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Cascade fasting: reviews and results


Cascade starvation is a method of abstinence from food, suggesting alternation of periods of hunger and moderate nutrition. Despite the fact that it is a direction of alternative medicine, it has a condescending attitude on the part of the official one, since it implies a gradual transition from one step to another, developing in the body the habit of such a food system. It provides relative health safety.

Depending on the severity of power


It implies full abstinence from food, drinks and water during periods of fasting. Some methods even prohibit water procedures these days.

Read more about the principles of dry fasting, read the link.

On the water

The ban on hungry days applies only to food and drinks. Any water is allowed in unlimited quantities. You can even add honey and lemon juice to it. This scheme is transferred much easier. Beginners better start with her.

About fasting on the water, we also have a separate article, you can read here.

Depending on the duration and output

Long sparing:

  • 1 day of hunger / 1 day of moderate nutrition / 1 day out,
  • 2 / 2 / 2,
  • 3 / 3 / 3,
  • 4 / 4 / 4,
  • 5 / 5 / 5.

Long hard:

  • 1 day of hunger / 1 day of moderate nutrition,
  • 2 / 2,
  • 3 / 3,
  • 4 / 4,
  • 5 / 5.

It is characterized by the absence of days of release (as in Lavrova) and is also called standard (classical).

Compressed gentle:

  • 1 day of hunger / 2 days of moderate nutrition / 2 days of release,
  • 2 / 3 / 3,
  • 3 / 4 / 4,
  • 4 / 5 / 5,
  • 5 / 6 / 6.

Compressed hard:

  • 1 day of hunger / 2 days of moderate nutrition,
  • 2 / 3,
  • 3 / 4,
  • 4 / 5,
  • 5 / 6.

Also characterized by the lack of output and is called simplified.

There is still free, when you choose the scheme, varying the classic options between themselves.

By Lavrova

Valentina Lavrova - the founder of the classic dry cascade starvation. It was she who in her works repeatedly proved the beneficial effect on the organism of this type of nutrition. I recommended starting with one day, gradually getting used to it (it could take months), regularly increasing the duration of abstinence from food and water each time for 1 day, bringing the period to 5 days.

Laurel technique is unusual in that it offers an absolute dry fasting, which excludes any contact with water on days of abstinence. It is not only forbidden to drink it - one should not wash, brush teeth, bathe, wash dishes with bare hands, even fall under rain.

In between hunger strikes and when leaving the cascade, this absolute ban is canceled.

Lavrova noted that fasting cannot be started immediately according to scheme 5 after 5, 4/4, even 2/2. It is necessary to accustom the body to each of the steps for the maximum amount of time. By exit, she meant a complete transition to normal power, excluding him from the system. Here is its scheme:

  • 1 day of hunger / 1 day of moderate nutrition - up to a month of such repetitions and even more.

  • 2 days of hunger / 2 days of moderate nutrition - up to 1 month or more.

  • 3 days of hunger / 3 days of moderate nutrition - no more than 1 month.

  • 4 days of hunger / 4 days of moderate nutrition - no more than 2 weeks.

  • 5 days of hunger / 5 days of moderate nutrition - a single cycle, without repetitions.

Lavrova warned: until you master one stage, you cannot switch to another. Signs of complete mastery of each cycle: no side effects, minimal bouts of hunger, well-being.

According to Voitovich

Georgy Alexandrovich Voitovich - Candidate of Medical Sciences. The author of the book "Heal Yourself." Offered cascade (cyclic, fractional) starvation according to the following scheme:

  • 3 weeks of fasting / 4 weeks of moderate nutrition,
  • 3 weeks of fasting / 5 weeks of moderate nutrition,
  • fasting to acidotic crisis (about 3 more weeks) / 3 weeks of moderate nutrition.

This cycle must be repeated three times without any interruptions. Indications: urolithiasis, inflammatory processes, bronchial asthma, tumors of any origin, problems with the reproductive system, obesity. At the preparation stage, enemas and laxative preparations are required for preliminary cleansing of the intestines.

According to Goltis

Goltis is a pseudonym, the real name of the healer is Vladimir Ivanovich Vuksta. This is an extreme traveler and author of the method called “Healing Impulse”. He proposes the following cascade starvation scheme:

  • every other day during the week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday - hungry),
  • three days (from Wednesday to Friday inclusive) once a month,
  • 7 to 7 - every 3 months.

A distinctive feature of the Goltis technique is an urgent recommendation to arrange a long fast only under the supervision of qualified specialists.

Action on the body

As with any therapeutic fasting, cascade provides healing, cleansing and rejuvenation of the body:

  • elimination of toxins, slags,
  • cholesterol reduction
  • obtaining the necessary energy
  • skin renewal
  • getting rid of aggression, fatigue, irritation,
  • increase efficiency
  • the launch of internal recovery processes (treatment of the most serious and chronic diseases) - with a 5-day variant,
  • immunity strengthening.

Cascade fasting is often used for weight loss, because:

  • cleans the body
  • requires a reduction of servings and daily calorie intake,
  • excludes harmful products
  • is a kind of diet.

Many are interested in how much you can lose weight. Results depend on the chosen scheme and duration of its observance. On average, every hungry day accounts for minus 0.5 kg. Over time, this figure gradually decreases.


How to organize an entrance at a usual food?

The preparatory stage is organized 2 weeks before the fast. In the first week you need:

  • refuse prohibited products and switch to allowed ones (see lists below),
  • increase the amount of water drunk per day,
  • limit the amount of servings to reduce the size of the stomach to reduce hunger attacks,
  • get tested, get permission from a doctor,
  • to refuse from bad habits.

In the second week of entry you need:

  • increase the percentage of plant foods in the diet,
  • accordingly, reduce the consumption of dairy, fish and meat products,
  • refuse frying as a method of cooking
  • stop drinking medicine
  • make a detailed fasting plan and a menu for the coming week for well-fed days,
  • warn home
  • The last thing you should eat on the day before the hunger strike is a glass of pure water with lemon juice or 1 tsp. honey

It is important to tune in morally during the preparation. To do this, you need to clearly know the goals that you are pursuing, and visually represent the result (lack of disease, well-being, slim figure, etc.).

What to eat in not hungry days?

Allowed foods for moderate meals that alternate with hungry:

  • cereals (soaked in water, germinated),
  • fruits,
  • fresh vegetables and greens
  • berries,
  • nuts (which is better, calorie - about this in the article earlier),
  • green beans,
  • herbal tea, water.

Preferably everything is fresh, without heat treatment.

Permitted products for entry and exit:

  • milk products,
  • seaweed,
  • fruits, vegetables, greens, mushrooms, berries, legumes, nuts,
  • honey, stevia (vegetable sugar substitute for losing weight, allowed even for obesity - more about it on this page),
  • cereals,
  • a fish,
  • chicken turkey
  • eggs,
  • herbal tea (recipes), filtered, distilled or mineral water.

As for the list of allowed products, you should immediately make a reservation. If the goal of starvation - the general improvement of the body, it can be left unchanged. If you need to get rid of toxins and slags with it, porridge, mushrooms and legumes should be removed, and vegetables should be consumed mostly fresh, not boiled. Even greater adjustment will have to expose it, if the goal - losing weight. Fish, poultry and dairy products can be eaten only low-fat, fruit - unsweetened, vegetables - without starch.

  • salt, sugar,
  • refined products
  • sweets, bakery products,
  • alcohol, caffeinated beverages,
  • meat (except poultry),
  • fast food, snacks, fast food,
  • pasta.

What should be the way out of the long Lavrova fasting?

If you have tried a long dry cascade starvation on Lavrov, the output should be as accurate and gradual as possible.

If the entrance was fixed at 19.00, the exit should fall at the same time. Lavrova technique is considered one of the toughest, and for good reason. In this matter, she does not allow for a minute.

