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Some fashion designers literally turn the ideas about fashion and leave a mark in the history of the beauty-industry. And that's why they make films about them, and among them there are interesting and worthy of attention.

Top 10 interesting documentaries about fashion designers:

  1. "Christian Dior - the legend man". This film, released more than ten years ago, is dedicated to the personality of an amazing fashion designer who has left his mark on the history of fashion. He was an incorrigible lover and admirer of female beauty and created his masterpiece outfits with admiration and love for the fair sex. By the way, the director just tried to tell in detail about how the dresses were designed. Christiana was inspired by memories of flowers from the home greenhouse, which his mother adored. Career designer began with an interest in architecture and art, Dior even owned his own gallery. The film tells about Dior's ups and downs, how he proudly overcame difficulties and faced with a lack of understanding by critics who spoke negatively about his collections. Also, viewers will be able to see several interviews of other famous personalities of the fashion world, who told about the great Christian.
  2. "Yves Saint Laurent: Crazy Love". This documentary film was filmed in 2010, that is, after the death of the designer. The plot is based on the stories of Pierre Berger, who was not only a business partner of the designer, but also his life partner. A lot of attention is paid to the birth of relationships and the love of two talented people, and already the elderly Berger talks about Laurent with sincere feelings and longing. Filming took place in places that were close to the heart of Willow and especially memorable for him. Viewers will also be able to see the luxurious Paris-based apartment, which resembles an art gallery and keeps in itself the masterpieces of Goya, Picasso and other artists, sculptures and rare photos of famous people. Memories of a friend and lover Laurent are interrupted by phrases of the most legendary couturier, types of memorials, which creates a special atmosphere.
  3. Worth seeing the documentary picture "Notes on clothes and cities"dedicated to Yoji Yamamoto. This designer managed to turn the ideas about style, replacing elegant silhouettes with asymmetrical, voluminous and shapeless outfits. In each created image Yoji puts his soul and a piece of himself. He leads a rather secretive way of life, but made an exception for the director who shot the picture of Wim Winders, allowing him to penetrate into life and revealing some secrets. The film tells not only about style, but also about inspiration and the development of creativity.
  4. "Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton". Marc Jacobs left the post of director of fashion house, but without him the brand probably would not have become so popular. The film tells about this designer, and how he worked on his collections. The camera followed him literally everywhere, which allowed viewers to see the emergence of new ideas and reveal the secrets of their success. Mark himself tells that the career of a fashion designer is a huge amount of hard work and hard work, and at all stages. Consumers see only the final product, but behind it are sleepless nights, experiences and efforts of a huge team. And since the picture was taken in this already distant 2007, the director managed to catch Mark not yet spoiled and not so “glamorous”, but quite simple, very charming, sweet and without a drop of pathos.
  5. Listing interesting films about designers should be included in their list. "Vivienne Westwood". This woman was never shy about expressing herself and being a rebel, and she did it quite vividly, changing images from punk to glamor and back. The picture tells the true story of Vivien from childhood and to the peak of its popularity. Westwood was born in a rather poor family and, having entered the London Art College, soon abandoned her studies, having considered that she could not break into the world of high fashion. But this girl was not enthusiastic and ambitious: in parallel with her work as a teacher, she created accessories and sold them on the flea market. Then came the fateful meeting of Vivienne Malcolm McLaren, in which the girl fell in love. To some extent, he helped her find herself and become famous. Westwood collections included shocking, asexual, asexual, and rebellious things, which caused a sensation and became incredibly popular. In the film, viewers will see Vivien’s revelations and enjoy the bright atmosphere around her.
  6. "McQueen and I". The main character of the documentary is the unique Alexander McQueen, who has lived an amazingly bright life, which, unfortunately, ended so unexpectedly and ridiculously. Colleagues and friends of the designer told about how he was in real life. Also, viewers will see the rarest backstage footage shot at shows. The picture also includes unpublished interviews of McQueen and his close friend Isabella Blow, who was a stylist and also committed suicide. Alexander broke into the fashion world in the 90s, when everyone was eager for something bright and special, and the designer gave it all. Each of his shows turned into a play or a show, in which not only the costumes were presented, but also an emphasis was placed on pressing problems. Among McQueen's crazy ideas such as fireflies in hoods, live wolves on the catwalk, spray paint on dresses, robots, images of dead insects and skulls. All this will remain forever in the fashion world.
  7. “Victor and Rolf: because we deserve it”. The picture was released in 2005 and filmed during the year, it tells about the dizzying rise of the Danish tandem of two talented designers. They managed to open their fashion house, created quite a few collections of accessories and developed their own brand of expensive and status perfume. The viewer will see the hard work, as well as loud words, giving the film a kind of pompous pathos inherent in the fashion world.
  8. "Secrets of Lagerfeld" talks about the life of a great designer who has managed to hide his emotions and secrets behind permanent dark glasses for many years. But, finally, Karl opened to director Rudolf Marconi, who shot about 150 hours of exclusive video and penetrated the designer’s private life. Viewers will learn how Lagerfeld creates his masterpieces and from where he draws strength to maintain his wild activity at such a respectable age.
  9. "Tom Ford". Today Tom Ford is widely known all over the world, he produces collections of clothes, perfumes and cosmetics, but ten years ago, when the picture was taken, he presented the first series of dresses. And that is why the film deserves attention, as it allows you to see the origins of your career and understand how it all began.
  10. “Gabrielle Chanel. Immortal style ». The film tells about the life and career of the fashion queen, who made a huge contribution to the beauty industry. The picture appeared on the screens at the beginning of the century, and in it you can see not only the history of the creation and development of the eponymous fashion house, but also a description of Koko's character and even some juicy details of her biography. Modern women are grateful to this lady for her unique fragrance, a little black dress, an elegant handbag, vests and feminine costumes.

