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American pancakes


Pancakes - this word came to us from American cuisine and means a popular dish in the United States, which is a cross between our pancakes and pancakes. Milk pancakes - these lush, milk-based American pancakes, the recipe I want to offer you today, are prepared mainly for breakfast.

Residents of the United States and Canada do not represent their breakfast without freshly baked homemade pancakes.

In shape, American pancakes resemble our pancakes, only slightly larger (about 12-14 cm in diameter), and taste more like pancakes. And the thickness is impressive - it reaches a centimeter and even more, a sort of volumetric dessert in a frying pan. But the word pancake in the translation and means - cake in a pan.

Pancake dough for pancakes is made on the basis of milk or kefir, sour milk and even water will do, we also need butter, eggs, flour, soda or baking powder.

How to cook air pancakes on milk without baking powder

Want to bake fluffy pancakes without soda and baking powder, then follow this recipe. Pancakes turn out just perfect and can well replace the cake for a mini biscuit cake.

for one glass of milk, 3 eggs, sugar according to personal taste, salt, one teaspoon, flour, 1 glass, vegetable oil - 3 tbsp.

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks. Add sugar to yolks, beat with a mixer.
  2. Then add warm milk, continuing to beat.
  3. Add pre-sifted flour and vegetable oil, continue to beat the mass.
  4. Squirrels with salt, beat into foam. Gently add to the flour mass, gently stirring with a wooden spatula or spoon.
  5. Distribute the dough in the center of a well heated pan. Bake pancakes on both sides in a dry pan until golden.

Serve ready-made packets with real wedge syrup, homemade caramel or melted butter.

American pancake made with sour milk - a recipe from Martha Stewart

  • sour milk 240ml
  • large egg 1pc.
  • olive oil or melted butter 2 tbsp.
  • sugar 2st.l.
  • salt half a teaspoon or a little less
  • baking powder 2ch.
  • half a teaspoon soda

How to make pancake with sour milk:

Detailed technology of preparation is the same as in the recipe from fresh milk.

Sour milk can be made by adding 1 lb. to fresh milk. lemon juice and leave for 10-15 minutes.

When frying pancakes, cook until bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake. When the first bubbles appear, the pancake can be flipped over.

Pancakes cooked with sour milk can also be served with a wedge syrup, fruit, berries or nuts.

American pancakes - a classic recipe

For me, pancakes have always been a separate and distinct from ordinary fritters dish. Despite the fact that even the method of making dough is similar. At one time I was interested in how classic pancakes are cooked in their homeland and the result only convinced me that pancakes and pancakes are very close relatives. The only difference that is important for me personally is how the batter for the pancakes is whipped harder, sometimes more eggs and baking powder are added, that is, it turns out to be more airy, almost like flat fried biscuits. And the second difference is the way of frying. The pancakes are roasted on a minimum of butter so that a crisp crust does not appear, like fritters, and a soft, velvety, baked side remains. Well, the round shape is medium between pancakes and fritters in size. That's what pancake is for me.

Maybe you perceive them differently, that is your right. But let's go back to the recipe.

For classic American pancakes you will need:

  • flour - 2 glasses,
  • milk - 300 ml,
  • eggs - 2 pieces,
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons,
  • salt - pinch,
  • baking powder - 1 tsp,
  • vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons,
  • vanilla sugar - 1 tsp.


1. Mix the eggs in a large bowl with salt and sugar. Mix well using a mixer or a whisk. American pancakes are characterized by whipped airy dough, as for biscuits.

2. Heat the milk slightly, do not boil. Then add it to the egg fluffy mass. Pour in immediately 2 spoons of vegetable oil. Take a mixer and mix thoroughly. This time, no need to whip for a long time.

3. Add the sifted flour. Try not to avoid the stage of sifting flour when cooking pancakes, it fills the dough with air and they will only get more magnificent. For sifting, you can use a special mug, and you can take the simplest homemade sieve. The main thing is that flour stuck together from storage should be loosened and become crumbly and airy.

