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How to become an actress


Each girl, watching some movie with a famous actress, at least once in her life represented herself in her place. Being an actress is an opportunity to try on different roles and live dozens of lives of characters from different eras in one life.

But the majority of girls do not dare to make their dream a reality. If you are a goal-oriented person and cannot imagine your life without the attention of others, then you are created for the profession of an actress.

From the outside it may seem that becoming an actress is very easy. But in fact, it is a very laborious process. It is necessary to work daily on yourself and invest in what you do, all your energy.

Pros and cons of the profession

Before devoting your life to the world of art, you must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the actress profession, as it may turn out that this is not at all what you need.

Indisputable advantages of this profession are:

  • Glory. People are starting to recognize you on the streets and in the shops. In some cases, this can help solve various problems.
  • Wealth. Who does not want to have a lot of money and spend it on everything that they want? Famous actresses receive multimillion-dollar fees and can afford big houses and luxury cars.
  • Ability to realize your talent.

A lot of this profession and cons, which include:

  • Busy schedule. The actress does not have an 8-hour working day. She should always stay in shape. You'll relax a little, and everyone has already forgotten about you. You must always work on yourself. If the actress is not engaged in a performance or filming a new film, then she must constantly improve her acting talent, and, of course, her body. Actresses of the theater have to disappear for months on tour, and film actresses sometimes have to stay on the stage almost the whole day, spending only a few hours to sleep.
  • High emotional and physical stress. People who are not connected with the world of cinema or theater, it may seem that the actress to be easy. But this is a very exhausting profession. You need to be able to emotionally demonstrate a dry text, while completely reincarnating into a character. Not everyone can do it. In addition, some roles require the actress of good physical fitness. She has to perform various tricks or stay in extreme conditions for a long time, for example, swim in cold water, crawl in the mud or act in the cold in light clothing.
  • Lack of privacy. Despite numerous fans, actresses often fail to build long-term relationships with anyone. The busy schedule is to blame. Constant shooting or rehearsal of the play takes the actress most of the time, since for her work in the cinema or theater is the meaning of her life, and therefore she will always come first. Few of the beloved will put up with it. If you decide to become an actress, then be prepared for the fact that you can not always be close to your loved ones.
  • Compulsive fans and paparazzi. Glory has a downside - publicity. Every step of yours will be watched by the ubiquitous paparazzi, and as soon as you stumble, the general public will know right away.
  • Big competition. Profession actress is very popular. Be prepared for numerous castings and failures. Your whole life will be one continuous competition. Only famous actresses directors themselves offer roles, and beginners have to look for projects in which they can take part. But first, they need to get around dozens of the same girls who want to get the part.

What is needed in order to become an actress?

If after all of the above, you still firmly decided to become an actress, then boldly proceed to making your dreams come true. What is necessary for this?

In addition to your desire, perseverance and talent, professional education plays a big role. In history, of course, there were cases when simple waitresses became world famous actresses, but this most often happened in western countries. In our latitudes, education is an important condition for the start of a professional career.

Before you decide to enroll in an educational institution, try your hand at acting schools or school theater groups. There you will be able to decide on whether the profession of an actress is right for you or not? In addition, it is a great opportunity to learn how to speak to an audience and overcome your fear of public speaking.

After that, you can try to enroll in any drama school or university. It is best to go to conquer Moscow, since it is there that there are such famous theater schools as the Moscow Art Theater, GITIS, VGIK, Schukinsky Theater School and Shchepkinsky Theater School. It is Moscow that is the center of domestic cinema.

So studying in these universities will help you start as an actress. You will be able to learn acting skills from outstanding teachers and actors. In addition, you will receive a lot of skills that you will definitely need during your work.

Preparing to enter the theater university?

Competition in theatrical universities is very large. Usually more than 200 people per seat. Therefore, you need to properly prepare for admission. Seriously go to the choice of material for the entrance exams. Prepare a fable, a poem and a prose excerpt.

Many and persistently rehearse in front of a mirror. Your speech should be clear and loud. Also prepare some kind of dance or song, as the commission may ask you to perform something like that. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Improvise if you don't know what to do. The main thing - do not stand like an idol. It would not be superfluous to pre-practice choreography and vocal. Also, be sure to read at least the basic creations of classical literature in order not to look like an ignoramus in the eyes of the commission.

In addition, you still need to prepare for a colloquium on the history of theater and drama. A list of necessary literature for this can be found in the booklets for applicants.

Try to enter at once in several universities. This will increase your chances. If you didn’t manage to do it the first time, try to pass the entrance exams in the next academic year again. But remember that the chances of admission decrease with increasing age. A 22-year-old girl has virtually no chance of becoming an entrant to a coveted university.

As for the exterior? It is not important. Beautiful face does not help you become an actress, if you do not have charisma and talent. Therefore, do not adjust yourself to the standards of beauty. Be an individual. In the history of cinema and theater there are many cases when the actors, who, in the opinion of most people, were far from the usual canons of beauty, achieved incredible success thanks to their talent.

If you have failed to enter the drama school, but the desire to become an actress is not lost, you can try your hand at television. Even shooting in advertising can help you make your dreams come true. There were cases when the stars of advertising became film actors without special education.

If you have successfully passed the entrance exams, then this is half the success. Now you can learn all the subtleties of acting. In addition, students of theater universities after graduation are often invited to work in theaters, and directors are more willing to offer roles to people with vocational education.

However, do not expect that you will immediately begin to receive offers from famous playwrights. At first, you will have to look like numerous castings for which you will not get a single refusal. But do not despair. Keep going to your dream meeting.

Learn from failures and improve. Agree to even small roles. Your task is to get on the TV screen. Over time, you will begin to offer more serious roles and, perhaps, someday the famous director will notice your talent and make you an offer you have been dreaming about all your life.

