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10 best SS creams


Align skin tone and give a twinkle glow

Despite the fact that the abbreviation CC-cream has several decoding - Complete Correction (full correction) and Color Control (color control), the essence of this tool is the same - to even out skin tone, hiding any flaws on the face. ELLE chose the 12 best CC creams for every taste and wallet, which every girl should pay attention to.

Yves Saint Laurent has released a new CC cream Forever Light Creator CC Crème Color Corrector SPF 35, presented in the form of a unique complex GlycanactifWT ™. It easily adapts to any type of skin, while remaining completely invisible on the face. A total of 3 shades in this brand, each of which solves a specific task: Rose (pink) gives the face a rested appearance, Lavender (lilac) erases signs of fatigue, rejuvenating the skin and emphasizing its natural radiance, and Apricot (apricot) adds warmth to the skin.

For girls who can not do without the foundation even in summer, the ideal option would be a Chanel CC cream with a light texture. It instantly disguises skin imperfections and, thanks to its natural extract of marine origin, hyaluronic acid and the active component Prunus Persica, moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity. In addition, this cream has a protection factor - SPF 50, stopping the effects of harmful UVA-UVB ultraviolet rays.

Bobbi brown

American brand Bobbi Brown is a recognized leader in skin tone correction products. By choosing CC-cream of this brand, you will get exactly the effect that is stated on the label. The extracts of cucumber, apple and skullcap that make up the product even out the skin tone, the complex of trehalose and glycerin provides long-lasting hydration, sodium hyaluronate gives shine, and the SPF filter protects against premature aging. All that is needed for a girl striving for perfection.

In just one application, the light and silky texture of Darphin SS-cream evens out skin tone, mattes and protects from the sun's rays (SPF-35) due to the reflective pearls that make up the cream. As a result, you get impeccable face tone and natural radiance.

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream SPF 30 is a real find for those who are looking for a universal remedy that fights pigmentation, brightens and evens the complexion, and also reduces wrinkles. The effect is not long in coming, thanks to the C-Phyte + complex and vitamins C and E.

Of course, the professional cosmetics brand M.A.C. could not get past the CC-creams that had gained popularity and released its version of this product. Like all corrective beauty products of this brand, the new SS-cream MAAS has a unique moisturizing complex, which not only cares for the skin, but also masks its flaws without a mask effect on the face.

To make a face look rested will help the CC cream with the speaking name “Perfect Radiance” from the Korean Erborian brand, which contains the smallest CC pigments that become invisible on the skin, leveling its tone and giving it a dull color.

Makeup factory

Makeup Factory CC Cream is enriched with the multi-active Cayoma Olive Complex, which includes olive, aloe and fruit leaf extract. Due to this composition, the cream reduces pigmentation, lightening the skin, and protects it from the harmful effects of free radicals, increasing the density and smoothing fine wrinkles.

The uniqueness of Olay's CC cream is that it immediately solves the 7 tasks assigned to it: moisturize, fill the skin with energy, smooth its surface, make pores and age spots less noticeable, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the complexion. All this is possible thanks to the powerful anti-aging complex VitaNiacin, which has a prolonged effect.

Lancaster CC Cream is rich in mineral pigments and reflective particles, and also includes the Total Age Correction Complex, which erases all signs of aging on the face, instantly masking imperfections and leveling skin tone.

L'Occitane's Perfect Peony CC Cream contains a unique set of beautiful summer flowers, as well as CC pigments and mother-of-pearl particles that smooth the skin, giving it a glow. Remember that the peony is a regal flower, symbolizing beauty and longevity.

Stellary SS-cream is famous for its jojoba, shea and cocoa oils, which moisturize, combat age-related changes and mask any shortcomings. No wonder that the Greek goddesses cared for their skin with the help of oils. Probably, they still have some mystery of eternal beauty.

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The best CC creams for oily skin

CC-cream is a unique product that not only helps to hide excessive greasiness, giving the skin a soft matte shade, but with regular use can affect the function of the external secretion glands, normalizing the secretion of sebium. Thus, this tonal preparation is best suited for owners of oily and problem dermis, since it is on it that all the therapeutic properties of the cream are most clearly manifested.

3 Baviphat Urban City Bluring Cover Tone-up CC Mango

The extract of fresh mango fruit, which is the active ingredient of the Korean cream brand Baviphat, is a unique organic product for the care of oily and combination skin. Due to the high content of beneficial components, natural extract relieves itching and blocks the development of the inflammatory process. The manufacturer promises that with the regular use of Urban City Bluring Tone-up CC there is a decrease in the amount of sebaceous secretions on the face, the pore size decreases and unwanted pigmentation disappears.