4. Add flour and vanilla sugar together with flour. It can also be replaced by vanillin, but it is required less because of the more saturated taste. Beat dough with a mixer until all the lumps disappear.

5. If you are not sure if your pancake dough turned out to be the right density, I’ll give you the right association. With it, the dough will not be too thick, as for pancakes, or too thin, as for thin pancakes. Your dough should make a consistency like condensed milk. This is necessary so that the pancake is poured onto the pan, and not laid out like fritters.

6. Now it's time to bake our classic pancakes. To do this, heat the pan and reduce the heat to medium or slightly less. The pan should be non-stick and practically dry. Only for the first time you can smear it with oil, but rub it with a paper napkin, which will remove all surplus. Take a handy little ladle or scoop and pour one pancake each. You can 2-3 if the pan is large, and the pancakes will be small, but the first is best to bake one. So you check the thickness of the dough and the temperature of the griddle. Nobody canceled the first pancake.

7. Pancakes are cooked rather slowly, just like thick pancakes. They need time to bake and get up. Watch his riding, he must begin to cover with holes and become dense before you turn him over. If in doubt, you can spy if the underside is fried, and only then turn it over.

8. The finished classic pancake should be golden or brown, evenly colored and fluffy.

Ready pancakes fold a pile. This is their traditional way of filing. And still considered the traditional way to eat them, cutting with a fork and a knife. Pancakes are watered with your favorite toppings (honey, syrup, sauce), you can add fresh fruit pieces or berries. Do not forget to put a piece of butter!

Everything will be very tasty. Enjoy your meal!

How to cook classic pancakes on kefir or sour milk

The inhabitants of North America, where the pancake recipe came from, do not have kefir, so this way of cooking can be considered as our adaptation of the dish you like. Since we calmly bake pancakes on kefir, then why not bake pancakes on it too. They are essentially all the same pancakes with only minor differences. That is why the recipe for cooking classic pancakes will seem painfully familiar to you, but maybe someone will be new to it.

It will take:

  • kefir - 1 cup,
  • flour - 1 cup,
  • egg - 1 pc,
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons,
  • salt - pinch,
  • vegetable oil - 1 spoon,
  • Soda - a teaspoon without top.


1. In a large bowl with high edges, beat the egg with sugar to a good frothy mass. They should visibly brighten and thicken.

2. Kefir slightly heat up to 36-38 degrees, no more, otherwise it will be rolled into cottage cheese. Add warm kefir to beaten eggs, pour vegetable oil there. Now beat this whole mass again.

3. Add the sifted flour. You can sift directly into the bowl using a special mug or sieve.

4. Again, take a whisk or a mixer and now stir the dough with it, whipping along the way, until all the lumps are gone. Homogeneous creamy dough is obtained as a consistency like condensed milk.

5. And now it's time to add baking soda, which will serve as a baking powder. She will react with sour kefir and our dough will begin to bubble. Pour the soda in and stir well the dough, leave it to stand for 10-15 minutes, you will see how it is filled with bubbles.

6. Heat the pan, the fire should be medium or slightly lower so that the pancakes can bake inside. You can use a special crepe maker, her temperature is already set. Pour each pancake with a ladle or other measuring utensils so that the same volume spills out and the pancakes turn out the same size. The correct dough itself will spread to a round shape.

7. Bake on this side until the pancake is covered with large bubbles and becomes a little denser.

8. The rosy side of the pancake should look uniformly toasted and beautiful. As soon as such a pancake and on the other hand, it is time to remove and spread on a plate with a pile.

Classic pancakes on kefir ready! Pour honey or jam every portion, put a slice of butter or whipped cream, add fruit. Act using your imagination. And call everyone to the table to eat a delicious and beautiful breakfast!

Banana Pancakes - A Step-by-Step Video Recipe

Have you heard of banana pancakes? Or maybe you tried them? I recently tried and realized that very, very vain so long they did not dare to cook. This is a very, very tasty classic pancakes with the addition of banana puree. Yummy incredible. And preparing for almost the same recipe as usual. Slightly above, I have already described as many as two options. You can choose any of them to add mashed potatoes of one banana to them. Puree is the easiest way to make an immersion blender, quickly and very simply. Then mashed potatoes are wonderful and easily mixed with the dough. There are no bananas, but their divine taste is there. Real jam.

