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Climax - learning to solve delicate problems


Many women suffer this period and they are concerned about the question: What to do with menopause?

According to doctors, menopause should occur in women aged 42-45 years.

Late menopause (after 50) should alert the woman, as this indicates a tendency to oncology. To these ladies should be increased attention from the doctor.

Neuropsychiatric disorders - irritability, depression.

Endocrine disorders. The body makes reserves, which are now not burned, and are deposited in the most undesirable places: the stomach and hips. Therefore, lovely ladies adjust your diet, increase physical activity.

Problems in the osteo-articular system. There is a leaching of calcium, disrupted calcium-phosphorus metabolism. Osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, tendency to fractures. Therefore, on your table every day should be foods containing calcium and phosphorus.

Vegetative-vascular dystonia becomes chronic fatigue. Weakness, fatigue, insomnia.

Estrogen deficiency. And they are very important for the female body. This is our defense against all problems. During menopause, this protection weakens. Estrogens are involved in immune reactions, protect the cell from oncology.

The following diseases are very common among menopausal women:

Cysts, cystoma. These are precancerous, borderline states.

Myomas are background, benign growths that can develop into a malignant tumor.

Endometriosis - the growth of the uterine lining. There may be a degeneration of cells into malignant. This is a hormonal disorder. Endometrial cells can get into the abdominal cavity, into the intestine, spread throughout the body as metastasis. And there the bleeding begins. The treatment is to suppress hormones. The operation is ineffective, since there is no guarantee that the same focus does not exist elsewhere.

Fibrocystic mastopathy. After 40 years, almost every woman. In our city it's just a real epidemic. By the way, I also had this problem.

Here is my result.

In 2003, I found a lump in my chest with a 3-kopeck coin. The process began very rapidly: the temperature rose, the chest ached, the redness expanded from the chest under the arm. Frightened, went to the gynecologist. The doctor diagnosed cystic fibrous mastopathy. Treatment? Be observed. Grow - cut.

This perspective did not inspire me. I came home opened jars with antioxidant and detox. 10 capsules from one, 10 capsules from another. After 4 days there was pain. A week later, the redness passed. After 3 weeks - no bumps! Many years have passed - no sign of mastopathy, I feel great!

Cervical cancer. The cause of human papilloma virus. Now they have invented a vaccine, you can get your daughters vaccinated.

Dear women, be sure to do onkomazok once a year!

Cancer is an invisible enemy that does not manifest itself. And it is already diagnosed when it is metastasized to neighboring cells.

Therefore, each of us must immediately respond to any unpleasant changes in the body. Immediately consult a doctor if the menstrual cycle is broken, discharge, bleeding, discharge during menopause. All of these symptoms are suspicious in terms of oncology.

What to do with menopause?

Eat right. To exclude from your diet fatty, spicy, smoked. More seafood, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

To apply phytotherapy: medicinal herbs, herbal teas, bad.

To live an active lifestyle. Attend fitness clubs, swimming pool, just walk energetically.

To establish the work of the thyroid gland, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract. Do not allow constipation, it leads to slagging of the body. Restore the liver, since excess hormones are removed through the liver.

Remember that a woman's body is programmed for menopause. And pushing it with hormones is irrational.

Herbal medicine with herbs will be more useful. Plant cells and our cells are similar. Plants do not disturb the processes in the body, and help them. Herb concentrate is well matched in bads.

What is climax? Main features

Climax is an age-related restructuring of the body associated with the extinction of fertility in women over 45 years of age.

First of all, a decrease in the secretion of the main sex hormones (estrogens) speaks about climax. And it is with hormonal adjustment that all negative manifestations are connected:

· Unstable emotional state, mood swings,

· Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) at night, as well as during intense loads and stress,

· A decrease in the amount of lubricant in the vagina, which leads to dryness, itching and discomfort,

· Urinary incontinence and frequent urinary tract infections,

· Impaired concentration and memory impairment.

From the visual manifestations of menopause, it is possible to note the rather rapid appearance of the formation of numerous wrinkles and an increase in body weight (without changing lifestyle and diet).

Most of the symptoms of menopause will disappear over time, but their manifestations can be stopped by effective non-hormonal drugs such as Mance.

On a note:Climax, or menopausal period, has several stages. This is due to the fact that the production of hormones does not stop at one moment, but decreases gradually over several years. Women often do not pay attention to the first signs of menopause, because they associate its offensive only with the cessation of menstruation. In fact, if you notice the early manifestations of menopause and take action in time, you can enter into this period smoothly, without shocks.

