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Black and white tattoos - the first drawings that people began to depict on their bodies. This method of decoration was used by the Egyptian pharaohs and priests. Subsequently, in the process of exploring the natural colors contained in the juice of plants, secrets of animal glands, mineral pigments, color tattooing became popular. However, monochrome tattooing remains in demand and relevant among both men and women.

The benefits of black and white tattoos

For the inexperienced eye, the main difference between a black and white and color tattoo is the color and brightness of the latter. Professional masters know more important reasons why you should choose a monochrome pattern.

Black and white drawings are more resistant than color tattoos. Even the most resistant and expensive paints can not stand the test of time, that is, a color tattoo over the years will fade. The processes of destruction of pigments are present in black and white, but here they are less noticeable.

Black pigment, used to create a tattoo, is less susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, is loyal to the effects of household chemicals and water.

Monochrome drawing requires partial drawing and tint once every 15 years, while a color tattoo needs to be updated once every 5 years. The undoubted advantage of a black and white tattoo is the cost of performing the pattern, which is much cheaper than color.

Black and white tattoo: sketches and their meaning

Initially, tattoos were used as an identification mark of a particular tribe, position or status. In the future, the decoration of the body with patterns became universally used by representatives of all social groups.

On the tattoo you can say a lot about the character and preferences of the person. Black and white options to a greater extent allow to reflect the hidden meaning of the tattoo, while the color is often used as a simple fashion tribute.

Black and white combination is not accidental. Black is associated with night, magic, dark forces. White color symbolizes purity, light and spirit. Some draw divine parallels between these colors, referring to the constant opposition of dark and light forces.

The combination of black and white symbolizes the unity of opposites. According to psychologists, monochrome tattoos are the choice of maximalists, people who know what they want from life, impatient compromises.

Sketches of black and white tattoos simplify the perception of those promises that a person wants to convey through the pattern on the body. With such a combination of colors, it is much easier to convey the meaning of the picture, because it was not for nothing that the once popular comics were mostly performed in semitones.

Black and white tattoo for girls

Today, spectacular black and white tattoos are interesting not only for the stronger sex, but also for fragile girls who want to add a touch of charm to their image with the help of a cute little tattoo on their arm, lower back or shoulder blade.

Among the most relevant sketches for girls are:

  • ethnic patterns - abstract tattoos with celtic, japanese, indian, african motifs. This is the first thing that comes to mind girls who do their first tattoo. The intricacy of such patterns gives the tattoo a kind of mystery. The tattoo with hieroglyphs and ritual images look especially impressive.

  • inscriptions - in such drawings the font and content of the phrase are equally important. The inscriptions in capital letters look particularly concise on the female body. The popular choice of girls are the names of loved ones, children, popular expressions, slogans and oaths.

  • mantras - drawing borrowed from the mysterious eastern culture. This tattoo looks very unusual and interesting.

  • Tribal - tattoo is a composition in the form of geometric patterns, which are known to us thanks to the Polynesian and New Zealand tribes. Representatives of this ethnos decorated almost entire body with complex geometric patterns. The value of many of them still remains a mystery, however, such patterns look very beautiful and impressive.

  • Classical drawings - on a woman's body, a tattoo with animals, insects, flowers and all sorts of patterns looks tenderly and sweetly.

  • lace tattoo - light patterns with delicate lace adorn the wrists, shoulders and clavicle of girls. Classic drawings are complemented by ribbons or bows.

  • 3-D tattoo - three-dimensional drawings today are at the peak of popularity. Three-dimensional drawings of spiders, birds, animals that transmit images with frightening realism look impressive.

The value of popular tattoos for women

Any tattoo has a hidden meaning. Even incomprehensible at first glance, hieroglyphs are translated, sadly if into obscene expressions. Therefore, the value of each sketch should be checked in order not to override the finished version or not to completely reduce it.

We offer you the most popular tattoos and their decoding so that you can safely perform them on your body.

The picture is associated with angel wings, innocence and romantic character. Wings of black color opposite to a hint on danger and demonic thoughts.

Floristic theme is especially popular among girls. Often the choice falls on orchids, oriental lotus, sakura. Flowers are considered a symbol of purity and perfection. This is the choice of creative and melancholic natures.