At the same time, the cream perfectly copes with toning of the existing drawbacks. Judging by the reviews, the coating is quite versatile and adapts well to your own tone of the dermis. However, the corrector is best suited for girls with delicate fair skin, making the complexion even more nude and adding a delicate porcelain tint.

The drug has a fairly high sun-protection property - its SPF-factor is 43, which makes this CC-cream ideal for appearance care in the hot season. Packed in compact soft tubes of 30 g, age recommendations - from 25 years.

2 Lumene Absolute Perfection

“Absolute perfection” from Lumene is an affordable and popular beauty product that has proven itself as an effective care and corrective agent. Although the manufacturer indicated in the characteristics for all skin types, which means “for all skin types,” cosmetologists especially recommend this drug to girls with a dermis prone to excessive greasiness, couperose, acne and occasional rashes.

The active component of the cream is an extract of arctic lingonberry, containing a record concentration of vitamins C, E and natural antioxidants that preserve the youth of our skin. In addition, the composition includes light-reflecting particles, due to which the face looks fresh and shining from the inside.

Especially it is necessary to dwell on the rich color choice of “Absolute perfection”. The palette of the SS-cream can "boast" of five different shades - from light beige to dark. Thanks to the combination of excellent quality, color variety and affordable price, Lumene cream can surely be called a bestseller among cosmetics of the same price category.

CC Cream Color Control 3en1, Soskin

I am the most "ardent" cosmetic skeptic. She believed that the cream could not moisturize and tint at the same time: either it does one thing or does nothing. If you saw such an inscription on the package, it passed by without looking back. But in my heart I always knew: sooner or later the moment will come when my peremptory attitude will fail.

With the appearance on the shelf of the SS-cream from Soskin, skepticism has significantly diminished. The means of the French brand is really “multi-channel”: it evens tone and redness masks, moisturizes and tightens. The cream has the most delicate texture of a banana soufflé - it melts on the skin. After application, it seems that she used a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid in the composition, rather than a makeup product.

Color Control does not clog pores - owners of oily skin will understand me. The composition has an SPF - filter that protects against UVA and UVB rays: you can safely apply before going to the beach (although I prefer to go there with a “naked” face). The composition deserves a separate applause. Among the ingredients found vitamin E, algae extract, essential oil, mineral pigments, silicon, polysaccharides - an excellent nutritious cocktail for the summer!

BB cream Сtrl-A Beauty Balm, Dr.Jart +

Another surprise in the list of beauty discoveries this year. The cream is ideal for oily skin - not only tones, but also controls the activity of the sebaceous glands. After a week of use, Ctrl-A Beauty Balm “wiped out” small rashes from his face - a serious competitor for a whole regiment of care products, which he will leave far behind in efficiency. The cream has a lightweight texture - it is easily applied with finger pads, it has an average coating density and good sun protection. Does not clog pores, does not dry the skin, does not shine, lying down with a “powdery”, dull haze. Сtrl-A Beauty Balm is given an honorable place in a suitcase for vacation!

BB-Cream Aqua BB SPF 40, 3Lab

A great option and alternative to the tonal tool in the summer (and a godsend for a vacation at sea!). First, it is easy and quick to apply with a pad-shake and evenly distributed in several movements. Secondly, I have a skin that is prone to dryness, but this cushion does not emphasize peeling - on the contrary, it moisturizes. The product has a rich caring composition: abyssin (reduces irritations on sensitive skin and fights against the aggressive influence of ultraviolet rays, rose water (for moisturizing), matrixil 3000 (a combination of peptides that give a noticeable lifting effect), beta-glucan (an ingredient that stands out from oats and protects the skin from UV radiation and promotes rapid healing), sodium hyaluronate (responsible for cell protection and hydration), adenosine (increases the synthesis of proteins and DNA in dermal cells), licorice root extract kaison and anti-inflammatory properties.) This cushion gives me the same effect when mixing the tonal tool with my favorite day cream: excellent moisturizing! Thirdly, an excellent SPF-filter 40, which perfectly protects my fair skin on the sea and does not allow it to burn. I took a shade more dark (3) - so that you can use and when the tan appears.