Recommendations for the first day of release:

  • Immediately drink chilled boiled water (any volume), adding lemon juice to it,
  • after you quench your thirst, you can only drink 50 ml of water every half hour,
  • when an emetic reflex occurs, it is recommended to hold lemon water in the mouth for a few seconds before a sip,
  • immediately after that go to the water procedures: brush your teeth, take a shower (first with room temperature water, then with warm water), and a little later - a bath with herbs,
  • each water procedure is given no more than 8 minutes,
  • All water manipulations need to be completed by 8 pm
  • at 20.00 you need to eat some yogurt or cottage cheese, homemade,
  • at 22.00 small portions of warm unsalted broth (fish or chicken), or boiled vegetables, or rye bread are allowed.

Recommendations for the second day of release:

  • you can not raw vegetables and fruits, milk,
  • you can porridge on the water, rye bread, fish, hard-boiled eggs, lean broth, chicken fillet, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese,
  • If nausea, swelling, taste of metal or the smell of rotten eggs appear after eating, Lavrova recommends drinking 2 glasses of sour milk or water.

On the third day, you can gradually move to your usual diet.

Frequently asked Questions

How to withstand?

Fill the whole day with different things, make a plan and follow it - then there will be no time to think about hunger. Avoid negative thoughts and unnecessary experiences. Do mostly what you like: read, walk, communicate with loved ones. Minimize the time spent in front of gadgets.

Do I need to play sports on hungry days?

Classical intensive training involves a scheme of classes in the gym every other day. It is desirable that in hungry days was a day off to restore the body. Otherwise, there simply is not enough energy for sport, which will lead to nervous and physical exhaustion, and then disruption.

However, it is also not recommended to completely abandon motor activity. Minimize power loads and run on the background of constant morning exercises and simple exercise during the day. You can spend 10 minutes on the treadmill (recommendations on how to run correctly), if it does not cause dizziness and fatigue. Long hikes, bike and pool are undesirable. But breathing practices, walking before bedtime and work in the garden are welcome.

Can I take medicine on hungry days?

No, even the most innocuous, not to mention the drugs of a long and powerful action.

How much time must pass when moving from one step to another?

The transition from one step to another (from 1/1 to 2/2, for example) can be carried out immediately (if there is experience) or after the organism gets used, using the days of exit (for beginners). The duration of such intervals is determined individually.

How much time can you sit on a cascade starvation?

The term of the general course should not exceed 3 months. Rarely, under the supervision of a doctor - six months. The main thing to consider is that after the 5/5 scheme, the practice should be stopped and switched to the usual power supply system.

How often can you resort to it?

No more than 1 time per year.

During the cascade fasting, you need to get enough sleep, minimize any worries and spend more time in the fresh air.

Contraindications and indications


V. Lavrova recommended using dry cascade starvation for the treatment of such diseases:

  • atherosclerosis, ischemia, hypertension,
  • infertility,
  • Bénier-Boek-Schaumann disease,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • depression, stress, neurosis, panic attacks, schizophrenia,
  • dystonia,
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • adenoma,
  • overweight, obesity,
  • osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis,
  • pancreatitis,
  • trophic ulcers, allergic rashes and other skin diseases.


  • smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction,
  • taking any medications - this makes cascade hunger strikes inaccessible for many categories of people: for example, diabetics, as well as women who take oral contraceptives,
  • inflammatory processes
  • lactation, pregnancy,
  • thyroid pathology,
  • diabetes,
  • problems with blood clotting and other pathologies associated with blood circulation,
  • open tuberculosis,
  • advanced stages of oncology,
  • any failure: heart, liver, kidney,
  • cirrhosis, hepatitis,
  • rehabilitation after a heart attack, tachycardia, arrhythmia,
  • anorexia, dystrophy, avitaminosis, exhaustion, insufficient body weight.

Relative (requiring prior consultation with a doctor):

  • bile and urolithiasis,
  • ulcer,
  • varicose veins,
  • Iron-deficiency anemia,
  • infections,
  • age before 14 and after 70 years
  • gout.

Benefit and harm

  • total purification of the body from toxins, slags, excess fluid, diseased cells, free radicals, and even worms,
  • cholesterol lowering
  • improving blood circulation
  • tissue regeneration
  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and many other body systems,
  • getting rid of allergies
  • rejuvenation,
  • acceleration of metabolism
  • destruction of tumors
  • immunity strengthening.

  • exacerbation of diseases
  • development of new pathologies,
  • state of stress in hungry cycles,
  • decreased performance, lethargy,
  • relaxation of the digestive tract, which is difficult to give such "swing"
  • fat burning doesn't matter: slimming is ensured by cleansing the body and splitting muscle and connective tissue.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • no need for additional methods of cleansing the body (no need to put enemas and drink laxatives),
  • it is not required to drink vitamin complexes,
  • most side effects are mild and pass quickly,
  • the possibility of an easy workout
  • hunger is relatively easy to carry, low probability of disruption,
  • guaranteed and permanent weight loss: the weight is not returned at the end of the course (provided that you have a proper diet in the future)
  • recovery: getting rid of chronic diseases,
  • rejuvenation: improves appearance.

  • side effects: dizziness, headaches, weakness,
  • the inability to practice with the simultaneous use of drugs,
  • the need to go through certain stages, you can not jump,
  • severe overcoming of acidotic crises during dry cascade starvation,
  • ban on water procedures in some schemes,
  • will power is required
  • a large list of contraindications
  • psychological barriers
  • The technique is not for everyone.

Cascade starvation, although it refers to the treatment, still differs from it in greater safety for health. Step schemes with variability make it possible to minimize risks and achieve good results in terms of both well-being and weight loss. But the permission of the doctor is necessary.

Starvation roots

Since ancient times, the idea of ​​fasting settled in the minds of people. Philosophers and scientists practiced refusing food to cleanse the body and spirit.

Among them are such famous personalities as Herodotus, Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, Hippocrates. They believed that food is the main source of many diseases, and fasting is the best medicine that prolongs life and promotes health.

If the body is not cleansed, the more you feed it, the more you will harm it. When a sick person is fed too heavily, the disease is also fed.

The question of the physiological effects of fasting worries the minds of scientists now. Supporters of the benefits of fasting focus on the method of holding fasting days, trying to find a middle ground in which the effect and safety will be equivalent. Official medicine is still against hunger strikes, but despite this, methods of temporary refusal of food continue to appear. This is due to the fact that in unconventional medicine, in some teachings and religions, the issue of fasting has always been relevant and has had adherents and propagandists, as well as the fact that changes have occurred in the scientific world on this issue.

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

In 2016, the Japanese scientist Yoshinori Osumi became the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, describing the process of autophagy - cell digestion of their own obsolete parts. This process is activated at the moment when the body is experiencing stress, for example, during fasting. "Cellular utilization" with a controlled rejection of food allows you to update cells and normalize metabolism. At the same time, the body receives energy from the accumulated surpluses, which, on the one hand, triggers the process of losing weight, on the other - with the right approach does not harm the health, even, on the contrary, helps to cope with some ailments. Dr. Osumi’s research has revived interest in the topic of therapeutic fasting.

Types of fasting

According to the method of conducting, “dry” and “classical” starvation are distinguished. With the "dry" can not take either food or water. In the "classic" fasting water can drink.Depending on the method, both types have their own pattern: this concerns the duration, the characteristics of each stage (starting from preparation for fasting, ending with restoration) and some rules (fluid volume, physical activity, water and cleaning procedures, etc.). With a “dry” fasting, drinking is excluded, moreover, with some methods of such fasting, any contact with water is prohibited. "Dry" fasting is considered the most severe and stressful for the body, but at the same time, according to some, the most effective. The body mobilizes all its resources, due to which the splitting of fats and the elimination of toxins occurs in an accelerated mode. There are many methods of fasting for weight loss. A lot of positive feedback about cascade fasting. It is practiced by women for the purpose of body shaping, maintaining a stable weight, unloading after feasts, as well as for cleansing and renewing the body.