These were the most interesting films about fashion and famous designers.

The best movies about style and fashion


Classics of the genre. One of the best roles is Audrey Hepburn, who presented to the world the iconic image of a “mysterious woman in a black dress”. And even though the plot is uncomplicated, the picture is soaked through with such an incredible charm that you can revise it endlessly, looking at quotes.

The atmosphere of the 60s, parties, ultra stylish dresses during the day and chic - in the evening. And all this to the music of Mancini. If suddenly you are among those who have never seen “Breakfast at Tiffany's” in their entire life, then start exploring fashion with him.


The rating of this film is far from the highest, as for me - not quite deserved. Yes, this is a light comedy of the 90s with a claim to drama, but in fact the meaning of the picture is much deeper. Showing celebrities and mere mortals who are eager to get into Paris Fashion Week, the director makes fun of the hypocrisy and intrigue that dominates this ball of luxury and glamor.

And where else can you see young Julia Roberst, Kim Basinger, Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroyanni in one movie?

SET UP (1995)

The focus is on Naomi Campbell, Cindy Cruoford and Linda Evangelista. In the mid-90s, these women were considered almost gods. And in the film, they lift the veil of secrecy and show everything that happens on the podium and beyond at the most famous show in New York in 1994.

For those who know how couture is different from ready-to-wear - a real eye balm!

GIA (1998)

The sad story of the life of the top model Jia Karanji, which ended as quickly as it began. Starring the unique Angelina Jolie.

A movie about the self-destruction of a beautiful woman who bitterly paid for what lifestyle she chose for herself.

Looking to everyone who thought that the glamorous life of models with eternal parties, drugs and the kingdom of hedonism is a fairy tale. Alas, such tales end fatally.


She was a Goddess, an animal, a canvas, a ghost ... The main model of a mad era. This woman owns the phrase: “I’m not perfect; I just know all the tricks to make it seem” - this is the meaning of success.

To stay in a tough glossy world is very difficult. To withstand stiff competition, Veruschka came up with the image of an extraordinary personality. This woman made herself. Letting in an image of mystery, she carried it through her entire career and did not lose, than with and shared with the audience in the film.


The film is a biography about Christiane Dior, based on the memoirs of Susan Lyuling, his colleagues and a friend.