BB Cream Nude, Erborian

For a long time I was in search of a better foundation. Some like, but then they start to bother, so I change them for something new almost every month. But having tried this BB cream in January, about which I had heard more than once from many makeup gurus, I fell in love once and for all and the fourth one regularly uses this tool. Why love him? First, the shade is a godsend for girls with very fair skin. It does not yellow, does not give the effect of a "pale face", and in the first ten minutes adapts itself to your natural tone. Secondly, the tool is ideal for those who, like me, suffer from dryness (as I take care of dry skin - you can read here): BB-cream does not emphasize peeling, but rather works like a day cream and moisturizes the skin. As part of the six-year Korean ginseng root, which stimulates microcirculation and activates the natural production of collagen, ginger, which cleanses and tones the skin, licorice, which relieves redness and works as an antioxidant. Thirdly, a primer is not needed in front of this tool - the cream is evenly distributed with finger pads or a beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really lasts up to the promised 12 hours, after which it is easily removed with a cleansing gel. Fourth, the cream is very convenient for flights. I am not a supporter of makeup on the plane, but often after arriving you get “from ship to ball”, therefore this cream is used. It gives the effect of "second skin" and allows it to breathe, refreshing the face. I have heard more than once: “How do you look good without makeup after the flight!”. It's great that people around you do not even notice the presence of BB-cream on the face, but there is one, and it will help out more than once - just hide minor imperfections. Fifth, the SPF factor is 25: just what you need for your vacation vanity (especially if you are going to the sea!). And paired with the brand's Glow Crème (I’m talking about it here), you can get the desired photoshop effect.

Creme Hydratante Perfectrice BB Cream SPF 30, Soskin

I have a light shade (01 Light), so now I actively use it: my skin has not tanned yet, but on warm days I don’t want to feel a heavy tonal foundation on my face. By the way, BB cream from Soskin is able to completely replace it: it is light, leaves a loose coating (do not wait for the other from BB), but at the same time it masks unevenness and does not leave a greasy luster. For the last quality I love this product very much: many BB creams are thick and moisturize almost to the effect of Gym Skin. If such a trend is not clear to you, then I strongly advise Soskin. Yes, and for summer in the city the tool is suitable - there is an SPF 30!

Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Caudalie

What could be better than a tool that combines care and makeup? Caudalie tinting fluid masks imperfections, while moisturizing and soothing the skin. Sun protection in the form of SPF 20 in the spring and summer will not be superfluous - when you do not want to apply sticky sunscreen every day, make-up with UV filters helps out. The fluid resembles whipped cream - on the skin it turns into a light, completely invisible veil. Trust serious concealment concealment concealer - a remedy for Caudalie promises an even complexion and radiance, and not a disguise of the highest level. The composition has a patented component viniferin, which helps to fight pigment spots, and hyaluronic acid, but you will not find oils there - this means that the face will not treacherously shine during the day.

Tonal mousse Face Fabric Foundation, Giorgio Armani

I have long-time love with tonal means - imperfections on my face do not allow me to do only a light base with shine and concealer, as the trends of this season dictate to us. Always looking for light tonal tools that will not look like a mask on the face and fit my light skin tone. I was familiar with the legend of the brand before the restart, but the updated formula left even more positive impressions. Why?

Tonal mousse is an ideal tool if you want to create the effect of sleek, smooth skin on your face. And it looks like you haven't painted at all. The product has a light texture and a very pleasant floral scent that quickly disappears after application. According to consistence, it looks more like a moisturizer - it spreads it with fingers across the face, avoiding the area under the eyes. But the tool also “made friends” with a brush and a beauty blender. The shade adjusts to the color of your skin in 2 minutes, making it velvet to the touch. Despite the light texture, the tool perfectly covers imperfections and reddening - the concealer was needed only to hide dark circles (look for the best in our selection).

Means like gentle cotton. I think the whole thing in 3D technology, which was used in the development of the formula: the imperfections seem to be smoothed out. If the skin is peeled, do not worry - the tool does not emphasize them. Mousse is perfect for the hot season - a light texture that does not "leak" from the face. Bonus - it does not need to powder.

Two additional advantages - consumption and durability. On my face the remedy lasted 8 long working hours. A small pea is enough for one use - I think the tool will linger for a long time in my cosmetic bag.

BB-cream Exact Fit Artistry, Amway

I have never used Amway cosmetics before - this BB cream became the “firstborn”. The acquaintance was pleasant. It is easy to apply, lies flat, long held. I have pale skin - I do not go out without a protective cream, even in winter. SPF 35 is provided in Exact Fit Artistry - only for this you should already love it. After application, the skin is smooth, radiant and smooth.

BB Cream Dream Satin, Maybelline

This tool is perfect for girls with fair skin. The packaging of BB-cream is very compact - it will fit even in the smallest handbag, the consistency is watery. The cream can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingers - it will be good in any case. The second option is closer to me. The product has a good moisturizing composition - dry and dehydrated skin will say “thank you”. Dream Satin adapts to your color type - there is no chance to miss with a touch. Protection - SPF 30.

