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Ideal options for summer children's holiday


Summer is the warmest, brightest and positive season of the year. Most schoolchildren and students are looking forward to the onset of summer holidays from the very New Year. With summer sometimes associated with many plans and hopes. We offer you a proven way to make your holidays as bright and intense as possible. Make in advance your own list of "100 things you need to do in the summer," and then you will definitely spend time interesting and bright!

Activate summer mode!

1. Create a new daily routine.

Summer holidays are a reason to take a break from the alarm clock. Getting up a few hours later than usual or waking up at dawn during this period is just your own business. Do not forget that you should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

2. Meet the dawn.

Even if you plan to sleep in the summer before lunch, at least 1-2 times try to get up at dawn. To meet the sunrise is equally pleasant in the city and in nature.

3. Walk every day.

The most important position in any list of “100 things that a teenager needs to do in summer” is walks. Do not be lazy to go to the fresh air, even if there is nobody to walk with or the weather is overcast. On the coolest and rainy days, you can “stroll” on your own balcony or near an open window.

4. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is not necessary to refuse ice cream and pizza, but fresh fruits and vegetables should be the basis of the summer diet.

5. Clean up the closet.

Warm weather is a reason to put down jackets and jackets for storage, as well as to review your summer wardrobe!

6. Get rid of all the excess.

Sort out clothes that you no longer want to wear. Tidy up your school supplies. The beginning of summer is a reason to sell last year’s textbooks and make room for new outfits in the closet.

7. Plan your summer.

Check with your parents and friends for your summer plans. Perhaps you are waiting for a trip to the sea or summer camp?

8. Make a list of summer purchases.

Perhaps you have long wanted to buy a kite, a new bicycle or accessories for sports in the open air? Do not forget to stock up on various little things like bubbles and water guns.

9. Decorate the room.

Create a summer mood is a snap. Rearrange the furniture in the room, hang a bright picture in the frame and add a colorful decor to the interior.

10. Make your own "card of desires."

Remember all that long dreamed of. Set aside free time in order to create a personal "wish list", or paste pictures with the image of everything desired on a large sheet of paper.

Beauty and Health Care

11. Make a henna pattern or temporary tattoo.

Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with your own appearance. Try to make a fashionable translated tattoo or draw something interesting with henna on your own body.

12. Go shopping.

Buy bright T-shirts, trendy ripped jeans and comfortable sneakers. Or any other clothes you like.

13. Change your hairstyle.

Among the 100 things that a girl needs to do in the summer, there must be a point - “make a new haircut”. However, the guy will not be out of place for his hairstyle. Summer is a time for change, you can even try temporary hair coloring with colored mascara or special crayons.

14. Make shorts from old pants.

Try to remake something from old clothes. Did you know that it is not difficult to make original shorts out of an unnecessary pair of denim pants?

15. Top up your makeup bag.

This item on the summer list is for girls only. Although guys can also buy perfume and hair styling products.

16. Take care of your own appearance.

In three summer months you can have a lot. Perhaps you would like to improve your figure or get rid of skin imperfections? Stop dreaming - start acting!

17. Buy clothes for the beach.

Be sure to purchase at least two new swimwear.

18. Remember the taste of natural food.

Do not be lazy to find and purchase farm dairy products, wild berries and village vegetables.

19. Instill yourself good habits.

Scientists have shown that any new habit is formed in 21 days. In the summer, it's time to train yourself to go in for sports systematically, tempering, or just to become more responsible and punctual.

20. Buy new sunglasses.

In addition to the fashion accessory, you can also purchase products to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Unforgettable city breaks

21. Draw pictures on asphalt.

Remember the childhood and depict a simple sun, or try to create a real masterpiece.

22. Take a ride on the rides.

Highlight one day to visit the amusement park.

23. Let the soap bubbles.

Believe me, this is as much fun as in childhood!

24. Photograph the sights of your native city.

Charge the camera and go for a walk.

25. Have a picnic.

In the list of "100 things that need to be done in the summer necessarily" just need to make a point - "to organize a picnic in the fresh air."

26. Read interesting books.

Make your own bibliography for the summer.