Hormonal restructuring of the body with menopause. Symptomatic test

Carefully read and select from the list only those symptoms that really disturb you. Then count their number.

· Unexplained and sudden waves of heat in the upper part of the body, which disturb not only during the day, but also at night, which is why a sudden awakening is possible.

· Recently, there has been frequent perspiration without objective reasons, such as stress, weight lifting, high temperature, etc.

· Heart palpitations and slight arrhythmias. At the same time may increase the pressure.

· Insomnia, violation of the duration and quality of sleep.

· Instability of mood, anxiety, depression.

· Increased irritability and nervousness.

· Regular headache or dizziness.

· Muscle weakness and lethargy, fatigue, drowsiness.

· Tingling in the fingers of the limbs.

· Reduced production of natural lubricant in the vagina. Itching or burning sensation, severe dryness and discomfort.

· A dramatic change in libido (increase or decrease).

· Weight gain without objective reason.

· Disruption of the menstrual cycle, change in the duration of menstruation, scanty discharge, lack of menstruation.

5 or more affirmative answers indicate hormonal changes and the physiological beginning of menopause.

Male menopause.

General information
At the age of 40 to 70 years, men experience changes in the work of the male genital glands. Their main function in the development of male sex hormones - androgens - is decreasing. The higher regulation center of the male reproductive glands (testes) loses its sensitivity to testosterone, degenerative changes occur in the testes.
Male menopause - This is a normal physiological process of aging of the body, if it is not accompanied by complaints and clinical manifestations. If a male menopause arises up to 45 years, it is considered early, if after 60 years - late. If there are complaints and changes in the cardiovascular and urogenital systems, menopause is called pathological. This condition is necessarily accompanied by neurotic disorders.

The reasons
The main cause of menopause is the general aging of the body. However, menopause can cause inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (orchitis, epididymitis, orchiepididymitis), testicular tumors, impaired blood circulation of the testicles, radiation (ionizing radiation), the influence of toxic substances, alcoholism, surgical castration for some medical reasons.

Symptoms of menopause in men
Possible manifestations of menopause include palpitations, "flushes" with reddening of the skin of the face, hands, dizziness, which occur more often and are more pronounced during psycho-emotional and physical exertion. In some cases, there are drops in blood pressure, which can lead to the development of hypertension.
Up to 90% of men report impaired and decreased sexual desire (libido), erectile dysfunction (while potency may decrease gradually), some men experience accelerated ejaculation and shortening of the duration of sexual intercourse, while, as a rule, the extinction of sexual function is accompanied by pronounced emotional experiences . Sperm volume and sperm count decrease.
Due to the violation of the production of male hormones, the appearance of a person changes: flabbiness of the skin and muscles appears, fat is deposited in the buttocks and thighs, an increase in the mammary glands (gynecomastia) is possible.
The severity of symptoms varies. Duration menopause ranges from 2 to 5 years.

What can you do
If you notice any of the above symptoms, and you think that you have menopause, be sure to consult a doctor. You yourself must necessarily lead a healthy lifestyle, enough to relax, spend time in the fresh air and move. Watch your diet and your weight.

What can a doctor do
The doctor must conduct an examination, establish the cause of your poor health. In some cases, additional studies will be assigned (including prostate ultrasound, blood test for prostate-specific antigen). Treatment of male menopause complex. The doctor will recommend the correct diet, the mode of motor loads, if necessary, prescribe medication therapy (including sedatives or antidepressants, hormone therapy, biogenic adaptogens)
Some studies show that male menopause worsens coronary heart disease (increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes), leads to decreased immunity and is an additional predisposing factor to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Mance - a non-hormonal remedy for women who love life

Action Mance is aimed at combating all the main symptoms of menopause.

Phytoestrogens (soy isoflavones) partially replace the sex hormones. Due to this, hot flashes are stopped, muscular discomfort is reduced, skin and hair condition improves, and vascular tone and elasticity return.

Amino acid beta alanine normalizes thermoregulation, prevents tides, reduces their intensity and frequency. Beta-alanine begins to work within half an hour after ingestion.

5-hydroxytryptophan (natural for us substance, it is obtained from the plant griffonia) reduces appetite, promotes the production of serotonin, which stabilizes the emotional and mental state, normalizes the duration and quality of sleep.

