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Crafts from salt dough


How to sculpt cats, bears, and other animals from salt dough? Sculpt so that it turns out a smooth surface and volume?

There are master classes for such crafts?

Sculpting from salt dough is akin to modeling from plasticine. Therefore, from the test you can do everything the same as from clay. Only here the parts are connected to each other by wetting the surface. And it is desirable to sculpt on the foil so that the dough does not stick to the surface. When the figure is fully formed, it is recommended to slightly moisten it with a brush and smooth out any irregularities. After that, you can leave to dry or bake in the oven.

Here, for example, so you can make a mouse

Sculpt from salt dough is not difficult. Most importantly, knead the dough and let it sit for a while. I make dough for modeling from salt "Extra". It is very small and the figures are simply excellent. We need to take a glass of salt, the same amount of cold water. Flour I put on the eye to make the dough just hard. Now, as for the bulk crafts. They are also not difficult to do. The most important thing is for you to put a good piece of foil inside. For example, you sculpt a sheep, a bear and so on. You need to make the tummy pretty round. You roll out the dough, put a ball of food foil in it, and then sculpt the body out of the dough. Thus, the volume is kept beautiful and the figures are very easy to dry. Then you can paint the dough. By the way, if your figures are large enough, then the dough should be painted in advance. Drying these figures is all night, or a couple of minutes in the oven. But I prefer the option - on batteries.

By the way, I found another very interesting option for animal modeling. For example, here you can see the modeling of the bear).

How to cook salt dough?

You will need: a glass of wheat flour, a glass of extra salt, half a glass of cold water, a bowl.

  1. Take the bowl.
  2. Pour out a glass of flour.
  3. Add a cup of extra salt.
  4. Fill with cold water.
  5. Knead the dough.

The finished salt dough should not stick to your hands or crumble. It should be cool and comfortable for sculpting. I recommend to watch the video master class!

How to dry salt dough?

There are two most common ways to dry salt dough. The first way: the finished hack will dry itself. The main thing that it does not fall into direct sunlight, otherwise - it will crack. The craft can be put on a flat surface and wait a few days. The second method: ready-made hack to dry in the oven for 3 to 6 hours (depending on the size of the hack). Drying takes place at intervals. One approach is 1-2 hours. For quick drying in one set, set 75-100 degrees in the oven, and then, the craft will dry in an hour. At a temperature of 120 degrees, the hack will dry in 30 minutes, but it is better to dry naturally.

How to paint salty dough?

There are two of the most common ways to color salt dough. The first way: the finished craftwork after drying is painted with acrylic paints or gouache using a brush. The second method: food coloring is diluted in water, then added during the preparation of the dough. When the craft is completely painted and dried, it must be covered with a clear nail or furniture lacquer in 2-3 layers. Each layer must dry before applying the next one. In this way, the craft will last a long time.

Master Class

  1. Roll the ball.
  2. Make a cake out of it.
  3. Stack the star out.
  4. Lubricate the corners of the asterisk with a wet finger so that they are smooth.
  5. Make a point with a toothpick.
  6. Stack make eyes smile.
  7. Attach small, flat balls of a different color using water to decorate the asterisk.
  8. Dry the craft.
  9. Varnish and wait for complete drying.

An asterisk from salt dough is ready!

Fruit Salad Basket

You will need: salt dough, the basis for which will be attached to the crafts such as a plate or plate, stack or knife, a sheet of paper, a simple pencil, garlic masher, rolling pin, PVA glue, acrylic paint or gouache, brush, transparent nail polish, cloves.

Salt dough cat

You will need: salt dough, knife, rolling pin, simple pencil, sheet of paper, sandpaper, acrylic paint or gouache, brush, transparent nail polish, glue gun or pva, basis for handicrafts, for example, a plate with a frame, a transparent nail polish.

Salted dough pencil

You will need: water, flour, extra salt, a cardboard jar for the frame, PVA glue, scissors, a piece of decorative harness or crepe paper, gouache, a brush, a button, stacks, acrylic paint for crafts, a toothbrush.

How to make salt dough

Material for creating crafts is pleasant in work. It is plastic, safe for children - it does not smell, does not cause allergies. Even if the baby takes a piece in his mouth, there will be no harm. Salty dough for modeling does not stain hands, does not stick. Components are available, inexpensive, you can prepare the material in the required amount at home. To do this, use the recipe and mix the ingredients in the right proportions.

Creativity begins even before modeling - already at the time of creating the working material. You can find a recipe for salt dough for crafts, and not even one. In addition to components, proportions in composition, there is a difference in technology. Knead salted mass for crafts in two ways:

  • with the use of cold water - you get a dense, thick,
  • brewing in boiling water - softer, pliable.

