoring, sleek design,
  • cons: expensive.

Diamond shaped

A butterfly with corners, faintly resembling a facet of a precious stone, will add a zest to your everyday wardrobe. The Italian brand Holiday & Brown has created an excellent model that may well become the favorite of a stylish man:

  • Name: Holiday & Brown Z7ADAZ,
  • price: 3 700 p.,
  • characteristics: samovyaz made of 100% silk, the length of the tape is adjustable, the color is dark green with a flower-cucumber print,
  • Pluses: beautiful, stylish, extraordinary, comfortable to wear,
  • cons: dear.

Fashion designer Christian Lacroix has released an entire collection of Diamond Point. Each tie has a unique design. The following product will not leave you indifferent:

  • Name: Chriastian Lacroix 818548,
  • price: 4 200 r.,
  • characteristics: material is 100% silk, color is black with light patterns from the brand logo, the length of the tape is adjustable,
  • Pluses: high quality, original appearance,
  • cons: expensive.

Club rounded

This is an option for those who love nightlife, theme parties. On sale it is less common than the classic variety, but in the online store you can always order an unusual product. Offer for you:

  • Name: "Denim Club" ARMEN design,
  • price: 1 490 p.,
  • characteristics: samovyaz sewn of denim, color blue, print white peas, size 6 x 12 cm, the length of the tape is adjustable,
  • Pros: handmade, pleasant shade, good compatibility with different wardrobe items,
  • cons: not detected.

The same designer created another version of the Rounded Club. Laconic unisex model fits bright outfits:

  • Name: Green Round ARMEN design,
  • price: 1 490 p.,
  • Characteristics: Russian satin material, color turquoise (there is blue), size 6 x 12 cm, the length of the tape is adjustable,
  • Pros: handmade, pleasant material,
  • cons: not detected.

How to choose a bow tie

For each dress you need your own special tie, especially when it comes to formal wear. Buying a tie, immediately imagine what kind of shirt you will wear it. The second important point is the material. The cheapest products are made of polyester, a little more expensive - microfiber. It is better to buy silk models - they look elegant and elite. Smooth silk looks officially and strictly, Jacquard has a pronounced relief surface. Excellent materials: velvet, cotton pique, wool, combinations of silk and flax.

By value, ties can be divided into 4 groups:

  • bottom segment: up to 1200 r.,
  • medium: 1200-1500 r.,
  • above average: 2500-4000 p.,
  • top: from 4000 p.

The bow tie

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Wear a navy blue double breasted blazer and a bow tie. Such an ensemble is easy to adapt to everyday realities, if you wear beige leather derby shoes paired with it. In the summer in this way you will feel free and comfortable.

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For a night out in a cinema or cafe, a duet of a dark blue checkered woolen jacket and bow tie is perfect. Having finished onions with green leather oxfords, you can add notes of strict classics to it. If you want to look beyond all praise and in an autumn-like spectacular, undoubtedly take this image to the note.

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This combination of a black long coat and bow tie can be worn for a business dinner or an informal meeting. And why not add a touch of conservatism to casual look with light brown leather oxfords? When you are dressed with a needle, everything comes easy, even if it is dreary and gloomy in autumn.

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Wearing a brown jacket in a cage and bow tie, you can safely go to a semi-formal meeting or cultural event. You can easily adapt this look to your daily needs by finishing it with black leather boots and deserts. Released a great everyday image of hot weather.

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A dark blue pea coat and a bow tie are a sample of refined masculine style. Fans of bold options can complete the bow with blue suede brogue boots. Such an ensemble will surely please you in the spring and autumn period.

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Wear a blue blazer with a bow tie. Why not add a bit of adventure to this look with beige leather brogues? Carrying the summer heat in such clothes is much easier.

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A multi-colored plaid blazer and bow tie is a great choice for smart casuals. Lovers of experimentation can complement the bow with black leather derby shoes, thereby adding a bit of elegance to it. In such an ensemble you will feel very comfortable on a warm summer day.

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To embody an elegant male evening look perfect black suit and bow tie. A pair of black leather oxfords in perfect harmony with the rest of the image. Such a bow looks stylish in summer.

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A combo of a dark turquoise suit and bow tie will create an unforgettable men's bow. It will be much easier to survive the grueling July heat in such clothes.

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The duet of a gray suit and bow tie looks very fashionable and elegant. If the combination of the incompatible attracts you no less than the timeless classic, finish your bow with black suede chelsea boots. Such an ensemble will definitely appeal to you for hot summer days.

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You will look spick and span in a beige suit and bow tie. You can easily adapt such an ensemble to everyday realities by wearing red suede loafers. Do not discount such an image, especially when the thermometer rises rapidly.

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A white and blue gingham dress shirt look great paired with a bow tie. Paired with brown leather loafers, the entire bow looks very lively. As for us, this is a cool solution for hot weather.

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Opt for a dark green turndown sweater and bowtie for a smart casual lookout. Brown leather derby shoes look great in this outfit. This bow is great for spring when the thermometer creeps up.

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Repeating such an image from a dark blue woolen jacket and bow tie is not difficult, the main thing is to pick up things on the figure. Paired with this image, black leather tassel loafers look the most appropriate. Cool option for the spring season.

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The combination of a green jacket and a bow tie will be appropriate in the office and on a walk with a girl. As a complement to the ensemble, brown suede tassel loafers are requested. It seems that this is quite a convenient and simple combination for sunny weather.

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Despite the fact that this image is very classic, the combination of a black double-breasted jacket and bow tie is a permanent choice of stylish young people, certainly captivating the hearts of the fair sex. As for shoes, you can give preference to practicality and choose black suede loafers. Do not forget about such clothes, especially on a warm summer day.

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Any gentleman will look beyond praise in a gray plaid double breasted blazer and bow tie. Choosing shoes, you can experiment a little and complement the bow with black suede loafers. A similar image will bring comfort in the heat.

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Wear a white blazer and bowtie for an easy-to-wear look. Dark turquoise suede loafers for a comfortable ride. This bow is ideal for hot summer weather.