What you need to become an actress

Many girls consider their appearance ugly for the acting profession. But, think for a minute - are all actresses with a model appearance and are we interested in watching films with the participation of only long-legged beauties with flawless appearance? No, because one appearance cannot convey the character of a hero, but in combination with a suit and words, an image appears. In theater schools all students are different, there are no identical types. Therefore, the first step, before becoming an actress, is to get rid of the complexes and work on yourself. You and your image should be remembered by the viewer - this is the key to success.

With the complexes and appearance, we decided. Now let's proceed directly to the acting profession. There are several options:

  • You can enroll in a theater school at the acting faculty and learn from the masters of their craft. In this case, the path to glory on the big stage is open to you. But before that you need to finish drama studio. Remember, to become an actress, you need to train. Choose a good teacher for yourself, look at the works of his students and, if you are satisfied with everything, feel free to sign up for his classes,
  • If you are thinking about how to become a famous actress from early childhood, then in this case you should take individual lessons from several teachers in order to master the basics of this profession as quickly as possible. It is also worth attending all sorts of acting training and casting - for you now it is a ray of hope,
  • Well, if you want to make yourself a rich portfolio, and in the future to become a sought-after actress, it is best to come to the theater and offer your help as a volunteer. In many productions there are occasional roles due to which you can be noticed. Offer the director of the production your services, noting that you have initial knowledge of acting and are ready to work for a minimal fee. Most likely, he will agree. So you will gain invaluable experience, learn to interact with other actors and the audience.

Casting in the life of an actress

To understand how to become a famous actress, you need to go through many castings. You will not find that at first you are lucky. It happens, but very rarely. At the first casting you need to get comfortable and watch the selection process. But do not give up, and suddenly get lucky? Remember one thing - do not get lost. Focus on your partner and do not look into the camera without the request of the director. Forget about the film crew - for you it is not. Restraint leave aside and show the planned image.

Constantly hone your skills, and good luck is sure to smile at you.

How to become an actress, and even famous? Complex issue. From one thousand graduates of theatrical universities, few become stars. But if you decide to become famous and in demand, then weigh all the pros and cons, as the profession of an actress is very complicated and requires sacrifice. If you think that the game is worth the candle, then all the cards in your hands. Achieve the goal and do not regret anything!

Profession Actress

Being an actress is considered prestigious in all countries of the world where cinema is developed. Good actors get generous fees, which, of course, we know from the network and other sources. However, acting is hard work, despite external idleness and brilliance.

Being interested in how to become an actress, we must evaluate the following important and especially pleasant feature of this profession: age is not a hindrance. We will be very young or already retired, you can always discover your acting talent and become a sought-after professional.

Theater actress

The theater is an ancient art form, very specific, but charming. It is required from the theater actress to create an emotion-rich, extremely vivid image on the theater stage, with hundreds of eyes of the audience gazing at her. This is the most important feature of work on the stage: interaction with the viewer takes place in real time, directly.

There is a big responsibility on the actress of the theater: you have to perfectly rehearse the role, memorize every word and every movement of the character. During the performance, a professional theater actress cannot be mistaken: get lost in cues or forget where the partner appears from which corner of the stage. Given that a person can never be mistaken, in cases where an oversight on the stage is allowed, professional actresses are saved by the ability to improvise and charisma. The first of these qualities can be developed in oneself when the second is still laid at birth.

The main task of the theater actress

The task of the theater actress is to create a voluminous artistic image on the stage. It must be multifaceted and "alive", and for this the actress fully lives in the image of her character.

However, the most important task of the actress of the theatrical scene is to cause the viewer's reaction to her play. This is acting talent, and it also leads to success in this field.

Movie actress

Movie actresses are very popular due to the fact that modern viewers mostly prefer movies. In addition, film actresses receive much higher fees than employees of the theatrical scene.

At the same time, the actress of the movie screen is no less difficult to work than the theater. Her professional duties include the study of the personality of her hero and his incarnation in front of the movie camera. The only “indulgence” for the film actress is that it is possible to take a few takes. At the same time she needs to take care to show herself in a favorable light in front of the camera. It is known that the camera "loves" not all people, so this factor is important in the career of a film actress.

The actress has to find a common language with a huge number of people with whom she has to work. Directors, screenwriters, colleagues in the film (TV series) - all need to work together for the highest possible result.

What you need to become an actress?

In order to become a successful recognizable actress in demand for filming or theatrical productions, you need to have a whole bunch of professional qualities and natural talents. A good springboard for the start gives acting education in special educational institutions.

In professional acting, not every girl can express herself. It will require, again, innate talent, improved by the mass of skills developed by themselves.

So, the actress for a successful career, in addition to all the above, you need natural charm, charisma, readiness to fully give yourself to work, to get used to the image of another person to the smallest details, even if you don’t like the person herself. The big plus for the actress is the presence of a well-set voice, an excellent memory for memorizing large volumes of text.

The skill in actresses is the ability to improvise, to bring in each role, even 100% patterned, its own zest. Many great actors are extremely energetic and spontaneous people.

Also, before deciding whether to be an actress, you need to soberly assess whether you can withstand a busy shooting schedule, heavy loads on the set or stage, because in the script you will have to run, jump, and maybe fly or climb along the sheer the rock.

Acting training

Acting skills are taught in special schools. To enroll in such a higher or secondary school, some preparation is necessary.

At the interview you will be asked to play a character or recite a favorite poem (fable). You may not be given specific tasks, and then you can present a prepared sketch. But most likely, you will be called a very specific character. Here you need to be prepared for any surprises, such as playing an attack Volan de Mort on Harry Potter or a mushroom in the autumn rain. You will need a rich imagination, public speaking skills and self-discipline.