A lily tattoo means purity and innocence, a sunflower symbolizes charm, a rose - elegance and majesty.

Many have suggested that a butterfly tattoo is a sign of levity and liberty, but this is far from the case. In different cultures, this insect was given a deep philosophical meaning.

Strong and independent - this is how you can characterize the owner of a tattoo with a cat.

Birds - miniature birds symbolize hope and act as a kind of human amulet.

The symbol of grandiose plans for life and the ability to radically change the established way of life, even at the cost of great losses.

These unearthly creatures personify a connection with God. It is believed that the owners of such a tattoo are closest to the divine will. Along with the angels, girls decorate their bodies with a cross, which is considered a symbol of eternity and faith.

The most controversial sketch, which is perceived with distrust by many girls. Despite all the assumptions, the dolphin is considered a symbol of harmony with itself, freedom and purity.

Despite the limited color range of black and white tattoos, they provide a large field for imagination and experimentation. When choosing a sketch for a future tattoo, it is important to consider not only the attractive appearance and value, but also your inner world perception. Then the tattoo on the body will please with its appearance and inspire you for any achievements.


Minimalism is a laconic style that takes its simplicity and elegance of composition. The features of the style include geometric shapes, a minimum of colors, small scales. From the main themes can be noted - various symbols, animals, flowers, illustrations from books.

The main feature of the style of linework is the presence in the tattoo of straight lines that add up to a certain pattern.

Many believe that realistic tattoos have appeared quite recently, but this is far from the case. As early as the middle of the nineteenth century, people began to portray on themselves portraits of Napoleon and Bismarck. Today, tattoo style realism has not lost its relevance.

Oriental theme is a mysterious oriental culture. Variety of famous oriental dragons and koi fish. A wide selection of geisha of various kinds and, of course, famous warriors. It is impossible not to use the beauty of the eastern flora and organic fauna in this style.

This unusual and original art originated in the forties of the 20th century in the USA. But it was popular only among representatives of the underworld.


Tattoo style Biomechanics is an organic interweaving of images of mechanical parts with the skin. A typical biomechanical design is a torn part, as if protruding from the body.

Old School, translated from English, “old school” is a popular style of tattoos that existed in Europe and America. This style appeared in the XIX century, when usually on the body depicted drawings of anchors, ribbons, skulls and angels.

This is a plain, usually black or gray, geometric pattern. The Tribal tattoo style has its origin in sketches of Oceania and the Mayan civilization, from the tribes of Africa. It was a symbol of the connection of the soul with the body.

Trash polka

Trash (from the English. «Trash» - garbage) is a style that can reflect the appeal of the most terrible things. Not for nothing that thrash literally translates as "garbage", that is, something vile, repulsive, something that people consider not worth attention, but even nearby.

In the style of tattoo dovodk do very complex drawings, most often geometric shapes. Color density, contrast and intensity are created using dots. By the density of their placement depends on the color of the tattoo.

Few people know that tattoo art first appeared in Polynesia. Perhaps that is why modern tattoos in the style of Polynesia are among the most beautiful and rich.

New School tattoo (New school) - a rather new style. This direction began to develop around the mid-80s, simultaneously with the rave movement and widely spread throughout the world.

Despite the really widespread application to the body of various butterflies, hearts, ribbons and anchors, the traditional style has its own rich history and its secret meaning.

Blackwork style involves applying black paint over large areas of the body. A regular tattoo made in black does not have the right to be called Blackwork, but applying, for example, a black square on the body is undoubtedly Blackwork style.


Ornamental is a Polynesian style that has survived several generations, but has survived almost unchanged.

More recently, the style of tattoos called Ethnics has become very popular. This style is distinguished by its volume and variety of patterns.

Sketch style

If the vast majority of people associate a tattoo with something very bright, voluminous and clear, the Sketch tattoo tattoo style completely refutes these concepts.

If you are a romantic, expressive nature, you feel a rush of romantic and something unusual, then a watercolor-style tattoo will suit you.

Determining Graphics from other styles is quite simple. Its main difference is the technique of drawing, namely, the application of shadows should be done with dashes.