If you still need a visual version of the process of cooking banana pancakes, then please watch this video, which enlightened me in this thread.

Simple and delicious pumpkin pancake recipe

Not only classic pancakes are so good for breakfast, a lot of interesting variations of the recipe adds a tasty variety. I already showed one of the options, pancakes with a banana, a little higher, and what do you think about the idea of ​​adding a pumpkin? It is also soft and sweet like a banana and can be turned into a gentle mash. The pumpkin itself, even when mixed with dough, will give the pancakes a very pronounced taste. And bright color. Smell such pancakes just amazing. If it's pumpkin harvest season or you have stocked up in the freezer, then it's time to start cooking.

It will take:

  • flour - 200 grams,
  • pumpkin - 200 grams,
  • milk - 1 cup,
  • eggs - 2 pieces,
  • sugar - 4 tablespoons,
  • butter - 40 grams,
  • baking powder - 10 grams,
  • salt - a pinch.


1. To cook delicious pumpkin pancakes, you must first prepare a pumpkin. We can not use it raw, and boiled will be too wet. The ideal option is to bake it in the oven at 180-200 degrees, until it becomes soft.

2. Cool the pumpkin and mash it. You can grind it through a sieve, or you can take and grind it with a blender. It is desirable to make it soft and uniform without pieces.

3. Beat eggs with sugar until foaming. If the pumpkin itself is sweet, then you can put a little less sugar.

4. Melt the butter until liquid. Pour it into the egg mass. Add a pinch of salt. Put pumpkin puree. Stir everything until smooth.

5. Warm the milk to at least room temperature; it should not be cold. Then pour it into the future of dough and stir. You can slightly beat.

6. Mix flour and dry baking powder. Sift all together through a sieve immediately into a bowl of dough. Stir until the lumps dissolve. The consistency of the dough should be something between a dough for fritters and a dough for thin pancakes. It should slowly spread out if it is poured onto a plane.

7. Bake classic pancakes with pumpkin over medium heat and dry pan. If you are not sure, then spread it with vegetable oil only before the first pancake, and then bake without oil. It is worth noting that for proper pancakes the pan should be with non-stick coating.

8. It is necessary to turn pancakes when the bottom side is fully reddened. A lot of holes should appear on the top.

Well, that's done. Put them in piles, pour them with your favorite sweet sauces and serve them to the table. Enjoy your meal, enjoy a healthy wholesome breakfast.

Milk Chocolate Pancakes - A Step-by-Step Recipe

And if you are a real sweet tooth and a chocolate lover, then the most suitable recipe for you is airy chocolate pancakes. This is not a dessert, but just a dream. No child will be able to refuse such a breakfast, and an adult is also unlikely to stand. Fresh fruit or whipped cream will turn the pancakes into a cake. To taste, such pancakes really look like chocolate sponge cake. The main thing is to beat the dough well.

It will take:

  • milk - 250 ml,
  • flour - 175 grams,
  • eggs - 2 pieces,
  • butter - 30 grams,
  • powdered sugar - 3 tablespoons,
  • cocoa - 3 tablespoons,
  • salt - pinch,
  • baking powder - 1 tsp.


1. The surest way to make fluffy chocolate pancakes is to beat the eggs and sugar at the very beginning. Feel free to turn them into a lush foam. So your pancakes will resemble small biscuits.

2. Mix flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa in a separate bowl. That is, all the dry ingredients for the dough, except sugar, which helps beat the eggs.

3. Now connect the liquid part and the dry part. In a bowl of flour, carefully pour the beaten eggs and stir until smooth. You can continue to do this with a mixer.

5. Melt the butter and pour it into the dough. Stir again.

6. Leave the dough to stand for 10-15 minutes so that the flour and cocoa are well dissolved. After that, you can bake chocolate pancakes.