What is the secret of the great maestro? The phenomenon of Dior so far no one has been able to guess anyone. But he did not really care about the comfort of women, always trying to tighten their waists tighter, and dress to supply so much fabric that it was impossible to sit in them. Christian Dior was an artist who was not interested in the practical side of fashion; he worked and was loved by millions of women.

Incredibly interesting movie about how a person goes to his dream, and having achieved success, he tries his best to stay on top.


Well, where without him, darling! A film about the harsh world of gloss, which at one time pretty badly tarnished Vogue's reputation, showing backstage fashion editorial is not from the best side. As one, Vogue employees say that this is not the case!

Yes, it is not so important! The film is cool! And most importantly, it shows very well what the phrase “meet by clothes” really means. The film is about the fact that mere background and perseverance is not enough to succeed in a fashion magazine. And the power of clothing should not be underestimated.


Even if you suddenly do not know the name of Annie Leibovitz, then you probably saw her pictures. They have been on the covers of the glossies for about 30 years. Remember the photo of naked John Lennon hugging Yoko Ono, and Whoopi Goldberg in a bath of milk? - it's all the work of Annie. Most of those whom she filmed (and this is practically ALL world celebrities) will tell about what they remember the most famous photographer of our time.


Incredible documentary, which tells about what is happening behind the scenes of fashion shows. The protagonist - the maestro - Karl Lagerfeld. Despite the fact that the film itself is not very tight (only one and a half hours), the writers managed to fit all the most interesting things here. And about the powerful industriousness, and about inspiration, and about the plague parties.

Before the release of this film, Karl Lagerfeld didn’t like to show off his life. Therefore, to learn the secrets of the first person is doubly interesting!


The name of the film speaks for itself. This is a documentary film about Marc Jacobs during his work in LV as artistic director from the 98th to the 2013th. Archival shooting from shows, opening boutiques, as well as the holy of holies is the workshop of Louis Vuitton, where the design team works. Watch even if you don't have a single LV bag yet!

SEX IN A BIG CITY (2008, 2010)

And at once both parts of the film! The logical conclusion of all the beloved series, and no less steep sequel. A bunch of touching moments that we all waited so much for after the end of the last season. And here they are! And also outfits, outfits, outfits! After all, ten years have passed since the release of the first series, the fashion has changed, the friends have become older, and their style has become even more verified. God bless Universe Patricia Field (stylist of the series), who worked on the outfits of Kerry, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and in the sequels too.


"- Do you know what a woman wants?

- A woman wants to be beautiful! "(C) Valentino

A film that tells not only about Valentino Garvani, but also a man without whom such a strong empire would not have been built. Giancarlo Giametti - CEO of the fashion house. As well as part-time friend, business partner and the right hand Valentino. Perhaps there is a fourth point. Obviously, their relationship is more than just a long-term friendship, but it remains behind the scenes.

The film has a lot of archival shots that have never been shown before. A great opportunity to see how the Master worked and worked!


A movie about how to prepare the thickest issue of Vogue magazine. This film is so exemplary that even the teachers of journalism at the university recommend it to students for viewing. But this is really the perfect guide to how you really need to relate to their profession.

In order for us to see this picture, Anna Wintour had to persuade for a whole year. In the end, the key hero of the film is Anna’s right hand - Vogue creative director Grace Coddington.

To find out how to actually work in a fashionable version, you need to look at the “September issue”, and not “The Devil Wears Prada”.


I love movies, biographies. Coco to Chanel is a film about young Gabrielle Chanel, who takes her first steps in fashion. And although there is not much said about fashion here, more attention is paid to the designer’s personal life. This does not spoil the picture at all. Still, this is a feature film, not a documentary. But the atmosphere of France in the first half of the 20th century, costumes, interiors - everything reflects the era perfectly! Perhaps, after watching, you take a fresh look at your vest!


Easy and ironic comedy about a girl who fought with the "terrible" disease - shopaholism. I am sure that every second one finds out in the main character herself. How many times did you buy an item in ecstasy, and then forget it after a week? Happened so? Of course! That red-haired Becky is the same.

