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Why hair can be confused, what should be done to unravel it


Is your hair constantly tangled? Take action

8 ways to deal with tangled hair

Hair tangled, cling to a comb, form mats ... This is a catastrophe. Not only is it impossible to cope with them, to make a normal hairstyle or to lay them, they also break out. After all, to cope with mate without loss is impossible. Why are hair tangled? How to deal with this problem?

It's time to look for provocateurs misfortune. Only after that it makes sense to sort out effective options for getting out of the current situation and find the best one for yourself.

Why curls tangled?

As a rule, hair is strongly confused when it is long. Moreover, the problem arises not only because of the loose hair, but also at the time of combing in the morning. The main reasons for this situation are:

The hairs are dry and thin, loose at the ends, whipped. In their loose form, they begin to stray into the mats and become entangled with each other.

Static charge and electrified hairstyle. Fluffy hairs are attracted to each other, are woven together. The result is a koltun. This happens with weakened hair, thinned.

Hair store information about us. Their confusion testifies to confusion in thoughts and images. The confusion in life, in relationships, the inability to accept and choose the only solution, as well as the problems with determining a specific direction in the future, confuses thoughts. Accordingly, the head of hair begins to reflect the inner experiences and stands out from the concept of "smooth hair". This explanation is in terms of energy and cosmopolitan approach.

One thing is clear: if the hair is constantly confused, then we are talking about health problems.

a) lack of vitamins,
b) bad habits
c) frequent stress,
d) malnutrition,
d) overdrying of hair (frequent use of hair dryers, ploek),
f) impact on the head of hair of too hot or perceptibly cold air (refusal to wear hats, active work of radiators dry hair, make them weak and lifeless),
g) the use of aggressive detergents (alkaline means weaken the protective barrier of the hair, weaken them),
h) the influence of hard or chlorinated water (in the pool, for example),
i) frequent dyeing and chemical perm,
k) curly by nature and more.

All these circumstances "contribute" to the deterioration of the hair. Draining and loss of natural moisture occurs. And thin and dry curls are naturally prone to tangling.

Treatment mats

Like any other problem, mats need to begin to heal from the inside: proper nutrition, vitaminization, a healthy lifestyle and good sleep.

Solving the problem from the outside involves the following set of procedures:

1) Make a short hairstyle or trim split ends. As a rule, “confusion” begins from below. Split and loose ends cling to clothes, intertwine with each other and form a shade. In addition, sick hair is better to cut. The treatment will be faster and easier. "Pulling out" tinkers periodically, more will be lost in the amount of hair.

2) Moisten and nourish. Starting with shampoos and ending with masks and sprays, give preference to high-quality moisturizers on a natural basis.

3) It is imperative to use a balsam or conditioner after washing with shampoo, which facilitates combing.

4) Regularly pamper the upper part of the head with nutritive oils and masks:

  • rub castor oil, olive or burdock oil half an hour before washing your head,
  • add essential oils to shampoos (for example, ylang-ylang oil, orange),
  • make masks from dairy products (yogurt, kefir, yogurt),
  • such affordable products like honey, egg, glycerin, henna, etc., nourish the hair well.

5) Use shampoo for disentangling once a week.

6) to braid braids for the night (this is especially important when caring for curly hair).

7) Use comb made of natural materials with sparse and long teeth. It is important that the comb has an antistatic effect, since electrification further aggravates the situation. For the same reason, it should be abandoned for the period of treatment from clothes and bed linen made of synthetic materials.

8) If fixing accessories are used when styling the hairstyle, then the place and method of fastening the same barrette should be changed periodically.

Until the problem is solved, it is recommended to braid the hair and hide it in the hair. Wearing them loose is not desirable. If all the hair is collected in one koltun, which can not be combed, then for treatment you need to contact the experts. Independently solve this problem is almost impossible.

Katya U. Fri, 07/22/2016 - 12:56

Tangled hair is my main problem. Despite the fact that I don’t paint my head, I don’t burn with curling hair, my hair is still matted. Comb stuck at the tips. I'm just a hell for hairdressers, and the most unpleasant. I try to moisturize your hair to the max. I use masks, balms and even hair creams. At the moment I have the beauty of professional “intensive nutrition” with argan oil and macadamia shampoo. After using together with the mask two weeks have passed and the hair is already much easier to comb and the tips began to look “more alive”. Try it, maybe you will like it!

Natalia. Wed, 08/24/2016 - 22:09

And I was saved by a special comb for unraveling

Provoking factors

So why does the hair get tangled, both in a child and in an adult? Confusing tangles on the hair can be triggered by such factors:

    Dryness and dehydration of the scalp contributes to the fact that hair is very confused. Overly dried curls different detergents and cosmetics of dubious quality. And also strands that are amenable to frequent exposure to different irons for hair, styling products, as well as under the influence of dry air from a hairdryer will be confused. Sea salt water dries curls, as well as chlorinated water, which often flows from our taps and is present in swimming pools. Hot summer dry air also adversely affects the structure of the curls. In such curls there is a reduced amount of keratin and increased electrification, which contributes to the fact that the hair attracts each other and, of course, will be tangled.

Frequent dyeing of curls, especially with aggressive dyeing agents that contain ammonia, which are often permed in the course of which very aggressive substances are used also contribute to the confusion of the hair.

  • Unbalanced nutrition. Lack of vitamins and minerals will also affect the condition of the hair coat is not for the better. With a shortage of vitamins, hair on the back of the head is especially confused.
  • Stress. Different stressful situations adversely affect not only the general health of a person, but also the scalp separately. The fact is that when a person is agitated, experiencing, experiencing grief and sorrow, then every cell of our body feels it, and the strands also lose their vitality and energy, and, as a result, also begin to get confused.
  • The lack of basic hygienic procedures for hair. If a person does not comb the curls for a long time, then the tarts in the curls are their natural state. Owners of long curls must be combed and braided hair overnight.
  • Frequent washing hair. Paradoxically, but frequent washing greatly contributes to the desiccation and entanglement of the strands.
  • Dermatological problems of the skin of the head. Seborrhea, dandruff, allergies, various rashes also contribute to the fact that strands are mixed up with each other, become unruly and vulnerable. After all, if there are problems with the skin of the head, the proper functioning of the skin glands is disturbed, as a result of which the normal microflora of the skin is disturbed and the hair follicle suffers, the condition of which adversely affects the hair.
  • Especially a lot of trouble entangled strands can make children. After all, it is the children who lead the most active lifestyle, in which they simply have no time for frequent and timely combing. Therefore, the question is how to unravel the tangles in the hair, for children is particularly relevant.