For all these reasons, enrollment in a theatrical institution of higher learning is considered a great achievement, and obtaining a higher theatrical education is even more significant. For all the importance of education, the full self-development of the actress, both during and after its receipt, is extremely important. In fact, the training of the actress never ends.

Features of admission to university

If you are going to learn acting skills, it is worth analyzing your possibilities. Predisposition to be an artist is necessary, otherwise even the most competent and diligent training will result in a waste of time. With the availability of suitable data, you can safely continue the path to your dream.

Thoroughly prepared for any assignments that may be thrown by the selection committee, you need to decide where to go to the actress you better. Оптимальный вариант – сначала выбрать удобный город, если в вашем нет нужных учебных заведений, а затем подать документы, куда только можете. Не пропускайте ни театральные училища, ни один актерский факультет в университетах и институтах культуры. Так вы сможете быть всегда в курсе дела, всегда на месте и готовы к прохождению нескольких отборочных туров, посещению подготовительных курсов и прочим другим ситуациям.

Перед началом отборочных туров посетите кафедры выбранных вузов, соберите максимум информации о предстоящем поступлении, побеседуйте с педагогами. Неплохо будет также пообщаться с учащимися этих вузов, поскольку те могут дать ценные советы, как люди, прошедшие через все то, что вам лишь предстоит. Students of such a call can advise how to behave with a teacher if he is in the admissions office. Nobody will advise you this anymore, including the teachers themselves. While communicating with people, do not forget to be polite and courteous, but also do not hide your identity in order to be able to get some kind of “credibility”.

Is it possible to become an actress without education?

If you do not have the time, the desire or the opportunity to go through a long study at the university, it is logical to ask how to become an actress without education and whether it can be done at all.

Judging by the experience of famous personalities from Western countries, it is possible. You just need to strongly want and not be lazy.

Secrets of famous self-taught actresses

The answer to this question is obvious: in Western countries, most famous actresses have no special education. At the same time they are popular, successful and professional in their work. Their secret, of course, is in their innate abilities and sense of purpose. Many of them from early youth, feeling a burning desire to break into the top of the actor's world, began to work out the necessary skills, attended castings and reviews. They were taken for participation in the smallest, insignificant project, gradually making their way to more prestigious and paid ones. They could simply not have time for acting education, but there was time for work.

Among our beautiful actresses, such examples also exist. These are Alyona Babenko, Yuliya Snigir and others. There are many more such examples in Hollywood: Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Marilyn Monroe. Moreover, these megastars did not receive any education (even full school). At first, due to poverty or other barriers, then they simply had no time for that.

Being an actress means a lot, without interruption, to work on yourself. Before becoming an actress, start to take the first steps towards the dream, you need to understand yourself in order to ascertain their prospects.

Preparation for entering the theatrical university should be thorough. After all, you have to show your talent in front of the commission, which previously saw hundreds of such enthusiasts. Impress - the most important task during the passage of all stages of admission to the university on the actress. All the time after graduation, you will also need to self-improve in order to grow and achieve great success.

Without special education there are also chances to become an actress. In this case, the focus should be the dedication and natural gift to the game to the public.

These are the results of our article. In it, we have dismantled some moments of the bright dreams of many girls - how to become an actress of a movie or theater, to be successful and in demand. We hope you were interested in reading the material, and you were able to learn something new for yourself from the article.

What to do to become a theater and film actor

In early childhood, kids show acting talents - they sing, dance, recite poems. With age, it passes. But often at age 14, a teenager with confidence declares to his parents that he wants to become a famous actor of a theater or cinema. How to help a child with a choice, what skills need to be developed? Where to study, and what should a novice artist know? After all, one "want" to build a career is not enough. We will have to work hard, constantly evolve and improve.

Required qualities

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of how to become a professional theater or movie actor. Actor's activity is a combination of skills, abilities, personal qualities.

If a teenager at the age of 14 prefers to spend all day passively, sleep a lot, then you should not even ask a question how to become an actor. Actor tops submit only stubborn, hardworking people. A professional actor is bold, resolute, able to control emotions.

Qualities without which it is impossible to become an actor:

  • Appearance. Optional facial features must be perfect, and the figure is perfect. There are a lot of talented actors in world cinema who can hardly be called handsome. But they are very charming. Appearance should contain attractive, interesting features.
  • Charisma. The concept is vague, but it is the charismatic personalities that viewers want to see on the screens and on the stage. Such people attract attention to themselves, fascinate. Not everyone has this quality inherent in nature. But it can be developed - courses and master classes will come to the rescue.
  • Strong character. The path to the summit will be long, difficult - weak people will not withstand psychological and physical stress. Character needs to be tempered - discipline, self-confidence, dedication - 3 whales, on which an acting career is built.
  • Sociability. Silent teenager 14 years old will be difficult to break into the actor's environment. Sociability is the ability to easily communicate with people, make new and useful contacts, represent yourself at the castings. To develop this skill, you need to start a daily conversation with a stranger.

Professional skills

A future artist needs to read a lot. Without knowledge of classical works it is impossible to become an artist.

What skills does an actor need:

  • expressive facial expressions - the actor is able to express all emotions,
  • clear speech, the foundation of oratory - the artist clearly articulates the thoughts, has no problems with diction,
  • knowledge of the basics of the Stanislavsky system - without knowledge of the basics, it is impossible to move on,
  • good memory is one of the foundations of theatrical skills, memory needs to be constantly trained,
  • the ability to embody different images - universal actors are valued higher,
  • good physical shape - the actor must be sturdy and hardened.

Actor theater will require knowledge of the basics of stage battle. If there is a desire to become a popular and diverse artist, you need to do dancing and singing.

