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The need to choose the right tablecloth


Even the most beautiful and expensive table, supplemented by the most elegant table setting, becomes “bald” and boring if you do not close it with a tablecloth. And really, how can you imagine a festive table without a good tablecloth? Anyway, any meal becomes more solemn and more fun if it is complemented by a beautiful tablecloth and bright relevant napkins.

In addition, this decoration is not only a matter of decor and mood, but also a good protection for your tabletop, because it is easy to spoil it with dishes, and fixing such regrettable mistake is not so simple. In addition, laying the tablecloth on a festive and casual table is considered a sign of good tone.

So, how to choose a good tablecloth? And indeed, if it is selected with taste and skill, it is an indispensable accessory that can tell about the refined taste of its owners, as well as arrange the right stylistic accents in the room. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is enough to learn about some important points, which, in fact, will be discussed further.

Naturally, the first thing that worries every hostess is that from which the future decoration of her table is made, because this is important! It is not a secret for anyone that each fabric will have its advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it should be chosen depending on the sphere of use.

Recently, fabrics made of artificial materials have gained considerable popularity, first, they are less wrinkled, they easily wash off stains that cannot be avoided, moreover, their lifespan is much longer than that of the same natural fabrics. These include vinyl, cotton-polyester and polyester materials.

However, it is impossible not to note their real disadvantages: they are not resistant to hot surfaces, so hot dishes, candles and so on can not be placed on them, besides, they are not recommended to be laid on the surface located near the gas stove.

Another variety - cotton tablecloths with acrylic coating is a good solution for kitchen tables that are in daily use. They are distinguished by good water resistance and wear resistance; in addition, unlike polyester ones, they are not afraid of heat exposure, so they can be safely put on even a hot saucepan, which is sometimes very convenient. But they also have their significant drawback - some quickly wash out, lose their properties and good appearance.

Another subspecies - Teflon-coated cotton tablecloths. In fact, they are similar to acrylic coatings, are resistant to dirt, water and heat. But they have the same drawbacks - the rapid loss of their qualities after washing.

And, perhaps, the most festive, exquisite and prestigious varieties, to this day, remain tablecloths made from natural materials, for example, linen or jacquard. They have a number of drawbacks - they sit down after washing, do not iron well, quickly wash and wear out, and also do not clean well after stains. Nevertheless, they look neat and expensive, in addition, natural fabrics have a positive impact on human health. Yu

Naturally, it will primarily depend on the shape of your table. It is more logical to lay an oval tablecloth on the oval table, however, if it was not found, then a rectangular one will do.

It is permissible to use both round and square tablecloths on the round table, by the way, on this form of the table it is recently fashionable to cover two decorations: the lower one is of larger size and the upper is of a smaller contrasting color, which is more of a decor. And then everything is simple - only a rectangular tablecloth is suitable for a rectangular table, and a square one for a square table.

How to choose the right size?

To begin with, you will need to measure the size of the table top: the length and width of the oval table, the diameter of the round table, and so on. You, for sure, noticed that the tablecloths look beautiful if you hang a little off the table, which is called “overhang” or “drop”. How to determine how it should hang?

Usually add 20 cm on each side, that is, 40 cm to the length and width, only in this case, you get a uniform flow of matter from the table. If you decide to get a tablecloth made of natural materials, then on the "overhang" on each side is better to leave about 30 cm, that is only 60 cm. Generally, in this case you should follow the rule: better is more than less, because too short a tablecloth stupid and inappropriate.

Color solution and other details

Each hostess, for certain, faced a situation when it is impossible to get what they want: it seems that the choice is great, but that's all wrong. In such situations, you can always try to make a tablecloth with your own hands, as it turned out, there is no particular difficulty in this.

The most difficult ones are round models, and there are special methods that will help you to make the right pattern without mistakes. Therefore, choose your favorite matter - and forward, for creative accomplishments!

In general, the most neutral are beige, cream and pearl tablecloths that fit any interior. It is customary to lay snow-white linen or cotton tablecloths on the holiday table, which, as well as possible, emphasize the beauty and transparency of the crystal on the table.

Blue and green shades will give your room rigor and restraint, yellow and orange - warmth and saturation, red, most often, used for the New Year holidays or if they are successfully combined with the interior.

