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Monaco is a small state of luxury


August 06, 2013 Monaco is a small country, barely visible on the world map. But it is difficult to find a person who has never heard anything about this amazing country.

For some, Monaco is associated with luxury hotels and luxurious life, with a world-famous casino, and for someone with world-famous Formula 1 races.

One thing is for sure, this is one of the most peaceful and stable countries, for 700 years now there have been no revolutions and coups.

All this time the country is ruled by the Grimaldi dynasty, one of the oldest monarchies in Europe. Due to the fact that the laws here do not impose personal income tax on private capital, here you can meet a lot of famous Hollywood stars and athletes living in luxury mansions. In Monaco, you can also meet our Russian millionaires and celebrities.

Most come here for Formula One. By the way, one of the stages of Formula 1, passes right through the streets of Monte Carlo, at which time local residents rent their balconies and terraces, earning up to 10,000 euros.

Nevertheless, the world famous Monte Carlo casino, the center of Monaco’s luxurious life, brought world renown to this country. It is here that the richest people come from all over the world. The hotels where they stay are considered the most luxurious places on earth.

This is exactly the reputation that the Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco has acquired. From its windows there is a stunning view of the port with snow-white yachts and the Mediterranean Sea. Many stay at this hotel, for the sake of the annual yacht show, held in September.

One of the highlights of the Riviera Marriott Hotel La Porte de Monaco is the posh Monte Carlo Spa.

For many, Monaco will forever remain the most romantic country. This was influenced by the world-famous love story of Prince Rainier and famous actress Grace Kelly. In the spring of 1956, their marriage took place here. Two years later, after the death of Grace Kelly (1982), Rainier made the Princess Grace Rose Garden, where 5,000 rose bushes were planted in her memory. Today this place is one of the most romantic attractions in the world.

Probably due to this story, weddings are so popular here. Newlyweds can hire a personal coordinator who organizes the wedding exactly as you wish. However, even the chamber celebration in Monaco will be unique, thanks to the atmosphere of luxury prevailing around it, the sea breeze and the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.

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What country is it?

Monaco is a dwarf state that can be called unique. The fact is that this state is ruled by a prince. Monaco is located in southern Europe and occupies the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Monaco on land borders only with France. The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo, and the official language of the state is French.

Surprisingly, the area of ​​the principality is only slightly more than 2 square kilometers (it is much smaller than the territories of some cities, districts and even parks of other countries).

The population of Monaco is also small and is about 30 thousand people. At the same time, the density due to such a small area is very high (more than 15 thousand people per 1 km 2). A little more than 20% of the population are indigenous Monegasques, 16% are Italians, and almost 50% of the French are here.

Monaco can also be called unique because it has been attracting tourists from all over the world for many years, and the rest in this principality can be safely called chic and undoubtedly expensive.

Climate and nature

The climate is dominated by subtropical Mediterranean. Summer is hot and dry, the temperature at this time rises to 30-35 degrees. But winter is mild, but rainy. The temperature can vary from 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The greatest amount of precipitation falls here in winter and autumn, at the same time winds can also blow. Nevertheless, sunny days prevail, there are about 300 of them per year.

The nature of Monaco fascinates with its beauty. In such a small area fit and mountains, and plains, and rocky capes, and bays. The flora is quite rich and is represented by various trees and shrubs. But the fauna is not so diverse. There are very few large animals, but there are rodents, insects, reptiles and small mammals.

How to get there?

You can get to Monaco by plane, fly to Nice (about 4-5 hours on the way), and then transfer to a bus or train (the train will last no more than 40 minutes). You can also fly to Paris in 3-4 hours, and from there you can get to Monaco by train within a few hours.

Inside the principality, you can move on buses, taxis, as well as a small steam train, which regularly runs through the territory of the state. And another local type of transport is escalators, which will be delivered free of charge from one street to another, located above.

Where to stay?

Monaco hotels are considered to be practically the most expensive not only on the Cote d'Azur, but throughout the world. There are about 15-20 of them here, but they all provide a full range of services and luxurious comfortable living conditions. If you want to save money, it is better to choose a hotel or a hotel outside the principality, it will be much cheaper.

Things to do?