How to become an artist popular and popular? Only constantly claiming about themselves. To get started is to put photos and resumes on the Internet on the sites of novice actors, put the video presentation on Youtube. An artist is a brand that needs constant advertising. We need to study a lot of different information, which highlights the answers to the question of how to become a popular and sought-after actor.

The novice actor should not be intimidated by difficulties. The acting environment is tough, the competition in it is very high. To get to the top, sometimes you have to sleep a little, work a lot, eat irregularly.

Where to study?

Many teenagers at the age of 14 think that the dream of becoming a theater artist or a movie will never come true. They do not know where to start, how to become an actor. The task of the parents is to support the child in his endeavors, to prompt and guide.

In Moscow and other major cities, you can find a good acting school. There are theater groups in small towns. But in megacities, the level of teaching is better, the prospects are greater. Training with professional teachers will help you better prepare for entering the theater university. It is possible to enter the state educational institution up to 25 years.

To get into the theater studio, you need to pass a competition. In popular schools, competition is high. To pass the test, it is necessary to prepare in advance.

The applicant is required to learn a poem, an excerpt from a favorite work, to learn to recite it beautifully, to convey meaning and feelings. To listen you need to choose a piece that best reflects the inner world of the applicant. An excerpt or monologue should be chosen short - the commission has little time, it can interrupt the speaker at the most interesting place.

If a teenager at the age of 14 can dance, sing, it will be additional advantages for admission. Selection to the drama school is a good experience, since the competition for prestigious theater universities is 200 people per place.

At the age of 14, it is difficult to enter the theater school - adolescents have many complexes, they do not suffer defeats. You can help your child to open up with the help of a tutor. This form of education is relevant in small towns where there is no opportunity to attend drama school.

In the summer, camps are opened for future actors, sometimes theaters conduct visiting workshops. All this can and should be visited by a teenager of 14 years old who dreams of becoming an actor.

How to behave in the casting

To become an actor in a movie, you will need to go through many castings. It is important to regularly review ads that invite teens of 14 years to shoot. Even if the chances of getting a role are minimal, it's still worth going. This will help expand the comfort zone of a teenager. He will be able to more clearly understand how to become an actor, how much effort will be required.

The first casting at the age of 14 can be a real shock for a novice actor, many are squeezed, they start behaving uncertainly or unnaturally. To give a teenager confidence, it is worth sharing with him some tricks:

  • Training. Prior to casting, the basic requirements for the actors may not be disclosed. At the casting does not need to dress brightly, make a calling and vulgar makeup. Naturalness is one of the components of successful casting.
  • To become an actor without a good portfolio is impossible. Properly selected photos will tell more than any resume. The photo always shows the level of skill, the ability to behave in front of the camera, the ability to improvise. How to become an actor if you have no experience of filming? Find a good photographer who can make high-quality photos. The task of a teenager at the age of 14 is to maximize his potential and versatility in his portfolio. There should be a lot of strong and clear images.
  • Video interview. At the casting, they are looking for a suitable person who is not afraid of the camera, feels relaxed. Therefore, all applicants are asked to tell a few words about themselves in front of the camera. To cope with excitement, you need to make a few recordings on the camera at home, record a video in some crowded place.

Theater or movie actor?

To successfully build a career as an actor, you need to correctly prioritize. At the initial stage you should understand whether you want to play in the theater or in the cinema.

What distinguishes acting in theater and cinema:

  • Character. In theatrical productions, the actor reveals the image of his character continuously, throughout the entire performance. In the movie, scenes are shot in random order, so the actor needs to quickly switch, to be able to play different episodes at any time.
  • Gesture. The theater appreciates wide gestures. The camera also exaggerates everything several times - it is necessary to accurately express emotions.
  • Appearance. In the theater, they are more loyal to the imperfect appearance and figure. In the movie, all the flaws become noticeable, the make-up and properly exposed light cannot eliminate these problems. Therefore, a film actor should always look perfect.
  • Emotions. Expressing emotions in the cinema is more difficult than in the theater. Cinema requires a full immersion in the role, you need to be able to apply the micronushes, spend hours working out the necessary, expressive look.
  • Believability. A theater actor always communicates with live viewers. In the movie often have to communicate with a soulless camera. The performance is a performance. In the movie, the credibility is appreciated.

To realize the dream, to become an actor is not an easy task. We'll have to learn a lot, work and communicate. A beginner actor should be aware of all the novelties of theatrical art and cinema - you need to read a lot, attend theater productions, master classes of famous actors. This will not only allow you to grow professionally, but also provide an opportunity to acquire new and useful contacts.

The first steps to the dream

Most modern actors did not become famous overnight, but spent many years on acquiring this skill. Often, talent begins to manifest itself in childhood: children first read with pleasure rhymes in front of relatives and perform at school matinees, then they sign up for the theater group, go to KVN, etc. However, if the craving for performance was not manifested in you from childhood, then the answer to the question of how to become an actor will be training at special courses and entering a theater school. Thanks to this, you will not only learn about the basics and details of the profession, but also get to know people who can help you in your future career.

Acting education

However, if anyone is able to enroll in courses, problems may arise with admission to a university. “How to become an actor without education?” - you ask. Instead of answering, we note that today, many well-known artists still do not have diplomas of a theatrical institute. This is due to the fact that they could not enter the university after several attempts, and as a result, they ceased to strive for this. However, the lack of a diploma does not prevent them from being sought-after and famous.

How to become an actor: the necessary qualities

Be prepared for the fact that an artist is not just a profession, but a certain rhythm of life. So, if you are a rather passive and relaxed person, you like to sleep and walk a lot, then, most likely, you cannot conquer Hollywood. In order for a dream to come true, it is necessary to work hard and hard. We offer to learn about what you need to become an actor.