Choosing a tablecloth shape

Experts advise to choose a tablecloth, the shape of which will allow you to repeat the shape of the table itself. Currently, a wide assortment of tablecloths are presented rectangular or square type. Do you have a round table? The perfect solution would be to purchase a tablecloth in the shape of a circle.

Beautiful festive table setting: the main stages of serving

Festive table setting, as a rule, always begins with the selection of the tablecloth, which is one of the most important elements in the table setting.

A win-win is a white tablecloth, which you can always beat in a variety of variations and styles for any celebration and event, choosing the original colored decorative elements in a certain color.

The tablecloth looks very stylish in a rich dark color - dark blue or dark brown, bright turquoise or a luxurious red tablecloth with which the setting of the festive table will become exquisitely beautiful.

The next step in serving is the choice of plates, which must necessarily be in the same style and from the same set, otherwise it is a bad tone. Plates are placed from the wildcard at the very bottom, then deep into the first courses.

For salads and snacks, additional plates are allowed, which are placed on the table at the side of the main plates.

Festive table setting also provides for the correct placement of glasses, glasses and glasses - from the largest in size to the smallest, located from right to left.

The necessary cutlery for the meal is arranged as follows: the knife and spoon should lie to the right of the plate and the fork to the left. Additional devices in the form of dessert forks and spoons are placed in front of the main plates.

Festive table setting provides for the arrangement of plates on the table at a distance of half a meter from each other, and a centimeter from the edge of the table.

Beautiful festive table setting: original decorative items

Beautiful festive table setting will not do without original napkins, which can be stylishly folded and perfectly decorated with a festive table. You can choose to celebrate cloth napkins or paper in an unusual color.

Festive table setting provides beautifully folded napkins in various ways, which can rightly be considered a work of art. From paper napkins, you can create various figures, beautifully roll them up and tie a ribbon or just put a napkin under a plate or in a glass.

Among the wide variety of decor, look at the exquisite and original napkin rings, without which beautiful festive table setting at home can not be done.

Lighted candles, exquisite fresh flowers, decorative balls, cones, twigs and many other decorations, without which festive table setting is unthinkable, will help to give more comfort in decorating the festive table.

Particularly harmonious decor for the holiday table looks in a rustic style, which provides a variety of different decorations for the holiday table.

Special respect and attention sign for guests will be a nice gift in the form of a box with snacks, which can be put on every plate, with which the serving of the festive table will become even more original.

Highlight the interior of the kitchen with a beautiful tablecloth.

Today, it is very simple to buy a beautiful tablecloth to the kitchen, the market is literally overflowing with similar fabrics.

It will be very difficult to decide on her choice.

If the kitchen is made in a classic style and bright colors, then without such decoration, on the table there can not do.

Often a massive wooden table made of natural wood is decorated with a linen tablecloth of light colors.

Today, most hostesses prefer practical materials, as their constant washing has become a real test.

Each dropped piece of food forced to remove the tablecloth again and again. From constant washes, the decoration of the table quickly wore out, and over time, the hostess simply refused to use them.

What tablecloth to choose?

An experienced hostess should have not one tablecloth, but several. One will go for everyday use, the second, in case of holiday gatherings. Each of the selected tablecloths will be sewn from different fabrics.

Tablecloth everyday, protects the table from scratches and scuffs. For such purposes, you need to look at a strong fabric.

These include matter with the addition of Teflon filaments.

Through it, it will be difficult to scratch your favorite table. Often housewives use ordinary oilcloth. They do not get wet, easy to clean, but to be afraid of hot objects.

The front tablecloth is usually chosen in white with the same ornament. She should decorate the table. The presence of bows or beads on it will be original. Of course, such beauty is not practical, but it always gives a sense of celebration.

A huge number of options tablecloths made of cotton, flax, synthetics.

Linen tablecloth is a holiday in the house! Unfortunately, they do not last very long, due to the fact that they consist entirely of natural material. Flax easily crumples, but ironing such a fabric will take a long time.

After washing there is a chance that she will sit down. Linen tablecloths are worth, it is quite expensive and not every hostess can decide to purchase it.

Cotton tablecloths are more practical, they are easy to wash, iron and serve for more than one year. Previously, they consisted of pure cotton, which over time was not practical.