    How to prevent this problem

    If the curls are heavily entangled, the question arises: how to comb them, and how to prevent further entanglement at home.

    To begin with, untangling the nests in the strands, comb them, sprinkling in front of this special tool for easy combing, which is sold in cosmetic stores.

    If such a tool was not at hand, you can cook it yourself by mixing water with lemon juice. This mixture is poured into a container with a spray and put on curls before combing.

    The comb is necessary for using with long and rare teeth. Well, if the comb will be made of natural materials. If the problem is solved and the hair is combed, it is necessary to take measures in order to further avoid entangled strands.

    So what to do when hair gets confused? First of all, it is necessary to find out and eliminate the cause of such a state of curls. Then you need to ensure proper care strands:

    1. Choose the optimal comb, which should not contain too thick teeth. It is also impossible to use combing tools with metal teeth.
    2. You can not often use a hairdryer. It is necessary to wash the head at such a time so that the curls have time to dry on their own, before going outside, or before a night's sleep.
    3. It is necessary to choose the most gentle and natural hair cleaners. After shampooing your hair, you must use an air conditioner or a hair balm.
    4. If possible, do not wash your hair every day.

    Especially careful care should be provided for the increased curls. To show off such made strands a little longer, you need to feed them in every way, often combing them, braid them at night.

    In order for the hair to be well disentangled, you need to regularly and timely feed it with different natural masks:

    1. Sour milk with egg is a great tool for smooth and silky hair. You just need to mix the yogurt with egg yolk and put this mixture on the curls for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water. Instead of yogurt, you can use regular kefir. You can add to it not only the yolk, but also a few tablespoons of sunflower oil.
    2. Oil masks. They have a pronounced softening and nourishing effect. Moreover, oil can be taken any: sunflower, olive, castor, burdock. You can use them both individually and in combination. Such masks hold on the head for 40-60 minutes, then wash off with water.

    Important to remember. For the beauty of hair it is not necessary to use expensive pharmaceuticals, because everything that is necessary for this is at our fingertips. You should also not use only expensive olive oil, because in the usual sunflower vitamin E is 20 times more!

    save! hair is very confused

    My hair is very confused. after I wash it, I need to sit and brush them for an hour, sometimes there are Kubla there, which is just scary (and most importantly, when I comb them, for example in the morning, then at 3 o'clock they get entangled again, it's just unbearable ((my shampoo , and then with KLIVEN Balsam, but not from the top of the crown itself, but from the middle of the hair, I have them almost to the waist. Save me (what should I do?

    This happens when dry and damaged hair. Buy moisturizing shampoo, balsam and mask from professional lines. From inexpensive I recommend Estelle and Kutrin.

    Balm Fructis for easy combing.

    I have the same garbage. hair is very thin, I am blonde. I have since childhood so accustomed.

    I recommend that you trim the ends with hot scissors, brush your hair thoroughly before washing, because if you wash your matted hair, you will confuse them even more! I can not say anything at the expense of shampoo cliven - I have not tried it. I use professional hair cosmetics, I can safely advise shampoo and Barex Aeto Botanica mask. If the money is tight, then just buy this mask. After washing your hair, dry your hair with a towel, apply this mask and comb your hair with a LARGE comb. support 5-10 minutes, then wash off. You can still buy a spray with oriental essences, I don’t remember exactly how it is called, it looks like a lacquer, but this is a gloss-balm. From him my hair is always very easy to comb and crumbly straight))

    but I have a length below the shoulder blades, you still have very long.

    Just be sure to cut, do not take care of the split ends - it is still not beautiful!

    Buy indelible cream Pantin or gliss chickens, Sanc. After washing the hair, apply the cream to the hair and gently distribute the comb. Nothing is confused, everything is combed with a bang, hair is beautiful and shiny.

    If the hair is long, then at night they need to be braided in a pigtail, and a balm on wet hair. The main thing is not to brush your hair immediately after washing, wait until it dries.

    I advise you to do the lamination, just so brought her hair in order. Lamination lasts for a month, gradually the hair is restored, combed well, does not electrify, thicken, shine, so still lamination covers the hair with a protective sheath.

    I can advise you that they will not be confused and forget about such a hemorrhoid moisturizing mask. “MY MY” it is let out by the American Lanza need it a little bit and if there are denyushki then serum “Him plant sil serum” on the tips. Find in the internet.

    butter only butter and creams all moisturizers

    go to the pharmacy and buy there. burdock oil, castor oil, camphor oil, and vitamins A and E in oils. You will also need a yolk (I have hair up to the shoulder blades, so I take one, and you’d better take 2) and my favorite essential oil, I use ylang-ylang, my bleached hair really likes it! and mix 2 yolks of 2st.l. burdock and castor oil and half a teaspoon of vitamins A and E, a couple of drops of essential. I put a brush on my hair and wrap my hair in foil, but with such a length it will be easier for you with your hands and then a polyethylene on your head and a towel on top! an hour later, wash off with shampoo, although you can sit for at least 3 hours this is a private matter! The effect is wonderful! I know what I'm talking about since I've been lightening up for 5 years and have felt all the problems on myself

    yes burdock oil that is not washed off should help

    and masks can also be made burdock oil only which is washed off already

    I went to the clinic when the hair fell out. And then the doctor of trichologist told me - never, NEVER use burnt oil type masks without consulting a doctor, because with certain diseases like sebarium, you will finish off your scalp and hair. I completely agree with her.

    With regard to tangling of hair - it is necessary to look for balms and products in professional lines.

    I have the same garbage. hair is very thin, I am blonde. I have since childhood so accustomed.

    Mother-in-law will be quarrelsome)))))

    I have the same garbage. hair is very thin, I am blonde. I have since childhood so accustomed.

    My daughter has the same problem. There is a non-washable spray conditioner Milk Shake or Glis of chickens (the first one is better). They are designed for easy combing. Before combing, you need to spray a little and the comb comb slides like a butter

    After childbirth was tortured, matted and not combed even at least 20 times a day to scratch them! And the tears were but the hand never reached out to cut off the hair, walked with eternal braids and hoops. Scratched so they are getting worse and worse! One shampoo of lunden ilon + herbalife shampoo + forever aloe jelly helped all at once for one wash) even if the girls do not understand me here, but for long procedures neither time nor money, for that shampoos helped these plus broth from onion peel, boil yes rinse and then lightly rinse

    I recommend that you trim the ends with hot scissors, brush your hair thoroughly before washing, because if you wash your matted hair, you will confuse them even more! I can not say anything at the expense of shampoo cliven - I have not tried it. I use professional hair cosmetics, I can safely advise shampoo and Barex Aeto Botanica mask. If the money is tight, then just buy this mask. After washing your hair, dry your hair with a towel, apply this mask and comb your hair with a LARGE comb. support 5-10 minutes, then wash off. You can still buy a spray with oriental essences, I don’t remember exactly how it is called, it looks like a lacquer, but this is a gloss-balm. From him my hair is always very easy to comb and crumbly straight))

    but I have a length below the shoulder blades, you still have very long.