27. Do not forget to lie on the grass!

Even if most of the holidays will have to spend in the city, be sure to take the time for a raid into the park, where walking on the lawns is not prohibited.

28. Eat watermelon and ice cream every day.

Try to eat plenty of the most delicious summer treats.

29. Go to museums, movies and exhibitions.

Do not be lazy to learn something new and expand your horizons.

30. Try to find a seasonal job.

During the summer holidays, you can solidly replenish your own piggy bank, if you find a part-time job for soul and strength.


31. Take a boat trip.

Be sure to conquer this summer river, lake or pond.

32. Launch a kite.

This is entertainment without age restrictions!

33. Ride your bike.

If it is possible, give up completely on transport trips in favor of a two-wheeled horse.

34. Master your skateboard or roller skates.

Make up your list of "100 Freaky Things to Do in the Summer"? Be sure to try to learn to ride roller skates or skateboard.

35. Climb up on a tall tree.

Another great way to remember your childhood is to climb trees again.

36. Run in the park.

Regular jogging is a sport available for everyone.

37. Exercise every day.

In the summer it is especially pleasant to play sports, start doing morning exercises or repeat a set of exercises daily.

38. Play team sports.

Football, basketball and volleyball are great summer leisure activities with friends.

39. Collect mushrooms and berries.

In the warm season it is very pleasant to go for a walk in the forest. Collected mushrooms and berries can be a nice bonus.

40. Jump over the fire.

For example, on the feast of Ivan Kupala. The main thing - do not forget about caution and safety.

Holiday in the countryside

41. Go fishing.

And catch the biggest fish.

42. Go hiking.

If possible, arrange an overnight stay in a tent. But a one-day hike will bring no less positive emotions.

43. Bake in the fire potatoes.

Culinary talent is not required, just bury the tubers well in the embers.

44. Fire kebab or barbecue.

In addition to meat, on an open fire, you can deliciously cook vegetables and fish.

45. Live a week without internet.

Take a break from the virtual space, just do not turn on the computer for 7 days.

46. ​​Work in the garden.

During the rest in the village do not be lazy to help water, weed and harvest.

47. Make an herbarium.

Collect beautiful wild plants and carefully dry them between the pages of the book.

48. Walk barefoot in the morning dew.

Make sure that there are no debris and sharp branches under your feet - and go!

49. Ride a horse.

Walks on horseback give a lot of positive emotions.

50. Photograph nature.

Arm yourself with a camera and fix the flowering of meadow grasses, the flight of a butterfly, a rainbow, the beauty of the forest and local water bodies.

Rest by the water

51. Swim as you like.

In the summer heat there is nothing more pleasant than going to the beach!

52. Sunbathe to bronze color.

Do not forget to smear with a protective cream!

53. Build a sand castle.

Or try to build another interesting figure.

54. Find a shell or a stone for memory.

Be sure to take your trophy from the beach!

55. Swim in the fountain.

Sometimes this is the most effective way to cool down on a hot day.

56. Bury yourself in the sand.

Ask friends to bury you so that one head is visible.

57. Dive while swimming.

Learn to swim underwater, dive from bridges and towers on the beach.

58. Visit the water park.

And ride from the highest hills.

59. Learn to swim.

Do not forget to take with you an inflatable circle for the first lessons.

60. Go on a cruise or river trip.

If possible, be sure to swim on the boat or boat.

Try something new!

61. Think of what the clouds look like.

One of the 100 things to do in the summer is to look at the sky more often.

62. Do not hide from the rain.

If you suddenly found a warm rain, try not to open the umbrella.

63. Eat an exotic fruit.

Be sure to choose one that you have never tried before.

64. Discover the cuisine of other countries.

Visit the national restaurant of another state or try to cook something on your own according to a previously unknown recipe.

65. Enroll in courses.

Find topics that you like: needlework, programming, or vocational training.

66. Learn a foreign language.

If you memorize about 10 foreign words daily, in six months you will be able to communicate at the household level with native speakers.

67. Take care of self-education.

Try every day to learn some new facts, read encyclopedias and watch documentaries.

68. Find new places in your hometown.

Sometimes interesting sights are in the next street.