Hyaluronic BB cream ALL-in-ONE, Librederm

In my cosmetic bag Librederm settled for a long time and takes pride of place. The real salvation for the spring-summer period - BB cream All in one. It is part of the hyaluronic collection of Librederm, consisting of four means. The composition of BB-cream allows you to work in several directions at once: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid moisturizes, camelina oil protects from UV rays, vitamins A and F - nourish. Among the ingredients there are no “strangers” - only proven and well-known components.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sensations after application: the cream was immediately absorbed, leaving behind a velvet matte finish. This is a great alternative to the dense tonal foundations for hot weather. During the day, the cream does not feel: I held it steadily until the evening, until it was washed off with micellar water (also, by the way, from Librederm).

CC Cream, Chanel

С наступлением теплых дней не хочется наносить на лицо тяжелые текстуры. СС-крем от Chanel – та самая порция «нежности» и «легкости» для цветущих садов и весеннего ветра. Помимо коррекции цвета лица в креме предусмотрена защита SPF-50, он обеспечивает комплексный уход и борется с признаками старения. Текстура у крема легкая – он наносится идеально. Вряд ли справится с сильными покраснениями, но выровнять цвет лица и скрыть темные круги под глазами сможет. It is distributed easily, without leaving strips. Very quickly absorbed, lasts up to 8 hours. Does not emphasize peeling, but rather helps to eliminate them.

Base Traitante, Rivoli Geneve

Swiss cosmetics always cause me a gentle thrill because of the highest quality. Just look at this bottle: without even opening, the “credit” of trust increases. Beautiful turquoise box in which a matte bottle with a beige emulsion is a miracle with the same wonderful effect. Manufacturer means stated as a base. But when applied, the cream gets a pinkish tint. Base traitante creates the effect of a “second skin”: on the face it is not visible at all, as, indeed, all the imperfections present.

During the day, you can use it yourself, and for evening makeup, you will probably need additional more pigmented products. Its universal shade, which adapts to the skin color, fits all. And most importantly - it really cares for the skin: with regular use, it becomes smoother and more even.

BB Cream Hydreane, La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay based on thermal water creates an even, natural and radiant complexion. It has a light, flowery smell that is not felt after application. The texture of the cream is light and pleasant: it lies down with a translucent layer that is instantly absorbed. The tool not only levels the skin color, but also cares for it, soothing and moisturizing during the day. You can apply as a main care immediately after washing or as a foundation for makeup. Does not cause inflammation, peeling or irritation.

Foundation BB-cream Trois Oui Trois Non, Vivienne Sabo

I still sincerely believe that bb-cream is the best invention of decorative cosmetics. Not too tight, but leveling tone - in fact, all that is needed for evening makeup, so as not to lay down a ton of funds, but at the same time look decent.

The tone from Vivienne Sabo is the perfect embodiment of the main slogan of the product “3 yes and 3 no!”. VIVIENNE SABO BB Cream, thanks to its peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, says: "YES!" - deep moisturizing, effective nutrition and perfect skin tone of the face! And the uncompromising "NO!" - oily shine, uneven tone, mask effect.

The consistency of the cream is sufficiently liquid - I advise you to keep it up with the dispenser, because when using it is likely to give 2 times more money than you need.

I apply the tone with a flat brush from the center to the periphery, it is shaded very easily and does not harden with a stone. Hue 03 was so invisible on my skin that I needed 2 layers. In fact, the tool really adapts to your skin and is absolutely not visible on the face. If you have sufficiently strong inflammation and redness, then be prepared for the fact that their tone does not overlap.

The tool fulfills all the declared promises - I advise you to definitely try, given such a democratic price. The only thing that is missing for the summer period is the availability of spf. But if you use a base or moisturizer with spf, then this fact should not confuse you.

CC-cream Peony, L'Occitane (2300 rub.)

Inspired by the effective properties and aroma of peony, the French brand L'Occitane used the extract of this flower as the main active ingredient of its new expanded collection. The star of the line was a CC cream with a velvety texture. It can be used as a smoothing base for make-up with a shining effect (the composition contains a large number of pearlescent particles) or as a separate tool. For those who do not like to use dense tonal means on vacation, L'Occitane ss cream will be indispensable. After all, a beauty product also protects from the sun (SPF 20). Upon contact with the skin, the white cream is transformed into a soft peach veil, giving it a natural tint. Available in two colors: beige and light.

SS Cream “Perfect Radiance”, Erborian (1700 rub.)