7. Heat a non-stick griddle over medium heat. Lightly oil it. This is only necessary for the first batch of pancakes, then they will not stick.

8. Take a scoop or a large spoon, the volume of which will give you the desired size of pancake. The dough for pancakes should turn out to be of medium thickness, approximately like condensed milk. It pours and spreads around, but it remains quite a thick layer.

9. Pour one or more pancakes onto the pan if you make them small. Try to get even circles of the same size. As soon as the top side is covered with holes, lift one pancake and check readiness. If the underside is ruddy, that is, dark brown, then it's time to turn it over. Raw pancakes are the color of cocoa with milk, and the finished ones look more like chocolate.

Put the finished chocolate pancakes stack. Get the most delicious fillings and sauces and call everyone to tea. incredible dessert is ready!

Few highlights

As we have said, from our usual pancakes pancakes differ in size, usually their diameter is not more than 14 cm. Especially for this you will need a special pan with a small bottom, you can use an ordinary one, though in this case pancakes can turn out to be an ideal round shape.

In the first case, the pancakes will have to be turned using a wooden spatula, and there is a special pan, which consists of two converging halves. In this case, you grease the bottom half with oil, pour the dough into it and quickly cover the other half, special long handles will help you to cope with it. Literally in a minute, one side fries, the pan turns from the bottom to the top, so the second side of the pancake begins to roast.

This dish is different from the usual pancakes for us, not only in diameter, but also in the density of the dough; it turns out to be rather dense, the recipe usually uses milk or yoghurt, which is sometimes added for extra pomp.

The thickness of the finished pancake should be at least 0.5 cm, the finished pancakes are folded in a neat stack, 2-3 pieces per serving, after which they are watered on top with something sweet.

Strict rules regarding milk belong only to the classic recipe, but our housewives managed to transform this dish, as a result of which pancakes with oatmeal, kefir, bananas and other unusual fillers appeared.

In fact, it is completely easy to cook this dish, for this you just have to follow a few rules and recommendations. By the way, if you want to cook a more useful analogue of these pancakes, then you can use less refined flour for this. So let's try?

Cooking classic pancakes with milk

So, besides a small-diameter frying pan, a cooking blade, a whisk, and a brush, you will need a certain set of products. These include:

  • wheat flour - 7 tbsp. spoons
  • chicken egg - 1 pc.,
  • milk - 250 ml,
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. spoons
  • baking powder - 1.5 tsp,
  • refined sunflower oil - 1 tbsp. spoon,
  • butter - 40 g,
  • salt - a pinch.

Pour the prepared milk into a deep bowl, beat an egg into it and fill it with sugar. Сливочное масло необходимо предварительно растопить, для этого подойдет водяная баня или микроволновка. В растопленном состоянии переливаем его в общую миску, после чего начинаем тщательно перемешивать ингредиенты до однородного состояния.

Следующей в общую массу отправляется мука (ее следует предварительно просеять, тогда ваши панкейки получаться более воздушными), следом добавляем разрыхлитель и соль, снова все перемешиваем. It is necessary to achieve a consistency of dough so that it is thicker than for ordinary pancakes, more like dough for pancakes.

Make sure not to get lumps!

Pour the sunflower oil into a separate small bowl, take a frying pan of small diameter and set it on fire so that it becomes hot. After that, with the help of a culinary brush, lubricate its bottom, gently, make sure that there is very little oil on the surface.

Then pour the prepared dough into the frying pan, a ladle will help you with this (2/3 of the ladle will be enough for one pancake), the fire should be unscrewed at a position less than average. Understand that the pancake needs to be reversed is simple: on its surface you should see the holes formed.

Turn it over with a spatula and fry it on the other side for no more than one or two minutes. We put the finished pancakes into a neat pile, they can be served not only with jam, but also with honey, sour cream, nuts or nutela.