69. Learn the traditions of the countries of the world.

Discovering the culture of other nations is an incredibly exciting experience.

70. Engage in sports.

Perhaps you have long wanted to enroll in the sports section?

Vacation with friends

71. Arrange a water battle!

Prepare bottles and water guns in advance.

72. Play badminton.

All that is needed for this game is a pair of rackets, a shuttlecock and a reliable partner.

73. Exercise on the street.

In the warm season, you can arrange a real tournament on pull-ups or push-ups in the open air.

74. Go to a concert or city festival.

Attending such events will be an excellent leisure option.

75. Write real letters.

Discard the use of modern innovations with friends and exchange paper letters.

76. Sing songs with a guitar.

In any company there is a person who can play the guitar.

77. Become a volunteer.

In the list of "100 things to be done in the summer" I want to make something useful. Why not try yourself as a volunteer? Volunteers are needed today for animal shelters and the most diverse social organizations.

78. Communicate in person.

In the summer it is much more pleasant to meet friends more often in person than to communicate on social networks and by phone.

79. Celebrate new holidays for yourself.

You can have a lot of fun if you think about such dates as the holiday of Ivan Kupala, the day of Neptune or the International Day of Hugs. Create a personal holiday calendar.

80. Weave a wreath of flowers.

Having learned the art of weaving wreaths, you can have fun and make bright photos.

Summer with family

81. Go to visit relatives who have not seen for a long time.

You can write a letter to those who live in other cities.

82. Have a family weekend.

Do not hesitate to call parents, brothers and sisters for a walk together or go on nature.

83. Give mother flowers.

In the summer to please the most dear person is not difficult.

84. Help your parents.

Do not refuse to perform household chores and offer your help at every opportunity.

85. Take a trip to the village.

Be sure to have time over the summer to visit relatives living in a village or a nearby town.

86. Take pictures with your parents.

One of the most important 100 things to do in the summer is to take a picture with your parents. If desired, you can even arrange a whole photo shoot.

87. Spend the day with a brother or sister.

If you have a younger sister or brother, do not be lazy to spend with her (him) all day.

88. Help equip the cottage.

Suggest parents to buy or do something interesting for the summer house with their own hands.

89. Learn from your parents.

We often hesitate to ask parents for help or to consult with them. Bring in your top 100 things you need to do in the summer, the item "to learn something interesting from your own parents."

90. Prepare breakfast for parents.

Surprise your mom and dad at the weekend, getting up early and making delicious pancakes or scrambled eggs.

Do not forget to prepare for the fall

91. Collect natural material for crafts.

Stock up with twigs, moss, shells and cones, from which you can create true masterpieces on rainy autumn evenings.

92. Take at least one photo every day.

Bright pictures can be reviewed and cheer yourself up.

93. Make a collage of the best photos.

Collect all the brightest summer shots, put them in one frame and decorate the interior of your own room.

94. Visit seasonal sales.

In the list of "100 things that need to be done in the summer with friends", it is necessary to include a shopping trip. At the beginning of the warm season you can buy cheap things for the winter, and at the end, pay attention to the elimination of summer collections.

95. Understand the computer.

Sort out all unnecessary documents and organize the folders on your desktop.

96. Plant a plant.

Try to grow something from seeds and enjoy the view of fresh green all year round.

97. Harvest spicy herbs and medicinal plants.

Mint and lemon balm are excellent additives to tea, and basil can be used in cooking meat dishes.

98. Enroll in preparatory courses.

Usually in the autumn it is not easy to engage in the learning process. It is useful to include in the number of 100 things that a teenager needs to do in the summer, the need to enroll in August for preparatory courses or for a private tutor.

99. Get ready for school.

Before the beginning of the school year, you must purchase office supplies and teaching aids, start doing this in advance.

100. Make a to-do list for autumn.

Summer ends, and it is very sad. But do not forget that you can make yourself no less bright and eventful autumn!

Reviews of summer affairs lists

The list of summer affairs, according to teenagers, is a very useful thing for everyone. Many of us sometimes just do not know what to do. The crib with the option of leisure and important things will save from idleness and help you get a lot of new impressions. Try it and write down your own 100 things to do in the summer right now.