Cascade starvation

The cascade fasting technique is a specific cycle, when the fasting days alternate with the days of eating. As a rule, the number of days of refusal from food in a cascade starvation is equal to the number of days of eating. Those. one day hunger strike - one day meal, two days hunger strike - two days meal, etc. But there may be other options:

  • Simplified scheme: 1 day fasting - 2 days food intake, 2 days fasting - 3 days food intake (i.e. food intake days one more).
  • Free scheme: losing weight chooses the number of days without food.

The essence of the technique is to change the "work" of the organism. Now he spends energy not on digesting food, but on repairing cells and removing all that is unnecessary. The standard scheme of fasting through the day for weight loss is considered the most optimal and effective, as well as psychologically convenient.

Entering and exiting cascade starvation

One- and two-day fasting does not require special preparation. By three-day (and more) starvation, you need to properly prepare: for two weeks you should eat low-calorie foods, vegetables and fruits are ideal.

Exit from fasting should also be careful: in no case can not lean on junk food, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to health. Exit from fasting begins with the use of pure water. After a couple of hours you can drink kefir or boiled milk, also yogurt is allowed. Alternatively, fish or chicken broth will do. This will help start the work of the pancreas. After another 2 hours you can eat your usual food, but carefully and little by little. Such a scheme is proposed by V.P. Lavrov. Below we consider the process of fasting, which it offers.

Cycle time

The duration of the alternation according to the method of VP Lavrova is selected individually. It is best to allow the body to adapt and follow the month of fasting 1 to 1. Then go smoothly to the 2: 2 scheme, etc. Starting from the scheme 5 days after 5 is detrimental to health, but 5 to 5 is considered the strongest in the depth of purification, so losing weight in a cascade tend to this level. The duration of periods, each individual selects, depending on the state of health and goals. The five-day system, for the most part, is necessary for those who wish to get rid of diseases. Those who want to lose weight, as a rule, have enough one-day and two-day cycles.

According to reviews of the cascade dry fasting every other day, for a month from 5 to 10 kg is lost. An important rule of hungry days: no contact with water (again, Lavrova), try to exercise in the fresh air, to minimize thoughts about food, reconfigure thoughts in a positive way. When you have achieved the desired result, you should adhere to the principles of healthy eating and moderate portions. If you eat junk food after a hunger strike, then, as reviews of the cascade starvation show, the kilograms return again and even doubly, because the body decides to postpone everything after stress.

Cascade is contraindicated

Cascade weight loss is a radical measure of body correction, which has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • endocrine disruption,
  • acute and chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract,
  • diabetes,
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system,
  • inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system,
  • poor blood clotting,
  • tuberculosis,
  • hepatitis,
  • thrombosis,
  • tumors and cancers,
  • insufficient body weight.

In any case, if you decide to go on a hunger strike, it is better to consult a doctor in order not to earn a bunch of diseases in pursuit of beauty.

What to choose: dry cascade starvation or cascade starvation on water?

Opinions about whether or not to drink water during a cascade starvation are ambiguous. Judging by the reviews and the results of the cascade dry starvation, this kind of cascade is difficult for some, while others, on the contrary, say that fasting makes it easier to not eat or drink at all. As for expert opinions, experts note that due to the lack of water, the body dehydrates, and this leads to the loss of some areas of metabolism, which negatively affects the body. Therefore, not everyone decides on long-term experiments without water. "Liquid" analog is much more reliable and safe. Together with water, toxins are eliminated from the body, metabolism and blood circulation are normalized. Yes, and psychologically move this fasting is much easier. According to reviews and results of cascade starvation on water, weight is dropped at the same speed as in dry starvation, only the body does not fall into conditions of extreme survival.

Fasting is a radical way to lose those extra pounds, so if you choose this method, the main postulate will do no harm. With the right approach, you can achieve good results and at the same time clean the body. For weight loss, fasting every other day will be quite enough. Those. one day hunger strike, the second day - diet (better vegetable) food. Practice shows that cascading starvation for a month can lose up to 10 kg. At the same time, there are no unpleasant consequences for the organism, on the contrary, lightness comes and an emotional lift is felt. After the cascade cycle, it is important to switch to a healthy diet and limit your portions, otherwise, judging by the reviews of the cascade starvation, there is a risk to regain the previous weight, and in the worst case, to increase it.

What it is?

Cascade fasting is a cyclical alternation of the so-called fasting days and plant days, in which only vegetable food is consumed. The number of those and those gradually increases, and that is why starvation is called a cascade.

How to starve correctly?

There are several cascade starvation schemes.

Small cascade is the easiest program, so it is suitable for beginners and for those who for some reason can not do without food and water for a long time. Such a scheme suggests alternating plant and hungry days for two weeks.

The full (long) cascade is performed as follows:

  • The first cycle: one day you need to starve, one - eat vegetable food.
  • The second cycle: two days of fasting, two days of eating vegetable products:
  • The third cycle: three days should be starved, and three days - only vegetable food should be included in the diet.
  • The fourth cycle includes 4 hungry and as many plant days.
  • The fifth cycle consists of five hungry and five plant days.

  • Day of fasting, two days of plant food.
  • Two days of hunger and three days of plant nutrition.
  • Three days of hunger, four days of herbal products.
  • Hunger is practiced for four days, and plant food is included in the diet for five days.
  • Five days of hunger and out.

Starvation rules

To starvation was effective, follow these rules:

  1. The term “hungry day” means a complete rejection not only of food, but also of any liquids, that is, it is not allowed to eat or drink. This is difficult, but this is what allows you to achieve maximum results.
  2. On vegetable days, you can eat only raw fruits and vegetables. But in some sources there is information that other products are allowed (dairy and fermented milk, cereals and even fish and meat), but light. Although it is still more correct to be the first option.
  3. Pay special attention to the way out of fasting. It should be gradual so that the body does not experience the stress of the abundance of food after its complete absence. In the first days, eat only light foods, for example, low-fat broths, vegetables, fruits, water porridges, kefir.
  4. Do not disturb the scheme, do not change hungry days with plant days and do not change the duration of the cycles.

Can everyone do this?

Cascade fasting is not for everyone that is associated with contraindications. These include severe liver and kidney disease, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcers, gastritis, endocrine disorders (for example, diabetes mellitus), lactation and pregnancy periods, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, acute infections, body weight deficiency, anemia, vitamin deficiency and some other conditions and diseases.

The content of the article

With the help of cascade starvation, you can cleanse the body, get rid of extra pounds and cure some diseases. When properly observed, inflammatory processes take place, neoplasms and harmful cells die, parasites are destroyed, cholesterol is reduced, and excess fluid is removed.

The technique has opponents who claim that any fasting, including a cascade, can harm the body. If you still decide to use this system of weight loss, first consult with your doctor.

Principles of Cascade Fasting

Cascade fasting for weight loss and recovery is carried out by alternating days at which you refuse food and any liquid, and even skin contact with water, with days at which you are allowed to eat and drink.

Before you start fasting, you need to prepare. 3 weeks before the start, it is necessary to give up bad habits, meat, salt and sugar, after 2 weeks it is recommended to switch to vegetable food, reducing the volume of servings every day. During this period, you should refrain from eating after 7 o'clock in the evening. This is necessary to enable the body to adapt to the limitations.

Cascade fasting schemes

  1. Simplified. After a day of famine, it is allowed to eat 2 days, then it is necessary to give up food for two days, after which it is allowed to eat for three days, followed by three days of famine. This principle should be followed until you reach five hungry days.
  2. Standard. You starve for a day, eat a day, fast for two days - eat for two days. The scheme should continue up to five hungry days.
  3. Free. Allows you to choose the starvation mode, based on their capabilities. The main thing is choosing the mode, adhere to the basic principles and bring fasting to five days.