Black and white

Classic black and white tattoos are still a kind of benchmark tattoo. Tattoos, made in black and white style are suitable for both men and girls.

Japanese-style tattoos - based on Oriental motifs - this is the realm of painted dragons and koi fish, warriors and geishas. The style image of a variety of dragons is similar to the statue.

A small picture that is not colorful, very simple, often stupid or indecent content - this is a typical example of the Handpoke tattoo style.

Literally, lettering is the direction of an artistic tattoo in which a word, phrase or text is typed using different fonts.

Geometric style in the art of tattoo originated not so long ago. At first glance, they look like a simple set of shapes: a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, etc.

Celtic style in the art of tattooing is chosen by lovers to decorate their body with unusual patterns. Such tattoos not only look spectacular in appearance, but also are filled with deep meaning.

The main theme of the tattoo in the style of steampunk - man as a biomechanism. On the arm, chest and other parts of the body are depicted the elements of some perfect mechanism. It was as if it was hidden inside the body, and now it has become apparent due to partial removal of the skin and muscle breaks.

Maori tattoos are named after the settlement where they originated. According to their traditions, the Maori tattoo demonstrates the status of the owner in the tribe, the characteristics of the character, his courage and connection with local deities.

Hyde-style tattoos originate from the Indian tribe of the same name, in which wearable designs were of great importance. At the moment, the number of people is not large, but the traditions still remain unchanged. Only now their patterns are not only an ethnic feature of the tribe, but also a popular tattoo style all over the world.


On closer examination, abstraction can reveal some traits even in those cases when a sacred code was not originally laid in the pattern. According to the laws of the genre, aesthetic preferences are practically unlimited, sketches are subject to arbitrary geometric and color reconstructions that best contribute to self-expression.

Baroque challenges all rigorous tattoo styles, such as classicism or tribal, and calls for freedom and retreat from the canons. It is dominated by the luxurious expression of details and the mass of decorative elements. "The combination of the incompatible" - this is how you can briefly describe this style.

This is a creative tattoo style closely related to biomechanics, but instead of mechanical elements it contains abstract elements close to natural, animals and various drawings. This art form began its development in the last quarter of the twentieth century, immediately following the style of biomechanics.

Drawing on the body of various patterns and symbols refers to one of the pagan customs that have come down to modern times. And therefore, people in this style are increasingly interested in tattoos.

Maya and Aztecs

Modern tattoos in the style of the Aztecs are depicted mainly in black and white colors, are large, fit well on the chest, back or stomach. These tattoos were small in size and could be applied on the arm. Unlike the Aztec tribe, the Mayan tribe was very militant, so the Mayan tattoo has more bloody scenes and is performed mostly in color.

Want a tattoo? Decorating your body with drawings or inscriptions was and will be fashionable. The main thing - to choose the right tattoo, which not only will carry the meaning, but also stand out the beauty of execution. For a talented master it is quite a doable task.

Making a tattoo: how does this happen?

The first important step on the way to getting a really cool tattoo is to choose a pattern based on its value. For example, the butterfly is very popular among girls, which embodies the symbol of rebirth, a new undertaking and is simply a symbol of freedom and unearthly beauty.

Second step - To determine the style of the tattoo, because the same butterfly can be made in different directions.

Third step - preparation of the sketch and the choice of the professional master. It is better to do a sketch with the master, so that he has an accurate idea of ​​the client's desire.

Ethnic style

Ethnic style tattoos - the most common, because it combines several directions. These are all kinds of images collected from the history of different nations. So, ethno-tattoos include:

  • Celtic style, which is clearly recognizable for its characteristic "braided" - ornament with expressive knots,
  • Indian motifs, among which the Mayan and Aztec-style tattoos stand out,
  • Old-school tattoo style has returned to popularity, today such drawings can be seen on the body of representatives of all segments of the population,
  • Oriental style is ideal for expressing strength, devotion, feelings or your worldview. Most often, tattoo salon customers want Chinese, Japanese, or Indian Oriental symbols on their skin. Hieroglyphs do not lose their relevance - beautiful and original at the same time,
  • Polynesian is a tattoo style characterized by images with waves, ribbons, spiral patterns and lines, radiating rays,
  • Scythian is rich in various design techniques, animal motifs,
  • Tribal style also refers to ethno-tattoo.