Pancake recipe with oatmeal, apple and cinnamon

To prepare you will need:

  • oatmeal - 50 g,
  • Apple - 1 pc.,
  • milk - 50 g,
  • egg - 2 pieces,
  • Cinnamon - 0.5 tsp
  • sugar to taste.

Apple is pre-cleaned of the peel and seed, cut it into large pieces and then shredded into a blender. Oatmeal grits are also ground with a blender, mixed together with an apple. Separate the yolk from the protein, send the latter to the total mass, add milk, sugar, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous dough.

It is necessary to bake such pancakes carefully, since they can stick to the surface of the pan, and therefore make sure that the pan is well warmed and oiled. It is necessary to expose the fire to be quite small, turn over the pancakes as holes appear on the surface.

Cooking process

It is said that all ingenious is simple. And they also say that often brilliant ideas are simply carried in the air, and this makes it almost simultaneously realized by different people on different continents. This is also true for cooking. Take, for example, pancakes. Their history has not even centuries, but millennia. Each national cuisine has its own counterpart of this dish. America was no exception. After all, what is pancake? It is nothing like our pancakes baked in an American way.

If you have already made pancakes, you know how to make pancakes. In the title itself there is an indication that this dish should be fried in a frying pan (pan - frying pan, and cake - cake). You can cook dough for fluffy pancakes on milk, on water, on kefir. You can add various berries and fruits directly to the dough. Cooking options and serving a lot, obviously, this is one of the reasons for the popularity of this dish.

Today we will cook lush pancakes with milk.

In milk, soluble sugar and salt.

Break the egg into the flour and add half of the milk.

Stir the dough thoroughly and gradually pour in the rest of the milk. The consistency of the dough should be slightly denser than for the fritters.

Soda quench vinegar, add to the dough and mix.

It is convenient to fry pancakes in small pans, but it is also possible on ordinary crepe maker. I decided to use just such an amusing nonstick pan that I bought especially for my granddaughter. By the way, and pancakes we fry together today.

I lightly grease the pan with vegetable oil, heat it up, pour out 2-3 tablespoons of dough. Fry until holes appear. Our pancake will look something like the photo.

Turn over and fry for another couple of minutes. Here we have such a funny pancake.

Serve fluffy pancakes on milk with icing, melted chocolate, jam, jam, fruit or berry syrup, etc.

Today I am serving fluffy pancakes with sour cream. This is a wonderful dish for children, they will be happy to eat it as well as cook it.

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Recipe "Fluffy Pancakes on Milk":

Beat eggs with a little whisk with sugar, add warm milk, mix well.
Pour the sifted flour, baking powder and vanillin, mix well with a whisk, the consistency of the dough will be similar to the average thickness of sour cream.

Heat a frying pan (I bake on crepe maker). No oil or fat is added, pancakes are baked in a dry frying pan.
Spread 2-3 tablespoons of dough in the middle of the pan (I put 2 spoons), leveling to form a pancake.

Fry over low heat until bubbles appear on the dough (about a minute).

Using a spatula, turn the pancake over to the other side and fry for about a minute.

On the back side.

Pankykey put a pile, then they will be warm when serving.
Incredibly delicious, fluffy pancakes are served to the table with jam, honey, syrup or condensed milk.

Here is such a pile

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Cooking delicious fluffy pancakes on kefir in the classic recipe

Is it possible to bake pancakes or pancakes all the time? This is pretty boring! You can diversify their breakfasts or desserts overseas counterparts. Pancakes on kefir - a great alternative for this. They are no less tasty, and the cooking options are many!

  • egg 2 pcs
  • kefir 2 glasses
  • sugar 3 tbsp. l
  • vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l
  • Soda 1 tsp.
  • vanillin on the tip of a knife
  • high-quality flour 2 glasses
  • salt pinch

We will prepare all the products at once, so as not to forget anything later. Eggs should be taken out of the refrigerator in advance so that they are not cold.

Kefir should also be slightly heated, slightly warmer than room temperature. You can warm it in a water bath.

Beat with a whisk, or an egg mixer with sugar until a fluffy foam is formed.