On the days of meals it is allowed to eat dairy products and plant foods: fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, bran, berries and dried fruits.

Cascade Fast Tips

Adhering to the methodology, strictly follow the sequence of days, otherwise the efforts will be in vain. You do not need to use additional drugs in parallel with the course, as this may harm the body.

Try to provide the body with the maximum amount of oxygen. To do this, ventilate the room, try to be more in the fresh air. During the cascade starvation, it is recommended to reduce the load and give the body proper rest.

Care should be taken of the course. Start by drinking chilled boiled water and taking a bath with herbs, such as oregano, chamomile or a string. After water procedures in a couple of hours you can start eating, it is better if it is vegetable broth or kefir. For two days after fasting, it is recommended to use only dairy products.

If you correctly observed cascade starvation, the results will be impressive: the condition of the skin will improve, weight will decrease, a feeling of cheerfulness, lightness and energy will arise.

Cascade fasting can be used no more than 4 times a year. It should be borne in mind that the method is suitable only purposeful and hardy, and those who have no contraindications.

Dry fasting on Lavrov

First, you need to understand this rule: before you start starving, it is better to sit on a vegetable diet for a few days, without eating any protein foods of animal origin. Fish, too, exclude. Food should be purely vegetable, as advised by Lent.

Even without any fasting, if you often sit on such diets, much in your body straighten out. Particularly well cleaned porridge vessels, boiled in water and without oil, even vegetable. in large quantities it is also harmful.

Why else should be used along with fasting vegetable diets for 30, 60 days? One without the other does not go. To not develop hungry genes. And they can develop, and then your fasting will not save. You will eat a lot. There will be no rent from them, only harm, in addition there will still be fear. After one or two samples, stop. So everything should be in the complex.

The first stage of cascade starvation.

Cascade fasting is carried out without water. First you need to master the first step. Day after day. What does it mean? You will need some time to eat in a day. water is not consumed on a hungry day. But before this day should get drunk. On such a cascade you can stay for as long as you like. It can be combined with a vegetable diet. Even if you last a month, you get 15 days of fasting.

The second stage of cascade starvation.

The second stage of the cascade starvation will require you to eat two days after two, and so on. Also do not drink water on hungry days. But here the golden rule should be fulfilled.

How to get out of fasting? After these two days, you should drink water, then after a couple of hours, start to eat with kefir. Food should be protein but not vegetable, ie, their kefir should be eaten without bread. A couple of hours after taking kefir you can eat everything.

Why not eat bread, vegetables, fruits at once? There is a pancreas. This organ is inert, it is difficult to enter the work, it will not immediately cope with insulin delivery to the blood in such a volume. Therefore, do not need to download it. Better gradually.

If you do not take this into account after fasting, it is better not to exercise. You can undermine the work of the pancreas. If there was no kefir at home, you can drink boiled milk or, at worst, fish broth, milk can be replaced with yogurt, fish broth with chicken, but everything should be cooked without vegetables. And no bread.

A child is born and goes to milk, to protein food. Any mammal does the same thing. Not eating the body of the newborn immediately accepts this food. Well, let's turn to the birds. Parents begin to carry their protein food too. and they will never bring them either berries or seeds, by nature at first they are not supposed to.

You can turn to hunger animals. In winter, predators starve for a long time, no big deal. They will immediately begin with protein foods. But as far as herbivores are concerned, pure hunger does not work there. Though a blade of grass, even a blade of grass, even a piece of a twig, it will get into the mouth, that is, the work of the pancreas practically does not stop.

Well, how to explain the hibernation of a bear? An animal can eat both plant and animal food. It also explains everything simply. Before going to hibernation, the bear fills its belly with aspen bark. Bitter, bactericidal, it persists there throughout the winter. Vegetable product. The pancreas does not go out of operation, always in readiness.

The third stage of cascade starvation.

Three days after three, and so on. The same thing, do not eat and not eat for three days, then eat three days, and again do not eat and eat for three days, etc. How much will make and enough strength. The way out of starvation is the same. Three days is difficult to sustain without water. Here the tests of the spirit begin. Already tormented by thirst.

Look, follow the golden rule of going out of fasting.. Cleansing enema is not necessary. If you do everything correctly, the stomach will clear itself. But if you drink water, you may need enemas. With dry fasting, they are not required.

The fourth stage of cascade starvation.

Four days after four, etc. All the same. Do not eat or drink. To withstand it becomes harder, thirsty. The way out of starvation is the same. Enemas are not needed if you do not drink water. But if you do not soak and get drunk, you will need it. Possible in this case constipation. This is already a difficult period, reservoirs, wells, spring water will be seen. The skin may come off the lips and gums, it dries up in the mouth.

The fifth stage of cascade starvation.

Last one Five days after five, and so on. Everything is exactly the same as described above. The way out of starvation is the same. This is the hardest day. Impossible to sleep. I want fresh air. The body exudes an unpleasant odor. In the body flow all the crystals. The pores of the body are opened, through them is removed that they would never have thrown out the kidneys. Difficult to talk, dry in the mouth. I do not want to eat, just drink.

Remember the golden rule. First, water and only after 2 hours kefir.Only protein, light and liquid food. И только через 2 часа после этого можно осторожно, понемножку есть все остальное. Не переусердствуйте в еде. После трех, четырех и пяти дней голодания есть начинать нужно понемножку.

Do not start with the fifth step, the fourth or the third, it is impractical and even harmful. Master first and second first. If you devote a month to such starvation, then at any of these steps you will get an equal number of hungry days. within 30 days - five days after five - you still get 15 days of fasting, just as if you were fasting a day after a day.

Another important circumstance. During hungry days it is better not to wash, not to wash, not to brush your teeth - in short, no contact with water. This is necessary in order to not give water to any parts of the body and that the cells do not feed it when in contact with water. Otherwise, these places will not be updated and repaired. It is difficult, of course, not to get your hands wet. Domestic all sorts of chores, washing dishes, etc., but then the skin of the hands will not be updated, choose one of the two.

You may not get the fourth or fifth step, do not despair. After repeated attempts it will turn out necessarily. And remember one more thing. After fasting, do not drink carbonated drinks, only water - clean and better cool.

With the right way out of fasting, this method is harmless to the body.. With good nutrition on the fifth step, you can, if you wish, return from your retirement age to your twenty years. Difficult, but not an eagle who does not fly.

On the cascade 5 days after 5 you can treat any diseases. And there is no such disease that it is not treated in this way. Both cancer and diabetes are all cured. All infectious, sexually transmitted diseases are also treated.

And if we started, bring it to the end. and remember that fasting 5 days after 5 with water will not give the desired result. Only without water. In ancient times, this method was widely used in South Asia, but then for some reason forgotten.

During the period of such fasting in the body, worms, viruses, old and sick cells die. Slag and cholesterol crystals fall apart, and most importantly, the body gets rid of dead water. There is a lot of such water in a person; it does not participate in the exchange, it accumulates and is not displayed out. This is a heavy ballast, not viable and not active, faithfully and reliably accumulating in our body.

A great help in the cascade starvation is physical education and breathing exercises. I want to drink less and eat less. Fasting together with physical exercise in the fresh air will make your progress in the rejuvenation of the body more rapid. Saturation of the body with oxygen will quickly crush the old and create a new one.

And one more very important detail. In the days when you will actively eat, do not forget to exercise with dumbbells or a barbell. Young embryo cells should be taught to exercise. Otherwise you will not move forward. Your body will become strong only if these rules are followed.

The advantage of this technique is an ideal training and preparation of the body for dry fasting. This fasting can be done independently, at home, there are practically no complications. Very good effect of rejuvenation of the body, excellent help with acute painful conditions in the initial stages of the disease.


