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The best winter scents for women


Winter is not a reason to be sad and stay at home. And if you find the right fragrance, you can continue to enjoy life and get bright emotions. Choose the best perfume for this winter and create your own unique look!

In the winter season, the fragrances sound a little different on the skin, so it is worth taking their choice extremely responsibly. For example, you should not choose excessively fresh and harsh aromas, as the top notes will play longer, which can make the smell very intrusive and unpleasant. It is worth forgetting about summer scents, especially floral.

Avoid and herbal odors, in the winter they are inappropriate. Sea chords will also not be taken seriously, as they will simply be lost. Light berry, fruit and flower aromas will also remain imperceptible.

What smells should choose?

  • First, the Oriental ones, who will warm them on frosty evenings and give femininity, sensuality and a little passion, which is so lacking in winter.
  • Secondly, citrus fruits, especially bergamot, mandarin and orange, can give cheerfulness and New Year's mood.
  • Thirdly, pay attention to spirits with spicy chords, such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and others.
  • Fourthly, powdery aromas will be pertinent, the upper notes of which are as if powdered and slightly blurred, but the train is soft and velvety.
  • Fifth, give preference to sensual spirits with pronounced looped notes, because they will be bright on the skin.
  • Sixth, the perfume must be saturated and persistent.

Best winter perfume

So, below are the 10 best winter scents:

  1. “Reveal” from Calvin Klein was released in 2014 and is positioned as a fragrance of a new category, namely, sunny-eastern. It is ideal for autumn, as it combines seemingly completely incompatible qualities: bright freshness and soft and enveloping warmth, attention to detail and ultimate simplicity, sensual femininity and refined and a little cold masculinity. In general, it is a stylish, bright and deep aroma, which has shades of passion, unpredictability, self-confidence and sexuality, which is so lacking in the cold season. The upper chords are represented by black, pink and white pepper, as well as unrefined salt. The heart is revealed by the iris, the amber and the sun. The base is based on cashmeran, vetiver and sandalwood.
  2. "Miss Dior". These perfumes, released in 2012, in the 2015-2016 season were recognized as one of the best, especially in the winter season. And this is not surprising, because the fragrance envelops and seems to attract, inviting you to go on a journey of dreams. The top note is mandarin, and, as you know, it is the most important winter citrus fruit associated with the New Year holidays. But it is perfectly complemented by feminine, sensual and tender Bulgarian and Turkish roses, which are the heart of the fragrance. The base is based on the chords of vanilla, amber and patchouli. And even in the most frosty evenings, “Miss Dior” will help you to plunge into pleasant memories and enjoy spending time with your second half.
  3. Cashmere Mist from Donna Karan - this is probably the real winter classic. And although the spirits appeared back in 1994, they still continue to conquer the hearts of millions. The fragrance belongs to the woody oriental group and includes the top note of bergamot. The heart is represented by skin, jasmine and lily of the valley. The base is based on amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla and cashmere wood. If you can find such a fragrance, be sure to purchase it.
  4. If you list the new items, it is worth noting "Black Opium" from "Yves Saint Laurent"released last year. This is a truly winter combination that will reveal all the mysterious and even dark sides. And this fragrance is positioned as a kind of rebellious and slightly rock-n-roll interpretation of the original, released back in 1977. The dominant was a bright, but not too obtrusive chord of coffee, which will help not only to warm up on frosty evenings, but also to cheer up. And this fragrance is supplemented with notes of jasmine, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar, patchouli and orange blossom. From the first breath, a shock can occur, but the smell almost immediately becomes incredibly close and even intimate, which helps to open up and be itself. In general, this is an ideal perfume for those who do not want to be bored in the winter, and plans to take everything from life and not miss a single moment.
  5. One of the most popular and beloved (and among both men and women) is the fragrance “Patchouli Absolu” from “Tom Ford”. This perfume unisex, which belong to the group of wood. Creator Tom Ford literally re-opened one of his most beloved components - patchouli. The composition includes an innovative look of patchouli "pure tree" (previously it was not used in perfumery), extract and essential oil of this plant, as well as light notes of rosemary, leather and capriole. This fragrance will give you real bliss and pronounced sensuality.
  6. If in the winter season you lack romanticism and sensuality, then be sure to pay attention to the fragrance. Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez. Its creator, who created a lot of amazing smells, said he wanted to release perfumes that would be incredibly sexy and create the finest plume that attracts the stronger sex. And Narciso is certainly succeeded. His new fragrance, which can be traced to tuberose, jasmine, musk, patchouli, sandalwood and amber, belongs to the woody musk group, covers and gently envelops the entire body, creating a subtle and at the same time passionate haze.
  7. "Dior Hypnotic Eau Sensuelle". Although at first glance this fragrance may seem excessively fresh and even bold, in fact it is ideal for the winter season, as it gives the image sophistication, elegance and even severity, but at the same time emphasizes its romance, lightness and tenderness. Top notes are orange blossom, rose and ylang-ylang. The heart is represented by chords of tuberose, greenery and orchid. The base is based on woody notes, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.
  8. "Furiosa" from "Fendi" - This is a floral oriental fragrance, which was released by the Italian brand in 2014. These perfumes are suitable for women who are courageous, confident and even a little wild. The name from the Italian language, by the way, translates as "wild", "unbridled." The creator wanted to emphasize a certain wildness of the feminine essence, which many so persistently hide. But winter is the time to open up and show your nature. There are only three notes: bergamot, yellow left and amber.
  9. "Boss Intense" from "Hugo Boss" - This is a classic that will probably never go out of style. The top notes of the flavor are spices and orange. The heart reveals notes of rose and vanilla. And the base is patchouli, sandalwood and amber.
  10. "Gucci Guilty Gucci" - the aroma belonging to the category oriental flower. The smell can be traced chords of pink pepper, mandarin, geranium, lilac, peach, amber and patchouli.