What is there beyond the horizon?

Of course, if you consider it necessary, then the children's summer vacation can be organized abroad. It is absolutely easy, you just need to have financial opportunity, a package of necessary documents for a particular country, and, of course, be patient, because not every parent will be able to decide to leave their children in distant countries.

  • Since children are at such a stage of development that they capture everything on the fly, a trip abroad is a great way to improve both language skills and communication and behavior skills in an unfamiliar situation.
  • Infrastructure, health care system is well developed abroad, the level of comfort is much higher than in our local camps.
  • An excellent opportunity to begin to learn the world, in the full sense of the word, from an early age, the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the globe.

Usually children are lodged in hotels, there are no more than 4 people in the rooms, even the cheapest vouchers will be able to provide quite comfortable living conditions. But, of course, not everything is so perfect, there are also disadvantages of such trips.

For example, the fact that the menu offered in foreign vouchers may confuse you a little, because you will not find in it usual soups and porridges, dairy products are also practically absent.

And it is worth knowing that your child should be quite independent, because the nannies and counselors are not there, no one will look after your child every minute. Animators work with children there, and their responsibilities are somewhat different.

Of course, a holiday abroad can hardly compare with anything, but be careful when choosing a particular camp. Before you buy a ticket, then learn about the curriculum, which must necessarily be included in such trips.

The organization of children's activities in the summer abroad is a serious matter, remember that children under 10 years old need all classes to be in a playful way. If you want to send your child to summer language education, then the best option is Malta. where training is based on the local school, and the rest of the time children spend at the seaside.

Each parent has the right to decide how and where his next child will spend the next summer, but remember that childhood is short, try to ensure that your child has only the best and brightest memories of him, and the knowledge and skills acquired in such camps can Become a nice bonus in their adult life.

Sea resorts

Classics of the genre. Большинство родителей считают именно поездку на море наиболее оздоравливающим и общеукрепляющим вариантом летнего отдыха с ребенком.

The following arguments are usually given:

  • The benefits of seawater
  • Use of sea air
  • The benefits of swimming
  • The benefits of staying in the sun, tanning

From this list, doctors agree 100% only with the first two points (about water and air). The composition of sea water is really good for the skin, and the salty sea air is for the respiratory organs.

But these utility may outweigh the fat minus: the benefit of being in the sun is a myth!

Yes, vitamin D. However, at sea it is neither more nor less than in any other place, even in the city. But the risk of getting a sun or heat stroke for a baby is much higher than for an adult, and the effects of burning (sunburn) on children are much more serious!

To avoid this, the stay on the beach (and not under the scorching sun, but under a beach umbrella with occasional run-ups from under it) for kids under 5 should be limited - until 10 am and after five in the evening, and for children 5-10 years - until 11 in the morning and from 4 in the afternoon.

By the way, staying on the beach in the afternoon and before 15.00 is also extremely unhealthy for adults!

In addition, it is undesirable to relax with small children in seaside resorts that are characterized by a hot and humid climate (for example, Thailand) - this creates an additional burden on the cardiovascular system of the baby!

As for swimming, its benefits are unquestionable. However, if a child really knows how to swim!

Yes, and seriously consider that a week of sea bathing will prevent the development of scoliosis in a baby and truly strengthen its muscular system, it is impossible - for this you need systematic exercises for a long time (at least a few months!). Although, of course, it is possible to teach a child to swim in a single trip to the sea, but this concerns more likely children of school age.

Why else do parents choose a seaside summer holiday with a child?

Firstly, it is convenient - arrived, settled in the hotel, and then - no hassle, your routes may be limited by the "hotel-beach-dining" triangle. For lovers of passive recreation - what we need!

However, if mom and dad want a more active pastime (evening trips to a club or restaurant, longer than is desirable for a child, being on the beach, excursions, etc.) - problems begin!

If the child is small, there is no one to leave him in the room with him; on excursions he quickly begins to be bored and capricious ...

Therefore, planning a summer vacation with your child, be prepared to adjust your preferences to the needs of the baby. Or wait until the child is at least 10-12 years old!