Monaco is a state of chic and fun, so when you arrive here, you definitely will not be bored. Here are a few activities for every taste:

  • It is in Monaco that the world-famous Formula 1 races are held annually. So if you like speed and spectacles, then by all means visit this large-scale event.
  • Do you like gambling? Then visit the Monte Carlo casino. There are only two large casinos here, and in each of them you can try your luck. But the entrance to some premises may be paid, and the dress code is valid here, so no one will be allowed in shorts and in a t-shirt. Minimum rates depend on the selected room and a specific table, but they will definitely not allow you to bet less than 5 euros. By the way, do not take with you all the money, the game delays and increases the risk of being left with nothing.
  • Stroll through Monaco. Just imagine: the whole principality can be bypassed on foot. This will not take much time, but you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a chic, rich and measured life.
  • There are constantly held a variety of exhibitions and festivals. These can be festivals of colors, fireworks, television, circus, arts, theater, jazz and more.
  • In the summer, concerts are held here all the time, at which the most famous pop stars perform.
  • Go to the beach and enjoy the gentle sun, warm sand and clear waters of the sea.
  • Be sure to go on a boat trip. By the way, if you wish, and if you have a certain amount of money, you can rent the whole yacht.
  • Monaco is also a sporting state, because tennis tournaments, horse races and much more are arranged here. Take part in sports can and anyone. For example, you can play golf.

What's so interesting?

Rest in Monaco is not only smart and expensive, but also interesting. And what to see the tourist? There are many noteworthy places here:

  • The Oceanographic Museum, which unites the museum opened in 1889 and started to work in 1906. Institute. Here you can see a lot of interesting exhibits related to the sea: skeletons and stuffed animals, tools, ship models. And on the territory there is a huge underground aquarium.
  • Exotic garden is spread out on a mountain slope. He gives the opportunity to see many species of various tropical plants.
  • Another beautiful place is the Japanese Garden, located on the seafront. Here, water, stone and all living things merge into one. This place is planned in the best traditions of the land of the rising sun, so it will certainly amaze everyone.
  • Listing the sights of the principality, it is impossible not to mention the Monaco-Villa (Old Town), hovering over the sea and being the ancient capital of Monaco. This is where you can plunge into the culture of this state.
  • The princely palace of the Grimaldi clan has existed for about 9 centuries and more than seven of them have been used as princely residences. But initially this building was a fortress.
  • Monte Carlo is a real center of night fun and excitement, this is where the most interesting things begin at night.
  • The Palace Square is beautiful, where you can watch a fascinating spectacle every day - the changing of the guard. By the way, the courtyard of the square is paved with multicolored pebbles, folded into geometric shapes.
  • Fort Antoine - a fortress built by Prince Antoine on the mountain of Monaco. But today there is an open theater in the fortress, designed for 350 seats.
  • Recently a museum of coins and postage stamps opened in the principality. By the way, the principality is also famous for its marks, so that you can see the most outlandish specimens.
  • The Chapel of God's Mercy is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings of the principality.
  • There is also a wax museum dedicated to the history of the reign of the Grimaldi dynasty.
  • La Condamine is a commercial and business center of the state, as well as a major port. Here you can find numerous restaurants, cafes, shops and much more.
  • The big market is a paradise for shopping lovers. But shopping in Monaco can hit your budget hard.

National cuisine in this dwarf state is not, it is a mixture of French and Italian culinary traditions. Locals prefer healthy food, so they love fish and seafood, as well as fruits and vegetables. The fish here is eaten in all forms, adding to soups, salads, sandwiches. All dishes are generously flavored with olive oil and herbs.

No meal is complete without a variety of cakes of wheat and beans with the addition of olives, cheese, tomatoes, ham and other ingredients. Desserts in Monaco are also in high esteem, they are made from fruits, nuts, chocolate. Favorite drinks are wine, beer, juice and coffee.

Let the trip to Monaco leave a mark on your heart!

Total about life in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is one of the smallest and at the same time the richest countries in the world. 37 thousand people live in the country or at least have a residence permit, of which just over 5 thousand have a Monaco passport. Indigenous inhabitants are called Monegasques, they make up about 15% of the total population, ethnically it is Italians and French. Without exaggeration, this country can be called the country of the rich, since to live in Monaco you need to have a bank account with at least 100 thousand euros in your account.