    Just be sure to cut, do not take care of the split ends - it is still not beautiful!

    please tell me where is this cosmetics for sale?

    I'm already used to it but I feel like a nest on my head

    Honestly, I already want to create one in the bark, but I feel sorry for the hair

    My dear girls. if the hair on your head is kudlatized then you definitely need to feed your host-householder .. You need to be alone in the house, take a beautiful plate, put bright candies on it, cookies, a small bright toy. and say out loud. My host is home for your treat. и поставьте тарелочку где нибудь на холодильник.

    Сама пришла к выводу, что шампуни какие бы они не были хорошими,но всё же они сушат волосы.Стала мыть голову только бальзамом, если волосы сильно грязные можно помыть дважды и всё. Later you will see the difference yourself, and of course, combing your hair with a rare comb starting from the very tips and making sure to braid your braid, women will envy you and men will not remain indifferent.

    Try a balm from Tiande green can based on ginseng root, super cost somewhere around 500r.

    I have hair just below my shoulders, but I'm terribly confused. they have curly, far from thin. it's just a quiet horror. walked 5 minutes and already nest on the head! combing from the tips, my special balm. though the hair is a bit dryish from birth, but not much.
    straighten them - the most normal option. not so confused. but sorry for the hair, the iron is harmful because.

    Are your hair tangled? It will help a simple tool

    Long hair is very beautiful, but it requires special care and usually suffers from tangling at the tips. The problem may lie in the dryness of the hair after dyeing, the use of various styling products, hot curling tongs, or simply because the tips do not trim in time. Whatever the problem, you can deal with it using special tools, making your hair smooth and easy to comb.

    Disentangling nodules in the hair, especially after washing the head, can be very tedious. If your hair gets tangled after washing, the easiest way to avoid this problem is to always keep a special spray on hand to facilitate combing the hair.

    It will avoid tangling strands and give more shine to the hair! Now you can find a wide selection of such products. If curls are prone to tangling, use it every time you wash your hair, before combing it.

    Home remedy for tangling hair

    Store sprays to help you brush your hair work great, eliminate tangles and keep your hair looking great, but they can be expensive. Therefore, in the absence of a finished product, try to make your own, with your own hands.

    Can you imagine that for an excellent result you only need ... water and a little hair conditioner. There are many recipes for sprays on the Internet, in most cases they include water and a varying amount of conditioner. Having experimented a bit, we found the best combination.

    Take an empty spray bottle (from under any hair product). Mix 1 part of your favorite conditioner with 9 parts of warm water. Pour the mixture into the bottle and shake well.

    Shake before use. Spray the liquid on the strands, and you will immediately feel the difference when combing. Here is such a simple and effective recipe!

    In the home spray can also add 2-3 drops of essential oil. Choose your favorite scent to make your hair smell good.

    From store supplies, try a CHI silk infusion or Gliss Kur serum in red packaging (Color Protection). she is not fat hair.

    1. Choose a suitable comb based on your feelings, the brush should be comfortable for you. First, collect the hair in the tail and unravel the tips, only then continue to comb the strands along the entire length, moving upwards. It is often advised to comb already dry hair, but according to its own long-term observations, it is much easier to comb it wet hair, as a result, the hair is healthy and there are no nodules on already dried strands.

    2. Dry your hair with care, preferably in a natural way. If you need to put them a hair dryer, apply first a product that protects curls from heat treatment. Dry your hair from top to bottom, always ending with cold air.

    3. Use conditioner after shampooing. The strands will be hydrated and the nodules unravel more easily.

    4. Once a week, rinse hair with rosemary tea.

    5. Make a mask with olive oil once a month, it will prevent hair breakage.

    6. Every six weeks, trim the ends of the hair.

    7. Good use of food products that contain avocado oil and jojoba.

    8. Protect the curls from the harmful rays of the sun.

    9. If you steam in the sauna, wrap your hair with a damp cloth.

    10. Do not wash your hair more often than necessary.

    Reference to the source http://hair-ok.ru/2014/04/putayutsya-volosy/

    What to do if hair gets confused

    The real tragedy for every girl is confused hair and the impossibility of combing it normally. Such strands often look unhealthy and weak, so you need to solve this problem.

    But do not rush to grab the scissors to cut your long curls. There are methods after which the hair will no longer be tangled and will become silky again. But before you begin to heal, you need to find out why the hair cannot be combed, and tangles appear.

    Causes of hair tangling

    The source of this affliction may be hiding in:

    • Dry and thin hair. The severed tips of the weakened locks are greatly entangled not only by the wind, the headgear, but also in a calm state. Even cropping unhealthy tips does not solve this problem.

    • Electrified hairstyle and static charge. This effect occurs with thinned and exhausted hair.

    • Adverse external effects, namely, hot styling, blow-drying, chemical perm, frequent ammonia dyeing and even bathing in seawater. Various hairpins, hairpins and poor-quality rubber bands can also destroy hair, making the cuticle brittle.

    • Tight diets and stress that weaken the body, which, in turn, affects the health of the hair.

    The main risk factors that lead to tangling of the strands include: - avitaminosis, - the use of ploeky and hair dryers that overdry hair, - walking without a hat in the cold, - overdried indoor air, - visiting the pool with excessively chlorinated water, - multiple dyeing and curling.

    What to do so that hair is not confused?

    If you want to have long and silky hair, then follow these guidelines:

    • Use high-quality shampoos and conditioners that make it easier to comb. After washing your hair, do not rub them too actively with a towel. You just need to get a little wet wet strands.

    • Comb your hair correctly, moving the comb from the tips upwards, approaching the roots of the hair. There are tools designed for disentangling strands. Also, for effective combing you can divide the head into several zones.

    • Pick a good comb. The best option would be a wooden comb with rare teeth, because the metal is quite damaged hair.

    • Owners of long hair, it is desirable to go to bed, braiding hair in a braid, but not with loose curls, which can be confused.