Add warm kefir, vegetable oil and vanillin, mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl, sift flour, preferably several times, for better pomp of our dish. We immediately add soda to it, which can also be sifted and mixed. Gradually introduce flour into the liquid component of the dough, while constantly stirring the mass.

It is better to use the whisk, it will help break all the available lumps. The dough should be homogeneous.

Give him some rest and insist. During this time, the flour will disperse and the dough will become even more even and pleasant in appearance.

Next, in a well heated pan pour the workpiece of the desired size. In this case, it can be slightly shaken, so that the pancake is leveled a little. We bake on moderate fire and wait for the appearance of bubbles.

When the bubbles have already covered the entire upper surface, then we turn it over.

By analogy, we do the same with every pancake. Delicious, delicate pancakes are ready for kefir! They turned out we have beautiful, gentle and airy. Serve them immediately to the table along with chocolate sauce, jam or jam. So everything is simple, but at the same time delicious and satisfying!

How to cook pancakes on milk with a banana

If you have already perfectly learned to fry ordinary pancakes, then for a change you can cook banana ones! This is delicious!

  • 3 eggs
  • sugar 2 tbsp. l
  • flour 1.5 cup
  • vegetable oil 3 tbsp. l
  • baking powder 1 tsp.
  • milk 300 ml.
  • bananas peeled 250 gr.
  • salt pinch

Prepare a bowl, or a bowl for beating. Beat eggs into it, add salt and sugar and beat into a foam using a mixer. This saves you time.

Bananas should also be crushed to a state of mashed potatoes, should get a smooth homogeneous mass without lumps. Use for knocking down a blender.

Shred bananas spread in a bowl. Carefully inject a lush egg mass and pour milk in a thin stream. At the same time constantly stir the mixture with a whisk.

Sift flour and baking powder into separate dishes. Then in small portions we begin to pour it into the liquid mixture and mix thoroughly. We pay attention to the fact that the dough is homogeneous, elastic and of course without lumps.

Give the dough to stand for 15 minutes, then pour the cooked vegetable oil. Using the whisk, we bring down the mass until the disappearance of the oil circles.

Start cooking. Pour dough into a well-heated pan. Cooking pancakes on low heat until golden brown appears. Be sure to wait for the bubbles to cover the entire surface of our lush pancake.

Then we turn it over and bring it to readiness from the other side.

We also do the rest of the dough. Ready pancakes served with nutella and fresh tea. Or with the product you like the most. And it happens that for all family members this product may be different.

The recipe for making lush little pancakes on sour cream

For breakfast, as a sweet snack or just for tea, pancakes are ideal. And most importantly, there are so many cooking recipes that there is always something to choose from which one you like the most. I offer you a recipe for sour cream.

  • eggs 2 pieces
  • sugar 3 tbsp. l
  • sour cream 200 gr.
  • high-quality flour 200 gr.
  • butter 25 gr.
  • soda 0.5 tsp.
  • vanillin on the tip of a knife
  • salt pinch

In deep dishes, mix all the bulk ingredients, namely flour, sugar and soda.

In the mixture add sour cream. Gently mix with a spoon, should get a thick mass. Add a pinch of salt, and mix until it is possible.

Beat eggs with vanillin using a mixer in a separate container.

Well whipped the product is added to a thick dough and gently mix with a whisk. In the resulting mass, add a small piece of butter. It is desirable that it was pre-melted.

The dough is ready, you can bake pancakes!

On the preheated pan lay out the desired portion of the test, and wait for the lower side to redden. Bubbles appear on top. When the whole product is covered with bubbles, it's time to turn it over.

On the other hand, we bake a little less in time. Ready pancake grease melted butter.

In the same sequence, prepare the remaining pancakes.

Each of them grease. All pancakes stacked on top of each other. When serving pancakes, you can decorate with balls of your favorite ice cream and pour over with your favorite syrup or jam. Everything turned out very nice and tasty. Enjoy your meal!

Delicious Pancakes Cooking in Sour Milk

This recipe for sour milk is very simple to prepare, just like everyone else. But the taste of the finished product is still a little different.