  1. Pleasant appearance. Of course, it is not necessary to have a pretty face and a perfect figure. However, you must have an interesting and not repulsive appearance. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but, in general, the future actor must be handsome to build a successful career.
  2. Charisma. After all, not only directors, but also spectators will want to see only an artist with this quality.
  3. Charm. It is this quality that will be appreciated almost beyond the attractive appearance. After all, it’s not at all important to be handsome if you have the same charm as, for example, Adriano Celentano.
  4. A strong character. Many, dreaming about how to become a famous actor, believe that their path will be easy, and the talent of well-known filmmakers will notice at the first audition. Not at all. As a rule, the path to the summit is difficult and thorny, and only people with strong and firm character are able to overcome it.
  5. Sociability. This quality will help you throughout your acting career. After all, sociability allows us to build good relations with a large number of people, among whom there may be useful professional contacts.
  6. Courage and ability to control oneself. Considering the question of how to become an actor without education, first of all, analyze your character on the subject of decisiveness. For example, if you have always been very uncomfortable if you need to even perform in front of a small audience, or you are embarrassed by the camera, then you are unlikely to be an intelligent artist. If things are exactly the opposite and courage in this regard, you do not hold, then try your hand at acting.
  7. Developed facial expressions. This quality will allow you to better express the emotions of the hero whose role you are playing in front of the camera.
  8. Clear and clear speech. This moment is very important, because it is necessary that your replicas are clear to absolutely everyone.
  9. Positive attitude. This quality will make it easier for you to endure all the problems and failures that one way or another has to face to anyone, both beginner and already achieved certain heights in his career as an actor.

How to become a famous actor in Hollywood?

Not only beginners in this profession, but also quite popular domestic actors of theater and cinema are asking a similar question. And it is no coincidence, because films made in Hollywood watch the whole world, and the fees from the actors involved in them sometimes reach astronomical numbers. How to make your dream come true? Experts recommend that first of all move closer to this very Hollywood and find yourself an agent who will pick you suitable castings and roles. As for acting education, then, undoubtedly, it will be a big plus, but there is no urgent need for it. According to many, in order to make a career in Hollywood, you just need to be, as they say, in the right place at the right time. However, keep in mind that getting to the top will be very difficult. Therefore, you should not rely too much on the fact that your talent and attractive appearance immediately notice, appreciate and offer you the main role in the new film with a multi-million fee.

What is a dubbing actor and how to become one?

If for some reason you do not want to appear on the theater stage or on screens, but you feel a certain talent, and also have an interesting voice and good diction, then you can try yourself as a dubbing actor. People of this profession are engaged in sounding films, broadcasts, reading offscreen text in advertisements, etc. We learn more about how to become a dubbing actor.

Develop your skills

Despite the fact that voice actors always remain behind the scenes, sometimes they are required to have even more talent and skill than the artists we see on the screen or theatrical stage. Indeed, the only instrument available to them is the voice. When pondering over the question of how to become a dubbing actor, keep in mind that first of all you need to constantly develop your skills. Для этого стоит посетить актерские курсы и записаться в театральный кружок. Также желательно брать уроки вокала, чтобы расширить свой диапазон и научиться правильно и эффективно использовать собственный голос. Хорошим упражнением являются попытки имитировать разнообразные звуки и голоса известных людей. К тому же данный материал можно будет использовать для портфолио. Также обязательно запишите собственный голос. Для этого попробуйте прочитать какой-либо монолог. Затем прослушайте запись и отметьте моменты, которые вы хотели бы улучшить.

Создайте демо-запись

Именно благодаря этому вас будут оценивать потенциальные работодатели. Постарайтесь сделать так, чтобы самый лучший и интересный материал находился в самом начале записи. Gradually, when the list of your work will increase, you can create a whole portfolio, which will include particularly successful roles.

How to become an actress.

To become an actress you need to have an interesting appearance. This does not mean that you should be like this or that actress. On the contrary, fresh new and non-standard faces will be more interesting than those who are one like each other.

1. So, do not change your appearance, be yourself,

2. Find your “I”, choose the style, find out how you express yourself better (dramatic roles, comedies, etc.),

3. Develop: attend acting classes under the guidance of your favorite cultural worker,

4. Enter and graduate from the drama school (any theatrical university, the main thing is that you receive knowledge, skills and abilities). Read more about this in the article “How to become an actor”,

5. Start small — settle for episodic movie roles, you may be noticed

6. Develop for real: become an actor of the theater, go on tour with the troupe,

7. Make good contacts,

8. Define your requirements: do not settle for anything. For example, many girls refuse to appear naked, they are proud of it and do not go "for all serious" for the role.

What should be an actress.

- Charming. The actress does not have to be tall and slim with a pretty face, she can be big, small, a bit strange. The main thing for the actress is the charm with which she should hook the viewer.

- Strong. It is very difficult to be an actress and survive in this environment where there is a huge competition. Because it is very important to be strong morally.

- Independent. You can not depend on relatives and friends, you can miss them, but no more. To become an actress, it means loving an actor's playground, as a home, he will become one for the time of your acting formation.

- Different. An interesting definition, but this is so, a real actress should be different, should be able to play the role of a “bad girl” or “angel”, she should be able to turn into a man and a grandmother, etc.

- flexible. This is not about body flexibility, although this is just a huge plus. But moral flexibility is of greater importance - the possibility of not only reincarnating, but also adapting to the situation when it is necessary to get out of the situation.

- Patient. A very significant factor is patience. Sometimes you have to endure ridicule and jealousy, harm from rivals. Patience is also necessary for humility with the new schedule of the actress.