Such fabrics absorbed absolutely all the tea spilled on the table or other liquid, which caused problems during washing. Over time, manufacturers began to add polyester to cotton fabrics. This greatly increased the life of the fabric and they were not afraid of any stains.

Cloth, on the basis of synthetic materials. Such tablecloths are inexpensive, easy to wash, stains are practically invisible on colored fabrics. In addition, the market is just a huge selection of such tablecloths of various colors and textures.

We sew a tablecloth with your own hands.

It is very easy to sew a tablecloth with your own hands, so you have the opportunity to invent its own design, to stick such decorations that will make the creation special.

The first thing you have to decide is the shape of the tablecloth. And it depends on the table itself, the rest is free fantasy. The edges of it can be wrapped or supplemented with a second cloth, sewed bows, braid, lace.

Neutral shades of the kitchen can be diluted with a tablecloth of several bright colors. For the kitchen of wood suitable natural color, for example, rich green.

Choose a tablecloth today, the idea is quite simple, but the main thing when choosing this attribute for hostesses is not the quality of the fabric, but its appearance.

Size matters

There are generally accepted rules and conditions for serving the table with a tablecloth, which state that the fabric should not only cover the surface, but also slightly hang from all sides. It happens that it completely hides the supporting parts. When choosing a coating, it is necessary to take into account the size of the table and the reason for the celebration.

  • if normal daily use is intended, the fabric hangs a maximum of 20 centimeters,
  • more significant feast - 30 centimeters,
  • official reception, banquet, wedding suggest the presence of a large tablecloth hanging down 40 centimeters,
  • on the ceremonial reception, the table legs are completely covered.

The photo of the tablecloth on the table shows the most popular version of a rectangular canvas, the sides of which may be different or of the same length. They cover and square, and oval table top.

It is important to correctly calculate the size of the tablecloth:

  • Rectangular surface. To begin with, it is recommended to measure the length and width of the table, adding to the resulting figures the possible allowance from the edges. Then multiply the result by two.
  • A tablecloth on a round table involves measuring the diameter of the surface, then the doubled length of the edge is added, which will hang from the edges.
  • Oval or round tablecloths are also gaining relevance among consumers. Lying perfectly on the countertop, the product forms beautiful soft folds. The size of the canvas is determined in the same way as the first variant with the allowance of doubled length.
  • If you plan to cover a square tabletop, you should still additionally measure the diagonal. It will be correct if the diagonal is smaller than the selected product, then the corners of the table will not be visible from under the textile.

Oval table top: coverage rules

Most often, a round table unfolds to increase the free area, so it is recommended to choose an oval cover or a rectangular universal product. The calculation is carried out by the following method:

  • countertop diameters (large and small) are measured,
  • each digit is added to the double value of the free edge, which, of course, corresponds to the event,
  • the required dimensions for the oval cover element are obtained.

Generally accepted standards

Choosing the most suitable option, it is necessary to consider several nuances:

  • textile markets and stores usually offer medium-sized standard tablecloths. So, it is better to take more, not to make a mistake in choosing
  • non-standard pieces of furniture (tables and chairs) it is appropriate to close the canvas, the edge of which hangs below the level of the legs and seats,
  • beautiful sets with lush "skirts" sell for receptions and banquets,
  • for a sliding furniture option, it is better to buy two tablecloths at once,
  • the size of the finished product depends on the degree of shrinkage during washing, so you should slightly increase the length values.

The choice of fabric

The life of a kitchen tablecloth directly depends on the quality and practicality of the material for its production. For this reason, first of all, you should pay attention to this factor.

Most often, the linen on the kitchen is divided into two types:

  • Daily (every day) are made from more budget and practical raw materials, usually supplied with moisture-resistant teflon or acrylic compounds. They serve as decoration, advantageously complementing the interior and style of the kitchen space. It is better if the fabric is not wrinkled and unpretentious in the care.
  • More festive festive elements are decorated with additional accessories, using exclusively at ceremonial events. There are products with a thematic slant: Christmas, Easter, birthday, children's party or wedding celebration.

Fabric for daily use implies functionality and increased operational ability. We give the most popular options:

For a long time the oilcloth is the actual coating, not being a textile. From oilcloth can be purchased as a transparent and thick tablecloth. Visually, it is not quite aesthetic, but it perfectly protects the surface from everyday stains, damage and dirt. Moreover, it is a cheaper budget option, saving the family budget.