Other styles of tattoos that are popular now:

  • fantasy style
  • animalistic,
  • vegetable,
  • Slavic,
  • cybernetic,
  • Black & gray
  • dovork,
  • Blackwork-tattoo.

How to choose "your" tattoo?

There are really a lot of styles, and thousands of drawings, patterns and ornaments are hidden in each of them - you can get lost in your desires. Here are a few tipsThat will help with the selection:

  1. No need to copy someone's tattoo, even if it is beautiful - be unique!
  2. Study the portfolio of masters - perhaps some of the works will seem close to you in spirit.
  3. Do not think about what tattoos are in fashion, be guided by your feelings, because with a pattern on the skin you will have to be like a lifetime.
  4. Remember that a tattoo is more than just mascara under the skin. We do them with the desire to display the innermost particle of the inner world.

Be sure to choose a master professional who will bring to life any of your fantasies.

The world of tattoos in black and white for men

It is difficult to talk about men's topics in the world of tattoos, when, in principle, almost all tattoos are somehow connected with the representatives of the stronger sex. Especially popular are tattoos on the arm for men, black and white.

Черно-белые татуировки по своей сути больше подходят мужчинам, а не девушкам. Ведь представительницы прекрасного пола предпочитают обширную цветовую гамму, а вот со стороны сильного пола может позволить себе и моногамность цвета. Тату на руке мужские черно белые become a favorite destination in a variety of trends and styles.

The style that can not be forgotten - Tattoo on the hand of men are black and white

Black and white colors absorb everything around, with the arrival of the night the world loses its shades, and too bright white light makes you close your eyes. Black and white gamma is used for a wide variety of images. Among the male tattoo on the hand in black and white are found:

  • sea ​​motives
  • fantastic animals
  • ethnic motives.

Among the many marine motifs can be identified large blue whales. Of course, it is difficult to talk about their color in black and white, but they are very recognizable.

Cute whales plow the arms and other parts of the body in men very often. And this does not necessarily mean that the man is a sailor. Most often, this theme is chosen in connection with the semantic load, because the whale is one of the biggest animals in the world. His image on the body symbolizes peace, strength, grandeur, harmony of feelings and emotions. In addition to humans, whales have no natural enemies, therefore its image on the body is somewhat twofold.

Note.The marine theme is filled with the image of the underwater world - these are cute fish and unusual starfish. The latter symbolize purposefulness, because for a long time it was the stars that served as a guide for travelers to the sea.

The fantastic animals that adorn the bodies of people can be attributed to the long-lost dinosaurs. Cute reptiles decorate the hands of men, as a symbol of strength and confidence. Some pristine nature in the image of these reptiles allowed them to spread the world of tattoo art.

Unusual ethnic motifs in the world of tattoos are represented by trends of Indian culture. The recreated masks of the Aztecs and the ancient Maya, realistic Indians and their hats - all this is easily applied by professionals to the hands of men. At the same time, black and white gives elegance and splendor to such drawings. They focus not on the brightness of the color, but on the image itself, in which there is nothing superfluous, where every detail is thought out and harmonious.

A bit of history

In general, tattoos appeared a long time ago, and initially they were just black and white. Thus, even the Old Testament was written about body drawings (the phrase “For the sake of the deceased, do not make cuts on your body and do not puncture yourself with letters”). And if you believe this information, the tattoo appeared before our era.

But there is direct evidence. For example, drawings were found on ancient Egyptian mummies found in the pyramids. Also, the image was found on the pharaoh, who lived 4 thousand years ago. And there was also a tattoo with the leader of the Scythians, who died in the V century BC.

At first, various ornate ornaments were used as images, and later they began to draw animals or various mythical creatures. It was believed that some signs could change the fate or character, or bring good luck.

But also tattoos were used as tags. In ancient Egypt, they were made by representatives of the nobility, and in ancient Rome tattooed slaves and criminals. In Japan, marks were made on the forehead for every crime committed. And in the Middle Ages, sailors began to make tattoos, and for them they were talismans and talismans.