On a note:Phytoestrogens stimulate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, these substances are called the skeleton of the skin.

Folic acid normalizes the secretion of its own estrogens, prevents the development of diseases of the skeletal system.

Vitamins of group B participate in energy metabolism, which is especially necessary for a woman during menopause. Ascorbic acid (C) and tocopherol (E) reduce the natural dryness of the vagina, contribute to the production of lubricant, protect the urinary organs from inflammation and infection.

Important!Mense can be taken continuously or during the exacerbation of symptoms of menopause. If you want to insure against hot flashes during business meetings, speeches and other important events, take half an hour before the start 1 capsule of Mesne.

Remember that menopause does not necessarily mean a radical change in lifestyle, unpleasant symptoms or adapt to the "circumstances". The drug Mince will adjust the menopause under you!

Treatment of menopause in men drug in the early stages

Symptoms that require treatment for menopause in men in the early stages are inflammation of the genital organs, intoxication, removal of the testicles and impaired blood circulation in them, and drug intoxication. The emergence of early menopause in men can provoke promiscuous sex or chronic alcoholism - this definitely will require medical treatment.

To stop the regression you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, give up smoking and alcohol, monitor health. It is time to contact an endocrinologist or andrologist. The state of health in the future depends on the timely start of treatment of menopause in men with medication.

Treatment of menopause in men drug

The endocrinologist diagnoses and determines the treatment of menopause in men medicamentally, to solve the problem of poor health. Necessary drugs are prescribed after passing tests and a series of surveys.

As a rule, you need to do a clinical analysis of urine and blood. An immunogram and biochemistry are often required.

To determine the treatment and detection of menopause in men, one can undergo instrumental diagnostics and decide how to fix the problems with medication.

An examination may recommend a pelvic ultrasound, an ECG, an thyroid gland ultrasound, or an MRI scan of the brain.

Usually the treatment consists of reducing the load, physiotherapy, it is recommended to observe a balanced diet. There are cases when menopause treatment for men is carried out only with medication.

With increased nervous excitability, the doctor may prescribe sedatives and antidepressants. Do not drink pills, which are simply advised in the pharmacy. If the depression is not pronounced, it is allowed to take valerian and motherwort on its own.

The sooner you pay attention to the symptoms, the better you will be able to implement a rehabilitation course.

The treatment of menopause in men is medication for a long time and only under the supervision of a specialist.

On the recommendation of the doctor should increase motor activity and stick to a diet. The use of sedatives, hormone replacement therapy for testosterone replacement may be prescribed. Medications can have negative consequences, up to a gradual atrophy of the testes. With a weak erection prescribed use of biogenic adaptogens - medicinal herbs.

The treatment of menopause in men with medication sometimes includes the use of therapeutic ointments, Prozerin and Tantex. Additionally, it may be prescribed a complex of vitamins and drugs that improve blood circulation.

In some cases, the climatra plaster is used, which relieves pain and relieves nerve syndrome.

Hormonal treatment of menopause in men, doctors prescribe only with a reduced hormonal background, which can cause other diseases - this is solved only in combination with drugs.

The issue of treatment of menopause in men is solved as folk remedies, and medication. It is impossible to recover from it, as well as turn back time. You can only reduce the negative effects of the transition to a new stage and psychological discomfort.

In order not to have to turn to drugs at a more mature age, one should lead an active lifestyle, eat right and play sports.

Among other things, to increase the desire of men and in general to achieve excellent erection, you can try the following tools:

Cedar milk activates blood flow to the penis and improves erection. Preparing this magic drink is very simple: chop half a cup of pine nuts in a mixer and dilute with water to the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Aloe juice (by the way, it can be replaced with the juice of an unripe walnut) contains a large amount of enzymes. They speed up the blood supply several times, which results in an unusually strong erection. All you need to do is drop some juice on the head of the penis.

The smell of breast milk contains pheromones - substances that gently and unobtrusively stimulate sexual arousal. Put a piece of cloth soaked in your milk under your sleeping husband's nose.

If the problem is not solved, you will have to consult a doctor - a urologist, andrologist or sexopathologist. An experienced doctor, with modern techniques and the latest medical equipment, is able to carry out the correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment, after which the man will forever get rid of the problems existing earlier in intimate life. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction used psychotherapy, drug therapy and surgery. The choice of the optimal method depends on the root cause of the problem and the individual characteristics of the patient.

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