- Careerist. A real actress who wants to make an acting career must understand: at this stage her career is more important than her family. We will have to work very hard, there will be no time even for relatives, not to mention acquaintances and relationships.

Think about whether you can become an actress, and whether you can give up the old life for the roles in the movie?

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I'm ready! all my life I dream about it and parents do not allow what to do?

Try to understand why parents are against your choice. It can not be such that they are just against it! They have a good reason for this, certain fears for you.
You need to talk with their parents heart to heart, without vivid emotions and aggression due to misunderstanding. Tell them why you want to become an actress, prove that you can do it (acting classes, competitions in school, participation in KVN, etc., which is connected with acting, and where you achieved success). Try to compromise: get a more in-demand profession, so that parents understand that you can always find work when there are no suitable roles for you.
Parents can also be against acting in cinema, but they will react to theatrical roles more loyally, because the theater is always alive! Therefore, catch in a tricky way: start with theatrical roles, there you can be replaced and invited to the cinema, then your parents will not be against it, they will be proud of you!

I want to become an actress!

I don’t know about dad, but at first mom didn’t mind, but now she discourages me, she says that if I play a role, then I will assume the fate of the one I play! But my decision has not changed, I hope I will become a famous actress and play the main roles))) Wish me luck!

Something your mother invents a lot, maybe she, too, an actress?)))
Famous artists have different roles that do not overlap in life. Do not worry. Good luck.

Yes you are right. Imagine how people play action movies? Especially Jackie. Poor him. He suffered so much, without support, he himself falls, his head knocks. Of course, I also want to play without support in action movies and I will try not to fall)))

I am 12 years old. I practice acting. I know that I have a talent. My parents think that I am just dreaming ... But I know that this is mine. How to prove that they believe in me ??

Every person is sure that he has talent. Therefore, parents do not especially believe you, and they really do not realize if everything is so serious with you. Everything will come with experience, with new performances and shows. Invite your parents to your concerts, let them be proud of you. As a rule, parents begin to understand that acting is a profession only after the first salary of the role)))
In addition, no sensible parent will wish such a profession to his child, because this is a very difficult life: your personal life is at risk, the risk of getting bad habits for life is high, the difficulty of raising your future children, etc.

I understand that this is all very difficult and practically impossible, but I am ready for anything.

I have been dreaming about this profession since I was 6 years old. Now I am 13, in the future I want to enter Gytis. Mom does not want to let me go, she says that I will not be able to get into this career. She says that I will stay at the broken trough. Mom is afraid that I will become clowns in the entertainment center. Here is my problem. Give advice please.

Perhaps you will fail. But to enter and finish GITIS is not easy! You can always try and if you fail, you can look for yourself in another area. It's not a problem. So explain to mom, and not be capricious with exclamations “I want, I want. ".

when you grow up your parents will not be able to decide for you you have to make your choice this is your life

If you really want - do not listen to anyone and go to your dream!

From childhood I dreamed of becoming an actress. I wanted to be famous. Now I am 14 years old and I still want to become an actress. But I understand that these are all my expectations and dreams, and if I stand in front of the camera and they ask me to depict something, then I will go into a stupor and will not know what to do.
In general, in life I am very modest, silent and shy, but this is not with all people. People are different and with some I can talk, open up and be in the spotlight, and I will just stand next to some and again I will be in a stupor.
My parents think that I am. And if I go out somewhere, I immediately feel shy and will be silent.
And I do not know what to think and what to do. But I think it's worth a try. Take part in the castings or even ask me to play in the theater, at least a small role. After all, this is my dream.
Advise me something.

I dream of becoming an actress, and I go for this purpose) The familiar actress helps me. Everything depends only on us, you just have to want it very much .. and everything will work out, believe in yourself! And everything will be cool ..

But I really want to become an actress. But everything is against me (((

Try it! If you want it, it means.

I can do everything, and parents allow. I live in Yoshkar-Ola. I really want to become an actress. Can I? I want to try.

I also really want to become an actress, what should I do?

Nara, and in what city do you live and how old are you? The fact is that I also really, really want to become an actress, but I don’t know how and what to do, I don’t have any connections either

In Baku I am 14, 90Marina

I, too, like most girls, dream of becoming an actress. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I will not be able to enter the theater (so it happened) what to do? How to act? I really want this ...

He'll blame everyone. My name is Liza Grenadier and I am 12 years old. Since my childhood I have been dreaming of becoming an actress, even if I don’t like me or don’t notice me and don’t give me a role in a movie. I just want to perform in theaters, give people the joy of our performances. Esle now you just laugh that I'm still a little 12 years old, but I go to acting and do dancing with supports! Although I live in the city of Cheboksary. Many do not know this city, and many will try to find it on the map) but I really want to go to the theater university when I grow up, and give people happiness and a smile from our performances!)

Hello. My name is Olivia. I am 13 years old. Since childhood I have put an end to myself that I will achieve my goal and become an actress. I am from Moscow. I live on Chusavskaya street. My dreams have never come true before, but with age I grow up and begin to understand that maybe I want too much, but I think that every child like me has some kind of dream. On television, we saw a lot of celebrities, but how do you think this feeling itself to become famous. to be one of them, to be honest, I really like Annie Lorak. I study in a regular school all love me. Even parents say that these are just empty dreams! But I really want to prove to them that this is not so, someday my dream will also come true. Maybe not in this life, but in the other of course it will come true. I beg you to help me in my dream of becoming an actress and I am sure that you will not regret. With great pleasure I will do everything to be worthy.