In this mini-state there is no luxury taxation, citizens do not pay taxes to the state. This makes this country more popular for immigrants with money.

On the lifestyle in Monaco, we propose to watch the video.

The cost of living in Monaco is very high. Most of the income the country receives in the production of cars. Also here are annually held car competitions on special platforms that are installed directly on the water.

To obtain citizenship in this small principality is practically unrealistic because of the high cost, it is also difficult to find a job.

It can be obtained only by demanded specialists in various fields. Nevertheless, the average salary in the country is about 5 thousand euros.

This dwarf state even has cities that, because of the size of the country, can be called areas, you can get from one to another in just a few minutes. Monaco is also divided into 3 communes:

  • Monaco commune,
  • Monte Carlo municipality (capital)
  • Commune La Condamine,
  • conquered coastal areas, their 2.

Medicine in Monaco at the highest level, but the services are very expensive, only first aid can be provided free of charge. In the past, agriculture was developed in Monaco, but now it does not exist at all due to the complete absence of a territory free from development.

Roads in Monaco

Ironically, Monaco even has its own army, which has just over 80 soldiers at the court and another 500 police officers.

Property prices and products

Monaco is undoubtedly the most expensive country not only in Europe, but also in the world. Property prices are simply stunning, the cheapest square meter here can cost from 20 thousand euros, and closer to the elite areas, they are quite prices reach 50 or even 70 thousand. Given that the sanitary standards apartment in Monaco must be at least 125 square meters.

Renting an apartment in Monaco - the choice of the majority. Depending on the area and proximity to the main district of Monte Carlo, the monthly rental price varies from 3 to 5 thousand euros.

For a comfortable life you need at least 500 thousand euros a year, so the concept of poverty in this principality is understood quite differently. Property prices in Monaco are very high, since new facilities are practically not built here, due to the lack of space for this. In the future, the Monaco authorities are planning to build an artificial island, but exclusive and very expensive objects will be built on it.

The country managed to keep its own policy, and, given the almost complete absence of taxes, the prices of products here are markedly lower than in France. In Monaco, there are several supermarkets, one large and another 3-4 smaller.

The mild Mediterranean climate, proximity to the sea and the prestige of life in this country cause the desire of wealthy people to buy real estate here. But it is very expensive here, even in the most remote parts of Monaco. The most expensive housing in Monaco is located in the Monte Carlo area or close to the sea.

The most budget options, if you can call them that, are apartments from among those that are not on the coast itself.

Much more expensive property located close to the beach or to the residence of the ruling prince. Many of them are located in historic buildings, which have a corresponding interior, typical of the past centuries.

Houses and villas can, depending on the footage, cost from 3 to 7 million euros. Such an expensive property is located in the so-called gold square. To acquire property in this state is very difficult and expensive. Even the property that can be purchased in popular parts of France, like the famous Cote d'Azur, in price ratio with Monaco may even seem cheap.

All this leads to the popularization of the rental business in Monaco. Most businessmen, stars, and great artists and cultural figures who have a residence permit in the principality prefer to rent a house. Even many of them cannot afford Monaco prices. In addition, proposals for the lease of property are very limited offers. More often premises are rented in the summer season.

Average salary and taxes in Monaco

For skilled workers, the salary in Monaco is usually around 7 thousand euros, mostly from among citizens of France. During the day, they come to work in the principality, and in the evening they return to their country, as it is not easy to rent a house or get citizenship of Monaco even for the nearest neighbors, and you can go to work in Monaco without any problems even on foot.

Moving for investors

But, as always, there are pros and cons. On the one hand, living here is very expensive financially. On the other hand, Taxes in Monaco - it's just a godsend for the rich, besides, this country has been leading in the list of countries as the safest for many decades.

The investment climate in Monaco is also very favorable, and the risks are reduced to almost zero. The economy of Monaco does not suffer from the crisis in any way, the only thing that expressed it, is the temporary refusal of the prince and the ruling chamber of the idea of ​​building additional territories at sea.

In the future, this country will retain its attractiveness for investors, since real estate is constantly increasing in price, and demand significantly exceeds supply.

Economics and Law

The country's economy depends on investment. This is the lion's share of the total income of the country. Also, a small percentage depends on the gambling business, the construction of vehicles. The industry of Monaco is well developed, especially it is associated with motor racing.