    • Trim split ends that cling to clothes and do not look aesthetically pleasing. Return them a healthy look will not succeed, so it's best to say goodbye to a couple of centimeters of length.

    • Lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. If necessary, take a vitamin complex containing collagen, biotin, vitamins B and C, which have a positive effect on the beauty of the hair.

    • Sleep on natural linen, which does not cause electrification of the hair.

    • Braid hairstyles. Different weaving is already a season in fashion. Spikelets, French braids and other openwork weaving look very stylish and impressive, so this hairstyle will surely give charm and charm to its owner.

    If self-care hair does not bring the expected result, then you need to contact the specialists, namely professional hairdressers, who will offer you two effective methods.

    Screening This procedure promotes the formation of a glossy and dense film on the hair, including amino acids, proteins and various herbal ingredients. Thanks to shielding, the hair becomes stronger, ceases to be confused, and outwardly looks healthy and shiny.

    These cosmetic measures are often used in conjunction with the lamination procedure of the strands, which involves applying a protective coating on the hair. From this strands become perfectly smooth, do not tangle and do not electrify.

    Cauterization. In this case, protein concentrates and regenerating serums are applied to the curls, which smooth the keratin scales and nourish the hair. Thus, there is a biological reconstruction of damaged hair.

    The procedure is quite effective.

    Author: Olga Poleshchuk

    What to do to hair is not confused much: folk remedies

    But oils can be used not only separately, but also in combination with other natural products. For example, to make your hair obedient, try making a mask of olive oil and egg yolk a couple of times a week, applying it for half an hour.

    If the hair is very confused, then using a gelatin product will be a good option.

    Dissolve a tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of cold water, after 25-30 minutes, dissolve it in a water bath and add 2-3 tablespoons of any base oil. Apply the mixture to the hair along their entire length and leave for 30 minutes. After that, wash your hair with cool water and shampoo.

    Acid rinsing works very well on hair, for example, with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. You can do it every time after washing your hair. In addition, in order to make the hair more elastic and docile, you can use such folk remedies as a rinse-colored infusion or chamomile decoction to rinse.

    And every week it is useful to make a mask of grass bread, for its preparation, pour 200-300 g of rye crumb with 200 ml decoction of nettle, chamomile and plantain leaves, let stand for 20 minutes and apply on your head.

    Saloon methods

    It is also possible to make curls smooth and obedient in the beauty salon: today procedures have been created especially for damaged hair that are aimed at restoring their structure.

    Lamination is smoothing by special means, as a result of which strands become smooth, shiny, dense. The effect lasts a certain time, but after a few weeks the procedure must be carried out anew.

    Keratin straightening is another innovation that can be used in the cabin, if your strands are damaged, disobedient and very confused. Products intended for keratin straightening can be purchased at any professional store and do it yourself, but it is better to surrender into the hands of professionals.

    In order not to confuse hair, many resort to the so-called cauterization, or hair treatment with a special composition of minerals and proteins, which is aimed at deep restoration of each hair.

    And finally, the shielding, which consists in applying to the curls a product containing amino acids and soy proteins, can also solve the problem of dry and damaged hair.

    So, now it is clear that often weakened hair with impaired structure is often confused, therefore, to eliminate this phenomenon, take care of your strands, protect them, make all sorts of masks and avoid the appearance of split ends.

    Link to the source http://OMaske.ru/volosi/chto-delat-chtoby-ne-putalis/

    Why problems with hair

    Long, well-groomed hair is a real treasure for a woman, they are equally good in hairstyle and in loose form. But in any case, the hair should look healthy and well-groomed, otherwise no tricks will hide the fact that you have a real disaster on your head.

    Smooth, docile strands lie smoothly, do not get confused, perfectly hold a hairstyle and easily comb. Let's figure out what they should be in terms of cosmetology.

    Hair, simply speaking, consists of a shell and a rod. The shell is a layer of horny scales, which in the normal state are quite tight to each other, protecting the core from drying out and damage. The core provides flexibility and durability.

    In order for the strands to be smooth and obedient, it is necessary to strengthen their core part and at the same time maintain a sufficient level of moisture in the scales. The latter consist of a keratin substance that is sensitive to changes in moisture, in other words, the scales dry up very quickly, open up and cause roughness - that is why hair gets tangled.

    Medical care after staining

    Actually, not only the paint becomes the cause of dryness, there are several such factors.

    Check our list and try to avoid procedures that harm your hair:

    • Perm (to a lesser extent - bio-perm),
    • Styler (iron, curling iron),
    • Hot air dryer
    • Direct sunlight
    • Shampoo, too degreasing the scalp and strands themselves,
    • Means of fixation - gel, mousse, etc.

    The coloring is the most damaging - after all, girls do it at least once a year or two, which means there is not enough time for restoration, which needs to be used to the maximum. Your care program should be combined with the type and preferably brand of paint: find out if the manufacturer of the paint you prefer has a special line of shampoos and masks.

    Choose products marked "color protection", "restoration", "for painted" and others, they include:

    • Vitamin B5 or a substance based on it panthenol,
    • Amino Acid Arginine,
    • Herbal extracts of nettle, birch, hop,
    • Burdock, castor, coconut oil.

    It will also be useful to carry out lamination - at home it can be done with a mask of gelatin or seaweed. If you see that the strands are broken, and the ends are split, discard brightening (highlighting, ombr) for a while. Otherwise, badly spoiled ends will have to be cut - most often it gives a loss of at least 10 cm!

    Completely exclude all items from the list that we cited above, of course, will not work, but it is quite possible to reduce the negative to a minimum. Start by choosing the right shampoo and conditioner.

    If you wash your hair with an unsuitable remedy, don’t even think about it - that’s why after washing you get nodules. Shampoos-gels and special lightweight conditioners are suitable for the fat type.

    And over-dried tips are suitable thick protein shampoos - usually they are pearly white. Also, with significant damage, you will need nourishing and moisturizing masks 2-3 times a week (with daily washing). and the rest will be enough to do them every 7-10 days.

    Why does hair get tangled after washing?

    Another difficulty is to dry and comb. On washed and wet hair, the scales have been uncovered for some time, which prevents them from being untangled normally, and also results in the comb that literally tears apart some of the weakest hairs.

    We will give some tips:

    • Before washing, brush your hair in the position where you will wash them - in the shower, standing upright, or under a faucet, head bent and hair down,
    • When washing, foam the shampoo with massage movements, try not to entangle the strands with your fingers,
    • Blot the strands with a towel, do not rub or squeeze them like underwear,
    • Blow dry with weak air heating
    • Begin to comb your hair when you dry it in half and feel that the scales are closed - strands normally slide through the teeth of the comb,
    • Start a few hairbrushes - after washing, use a comb from natural bristles, continue drying the comb with occasional blunt teeth, then you can use a regular brush to give the hairstyle the desired shape.