  • egg 2 pcs
  • sugar 2 tbsp. l
  • Milk 200 ml.
  • flour / s 10 Art. l
  • baking powder 1 tsp.
  • vanillin on the tip of a knife
  • vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l

So let's get started! To begin with, we mix eggs and sugar in a bowl. Using a mixer at high speed, beat the mass. It should brighten and thicken a little.

Then pour the sour milk and vegetable oil into the resulting mixture. Also beat with a mixer at medium speed to pomp.

Sift flour into a separate bowl, and mix it with baking powder. Then add the dry ingredients to the liquid mixture and mix everything with a mixer at low speed.

Next, gradually increase the speed, and bring our dough to a uniform state. That's the whole process of making dough for pancakes with sour milk. As you can see it is kneaded quickly and easily.

We start baking. Heat up on a medium heat pan. When it is fully heated, we reduce the fire. It should be about below average. Then pour in the dough and form neat products of the right size.

Bake until golden brown. When we have achieved the necessary blush, we turn the pancake to the other side with a spatula. By analogy, do the same with the rest of the test.

These are the pancakes we made with sour milk. They can be served with anything: honey, syrup or your favorite jam!

How to cook American fluffy pancakes on the water

As we already understood from today's topic, there are many recipes for preparing this dish. But we did not consider another recipe, namely pancakes made from dough on water. Their taste is completely different!

To compare, you need to try! There are many opinions that baking can be delicious only on kefir or milk. So say those who have not eaten the wonderful Lenten pastry. Let's start cooking.

  • eggs 2 pieces
  • high-quality flour 260 gr.
  • water 250 ml.
  • sunflower oil 2 tbsp. l
  • baking powder 1 tsp.
  • sugar 2-3 tbsp.

First, separate the yolks from the proteins. We’ll put the last ones in the fridge to keep them chilled, then they will be easier to beat. Add water to the yolks, it should be at room temperature. Beat the water with the yolks with an ordinary whisk.

In a separate pot, add baking powder to the flour and sift it all, preferably several times, so that our baking is airy. Then add flour to the yolks and stir with a spoon. Gently, as if from the bottom up.

Pour in sunflower oil. Thoroughly stir the dough again, whipping while it is not necessary.

What oil to use - refined, or not, you can choose for yourself which one you like more.

Chilled proteins get out of the fridge and beat until resistant peaks. After 2-3 minutes after beating, add sugar and salt, and just stir it with a whisk. Carefully lay out the whipped whites to the dough. Gently mix them into the dough with a spoon. Everything is ready, proceed to cooking.

On a preheated, dry pan lay out 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dough with a slide, leveled into a thin flat cake. The fire should be moderate.

When the bottom surface has reddened, and the top has become covered with bubbles - it's time to turn it over! In the same sequence, prepare the remaining pancakes.

Serve can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, or decorate with marmalade. And you can just melt the chocolate and pour it like a sauce.

Video recipe for cooking pancakes without flour, soda and baking powder

These are the pancakes you can cook without flour. Instead, use oatmeal. We knead the dough with milk, although I think that in a very lean version, it will be possible to use both water, and sour milk, and kefir. That is all that we used today in recipes.

Also in this recipe is not used soda and baking powder. That is, the product turns out lush without it.

As you can see, the end result is simply very beautiful! And soon I want to try this delicious.

Pancakes are decorated with chocolate cream, fruit and nuts. And if you wish, you can make a less high-calorie filling, watering the product from above with ordinary yogurt. And also decorate with berries, fruits and dried fruits.

So fast and easy, you can make delicious American pancakes, or pancakes. And it can be done on the dough, cooked on any dairy or dairy product. I should also tell you that you can cook on any sweet and sour juice, on yogurt, on ayran, and even on mineral water.

Maybe in America they do not cook like that, but you know that it can be done. And if you suddenly do not have any one liquid ingredient, feel free to use the one that is available.

And most importantly, always cook with soul and good mood, and then you will definitely get any pastries!