Start preparing for winter in advance and buy the right perfume.

L`Extase by Nina Ricci

This perfumed water with gentle musky tints has been produced by the famous perfume house Nina Ricci since 2015. The speaking name "ecstasy" claims the ability of the fragrance to conquer the female heart from the first time. The famous perfumer Francis Kurdyan is the author of this captivating work. L‘Extase is the embodiment of secret women's desires. A sultry, but modest aroma creates a feeling of intimacy and eroticism. Feminine, warm and rather sweet L‘Extase is suitable for cold weather, both young girls and women. On the skin, the fragrance opens very slowly, but has a lasting memorable plume.

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Perfume - a bright 2000 hit. The aroma is thick, rich, persistent, leaving behind a delicate floral plume. It lasts more than 7 hours on the skin, gradually becoming more and more tender. Perfume belongs to the family of oriental flower. This fragrance is a common symbol of femininity and love, naturalness and beauty. Still popular, thanks to a memorable perfumery cocktail of smells of flowers and ripe berries. Sexy, attractive, elegant smell captivates and inspires the hearts of men.

Valentina by Valentino

The product of perfumers from Valentino Fashion House will transfer the owner of this fragrance to sunny Italy. 2011 is the year of birth of this exquisite perfume. Aroma for young romantic girls who like to improvise and take risks, but who value comfort and prestige. This feminine perfumed water creates the most festive New Year's mood. Exquisite oriental floral composition brings unusual nuances to the well-established patterns of perfumery. Seductiveness, sensuality and refinement will envelop the owner of the fragrance with a thin veil of exotic flowers and vanilla.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

The modern version of the legendary fragrance Opium is created for passionate, sensual women. Women who do not like drab days enjoy every day they live and their power in this world. This perfume instantly conquers those who love coffee and oranges. Like a sip of a beautiful invigorating drink, perfume charges with energy. His heady aroma causes almost dependence on the owner and those around him and becomes the hallmark of an elegant, stylish, sophisticated and modern woman. Black Opium is called a mysterious pleasure, a bit cloying and spicy. It certainly needs to be included in the “Best Winter Flavors” rating.

Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir perfumed water envelops with a warm cloud and warms in a cold winter evening. The delightfully inviting scent of Mediterranean flowers for several years has been a sign of luxury and elitism. This is a unique winter fragrance for passionate, passionate, sexy girls. The elegant mini bottle Jasmin Noir was created for those women who dream of catching the dark magic of jasmine flavor in their palms. Perfume is not like any other, once having tried this mysterious and slightly otherworldly fragrance, you will remember it forever.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

Hypnotic Poison is always a fashionable classic. This perfume is like a trump card and the secret weapon of every woman. Mysterious and intoxicating oriental chords in the composition of the perfume, thanks to the harmonious combination, captivate and fall in love with yourself immediately and forever! Resistant vanilla-musky train ensures victory over any rival. If you want to learn all the secrets of magic, learn to own hypnosis, chain yourself to admiring glances with just one thought, Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette from Christian Dior will give you that opportunity.