    If you neglect these tips, do not be surprised why your hair is tangled into knots - kinks and split ends are the reason.

    And, finally, there is only a winter problem with a hairstyle: you were combed, but after a while you find not a smooth wave behind you, but a real koltun. Why do you have hair on the back of your head? Pay attention to how the hairstyle lies!

    If the strands on the back of your head constantly rub against the collar of a sweater or jacket, a rough scarf and the like - this is the root of evil. Wear a soft silk muffler instead of a woolen scarf or tie a horse's tail, braid the braid.

    The same problem comprehends the owners of long strands after a night of sleep - because of friction on the pillowcase pillow. Solve this by braiding your hair overnight - not tight, but tight.

    Why hair extensions are confused?

    Many complaints from girls who have resorted to escalation relate precisely to this problem. It looks like this: after the procedure at the master, everything looks chic, but after 2-3 washing the appearance begins to deteriorate. At the junctions of their own strands and artificial, individual beams are tangled, and the material itself in some places begins to gather in tangles or knots.

    After a week or two, the situation worsens, almost the entire mass strongly resembles a doll tow, which is not something that after washing, but even on dry it is impossible to properly comb! Want to know how to avoid this trouble?

    You can take action at the stage of choosing a master who will build you up. Your task is to find a hairdresser who works with material known as “Slav”. This is a natural raw material from Slavic and South Slavic girls, who by their quality cannot be compared with European and Chinese.

    Это гладкие, толстые, упругие локоны, которые можно мыть ежедневно, легко расчёсывать и не беспокоиться о появлении спутанных клубков. К сожалению, недобросовестные парикмахеры нередко обманывают своих клиенток, выдавая некачественный товар за элитный.

    Поэтому очень важно выбрать салон и мастера, а также убедиться, что и пряди, и сама процедура соответствуют заявленному качеству и цене (процедура ведь не из дешёвых!) .

    Когда вы уже обзавелись искусственной шевелюрой, соблюдайте простые правила ухода за ней:

    • В первый день после процедуры мыть голову нельзя,
    • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner, but don’t get carried away with the latter so as not to make the hair heavier,
    • Use a comb with rare teeth, without balls at the ends,
    • Never comb wet hair immediately after washing, dry gently and begin to comb strand by strand, from the ends,
    • Carry out a correction with the master in a timely manner, the period of wearing artificial strands is about 4 weeks.

    And remember: if your hair is thin and weak, heavy material will be very confused and cause inconvenience - perhaps an artificial hairstyle is not your option.

    Causes of tangled hair

    Often, hair gets tangled when combing morning: after contact with a pillow and when cornering while sleeping, long strands tend to change their position. The situation is exacerbated if the tips become brittle, dry and lifeless.

    To resolve this issue, we turn to clarifying the main causes of the problem:

    1. a lack of vitamins, beneficial trace elements that can keep curls healthy.
    2. Treatment strands by chemical means and electronic thermal tools: chemical waving, winding with the help of curling, the use of a straightening iron.
    3. Using low-quality, cheap cosmetics, such as hair dye based on ammonia.
    4. Excessive use of hair dryer - hair becomes thin, gradually falling out.
    5. Noncompliance hygiene hair washing - the use of chlorinated tap water.
    6. Frequent depression, improper lifestyle, lack of proper nutrition.
    7. Impact on the hair shaft of different temperatures - refusal to wear a headdress in the summer, permanent presence near the heaters in the winter.
    8. Using aggressive detergent compositions - alkali shampoos that weaken the structure of the strands.

    All of these reasons are prerequisites for permanent hair tangling. They become dry, lose their natural moisture.

    In addition, dry and dehydrated strands are naturally prone to entanglement.

    Why are hair confused

    First, this trouble bother those whose hair is weakened at the ends, split, whose hairs are thin and dry. When you dissolve them, hair almost immediately comes off in small mats and gets confused.

    The second reason is the strong electrification of the hair, resulting in fluffy hairs attracted and then intertwined with each other.

    There are a number of factors that may cause hair to get confused. The list is quite impressive, but if the hair is very confused, it means that something is wrong with your health. So, the problem occurs in the following cases:

    - under constant stress,

    - with a deficiency of vitamins necessary for the body,

    - if you stick to improper and unbalanced nutrition,

    - in the presence of bad habits,

    - if you overdry hair (this is due to the frequent use of curling and hair dryer),

    - use detergents with aggressive substances,

    - often dye your hair or perm them,

    - due to exposure to too cold or hot air on the hair (for example, do not wear a hat in cold weather),

    - if you have a curly hair by nature,

    - due to the influence of chlorinated and hard water.

    These and other circumstances cause the deterioration of your hair, draining them, traumatizing, but it is precisely the thin and dry hair that is most prone to be confused.

    Confused hair what to do

    Any external problem should be treated from the inside, not masked.

    It is important that you review some moments in your life: start eating right, consume more vitamins and, of course, get enough sleep.

    It is also necessary to go through a whole range of different procedures, namely:

    1. Make yourself a new hairstyle, short. Do you feel that you are not yet ready for such a radical decision? Well, then start at least to split split ends. The hair begins to tangle, as a rule, from the bottom, because the weakened ends of the hair often cling to clothes, weave and then form mats. And is it worth keeping sick hair? It is better to cut off the weak ends and then the treatment of the rest of the hair will be much more effective.

    2. Nourish and moisturize your curls. In your arsenal for hair care, you must have high-quality shampoos, masks and sprays based on natural ingredients.

    3. After each shampooing your hair, use conditioner or a balm - so the hair will be combed more easily.

    4. Make it a rule to regularly carry out procedures with nourishing masks, oils for hair and scalp. Rub burdock or castor oil for half an hour before washing your hair, use masks from various fermented milk products. You can add orange essential oil and the like to your shampoo. Perfectly nourish hair and products such as egg white, henna, honey and many others.

    5. Once every 7 days, use a special shampoo for disentangling hair, and before going to bed, braid them in a braid.

    6. Get yourself a good comb made of natural materials, with cloves long and sparse. Keep in mind that your new comb should not be electrified, so choose a comb with an antistatic effect (do not regret it your time and be careful). If you sleep on bedding or wear clothes made of synthetic materials, then abandon them for the period of treatment.