To get a good healing effect from any kind of fasting., especially in case of serious chronic diseases, it is necessary to go through certain stages of medical fasting. This is primarily the first and second acidotic crises. If figuratively expressing the very great significance of these crises, then if the first acidotic crisis eliminates the “stem of the disease,” the second destroys the “root of the disease.”

When carrying out a dry cascade starvation for the passage of the second acidotic crisis, it is necessary to conduct a cascade of five to five approximately from two months to a year. Published on econet.ru.

If you have any questions, ask them.here

Differences in fasting quality.

The basis of the qualitative differences between starvation lies in the way they are carried out. For example, fasting can be done classically, in urine or “dry”. In addition to these three main, there are many options within one method of holding fasting, as well as a combination of all three methods in one fasting. For example, a person for the first 2–3 days is starving “dry”, the next 5–10 - in urine, and another 5–10 - classically.

In addition, each school of fasting (Russian - Y. Nikolayev, P. Ivanov, A. Suvorin, American - G. Shelton and P. Bragg, French - I. Vivini, English urinotherapy - D. Armstrong, etc.), each clinic starvation has its own views and methods that may be the opposite of the views and methods of another school. At the same time, both of them put forward weighty arguments in their defense. I will outline and comment on their basic principles. Your task is to select the most suitable for you on the basis of your own experience and individuality.

Classical fasting for a period of 20-30 days

This type of fasting has the following rules.

Rule 1. Take a laxative. For a better entry into hunger, use a single dose of a large dose of laxative (60 g of magnesia or Barbara salt is dissolved in 300-400 ml of water). A laxative is applied before giving up and has the following objectives. When clearing the stomach and intestines, the mechanisms for switching to a full internal diet are triggered faster. Faster hunger disappears. If the intestines have not been cleaned out sufficiently carefully, an acute sense of hunger will pursue you for another 2-3 days.

In rare cases, a laxative can be used repeatedly after 2–3 days of fasting, if the starving person notices a large amount of fecal stones in the stool. Repeated use of laxatives without special need is undesirable. This may for some time disrupt ion exchange in the human body, cause nausea, even vomiting.

My recommendations. If you do not want to do this, then start fasting with a few (2-3) days of cleansing enemas or make Shank Prakshalan with 2–4 liters of water.

Rule 2. It is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of fluid. During the classic fasting, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water during the day. You can drink water immediately after the laxative begins to act. This enhances the excretion of sodium and water from the human body through the intestines. If a starving person has pronounced edema, the volume of water in the first two days can be limited to 1 l. Edema, even resistant to medical treatment, gradually disappear.

It is advisable to limit the amount of water taken if a person begins to starve at elevated body temperature. In this case, the temperature naturally, without taking additional funds, will decrease by approximately 0.5 ° C and in 2-3 days, as a rule, it will return to normal.

At normal temperatures, drinking mode is necessary for better fat splitting. When fasting, a person can drink more than 2 liters of water per day, for example, 5–6 liters or more, and in this case the fluid in the body does not linger. This person will only urinate more often than usual, and his urine will be lighter.

Usually they drink water raw, boiled, distilled, thawed, thin, hot, and cold. There is no noticeable difference in the therapeutic and prophylactic effect when the composition of the water is changed, but many emphasize that melt water is more palatable, and distilled water better slags the body.

From the 3rd-4th day of fasting, people who have a heavy enduring stage of increasing acidosis are advised to add 0.5 liters of mineral water to the drinking regimen. This will soften the approach of the acidotic peak.

Rule 3. Move more. It is necessary to walk an average of 15–20 km per day in the woods, in the mountains, near water bodies, etc. In the city one should go for a walk where there is less transport, in parks, squares, gardens.

People with low body mass try to walk less, as their fat reserves are small. However, some of them managed to hold fasting for 17-20 days. Very low initial weight (42–50 kg) is often found in patients with toxic goiter and other chronic diseases with severe intoxication of the body. People with low weight suffer the first course of starvation with certain difficulties. But literally after one or two courses of such treatment, they are gaining weight, which, due to illness, has not been possible for them for many years. The therapeutic and prophylactic effect of starvation in such people is usually noticeable much earlier than in people with severe obesity. Remember that a small body weight is not always a contraindication for dosed starvation. But walking these people should be limited to 5-10 km per day.

Complete immobility due to illness is a relative contraindication for fasting, since in this case, fecal plugs can form, which largely suppress the antitoxic effect of fasting. Starving at the same time do not feel comfortable. They have weakness, palpitations and other symptoms of intoxication. But at the same time, any complications in the period of the physiological period of hunger are still not observed.

Walking in the hot summer, it is advisable to carry out in light clothing, and if possible in bathing suits. In cool weather, dress warmly than usual. It is advisable every day during the long brisk walk to achieve the appearance of perspiration, and it is better to sweat. This is usually possible with great difficulty, since during fasting dry skin and mucous membranes are observed.

My recommendations. Observe the motor mode of well-being. You will spend each new fasting in a new way, and what was impossible earlier will be possible now. If during the first fasting you just lay, and in the next moderately walked, then in the future you will be able to actively exercise.

Rule 4. Do not forget about water treatments. It is recommended to take a shower or a bath at least once a day to better shred the body through the skin, to strengthen the skin barrier and combat dry skin and mucous membranes. Not bad to use a contrast shower, alternating warm water with cold. For obese people, Charcot's douche is advisable, which also massages the trunk and limbs. Once every 5–7 days it is recommended to bathe in the bath, sauna.

During water treatments should not often use soap. Enough to use it once in 7-10 days. You can do a kind of massage - rubbing with a washcloth every part of the body red hot.

My recommendations. Depending on the individual constitution, choose the most acceptable mode of water treatment. For the same person, he can be different in summer and winter.

Rule 5. Do cleansing enemas. Put an enema should be about a day after the action of a laxative. The procedure is carried out as usual. The Esmarch Mug must be filled with 1.5 liters of boiled water at a temperature not higher than 36 ° C. In the water should be added 2-3 crystals of potassium permanganate, so that it was painted in a slightly pink color. Starving, located in the knee-elbow position, independently enters the tip into the rectum and lets in water. If fecal plugs have formed, it is advisable to re-take an enema and with a large amount of water. If a patient has hemorrhoids, erosion, polyps or ulcers of the intestines, then instead of potassium permanganate it is advisable to add a solution of chamomile or mint, St. John's wort, and a number of other herbs instead of enema. Usually enema combined with the subsequent reception of water procedures.

My recommendations. If you do an enema, then only with urine. To do them or not to do depends on the time of starvation, the degree of slagging of the organism, the individual constitution, the severity of the disease. At least once every 2–3 days, do a urine enema and decide whether to repeat it the next day or not. If there is a lot of waste, then do it twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. If there are few of them, then in a day, or even two.

Rule 6. Massage and self-massage. In the morning and in the evening for 30 minutes it is recommended to carry out a vascular massage, rubbing alternately various parts of the upper and lower extremities, alternating the lower leg with the shoulder, the thigh with the forearm, then a circular massage of the abdomen. Massage of the chest is carried out by a masseur or by starving people around. Behind between the shoulder blades and lower for 10–15 minutes, the massage therapist should hold a pressing chest massage with his fists or fingers.

My recommendations. Do massage with one stripped off urine. The effect will be more pronounced.

Rule 7. Conduct oral hygiene. During fasting a huge amount of slag is removed through the mouth and nose. The tongue can be heavily coated, there will be raids in the oral cavity. Within 6–7 days, free outflow of pus begins through the oral cavity from the maxillary or frontal sinuses, from the teeth affected by periodontal disease. Cleaned from the purulent content of the tonsils in the presence of purulent "bags" and traffic jams. To remove these toxins, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with cold water, decoction of herbs and soda solution, alternating them. Rinsing is applied before each water intake, that is, at least 6–7 times a day.