We could not include in our rating a remedy for the Korean brand Erborian, because it is the Land of Morning Freshness that we owe to the appearance of the first ss-cream. This unique beauty product not only makes the skin glow and helps to hide flaws, but also fights the first signs of aging, and all thanks to the Asian Centella in its composition. Many girls wonder how to apply CC-cream correctly. Erborian experts advise you to do this with a brush or fingers, the main thing is to clean the skin first.

Makeup Foundation Prep + Prime CC Color Correcting, M.A.C (2320 rub.)

Many girls believe that CC-cream is not able to hide skin imperfections, but only slightly evens out its tone. If you are of the same opinion, the foundation for Prep + Prime CC Color Correcting by M.A.C will really surprise you. Toning universal primer works just like a foundation, but it does not clog pores, prevents oily shine and protects against UVA / UVB rays. By the way, there are already four colors in the collection from shining pink to apricot, so you definitely won't have any problems finding the right shade.

CC cream, correcting skin tone, Darphin (2550 rub.)

CC cream from the French brand Daphin - a real masthead for those who love multi-functional tools. The beauty product works in five directions at once: gives shine, masks imperfections, mattes, moisturizes and protects. Its secret is in a well-chosen combination of components: reflective pearls, caffeine and skullcap extract smooth out wrinkles, toning pigments level texture, sodium hyaluronate and trehalose moisturize, and sugary regulates the production of sebum and makes pores less noticeable. The cream is released in only two shades (Light and Medium), so it will be very easy to make a choice.

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SS-cream with wild rose, Korres (2145 rub.)

The main ingredient of CC cream from the Greek brand Korres is organic wild rose oil. Due to the high content of vitamin C, it has an excellent reducing and anti-pigmentation effect. Visibly aligns the texture of the skin, returns it a healthy glow and even tone. In addition, wild rose oil is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids, which are known for their moisturizing and softening properties. The second important component of the product is a powerful antioxidant - the carob tree, which helps to eliminate redness and speed up the healing process of damaged skin. In addition, the composition also includes vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, an extract of Sichuan pepper and powder of sea pearls, soothing the skin.

Regenerist CC Cream, Olay (1700 rub.)

Regenerist CC Cream combines the latest developments of Olay experts: the 3-in-1 system instantly gives the skin a fresh look, reduces signs of age-related changes and minimizes black spots. Therefore, we can confidently say that this tool is useful for owners of problem skin. Olay Regenerist CC cream works by containing a triple combination of products: deep-acting serum levels the face tone, moisturizing cream with glycerin and vitamin E protects the skin, and a shimmering base with mineral pigments instantly visually aligns the skin tone and gives a natural color. According to the research data, the tool starts working after 2 weeks (you will notice how the wrinkles start to disappear), and after 8 weeks the skin relief will begin to level off, and the appearance of black dots is minimized.

CC Cream, Mary Kay (1200 rub.)

As you know, the SS-cream is not a complete replacement for the usual foundation, it has other functions, it combines skin care and correction of the face tone. However, for many, the SS-cream from Mary Kay has become an ideal option for spring and summer due to its weightless texture. The second advantage is the clarification of the skin tone of the face, thanks to nicotinamide (vitamin PP), which allows to reduce the severity of pigmentation. And finally - the masking effect. The tool copes with pigment spots and freckles. The sun protection factor is not high (SPF 15), however, if you are not going to spend a day under the scorching sun, it will be quite enough. It is presented in three shades: light, medium-light and medium-dark.

CC-Moisture Surge, Clinique (2250 rub.)

CC Moisture Surge Cream is rich in key moisturizing ingredients of the famous Clinique Moisture Surge. Aloe leaf juice and hyaluronic acid instantly fill the skin with refreshing moisture, and the moisture-holding agents trehalose and sorbitol maintain skin moisture with changes in the humidity of the external environment. Special tinting pigments and sun filters have been added to the formula that protect the skin from UVA / UVB rays. As with all packages of products, you will find the inscription: “Tested for allergies. 100% fragrance free. ” What does this mean? Firstly, it is a guarantee that the product will not cause irritation on the skin, and secondly, before going on sale, it is tested 12 times for 600 people. And if at least one person will cause an allergy, then changes are made to the formula.

CC-cream Ton Elixir, Vivienne Sabo (272 rub.)

Despite its affordable price, the CC-cream from Vivienne Sabo is in no way inferior to more expensive products. It is based on all sorts of vitamins, wheat germ oil, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid. The cream is dense enough, and bruises under the eyes will mask, and the imperfections reliably hide.