    7. When using hair styling special fixing accessories, periodically change the methods and places of their attachment.

    Also, while the problem of tangling the hair is not solved, it is better to just braid it and hide it in your hair.

    If you prefer to walk with her hair loose, then it is recommended to give up this habit (also temporarily).

    Sometimes the problem is so complicated that the hair is collected in one large koltun, which completely defies combing. In such a situation, independent actions practically do not lead to anything, so it makes sense to seek help from a specialist.

    Why are hair so confused?

    The main problem of many girls is the inability to properly care for their own hair, not every woman knows even the simplest, but, nevertheless, a very effective rule: you need to comb your hair, the more, the better.

    No, of course, each of us daily brushes the hair in order to bring them to a decent condition, but not everyone knows that this process should last more than a couple of minutes in front of the mirror.

    Remember the famous novel “Gone With the Wind”, where the main character was not lazy to sleep a hundred hairs a day before bedtime, she knew that they would be a hundred times more beautiful, stronger and healthier every day from such a procedure.

    Do not be lazy to give your curls time, so you will carry out a useful massage of the scalp and at the same time prevent tangling of hairs.

    What to do if hair is very confused? First you need to get rid of all the possible causes that can cause such an unpleasant, but very common, phenomenon.

    The beauty, strength and health of our hair directly depends on what you eat, because it is through food that all necessary substances enter our body for the normal functioning of the body. As you know, every hair has a special composition: soft keratin, which is the core, is covered with a peculiar "film" from above.

    This coating consists of microscopic flakes, which, when the hair is in good and healthy condition, fit tightly to each other, and the curls look smooth, well-groomed and, accordingly, easily combed out.

    If the hairs, for some reason, are weakened and damaged, then the scales lose their elasticity and no longer fit tightly to the surface of the rod, rising from different angles, they cling to each other, entangling unhappy curls.

    The structure of the curls can be disrupted due to frequent dyeing, constant use of hair lamination procedures, vitamin deficiencies and important micro or macronutrients, improper or insufficient care can also cause permanent tangling.

    If all of the above problems have nothing to do with you, and your hair is still wildly confused, then it may be a matter of the innate chaotic arrangement of the hair follicles.

    How to help your unhappy head of hair?

    Now that all the “why” have become clear, I would like to figure out how to get rid of such an unpleasant “confused” phenomenon. The very first thing you need to pay attention to is your own tips, perhaps they are heavily chopped and dried, in which case you will need the help of a hairdresser.

    No, of course, you do not have to cut the hair completely, but the sick and weakened ends are still better to cut off, they prevent normal hair from combing, and therefore worsen the condition of your hair as a whole.

    In spite of all the bright and promising advertisements, it is impossible to restore the split hairs, so it is better to cut them and grow healthy curls, of course, with proper care.

    Then go to the shampoo: it must be of high quality and must fit the type of your hair, for example, you should not finish off dry hair with a shampoo for oily hair and vice versa.

    Girls with long curls often have the following problem: fat roots and incredibly dry ends, which makes it difficult to find the necessary shampoo. In such cases, the ideal solution is a shampoo for oily hair and dry ends, which, however, is quite difficult to find on sale.

    But there is another solution - shampoo for oily hair, and after it apply a moisturizing and nourishing conditioner to the ends of the hair, which will gently care for them and facilitate the combing process.

    We must not forget about the masks for hair, they, like no other means, can improve their condition, saturate with vitamins, resist loss and facilitate combing.

    Shop masks also need to be selected in accordance with the type of your hair, you can treat “tired” hairs with special serums, balms and aggregates, which not only put scales in place, but also restore the internal hair fibers and fill it with vitamins and minerals.

    It is not necessary to write off effective folk remedies, they are not worse than the store ones, they are able to improve the condition of weakened hair, and natural and natural ingredients perfectly straighten and moisturize heavily entangled hairs.

    Not bad strengthen, provide general care and unravel the hair with various oils, especially for these purposes, emit castor, olive, burdock, almond, jojoba oil, tea tree or avocado. For example, such a simple recipe for a homemade mask: mixes two yolks, a teaspoon of any oil and a teaspoon of honey.

    Apply the mixture on the scalp and distribute it through the hair, we wrap the head in a plastic bag and a terry towel. In this form, we walk for 30-40 minutes, after which we thoroughly wash our heads, and in order to eliminate the smell of the eggs, the curls can be rinsed in apple cider vinegar diluted with water.

    If you carry out such a procedure on a weekly basis, you will quickly notice the result: shining, smooth and pleasant to the touch curls, which are much easier to comb.

    Choose a comb and learn to comb

    The beauty of our curls half depends on the brush that you have chosen to comb, if you choose them incorrectly, you can turn even the most beautiful and docile hair into a dull and lifeless bundle. This is especially felt when the hair is already very confused, then, the wrong comb will have to be pulled out of the hair nets almost every day.

    It is believed that the safest and most useful are brushes and combs made from natural materials, for example, combs made of wood. Not bad rubber and silicone brushes of the new generation, which easily cope with matted hair, have shown themselves.

    To make hair easier to comb, always start from the tips and gradually rise up, all the curls can be divided into sections, each comb separately. If there are heavily tangled nodules on the way, they can be sprayed with special sprays for thin and tangled hair, so the process will go much faster and safer for your own hair.

    What can be done with mats?

    Not disentangled strands become tangles for a long time. To deal with such a problem is difficult, because the independent separation of curls often does not bring the expected result.

    Note! A common cause of the formation of koltunov on the head are internal problems in the body.

    In addition, if you do not comb your hair for the night - the morning result will be deplorable.

    To get rid of tangles on your own at home, it is recommended to follow some simple rules:

    Good afternoon, dear girls!

    Here is the story of my hair interspersed with the tips and conclusions I made, trying to achieve smooth straight hair. The format is a bit strange, but I hope that you will be interested.

    So, let's begin.

    In general, my hair has never been curly. Wavy, slightly curly, yes. And even then, now I can hardly call them such a stretch, because, after all, my hair is straight. This is how they currently look without styling:

    As you can see, there is some kind of wave. But this is rather a hall, because I dry my hair in a natural way and sometimes I can sit or lie down and my hair rubs around my neck and this wave will turn out.

    Why did I use the iron for so long?

    It all started with hair extensions, which I did (oh God) at the age of 17, when I was still in school. Then my hair was dark and after a bad haircut very short. Strands to build it is often the hair of Asian women - smooth and very straight. Prior to the extension procedure, these hairs are treated with various chemical compounds for antiseptic purposes, silicone means for imparting additional smoothness, shine and gloss.