My recommendations. Rinse your mouth, rinse your nose, put urine into your ears.

Rule 8. During the period of fasting, it is not recommended to wear synthetic clothing that isolates a person from the external environment, prevents the body from feeding free electrons through the skin, and also does not allow the skin barrier to be fully restored, especially to people dependent on hormone therapy.

As soon as a starving person changes synthetic clothes for cotton or wool (during the cold season), he immediately feels much more energetic and comfortable.

My recommendations. I fully agree with this rule and recommend that you do it on a daily basis, and not only during fasting.

Rule 9. Do not contact with food. Violation of this rule reduces the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of hunger by about 50%.

Being near food, a person unconsciously absorbs wave radiation from them and exists at their expense. I think now you will not be surprised by the behavior of Jesus Christ, who, during his fast, retired to the desert. Moreover, during a famine, a person unconsciously “sucks” energy from the people around him. Many feel it. And it also reduces the effects of hunger. It is necessary to achieve the existence of an organism only at the expense of its own forces and energies, and not to train "vampire" qualities.

My recommendations. Strictly follow this rule.

Exit fasting

After the first course of the classic starvation (17–20 days), begin feeding on juices, and then mostly vegetable food.

1st day: at the end of the fasting, drink 1 l of fresh juice and 0.5 l of thawed or protay water. Consume 1-1.5 hours in 1 glass. It is advisable to drink carrot or apple juice, but you can any other: vegetable, fruit, berry. During the first five days of restoring the food regime, the consumption of table salt is strictly prohibited.

2nd day: Eat 4–5 times a day vegetables, mostly raw, fruits, berries until the first moment of a feeling of fullness. Voitovich recommends that in the first days of restorative nutrition with food it is imperative to consume a large amount of garlic (10–15 g), depending on the individual tolerance of it before fasting. The burning taste of garlic activates digestion and disinfects the body (this recommendation is best suited for individuals with an individual constitution of "Slime").

You can eat boiled beets and oven-baked potatoes by the end of the second day of returning to nutrition.

3rd day: dried fruits, soaked in warm water, as well as 2 tsp of honey are added to vegetables, fruits, juices.

4th day: food intake is reduced to 3-4 times a day. Introduced porridge from various cereals: buckwheat, oats, millet, barley and so on. It is prepared in water and refilled with vegetable oil. By the end of the 4th day you can eat nuts, seeds.

5th day: Beans are added - peas, beans, can be in the form of porridge.

6th day: added bread, which contains salt. After that, it is recommended to switch to two meals a day, in which only one type of food should be eaten at one time. A set of products can be varied during the day, week, month, etc. A single meal should be structured like this: first you should drink liquid (tea, fruit juice, sour milk) if you are thirsty. Then you need to eat one of these dishes: vegetable salad or boiled, baked vegetables, fruit, bread or sprouted grain soup, cereals, potatoes, meat, cottage cheese, nuts, etc.

Stick for a month of such nutrition. It is necessary to limit the consumption of dairy products, which greatly reduce the subsequent effect of fasting. During this period, it is recommended to use eggs, chicken and other animal products less frequently. After fasting, the biosynthesis of cells improves, and no negative effect on the body by consuming only plant (vegetarian) food was observed.

The method of starvation by fractions was proposed by G. A. Voitovich, who made a significant contribution to the development and popularization of therapeutic starvation. Так как одного и даже 2–3 голоданий по 10–20 суток оказывается недостаточно для того, чтобы полностью восстановить здоровье, особенно это касается тяжелых запущенных болезней, следует провести серию прерванных голоданий, именно такой подход позволяет окончательно победить болезнь.

Под фракционным голоданием понимают серию прерванных голоданий, некоторые из них продолжаются от первого до второго ацидотического кризиса, а последнее заканчивается только при появлении аппетита и очищения языка. Terms of restorative nutrition between fasting equal to the fasting period or one and a half times longer. For example, the first fasting was 15 days, restorative feeding 15–22 days, fasting 25 days, restorative feeding 25–37 days, the third fasting period continues until the tongue is cleansed or a strong feeling of hunger appears. If you could not stand it and went out of fasting before, having only been hungry for 20 days, then follow the restorative diet for 20-30 days and carry out the following procedure for fasting before cleansing the tongue.

If the disease did not leave you or you didn’t wait for the symptoms indicating the complete completion of the fast, then spend the next fractional fast in a year.

If the terms of restorative nutrition between the periods of fasting are very large, then this will be considered not as fractional starvation, but as usual. And the effect of it is not so pronounced. For example, a person was hungry for 30 days, then after three months another 30 days and after half a year another 30 days. This is the usual fasting.

Interrupted fasting is used in those cases and so much time to use it to solve the health problems that have arisen. For example, during an acute illness, to normalize the temperature and eliminate overt pathology.

In some cases (with a strong defeat of the body) you have to do up to five interrupted fasting and even repeat them the next year for complete healing. During periods of recovery between fasting, it is necessary to switch to a diet that does not contain animal proteins (milk, cottage cheese, cheese, meat, eggs, etc.).

In this case, even during these periods, the healing effect of hunger continues — carbon dioxide is assimilated and biosynthesis based on it continues.

Full fasting is rarely used to get rid of serious chronic diseases and for the purpose of self-improvement.

In general, it is necessary to understand that fasting (albeit a complete one) is not a one-time action, as a result of which a person fully recovers and never becomes ill with anything.

Yes, the effect of fasting will be, but if you do not change your lifestyle, then the diseases that have passed will come back again. Therefore, the advice of specialists in fasting is this: you should starve regularly, and in breaks to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Only in this case, the rejection of food will give a unique revitalizing and rejuvenating effect.

This type of fasting you can spend on your own. It differs from the classic one in that instead of water it is recommended to drink almost all the urine released during the day. Water can be drunk as needed, but in such an amount that urine is not overly concentrated.

When setting cleansing enemas, fresh urine (about 1 l) and one stripped off (from 100 to 500 g) urine should be used instead of water.

Massage and self-massage should be carried out using the evaporated from 1/4 to 1/2 urine for 1–2 hours.

For oral hygiene, rinse your mouth and rinse your nose with fresh urine (you can gently use and evaporated).

The advantages of the urine hunger over the classic are in more rapid acidification of the body, better slagging, destruction of pathogenic microflora and tumors, homeopathic effect, shortening the time of fasting.

The founder of modern urinotherapy, an English practitioner, John Armstrong, spoke of urine fasting in the following way: “I was hungry for 45 days and drank only my urine and tap water. In addition, I rubbed urine into the skin. ” He recommended making compresses with urine: “To make a compress, a cloth soaked in urine must be put on a sore spot and kept in a damp state, adding urine to the needs. Dressings should be applied whenever there are boils, burns, wounds, growths, hardening, tumors, etc. in front of you. Such compresses provide the patient with nutrition during the period of hunger. In addition, urine is the best of all existing skin food. ”

“Dry” fasting is of two types - full and partial. Complete and partial “dry” starvation differs from the classical one by abolishing the drinking regime. Water intake is completely excluded. Lack of fluid contributes to faster fat breakdown. The very patience of thirst promotes rapid liberation from sensory-field pathology. The "roots" of diseases are removed much faster.

Water procedures are also absent with complete "dry" fasting. During the partial "dry" fasting, baths, showers, and douche are allowed. This makes it better to slag the skin.

Cleansing enemas are completely excluded in both types of “dry” fasting.

Oral hygiene is completely absent with full "dry" fasting, but is used in part. In this case, the starving person only rinses his mouth with water.

The rule of not contacting food with full “dry” fasting is complemented by the rule of not contacting water. In other words, this type of hunger prohibits the ingress of water not only inside but also on any part of the body. For its implementation requires a complete rejection of water for a short time.