Forest, river or lake

Less popular than the sea, but far from the worst option for summer holidays with children!

Forest air (especially in coniferous forests) is very useful, especially for children prone to frequent colds. There is less risk to suffer from excessive sunbathing, and swimming in the river for a child is no less interesting than in the sea!

It is in the forests that children's camps are often located, where shifts often last for a month, and the healing effect of coniferous aromas is complemented by sports games and other physical activity.

If a long summer vacation with a child in the forest seems boring to parents, then maybe the camp is a good way out! But, of course, only school-age children are taken there.

In general, it is the forest that can become an ideal option for rest with a baby up to 3 years old - most of the forest resorts and boarding houses offer comfortable conditions for families with children.

"Cultural" tourism

That is an active rest in places of interest with its history and culture - for example, European capitals.

Typically, such tourism involves a mode of “non-stop excursions” in the option of staying at a hotel in one city or daily bus transfers from city to city.

It can be hard even for an adult, so children under 13-14 years old on such tours should not be taken at all!

It is difficult for the child to adequately and fully perceive the entire flow of impressions that has befallen him, and for many hours of walking after the guide, a certain physical endurance is required!

Even if you want to please a 6-8-year-old kid with an unforgettable trip to Disneyland or show him the original smile of Mona Lisa, be prepared for what will take several years - and your child with an impassive face will say: “Nah, I don’t remember!” ...

Save the acquaintance with the cultural sights of the world is, rather, for a high school student - in 15-16 years the educational benefits of such a summer holiday for a child will be obvious!

Extreme tourism (“savage” trips, river rafting, etc.)

I met parents-extreme, who proudly told how their 5-year-old child lived with them in a tent for a week! Although, in fact, there is nothing to be proud of - the happiness that the child did not poison himself, was not injured in the field conditions, did not catch a cold, did not catch an infectious disease ...

"Extreme" requires good physical fitness, not inspiring fear of the state of health and resistance to various hiking trails.

Accordingly, an extreme summer vacation with a child is also better to be postponed until they reach the age of 15-16 - then the teenager will really be able to feel the beauty of “curbing the elements” on a par with adults.

Is there an alternative?

In fact, a summer holiday useful for a child may not require distant travels and large financial investments!

Up to 6 years of optimal requirements for summer holidays with a child - fresh air, mild climate and a change of scenery.

All this can be found even in the village with your grandmother or at your own summer cottage!

“Beautiful and Successful” wishes your family a successful holiday!

Camp at day school

The easiest type of organization of children's summer holidays. Opened at existing schools most often for one month-June.
The summer camp at the school must have an approved program for the shift, which contains a list of all the planned activities, food is provided in the camp in the school canteen and one quiet hour is provided. As educators usually work teachers of the school in which it is organized.
A variation of this type of recreation is summer shifts at Sunday schools, organized at local churches.

+ This type of recreation is fairly safe, as each school camp before the opening of the season is taken by a commission, which consists of representatives of the Federal Service for Supervision of Labor and Social Affairs, police, Emergencies Ministry, fire brigade and medical personnel.
+ Relatively inexpensive cost of the permit.

- A short period of rest (usually one month).
- This type of holiday will be of interest only for elementary school students.

Children's Country Health Camp

Institutions specializing in the organization of children's activities with children's stay around the clock.
The main task is to provide diverse leisure activities for pupils: rehabilitation, education, socialization. The camp was and remains the most popular form of recreation for children. Usually, children of school age are admitted to the country health camp.

Recently, many recreation options have begun to appear in suburban health camps: conducting specialized shifts, when recreation is combined with training, for example, a physics and mathematics school, a change of robotics, or a shift for children involved in rhythmic gymnastics, football, karate, and other sports.

+ The cost of the voucher depends on the location of the camp, the profile of the shift, additional services (from the most budgetary options to expensive ones with a long move or flight).
+ A ticket can be purchased for all three shifts.
+ Security. As well as school camps, children's suburban institutions are accepted by the commission, which consists of representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, police, Emergencies Ministry, fire brigade and medical personnel.

- Not all children can get used to this form of recreation.
“Students of pedagogical universities and colleges most often work as counselors and tutors.
- In some cases, a great distance from home.