Practical and relatively cheap polyester, unlike oilcloth, has a more interesting and diverse design. The appearance is decorated with patterns and ornaments. The material is easily erased, cleaned of dirt, does not wrinkle and is quite suitable for serving for every day, fitting into any style.

The soft folds of the falling cotton make the table an unusually cozy piece. На кухню выпускают хлопковый материал, пропитанный специальным водоотталкивающим составом, который защищает его от пятен и повреждений. Ткань просто и удобно стирать в тёплой воде, ставить на неё горячую посуду. Учтите, что частая стирка приводит к быстрому истончению нитей и износу сырья.

Nowadays, silicone tablecloths on the table are gaining popularity, being an excellent substitute for traditional textiles. The covering well protects a table-top from mechanical damages and pollution, keeping furniture in an ideal look. But, usually, it is used not for decoration, but for practical purposes.

What is table setting

The correct arrangement of plates, salad bowls and dishes, and also the layout of cutlery, napkins and other small things necessary during the meal - all this is serving. This includes the choice of tablecloths, napkins and other decorative items. Serving is of three types: preliminary, banquet and "Bistro". How do they differ and what are the features of the procedure - all this is interesting to learn not only to the regulars of restaurants, but also to ordinary hostesses, because then their celebrations will be decorated interesting.

Types of serving

The first variety is the simplest. Served table with it involves a partial arrangement of dishes and appliances for serving dishes that are first in the menu. In the process of changing dishes, the entire set of dishes is replaced. Pre-serving includes:

  • table-knife,
  • plug,
  • a teaspoon
  • patty plate,
  • objects placed in the center (flowers, candlestick, porcelain figurines),
  • red wine glass
  • wine glass
  • saltcellar, pepper shaker,
  • napkin made of cloth without a pattern.

Banquet serving is a one-time arrangement of plates, cutlery and decorative items. Devices that are used in this type of serving:

  • snack devices (knife, fork),
  • soup spoon
  • pepper pot,
  • bread plate
  • fish equipment
  • a plate for pies or other baking,
  • dessert spoon,
  • deep plate
  • butter knife
  • saucer (oval or round),
  • glassware,
  • cloth or silk napkins (rectangular or square).

“Bistro” is a simple version of the arrangement for informal, non-glorious occasions, a modern, everyday version of lunch or breakfast. It is used in restaurants, hotels, hostels, self-service canteens and barbeque houses, where they serve their own staff. The devices, their location depend on the specific menu, the style of the place, the average cost of the dish. Cover the countertop with white cloth tablecloths, serve paper napkins.

Table setting rules

The setting of the table, especially the festive one, both in restaurants and cafes, and at home, should be carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards. Proper setting of the holiday table sets the tone for the holiday. If you make a mistake when choosing dishes, you can spoil a gala dinner on the occasion of an event or an important business lunch. According to etiquette, certain napkins, glasses should be used - the choice depends on the type of meal (festive, for receiving guests, a romantic date).

The overall tone of the event can be set with a tablecloth. For ceremonial meals, it should be snow-white, for simpler meals, a cream or ivory color is allowed. Regardless of the event, the matter must be immaculately clean and ironed. The presence of delicate decorative elements: lace, silk ribbons, perforation. Traditionally, the edges should hang from the edge of the table top at 25-30 cm. In French and Italian restaurants, the edges of the floor are allowed to touch. The material of the tablecloth should be natural: silk or cotton.

Types of plates

There are about 35 types of serving plates, but only around 5-6 are used everywhere. The rules of etiquette stipulate that the plates must be necessarily from one set or, at least, are made in the same style. The number and type of plates served depends on what dishes will be served and how many people participate in the gala dinner. The main dishes used in restaurants:

  • soup,
  • plate or ice cream for mustard,
  • herring bucket
  • big and small flat plates,
  • meat dishes
  • dessert shallow and deep
  • patty

Cutlery for table serving

To the right of the plate is a soup spoon, immediately behind it on the outer edge of a fork and a knife for a snack (meat), the last one is put a teaspoon or coffee spoon. Devices for the main dish are placed immediately next to the plate, and the dessert spoon is behind the plate. A small knife for butter is located on a pie plate. Devices should be polished with boiling water or special tools to shine. In some restaurants, a special napkin is placed under the appliances.