The difference between CC-cream and his mates

BB cream is a German innovation, which in recent years has won the hearts of residents of other countries, including Russian women. The main advantage is that by applying a tone, you take care of your skin. The composition contains antioxidants and SPF, well, and many other important components - it all depends on which brand you have chosen. In structure, they are somewhat lighter than foundation, but heavier than a tinted moisturizer. Despite the fact that the composition of your BB-cream may correspond to serum in benefits, do not forget that the level of concentration of these components is still somewhat different than in the care products. This is especially true of the sun protection function - the product does not provide it in its full form.

The difference between CC-cream and this representative of the German beauty-industry is subtle and important. CC cream is primarily a color-correcting product. Often, it contains scattering particles that help hide redness and various nuances and create a natural glow. In addition, it has a softer, whipped and delicate texture, which is perhaps the most advanced BB creams. In general, a lot depends on the brand, because Often these two conventionally completely different means actually resemble each other. Another difference is that some CC creams are not so transparent, that is, they are more close to the usual for us.

DD - cream is a certain hybrid of two fellows. It combines the properties of both and is much more dense. The name comes from the phrase “daily defense” - daily protection.

Now, having understood the differences, you can proceed to a closer acquaintance with the SS-cream.

The history of the creation of SS cream

SS-cream appeared relatively recently - in 2010. This is an improved version of BB-cream, which, according to makeup artists, did not cope with many tasks. The name appeared due to the combination of Color Control or how else can I say Color Correction - control over the complexion, color correction. The main goal was to create a product that combines the properties of many others and is able to replace them. That is, simply put, by design, applying CC-cream, you save yourself from the mess with primer, sunscreen, concealer, color correctors, moisturizer and foundation. One tool is a multitude of functions. Since BB cream is not designed to cope with dermatological problems, Koreans decided to create a product that not only nourishes the skin, but also helps smooth out irregularities and retouch problem areas.

Properties of CC Cream

  • Effective skin coating
  • Color correction
  • Nutrition,
  • Moisturizing
  • UVA and UVB protection,
  • Tone equalization
  • Has an anti-aging effect,
  • It nourishes the skin with healthy trace elements and vitamins.
  • Natural whitening of age spots,
  • Soften wrinkles.

The composition of the CC cream

CC cream is much richer than its predecessor - BB-cream, because first of all it is directed on the correct and careful care of the dermis. Let's look at the most popular components:

  • Vitamin E - where do without it? Cosmetologists otherwise call this component “skin vitamin”. It not only contributes to a healthy appearance and natural elasticity, but also protects tissues from the negative effects of the external environment, and also fights sagging and reduces visible signs of wilting and aging. This vitamin maintains the natural fat balance and retains moisture. It also promotes skin renewal by activating an independent collagen production process.
  • Water from deep sea layers is a very popular ingredient that is found in almost every CC cream. It has a direct effect on the texture of the product, which makes it so easy. This component is very important for deeper moisturizing of the dermis.
  • White tea leaf extract - this plant is known to be a very powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, neutralizing their distribution. The component perfectly protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, which helps to improve performance at the cellular level and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Macadam nut oil is also often found in the composition, especially in the anti-age cosmetic line. The ingredient is a very important assistant in the fight against skin fading. It not only tightens, increases the density and elasticity, but also softens coarse areas. Palentoic acid works well with this, as it is the basis of natural subcutaneous fat. The fact is that with age, the production of this acid is reduced, as a result we get thinning of the subcutaneous fat layer, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Macadam nut oil has an excellent anti-aging effect.
  • Green tea leaf extract is another strong antioxidant, which, among other things, has a powerful anti-bacterial and healing effect. It relieves inflammation, all sorts of irritation and redness. Tones, moisturizes and improves the complexion.

Method of applying CC cream

  1. If you use CC-cream as a tonal tool, then the method of application will be, in fact, the same as that of a conventional headtone, but even easier. You will not need any tools (sponge, brush, etc.). According to the Korean method, the product should be applied with finger pads. Due to its light texture, the cream will rapidly merge with your tone and will be almost imperceptible, so that you do not have to worry about thorough uniform application. However, it should be remembered that this tool will not hide all the flaws, so it is more suitable for owners of normal skin without any special dermatological defects.
  2. If you are a passionate fan of foundation and consider the SS-product only as a primer, then you have two options. The first is to use the product alone without any aids. Its weightless delicate texture ideally replaces the familiar primer, as an advantage you will get excellent moisturizing and protection from UV rays. The second option is mixing with your favorite primer. This is a great way to make make-up more resistant and add power to your dermis. Just mix the CC-cream with the base you like under the makeup, and then apply it in the usual way. This method is perfect for owners of oily skin.
  3. If CC-cream for you is primarily an anti-aging treatment, then you can also combine it with other products.