Even if you plan to make a product of a larger size, you should not immediately prepare a lot of material for work - it can dry. The easiest recipe is to mix a glass of flour with fine salt. There is added water - about half a cup, and thoroughly mixed. More options:

  • to improve compliance - add vegetable oil (one spoon),
  • for large products - take a half times more flour,
  • elegant, delicate work requires an extra pound of starch and pva.

Salt dough

Why is this exciting activity so popular? Not only at home, in kindergartens, circles of young craftsmen, the original and unique dough articles are admirable. Joint creativity of the child with parents brings together, helps to develop perseverance. The technique of sculpting from salt dough contributes to the development of creative abilities thanks to the fine work of the fingers, and also allows:

  • wake up the fantasy
  • increase attention
  • learn to concentrate.

The process of making handicrafts involves several stages, begins with mixing the material. Next is the modeling of salt dough. It is convenient to perform on a wooden board covered with foil. Required tools:

  • rolling pin or a small bottle filled with water - for rolling,
  • cookie cutters,
  • plastic knife
  • handle rod - apply dot patterns,
  • extrusion device - to make thin bundles,
  • for execution of patterns prints - figured macaroni, laces, buttons,
  • for decoration - paint, brush, varnish.

The most important point of technology is to properly dry. If the process is disrupted, the product may crack. There are several options, you should experiment with them:

  • In the air, without the sun, far from the battery - the process continues for several days. Suitable for products with bulk and with a large thickness - the procedure will not cause cracking.
  • A hot oven, heated to 80 degrees, where the product is placed on a baking sheet with parchment. The process continues with the door ajar for about an hour.
  • The craft is placed in a cold oven, which is gradually heated to 150. Cool it without opening the door.

Master the fascinating hobby - sculpt figurines from dough - master classes, instructions will help. For work will be useful pictures in books, drawings, photos of finished crafts. To perform modeling, you will need:

  • roll a piece of material to the required thickness,
  • put a drawing on it
  • cut the figure with a knife
  • make extra details
  • glue them with water,
  • to dry
  • paint colors - watercolor or acrylic,
  • varnish in several layers - with a brush or spray.

Funny look flat or three-dimensional animals. Bright figurines will serve as a toy, and if you glue a magnet, the craft will decorate the refrigerator. Even a beginner can fashion a cat like the photo. It is necessary:

  • roll out a mass of 5 mm thick,
  • outline an oval body with ears, a loop for a rope,
  • plan the paws and tail,
  • cut out,
  • make a hole in the loop
  • roll balls for eyes, nose, slightly flatten,
  • cut out and cut the cheeks,
  • assemble parts with water instead of glue
  • dry, paint, lacquer the product,
  • secure the rope.

Given the size of crafts such a product will be a panel or a souvenir. To prepare the work of salt dough need a meat grinder. It is better to draw a fish pattern, looking at the photo. For the manufacture of:

  • Pass part of the mass through a meat grinder - you get the details of the tail and fins,
  • cut the torso according to the pattern,
  • make a mouth cut
  • using a spoon, push the scales,
  • draw the outline of the head,
  • cut the required length of blanks for the tail, fins,
  • point the ends with your fingers,
  • make eyes
  • collect fish, dry,
  • make out.

This animal is in many fairy tales, so children's frog crafts are very popular. You can take a master class by making a figure according to the instructions. The sculpturing of a frog begins with the manufacture of a ball-torso. Next you need:

  • narrow the workpiece at the top,
  • cut off the bottom
  • roll the ball head
  • cut off half of it
  • make a mouth
  • roll up "sausages" for paws,
  • cut them in places of membranes,
  • make eye balls
  • a coin to make prints on the body,
  • chop holes
  • gather the frog
  • to dry
  • make out
  • to lacquer.

The simplest toy to make, which the baby can easily make with the help of mom. It can be hung on a Christmas tree, if you draw a hole. How to sculpt horse figures from dough? To begin with - to decide on its size, and then:

  • roll out the mass
  • draw a torso with a toothpick,
  • outline the outline of the details of the head, mane, bow and tail,
  • cut out,
  • connect the parts
  • to dry
  • to color,
  • to lacquer.

Before the start of modeling, a plot is selected, for example, an autumn theme. Such a salty dough panel is an easy option that a child can do. After production, the work is attached to the frame. Sculpting happens like this:

  • a leaf pattern is being made,
  • roll out mass
  • the contour is transferred to it,
  • cut out
  • for a ladybug rolls a ball,
  • cut off half
  • slightly drawn out
  • a line of wings is applied,
  • roll the eye balls, stick,
  • the second ladybug is made,
  • everything is going,
  • dried,
  • issued,
  • varnished.