Hermes Eau Claire des Merveilles

The world of luxury perfumes will open to you with the aroma of Hermes. Magic water Claire. The aroma is very thin and delicate, but expensive and exquisite. This oriental smell is truly unique. It is impossible to forget. Perfume will take you to a world where all desires and dreams come true. You are waiting for incredible accomplishments, fascinating events, magical transfiguration! At first, the aroma sounds slightly cool, and then it becomes warm and sweet, giving away powder. When worn on the skin opens up in a new way, you are wrapped in a barely perceptible fragrant veil. Ideal for the second half of autumn.

We presented you a rating of the 7 best winter scents for women and girls. The rating was made according to feedback from customers of elite perfumery of different ages, processed and summarized by our experts and consultants. The presented list will allow almost every woman to find an attractive fragrance to look charming and unique!

Perfume by seasons

Officially, perfumery compositions can be divided according to the type of fragrance: they can be floral, fruity, fresh, spicy, coniferous, etc. But there is another version of the division - winter and summer flavors. This is due to temperature features: in the winter the sense of smell weakens, and therefore it is worth choosing the “heavier” spirits, otherwise they will be invisible. In addition, the smells themselves at different times are revealed differently and create a different mood. If you compare the composition with scarves, then the winter - this is a knitted and warm scarf, and the summer - a silk scarf.

Below are some of the distinctive features of each option:

  1. Winter aromas are heavier than summer ones, they are warmer, warming and soothing. Among them are coniferous, oriental and spicy options, of which cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, chocolate, nutmeg are predominant, and wood notes can be used additionally. Of flowers, preference is given to rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lotus.

If you want to be sad about the summer days, you should focus on floral, fruit or so-called powdery variants. They must be present rose, jasmine, violet, lotus, patchouli.

Winter aromas are warm, warming and soothing.

Attention! Powder aromas are delicate, airy smells that are not too fresh or sharp: when inhaled, they create a feeling of lightness, like clouds of powder.

  1. Summer, on the contrary, light, invigorating and fresh, mostly floral, sea and "cold". It is about the aromas of rose, lily, lemon, pink pepper, peony. They are complemented by fruit notes - watermelon, peach, apple, currant, citrus. A curious option would be the smell of fresh grass, moss or earth.

Popular winter flavors

Most often, one composition is created in both versions, so that clients do not have to give up their favorite fragrance. But also on the shelves you can find only winter options that have passed the test of time. The most popular are:

  1. "Chanel No. 5 L’Eau ”by“ Chanel ”: a novelty of 2016, the fragrance of which resembles from“ Chanel No. nineteen". Playful, but noble, consisting of vanilla, orange, May rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and cedar,
  2. Guerlain's Eau de Cashmere: This 2014 fragrance is a combination of mandarin, lavender, white cedar, musk and bergamot. The fragrance belongs to the woody musky group and is recommended for use when putting on a cashmere sweater,
  3. Tresor MR Elixir d’Orient from Lancome: in 2015, the French company offers an oriental blend of damask rose, black currant, raspberry, vanilla and patchouli. The smell will look great on the southern beauties,
  4. “Scent of a Dream” from “Charlitte Tilbury”: a gentle powdery scent of this winter. It combines lemon, amber, jasmine, black pepper and rose oil,
  5. “Valentina” from “Valentino”: the fragrance of 2011 will be relevant before the New Year. A refined composition of truffle, vanilla, strawberry and tuberose will give a festive mood,
  6. “Iris Nobile Sublime” from “Acqua di Parma”: one of the most popular flavors of the winter of 2017, released back in 2012. The basis of the whole composition is the iris flower, complemented by birch, ylang-ylang, cedar, mandarin and neroli,
  7. “DKNY be Tenpted” from Donna Karan: perfume was created in 2016. It combines rose, orange, patchouli, violet and black currant,
  8. “Nuit Pour Femme” by “Hugo Boss”: another “invention” of 2012, which presents a composition with hints of peach, jasmine, and violet. They are set off by moss and sandalwood,
  9. “Madly Kenzo!” From “Kenzo”: the fragrance of 2011 is announced as a reminder of summer nights and butterflies. “Remember” will help orange, frankincense, musk, cedar and pink pepper,
  10. “Pleats Please” from Issey Miyake: a Japanese fashion designer in 2012 pleased with the floral-woody-fruit mixture of nasi fruit (a hybrid of apple and pear), peony, sweet pea, patchouli, musk, cedar and vanilla,
  11. “Omnia Indian Garnet” from “Bvlgari”: another “hello” from the East from 2014, this time from India. The main notes are mandarin and orange, they are set off by amber and osmanthus flower. It is recommended for everyone to raise New Year's mood,
  12. "Opium Rouge Fatal" from "Yves Saint Laurent": a collection of oriental flavors in 2015, again replenished with these spirits. Owners are waiting for a mandarin, lily of the valley, carnation and patchouli,
  13. "Bright Crystal" from "Versace": despite the playfulness and lightness, spirits are also suitable for winter. This is achieved thanks to the notes of peony, magnolia and musk,
  14. “Jasmin Immortelle Neroli” from “L’Occitane”: a 2015 gift from the French to lovers of sweet smells. Consists of orange flowers, jasmine, pink pepper and immortal,
  15. “Intense” from Victoria’s Secret: a “sweet” novelty of 2017, consisting of apple, coconut, musk, praline and suede. The aroma is like cotton candy.