The advantage of "dry" fasting over the classical and urinovym is the statement of the body in a more rigid framework. The organism must be rearranged in such a way as to “extract” in itself not only food substances, but also water. The tissues of the body are split even faster, acidification occurs in a short time. Hence, all subsequent effects: the destruction of everything alien in the body, the growth of adaptive mechanisms and much more, as described earlier.

Fasting “dry” is a very difficult test for the human psyche, because pathological processes are sharply activated, and here enormous patience is necessary. But the results of this famine are much more pronounced than in the previous two types.

This type of fasting is also carried out without water. First you need to master first stage - day after day, that is, one day you eat as usual, and the next day do not eat or drink water. Then the day comes again when you can eat and drink plenty of water. This mode can be followed for quite some time. It can be combined with a vegetable diet. If you hold on for a month, you will have 15 days of fasting.

Second stage Cascade fasting will require you to eat two days later in two. The condition is the same: do not drink water on hungry days. How to get out of fasting? There is a so-called golden rule. After two days of "dry" fasting, you should drink water, then after a couple of hours, start eating with kefir. Food should be proteinaceous, but not vegetable, that is, kefir should be drunk without jamming bread. A couple of hours after taking kefir you can eat everything.

Why not put in the diet of bread, vegetables, fruits at once? During fasting, the functioning of the pancreas stops. The body is inert, hard to enter the work. With the supply of insulin into the blood immediately in a large volume can not cope. Therefore, it must be loaded gradually. If you cannot restrain yourself after fasting, then there is a danger to undermine the health of the pancreas. If there was no kefir at home, you can drink boiled milk or, at worst, fish broth, milk can be replaced with yogurt, fish broth with chicken, but everything should be cooked without vegetables. And no bread. I endlessly respect Paul Bragg, but I cannot agree with him about getting out of fasting. He advises starting meals with diluted juices, but I believe that this is fundamentally wrong and even harmful.

Let's argue together. A child is born and begins to eat milk - protein food. Any mammal does the same. The body of the newborn immediately takes this food. Birds also bring protein food to their chicks, and they will never bring them either berries or seeds, as it is not supposed by nature at first.

In winter, predators do without food for a long time, and they will immediately begin their way out of fasting with meat. But herbivorous absolute starvation does not work. Though a blade of grass, even a blade of grass, even a piece of a twig, it will get into the mouth, that is, the pancreas works practically without stopping. Well, what happens during bearish hibernation? This animal can eat both vegetable and animal food. Before you go to the den, the bear fills its belly with aspen bark. Bitter, with bactericidal properties, it is there throughout the winter. Therefore, his pancreas does not go out of operation.

Third stage cascade starvation - three days after three. The same: do not eat or eat for three days, then eat for three days and not drink or eat for three days. You can stick to this regime as long as you have enough strength. Three days without water is difficult to withstand, thirsty. Here the tests of the spirit begin. The way out of starvation is the same. Do not forget the golden rule out of starvation - start with protein foods.

Cleansing enemas for “dry” fasting are not required. If you follow all the rules, the stomach will clear itself. But if you drink water, you may need enemas.

Fourth step Cascade fasting - four days through four. Withstanding the "hungry" days is becoming increasingly difficult, thirsty. The way out of starvation is the same. Enemas are not needed if you do not drink water. But if you do not soak and get drunk, you will need it, as constipation may occur. This is already a difficult period, you will see reservoirs, wells, spring water. The skin may come off the lips and gums, it dries up in the mouth.

Last, fifth step cascade starvation - five days through five, passes exactly the same way as described above.

This is the hardest day: sleep is impossible, I want fresh air. The body exudes an unpleasant odor. Skin pores are opened, through them is removed that they would never have excreted the kidneys. Difficult to talk, dry in the mouth. I do not want to eat, just drink.

The way out of starvation is the same. Remember the golden rule: first water and only 2 hours kefir. Only protein, light and liquid food. And only 2 hours after that you can be careful, little by little there is everything else. Do not overdo it in food. After three, four and five days of fasting, you need to start eating gradually.

Do not start immediately with the third, fourth or fifth stage, it is impractical and even harmful. Master first and second first. If you give a month to such starvation, then at any of these steps you will get an equal number of hungry days. Within 30 days - five days after five - you still get 15 days of fasting just as you would if you were fasting a day after a day.

Another important circumstance. During hungry days it is better not to wash, not to wash, not to brush your teeth - to avoid any contact with water. This is necessary so that the cells do not feed on it in contact with water. Otherwise, these areas will not be updated and restored. It is difficult, of course, to resist, so as not to wet the hands during household chores, washing dishes, etc., but then the skin of the hands will not be renewed - choose what is preferable.

Probably, you will not immediately be able to hold a fourth or fifth degree fasting - do not despair. After repeated attempts it will turn out necessarily. And remember: after fasting, you can not drink carbonated drinks, only water - clean and better cool.

With the right way out of starvation, the cascade method of starvation is harmless to the body. It can be used in the treatment of infectious diseases and for the general prevention, rejuvenation of the body.

With the help of a cascade of "five through five" you can treat any disease: and AIDS, and cancer, and diabetes - everything is treated.

During the period of such fasting in the body, worms, viruses, old and sick cells die. Crystals of slag and cholesterol are destroyed, and most importantly, the body gets rid of dead water. There is a lot of such water in a person; it does not participate in the exchange, it accumulates and is not displayed out. It is a heavy ballast, non-viable and inactive, correctly and reliably accumulating in our body. Dead water is radioactive, and it pushes us to aging and death. And no other way out of the body can not bring it, only by "dry" starvation "five through five."

Great help in the cascade starvation are exercise and breathing in yoga. You will be less thirsty and thirsty. Fasting in combination with physical exercise in the open air will accelerate the process of rejuvenation of your body. Saturation of the body with oxygen will quickly crush the old and create a new one. And one more very important detail. In the days when you will actively eat, do not forget to exercise with dumbbells or a barbell. Young embryo cells should be taught to exercise. Otherwise you will not move forward. Your body will become strong only if these rules are followed.

These are the principles of cascade starvation.

My comments. A lot of people have heard of cascade starvation and want to know what it is. Therefore, I fully cited this method of fasting in the original and I suggest you analyze it.

1. As I indicated earlier, as a result of complete starvation, special abilities develop as a result of strengthening the field form of life (“the face shines with rays”).

2. Plant food "straightens" a person due to the effects on the body through the intestinal hormonal system. Depending on the food consumed, certain hormones are produced, which, entering the bloodstream, act as regulators of the endocrine glands. It has been established that fresh plant food most harmoniously affects the intestinal hormonal system. If the endocrine system is balanced, then all functions in the body are normal and timely. If not, then there is a "imbalance" in the form of the disease.

3. Pay attention. A person switches to vegetable food, and he often has an opinion that it can be eaten in unlimited quantities - there will be no harm. The fact is that fresh plant food stimulates the life principle of the "Wind", which is expressed in gluttony and unreasonable fear. Periodic fasting does not allow to activate the life principle of the "Wind", and everything goes fine.

4. With the help of 15 hungry days a month, you will not start the mechanism of acidosis, etc. You will be stuck in the phase of food arousal and because of this you will not be able to perform appropriate work in your mind and body.

5. The use of kefir - a very controversial recommendation, and it must be carefully understood. “Dry” fasting activates the “internal fire” of the organism or the life principle of “Bile”. If the output is made on plant foods or juices, it will abruptly ruin its effect. Sour milk continues to stimulate the “inner fire” due to its taste. After a sour milk leaves the normal microflora in the intestine. This is also a big plus. And another interesting feature of the sour taste: it makes the body better retain water.

As for the supply of insulin by the pancreas, this is not true. For example, if there are cucumbers, or tomatoes, or cabbage, in which there is no sugar, then what's the use of insulin? But if you go out on broths (fish, chicken) or boiled milk, then the load on the digestive organs greatly increases, because in the food itself there are no active enzymes that would split it by autolysis.