Olivia! People! You can handle it! Believe in yourself! I don’t know what else to say to me ... They didn’t accept many geniuses ... Many people, who are celebrities at the moment, remember themselves in the past, as they took the first steps to a dream and got results that amazed them. I don't know, their parents are probably so proud of them. I also want my family to see someday that I have achieved everything myself by applying an incredible titanic work. If you feel that you like something and never get bored, choose exactly that. Do not listen to anyone! Prove to everyone! People, this also concerns you. You will achieve everything.
As for acting: go learn tongue twisters, train your memory, overcome fears, prepare for setbacks, but go towards the goal. Do not give up! Make yourself known! Finally be yourself! Remove this heavy burden of insecurity from the shoulders! Uncover yourself! Luck loves persistent.

I want to become an actress in films about street dances)))

WAAU, then let's shoot in my new movie.

Olya, please tell us about the movie! I want to become an actress! Maybe I'll come to you?

From early childhood I dream of becoming an actress. I live in the city of Elabuga. I am 14 years old. I am morally strong. But I can’t express myself in a theater because it’s not in our small town. I can reincarnate from small and quiet to very cunning. I have no links related to this industry. How to live if you dream of becoming an actress and you know in advance that nothing shines for you, because you live at the devil on the horns.

I also want to become an actress I am 13 years old and I go to the theater but I want to become a professional actress and I want to finish college and then get different roles.

I will be an actress, I firmly decided, and my parents don’t mind) And since there are no normal films and TV shows in Russia, then I’ll go to the USA again, my parents)

In this case, do not forget how important it is to learn English perfectly! While in the colloquial variations!

I dream of becoming an actress, but my dad is against. He agrees to write me to an acting studio, but against the fact that this was my profession (he wants me to be a doctor, a psychologist, etc.) Mom told me from childhood that I had abilities there is, but dad thinks it is entertainment. What should I do? And even more so I live in Georgia, there are very few castings there and mostly in Grkzinsky, but I don’t know it ..

Maybe your dad will change his mind when he finds out what the actors' fees are! Art also brings money, and if you work well, then the profit will be good ...
As for doctors and psychologists ... Psychologists themselves have little understanding of what and their job is to listen to the person who needs to speak! The psychologist has no right to give advice, he only helps the person (with leading questions) to understand himself independently.
And to become a doctor, vocation is important here! Yes, and you need to learn very, very, very good! Otherwise, not a doctor will come out of you, but a would-be doctor. It is worth talking on this subject with your dad not just with the fact that you want to become an actress, but with the fact that you can do it and can become your vocation.

I oooooooochen want to become an actress. This is my dream. Parents do not mind. I am from Chuvashia. I’m 13 years old, in October 12 it will be 14 years old. Maybe at that age they are taking pictures?

Hello, my name is Camila. I am 12. I really dream of becoming an actress. I go to music school. I play the guitar and the piano. I go to the vocals. And in theatrical circles all sorts. I put an end to becoming an actress. It was in many countries and cities.
Only one competition scares me. I'm afraid I can't get through.

Hello everyone my name is Svetlana I am 14 years old. Literally a month ago, I had a burning desire to become an actress. I do not need nationwide fame, I just want to bring people joy. I don’t study in any circles because I don’t have them in my city. I played a couple of times in school scenes

My name is Lida, I studied for a year in a theater studio, after I left ... Now I auditioned at the Drama Theater. Stein, where I will have classes., I began to help the school theater studio, now I conduct classes for elementary classes, and I created my own small theater group, where we play and play performances ... In addition, I do drums (1 year of study), badminton (2 years of study), floristics (1 year of study), television journalism (3 years of study) and always participate in school-wide events and concerts, once I was engaged in dancing (3 years), vocal (2 years), skillful hands (1 year ), salt dough (1 year), piano (1 year), guitar (1st e) drawing (3 years). I am 14 years old and I study in the 9th grade, in Moscow, I persistently go to my dream of becoming an actress, do you think I can succeed?

You are a very purposeful girl. If you do not give up, then you can do a lot! Try yourself in different genres, train, learn about new auditions and castings! Successes!))

Thank you very much, I will try very hard

Hello! My name is Ekaterina Odoyevskaya, in December I will be 13. When I was 11 years old, I starred in the film and now I realized how difficult it is, but no matter what, I set myself a goal: I have to become an actress!
Parents don't mind being an actress.
I was engaged in gymnastics for 6 years, and now I am engaged in acrobatics, I play the synthesizer, I learn French and English at school.
How do you think I will succeed?

I really want to be an actress. Teaching, rehearsing, playing a role is what I can and always want to do. But my mother says that this is not serious and you need to look for a more realistic profession, and acting is just like a hobby. I live in Minsk, I studied in different theatrical circles, performed (several times the main roles), dances, singing ... In general, I really love creativity.
How should I proceed? I want to continue to act in films. Advise something.


Hello! I am 10 years old, height 165, full. Now losing weight. Appearance - no, I do not scare, it seems to be pleasant. I really want to become a Hollywood actress. Tell me please, is it possible now to start preparing for this profession?

I really want to be an actress.

Hello everyone! My name is Love Prutkovskaya, the dream of becoming an actress. I am 13 years old and I live in the city of Engels (Russia). I am different from everyone in my school. I have my own style, my diversity. Write)

Hello, I want to act in films, TV shows, commercials or videos, I have a talent for acting, I know how to sing, I dance well, I play the synthesizer (2 months ago I started practicing), I remember the text well, etc. I live in the city of Kharkov Ukraine. I am 14 years old, I starred in a cartoon, tell me what to do next, castings in Kharkov rarely take place, I live in a low-income family and therefore I cannot go to other cities for casting! I can't sign up now either, my dream is to be the center of attention! Today at our school there was a talent contest, but since I hardly had any friends with a low-income family at school, I ventured to go on stage, because I wanted it for so long, even though everyone humiliate me, I still went on stage and sang solo song. But I will not stop, I want to become an actress, please help ...