Christmas crafts

How many amazing ideas for sculpting there for this magical holiday! Crafts made from salt dough for the New Year will be gifts for relatives and friends, will decorate the Christmas tree and the house. Worth trying to do:

  • candlestick,
  • Christmas angels,
  • Christmas tree decorations,
  • mural,
  • souvenirs, symbols of the year,
  • pictures,
  • hearts,
  • animal figures,
  • fairy tale characters
  • holiday wreaths,
  • gloves.

Christmas toys

Decorate unique holiday holiday Christmas toys from salt dough. To start modeling, you do not need to take master classes. You can fashion a snowman toy like this:

  • roll the sheet
  • cut two mugs,
  • make a scarf, hat, legs and arms,
  • sculpt small details - nose, eyes, buttons,
  • put a picture on a scarf, hat,
  • make a mouth
  • to collect everything
  • to dry
  • make out
  • varnish.

Even a very small child can make such a figure. How to make a Christmas tree out of dough? You can immediately knead the mass with the addition of green paint. Sculpting is performed as follows:

  • 5 mm thick layer is rolled out
  • the outline is drawn,
  • cut out
  • balls are rolling,
  • star is cut out
  • rolls "sausage" for the garland,
  • everything is going,
  • dried,
  • issued,
  • varnished.

Funny surround New Year's grandfather can be done if you use color dough for modeling. Immediately when mixing, you need to add paint to the separate parts - pink and red. The volumetric figure is formed as follows:

  • the body and arms are molded - red cones,
  • pink head, nose,
  • from the white mass is performed - beard, eyebrows, mittens,
  • rolls "sausage" for the bottom of a fur coat,
  • the figure is glued together,
  • eyes are made
  • the figure is dried, varnished.

Easter crafts

Many unique gifts can be molded on this holiday. These are handicrafts made of mukololski - cakes and panels with the temple, eggs and angels. To make a fun stand - a gift for a grandmother - you need a hard-boiled egg. Sculpting starts with a large ball, then you need to:

  • flatten him
  • on top of the egg squeeze deepening
  • roll two "sausages" for the leaves,
  • flatten
  • Apply the pattern of veined toothpick.

The modeling continues with the production of a volumetric flower. This will require:

  • roll up 4 big balls
  • flatten them
  • to form petals, cutting off the excess with a knife,
  • roll up 4 smaller balls
  • make small petals,
  • apply longitudinal grooves
  • assemble an egg holder
  • dry better on air
  • to color,
  • to lacquer.

Wonderful passion - crafts from salt dough with your own hands - can turn into a source of income. Beautiful souvenirs made with sculpting will leave memories of an important event. The original work will help to remind you a pleasant moment later:

  • angel figurine - the birth of a child,
  • horseshoe - anniversary:
  • heart is marriage day,
  • couple of cats - wedding anniversary,
  • magnet - visiting a new place.

Pleasant collaboration - modeling of dough for children and parents. Try making a photo frame. The amount of material for work depends on its size. Sculpting is performed as follows:

  • rolls "sausage"
  • it forms a rectangle - the basis of the frame,
  • it flattens down to a centimeter,
  • roll sheet of the same thickness
  • head, feet, ears,
  • the muzzle, eyes, nose are formed,
  • lining the hind legs,
  • front erupt
  • on the back - squeezed out grooves,
  • the frame is going to dry, paint,
  • the product is varnished.

Great flight for fantasy appears when sculpting flowers. Beautiful panels, large bouquets, brooches, pictures - these are just a few ideas. If you practice a little, you can make any flowers from salt dough with your own hands. Sculpting the composition of three colored anemone requires:

  • roll 15 balls
  • flatten them into petals,
  • push on the surface of the recess.

The basis is made - a pancake with a thickness of 1 cm. The bouquet modeling continues

  • 2 long sausages and 6 short ones are rolled up - leaves,
  • flatten out
  • leaves are formed,
  • streaks are applied,
  • cut 3 cup for the core,
  • roughness is extruded
  • flowers and leaves are collected on the base, dried, decorated,
  • All parts are varnished.

If you gain experience, modeling products from salt dough will help to create real works of art. Made in a single copy, they will be the subject of admiration and envy. Use decorative elements - beads, rhinestones, feathers. Try to dazzle exclusive women's jewelry:

Universal recipes

Recipes for salt dough can be found in great variety. Each master brings in them the additives, selecting the necessary consistence. The main products for kneading are salt, flour and water.

Depending on the purpose, its density may be different:

  • dense dough - for large parts and creating massive panels,
  • universal dough of medium consistency - it is convenient to make small pictures and figures from it,
  • soft dough - gentle and pliable, it is suitable for small items, exquisite flowers and figurines.
Some needlewomen measure ingredients in grams, others prefer to use proportions in parts.