The film is about the fact that clothing plays in our lives, although the leading, but far from decisive role. By the way, the stylist of the picture is the same Patricia Field, who worked on the costumes for “Sex in BG” and “The Devil Wears Prada”.


A film about death, addiction, fame and love. In that order, yes. The film begins with the end - that is, the funeral of Yves Saint Laurent.

This picture is an hour and a half declaration of love to Yves from Pierre Berger. Incredible love of genius and irreparable loss. The film awakens a variety of feelings, where the main thing - empathy Pierre. With what love, with what tenderness he speaks about Yves Saint Laurent ... Anyone who still believes in true love and is even a little interested in fashion is a must see.

Another equally cool film about the designer “Saint-Laurent. Style is me!


"We all dress for Bill" (c) Anna Wintour

Bill Cunningham was a street-style photographer before it even became mainstream, and fashion weeks turned into a masked ball. As a child, Cunningham went to church to admire women's hats, and as an adult he understood fashion better than any historian, because he watched her daily in the streets of New York. Clothing and photography were the only passions of his life.

This is a very cool documentary film, which tells about one of the most sought-after photographers in the fashion world.


This documentary is a real manifesto of the 70s era with all its chic and glamor.

Roy Halston - the hat from Iowa, who became a designer and conquered New York. The disco symbol and confidant Elizabeth Taylor with Liza Minelli. He died like a real star of his time - from AIDS in the 90s. The film is about the person at the same time beautiful and vicious time, which will not happen again.


Another cool documentary film that talks about the everyday life of handsome Tom Ford. The director of the film for a year did not depart from Tom, literally taking off his every step. В итоге получился классное откровенное кино, где можно увидеть, как работает Форд, а также послушать, как отзываются о нём его друзья. А это, на минуточку, Бейонсе, Джеймс Камерон и Энни Лейбовиц.


"Есть люди, которые пишут о моде, она была воплощением моды" (с)

Диана Врилэнд - главный редактор двух самых знаковых журналов модного мира "Harper's Bazaar" и "Vogue. Икона стиля и человек, творивший историю. Картина – это биография Дианы, которая повествует о её жизни с самого начала (1903 год) и до самой смерти в 1989-м.


"Развейте мой прах в Бергдроф (с) Вера Вонг

Бергдоф Гудман – это уже больше, чем обычный магазин. Это символ целой эпохи. A documentary film about how the most expensive department store managed to conquer Fashion Olympus.


Vintage, vintage, vintage ... Watch everyone who feels awe as soon as he hears this word.

This is not a fully-fledged movie, it’s a series of programs about a vintage clothing and jewelry store, which is located in Los Angeles, as well as about its beautiful owner Doris and her staff.

- Which celebrities are purchased in a vintage shop?

- Where does Doris get her masterpieces?

- What is the "grail" in the vintage business?

You will learn this and much more by watching “High vintage in Los Angeles”


Want to see the creative workshop of the Gucci fashion house? Then watch this movie soon! He is like V.I.P. pass to the holy of holies!


Documentary about the most stylish women in New York in the 65+ category. These beauties are the main characters of the blog Advanced Style, who inspired whole generations and once again proved that real beauty does not give way to time. Bright, stylish, elegant and young at heart, despite the fact that some have already celebrated the 95th anniversary. If old age, then only this!

IRIS (2014)

Well, who does not know Iris Apfel. Incredible outfits, round glasses and crazy decorations - three whales, on which this style is built ... the language does not turn to call her grandmother! Watching everyone who still thinks that after 30 you cannot wear colored tights and pink skirts above the knee.


A film that clothes can also take part in politics, as they are always greeted on clothes.

The story of the talented craftsmen who created the outfits for the royal family of the Joseon dynasty. Watch everyone who is fascinated by Asia and fashion.

DIOR AND I (2014)

Dreaming about internship in Dior. You are welcome. This film is a free hour and a half practice in the walls of a fashion house. The film has a magical effect - the effect of presence. Your his. In the workshops, where the masterpieces are happening.