In your case, the goal is to become famous and recognizable. Of course, the situation is complicated due to low sample possibilities, so the advice for you is: create your own channel on YouTube, record useful and interesting videos and post them to the network. You will be noticed with time, and may be invited to play in a movie, however, as you imagine, if you do not have the opportunity to go even to the casting. Shooting may take a long time and you will need investments in accommodation, food and transport.
A blog, for example, about sports for teenagers will be useful, girls will find it very interesting and many will recognize you. Over time, the theme of the blog may change, so think up a neutral name for it.

Я тоже очень хочу стать актрисой, но я живу в такой дыре… мне 14, рост 171.

Да вам с таким ростом и модели нужно, девушка!

Я хочу стать актрисой и я добьюсь этого! Я поставила себе цель и я исполню мечту. Родители разрешают потому что это моя жизнь и моя судьба. Даже если у меня нет связей. I will succeed. Желаю себе и вам УДАЧИ!)))

Успехов вам, Мария! Цель хорошая, и стремление налицо, умница!

Здравствуйте) Меня зовут Виктория, и мне 14 лет. Я ходу в театральную студию уже второй год. I like it very much! I went to the theater right after I wanted to become an actress. Without acting, I can’t live, I’m constantly thinking about it. Of course, I’m learning very little, in a quarter, one or two triples always. Please give advice what to do ?? Will I be able to become an actress in the future? Will I ever be able to enter the theater university at all? Please, please answer, I will be waiting for your advice!

Many theater schools accept even after 9th grade. At the same time, no one there will look at your grades if there is talent. In the qualifying rounds check your talents - poems, roles, singing, etc. depending on the particular educational institution. Look for all the detailed information on the websites of universities of interest.

I am currently 16 years old. I never went to a theater group, I don't sing, I don't dance. But I want to become an actress in action films, action movies. I have a chance? Began to study martial arts. I just want to play in a movie, especially in films where the director is Chang Lu. What should I do? I have time to prepare, because the first thing I will learn in another profession (so that parents do not mind). I hope for your help.

I am 13 years old, will soon be 14. I live in Blagoveshchensk - Amur region. Knowing my mother, I can assume that she will never take me seriously. Although she rejoices at my school successes, such as difference, etc., but in this sphere she will never see me. She sees me as a cardiologist, an employee of the passport office, an opera, an investigator, but by anyone, but not an actress. I have never talked to her about it, because I roughly provide the answer and I am afraid of her refusal when asking for help, because training needs money, and we have a difficult financial situation. She is always ready to support me in any situation, so if it were not for that ... But, after all, the parents of the famous actress Julia Roberts were also poor and lived in a small town. I'm just going to talk to her about this. I have no connections, but I have talent. I understand that everyone says that, but it's true. I can depict this or that emotion depending on the situation. When mom is not at home, I imagine myself in different roles and situations. I can depict joy, sadness, anger or longing. I can shed a tear or even burst into tears. I do not go to any circles, but I am ready to start. At least for the summer. Maybe mom will notice me and my desire. I would like to play in a fantasy or action movie. I want to learn a second language (English), because this is the most common language in the world. If you can help me, about how to start a conversation with my mother.

It is worth talking to mom, even if you are afraid that she will not support you. If you have a talent, then the money will not be required for training, you will be taken for free, but if this is not, then there is no point in trying. It’s worth going to the theater circle, perhaps you yourself will change your mind, realizing how difficult it is.
P.S. The most common language in the world is Chinese.

But please, do not consider me a girl who has set herself the goal of becoming a Hollywood star with her place on the Walk of Fame, who wants to be a billionaire from Rublyovka, constantly walk and sign autographs, and generally be ahead of the rest. Not. I just like this type of activity. I just want to be filmed. After all, many dream of becoming a major, teacher, translator, etc. not because of money or anything else, simply because I want to, because the soul lies to this. Do you understand? So I have it. Although fame, money is nice, but I do not aspire to them, but to what I want to do. After all, you see, to strive for the sake of money, fame and other things that you don’t like, just silly. When I recall how and why Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, etc. became actors.

If you really like acting skills, then his real professionals do not work on the screens, but on the stages of theaters!

I also want to become an actress. I live in Kazakhstan and are unlikely to become, but I firmly decided that I would learn seamstress, learn English and French, and go to France, open an atelier shop - I will sew and sell clothes. Then she decided to go to the USA and try to make movies there already. Well, if it does not work out, I will still have money, because I will be a designer! Maybe it will seem impossible to someone, for me everything is possible. I recently watched “The Hunger Games” (absolutely all parts) and I wanted to become an actress like Jennifer Lawrence. I am talented and all my relatives know this, but I haven’t told them yet. Do you think I can become an actress?

Hello, I really want to be an actress. I live in the city of St. Petersburg. I am 15 years old. I can reincarnate in different roles. After grade 9, I want to leave to study actress. Is this possible or can only be done when I am in law grade 11? And what exams do I need to pass to enter the theater.

I really want to be an actress. I am 13 years old, at the moment I enrolled in a drama school, classes will begin in September.
But I do not want to be a Russian actress, so I give all my strength to the English language in order to move to America in the future and build a career there.
I hope everything will work out for me, although my parents do not really believe in me. All this is very important to me, this is my life goal.

Hello, my name is Yulia Enalska, I am 13 years old, I live in Arkhangelsk. I dream to become an actress. I have acting talent. Evening, my mother gives me all sorts of roles. I love to watch movies, TV shows, clips and wonder how small children become actors? I also dream of being an actress, very much. I want to become an actress, not because I’ll be famous, but I just want to act in films. Problem. In Moscow, I also have a sister. I do not know what needs to be done to take me. I memorize texts quickly. Take mei to a movie or TV series. I will not fail?