Thick dough

In a deep bowl, combine the dry ingredients and gradually add cold water. The dough should be homogeneous and very dense. There will be grains of salt in it - this is normal, do not worry. Depending on the moisture and quality of the flour and salt, a little more or less water may be needed. Therefore, it is impossible to pour it into the dough all at once.

Medium Dough (Universal)

For work you will need:

  1. wheat flour - 1 part,
  2. water - 1 part,
  3. food salt - ½ parts,
  4. salt of fine grinding (extra) - ½ part.
Due to the replacement of half of the coarse salt to the fine, this type of dough is more plastic and pliable. From such an obedient mass it is convenient to sculpt even a child. But for the smallest details and realistic crafts such dough is also not suitable.

Soft dough

For work you will need:

  1. wheat flour - 1 part,
  2. hot water - 1/4 part,
  3. finely ground salt (extra) - 1 part,
  4. PVA glue - ¾ parts.
Combine the salt with the flour, then add thick PVA glue and mix. Gradually pour in hot water, knead the soft dough. It must be wrapped in cling film, allowed to rest and cool.

This dough is ideal for complex work. It perfectly keeps its shape, preserving the prints and the texture created on it. Its quality depends on the quality of the selected glue.

Figures molded from salt dough with glue are different special strength. They will please their owner more than one year.

General recommendations for sculpting for beginners

  1. If you plan to dye the finished products, it is better to take wheat flour, although rye can be used for salt dough.
  2. You can not take iodized salt - ready-made figures can crack when drying.
  3. The dough can be tinted even during kneading. For this, food dyes or watercolor are used.
  4. Ready dough must be wrapped in plastic wrap or plastic bag to prevent it from drying.
  5. A failed dough can be reanimated. In the watery need to add a little more flour and knead again, too tight dough moistened with water and knead, achieving the desired consistency.
  6. Do not add fat or hand cream in the dough, the products from which you intend to paint, the paint will fall unevenly.
  7. Ready dough should be stored in the refrigerator no more than 2 days. It loses its qualities and it will be inconvenient to work with it.
  8. Bulk products are best sculpted on wire or cardboard frames so that they do not fall apart.
  9. Crafts can be dried naturally, leaving them for a couple of days, baked in a warm oven or left next to the battery. It is absolutely not recommended to put figures on the battery itself in order to avoid cracking them.
  10. Paint crafts best acrylic paint or gouache. Watercolor should not be used: there is a risk to soak and spoil the product.
  11. Place the junction of parts to moisten with water with a brush. So they are firmly and quickly connected.
  12. Ready souvenir can be covered with colorless nail polish or acrylic varnish. This will protect it from moisture, and the paint - from fading.
Armed with new knowledge, try to apply them in practice.

Cute hedgehog - toy for kids

Want to find out what can be done with a child of salt dough? Start with the simplest crafts. The younger your crumb, the easier it should be products for co-creation. Try to make a spiny hedgehog, and a detailed description of the process in this uk guarantees an excellent result and a good mood from a good lesson.

First, prepare the universal salt dough and nail scissors. Roll out a piece of dough from a piece of dough.

The eyes and nose of a hedgehog can be made from beads, black peppercorns or a pre-colored test.

Needles are made with cuts. Make small cuts with scissors' tips, raising needles upwards.

Perform the next row in staggered order - with an offset. Row after row, make cuts until the entire back of the hedgehog is covered with needles.

Dry the finished toy in the oven or simply in a warm and dry room. If you wish, you can color it or entrust this important matter to the child.

Original souvenir - funny dachshund

You can start preparing for the coming New Year holidays in advance and make a funny dachshund as a gift to your friends.

For work you will need:

  • salty dough universal (see recipe above)
  • cardboard, simple pencil, scissors,
  • paints and brush,
  • a piece of rope
  • clear nail polish,
  • toothpick,
  • foam sponge
  • glue "dragon".
Prepare drawing dachshunds. You can make a sketch by hand or print it out. Cut out the image of the dog on the contour.

Transfer the template to a piece of cardboard and cut it.

Roll out the dough about 5 mm thick on baking paper. Attach the curve and cut along the outline of the tax. Carefully remove the trim, so as not to deform the workpiece.

Roll two balls and form oblong dachshund eyes. Stick them to a piece of water on a piece of water. Moisten all sections of the dog with water and stroke your fingers to remove any irregularities.

Make two eyelids with two small pieces of dough and glue them over your eyes. Mark the ear, paws, mouth, nose and body contours with a toothpick.