Children's spa treatment

Organization of a complex of recreational and entertainment services for children in need of treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation.
This type of recreation is organized in health centers, sanatoriums in resort areas.


+ Wide range of price policy.
+ Organized leisure.

- For the most part, this type of summer vacation is possible only when accompanied by parents. Although recently began to appear proposals for group arrivals under the guidance of accompanying teachers.
- Long preparation for this type of rest: passing a medical commission, registration of a sanatorium-resort card.

Group and individual sightseeing tours

This type of holiday is mainly organized by travel agencies, which form groups for travel when accompanied by adult tutors.

+ Variety of offers for children's sightseeing tours.

- Psychological aspect: not every child is ready to travel accompanied by unfamiliar other children and adults.
- A less safe form of recreation than the previous ones.
- Usually such tours are organized for several days.
- Such a holiday is more suitable for teenagers.

Kindergarten graduate, but not yet a schoolboy.

And what do parents whose child graduated from kindergarten, but not yet a schoolboy? A situation familiar to many, when at the end of May-June a kindergarten holds graduation for future first-graders ... According to the law of the Russian Federation On Education, the school year ends on August 31, so any child has the right to attend kindergarten all summer, despite the fact that released.

In addition to these types, there are also various forms of organization of short-term childcare in various developmental centers, at universities (most universities now begin to hold summer profile shifts for schoolchildren.

Cattolica, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

The beaches of the Adriatic coast of Italy have never been awarded the status of "best", good - and only. Recently, however, the situation is beginning to change. For example, cozy Cattolica is now considered one of the ideal options for families with children. The clear sea, a gentle entry into the water and just an incalculable amount of entertainment for children throughout the coast and in the city itself is direct evidence of that.

Elafonisi, Crete, Greece

Ideal landscapes of this beach could well appear to you in a dream. Calm waters, fantastic sand, a tiny island opposite, which is so interesting to explore in the hot dining hours, as well as the gentle sun, the happy eyes of a child, and the next vacation, are ready to bet that you will spend it in Crete.

Coronado Island, San Diego, California

Not just a beach, but a whole "water world", this is the perfect sandy coast near the Coronado Hotel in San Diego is the best way for families with children. Unlike all other beaches in San Diego, it is forbidden to drink alcohol. The nearest noisy and dangerous water sports, such as bikes, are 15 miles down the coast. Do not hesitate: run on the ferry to spend the perfect day on this beach with the little ones.

Bophut and Chaweng, Samui Island, Thailand

Thailand can boast just a myriad of beautiful beaches, so choosing the best here is absolutely impossible. But we will try. Bophut Beach, which is 19 miles north of Chaweng, may well deserve this title, thanks to its perfect sand and gently sloping water. But still here, perhaps, too quiet for children. But Chaweng, offering its guests delicious eateries, entertainment of all sorts and a lot of kids from all over the world for playing together, deserves the status of "the best beach for families with children."

Palolem, Goa, India

Unlike other popular beaches of Goa, such as Benaulim, Colva, Calangute or Anjuna, the Palolem coast is located in a small protected bay, thanks to which a calm and comfortable lagoon, which has no analogues from Kerala to Mumbai, is nestled here.

Luxurious sand, well-developed infrastructure, as well as many hotels and restaurants that are designed to rest just family tourists - in stock.

St Georgios, Naxos Island, Greece

In walking distance from the miniature capital of the island of Naxos Chora is the beach of St. George - one of the best in all of Greece. And its azure, crystal clear waters make this place ideal for families with children. Naxos, like all the islands of Cyclades, can offer a lot (maybe hundreds) of magnificent beaches for kids of all ages - from babies to teenagers, but this year after year remains the favorite.

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Turned away from the harsh Caribbean winds, this beach offers a perfectly calm sea for children of all ages. The island of Isla Mujeres, located near the popular Mexican resort of Cancun, offers to leave the noisy hotel complexes on the mainland to enjoy the pure white sand on this island of peace, whose name translates very exquisitely - the "Island of Women".

Children's pool on the beach Cattoliki

Bright tourists on the island of Crete

Cattolica Aquarium