Buy perfume in specialized stores

How to choose

When choosing a perfume must pay attention not only to the smell. There are several nuances that will allow you to choose the best perfume:

  1. Do not buy cheap "branded" spirits in the transitions, in the markets and in any suspicious places outside specialized stores. It is impossible to find real perfume there, and fake often not only has a different flavor (it often lacks many notes), but is often made from suspicious ingredients.
  2. The selection may take several hours with short breaks. After 5-6 smells, the sense of smell is dulled, forcing to take a break. In addition, the perfume "opens" gradually: after selecting the composition, it is necessary to put the perfume on the wrist and wait a few hours.
  3. При выборе духов можно по возможности сразу же купить крем для тела или дезодорант с таким же запахом. Не все фирмы предлагают полный «набор», но его наличие позволит не смешивать несколько ароматов в один.
  4. Перед походом по магазинам не стоит пользоваться духами или дезодорантом с сильным запахом – это не позволит почувствовать настоящий запах духов.
  5. Перед выбором лучше заранее определить примерную группу: восточные, древесные, цветочные, фруктовые. The choice will depend on the appearance (delicate blondes fit floral aromas, mature brunettes - Oriental), temperament and style of dress (classic, sporty, romantic, etc.).

The choice of the best perfume depends on many features: the style of a woman, her age, character, season, time of day, and even the place of work. But the main criterion still remains her taste and wishes. Remember: the aroma is revealed on each skin individually, and therefore before buying an unfamiliar aroma, you must check it for yourself. Otherwise, you may find that the smell that has changed in a few hours is unpleasant or not suitable at all.

Winter smell matters

Flavors are very important in a person’s life. With their help, you can not only change the mood and improve your well-being, you can even change your destiny.

Sharpness is not allowed for winter flavors. The smell should be gentle and subtle, not sharp and intrusive. Floral notes can be used, but very carefully.

An excessive amount of them will look inappropriate. The same goes for berry and fruit aromas. Leave these notes fly.

Although some perfumers introduce a minimum number of them in their masterpieces. But they are professionals. They can achieve an amazing plume that will stir long after the owner of the fragrance passes by.

How to choose a scent

What to choose in the winter of 2018—2019? The universal principles of winter flavors are:

  • Eastern notes that warm up and give extra passion on cold days,
  • the presence of citrus fruits (primarily manadrin, orange and bergamot), which invigorate, increase mood, give only positive emotions,
  • spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom), which relax, give confidence in themselves, increase sexuality and attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Perfume should not be harsh. How fashionable to say: "The fragrance should be powdery." That is, the smell is blurred, the notes are mixed, can interchange with each other.

Very popular options that change the dominant flavor throughout the day. For example, in the morning it is an invigorating smell, in the afternoon citrus stands out brightly, and in the evening there are seductive spicy notes.

It is important to understand that the perfume "sound" on each woman in different ways. It matters its own smell and energy.