Classic - these are two glasses: for wine and champagne. The remaining varieties for alcoholic beverages agree in advance, if necessary, add dishes for strong alcohol (glasses, glasses for whiskey, liquor). Glasses are arranged in this order: for red wine, for white wine, for champagne, and then tableware for strong alcohol in the order in which it is served. In addition, there is a separate glass (wine glass) for drinking water or juice, it is placed on the left.

If there is a problem of a budget table decoration, then serving napkins will help to solve it. Napkins - one of the most important accessories on the gala dinner table. There are two basic types for serving - cloth and paper:

  • Cloths napkins are larger in size, square, made of linen fabric. Designed for kneeling or for decoration.
  • Paper napkins are used directly during the meal, and they should be in the center of the tabletop - so that it is convenient to use them. In addition, they should be available to everyone sitting at the table. Napkins are placed in a napkin holder or in the form of figures as decoration. Paper napkins at official receptions and celebrations should be monotonous, without a pattern.

Table setting at home

Beautifully arrange the dishes for lunch or dinner can be at home. For this you need to buy a tablecloth, a set of cutlery and dishes. For a homemade serving option, it is not necessary to have everything; To set the table for one person requires:

  • cloth, napkins (paper or cloth),
  • deep and flat plates
  • dining, tea, dessert spoon and fork,
  • table-knife,
  • tea pair (rosette for jam), wine glass,
  • glass for water.

  • Tablecloth should be spread on the table, put a flat plate, on top of it is deep.
  • To the right and left you need to put appliances for the main course, followed by snack bars.
  • Before a plate should be put a teaspoon or coffee spoon.
  • A tea pair or a wine glass is placed on the upper right.
  • If desired, you can decorate the table with cloth napkins, flowers in vases or candles.

Dining table

Recommendations on how to properly serve the table for dinner for one person do not differ from those for serving for dinner. Except that for dinner the table is nothing but napkins or flowers. In addition, instead of a white tablecloth for lunch, you can use special plastic or silicone substrates - they are more practical, easy to wash off food, spilled drinks.

For guests

During dinner, the table setting for guests is similar, only the number of instruments and plates on the table changes. Decorations are almost never used, the tablecloth can be replaced with decorative coasters for hot dishes. If dinner is provided for guests, then light snacks and alcohol (wine, liquor) should be served, replace the stand with a white tablecloth.

For the holiday

Making your own dinner for the holiday is a laborious task, because Many meals are served at the celebrations, there are a large number of people present. For the holiday table decorated with vases of flowers, fruits. At home, you can not abide by the rules regarding the arrangement of plates and appliances, but only use a tablecloth, napkins and make sure that every guest feels comfortable.

Beautiful table setting

Vases with flowers, satin or silk ribbons, porcelain figurines of angels, napkin rings are used as decorations. Contribute to the creation of a festive atmosphere: balloons, streamers, elegant tablecloths. Decorations for serving are selected in accordance with the holiday - weddings, anniversaries or a romantic dinner. The main decorative elements are tablecloth and cloth napkins.


Traditionally, for the usual lunch or dinner, the tabletop is decorated with flowers or napkin rings. In the classical setting, the main condition is the immaculate cleanliness of the tablecloth, napkins and appliances, dishes for spices. To set the table beautifully, but at the same time to avoid excessive solemnity, you can pick up napkins of bright saturated colors - such a move will help brighten up a boring meal.

Decorating a table for a mass banquet is not an easy task. In this case, try to make all the decorative elements in the same style or color. They are selected in accordance with the type of banquet: anniversary, corporate party or other event. Most often use bright napkins, live or artificial flowers. First of all, take into account the wishes of people ordering a gala dinner.

When serving a wedding dinner, the emphasis is on the place for the newlyweds, which are decorated with symbols of love (hearts, roses, posters with wishes, figurines of swans). Seats for the newlyweds are marked with separate glasses (decorated or tied with ribbons). Wedding banquet is served with white dishes with a gold or silver border. The tablecloth spreads only white, symbolizing the purity of the feelings of the newlyweds.