Now you need to give the volume of the workpiece. Roll an oval out of dough, stick it on your ear and smooth it over with a wet finger.

Similarly, add the volume of the back of the dachshund and its tail.

Push a toothpick oblong dents on the perimeter of the figure. Make them randomly different lengths from the edges of the body to the center.

It is time to dry the billet in a warm oven. Bake it until it is completely solid.

The dry figure needs to be painted. Cover with black gouache all the areas where there are bulges and dents.

After the first layer of paint dries, paint the dachshund yellow. Type a little paint on the foam rubber sponge and toned the whole body, while the dents should remain black - do not overdo it.

Dried dachshund draw white eyes. At will make any inscription.

Glue a piece of rope to the back of the craft.

Cover the product with clear varnish and let it dry. The result of the work done is impressive - the naughty puppy is ready.

Dog with original coloring:

Spectacular Fish - Step-by-Step Master Class

Try to make a beautiful fish with your child. Just follow the detailed instructions - and even a small assistant will be able to master this modeling technique.

For work you will need:

  • salt dough universal,
  • brush,
  • grooved pen marker,
  • ruler.
On baking paper or foil, roll the salted dough into a 3-4 mm thick layer. Cut a circle with a special cutting or just a round glass of suitable diameter.

Squeeze dough on one side of the circle with two fingers, forming a tail.

Correct it and smooth out the bumps.

On the opposite side, make the mouth of the fish a brush handle.

With the edge of the ruler or the blunt side of the knife push the prints on the tail and fins.

Roll the small balls and stick them on the head of the fish. These will be the eyes.

Make smaller pupils from smaller balls and press them to the eyes with a brush pen.

It's time to decorate the blank. Use the felt-tip cap to push the first row of scales.

Roll a lot of small balls. Glue them onto a piece of water on the body of the fish immediately after the prints of the cap and flatten it with the back of the brush.

If there is a suitable imprint, make a starfish-shaped prints, no - use the already familiar cap or use another template.

Then push through two more rows of cap prints.

Roll a thin sausage for a tail.

Glue it to the workpiece on the edge of the tail. Similarly fill the entire tail.

Then randomly glue and push a few more small balls.

Dry the resulting billet in a warm oven.

Paint the fish, guided by your ideas about beauty and colors available. If you put a magnet on the back of it, it will proudly take its place on the fridge, decorating the kitchen of its happy owner.

Here are some more fish ideas:

Cheerful mushroom mushroom

The initial stage of learning to mold is already behind - you can take to more complex products from the universal salt dough. Try to master the lesson of making funny big-eyed boletus. Such an interesting mushroom will be appreciated not only by a child, but also by an adult.

For work you will need:

  • salt dough universal,
  • light bulb (classic pear shape),
  • cardboard,
  • acrylic or gouache paint,
  • foil,
  • paper napkins,
  • masking tape
  • Super glue.
Wrap a light bulb with adhesive tape and stick it with dough. Allow the billet to dry completely at room temperature or in a warm oven.

Cut a ring out of cardboard and put it on a light bulb - this is the basis of the future mushroom cap.

From the crumpled paper napkins form a hat of the desired size. Seal the structure with adhesive tape.

The result is such a blank.

Wrap the cap with foil for greater strength.

For the cap, you can use the dough of any color, later the whole toy will be painted. Roll a piece of dough into a circle with a minimum thickness of 3 mm and stick around the top of the mushroom cap.

Remove the cap and close it down.

Push the stupid side of the knife strips.

Secure the cap on the mushroom stem with superglue or Moment. It should be slightly tilted towards the back.

Take care of the design. Blind and fasten handles, legs and spout on the fungus.

You can decorate the figure with a funny caterpillar or make another element of the decor, such as a ladybird.

Dry the processed billet.

Paint the figure, paint the eyes and spout and varnish. Amazing fungus ready. Salt and eat it will not work, but decorate them shelf - easily.

Funny pigs suspension

Such funny pendants are an idea of ​​an unusual Christmas-tree toy or a nice souvenir to people dear to you. Such a themed gift will be most welcome, because the patron of 2019 is a yellow pig.

For work you will need:

  • salt dough universal,
  • knife,
  • toothpick,
  • thin rope
  • paints and brush,
  • foam sponge
  • black gel pen,
  • Super glue.
Form an oblate circle - hryushkino little body. Glue a smaller circle to the center of it - a penny. Toothpick push through the nostrils.

Roll two small balls and glue over the patch - these are the eyes. Make small ears from small triangles. In the places of their connection with the head push the grooves with a knife.

Blind heart and stick to the pig little body.

Push the recess along the body contour with a toothpick.

Make a toothpick with 2 holes at the top for hanging and bottom for rope legs.