So why is it worth making a black and white tattoo?

  • It will have clear contours and look more strictly.
  • Black is combined with any colors of clothes (this is especially important for girls).
  • Beautiful black and white tattoos look stylish and never go out of style.
  • In black and white, you can do any tattoo. So, some symbolic patterns and ethnic patterns do not tolerate the presence of other tones.
  • Such a tattoo burn out much slower than the color.
  • Black pigments are more natural and safe.
  • Black and white tattoos are suitable for everyone. In general, before strict drawings were considered the prerogative of men, but today they are chosen by girls.
  • Applying a black and white tattoo is cheaper because multi-colored paint is more expensive.

What do they mean?

What is the meaning of black and white tattoos? In general, at all times black was the color of darkness, grief, sadness, sadness, and the other world. In part, this is true, but in the modern world it has acquired a different meaning.

So, black drawings are considered semantic, that is, it is not just a colorful, bright and stylish drawing, but an image in which a special meaning is embedded. If while creating color tattoos, emphasis is placed precisely on brightness and originality, then in black and white attention is focused not on form, but on content.

The monochrome scale is extremely simple and clear, since there is no distraction to shades, which, by the way, can also carry a certain meaning. The master is a true artist who creates a symbolic drawing. Contrast is associated with clarity, so that the meaning almost immediately becomes clear.

What place to do?

Black and white tattoos can be done in any places. Men usually stuff pictures on the arm (especially on the shoulder and forearm), on the back, on the shin or calf, chest, neck. As for girls, they more often choose several other zones: shoulder blades or the area between them, hips, wrists, feet, lower abdomen.

Either way, the tattoo should not be too catchy and noticeable, it can create difficulties in everyday life (for example, when applying for a job).

Which one to choose?

The choice of tattoo will depend on your personal preferences, as well as on the meaning that you want to put in the image. But you can pay tribute to fashion and when choosing a tattoo to take into account the latest trends.

The most popular options are:

  • Small tattoos in the form of silhouettes are becoming increasingly popular. This image is a figure that has a clear outline and is completely painted over with black paint.
  • A variety of ornaments are still relevant, for example, symbolic Celtic or intricate oriental. Also in the fashion of ethnic themes. And such images look especially interesting in monochrome, that is, in black and white.
  • Many people choose images of animals, both realistic and similar to photographs, as well as more simple ones that look like children's pictures and have clear contours and simple shapes.
  • If you manage to find a good master, then you can make a 3D tattoo. In black and white, such images look no less stylish and bright than in color.

It remains only to wish to choose a suitable tattoo and make it. And in order not to regret, take responsibility for the choice.

White tattoos: inscriptions on the body of the original font

Some girls think that white tattoos look more attractive on their bodies than black or multi-colored tattoos. Of course, the sketches of white tattoos are very unusual, and therefore it is necessary to immediately determine all the nuances before recording to the master. A peculiar font for inscriptions on the body - a very common option among fans of white tattoos. Tattoos that are made in a foreign language look impressive. In order to extend the readability of the white tattoo, the master correctly selects the inscription parameters.

Small white tattoos: beautiful sketches on the photo in a modern style

White tattoos look very decent if you choose sketches with clearly defined edges and lines. Girls choosing white minimalist tattoos, as well as very miniature tattoos, take a risky step. White micro tattoo, if you do not make a correction, turns into an incomprehensible spot. They are difficult to notice. And also miniature white tattoos look like skin defects. To a greater extent in practice, the fingers or the wrist are chosen as the place to apply a miniature white tattoo.

White tattoos on the wrist: new items in 2018

White tattoos on the wrist of girls can be found very often. In social networks, women of fashion do not miss the opportunity to brag to each other with original drawings on the wrist, made in white ink. All sorts of flowers, feathers, treble clefs, butterflies, snowflakes, fruit and everything that can be done with small white lines are depicted on the wrist. We offer several new white tattoo on the wrist in the photo.