  • Do not overdo it. In all the important measure, including the application of the SS-cream. Too much product can lead to a feeling of excessive oily skin. In addition, the tool may begin to roll, which, you see, is also not very pleasant. It is better to apply as taught by Korean bloggers, light slapping movements, gently shading fingertips.
  • Even the best of the best can clog pores. But here again, it all depends on you and how you build your daily care routine. Yes, the tool is quite easy in its structure, but this does not mean that in order to wash it off, you will be able to do with one little water. Just as in the case of BB-cream, it is necessary to use hydrophilic oil or foam for washing.
  • Sponge and brush left tonalnikam. Here, of course, a matter of habit, but so, to the note: the consumption of the product increases when using the sponge and brush. In addition, they should be regularly washed thoroughly.
  • Each skin type has its own texture. Different brands adhere to different views and methodologies, therefore on the shelves and in catalogs one can find both more dense color-correcting products and translucent products with a light matte finish. Of course, if you have problem skin, it is better to stay at the first option. Полупрозрачный вариант создает эффект голого лица, поэтому больше подойдет обладателям нормального типа.

Рейтинг СС кремов

  1. Secret Key V-Line Lift Up CC Cream - продукт с ухаживающим и маскирующим свойством, который также является мощной защитой от ультрафиолета. Крем содержит комплекс целебных растений: экстракты камелии, зеленого чая, ромашки, алоэ и др. Они обогащают кожу витаминами и необходимыми веществами, увлажняют, смягчают, успокаивают, тонизируют и питают. Травы также прекрасно борются с признаками старения и с легкостью снимают разного рода раздражения и воспаления. The composition contains collagen, which is important for the dermis hygroscopicity, thus attracting a large number of water molecules and holding them. This contributes to the maintenance of water balance. Collagen also creates a good tightening effect and heals wounds. In addition to these components, there are active peptides in the composition, which, due to their ability to penetrate deeply into the layer of dead cells and regulate the vital activity of the living, create an excellent lifting effect. They also smooth relief, tone up and stimulate collagen synthesis.
  2. The Saem Eco Soul Tone Up CC - the main advantage is the versatility of this tool. First of all, this is a beautiful tonal framework, which despite the almost aerial texture, quite tightly rests on the face, leveling the relief and hiding all the flaws. The primer does not leave irregularities and stripes when applied, and also improves the complexion. It is based on a very important formula that is able to recognize the natural color and adapt to it. The composition includes niacinamide, which, with constant use, lightens pigmentation, traces of acne and rash. Another active ingredient is xylitol. It retains moisture, controls acid balance, launches an independent process of collagen production and reduces the negative potential of decorative and cleansing cosmetics. It also sour perfectly copes with external irritants, protecting against various microbes. Caring and moisturizing ingredients make this cream a versatile tool that can cope with dullness, make the epidermis smoother and velvety, and create a natural glow. Another important advantage is the incredible firmness, thanks to which the makeup is fixed for a long period of time. The base is suitable for owners of any type of skin, which is also important.
  3. 3W Clinic Crystal Whitening CC Cream is another lightening option that also does an excellent job with all sorts of dermatological problems and masks imperfections. The composition includes glycerin - an ingredient that softens and smoothes well due to the fact that it fills the intercellular spaces. It also restores the protective function of the dermis, making it more inaccessible for negative environmental factors. Adenosine contributes to the synthesis of its own collagen, levels the relief and makes the oval of the face more perfect. He also actively fights against flabbiness, slowing down age-related changes and creating a lifting effect. Niacinamide intensively brightens, exfoliates dead cells and renews the upper layer of the epidermis. This ingredient is important in protecting the skin from dehydration. It activates microcirculation and eliminates fine wrinkles. The composition also contains a whole range of natural oils: sunflower, apricot, olive and other plants that are known for their soothing properties. They also nourish the deeper skin layers, saturating them with fatty acids and restoring them. Oils activate the process of developing your own collagen, slowing down the manifestation of aging.
  4. Secret Key Telling U CC Cream is a universal product that not only hides all imperfections, but also adapts to the skin color, making the coating even and barely noticeable. At the heart of the active component adenosine. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which contributes to the improvement of skin elasticity, and also smoothes out the contours of the face and smoothes mimic wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a treasury of moisture that helps normalize hydrobalance by keeping water molecules in cells. This eliminates the dermis immediately from several problems: peeling, tightness and dryness. The complex also contains a complex of medicinal plants: extracts of Asian centella, Baikal skullcap, licorice, peppermint, rosemary, lemon balm, yarrow, aloe vera, mallow, green tea, etc. They saturate the cells with vitamins and many other useful components, stimulate microcirculation, strengthen the immune system and activate the metabolism. The cream has a matte finish and will be an excellent basis for any makeup.