Roll two sausages with a thickening at the ends - these are legs. Attach them to the calf so that the heart is in the hooves of the pig.

Make another pair of hoofs bigger. They will be attached to the body with a rope. Do not forget to make holes in them.

Dry the blanks in a warm oven. Already at this stage it turns out very beautiful.

Cover the blanks with black paint and let it dry.

Spray paint from all convex parts under running water with a sponge and leave the products to dry.

This procedure will make the figures more prominent and will give a realistic contrast with the subsequent coloring.

Ground sponge with white paint.

Using a sponge or brush, paint the piglets, as fantasy tells you (so that the colors are not very bright, but in pastel shades, mix the colors with whitewash).

Gel pen draw small details.

Glue the claws to the body on the rope, you can make hairstyles out of woolen threads. The last stage - attach a suspension to the crafts.

Ideas for inspiration

Want more inspiration? Look at this phased mk creating a cute owl. Such a beauty will fit into the interior of a children's room or settle in the kitchen of her mistress.

Decorative horseshoe is a wonderful souvenir for the New Year. It is believed that she brings good luck, happiness and attracts grace to the house. Step by step, you will be able to create real masterpieces with your own hands.

Make wonderful New Year's toys with your child - and your Christmas tree will be the most elegant and exclusive.

What kind of life without a fat cat or a graceful cat? Have charming salt dough pets at home. And the eyes are pleasing and do not deliver.

Salty dough figurines

You will need: salt dough, rolling pin, cookies for asterisks, hearts, etc.…, cocktail tube, thread or rope for hanging, acrylic paints or gouache, brush, transparent nail polish.

Salt Dough Pendant

You will need: salt dough, glass, acrylic paints, glitters, tassel, hanging ribbon, cocktail tube, dog foot for not testing or your fingers, transparent glue, rolling pin.

How to make salt dough for sculpting

Take a classic recipe note:

  • dissolve 1 cup of salt in 1 cup of warm water,
  • fall asleep to a solution of 2 cups flour and 2 teaspoons of starch,
  • Knead the dough and get a dense pliable mass that does not stick to hands.

Some skilled workers advise to add a little vegetable oil and fatty baby cream to the lump, while others say that the dough on the basis of oil is easily molded, but it is poorly stained and not glued.

Try to experiment and make your own strokes in a light and malleable material for modeling!

The advantages of salt dough over clay and commercial clay are obvious. This is a low-cost material that is created from simple and affordable products. It costs a penny, is stored for a long time in a plastic bag and allows you to sculpt with children 2-3 years.

I will note the advantages of salt dough list:

  1. Quickly prepared and always at hand.
  2. Does not leave marks on clothes and is easily washed off.
  3. Safe for the child and it does not matter if he tastes the dough.
  4. Children are useful games with a ball, sculpting develops motor skills and brain activity.
  5. Finished crafts quickly dry in the oven, on the battery or outdoors.
  6. The dough is easily painted, you can add paint in a lump before modeling or paint the finished dried crafts with acrylic paints and varnish.
  7. Pictures or figurines of dough are stored forever, they are great for gifts and souvenirs.

Are you convinced? Salted dough is an excellent material for work. Prepare a lump and keep it in a closed container, stock up with paints, all sorts of small accessories as decorations and tune in to a pleasant creative process.

For the first acquaintance with the salty dough I advise you to watch a short video from an experienced craftswoman Helena. The video will demonstrate how to make a malleable material that can be colored with natural dyes.

How to learn to sculpt from salt dough: tips for beginners

Salt dough for modeling the consistency and softness should be similar to children's clay. The material is pleasant to the touch and can be used for educational games even with a child of 2 years.

Try together with the baby to blind such a little house, and he will surely do a good service, bringing peace, well-being, happiness and prosperity to the house.

Parents, take note! Sculpting salt dough will be an excellent activity for kids and take children for 1-2 hours.

For a start, it is important to properly organize the workplace. The kid should understand, it is necessary to work at the table and on the stand, and not to dirty the cabinets, sofas and windows in the kitchen.

We lay on the surface of the mat for sculpting, all sorts of parts from the designers and small decorations. We take out the dough and start an exciting lesson!

Be sure to give a lump in the hands of the baby and show how to roll and knead it. Then, together with the child, make basic elements of balls, pellets and sausages from pliable material.

Use cutting tools, cups and knives from children's dishes for cutting. The kid will love this activity. It looks like immersion in the magical world of small transformations.

The next stage - the preparation of "edible" dishes. We put beads on dough cakes and get delicious cakes for mom, dad and grandmother. We throw pasta and every little thing on the flat roundees, we get a real Italian pizza.