Very bright white tattoos - 2018

In order to achieve a pronounced white color tattoo, you have to go through the pain, as the white paint is introduced into the deeper layers of the skin. But if you are not afraid of too painful procedure, then in the end you will get a beautiful tattoo with a bright white pigment. The advantage of a bright white tattoo is durability. This is due to the fact that the regeneration of skin cells occurs constantly and over time the pigment is literally obliterated before our eyes. The deep introduction of ink allows you to maintain a presentable look of a white tattoo for a rather long period of time. Undoubtedly, all the problems associated with yellowing, discoloration of the white tattoo are corrected in the salons, but a more intense white tattoo will slightly delay the time of these procedures.

White tattoos: awesome compositions for girls

Lacy variants of a white tattoo on the body of girls look incredibly beautiful. Volumetric compositions performed quite painful, but worth it. White pigment is highly allergenic, and therefore girls who are prone to allergic reactions should stop using tattoo tattoos in white. Images of microcircuits, Indian motifs, lines in the form of floral canvases can appear as rather unusual variants of large compositions in white.

White tattoos in the form of floral motifs: popular options

Flower theme is especially close to romantic nature. Flower tattoos have always been and will be the most popular among girls. White flowers look feminine and sophisticated. Their meaning is interpreted as well as multi-colored types of flowers. The most popular white sketches for girls are roses. But quite attractive and look lily, and chamomile. Openwork lines, combined in a flower pattern, look unsurpassed.

Images of insects and reptiles in white tattoos

Originality and the manifestation of individuality is the choice of a white tattoo in the form of an insect or reptile. This decision depends on the nature of the girl. If it is characterized in life as a Maya bee, then why not make such a tattoo, even if it is white. The image of a snake does not necessarily characterize the owner as a nasty person. The snake is a symbol of femininity and wisdom.

Common places for applying white tattoo

Places for placement of white tattoos on the body of a girl are very diverse and this or that sketch cannot be applied to each area. White tattoo must be in harmony with the image and style. With the help of white ink can not perform realistic compositions, rear, gradient and other things. Clear contours are the basic rule for a white tattoo. Business people are trying to put a white tattoo on the area that can be hidden under clothing. If a girl wants to extend the life of a white tattoo, then it should be applied on such parts of the body that will not be exposed to sunlight. In the neck, the white tattoo looks original, but is not popular due to its sensitivity. The most common part of the body for applying a white tattoo is the wrist. Stylishly looks like a white tattoo on the forearm and back. But the white tattoo on the finger is 100% creativity, even if it is miniature and inconspicuous.

The combination of different shades of ink in white tattoos

Ringers do not like to work with white pigment, because it is very difficult to predict the final result. This is due to the color of the skin. Most professionals advise to combine white with other shades. Contrasting or tinted lines with white in the main sketch are the actual options for girls. These tattoos look amazing.

If at first the white tattoo is noticeable to others, then in the future it may merge with the skin tone. In this case, it is pointless to stop your choice on a pure white tattoo.

Black and white tattoos

Girl with chb tattoo

Black and white tattoos - truly "classic" of tattoo art. The first pigment that helped to make people's bodies more beautiful was black. Black and white tattoo sketches are a special layer of the history of human development.

The history of the development direction

The first images pleased humanity at the dawn of development. Black and white tattoos were the first drawings that were awarded to special people. It could be warriors who proved bravery in battle or hunting. Only a certain person could make a tattoo. One of the first to decorate bodies with black-and-white body patterns was shamans and sorcerers who had connections with otherworldly forces. The tatoo bhak for them was a way of protection and a symbol of the worship of certain deities.

Although in those days it was difficult to call them black: the pigment was far from coal, but rather brown and dangerous enough to be applied to human skin. Despite this, for many it was an inexpressible luxury to get a picture on their own body. Scar tattooed was a distinctive sign praising warlike men.

With the development of tattoo art in Europe and Asia, sketches of black and white tattoos could be used as encouragement and as punishment. Distinctive marks endowed "fallen" women, thieves and other criminals. Only today we can safely say that a tattoo is a special part of a person’s personality, his image or his addition. A tattoo, although it makes sense, does not carry an applied or practical purpose.