Table setting for two

In order to create a romantic atmosphere, when serving dinner for two, it is customary to use candles, a basket in which fruit, alcohol (wine or champagne) are beautifully put. Cloth choose scarlet or white. The dishes are placed opposite each other, but so that they can reach the person sitting opposite without effort by hand. For two do not cover a lot of dishes and cutlery, the emphasis here on romance.

Table setting

The main problem when making a meal on a round tabletop is a small space, so they serve a meal only with necessary cutlery, deep and flat plates, a knife, a fork for the main course, a glass for wine. The rest is served as needed. A vase with a bouquet of flowers, a dessert or a bottle of wine decorated with a red or black napkin is placed in the center.

For birthday

Making a birthday table involves focusing on the solemnity of the event. This will help serving meals, competent selection of decorations, including the decoration of desserts. How beautiful to set the table? It all depends on the personality of the birthday man:

  1. Children's birthday table can be arranged using a variety of toys, cardboard or paper cartoon characters.
  2. A young girl or woman aged traditionally uses live flowers, original desserts, vases with exotic fruits, napkins, sockets, stylish dishes made of multicolored glass to decorate the festive meal.
  3. It is customary for men to decorate a festive lunch or dinner concisely, with the help of beautiful contrasting napkins and tablecloths, while classic appliances and white dishes are used.

Festive sweet table setting

For an event with a large number of sweets or a holiday that provides only the presence of desserts, decorative elements are not used. In the course are multi-tiered plates, pyramids, special stands for cake pops or muffins. It is better if everything is selected in the same color scheme. If you use an additional festive decoration, the design will turn pockmarked, overly pretentious and tasteless.

Table setting ideas

To surprise the family and guests at celebrations or during normal meals, the following serving options may be offered:

  1. Spring The table top is covered with a tablecloth; real flowers and herbs are used as decorations. A linen napkin is placed on the plate, and a flower on top. If desired, you can use a green tablecloth and decorations in the form of insects (May beetles, ladybirds). Fresh lettuce leaves are served at the beginning of the meal.
  2. Registration for tea. Tea pairs are placed on the tablecloth of any color, decorated with bright napkins. You can use spectacular bread sheets for cookies and small desserts (marshmallows, sweets, muffins). In the center of the composition is a large kettle, around it there are sockets with jam and honey.
  3. Breakfast at the cottage. Tablecloth or not used at all, or linen natural gray color. Ceramics and enameled bowls of flowers in water are used as decorations.
  4. Hen-party. The tablecloth is used in fresh, bright colors (pink, coral, blue). The dishes are placed in a minimum quantity (glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses or martini glasses), the main area is occupied by desserts, snacks, drinks. You can decorate the surface with the help of flowers, decorative beads.
  5. Children's holiday. They use oilcloth napkins of bright colors, monophonic or with the image of cartoon characters or animals, sweets: candies, cakes, fruits, cakes occupy the entire surface of the table top.

Place tablecloths on the dining table

For a long time, the tablecloth was perceived not only as a household item, but also as a symbol of wealth and even a kind of amulet of the family. For example, in Babylon she was sheathed in golden threads and decorated with intricate painting. In ancient Egypt, the flap of fabric covering the table was decorated with colored pigments. At the same time, the drawing was selected depending on the classes and wealth of the family. In Russia, due to the high development of woven craftsmanship, tablecloths were available not only to the nobles, but also to the peasants. For a long time the Slavic peoples had the custom to pass the tablecloth from generation to generation as a symbol of well-being.

Such an interesting history of the tablecloth makes it not just a practical addition, but an attribute that can create a special design in the table setting and become a bright interior decoration.

Cloth on a rectangular table photo

Textiles for table setting photo

Selection of tablecloths on the table

To choose the right tablecloth on the table, first of all you need to decide on its shape. Modern tablecloths are square, rectangular, oval and round shape. Ideally, the shape of the tablecloth should follow the shape of the tabletop. The exception applies only to round tables, the design of which allows the use of square tablecloths that can create an interesting and voluminous drapery. In addition, having arranged a round table with a round tablecloth, a small square-shaped tablecloth can be put on top of it. Particularly interesting is this composition when combining tones contrasting with each other.