Beautifully turned out, is not it? Next, we will give the child a little puzzle - think about how to create a real hedgehog from dough and spaghetti? Very simple!

We sculpt a volumetric elongated body and stick broken macaroons into it, sharp spikes are obtained. And in the sun thin spaghetti will play the role of long warm rays. Beads will mark eyes, and small macaroni will become ears for a hedgehog.

Finished crafts are dried in the oven with the door ajar at a temperature of 130-150 degrees.

If the lumps of dough are slightly browned, it doesn't matter, you get real fried pizzas or cakes. And if you don’t like the color, you can paint crafts with bright acrylic paints together with your baby.

For clarity, adults! See an interesting workshop from Irina Hananova. She will gradually tell and show how to organize the workplace, how to roll the dough and sculpt the basic elements - hearts, flowers, petals and bows. Watch and enjoy!

What can be molded from salt dough for dolls: photo, video

The girls in the game "in the houses" are satisfied with this tea party and holiday feasts. Let's learn how to sculpt the original tasty snacks for dolls out of salt dough.

  1. Let's start with donuts. Roll out the dough and cut round circles with any round mold, and then make holes with a plastic tube. Let's correct the "baking" to dry in the oven at t = 120 degrees for 30-35 minutes.
  2. Finished donuts will first turn red with yellow paint, and then with pink icing. In other colors, based on fantasy, add chocolate and icing sugar.
  3. As well as baking cakes for cakes. Dry round cakes, then paint them on the sides and glue together with PVA glue. We decorate with flowing “cream” and small colored berries.

It turned out beautifully and appetizing, the dolls will love it! For clarity, I present video lessons to needlewomen, look at how the girls work in the kitchen, and get inspired to create your own creative masterpieces.

Crafts from salt dough for the New Year: step-by-step master classes

On the eve of good family holidays it's time to sculpt Christmas toys from salt dough with the kids. The original workshop that I want to bring to your attention is great for classes with children 4-5 years old.

What do we need to work?

Half a cup of flour, the same amount of salt, some water with food coloring and a little bit of vegetable oil.

  1. We knead the pliable dough and proceed to the molding:
  2. Roll out the color dough into a layer 5-6 mm thick.
  3. With the help of a variety of stencils we leave prints on the test.
  4. Cut out the figures with sharp cookie cutters.
  5. Plastic tubing outlines in the corners of the hole.
  6. Отправляем заготовки сушиться в духовке 20-25 минут при температуре 110 градусов.
  7. Finished toys are stained with fingers to give the original texture.
  8. Passing a rope through the holes, tying a knot and Christmas crafts are ready.

It turned out bright, beautiful and stylish! Take note of the idea and create with the children on the eve of good magical holidays!

Important note for small and large craftswomen! The color dough will crack in the oven and change color if you raise the temperature above 125 degrees!

What figures can be molded together with children 5-6 years of dough

I want to share a great idea and tell how to make volumetric crafts from salt dough with children 5-6 years old.
For example, we will make a cute horse, but according to this principle it is easy to create a cat, a dog, and any other favorite animal.

And so, we proceed. To begin, cut out a template that will serve as a stencil for creating the body of the future crafts.

Roll out a thick cake from salt dough, apply a paper template and cut out with a plastic knife along the contour.

Gently smooth the edges of the figure, sculpt the droplet ears out of the dough and use ordinary water to glue the future horse to the head.

Next we will form a pretty face. We make small balls and attach water to the eyes and nostrils. With the help of improvised devices we create texture - use a pencil to mark the recesses in the eyes, form the nostrils with an ordinary tube, and cut the mouth with a knife.

Now with the same tube we make holes through which, after drying, we let the rope through - the legs and tail of the future horse. The last details are the four claws, they are made of small identical lozenges with holes.

Attention! Bake crafts better in the oven with the door open for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. A microwave for baking salt dough is not suitable!

The dried up dough gets the pleasant color of bread, and in some places dark textured specks appear. We form a mane from an ordinary rope and plant it on a hot glue; through the holes, pass the harnesses of the same length and tie the claws. We make a fluffy tail from the same rope.

At the request of a child, a horseman’s horse can be painted in any color and left to dry completely.

Parents often ask how to make a nesting doll out of salt dough? I suggest using a template and cutting a figure out of the rolled dough.

To issue additional details in the form of a scarf and handles, and leave the workpiece on the battery until dry. Then, looking at a color sample to paint with bright acrylic paints. It will turn out even better than in the souvenir shop!

Pictures of salt dough step by step with photos

Fantasy craftsmen create magnificent pictures of salt dough for the kitchen interior. A huge variety of ideas is represented by skilled needlewomen - from modern fantasy still lifes to images in the national style.