The country has no external debts, and the reserve budget is 2 billion euros. In the late 1990s, the annual increase in invested funds is about 20%. Also a significant share for the development of the economy of Monaco is a value added tax.

Of the weaknesses can be identified a complete lack of natural resources, which makes the principality completely dependent on imports from the countries of the European Union. Most of all with Italy and France.

Despite the fact that, in fact, the prince has absolute power in the territory of Monaco, there is a constitution here, and the second paragraph says about respect for human rights and freedoms, which makes this dwarf state legal.

To attract investments, an economic legal code guarantees a preferential tax system for individuals. Full citizens of Monaco who have a passport of the principality are exempted from paying taxes in full, but at the legislative level, visiting the casino is forbidden to Monegasques.

Трудовое право в Монако соответствует международному и, в частности, европейскому уровню. Рабочая неделя составляет 39 часов, зарплаты в Монако и пенсии – гарантированное право. Забастовки на конституционном уровне дозволены, исключение составляют государственные служащие. Уголовное право закреплено в УК Монако.

Транспорт Монако

С транспортом в Монако всё необычно, учитывая размеры страны в 2 километра, которые большинство преодолевает пешком или же на велосипедах. Так как местность горная, популярны велосипеды с моторами.

There is a single taxi company with 10 cars, you should call in advance, better than 2 days for the day, it is often needed to move to settlements in France. In Monaco itself, the local population still uses public transport or use the car sharing service, but it is limited to the territory of the principality and you cannot go outside.

To apply for a visa to visit the principality, read this article.


Education in Monaco corresponds to the European level, moreover, all citizens of this principality have the right to use the student exchange program operating throughout the Schengen zone.

International University of Monaco

In Monaco, there is one institution of higher education - an international university, as well as educational institutions:

  • 7 kindergartens
  • elementary schools and Charles the Third High School,
  • Lyceum named after Albert the First,
  • Tourist Lyceum
  • 2 private schools
  • international school of monaco.
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Starting a business in Monaco is very expensive, but under favorable circumstances it is very profitable due to the absence of taxes. The first thing you need to have your property, or at least rent an office. You will also need to obtain permission from the authorities, and it will be important to prove that business will have a positive impact on the economy of the principality.

A fascinating walk through Monaco.

Holders of large sums can purchase a ready-made business with all the necessary licenses and documents, but such options start at prices starting from 300 thousand euros.

It is also very expensive to open your business outlets, the cost of the cheapest premises starts from 30 thousand for foreigners. And Monegasques can rent the same for just a few hundred euros, while they are not allowed to use the same room for more than a few years.

Monaco - the dwarf state of rich people

The Principality of Monaco (Principauté de Monaco) is a dwarf state associated with France, located in southern Europe on the shores of the Ligurian Sea, on land bordered by France. It is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. The country is a member of such international organizations as: UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, Interpol, UNESCO, WHO. The main office of the International Hydrographic Organization is located in Monaco. The country has 12 diplomatic missions in Western Europe and permanent representatives to the UN and the Council of Europe.

The area of ​​the country is only 2 km ², which is almost three times smaller than the Sokolniki park in Moscow, and the population is only 38 thousand. The coastline here is 4.1 km, the length of land borders is 4.4 km. Over the past 20 years, the country's territory has increased by almost 40 hectares due to drainage of marine areas. We will begin our acquaintance with Monaco from its most eastern part, the name of which is known worldwide. This is Monte Carlo (it sounds very funny in French: "Monte Carlo" (with emphasis, as expected, on the last syllable). It is here that the only railway station in the country built inside the rock is located.

Right in front of the station is the church of St. Devota (Sainte Dévote Chapel), existing from the XI century. and repeatedly rebuilt in later times.

Every year since 1929, Monaco hosts one of the most prestigious motor sport competitions - the Monaco Grand Prix, which since 1950 has been part of the Formula 1 World Championship. The route while running through the streets of the city.

View from Monte Carlo to the central part of Monaco - La Condamine, built up with modern buildings.

Buildings on Ostend Avenue (Avenue d'Ostende) in Monte Carlo.

Port Hercule. In the background is the princely palace.

One of the observation platforms of Monte Carlo.

Trees on the roof of the building.