  5. Holika Holika Face 2 CC Cream - a multifunctional miracle from the famous Korean brand. The tool has a very rich composition, thanks to which all the necessary parts of care are observed. Argan oil not only intensively moisturizes and softens the epidermis, but also creates an inconspicuous film that protects against moisture loss. It also tones, deeply nourishes and restores the upper layer of the epidermis. Thanks to argan oil, the regeneration process is activated and elasticity increases. The component is very effective in combating wilting and other age-related changes. It has powerful actiocidant properties that protect against UV and negative environmental influences. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) has a lightening and whitening effect, eliminating redness, pigmentation and traces of post-acne. Mineral water is an important source of moisture. It stimulates the renewal of the skin, removes toxins, and also improves metabolic processes. Lily extract has a soothing, refreshing and moisturizing properties. Pearl extract, in addition to lightening pigmentation, improves blood circulation and eliminates edema. It is an excellent anti-aging ingredient, thanks to which the dermis becomes smoother. Portulaca extract is famous for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. It is a strong natural antioxidant that acts as a protection against UV rays and the negative effects of free radicals. Ceramides restore the lipid barrier of the upper layer of the epidermis, fight peeling, deeply moisturize and make the skin more tender. In general, this cream is aimed at solving a variety of problems, and also copes with its decorative function.
  6. Vprove The Basic Moisture CC is a cream that comes in two shades: light beige (01) and beige (02). Means possesses very light texture with an average density of a covering and the shining finish. This option will be a salvation for owners of dull skin prone to redness and irritation. The texture literally melts on the face: very easily and evenly distributed. The coating smoothes the relief and improves the complexion. The masking ability of this cream is high, but it does not create a heavy mask effect, allowing the dermis to breathe. The tool does not clog pores with pigment, while making the skin brighter and hiding dermatological problems. In addition, the coating has good durability and persists throughout the day. Also very important is that it protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  7. Secret Nature Calendula Extract CC Cushion is a slightly different format than the previous ones, but also has a very light texture. The coating looks natural and carefully masks all the flaws. Cushon is 30% composed of calendula flower water, due to which it deeply moisturizes the dermis. The composition also includes natural mineral powder, which gives shine and smoothness. The product has a soothing and softening properties and is ideally suited for sensitive skin types. Contains active ingredients such as aloe, broccoli, green tea and mandarin. A special sponge pad is also attached to it, with the help of which a means is applied with soft driving movements.
  8. Deoproce Color Combo Cream - has a triple functional effect, leveling and refreshing the tone of the face. 1) Protects from the sun (SPF49 / PA), 2) Lightens pigmentation, 3) Smoothes mimic wrinkles. This is an original product: it contains colored capsules that burst when applied, turning it from white to beige, adjusting to the skin tone (the so-called “color change technology”). The cream is available in three shades: # 13 - natural, # 21 - natural beige, # 23 - sandy beige. The product does not contain talc, alcohol, parabens, synthetic dyes, etc. It is ideal for owners of sensitive and problem skin.
  9. CC Key Secret Key Let Me Know - a mating cream that evens skin texture. The composition of the plant component arbutin, which has a powerful brightening property. Adenosine helps rejuvenate, smoothing wrinkles and creating a lifting effect. It stimulates the production of collagen fibers and activates the metabolism. Menthol extract tones and refreshes, creating a light cooling effect. It also relieves inflammation, itching and irritation. Hyaluronic acid, as always, is responsible for deep moisturizing. The vegetable complex of the cream is also very rich: it consists of extracts of chamomile, Asian centella, veronica drug, melissa, mallow, camellia, evening primrose, aloe and other plants. They nourish, enrich with vitamins, soothe, restore and tone up the skin. The cream creates a perfect matte finish, hiding all unwanted nuances and leveling the relief.
  10. A-True Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion - based on the extract of premium black tea Compagnie Coloniale - is the oldest brand in France. Tea leaves are carefully selected and delicately fermented twice, which allows them to preserve their nutritional elements. The composition also includes a fruit extract of avocado, which perfectly moisturizes, softens and fights the signs of aging, and the extract of camellia leaves, which improves skin elasticity. This tool is suitable for all types. In the composition there are only safe natural ingredients. Available in two shades: light beige (01) and natural beige (02).

CC cream is, in fact, the case when the decorative and caring functions are combined together and perfectly complement each other. The versatility and versatility of this tool is simply amazing: one product solves so many completely different tasks. If it is important for you not only to hide the flaws, but also to get rid of them, then the choice is obvious.