    Photo: hair56.ru

    So, when I negotiated with the master about the buildup and discussed all the points of interest to me, the hairdresser immediately said "be sure to buy a flat iron." The hair straightening made it possible to mask very well the fact that my long hair is not at all mine. Iron perfectly smoothed my porous and at that time very damaged strands, styling could be done quickly and simply. Then the iron has become my best friend. I used it very often, almost every day.
    Fortunately, the master said to buy more oil, it was the Salerm silicone serum. From care there were shampoos and masks a mass market, sometimes professional, spray Gliss Chicken and this oil. Of course, such a set is better than nothing. But still I didn’t have a good thermal protection. My hair did not suffer only from the iron, but also from building up, while the care products reached my natural hair (which was dressed in other people's strands), I didn’t know exactly.
    I walked with hair extensions for a very long time, I used the iron all the time. He, by the way, was with a ceramic coating, thank God, not with iron plates. During the time that I was long-haired, I managed 2 or 3 times to drastically change the hair color from dark to light. From time to time I had the idea of ​​abandoning the rectifier, but I could not see such a difference in the structure of natural and artificial hair on my head. The esthete in me simply made a “hand gesture” and ran to turn on the rectifier into the socket.

    Years passed ... And once I realized that my hair, in principle, had already grown, not much, not as much as I would like, but they are already of decent length. And so I made a volitional decision to abandon long hair, with which I really liked myself.
    Here's what happened after the build-up:

    “Now I’ll restore my hair and just throw the iron away,” I thought. But it was not there. The dependence on the rectifier was so strong that I still could not refuse it. Plus to this, my hair was not so long and beautiful as with a build-up and because of this I complexed for the first time. To take into account the condition of the hair after all the merry-go-rounds with coloring, after many years of extension and so-so care. We get of course porous hair, which is constantly pushes, curls in different directions, moreover, the haircut “cascade” lets you know about yourself. In general, a complete set of hapless hair maniac.

    Tip one: If you don’t want to injure your hair often with thermo devices, choose the right haircut for yourself and think 10 times before cutting new-fashioned “graduations”, adding volume due to a short crown, etc. You will either make your hair styling or look bad.
    I won't talk about haircuts for curls, as I didn’t go deep into this question because I had a different hair type.
    For girls with a structure similar to mys, I recommend wearing hair of the same length, maximum is to make shorter strands around the face. Everything else dooms to daily styling, ironing, hair curlers, and so on in a circle.

    We will continue my long history ... I started to care for my hair, I bought oils and products from the mass market, did not dye my hair or tint. Although it was a mistake. After all, my hair has repeatedly been exposed to lightening. И несмотря на то, что они были темными, сейчас я бы их обязательно тонировала.

    Совет второй: Если у вас обесцвеченные волосы (или были таковыми недавно), не пренебрегайте тонированием. За счёт заполнения пигментом, волос становится более гладким и меньше травмируется. Может это сыграет и не такую большую роль в процессе отказа от термоприборов, но хуже точно не будет (если правильно подобрать краситель и оксид).

    За волосами я ухаживала, а состояние их не радовало. Я понимала, что во многом виноват выпрямитель. Обычно мои волосы без укладки выглядели так:

    It is seen that at the ends of the hair is bushy and chewed.

    And then for some reason I decided that my hair is wavy. Now I understand that they are bristling, fluffing and curling in different directions because of their poor condition. Perhaps the oils that I then used sushimi hair. Yes, and care was weak, consisting largely of pseudo-organics, which I then "hooked."
    With the thought “you can't blame against nature,” I decided that I would emphasize my “type of natural” structure. But it was not possible to pick up the styling. I tried to stack them with a hairdryer (but then I didn’t work at all), bought a heated hair rollers, curled with the help of curlers-boomerangs and tried some other crazy curls. There were curls, but I didn't like the way I looked with them.
    And the future husband kept saying how he liked straight hair and how he didn’t like curls.

    Tip Three: Learn to distinguish the "state of the hair" from the "hair structure". If the hair is very damaged, it can be difficult. Analyze what your hair was like before you started to injure it. The structure of the hair, of course, may vary, but this rarely happens.

    Then the time came when the Internet and social networks flooded photos with amazing results after keratin straightening. It seems that this is the solution to my problem.

    Photo: krasota.guru

    I doubted for a long time, walked around and around, read reviews, collected information. But as soon as I found out that the keratin straightening compounds contain formaldehyde, which is toxic, I left the thought of this procedure, but I still admired the smooth hair in the accounts of the masters.
    Then this straightening was done by my girlfriend, in parallel with this, I came across an ad from a master who did the procedure on the composition without formaldehyde. Then I decided.
    Of course, after the procedure, the hair was very beautiful, but at the roots absolutely slicked.

    I waited 1 or 2 days (I don’t remember how much the master advised me not to wash my hair) and, armed with special hair products with keratin, went to wash my hair.
    So what did I get? Nothing special.
    My hair did not become perfectly straight and still styling was required, at least I always wanted to do it because the strands of the face obstinately fit into small waves at the ends. I was unhappy with the result after straightening. Hair did not deteriorate, of course, but the effect was weak in my opinion. Perhaps this procedure is more suitable for owners of thin hair.

    In search of a suitable styling, I once turned to YouTube and found a video of a girl who was styling her hair with velcro curlers. Impressed, I went to the store and bought a curler of the largest diameter.

    Tip Four: If you want to straighten hair more or less painlessly, pay attention to velcro curlers.

    Some secrets of styling:
    1. Buy the "right" curlers. If your hair is shoulder length or lower and you want to straighten it, grab the curler of the largest diameter. It is better to buy them in prof. Shop for hairdressers. Once I bought curlers in an ordinary cosmetic shop and they were very inferior in quality of foundation. And curlers from prof. Dewal stores have served me for several years.

    2. Twist the hair that is 90% dry. They should be barely wet.
    3. Strands must first lift up, stick the curlers to the tips and screw. So you get a good amount. The strand must be held at an angle. Like that:

    4. Strands framing the face is better to wind in the direction "from the face."
    In this photo, the girl curlers are located just as I like to cheat:

    5. I fix hair curlers stealth, without them on my head, they were holding up rather badly. After I screwed all the hair, I can sprinkle the strands with something from the styling.
    6. If you are in a hurry, twist only the strands on the face and the top of the head.. I did this in the morning before work: I sprayed my hair a little, sprayed 3 curlers. While doing makeup strands already lay decently.