A painstaking process, a huge team that has been working for weeks on creating something that zips along the runway in a minute. Magic! Magic! Art!


Unique Kate Winslet in the grotesque comedy "Revenge of Couture." The story of how a glamorous girl returns to her hometown and fights for the goodwill of her neighbors, starting ... changing their style. For the entire film, Kate turns from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans at least a dozen women. And then hard revenge :-)

BAL (2016)

A film about how the Metropolitan Museum is preparing for the most significant event of the year - the Met Gala Ball. Here, Anna Wintour, and Galliano, and Gauthier - gathered all the industries of the industry. The picture is a bit like the “September issue”, but this effect is created solely because of the presence of Wintour and her “chill”. In fact, the film is a little about something else. How to decorate the hall? How to seat the guests? What questions to prepare for an interview with Rihanna?

"Ball" is an opportunity to briefly touch the most unattainable world of fashion, art and pry celebrities.


A gift from the British Vogue - a documentary series about the work of the magazine. The editors of television journalists were not allowed in for a hundred years, but in honor of the centenary anniversary they made an exception. This is not to see not in the aforementioned “September issue” not in the “Ball”.

Ghostly Thread (2017)

London 50s. Successful designer Reynolds Woodcock sews outfits for the queen, actresses and just rich people. He is a genius and now his finest hour. But the story takes an unexpected turn with the appearance in the life of the young master Alma.

A picture about art, fashion and love! Looks in the same breath.


One of the most closed designers for the first time allowed to shoot their workshops. There is a lot about creativity and the personal life of a genius.

In general, this film is about the fact that those who wear clothes also change the world a little bit.

Diane Vreeland: Eye must travel

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

A documentary about the "high priestess of fashion" Diane Vreeland - a cult observer and editor of fashion magazines. She has collaborated with publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and also oversaw exhibitions held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This is a film about a rebel who embodied everything she wanted.

Fur: ​​An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Fur: ​​An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

From the window of her apartment in New York, Diana Arbus sees a figure in a mask - a mysterious new neighbor. Intrigued, Diana wants to take a picture of him and goes to his apartment. From this begins her journey, which reveals the most secret secrets of Diana, awakens her genius, and also directs the path of an outstanding artist.

Helmut Newton: High Photography

Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge

The film tells about the German-Australian photographer and photo artist Helmut Newton, who was very prolific and often imitated, whose provocative erotic black-and-white photos did not leave the pages and decorated the covers of Vogue and other publications. The eroticism of his work sometimes balances on the verge of shocking revelations, but this is what made the photographer a world celebrity.

Exit through the souvenir shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop

The film tells an incredible, but true story of how in Los Angeles an eccentric bourgeois of French origin, becoming a documentary filmmaker, tried to find the most mysterious underground graffiti artist Banksy and make friends with him.

Bill Cunningham. New York

Bill Cunningham New York

Thin and funny documentary portrait of 80-year-old Bill Cunningham, beloved by The New York Times fashion photographer, who is famous throughout the world for his weekly column "On the Street".

The film describes the story of the short but dramatic events of the life of a Negro artist, a representative of the Manhattan bohemia Jean-Michel Basquiat against the backdrop of the artistic life of New York.

Milton Glazer: From Information and Delight

Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight

Known as the co-founder of The New York Magazine and founder of the campaign I Love NY, Milton Glazer is almost a legend. This film consists mainly of conversations with a great designer. He tells how ideas of famous projects came to him and why he devoted his whole life to art.

Clean lines, open spaces

Clean Lines, Open Spaces

The documentary describes the result of a construction boom in the United States after World War II. It explains in detail why modern design of the mid-century, being considered cold and unattractive, became a by-product of post-war optimism and reflected the nation’s dedication to building a new future.

Beauty is a little embarrassing.

Beauty is embarrassing

An ingenious and funny documentary study of the life and work of Wayne White, his journey from the underground multiplier from the East Village to one of the authors of the famous television show, awarded many Emmy Awards. White created images and concepts that have become an integral part of pop culture. And whether the world recognizes the results or not - it does not matter.