For a start, it is worthwhile to dwell on a simple master class and create a charming spring bouquet. What is required for this? Of course, a ball of dough, the usual paint for painting, brushes and a good creative spirit.

Let's start step by step modeling:

  1. Roll out a circle of dough and place it on the base - on foil or paper.
  2. Prepare a long sausage and cut it into equal lumps. These are future leaves and petals.
  3. Place three lumps on the rounder, they will serve as the basis for the flowers, and on the edges we will stick flat leaflets.
  4. With the help of a stick we will put nice grooves on the leaves and give them a volume.
  5. Let's form flower petals from small flat circles, and in the center with a toothpick we stumble hearts.
  6. Press down the petals in the center with a brush and get natural folds. It will turn out beautifully just a lovely sight!
  7. It remains to paint all this splendor to your liking and leave the craft on the battery until completely dry.

On a note! Such a simple and exciting lesson in modeling spring bouquet is great for children aged 4-8 years. Be creative with the children, and joint family creativity will remain in the memory of the child for many years.

My dear readers, parents and skillful masters. I tried to fully open the topic of work with salt dough and interesting developmental activities with children. I am pleased to read your reviews and comments, and still recommend sending links to my pages on your social networks. Let the circle of our friends become wider every day! See you again, catch your luck!

Drying products from salt dough

The crafts made by you from the dough must be dried. This can be done in several ways.

You can simply put the figures in the room and leave for a while. However, it is best to bake crafts in the oven. It is necessary to consider that it is necessary to carry out a molding in the same place where the figure will dry. To do this, ideally use foil.

After finishing work on the craft, put it in a cold oven, set a temperature of fifty degrees to start to avoid cracks. After thirty minutes, add the temperature to a hundred degrees. Dry an average of one to two hours.

After drying, polish the work with sandpaper.

How to paint crafts from salt dough

For dyeing figures, take paints with an acrylic base - they are best suited for this. Such paints instantly dry out, have a rich color and do not smell at all. However, these paints are expensive. Therefore, you can use gouache or watercolor paint.

You can also paint the dough while kneading, adding a few drops of food coloring or acrylic to it, but do it in moderation. Ordinary cocoa powder is also good for dyeing.

At the end of the figure is coated with varnish. To do this, take a glossy or matte varnish with a water base.

Sculpt from salt dough with children

Take a spoon and separate it into two pieces of dough. It will be the torso and the head of an owl. Make from these pieces the figures of the required shape and fasten them. Separately, take a strip of dough and make small cuts on it - it will be a collar. Put it on the body and with a knife paint the wings. Use the remaining small pieces of dough for making eyes and cranberries. Dry the finished figure and paint to your liking.

To begin, distribute the dough into separate pieces. For the manufacture of the torso, you will need the largest piece of dough to make the head a little smaller; use the remnants for making the tail, face, legs, peepholes and ears.

Roll out the dough in two circles, spread them on the cardboard. The basis for a trunk and a head of a cat will turn out. On a small circle make the face of a separate piece of dough. We attach eyes, ears, a tail, pads. Note that each part must be between three and five millimeters thick.

Dry the resulting cat in the oven. After this, we color it with black color, and with white we tint off the tail, antennae and eyes, draw the mouth with red.

Separate small pieces from salt dough; make balls of various sizes from them. The head is a bigger ball, the body is a few small balls. The number of circles will determine the size of your caterpillar.

The received details fasten with each other. For better bonding, soak the areas of contact with water. You can either make a little face of a caterpillar using sculpturing or drawing. For a mustache fit simple matches.

Dry the finished caterpillar in the oven and paint to taste.

First of all, take some ball - it will be the basis for the body. It can be made of plastic, wood or any other material. Wrap this ball with an even layer of dough so that there are no holes.

Make the eyes and nose of a hedgehog in the same way with the help of a dough or use an ordinary peppercorns.

Needles on the back of the hedgehog make manicure scissors. Create them on the principle of a chessboard, in several rows.

You can make apples, pears and other fruits and berries that your hedgehog keeps on needles from individual pieces of dough.

At the end of the molding, dry the hedgehog, paint, and varnish it.

Christmas figures

Take the dough of different colors, roll it out and, with the help of various molds, cut out the future toys. Make a hole in any decorations. Dry the figures.

After drying, pass the ribbons into the toys. Decorate jewelry with beads, buttons, rhinestones or sparkles.

Making figures using salt dough can be an entertaining hobby for children and their parents. The undoubted plus of making crafts from such a material is absolute safety for young children. The dough does not pollute the hands and clothes, ideal for evening family fun activities.

Dough classes captivate your child, contribute to the development of fine motor skills and improve the mood of you and your children. Try to do this hobby with the whole family.