Photo black and white tattoo

Features of the direction

Sketches of tattoo bw have a number of advantages and features that favorably distinguish this direction. The popularity of such tattoos, though cyclical, they have a place both in the history of the development of society and in the cultural heritage in general.

Their lowest popularity was quite a long period, after colored pigments came into use in the masters. People could not get enough of the brightness of the images, so for a long time this direction existed only thanks to the faithful followers.

Now you can call these images black and white, and a few decades ago, they were more likely to be black and gray. The perfect white pigment was developed relatively recently, and before that there was only a gray composition in the everyday life of the masters. A tattoo with a demon made in such a format can strike the imagination and a skeptical person.

Black and white wrist tattoos

Popular sketches and styles

There are many areas in which only black and white images have found their place (it is difficult to imagine a bat tattoo in a different color). Some of them developed at the dawn of tattoo art, others are spreading and popularized just now.

The most popular in this context is called classical patterns and ornaments, portrait or silhouette drawings. A black and white tattoo on the arm is not a tribute to fashion trends, but a certain culture and following it.

Tattoo flowers BW - a layer in the culture, which gradually expands. Application techniques are improving, as is the quality of the pigment.

Today, tattoos depicting plants and flowers are the most popular.

Tattoo bw for girls - photo

Black and white tattoo on the shoulder, for both girls and men - a special tone. To decorate this location in the course are various sketches and techniques. It is important to note that the transfer of a monochrome sketch on the body, is guaranteed to lead to the fact that the end result will be unique and inimitable. Since even tattoos made by one master will be different. This is primarily due to the application of tones and shadows, which, due to the relief of the skin and body, are capable of changing.

Sketches of BW tattoos can be made on existing color tattoos, but, unfortunately for conservative lovers, it is difficult to block color images with the help of dark pigment (does not apply to blackwork). For this you need a dense application of paint or a tattoo.

Black and white sketches of tattoos for girls and for men are the immortal classics that are still relevant today.

7. Colorful geometry

Colorful pattern in geometric style.
Bright tattoo with images of wild tribes of the Amazon, made in the now popular geometric style.

Tattoo with the image of feathers.
A charming tattoo with the image of two realistic feathers, adorning a thin female hand.

12. Butterfly

Tattoo with the image of a butterfly.
A colorful watercolor tattoo depicting an incredibly beautiful butterfly adorning a man's hand.

Original tattoo sleeves.
Complicated tattoo on the sleeves in the style of blackwork, consisting of a set of hexagons, resembling a puzzle.

Video Bonus:

3. Long sleeve

Tattoo sleeve in the style of blackwork.
A bold, stylish and flashy tattoo-sleeve, made in the style of blackwork and adorned with a magnificent floral pattern.

4. Delicate pattern

Tattoo with the image of floral ornament.
Original tattoo with the image of a vegetative ornament decorating a graceful female back.

5. Abstraction

Tattoo with an abstract pattern.
Простая и вместе с тем необычная цветная татуировка в виде абстрактного рисунка на мужской руке.

6. Яркий сюрреализм

Татуировка в стиле сюрреализм.
Оригинальная татуировка в виде красочной сюрреалистичной картины, украшающей мужскую ногу, выглядит необычно и свежо.

7. Красочная геометрия

Красочный рисунок в геометрическом стиле.
Bright tattoo with images of wild tribes of the Amazon, made in the now popular geometric style.

Tattoo with the image of feathers.
A charming tattoo with the image of two realistic feathers, adorning a thin female hand.

9. Balloon

Tattoo with a balloon image of butterflies.
A large color tattoo depicting a balloon consisting of many colorful butterflies on a woman's back.

10. Black and white

Original black and white tattoo.
A stylish and original tattoo depicting two woven snakes, one of which is drawn in black ink and the other in white.

11. Landscape in a circle

Round tattoo depicting a fantastic landscape.
Detailed round tattoo depicting a unicorn in the night forest.

12. Butterfly

Tattoo with the image of a butterfly.
A colorful watercolor tattoo depicting an incredibly beautiful butterfly adorning a man's hand.

Original tattoo sleeves.
Complicated tattoo on the sleeves in the style of blackwork, consisting of a set of hexagons, resembling a puzzle.