Round and square tablecloth on round table

Cloth on the round table photo

How to choose a tablecloth

Tablecloth on the oval table

There is also an interesting kind of tablecloths called runners or slider, the shape of which resembles an oblong narrow web or walkway. The most harmonious tablecloth looks on an oblong wooden table. However, since this canvas is rather narrow, the table is served with woven napkins along with the runner.

Tablecloths and napkins to match

Cloth runner for serving dinner table

Tablecloth for serving festive table

Contrast tablecloth slider on white background

2. Material

Modern tablecloths are made from natural, synthetic, as well as mixed fabrics. The choice of a particular material depends on the purpose of the tablecloth.

According to the rules of etiquette, festive and festive events require natural textile decoration. Flax or cotton is most often used for the production of this category of tablecloths. Festive tablecloths made from natural materials are durable, hypoallergenic and, moreover, have a stylish appearance.

However, these products have one major drawback - the tendency to shrinkage during washing and ironing, so their size should be somewhat larger than required.

Beautiful tablecloths on the table

Checkered white and red tablecloth

Because of markosty use natural tablecloths in everyday life is not very comfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to set the table for family dinners and evening tea with polyester or acrylic tablecloths. Tablecloths made of these artificial materials are treated with water-repellent impregnations, are easily erased, practically do not wrinkle and, moreover, are distinguished by a democratic price. But, despite the simplicity and availability of these products, they also have a beautiful appearance. For example, jacquard weave polyester tablecloths that do not have a seamy side are very popular.

Beautiful tablecloths on the table photo

Snow-white tablecloth on the dining table

Cloth on a rectangular table with a runner

In a separate category can be distinguished lace tablecloths and napkins. In most cases, thin and elegant openwork products become a separate decoration of the interior, capable of giving the atmosphere of the house warmth and comfort.

Lace tablecloths photo

Размер скатерти для сервировки стола должен включать в себя длину столешницы, а также длину «отвеса». По требованиям этикета, длина «отвеса» скатерти не должна быть меньше 20-ти сантиметров, то есть, размер изделия должен превышать размер стола как минимум на 40 сантиметров. However, in the festive table setting it is required that the “plumb” completely covers the legs of the table.

Tablecloth and napkins with rings

Depending on the color design, the tablecloth can be both a neutral attribute and a bright interior decoration. Neutral colors include beige, coffee, gray and peach tones that blend harmoniously with any interior trends.

Festive tablecloth photo

Fabric and color tablecloths

Bright multicolored tablecloths, as well as suitable napkins will help emphasize the irregularity of modern styles. If you set the table for a special occasion, choose a white tablecloth that always looks elegant and appropriate.

White tablecloth for table setting

Also, you can separately allocate Christmas tablecloths. Since the theme of this holiday allows some deviations from the general rules of etiquette, choose bright tablecloths with a suitable pattern for serving the New Year's table.

Cloth for New Year's table

Festive tablecloth on the New Year's table

Red Christmas tablecloth with snowflakes

How to choose napkins to the tablecloth for a beautiful table setting

Tablecloth - not the only element of table setting, because without woven napkins, the design, as a rule, looks unfinished. When choosing tablecloths and napkins, both a full combination of colors and a combination of contrasting shades are allowed, so that the overall appearance will look bright and unusual.

However, if you decide to choose the tone of napkins that contrasts with the tone of the tablecloth, make sure that this shade is also present on other elements of the table, for example, in dishes, candlesticks, decorations, etc.

If the color of napkins can differ from the color of the tablecloth, then the materials of these products should be the same. Most often, napkins are used in serving the festive table, so if you use a linen tablecloth - choose linen napkins, if silk - silk, etc.

Fabrics for tablecloths and napkins

Tablecloths and napkins on the table photo

Pink napkins and white tablecloth

With the help of a successful combination of tablecloths and napkins, you can create an amazing table setting using thematic ideas for any holiday. So, if you are arranging a children's birthday party, use the child's hobbies to choose topics. For the holiday of Easter, New Year or Christmas, wedding, anniversary - for each case there is a unique way.

Linen tablecloths and napkins

Napkin on the table under the plate

Table setting with napkins without tablecloth

Properly selected tablecloths and napkins on the table are able to decorate even the most homely interior and highlight the good taste of the hostess. Therefore, choosing the necessary attributes, pay attention not only to their design, but also to the quality, because tablecloths and napkins should please you more than one year.