As the practice of going out on juices has shown, they do not harm human health. Otherwise, appropriate amendments would have been made long ago. On the contrary, it is one of the best exits. But in this case, we need a product with a sour taste, acidic pH, lively normal microflora. Therefore, the choice fell on sour milk.

6. Mother's milk is a living product. After birth, the child eats the first 2–3 days of colostrum, then up to the 4–5th day the colostrum milk, then the transitional milk, and only then the mature milk. Compare the chemical composition of colostrum and milk.

Colostrum contains 5.8–2.2% protein, 4.1–7.6% sugar, 2.8–4.1% fat.

Mature milk - 0.9–1.2% protein, 7.3–7.5% sugar, 3.3–3.4% fat.

It is clear that there can be no talk about any protein nutrition, especially milk contains sugar, which requires insulin, which means that the pancreas works.

7. The gastrointestinal tract of predatory animals differs significantly from that in humans in terms of structure, length, microflora, etc. They cannot be compared. Therefore, the above arguments are no good.

8. If a person makes enemas, then water is absorbed through the large intestine and you do not want to drink at all. Thus, the use of enemas is a different type of water intake in the body.

9. When fasting for 5 days, the cumulative effect of 15 days will be much higher than with the cascade "one through one."

10. This method is best suited for individuals with a “Slime” constitution who have a lot of water and fat. But those with the constitution of "Wind", in which the body does not hold water and fat, only the first two or three steps will do.

11. The information and energy essence of any disease must have “free” water in the body for its development. When dehydration occurs, a strong competition begins between the field form of life that holds water for itself, with the information-energy “roots” of diseases parasitizing on the same water. As a result, the "owner" accelerates the "guests".

12. During such a famine, the “wind” is so strongly activated that it breaks down and expels the fetus from the body of a pregnant woman.

13. Физические и дыхательные упражнения заставляют вырабатывать в организме энергию. Насыщенный энергией организм легче переносит тяготы голодания.

14. Физическое напряжение есть не что иное, как энергетическое поле. Чем сильнее энергетическое поле, тем лучше оно структурирует под себя жидкостные среды клеток, упрочняет их органы. В итоге эти клетки действительно становятся намного устойчивее к разрушению.

I described various types of starvation, tried to explain their features and distinctive features. Now you have all the information on this issue. Choose what is right for you. If from the first perusal you have any ambiguities and doubts, reread until everything is decomposed and you will understand everything.

What is cascade starvation

The essence of the method of restricting food is the correct alternation of normal and fasting days. During the cascade diet period, only that which has not been subjected to heat treatment can be eaten. The basis of the diet are fresh vegetables and fruits. During such fasting, the body does not spend energy on digesting food, and it is redirected to the treatment of diseases. Along the way, there is a disposal of toxins and slags that have accumulated in the body due to poor food and inappropriate ecology.

When the cascade method alternates the days of raw foods and complete abandonment of food. The maximum course period is 5 days. The most severe type of fasting is dry, its duration should not exceed 3 days, because the body needs water. People who tried the cascade method claim that they were able to lose weight, they had some diseases and a lot of energy.

Of particular importance is the recovery period after fasting. The healing effect is considered the most valuable when using the cascade method. Gastroenterologists have confirmed that even the cells of the stomach are recovering. Experts have noticed that during the refusal of food, the diseased cells are replaced with new, healthy ones. As a result of the cascade diet, the condition of the skin, hair and nails is improved.

An important stage in the rejection of food for healing is an acidotic crisis. After its occurrence, the body begins to feed on internal resources, it contributes to the treatment of diseases. At the first fasting, the crisis occurs on 9-11 days, and on subsequent ones, on 5-7 days. From this moment, the desire to eat decreases or disappears altogether, the mood returns to normal, the amount of plaque on the tongue decreases, the urine becomes lighter.

The very next day after the onset of the acidotic crisis, you can go out of fasting or continue it until a longer period. The cascade method to this state is recommended for fevers, colds and poisonings. Without harm to health, you can starve before the onset of a crisis no more than 3 times a year. In this case, the second method is considered the most important and effective.

Advantages and disadvantages

The cascade food rejection system brings many benefits if you follow all the rules. Experts point to these benefits:

  1. Thanks to a competent alternation of days to hold out the whole period is not so difficult. The probability of breakdowns is much lower than with other strict diets.
  2. The body is cleansed of all that is superfluous, so you will have a lot of energy, and your health will improve.
  3. Healthy plant food between fasting provides the body with essential vitamins and trace elements. In ordinary life, people eat less fruits and vegetables, so they lack nutrients.
  4. Cascade method is effective in losing weight. Weight leaves quickly and rarely returns.
  5. As a result of the cascade method, inflammatory processes are stopped, the formation of malignant tumors is slowed down, the body gets rid of parasites. Some experts claim that dry fasting helps in the fight against cancer.

The undoubted advantages of the cascade diet are inclined in favor of choosing this method for improving health and fast weight loss. It is impossible to call the cascade method the safest, sometimes complications arise. There are such negative qualities of the technique:

  1. A large list of contraindications makes the method of refusal of food accessible to the few. Before starting, you should consult with a qualified professional.
  2. Many have psychological difficulties when abstaining from food.
  3. Cascade fasting for weight loss is not suitable for all people. Sometimes the body seriously opposes the technique.

Fundamental rules

The specific method of a cascade diet can be detrimental to health if improperly performed. Follow the rules to protect yourself:

  • You should not rush to the embrasure. Start preparing to give up on food in 3 weeks. Gradually eliminate all prohibited foods from the diet. 7 d before the cascade system, go to products of plant origin.
  • To get the effect you must give up bad habits. Smoking and alcohol destroys the body, does not give him a cure.
  • During breaks between abstaining from eating, one should not eat after 7 pm, 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  • Gradually reduce the serving size by half.
  • In the intervals between fasting, you can only eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, honey.
  • After the end of the fasting course, return to the usual food gradually, follow the rules of logout.
  • Use the method no more than once a year. Frequent refusals of food will lead to health problems.
  • Before starting a cascade system, consult your doctor.

Cascade starvation techniques

It’s hard to come up with one universal method for everyone. Cascade starvation is divided into 4 types, each has its own specifics. General rules will help to improve the result regardless of the method chosen:

  1. Spend more time in the fresh air, do light physical exercises, do gymnastics. Walking helps to distract from the feeling of hunger, and light loads - to keep the body in good shape.
  2. It is necessary to reduce the load, the body needs rest. Refusal to eat is a serious stress, it is not worth aggravating the situation.
  3. If you have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then you should not use a cascade technique.
  4. During the cascade you can not smoke, drink alcohol.

Such a cascade method is contraindicated for any health problems, since it is the most stringent. You can not use dry fasting during the hot period. The duration of entry, exit from the system is 2 times longer than the period of refusal from food. During these periods, eat fruits, vegetables, limit drinking to 2 liters of clean water. The method is dangerous, so you should not spend more than 2 hours without water. Cascade dry fasting is as follows:

  • 1 day without food, the next you can eat vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water,
  • 2 days of dry fasting, the following 2 eat foods of plant origin, drink water.

Such a system can be used for a long time. In the period without food, you can drink exceptionally clean water in small quantities throughout the day. You can not drink coffee, various teas, compotes, juices. Cascade fasting on water promotes rapid cleansing of the body through sweat and urine. In the period without food, water dulls the discomfort, it helps to cope with the system. After the course, smoothly exit the diet. Days alternate like this:

  • 1 day to drink water, next to eat products of plant origin,
  • 2 days only water, the next 2 - vegetable products,
  • 3 days drink water, the next 3 eat vegetables, fruits,
  • 4 days without food, the next 4 with food
  • 5 days just drink, the rest 5 eat vegetables and fruits.