About modern Russian design

The modern russian design

The film by Sergey Shanovich is the first attempt in Russia to systematize the experience of the work of Soviet and Russian designers in the format of a documentary film. The first of the four films of the project “The Modern Russian Design” is devoted to graphic design and introduces us to more than 60 speakers: from industrial design masters in the USSR to successful modern designers.

Saint Laurent. Style is me (2014)

The end of the 1960s, the fashion house of young Yves Saint Laurent is flourishing, and the designer himself is experiencing a heady success and despair. At bohemian Parisian parties, in Marrakesh, in the paintings of Warhol and the books of Proust, Saint-Laurent seeks answers to questions and inspiration. But only such a sophisticated director as Bertrand Bonello can not only tell the story of a unique fashion designer, but also create a portrait of the era with its dialogues, exorbitant entertainment and the ability to live every moment of life beautifully.

Top Model (2016)

When a new model from the provinces Emma receives an invitation to one of the leading fashion agencies, she, without a second doubt, goes to meet her dream in Paris. At one of the photo shoots, she meets a successful and attractive photographer Shane White, whom she falls in love with. However, the fashion world dictates its own conditions, and what initially developed for her like a fairy tale begins to gradually develop into a dangerous obsession and a real nightmare.

High Fashion (1994)

Paris Fashion Week! Extravaganza of passions. On the podium, and even more - outside of it! In a kaleidoscope of stars in a madness reporters dart. One of them is the persistent Kitty Potter. Her task is not to miss anything. There is a lot of gossip, misunderstanding and intrigue!

Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

Photos that makes Laura Mars enjoy scandalous fame in New York. Staged scenes depicting the murder - her seahorse. One day, strange visions start to bother Laura: she sees the murders of her best friends, sees through the eyes of a murderer.

Enlarged photography (1966)

The main character is a famous, talented young photographer, the prototype of which was either Bert Stern, or David Bailey, which is more likely.

Once, while working in a city park, he accidentally shoots a strange couple that interested him. And then ... through the seemingly romantic seemingly seemingly criminal ... Events unfold, without clarifying anything ... On greatly enlarged frames, something that the simple glance does not catch ... seems to all ... Or it all just seems ...

Funny little face (1957)

The story of how the touching saleswoman from the bookstore Joanna became the "face" of a glamorous fashion magazine. And the photographer of the same magazine Dick helped her in this. Joanna agreed to this adventure only because of Professor Flaster, who advocates dubious values, but nonetheless gathered fans from many countries.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Dreaming to become a journalistic provincial girl, Andy at the end of the university gets the position of assistant to the all-powerful Miranda Priestly, a despotic editor of one of the largest New York fashion magazines. Andy has always dreamed of such work, not knowing what kind of nervous tension it will be associated with ...

Coco to Chanel (2009)

“Coco to Chanel” is a filmed biography telling about the legendary personality - designer Coco Chanel. The plot focuses on the time when she was not yet a famous trendsetter, who wore a men's suit and a little black dress on a woman, and was called Gabrielle Chanel.

Mademoiselle C (2013)

The film-biography of the director Fabien Constant "Mademoiselle C" tells about one of the most influential figures in the fashion world - the former chief editor of the Paris magazine Vogue Karin Roitfeld, who has held this post for ten successful and scandalous years. The picture is a kaleidoscope of plots from the real life of a glossy backstage with fashion-backstage and comments from fashionable persons.

After Vogue, Karin waited for the most serious test of her life - she opened her own magazine, CR Fashion Book in New York.

Dior and Me (2014)

When the Belgian Raf Simons just took the post of creative director of the fashion house Dior, replacing John Galliano in this position, he had only eight weeks to prepare a new women's collection. For comparison: usually four to eight months are allocated for this task. The documentary film “Dior and Me” gives the viewer the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the fashion house and see who helped Simons realize his ideas for the first fashion show for Dior and what it cost him.