    I really liked laying on velcro curlers, especially after washing. And like, put off the rectifier and calm down. But no.
    A new stage has begun in my life - work. After college days, when half the day was free time, I felt very busy at work. I came home in the evening, sometimes late. Most often she washed her hair in the evening and went to bed with a half-wet head. What do you think I was getting in the morning? Bingo, shaggy something that immediately wanted to straighten.

    Tip Five: If you want to have straight hair, and you have it porous and it is easy to get creases on them, do not go to bed with wet hair. Firstly, wet hair is easier to injure by rubbing against the pillow, secondly in the morning there can be “unpleasant surprises” with a haircut.

    The work took a lot of time, it was necessary to combine it with study, personal life, rest. At that time, I abandoned my hair care. I used budget prof, funds from the mass market and loved insanely indelible oil Wella.

    Then the hair maniacal in me was so self-absorbed that I didn’t even look at the compositions, and I used Wella oil regularly, used up like 3 bottles. And only then, when I began to think about why my hair looks bad, I saw that alcohol denat was in second place ...

    Tip Six: Do not use products that contain alcohol if you do not plan to use thermal appliances. Such products must be applied immediately before installation.

    My pofigizm in hair care progressed. To the care was added the preparation for the wedding and the stresses associated with the organization of the celebration. I used the iron every day - straightened hair, curled, all this only with Wella oil, without any cream thermal protection.
    Then there was a wedding, a vacation ... On vacation, I also took my favorite butter and my favorite straightener, and from the care only Estel shampoo and balm.
    Well, then came the moment X.
    Looking at the photo on the phone somehow, I came across this:

    “God, what about my hair? Why are they so short and as if broken off? ”Was what went through my head. Then I realized that I had completely ruined my hair, but rather I burned it with an iron and brought it to poor care. Later, after a couple of months during which I tried to somehow restore my hair, I wanted to take a photo from the back and was horrified even more. Now even ashamed to show it.

    Then the total care began and I decided to abandon the regular use of iron for whatever it cost me. Then I found the site Hairmaniac. The departure began to become full-fledged, regular; prof. In general, this is where the lyrical part of the story ends as I began to move in the right direction and this has already become visible through the hair.

    So how could I refuse the rectifier?

    1. Systematic, regular and quality care.
    This is the basis of the basics. Without care, I probably would continue to consider my hair curly and scorching it with irons and curtains daily.

    Care must include:
    - Soft shampoo
    - Conditioner or balm
    - Several masks
    - Spray to facilitate combing
    - Cream for thermal protection (on the way out or on a special occasion, I allow myself the rectifier)
    - Silicone serum or fluid

    This is the base with which I lived for a long time. Later I began to get acquainted with ampoules and procedures for intensive care.

    2. The rate on smoothing
    If you like straight hair, it is better to choose products that can smooth strands. These are not necessarily smoothing products. Usually, cosmetics that make strands straighter have a thick, dense texture, often nutrients. In general, I choose everything that others can weight and fake. For my porous blonde, thirsty straightening is what the doctor ordered.

    Means that smooth and straighten:

    Absolute Repair Mask (Loreal Professional)

    Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for Thick / coarse dry hair - Joyko Mask for Tough or Dry Hair

    Ampoules Kaaral Restructure

    Estel Curex Classic - Nourishing Hair Mask

    Goldwell DUALSENSES RICH REPAIR 6 Effects Serum Hair Serum

    3. Comb wet hair
    So it seems to be so desired. But if you carefully and correctly comb, then you can. Just if I don't comb my hair, they can dry out half wavy. And I do not need this at all.
    For combing wet hair, I use:

    On the photo is a Janekle comb and a comb with happy teeth from prof. Store.
    Wet hair should be combed as carefully and carefully as possible after they have already been sprayed and cream (if used).

    4. We use the most careful styling
    Usually my hair dries out and they themselves fall into the hair of a decent look. But if I need to be sure that the hair will look good, there are 2 ways to apply:
    1) Velcro Velcro. I wrote about them above. In order to less traumatize the hair by rubbing against the velcro, I usually do a 3–5 curler. It creates a volumetric styling with a light wave. After a while the hair is just straight.
    2) Exhausting with a hairdryer. I do not know how to use the brush. How many times I have not tried, it does not work ... Therefore, I simply direct the hair dryer with the muzzle in the downward direction and dry my hair, combing it with my usual comb. In my Janekle there are holes that speeds up the drying time.

    In the end, I get straight hair.

    5. Keep the “pest” away
    After I realized that my hair was notably damaged, I just took the iron away. For everyday styling, I will not use it - I made that decision then. And it was right. Previously, the rectifier was always at hand, so there was a desire to turn it on and make styling quickly and easily.
    If you want to "bring to the senses" very damaged hair, just give up on thermal instruments, reduce their use to a minimum, 1-2 times a month is enough for fragile brittle hair.

    6. Take a fresh look at yourself.
    Previously, I perceived myself only with perfectly straight hair, or with perfectly curled hair.
    After velcro curlers appeared in my life, I fell in love with my hair with the volume I once considered a punishment.
    Today, I naturally like naturally dried hair too. Yes, they are not perfectly smooth like those of Asian women, but nevertheless they look decent and without styling. With the advent of regular and good care, with the transition to the correct coloring, constant toning, the hair became more dense, healthy, not as empty and damaged as before. They acquired the appearance of more or less healthy hair (bleached hair is still very damaged hair).
    I reassured the internal perfectionist and now, if something is twisted in the wrong direction, I will not grab the iron. Strand on the face can be tucked behind the ear or stabbed, screwed on curlers if you really need loose hair.

    I know some girls who, like me, were addicted to iron. One of them has wavy hair. She, like me, realized that daily straightening adversely affects the hair and also began to accept the iron less often. Now she and I really like her beautiful large waves, from which she used to want to get rid of.

    In the process of writing this post, remembering all that was with my hair, looking at the photos, I was once again convinced that the daily use of the rectifier was a real problem for me. I struggled with it as best I could - creams for straightening (which did not work without styling), attempts to change the hair structure and believe that they are wavy, different types of styling, keratin ... Nothing worked except for care, love for hair, which means sparing to them relations. Yes, we live once and every day I want to be beautiful, but it is not necessary for this to burn hair with ceramic plates.
    Now I use the iron 1-2 times a month with a heat-shielding cream and I do not see anything wrong with that.
    I want to say that I am not against hair straightening with an iron as such, and there are many examples, including on our website, when girls use thermo devices often and at the same time their hair is sparkling with beauty. But mostly brunettes. I knew perfectly well during this long struggle that my hair was already damaged and from the rectifier they suffer a lot.