The most famous building in Monte Carlo is, of course, the casino, which was opened in 1863 to save the princely house of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. The same building was designed by architect S. Garnier (the builder of the Paris Opera) in 1878 in a complex with the Garnier Hall (Salle Garnier)in which the Opera Monte Carlo and the Philharmonic Orchestra are located.

This is a magnificent building - a true architectural masterpiece (by the way, the citizens of Monaco are forbidden to gamble and visit the casino).

Before entering the casino there is a huge mirror lens.

Several types of casino building from different sides.

Facade of the hall Garnier.

Monument to the composer Jules Massenet) near the casino.

Monument to Hector Berlioz (Louis-Hector Berlioz).

View of the new Monte-Carlo.

Yachts waiting to sail.

In front of the casino on the platform above the rocky steep seashore, there is a magnificent Monte-Carlo park with tropical plants and various sculptures. Here, for example, naked and thick aunt and uncle. Such a sculptor saw Adam and Eve.

Fioura medieval ladies.

Another view of the princely palace, where we will soon go.

Transparent sculpture of a ballerina on the background of the sea.

Bust of the great Russian entrepreneur S. Dyagilev. It was here in the Opera Monte Carlo based his company "Russian Ballet".

The peaks and slopes of the mountains - this is France.

One of the most luxurious hotels is Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.

The central street of the district La Condamine - bears the name of the princes Grimaldi (Rue Grimaldi).

She is exceptionally clean and comfortable.

Many balconies on the street are full of flowers.

On the cliff, which rests the street, visible wall of the princely castle.

High-rise buildings in the background are already in France.

The ascent to the old town of Monaco (Monaco-Ville) begins.

Monument to Prince Rainier III (Rainier III) - father of the present monarch Albert II (Albert II) in front of the entrance to the old town.

Buildings on Palace Square (Place de Palais).

Statue of Francesco (Francois) Grimaldi - “Sly” (Italian: Francesco Grimaldi La Malizia, Fr. François Grimaldi le Rusé) - the founder of the princely ruling dynasty in Monaco. According to legend, in 1297, he and a group of supporters disguised as monks knocked on the gates of the fortress. After they were let in, the “monks” snatched their swords from under their ryas and seized the fortress with a fight. This event is depicted on the emblem of Monaco, in which two monks with swords are depicted as supporters.

The Prince's Palace of Monaco, founded as a Genoese fortress in 1191, then expanded and rebuilt many times. Since the end of the XIII century. The palace belongs to the genus Grimaldi.

The main entrance to the palace.

One of the two guards of the palace.

View from the Palace on Palace Square.

In the ceremonial chambers of the palace (when there are no official events) let everyone. True, photography is prohibited there.

View of the new district of Monaco, located on the land won back by the sea - Fontvielle.

Park near the palace. Sea view.

Fonvey and France behind it.

St. Nicholas Cathedral (la cathédrale de Monaco), erected from white stone in 1875 in the Romanesque style on the site of the old (XIII century) Church of St. Nicholas. The cathedral is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Monaco and serves as the tomb of the princes of Monaco.

Interior view of the cathedral.

Palace of Justice (Palais de Justice).

Another famous building of Monaco is the Oceanographic Museum (Musée océanographique de Monaco), which unites the museum itself and the Oceanographic Institute. The museum was founded in 1889 by Prince Albert I, and the Oceanographic Institute opened in 1906. From 1957 until his death, the director of the museum was the famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau.

The museum has a wonderful collection of various types of marine fauna in the form of stuffed animals and skeletons and a large number of various objects related to the sea and marine business (models of ships, marine tools, weapons, etc.

Terrace on the roof of the museum.

Monument to Prince Albert I in the museum.

Facade of the Oceanographic Institute.

Another monument to Albert I is already on the street, in the gardens of St. Martin (Jardins de Saint-Martin).

View of the museum building from the sea.

Fountain in the gardens of St. Martin.

The old town of Monaco is similar to all the medieval Mediterranean cities: narrow streets, small squares, pavement.

Monaco post office building.

The Baroque Chapel of the Visitation (Chapelle de la Visitation), built in the 17th century.

Street Bass (Rue Basse).

Embankment of Prince Grace.

A few more types of princely palace.

The building in which the palace guards are located.